Sophia's Scottish Seclusion

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2012 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; bond; cuffs; collar; gag; bfold; dress; corset; stables; bitgag; outdoors; sex; mast; toys; climax; cons; X

The station name even sounds cold enough to freeze you.

Rannoch Moor.

It’s the remotest stop on the rail line from Perth, in the south to Inverness, gateway to the Highlands of Scotland. The old guard aboard this last service of the day was drinking his tea as they got closer to the place. Rarely did anyone alight here and never at night. There were only a dozen people on the train. An elderly couple going to the city for their flight to somewhere warmer. A group of businessmen, all heading for Wick, way up north but they’d be stopping in town tonight as no trains went out that way beyond 10 pm. One or two others scattered about the carriages wanting to be left alone.

Lastly there was the very pretty girl who’d been aboard all the way from Glasgow’s Queen St station. She hadn’t said much on the four hours he’d been there, buying a coffee every ninety minutes or so from the fixed machine near his seat, also checking they were running on time. He’d studied her at length when she came strolling down the carriage, surely the best looking lassie he’d seen in years. The way she’d moved, a faint swaying of hips… the gentle smile on her face, what a lovely creature he’d thought as she returned to her seat. When she’d came more than once he began looking forward to the next time!

The white roll-neck sweater showed off any young boy’s dream of the female figure and he couldn’t help looking even now, wishing girls like this had been around when he was a lad. Whenever she’d spoken his heart went all funny. A soft Home Counties accent with a hint of Scandinavian there, and she was so polite too. Now she sat alone in the First Class cabin, quietly reading a novel.

Earlier in the journey she’d stared out at the scenery as it changed from urban sprawl to wild highland before darkness fell and she started the book. Fiddling with her long glossy hair strands the way girls do. He guessed she must be nervous. Or maybe excited about meeting a boyfriend perhaps?

The bleakest stop of all and now a few moments away as the two-car train began to slow.

"Rannoch Moor, the next station is Rannoch Moor," The driver said, wondering like the guard why they’d even bothered stopping here. During the summer months maybe, a few hardy cyclists loving the challenge to race the 30 odd miles east to the main A9 road that followed this route, though over easier terrain.

Dougie Harrison was amazed to see the girl now on her feet, donning the jacket and covering the body that had been admired tonight by everyone who’d seen it. Now reaching for her bags and staring out of the window as the machine trundled slowly into the station. The faintest of smiles on lips he’d wanted to kiss more than those belonging to his wife. Surely she was not thinking of alighting? No villages within an hour, the only house anywhere was two miles or so along the narrow road and he couldn’t even remember who’d lived there these days…

But Sophia Rohannson did, and that was why she had come.

The train shuddered to a halt and the exit lights came on. One of the other passengers looked startled as he heard the hiss of a door opening. Peering up from his paper to see who wanted to get on at this time of night. Only to see a pretty blonde girl staring out into the gloom, then step off the edge and hurry to the tiny shelter twenty feet away, dragging two heavy suitcases with her.

Not that she could move that fast even without the luggage and he too had checked her out on the journey up. Now wearing a smartly tailored red jacket covering the sweater, long black skirt flapping round her upper calves, leather knee-high stiletto-heeled boots below that. She did look rather elegant and he wished his daughter would dress like this now and again. The outfit might be smart to wander around Inverness or Edinburgh in, but out here? Ridiculous, he thought, grateful that the guard got the door shut sharpish. The girl not hitting the button marked ‘close’, behind her, so typical of the youth of today.

Only thinking about themselves instead of others. Serves her right, he scowled, seeing the girl wedge her body into the furthest corner of the hut. Face glowing under the faint lamplight above, as more illumination spilled from the train itself. Trying to brush her hair aside as the howling moorland wind destroyed attempts to keep it tidy.

The buzzer went off and the train began to leave. Dougie watching the girl staring back, almost waiting for the moment when she realised what she’d done by getting off too early and try to run back to the edge of the platform. He even rested his hand on the emergency stop button, but nothing happened. She waited till the rattling stopped… then Miss Rohannson smiled as she secured her hair into a ponytail to control it.

Once the noise was replaced by the roar of wind Sophia reached down and opened the handbag. Finding her phone and looking at the screen once it lit up. Amazed that even here there was a decent signal as she prepared the text message. Tapping out the one word code she clicked ‘send’ then shut the phone off. Placing it back, then opening one of the suitcases and extracting the contents.

If Dougie had seen what was there, he’d have choked on his coffee. Sophia paused then removed her boots, swapping them for equally impractical ankle-strapped heels. Rubbing each foot briefly, before doing them up, thinking about applying the first manacle to her ankle. If she clicked it closed she’d be proving herself beyond all doubt.

When it had arrived at her flat a week ago with the invitation there were no keys with it. Nor for the heavy box that accompanied them, this taking up most of the room in her second case. By doing the other cuff she’d be helplessly stuck here till morning and have serious questions to answer from the railway people if he didn’t come. Looking round the shelter Sophia saw what was needed of her…

"He must be nearby" she murmured softly, seeing the two wrist manacles leading from the corners, a link connecting them so they’d be high above her head. Chains to attach themselves to her ankle cuffs poking from behind the bench. A collar mounted from the drainpipe. Lastly a box also wedged behind the seat, written on the side was a stylised letter‘S’ No way could they have been there long. Even out here things like that would attract more than comments.

Though it was arousing a lot more inside Sophia’s body right now.

"S for Sophia" she whispered, smiling broadly now, wishing it wasn’t so windy, but at least it was dry as she took off her jacket. The bulge of her breasts showed through the fabric of her sweater. That too coming off revealing a white silk blouse underneath, Sophia glad she’d not been instructed to be naked or just clad in underwear as the two garments got neatly folded and placed in the suitcase.

Moving quickly now she checked her wristwatch saw it was almost ten pm then took that off and it joined the mess in her handbag. Taking a deep breath she opened the box by the seat and retrieved the contents, taking the thick penis gag and inserting it into her mouth and tying it off round her head. Using the little pump and inflating it till she could barely squeak. That was removed and put back into the box as she grabbed the sleepmask. That would have to wait a moment as she took the deepest breath yet.

Sophia reached down and clicked the manacles over her ankles, committed now, shuddering as each gripped her limbs. She tried shuffling round; the tug of metal almost tripping her up, but it felt great as she tidied up her cases, leaving her handbag on top. Another look round as she was determined to get this right… or face severe consequences.

Applying the sleepmask onto her forehead but not yet over her eyes. Now Sophia bent down and grabbed the two chains that fed from behind the bench. Clipping the d’ring to the outside of her right ankle cuff. Then easing her left foot the three inches away till the chain between them was taut and doing the same. It only just made it and she couldn’t move her feet at all now.

"Oh golly" she murmured, knowing the best was to come. Taking hold of the collar Sophia paused then slipped it round her neck then gently eased it shut.


Shaking as it was quite tight Sophia took another look round, reaching up with both arms to the manacles high above her, coming from the corners, seeing the little buttons inside each as she’d been told would be there. If she rested a wrist in each and pushed against it, the cuff was supposed to lock tight and the job would be done.

So it was time…

The sleepmask was brought down and her world disappeared into inky blackness. Her heart pounding as she reached up with her right arm first. Sliding it into the open loop then pushing back against the tiny button.


Getting excited now as the metal gripped her wrist, feeling the twinges below she did the same on the other side, imagining how she looked. Helplessly gagged, blindfolded and manacled. Thirty odd miles from nowhere… one person who could save her… shivering in the icy blast that ruffled the material of her blouse. The slinky fabric was giving little resistance to the cold. But it wasn’t that which made her shudder even more…

…Sophia heard another train coming!

"OH BUGGER!" she squealed into the gag. Tugging at the chains but no give anywhere. It hadn’t occurred to her that trains go both ways on this line. The idea of the driver and guard seeing her like this. If there were no passengers on the service they might stop anyway, possibly do things to her! And that got Sophia REALLY excited as she swayed in the merciless grip of steel. Thinking maybe being groped by persons unknown and so on. But as she’d placed herself in these bonds they’d be within their rights to do whatever they wished and she got wetter as the noise increased.

The train rumbled into the station and she froze, then her heart sank as it just cruised slowly through and carried on. Unbeknown to the blindfolded Sophia that this was the night-sleeper service to London and was never liable to stop here. Plus the lights at Rannoch Moor went off at 10pm anyway and she’d not have been seen. But her heart was still trembling as the sounds faded to wind again…

Her feet started to ache in the heels. Gentle caresses as the skirt and two slips ebbed and flowed in the wind. The blast of air over her silky clad legs was turning her heart a quiver… before Sophia heard footsteps crunching along the gravel path she’d seen nearby.

Surely this was… him, she thought as they arrived up onto the platform. Heading straight to the hut.

Now she could hear his breathing as he came much closer, into the entrance and she smelt… expensive aftershave. Nice, he’s even dressed up for me! She thought, then froze as fingers touched her.

"Welcome to Rannoch Moor Miss Rohannson," the stranger said at last. Her heart pounding in sheer relief at the recognition of the accent. She’d heard so much of it during their phone calls when he’d arranged this new life for her. Now he was here and the examination of her began, tugging at her bonds and by the sound of it, both her cases were opened and checked too.

"Good girl, everything as ordered," he said, sounding quite pleased coming back and unbuttoning her blouse. Fingers stroking the pure silk underwear she’d been told to wear, tapping her rock hard nipples. "Perfection indeed," he murmured before doing her up again. Moving down, running over the hips and then going under her skirt to check she was stocking clad, the fingers feeling this beauty shuddering as he reached up to the top. She managed not to squeal as he pushed gently in.

"Excellent. My dear, you’ve done well Sophia, it must have taken courage, yes?" and she nodded. "But now is the time to commit yourself. There’s another train going south in twenty minutes. I have a valid ticket in my pocket for it, First Class too. Do you want to be freed? Or are you ready for this new life of bondage with me?" he said coming closer again.

She trembled as he stroked her body again. "Freedom…? Is it what you want?" and slowly Sophia shook her head. He asked again and the girl repeated her movement.

He kissed her nose and then hugged the girl. "Thank you my dear. I rather suspected you wouldn’t" and she could sense the man smiling now. "So it’s time to go, but first I must prepare you"

With that Sophia heard him ferret around in one of her cases and a sound of a lock being undone. He must have had the keys for the mystery box that came with the ankle cuffs. A belt was clamped round her waist and locked off. Keys rattling as he reached both arms around and put something on the back of it. Slowly he freed her right limb, moving it behind and locking it to a new manacle. That must be what was in the box, she thought as this was repeated for the left arm. She sighed as the strain on her shoulders was reduced. "Not sore already? My dear you’ll need more stamina than that" he said, those words making her shake, but mainly with hopeful anticipation.

He began work on her ankles, freeing the side chains and Sophia brought her feet together, only for him to lightly slap her backside, saying she should only move when instructed. She froze then they were put back where they’d been as he took off the chain, but then it sounded like another replaced it. More clinking as he clipped something to the belt then attached that to the new one between her legs and it held the length off the floor now. So it looked like she’d be able to walk, while safely shackled and not trip over. That making her smile behind the gag. A real damsel eh? Just like the advert she’d answered all those weeks ago.

Are YOU a damsel-in-distress?

Tied of a life without meaning?

Hoping for something that makes your beating heart go…


I can chainge your life. Bind your soul…

And so it went on for another paragraph, those spelling mistakes obviously planned references to bondage. So she’d replied to the Post Box with her name and number then waited. Six painful weeks later her phone had rung. It was him… offering her the chance of a lifetime. Out of a job, flat rent due and nothing in London to stay for? It’d taken her what… thirty seconds to say yes! And now it was all coming true.

Her benefactor unclipped the chain from her collar then removed that as well, ordering Sophia to take two paces forward. She naturally obeyed, the clinking of her ankle restraints making her heart go Oooohhh as she stopped. Then came the sound of stuff being undone, obviously he was removing any signs of what had occurred here as chains and the collar itself were dropped into the wooden box and it being placed inside her case as the clicks of buckles being secured was done.

A hand guided her out of the hut, chains again rattling in turn with the click of her stilettos as Sophia was marched along the platform. The skirt and slips again stroking her silly, the lassie wishing she could see how she looked right now.

The path sloped down and Sophia assumed they were at the end of the platform. This confirmed as he told her they would wait around the back of the derelict signal box for the last train to pass in case it stopped, shame this was the windy side! She felt him place a jacket over her trembling shoulders. That was nice, she thought as he pulled it round the front. The pair stood there, him pressing Sophia against the wooden slats of the building, shielding her from the breeze, his hands roaming rapidly inside the covering and over her body and actually this began to warm her skin a bit. As the roar of the train whipped past he kissed the girl again on the nose.

Sophia nearly swooned. 'Oh God', she thought, 'what have I done?'

The answer was to give herself to this man, who wanted her more than he’d ever thought possible once she’d answered his call. He could see in the torchlight the body was exactly as promised in her phone calls. Slim, long-legged, well proportioned too, he thought, rubbing hands over her blouse. Now it was time to take Sophia to his home. Though of course the girl would not see how she was to get there. He removed the jacket, as now it was his turn to be cold but she’d be fine in a moment.

Once the train had gone he marched the girl all the way back along the platform. Looking down in the torchlight he saw the delightful swishing of her skirt. He had lots of vintage stuff at home and the lass said she’d always liked ‘dressing old’ as a child. So she’d have no problem wearing long frocks… with cuffs on of course. That was good, the only leather and modern stuff she’d see from now on would be restraints and suchlike.

They arrived at his transport. Sophia amazed to hear a whinny of a horse! Wondering how the hell she’d ride it like that.

"Your carriage awaits my dear," he said, quietly unlocking the curious contraption. Sophia stood there waiting till he tugged her arm and told the girl to step up onto a box. She obeyed, and then up another till as promised found herself inside what sounded like a container of sorts. It had lurched when she’d taken the second step so she assumed that this really was like one of the old stagecoaches seen in movies. At least it got her out of the icy wind and that was a relief. He sat her down on a soft cushioned bench and Sophia managed not to groan as the weight came off her feet.

Walking in heels while shackled and blindfolded was bloody tricky, but having been admonished once, she didn’t want to incur his wrath again. He dragged chains from somewhere and clipped them to her ankles, having adjusted another one now holding her feet together. A tug proved they couldn’t move apart. Sophia was eased back then told to lean forward. She really shuddered as both arms were freed from the belt, her limbs stretched to the corners and tightly clamped into restraints mounted there. Lastly she was told to go back until her neck rested in a fixed collar on the wall. That too was locked and she was finished.

"Right, that should… hold you safely young lady," he said, rubbing her cheek. She smiled behind the gag and listened as the door came round, closing with a clang, like a cell and was locked. I’m in a mobile jail, she thought as the carriage lurched again. Listening intently she heard a quietly spoken ‘gwon George’ and the thing began to move! It rolled along then stopped a moment later and he told her to ‘wait’. As if I could do anything else, she grinned. The footsteps returned, opened the door and she heard two heavy thumps and realised he had picked her cases up after all.

They began again, but the road might just have been corrugated iron as it shook and clattered along. Sophia trying to keep still as it threatened to throw her off the bench. However she was glad the collar and restraints were all padded or this could have seriously hurt her. Swaying and pitching as horsie went to the gallop she did her best not to put too much strain on her neck, having to brace her feet on the floor too. Her breasts swaying against the bra, the wind ruffling her hair through the windows it was an amazing experience.

This lasted a while before they slowed to a trot then stopped, paused and the clatter became echoing and she assumed they’d arrived at his home as it came to a stop again. She waited ages while he sorted out the horse, going to and fro. Seemingly she was now a lower priority than his mode of transport!

Finally she heard him return, the cell door opening and he reached in, stroking her body first while she was unable to resist. Not that she wanted to right now. Though a loo might help. He freed her from the carriage. This time only her hands were restrained as he brought his prize upstairs into the main part of the house. Marching Sophia along the corridor then up another flight, these of wood rather than stone. Then she found herself on carpet as the clicks almost vanished. Guessing that maybe these were the living quarters as he guided her into a room.

She was brought to a standstill and listened as he did things around the place. By now her feet were giving Sophia some serious gyp. But dare not complain or end up failing whatever test he had for her.

"Sophia my dear, this is your bedroom and here you will remain until 8am tomorrow. Breakfast will be at 8:15 downstairs. I expect you to be on time. Dressed… head to foot in white. Everything white in the wardrobe must be worn, understand?" he said. The girl nodding in agreement. "I’m freeing your bonds now, but do not remove the blindfold until I’ve locked your door. Goodnight young lady" Were his last words as he hugged the lass again. Kissing her nose then going behind and unlocking her wrists then removing the belt.

Sophia holding still as she’d not been told to move, though it was hard not to twitch as he stroked up and down her hips while freeing the restraints. "Good girl. Now remember. Do not be late," he said as his steps receded to the door. She nodded again then listened as the thing closed with a solid clump. A key rattled in a lock then she jumped as three heavy bolts came across.

His steps faded then Sophia started to move. Undoing the gag first, then squinting in the dim lighting as her sleepmask joined it on the floor. She looked around, seeing a lovely well appointed bedroom, large in size with ornate paintings, fine wood panelling and a rich blue carpet under her feet. Sophia shed her shoes, anxious not to damage the floor; also a huge sigh of relief as her legs could relax. A look behind the other door found the girl in a massive en-suite bathroom that was soon put to use.

A yawning Sophia returned and as all girls do went to the wardrobes for a nosy round. Opening the first and staring in amazement. "Bloody hell. He wasn’t kidding!" she exclaimed, counting twenty or more dresses of various colours and styles. Having been told that once here she’d never be wearing anything mass-produced again, except shoes. Only if they had guests or when she was allowed to go into town would she ‘go modern’.

These however were all classic period costumes, and as she loved anything Edwardian or Victorian this was going to be great as she rubbed one, then lifting it out and the girl realising how heavy it was. The TV and big-screen ‘bodice-ripper’ films, and wearing this she’d look like the main character! The other wardrobe was probably the same but she was too exhausted to worry about it. A peek out the curtained window did not gain her any knowledge of the exterior. Only the fact it was now pouring with rain as the torrents streamed down the glass.

She came back to the main part of her room. One of the outfits in that wardrobe was white, along with a matching coloured fearsome front-lacing corset and she guessed this was what he wanted her to wear tomorrow morning. Shoes appeared identical to what she’d just shed so no flats from now, suppressing a groan. If blokes had to wear heels they’d understand what their women go through! All the dresses had undergarments laid next to them. If he ordered her to wear a certain colour, everything it appeared had to match.

But that was tomorrow and she needed to get to bed sharpish. A hunt round the big dressing table got results. It seemed he’d done some serious shopping for her as everything required was here. It took half an hour of work before a very tired Sophia donned a flowing Victorian style nightdress and tumbled into bed. As her phone was elsewhere, the luggage not brought up here she had to set a clock rather than her normal alarm.

* * *

The bell dinged her into life right on time and Sophia yawned herself into action. That bed was damn comfy, big enough for a family to sleep in and she made it tidy again before using the bathroom. Least this house had modern stuff like a good shower and she hurried through the ablutions, wanting to get laced into that period stuff. Make-up too was up-to-date and soon a discreetly glowing Sophia headed for the wardrobe. Grabbing the frock and all the rest, coming back and laying ‘half a ton’ of stuff on the bed.

By goodness it felt great as she tugged and pulled each and every inch of those corset cords. Her waist, being no slouch of course now giving her a truly envious figure. "Marilyn, eat your heart out honey" she gasped as the last one was tied off in a bow. If she’d not done the stockings earlier then Sophia would not have been able too. It was barely possible to bend down, even without the dress. But add an underdress and three petticoats that had been provided too and no chance. She’d even had to strap her shoes on before dressing! But she was determined not to fail on the first occasion.

A pose in the mirror… oh she wished for her phone to be able to photograph this. Sadly that had not magically appeared, maybe he’d take some for her sometime. A peek in the other wardrobe having unlocked it however did stun the girl to complete silence…

Colour-coded restraints… and one set was white!

Tentatively she brought out the collar first. A belt with fixed wrist manacles was next, those little buttons inside each one, then cuffs with a foot long chain for ankles, a longer chain followed and she assumed this was to go between the belt and her leg restraints. Like she’d worn last night at the station.

Lastly an amazing contraption she assumed was to go around her head as it was hinged at the top. Eye, nose and mouth holes. Spaces on either side where her ears would go. Another gap in the back part obviously would take Sophia’s long hair. A look at the bottom found several bits that matched her collar. Levers on this must lock both bits to it. So to wear the mask, she’d need to put the neck on first, then push the back part of the head into it with the front part opened above. Sort her hair into the slot then bring the face down over her forehead then push that into the collar below her chin. Then slide both levers across to lock it. She shuddered at the thought…

‘Heavy bondage he promised, this’ll do for starters!’

But could she get into the restraints after dressing? There were no keys so if she couldn’t, that would be a failure and maybe she’d have to leave.

Sophia dithered for ages trying to think it out, then found a compromise. Put the leg cuffs on, plus the chain for the belt, then get dressed. She’d have to try and sit down to get into all the stuff but there seemed no option. Plus it was now 7:30 and she had to hurry! Least she hadn’t put any more than her underwear on so far.

The clicks seemed SO loud as she put the leg manacles on herself. These were high quality stuff and at least the padding would stop the metal wrecking her stockings. They also gripped quite tight and she assumed the others would too. He had asked for all her measurements, including wrist, ankle and neck circumferences. As well as the normal ones you’d ask a lady, she grinned, reaching for the petticoats. Though even these were hard to get into, as she couldn’t step into them like normal. Each was tied off then she got the underdress over her head, letting it slide down smoothly over those hips. Lacing it up and she was glad her waist went in so well. Next came the crucial part as the main dress went over this and was carefully buttoned to just below her neckline. A perfect fit.

Sophia was glad her efforts at getting the corset so tight now proved correct, as the thirty buttons were finished. Normally on a period dress the fasteners go up the back but Sophia realised that here she’d be dressing alone, rather than having a maid to help her. So the faux buttons behind were just that, with a clever and pretty panel that reached from under her left arm, across the front of her torso and under the right side. This hid the buttons that actually secured the dress. "What a clever idea," she grinned.

She did the extra fasteners and the effect was stunning as she looked in the mirror. She’d have pranced around the room, having a swish, had her ankles not been cuffed. Though she already realised that somehow she had to reach down and get the loose end of her leg-to-belt chain. Maybe use a coathanger or something.

So the belt was next, but she found a problem. The link for the d’ring for the legs, was on the opposite side to the wrist restraints. Which way was the belt supposed to go? And again she paused.

"Gotta be wrists behind, both other times were," she murmured, easing the belt round, pausing then closing it. Even though the corset was on, this was bloody tight with two thick layers of dress as well. Mind you the effect in the mirror soon had Sophia posing again. The clock dinged another quarter hour and the girl sighed, knowing it was the headpiece next having slipped the collar round her neck while wishing she hadn’t wasted that time applying make-up.

Lifting the heavy thing up Sophia got the contraption round and by sheer fluke it went straight into the slots. Sliding the lever across and feeling the bolt engage. It was SO difficult, her dress gave no room for manoeuvre with the belt on and she didn’t want to rend it under the arms by stretching. Now came the important bit once she’d tied her hair into a ponytail and got it fed through the slot. Breathing fast Sophia brought the front down; making sure no wisps of hair got trapped round her ears. Then eased it into the slots and slid that lever across too. The pressure was something else, like her head was in an all-over vice. She couldn’t speak, as her jaw was jammed hard against the bottom. A hum maybe but eating was going to be impossible. It took her a minute to get the loose chain attached to the belt then again the girl paused. Shuffling to the door and opening it.

Finally, just as the clock began to ding the eight o’clock chimes, Sophia reached round and placed her wrists in the cuffs and pushed against the buttons, shuddering as the metal loops snapped round and held tight. She was done… and on time so it was away to see him for the first meal and the girl hoped he was as attractive as his husky voice had been.

The feelings coursing through Sophia’s body were awesome as she clipped down the corridor. The heavy dress swaying like she’d always wanted it to do. Remembering wearing one during her college days in acting lessons and wanting to stay like this all day. But Tracey the tutor said no and could she change back and give someone else a go. But he however had decreed that here she’d always be clad in stuff like this and Sophia was happy to oblige.

Then she wondered had she made a huge mistake. He’d said ‘wardrobe’ not plural. Did this mean she should only have dressed, leaving it up to him to put restraints on her? Surely he’d not punish her for using initiative. Though a ‘sub’ was not supposed to think for itself but she just had and at the moment was prepared to take the consequences.

That sense of elation evaporated when Sophia reached the staircase that led down. She’d dreamed of sweeping down wearing a dress like this. Into her beau’s arms for a long snog, then be dragged off somewhere and ravished. But trying that here like a Hollywood actress would end up with a visit to hospital with broken bones. Probably important ones too, as she looked at the length of the descent.

Tentatively she twisted sideways so her manacled hands could grip the rail, then easing one foot down. Sophia did this three times then realised she’d not get anywhere fast. Turning to face forward she carried on after praying, and thankfully finding it easier this way. Even going round the corner she kept close to the rail where the steps were wider. Breathing a sigh of relief when she reached the bottom.

A lovely smell of fried bacon plus clinking of cutlery indicated which door she needed, a saucepan sign on the wooden panelling proving this was the kitchen and the girl carried on, entering it just as the grandfather clock in the hallway began to boom the quarter hour signal.

He looked up from the paper to see her standing there… and the guy was amazed at what she’d done.

Ian MacKay hadn’t really expected a response to his advert. The idea of any girl to basically give up her life to come live here was preposterous. Or so he’d thought until Sophia Rohannson had got in contact. The pretty London based stockbroker had been made redundant because of the recession.

Despite the fact she made most of her trading companies’ profits it was still a ‘boys club world’ and her boss had taken great delight in telling Miss Rohannson she was being ‘reassigned’. If she didn’t want to accept then… well she’d be ‘eligible’ for the chance to find another job outside the company.

As she hated him anyway Sophia called his bluff, took them for a cool half-million pounds at tribunal and a week later while reading a newspaper, saw MacKay’s cryptic advert. Not having done much heavy bondage stuff since splitting with a long-term ‘dom’ it felt the right time for Sophia Rohannson to undergo a huge change in her life.

Many hours of talks between her and him went fine and agreement had been reached, culminating in the stuff arriving at her apartment. The lease was up anyway so letting it go hadn’t been a wrench. Sophia packed the two cases she’d been allowed to bring. Sent the rest of her stuff to charity shops and here she was.

"Well my dear. I’m hugely impressed. Those stairs must have been a challenge?" he grinned. The girl bowing in agreement, seeming as she couldn’t nod this was the only alternative. He came from the table and inspected her. Amazed at what she’d done this morning. He’d just expected her to sashay in wearing the dress and shoes, eat breakfast then he’d start using restraints on her.

But to actually work out how to bind her body like this, proved to him that the girl really was serious about what was to happen to her here with him. He wondered how she’d unlocked that wardrobe then remembered he left the key there. She couldn’t be punished for that. To start too early might spoil the pleasure… for both of them in this relationship.

Her future looked bright, even if she couldn’t see it through a blindfold.

Sophia Rohansson was thrilled as she stared back at him. ‘What a right dish’, she thought, better than George, even dear Brad would struggle. Smartly tailored tweed suit and spotlessly shined black leather shoes. Not too old, clean-shaven, well built but purely muscular, a kindly face and as for those eyes…

Ohhh… my goodness, how could he not have found someone with eyes like that?

He indicated her to come forward and she obeyed, his arms sliding over her body and Sophia nearly fainted as her nose got kissed.

"Hungry?" he asked and she bowed. "Hmm, bit hard eating like that I guess," he grinned, those eyes twinkling and Sophia went all gooey inside.

MacKay reached up and eased the levers open then carefully removed the headpiece. Seeing for the first time his new lady’s face in real life. Even better that the photographs he’d had taken of her last month. A professional guy sent to London, following the girl and seeing just how she interacted with her friends, old colleagues and so on.

Having researched Sophia Rohannson through her company files, he was an expert hacker and knew all about her work and the facts of her tribunal, though he’d have to tell her something important soon. Doing the same on her social network and he knew… she was THE one. That was for later as her eyes glanced at the cooker.

Now she needed feeding and he told Sophia to wait as he removed the collar, unclipped the ankles then freed her wrists, permitting the girl to rub herself better. Taking off the belt last. She smiled back at him, paused, then after he’d nodded she quietly said thanks.

"Good girl, I think you’ll do, come here…" Ian said at last. He reached for her and Sophia broke down in tears. Rushing into his opening arms and they wrapped tightly round her torso. Relieved it was all going to be fine as they looked at each other before breaking off then she kissed him on the lips.

By golly he knew how to snog. Tongues and all, the girl running short of air before they broke off smiling. Her lovely chest going in and out, straining against the fabric of the corset and the rest.

"Right, let’s eat Sophia," he chuckled, seeing her glowing. The girl wondering… "Food I hope. Rather than me?" she quipped and now he laughed, giving her a rub on the arm.

"Indeed. But I’m seriously impressed. Though I don’t recall saying you should have unlocked the wardrobe and used the restraints yet. I’d be concerned if you got stuck when I’m not here. More to the point you could have hurt yourself if you’d fallen down the stairs. I couldn’t face the thought of that. Please don’t try it again Sophia, or not until you’ve had some practice doing stairs in these outfits," he said gently, rubbing her arm. She bowed her head at this admonishment, but pleased he was concerned for her welfare, got another stroke then helped him finish cooking an impressive breakfast.

That was consumed, Sophia serving him first then doing her own and getting another nod of approval for her efforts. Proud that she was a decent cook thanks to years of doing it for her widowed father. She cleared it away then followed him to the marvellous sitting room. A look around and she realised this guy was seriously rich. Even her old salary and the tribunal money wouldn’t have got anywhere close to this.

They sat down, Ian taking time to see just how elegantly she did that. Hands sliding under her dresses then smoothing them out, tucking her feet demurely to one side as a lady should. Then resting both hands in her lap and waiting. He decided she’d either been to deportment classes or was very well brought up. It was the second, her mother Victoria had been strict on this for her daughter, but she assumed he knew all about her and the family now.

Ian MacKay confirmed this, explaining who he really was and it took a while. How he’d researched Sophia in more personal details once her letter had arrived and he’d begun talking to her. The girl’s eyes widening as she saw the photos he’d had taken in London and her trip to a girlfriend’s wedding in France. It shook her for a moment then she saw him staring. "If you’re not happy my dear, you may leave and we’ll forget this ever happened Sophia. There’s only this one set and I’d let you destroy them. That’s my word," he said.

Having discovered during this morning’s chatter he was a very important character in the investment world she knew he’d keep it. Ian MacKay ran his own company, MoorTrak Ltd, and she smiled wryly as she now deciphered the name. "Rannoch, and Railways, very good, original mind" and he bowed in acknowlegement. She’d had dealings with them while in London, got her fingers burnt when they’d screwed her bosses on a trade because their offer beat hers. "So it was YOU who did the ChemBank deal then?" she exclaimed. Her biggest trade and she got beaten at the last moment by that damn MTL code flashing up again.

She nearly got fired over that but then the boss saw who’d beaten them. "Bloody Jocks, wish they’d have their own Exchange and leave!" On asking her manager who this MTL were she’d got a stare. "Someone even we dare not challenge. Leave it there young lady, please." he’d said.

Now it appeared she was talking to No 1 MTL himself!

"It was, sorry young lady, I know you copped some grief over it" he grinned. "But there is a very good compensation package!" She stared back and agreed, smiling on saying though she’d lost out, and it saw her prove to her boss she could take it. "He even stopped saying, ‘Sophia dear, be a sweetie and make some coffee’ she joked, doing a silly parody of her manager. Ian laughed then he began to explain why he regarded her so highly. "Do you make decent coffee mind?" he asked and she smiled broadly now.

Telling a surprised Sophia that he, as MTL had been impressed at how far her BSP people had pushed him. Almost to the point HE had bottled out! She grinned wryly again. Had that trade gone through she would have been invited to become a Partner in BSP rather than a worker bee. Though the hours of work that would have involved would have pushed her close to breakdown despite the money on offer.

"So in a way, you did me a favour. You, Ian, damn you; got me fired from a stressful job working for people I couldn’t stand. Thanks buddy!" and they both laughed now. Then Ian MacKay dropped the little grenade. "But actually it was because of that, I wanted YOU Sophia. Your effort challenged me in a way I’d not faced before" He looked shamefaced now. "That’s why I got you blacklisted. Put the advert in the paper I knew you read and prayed like heck you’d see it." She stared in shock. "Don’t worry. If you hadn’t done so within two months I’d have got it lifted. You made it by two weeks. So please don’t take it personally. But now, with your skills I’d like you Sophia to join me here at MTL!"

She gasped at this. What an opportunity and she almost said yes straight away, but paused. Thinking things rationally. Would it involve all this stuff, wearing these frocks and the bondage stuff? Or were they a ruse, searching her darkest held secrets just to get her to sign up. After that she’d have to wear normal stuff again, treat him like a normal boss?

Sophia waited then asked him straight out, explaining her thoughts and that took a while. He smiled, saying he was glad she’d thought it through. But no, if she wanted… and he grinned, "As I know you do," she went red at that, then yes. This would be her way of life from now on. She’d become his equal partner in the firm, "As it’s only me anyway," but these outfits would continue. "So would the rest, if you wanted?" he replied, eyes twinkling and she smiled and relaxed. Go for it honey…she thought.

"OK Mr MTL, you have another deal, I accept" she said, the pair getting to their feet. Coming closer but instead of shaking hands they embraced and had a huge sloppy snog. "Sealed with a loving kiss. I’ll bet that’s never been heard on a Trading Floor either." she smiled, holding his cool hands.

He grinned then led Sophia next door to the office. Her eyes amazed at all the technology in here. Screens on the wall, his computers, various phones and so on. "Here we are. MTL in all its glory." He said proudly.

Ian led her back to the sitting room and they sat and had a long chat about her bondage experiences. The girl flushing as she explained how it felt. He nodded, knowing it to be true, telling her he’d once been a sub himself to a very domineering woman in London. "She was a tyrant, but taught a rebellious teenager the facts of life… and I loved Margaret for it. Once I qualified from university with grades that exceeded her expectations she occasionally allowed me to dominate her. So I know from both sides of the collar, cuffs and so on." He said, taking a moment to fetch the belt she’d worn this morning.

Sophia headed off to use the bathroom then brought in two coffees, the girl taking time to admire her figure in the mirror, smoothing her hands over the dress. Swinging round and watching how the folds of material moved and she was already in love with this stuff. She might even learn to like the corset!

Back to the room and the pair discussed rules for her, basically when Sophia wore any form of restraint she was not allowed to say a word. Only if she felt a situation had gone too far would she be allowed to use her codewords. Having been told these had to be easy enough to ‘decipher from behind a gag’ The phrase making her shudder but he saw her eyes light up as well. She finished her coffee and took the cups out then returned.

To test this he handed the belt over and told Sophia to put it on with the cuffs faced forward then secure her arms. She did so, her eyes widening as the metal gripped her wrists. Ian told her to sit down and she complied. It was hard to balance and she almost fell back into the seat. He then put more cuffs on her ankles, taking time to caress her legs. She smiled at this then her collar was locked on and got a rub of cheek, the lassie waiting to see what was coming next. Instead he sat down across the room, got a paper from the rack and started to read.

The girl now knowing this was a test and tried to relax as the minutes ticked past. It was hard and he sensed a little frustration as she began wriggling her fingers, Ian remembering the times Margaret had chained him up then left to go to work. She’d only worn them an hour or so… he’d once been left all weekend!

He finally called out some financial stuff, bitching about trade taxes and so on. Asking her opinion and he saw her nodding in agreement, drawing breath, opening her… then pause… just before speaking. She waited then exhaled quietly. Sitting there for another half-hour while he completed the crossword well inside his normal time. Ian smiled, telling her to stand up, the girl doing so rather inelegantly. It’s hard when you’ve not got your hands to push up with, she thought.

Ian freed Sophia, seeing her rub the wrists then standing there. "Well done," he said, taking the girl close and their lips met again. "You passed!" and now her smile lit up the room as another long kiss followed. "Right, I’ll show you round the rest of the place" He watched how she walked in her heels. The strides short, the way her dresses moved and he could see her starting to love it. Her hands now and again running over her body. I’ve got you now Miss Rohannson; he grinned to himself as they went outside. Ian’s house was as impressive externally too. A real country ‘manor’ but he assured her there’d be no gardening duties.

Introducing Sophia to George the horse once he’d changed footwear and brought her to the two-berth stable. Seeing how she gently rubbed the old boys’ nose. Feeding him a sugar cube. He did a bit of cleaning, happy to muck the beast out. She offered but he declined, saying that she wasn’t to get her dress dirty. Standing admiring those muscles when he’d removed the jacket. Once finished he took the girl to the other berth and walked in. Sophia amazed to see HER name on a new shiny plate.

"Come on in," he ordered, standing with a thick collar in his hand. She obeyed and tried not to shudder as he locked it around her neck then took the keys out, the chain on that leading from the wall. "Right love, you’ll be safe in here till lunchtime" he smiled then walked out, closed the half door and bolted it.

Looking over as she stood staring back. Then Sophia smiled and winked! Making a whinny noise and tossed her head, just like he’d often seen George do. He grinned and left her for moment then returned, unbolting the door and coming in with a box marked ‘Sophia’s Tack’ "Always wanted another, you’ll do," he said unpacking a riding jacket. Helping her into it, then placing curious shaped but fine leather gloves on her hands, as these had ‘hooves’ over where her fingers would be. She had to tightly grip the little bar inside each one and he laced the wrists so she couldn’t shake them off.

A pair of boots came next. Knee length and these had NO heel but jacked her feet up, as there were ‘hooves’ under the toe area. She had to rest on the sides of the stable as they were done up. His bloody hands wandered and stroked her upper thigh, getting a really sexy moan as he carried on, touching so gently…there. "Easy honey, easy…Sophilly. Must get the plate changed," he joked coming up to see her eyes sparkling.

"Last…bits, you ready for this?" he asked, his hands back in the box. She nodded, of course hoping it’d be something interesting. Only to stare as Ian pulled out a head harness. Coming to where she stood. "Hold your hair please," he instructed and Sophia paused then looked puzzled, waving her ‘hooves’ at him. "Oops sorry," he grinned then, securing it himself with a rubber band.

He slipped the bridle over her head and told the girl to open her mouth. The bit was placed inside and she obeyed the order to clamp her jawbones on it, just behind those pearly white teeth. Ian could now tighten the myriad of straps onto the collar and also hold her mouth firmly shut. When he saw Sophia’s eyes start to widen and nose flare, bucking her head a little he apologised and loosened one a notch, adding a pair of ears to the top. "There, just like George has," he grinned, showing her the reflection in a mirror.

Sophia flushed when Ian leaned in and smirked, "Soon I’ll be riding you too, with or without a whip!" He went to leave but then stopped. "Oops, I forgot the blinkers," he grinned, taking them and attaching to either side of her harness. "Better…nah, think you’re a little excitable…Sophilly". So he pulled them across and secured the straps over the bridge of her nose, effectively blindfolding her. "There, have a whinny now…pet" he joked. Taking the girl and rubbing both hands over her hips and ass, the faint sighs coming from her mouth a real cock hardener as he moved up her torso and onto those corseted and now heaving breasts.

He didn’t know how turned on Sophia was right now either!

She heard the door shut and the bolts secure it, Ian heading off with a whistle. Behind him the girl was standing there a little shocked at what he’d said just now. ‘He’ll be riding me soon eh?’ she thought. ‘Hmmm, sounds rather hopeful’

Sophia stayed on her feet for a while then decided to lie down, as she was worried about overbalancing in the boots. It was difficult but that was how he found her curled up just before lunch and she did look sweet. He crept out to fetch a camera and took several photos. Waking the girl minutes later. She got to her feet and waited as he removed the bit, then the rest, Sophia working her jaw as it was sore. Rubbing the marks, as there were a few lines where the straps had dug in. Outside and free of restraints she thanked him for an interesting first morning of her new life as she dusted her dress down.

The afternoon was equally good. She cooked lunch and did her duties, serving a splendid meal and got a hug for that. Having cleared up he waited for her to return from the bathroom then took Sophia back to the stable to see her carriage jail from last night. "What an amazing piece of kit. I loved the thrill it gave me Ian" she glowed, remembering the way he’d secured her inside. She peeked in, seeing the manacles there and MacKay saw her reach up and gently rub one. He smacked her bottom, then slowly pushed her in and shut the door. Locking it with a rattle. She was about to retort…then saw him smile. Sophia realising technically this was restraint as she couldn’t escape, so ‘the rules’ applied.

Sitting down she looked through the bars, leaning against them as Ian rubbed her cheek. "Good girl, now you know what to do. Wait for a moment," he said and walked off, returning with a box which contained her belt and collar, gag and blindfold plus ankle cuffs. Feeding one by one through the bars and waiting as the girl fitted them to the back wall, the belt near the base then reached down and locked her ankles, taking the chains already in the carriage and clipping them correctly. Doing the bits for her neck and waist then applying the gag and blindfold. Sophia paused then reached up to the wrist cuffs and placed her arms in each. Her heart leaping as both snapped round and she was done.

He swished the curtains across then left her to stew all afternoon. The girl wondering what else he’d do. This was only the first day!

Freedom came promptly at 6pm and he grinned as Sophia, once released dashed off to the bathroom for the obvious. Returning later with a smile. "Still dry, but it was close Ian. Please honey, I love wearing these dresses and don’t want to wreck one by not being able to…to hold on," she said. He agreed and apologised… saying he’d forgotten she was out there while he’d been off to do the weekly shopping. She wondered how he’d got anywhere that fast, then amazed on discovering that half a mile away up the road was a hangar containing his Long Ranger helicopter! She’d heard one earlier, flying about while sitting there in the carriage. Now she KNEW he was the real deal but hoped he was a good pilot or she’d have been in trouble.

Her evening was spent free of restraints, the girl swishing in for late night cocoa in that white nightie and bedjacket. Ian MacKay wanted to jump her right now but instead settled for a hug and rub, telling Sophia she’d be starting work properly tomorrow morning "At 09:30 promptly. Wear a light grey dress please. I’ll always like my staff to… look demure" he grinned, also saying he had ‘a very interesting system’ that’d help her concentrate.

She tried to wheedle that out of him but Ian refused and stood up to retire for the night. "You’ll find out soon enough young lady. Now be off to bed with you". If only, she thought picking up the cups and clearing the place before sliding onto that comfy mattress. Only at the last minute remembering to set her alarm.

Having checked she’d cleared up after breakfast, used the bathroom Ian said it was time for them to start work. Pleased she’d reported ready at 09:15. He placed the thick manacles on Sophia’s wrists, clicking them closed and the girl already smiling as she got that surge of adrenaline. The fact she was now safely under the bound rules as she bent down to hitch up her skirts.

A vibrator was inserted into her pussy and the knickers replaced, then she shuddered as that chastity belt was shown to her then applied over the top, getting another sensual stroke of thigh. "Drop your dresses my love" he ordered, coming out from the myriad of layers and she did. Pausing and bending over to tug them tidy then looked up. "There’s a good girl" he nodded and she blushed. Thinking this was a hell of a system he’d planned to help her concentrate!

Ian then led her carefully downstairs and into the office, guiding Sophia over to the pole that now sat beyond his desk. It certainly hadn’t been here yesterday! She briefly started then paused, seeing and analysing its purpose. He too grinned and unlocked all the loops.

"Ready?" and she nodded. MacKay turning the girl around then easing her back till she rested against it. Miss Rohannson had read bondage stories on-line, even wished Max had bought her one had they existed. But Ian MacKay of course could afford to have a real one made in secret.

"Yes my dear. Custom measured just for you," he said, seeing her eyes widen as he closed the neck collar around. Holding her chin up so she’d be staring just over his head while he was sitting at the desk. He freed her arms then told her to reach round behind the pole. She managed not to gasp once the new manacles snapped round her limbs. Another loop went round her waist and was locked, then he got her dress hooked over the opened ones that stuck up from the bottom and tidied up the heavy layers so you couldn’t see she was secured there too. Tenderly stroking her legs up and down, a happy sigh coming from her mouth.

Lastly came the blindfold wrapped over her eyes and tied off, the material just above the bridge of her nose with no light getting through. Or course she’d not be gagged, as this was a workday and Sophia had money to make. She got a good smoochy kiss to start then heard him fire up the computer. Only once they’d started would she be allowed to speak normally. A little humour was to be permitted if she started to get stressed.

Over the next three hours he regaled various figures of shares, their fluctuating values and Sophia memorised them, working out sales charges, taxes and so on. Calling certain trends she picked up on, the same actions she’d done in London. Ian MacKay amazed as the girl, despite being strapped to a pole and receiving irregular stimulation from her vibrator was able to concentrate so well. At one point he almost accidentally let her orgasm, only a strained gasp of ‘Ian pleeeese’ prevented her blowing up. The sexy groan that emerged with the relieved ‘thanks hon’ would have brought any Stock Exchange trading floor into hysterics. He planned to record it next time when they did this tomorrow morning.

That sale did go pear-shaped but she’d put it on hold first and it didn’t cost them a penny as someone else got in first, then the value declined. Telling Sophia this brought a smile to her face. "Did it to me didn’t you?" she chuckled. Now glowing with sweat… oh god he wanted to free Miss Rohannson and screw her right NOW… but needs must and it was still too early for lunch. She’d earned herself a juice, which Sophia supped through a straw before saying she was ready to continue. "Besides you’ll have to make your own coffee now… sweetie!" and that made him laugh.

They completed the morning trades and Sophia got a kiss and rub as reward. On her first morning she’d made them twenty-two thousand pre-tax pounds. Seriously a good days’ work but the girl seemed not to be happy with this. Freeing her from the post he removed everything including the chastity belt. Thus she was able to talk normally… after a snog of course, feeling a bit wobbly too.

Admitting she should have done better with one of the pitches. "I’ll be better Friday. I promise Ian," she said tiredly, needing a rest stop too. He smacked her ass gently then said he’d prepare lunch while she showered then changed into the black outfit please. To her reasoning it made Sophia wonder if she was to be punished after all... this being confirmed when he said she was to present herself with the waist belt on and wrists secured in front. Trouble being she was looking forward to seeing what he meant. Going to the staircase and hurrying up, hitching her dress so she’d not trip over the hem like yesterday.

Taking her time Sophia enjoyed the brief release from the corset. Man’s best subjugation device for his lady, and a long shower and rub got the girl into a really happy mood. The light grey dress was put to one side, it’d need cleaning before being worn again and she wasn’t yet sure how he’d get them done.

A dose of perfume and other stuff then Miss Rohannson began the laborious task of dressing again. It took her longer, as first time she couldn’t get the buttons done up. Surely these dresses were the same size? He said they’d all been made to measure for her. Then she realised this must be her punishment outfit and extra tightness of the corset was required!

By the time she’d finished tugging at the strings Sophia Rohannson was ready to faint. This one was almost painfully tight, but the girl… like her first time wanted to prove herself to Ian. The waist belt was applied and this too was a punishment one. Almost as soon as the button in the back bit had touched her, it snapped around, the thing whipping itself out of her grasp. She squealed, then hoped he hadn’t heard. Pausing for a moment but no sounds of him coming up to do anything and Sophia sighed in relief. The wrist cuffs were equally vicious once they’d seized hold. Even her slender arms bulged a bit from the padding but it was too late now. Once that belt had been applied she’d committed herself to the ordeal that lay ahead.

The first bit of course being that staircase. Her ‘normal’ high heels were bad enough. Five-inch spiked monsters simply terrified the girl and it took a few breaths before Sophia began the descent. Almost crying in relief as she made it down, coming to the kitchen and waiting for Ian to acknowledge her presence. He turned, stared then smiled a little grimly she thought. Coming close and lifting her skirts to check the underwear was black all over.

"Excellent, let’s eat," he said, indicating for Sophia to be seated. As she was used to running both hands under her dresses before sitting, she paused. Then moved the chair back, sat right on the edge and slithered backwards. He smiled then watched as she tried to get the chair forward, hooking her feet either side and succeeding as it lurched close enough. Sneaky girl, he thought, next time he’d wait till she’d sat down, then chain Sophia’s ankles together before she could try that again.

Miss Rohannson waited patiently as he consumed his meal. Her own laid in front, thankfully it was a salad so no problem about it going cold. Thus once he’d finished Ian MacKay spoon-fed her. Making the girl chew and swallow each mouthful, rather than rushing as she’d been inclined to do. Normally Sophia had no time for table meals except at weekends or vacation. At work a quick sandwich had been bolted down with a chocolate bar for afters.

Once that was done Sophia was forced to stand in the corner as Ian cleared the table, did the washing up then leave the place tidy. It was almost a relief when he took her hands, then led the girl out into the hallway, bringing her to the front door and opening it.

"Right young lady, punishment time. I need these letters posting today," he said, holding a loose sheaf of mail. "Our box is a mile up the road towards Rannoch Moor station. You are going to take them… dressed and restrained as you are!"

Sophia Rohannson stared in utter shock, then reality kicked in and the girl knew she had to comply. The thought of anyone seeing her simply terrified the lass. They could do unspeakable things to her. Even kidnap her and hold out for a ransom! She nearly shook her head…no she MUST obey.

The girl nodded, remembering she was bound thus no speech was allowed. Ian grinned then placed the bundle in her trembling hands. He’d not even tied them either. That meant she’d have to grip extra hard or one might fall out. Two miles in these shoes…ouch and she shuddered at the ordeal ahead.

Though like most ladies she was used to heels Sophia had cheated while heading to and from work. Like a lot of female commuters carrying her office shoes in a shoulder bag and wore comfy sneakers or ballet pumps while on the train. Being one of those who dived into the station restroom and changed, carefully tottering through the reception area into their workplaces and trying not to meet the eyes of their co-workers…who probably all did the same and hoped like hell nobody rumbled them! Those who have seen the beginning of ‘The Devil wears Prada’ would know and it had always made her grin when she watched the film.

MacKay sensed how close to breaking she was. But during their chats Sophia had said she could take more than her boyfriend had been able to give. So any challenge was fair game in his eyes. He smiled at her then pointed to the driveway, indicating she should get going. Miss Rohannson nodded and bowed, turning away then nervously stepping outside. Barely had she got down the short flight of stairs then the front door slammed behind her. Heavy bolts being shoved across…locking her out!

Sophia trod her way oh-so carefully. The dress swaying and rustling away, threatening to trip her at any moment. He’d also undone her ponytail and the blonde locks now whipped all over the place, into her eyes and some strands went up her nose. A sneezing fit almost toppling her before she’d stepped onto the road itself.

Then realised she didn’t know which way to turn!

Now she did start to sob, this was cruelty beyond reason and she turned back towards the gate, only to see Ian standing at the lounge window watching her struggle. He paused then smiled and pointed to her right, jabbing his hand then indicating as if he was posting letters. She bowed then began the long road, cursing quietly as she’d actually thought it was the other way. "Yeah, thirty bloody miles or so. A mile there and back’s bad enough. You’re a bastard Ian, but I’m gonna beat you…love" and that made her grin, getting a mouthful of hair as a reward.

Tottering along, listening intently in case a car came past. Praying that for once the wind might have stopped any tourists going out to Rannoch Moor today. It was bloody freezing, the folds of her dress now flapping wildly around her ankles. Almost hurting as the little weights sewn inside, stopping any accidental ‘rising’ now bashed against her limbs.

On she went and before she knew it Sophia saw the box. Her sigh of relief short lived however as she got closer. How on earth was she going to reach up and put the letters in? The waist belt was at least six inches or more below the slot. She normally stood 5ft 7in tall in bare feet, but despite that footwear her shaking hands were actually pointing forward and down. The cuffs were so tight there was no flexibility in her wrists and again she almost broke down.

Sophia leaned against the box, trying to stand en-point in her shoes like a ballet dancer. But it was still too short and she sighed and eventually lowered back onto the spikes. "I never thought five-inch heels could be so comfortable" she grumbled letting herself breathe again.

Looking around Sophia’s eye caught hold of some large rocks nearby. If she could get them by the box, she might be able to stand on them and succeed.

What followed was half an hour of screaming frustration as the girl battled to get even one to move. They obviously weighed a great deal but finally perseverance won the day. She squealed in joy as it gave way and toppled back, almost crashing into her left foot. Sophia jumped back, so close to losing her balance and the letters themselves. Another ten minutes and the thing was leaning up by the box.

A nervous Sophia put one foot on it, the spike of her heel slipping straight off again and she screamed in frustration. Kicking the rock about so it faced the other way she tried again. This time it waited till she was en-point, almost able to get the letters in before moving and she had to come down fast.

"Noooo!" she wailed as it meant she had to move another of the rocks and jam the first into the higher position. But at least there’d been no traffic yet. Another fifteen minutes got the girl crying now, her eyes raw with tears as she eased another stone against the original one. She stepped onto the first, then tip-toed up onto the second. Almost there! Her feet were in agony as she went en-point, toes crushing into the fronts as she slithered up the box, then screamed with joy as the bundle slipped into the slot and landed with a thump…Sophia Rohannson had done it!

She’d beaten Ian…again, surely proving beyond all doubt that she was the one for him as she jumped down. Almost falling over as the pain from her feet threatened to make her faint. Now, despite the ache she hitched up the dress and hurried for home. Really feeling like a damsel rushing to escape torment. Getting there just as MacKay got the front door opened and she dashed inside. Almost but not quite crying as it closed behind her and was locked then bolted. The guy looked at her flushed face, bosoms heaving under the strain as she drew breath.

"All done young lady?" he asked, and she dared to smile as a nod gave him the answer. He grinned, "Good girl, and bloody well done too Sophia." and with that he released her wrists then removed the belt, telling her to get changed into a nightie and slippers as she had the rest of the afternoon free. Stay in her room till 6pm please, then she could come down for supper. Plus he wanted her to tell him how she’d done it. He knew she’d not be able to reach the slot so was curious as to how it’d been achieved. She nodded, as this was a punishment dress Sophia assumed the no speech rule still applied.

That bath never felt so good and Miss Rohannson spent over an hour gently massaging the glowing red toes once they’d been freed from the spikes. The dress, like the others neatly replaced in the wardrobe where it’d been found. Likewise the rest of the stuff was folded and stored. A hair styling session followed then she chance to sit down and watch some TV. Just in time for the news.

The girl mortified but relieved to find out the railways had been on strike today! "That’s why he knew the road would be clear…the clever bastard," she grinned admiringly. Flicking through the channels to hopefully find something to watch. Having never seen daytime TV before it didn’t bode that well. She lasted barely ten minutes of a chat show then switched off. Going to the bookshelves and hoping for better luck. Finding one of her favourite childhood novels made Sophia smile and she settled back on the bed for a read.

Her alarm went off at 17:30 and Sophia was amazed she’d dropped off! Pleased at the fact she’d not overslept and therefore be punished again. Dressing into the nightie, finding a bedjacket that matched it she stepped into the comfy slippers and after doing her make-up headed for the stairs. Still needing the handrail as she could not see her feet through the flowing material.

Coming into the kitchen bang on 6pm to see Ian waiting for her. Greeting the girl with a long hug and smooch. "You knew about the trains Ian?" she grinned and he nodded sheepishly. "Yeah, I knew it all along. I’m not that daft Sophia. You needed the challenge but as I said before, I’d never let you find yourself in real peril, I promise. I’ll also not fly again while you’re restrained," and that made her face break into the best smile yet. It soon cut off by a mouth clamped over hers as they kissed passionately again. "Let’s eat, and this time honey you can do yer own!" he laughed as they went to the table.

After that was done and cleared away they went into the sitting room. Cuddling up on the sofa as Ian flicked on the TV to watch the Thursday night rugby. Sophia of course not knowing the rules but like most girls she watches the game not for the skills, but for all those hunky guys with their muscles and testosterone. "Used to play it myself love," he said proudly, telling the lass about matches at school, ones at university and so on.

Not boasting but she seemed genuinely interested as she then questioned why he’d stopped, only injury forcing him out of trying to make it as a career. He rolled up a trouser leg, the girl wincing as she saw the big scar across his kneecap. "It’s worse than Gazza’s" she chuckled and that earned her a poke in the ribs and another kiss. The match finished and she went off to make their late night cocoa while he watched the respective managers talking. She returned and settled herself into Ian’s shoulder, getting another kiss as reward. His fingers stroking her dress…and what lay beneath as her nipples got some attention. "Hmmm…lovely" she whispered, her eyes closing as he worked on.

Once the TV was off Ian said it was time for bed. Sophia’s heart trembling, hoping that it meant just that. Her AND him as he was still giving attention to the warm body resting against his. They got up and embraced, then Ian shut off the lights and led her to the doorway. Out into the hallway where more lights were extinguished. At the base of the staircase she mock looked pleadingly. Ian grinned, then reached down, sweeping her into his arms then carried the giggling lassie up the flight. Gently setting her down outside her doorway. "Is that all…?" she questioned coyly as they kissed again. "No, my bedroom, you’ve got fifteen minutes!" he replied, eyes twinkling.

Sophia Rohannson hurried through her routine. Make-up off, moisturiser on, fresh knickers just to be sure before she padded along the corridor. Though she knew from a quick look what his bedroom was like, this hopefully would be the occasion she’d spend her first full night with a man for nearly two years. In fact Sophia was a little worried that she was ‘out of practice’, warning Ian on their first day here just that. "I’m…I’ll teach you again love, relearn old skills eh?" he’d grinned, making light of it but also reassuring the lass that she’d be fine.

Entering his bedroom Sophia was pleased to see Ian was ready for her. Stripped to boxers and a T-shirt. Though she could see the bulging muscles on his arms. He smiled and walked over, taking her gently into his grasp. "Only if you’re really ready for this Sophia," he said quietly, seeing she was shaking a little. She smiled then nodded, reaching for his shirt and helping him to remove it, followed by the shorts and the lass was amazed at the guys’ physique. "Wow, bloody hell," she whispered, making him blush for a change. They both laughed now as he reached behind Sophia’s neck, unbuttoning fasteners of her dress then gave her room, letting the girl slowly lower it down and revealing herself.

"My turn love…Wow, nice…everything," he said and she dissolved into giggles as he slid his arms onto her body. Roaming everywhere at once, easing her backwards, then the pair fell onto the bed. Ian rolling her over and she clambered on top.

"OK Miss Rohannson…lesson one," he quipped…

What followed was the most exhilarating hour of Sophia’s life. The guy was a tiger, but also a teddy bear. Knowing when to do something, knowing when to back off too and give her time to relax and regroup. She enjoyed every minute of their time together and though they only made love twice she remembered enough to make it special for both of them. A sensual shower followed then they returned to the bed, Ian dressing her then lifting Sophia in. "What a gent you are" she grinned as he slid in alongside her. Reaching for that body and holding her close for the last kiss of the night.

* * *

Friday morning saw her being erotically stroked into life, a warm finger rubbing her nipples and she awoke, aroused and ready to jump him. But he declined, "Plenty of time tonight Sophia, its work for us this morning!" and she pouted and giggled before heading to her room. Coming out in the eggshell blue dress and heels today as requested. She loved this stuff and Ian caught the girl strutting and swishing her stuff along the corridor before prancing down the staircase to make their breakfast.

Her eyes were glowing with love as he secured Sophia to the pillar ninety minutes later. She’d even been waiting outside the door ready for him. Every click and grip of metal getting her heart all a twitter then he finished her off. "OK, all locked safely, the blindfolds’ on, computers’ fired up. It’s time for us to concentrate!" he said. Miss Rohannson nodded and settled herself.

A great session, no foul-ups and an exhausted Sophia netted them another thirty-five thousand pounds in just three hours. Getting a long kiss and rub for reward before freedom from the pillar and chastity belt. Ian jokingly said, as there was no punishment today how was she to spend her time this afternoon while he tidied up their books? She said nothing except smile then headed out for a cleanup. After a change of outfit it’d be time for lunch, which he said he’d make. "You choose the colour love," he said letting go of her.

While she cleared the table Ian headed for the bathroom then a brief go on his exercise bike to ease that knee. Though he was surprised on looking into the sitting room later to find no sign of Sophia. He checked her room… no, his bedroom and all the other upstairs ones… no, kitchen… no. The front door was locked, so was the one that led downstairs. Even the old smoking room was empty. That left the office and he said he’d be doing the books alone as she was not trained in accountancy. The authorities were damn strict on that, though he planned to have her tutored soon enough. The college in Inverness ran courses for that sort of thing.

Ian MacKay smiled when he finally found her. Sophia Rohannson was standing by the pillar, dressed in the maroon frock and heels worn at lunchtime. Her arms held inside the wristcuffs. The other loops open… the chastity belt plus a vibrator there at her feet. Eyes closed in anticipation. She was waiting for him…but hadn’t asked!

"Naughty girl," he whispered, closing the neck collar and seeing her eyes open then light up as he twisted the keys to lock it. The rest being done soon enough and she was trembling as he inserted the vibrator then attached the belt under her dresses. He blindfolded the girl then left the room, returning a few minutes later. Coming over and putting a penis gag in Sophia’s mouth and pumping hard till her nostrils flared. "Very naughty girls get punished. You’ve got all afternoon to realise this," he said then placed thick plugs in her ears. Her chest began heaving now but all she could hear was the blood pounding in her head…then the vibrator started up.

It took Ian MacKay half an hour to realise he could not concentrate with Sophia squealing like that. Her noise from the first orgasm had made him look up and smile, the second…well he though the girl might pass out! So he reduced the vibrator from torment to tease and got down to work. Getting most of the way through before giving her another hammering while he went off for a glass of juice. Coming back and smiling as her hands flapped away. Face dripping with sweat, those breasts bulging through the corset, by heck she was a sight!

He’d just got finished and packed up when the loudest squeal he thought a gagged female could make, echoed round the study. Sophia was physically shaking now and he guessed she’d probably endured enough. Coming over and tapping her arms, removing the plugs and saying he was freeing her. Collar, wrists and ankles were unlocked then he carried the exhausted girl straight to her room. As she was still gagged and blindfolded Sophia didn’t struggle or take them off herself. She knew about the rules, and had directly challenged him today and maybe deserved what had happened. Though Sophia would not admit how…alive she’d felt. That may come later.

Ian wanted her to learn this so that night taught her a tough lesson. Putting a collar on before taking off the head stuff. That of course meant the rules of silence still applied as he told her to get cleaned up, dress for bed then be down for supper by 7pm promptly. She dutifully did and was on time. Looking a little downcast and shamefaced as she entered the room. Helping as before but could sense frustration building as he didn’t speak during the meal. He showed Sophia no affection that night, instead pointing for her to sit on the other sofa while he watched the news, mutter about the weather then flicked it off.

"Bedtime missy" he said, trying not to grin at her look of hurt. Sophia no doubt wanted a repeat of last night. But it was not to be as they headed up the stairs, she looked again as they stopped outside his room but he shook his head, thus she nodded and went to her own to do her teeth and other ablutions. Coming to the doorway once she’d finished, just in time for him to knock and enter.

The girl’s eyes widening at the fact he was carrying manacles. She suppressed a groan then stood patiently as her wrists and ankles were locked. Only then was her collar removed, he didn’t want her to choke after all. Ian shovelled Sophia into bed, then tidied her dress as she lay on one side, trying to get comfortable. It might have been better had he not put her wrists behind her back!

"Goodnight honey, sweet dreams," he said, kissing her forehead, the first sign of affection maybe? She SO nearly replied but did nothing as the lights were dimmed, then extinguished. He was just about to leave then returned. "Not enough," he murmured and swiftly Sophia found herself blindfolded. He freed her wrists and rolled the girl onto her back. Raising both arms and cuffing them to the corners, her ankles got the same treatment moments later. The dress now taut all over and it earned her a good rubbing. She groaned as he tweaked her nipples hard and Sophia hoped he’d go all the way. But it wasn’t to be and she sighed in frustration hearing him chuckle then walk to the door.

Waking up the next morning Sophia was amazed to find herself free, somehow he’d sneaked in and released her without waking her up. Arms and legs all fine and she yawned and stretched then got out. Ian hadn’t told her what colour to wear and as it was Saturday she took a chance and went down still in her nightclothes. Finding MacKay just arriving ahead of her.

She stared at him, then as he’d opened his arms in welcome she broke down, rushing for a reassuring kiss and cuddle. "Alright honey, it’s OK now. But did you learn a lesson about asking? If the pole had accidentally locked while I’m out you could have got stuck" he said. The girl nodded tearfully and apologised. This was accepted, normality prevailed and their breakfast was prepared.

Being the first Saturday of the month this was the one time a cleaning company came and did the place all over. He normally went out for the day but with Sophia here and dressed like that he didn’t want her to be seen. Having thought more about it he finally decided rather than take her out to Inverness in a modern outfit, he’d hide her at the family’s’ old croft up the road. She seemed happy at hearing this. Excited even on being told it was a little extreme to cope with so early on. "I’ll be fine Ian. I can hack it," she retorted and went to put on the requested deep brown outfit plus regulation shoes.

This of course necessitated a ride in the carriage too and Sophia managed to clamber inside. This time with the collar and a belt on the back wall all Miss Rohansson had to do was shuffle into position and try not to look too thrilled as she was secured. He even kissed her hands before locking them into the corners. Ankles last before he blindfolded her. Giving the lassie a tap on the nose before she heard him load some boxes at her feet then lock the door. As it was daylight the curtain was pulled across with a flourish then Ian went to get George and hook him up.

They thundered off along the road, wind blowing Sophia’s hair all over the place and she felt good that normal relations had been established. The journey seemed to last a very long time, Miss Rohannson not knowing that they were five miles past the station at the end of the track. Also and this might have made her think twice about consenting if she’d known or could see, that the MacKay’s croft was in the middle of a loch!

Ian freed her then led the blindfolded girl to the jetty. Ordering the lass to stand still as he didn’t want her falling in! She nearly panicked, though Sophia was a good swimmer the idea of floundering around in this heavy dress filled her with dread. Freezing solid she waited as MacKay shifted stuff into the boat then got her to step in. The craft wobbled and she quickly sat down with a thump, breathing a sigh of relief, hearing him laugh at her.

She smiled, stuck her tongue out then that was wiped off as he bound her ankles to the bottom of the boat, then secured those wrists behind her back. "That’ll teach you to be rude Sophia" he chuckled and she smiled wryly, getting a knee pat for it. He assured her this area was so remote there was no chance of them being seen. Sitting shaking as he boarded and rowed off towards the island.

He saw her mouth open to protest, then she checked herself. Gradually however she relaxed, the sun shining and warming her skin. What little of it was visible under the ton of fabric she was dressed in. But as Sophia didn’t want to wear any less these days then she’d have to put up with it. Shuffling on the bench seat, wriggling her wrists in the cuffs, listening to the splash as Ian headed across the surface. Before long they arrived and the girl was ordered to wait. She nodded and tried to hold tight as he got off, dragging the boxes with him.

Twice more he did this, on one occasion she heard a brief burst of hammering. Then he returned and took the cuffs off. Helping Sophia out of the boat and this time got another relieved sigh as she stood on dry land. Ian led her up to the croft, still in remarkable nick despite not having been used much in the last ten years. The outside toilet in the separate hut however had been his biggest concern because he planned to secure Sophia in a collar to prevent the girl leaving the property and being seen.

That had been the hammering, putting a spike into the main room’s wall and attaching the eight-foot chain to it. In one of the boxes brought with him were food, bottled water, a set of books, her phone and a couple of other things to make her day here more comfortable. A bucket would have to suffice for the obvious with antiseptic wipes for her hands and…there.

The other box he planned to let her find out for herself, being a set of brown restraints. But the wearer could unlock these, by tapping the button on the outside, her current cuffs were like that too. So it meant the girl, if she were sensible could play at binding herself then not have to wait to be freed. Assuming she didn’t get stuck of course. He had faith in the lass and hoped she’d not let him down.

Sophia was pleased to come inside, letting her dresses go as she’d almost tripped over the hem coming up the short staircase to the door because of course she had no vision. Once there Ian guided her to the chair then slipped the collar round her neck and locked it, ignoring a faint gasp of surprise, followed by a belt then did her ankles too with only a six inch chain. Wrists got the standard cuffs and in front but were not attached to the belt.

Her hands shook badly for a moment then he stroked her cheek and eased her into the seat. Briefing the girl about her day ahead. What was here for her and why he didn’t want Sophia to be seen. Ian had spent so much on Miss Rohannson, her dresses and all the other stuff so he wasn’t prepared to take the chance of losing her.

She nodded on being asked was this all right for her? Relieved to find that once he’d got back to the house he’d text her, allowing the girl to remove her blindfold. "And not before young lady, do you understand? Trust me I’ll know." he said. Sophia smiled and got a smoochy kiss as reward and he slipped the phone into her hands. "Only be a few hours. Now don’t use up all your battery in case there’s a problem" He left then the girl listened as he did one last amazing thing, glad he’d warned Miss Rohannson he was bricking up the door so nobody would think the place was occupied. She got rather damp thinking about it. Finally he was done and she heard him call out he was going.

Sophia waited like a perfect sub for the bleep of her phone to go. Finally it did and she cautiously removed the blindfold, blinking in the dim lighting of the room. The box of food and water was right there as promised, though she was surprised how much was in there. "Not staying all weekend," she grinned, then wondered… Maybe he’d thought there’d be a problem and couldn’t get back till Sunday. So he’d left extra rations just in case. "Real Boy Scout, always prepared" and it made her happy to realise once more Ian was concerned for her welfare. A torch and spare batteries was also in the box.

A bigger parcel next to the old metal-framed bed. He’d put a pile of blankets and a small cushion on there in case she wanted a lie-down. How thoughtful and she was about to shuffle for a drink when the phone bleeped again.

‘Back at home.

Hope you waited as asked.

Press buttons on side to release the wristcuffs, the same for your ankles.

Enjoy your day Sophia dear.

The cleaners here already so I should be back there before 6pm. Love you honey. Ian’

She read, the girl smiling as she looked down at her restraints. Seeing the little button on each one. She twisted the cuff round and pressed it, the manacle clicking open and falling away. Moments later she had the others off too, rubbing her skin from the marks.

A feel round hoping the belt might have one proved fruitless. Ian thought Sophia might try stripping off and he didn’t want that. She got to her feet and wandered around the surprisingly spacious room, coming up short on her collar chain before being able to look out of the one opening at the far end that provided a bit of her light. Higher gaps in the croft walls were there and showed this place originally had two floors but the wood beams and stuff had been removed a long time ago.

"A spacious cell’" she grinned quietly, pacing about. Thankful the floor wasn’t too rough. Tripping in the heels and braining herself against a wall would not be in her best interest. A drink and apple eating session followed then she opened the other parcel that Ian had left.

"Wow," Sophia said, seeing an impressive array of chains and manacles as they were pulled out and checked, seeing the same buttons as before on all of them. Applying one to her wrist then undoing it again. Sadly no vibrator however and she scowled briefly before finding a gag and sleepmask. She ignored a tiny box in the bottom, probably something left from before, she thought, looking at the cuffs in her hands…wondering.

Taking a chance she did the cuff up again then reached round and paused before placing her other wrist in and pressed the inside button. Heart surging as she heard the snap of the manacle as it gripped. She tugged, properly locked and got a little tremor going, then her fingers began hunting for the other one. Nothing at first then finally after a moment of twisting there it was. A firm press…yes, result, the cuff dropped away and Sophia smiled broadly.

An hour later after a read Sophia was looking at the pile of restraints on her bed. She’d already put the original ankle and wrist cuffs on again, feeling so contented any time she tugged at the heavy bonds, like when she was young, pretending she was tied up and helpless.

"I wonder," she murmured, looking at the bedframe. She unlocked herself, used the bucket without making a mess then got to work. Leaning over and attaching cuffs to each of the bottom two corners, doing others to the top. She moved the excess stuff back to the box and got on, tidying the dress so it didn’t bunch underneath. Easing down, spreading her legs and clicking the manacles over both. Then she lay back and tried doing her wrists. Having measured the fact that she could ease the cuffs up and press the buttons against the frame and they’d come off. Doing one up and testing it. Of course it worked and she grinned.

Then Sophia took a breath and did it again. That surge as it locked then she looked over and nervously did the other too.


Now her heart really did leap. "Yeah, manacled to my bed, awaiting a ravishing," she said with a smile. Tugging at the bonds, her wrists and ankles able to move a lot more than she thought as the metal made that lovely clinking sound.

So after a while lying there feeling unsatisfied with her effort Sophia tried again. Moving the corner restraints in a few inches, having put the original ankle cuffs on first. Locking the others above so she had TWO manacles on each leg. Now she couldn’t move the limbs at all, open or closed, not an inch.

"Great, that’s better," she grinned, having placed the normal wrist cuffs opened on the top then did the others first, pushing them down her arms a bit as these were not padded thus larger. Sophia sorted herself out then by feel she rested one wrist in the cuff and depressed the button. The locking sound making her jump a bit. Then a deep breath and do it again.


"Bloody hell," she said, a broad smile now as Sophia tested her bonds. Barely any movement was possible, maybe an inch or two and the girl went into hopeful orgasm mode. Tugging and pulling pretending to try and escape. Humping her torso up off the bed and down again. Wishing there were some way of holding that more firmly…yes there was.

She paused, thinking what chains were left. Yes, that’d do it. Sophia looked up and tried to twist the cuffs round to press the button…and realised she couldn’t quite reach. Her hands, with both sets on could not move close enough together. Miss Rohannson gasped in shock, rattling helplessly against the restraints, almost bursting into tears at the fact she’d got stuck. Knocking the cuffs against the bars and suddenly one popped open and she squealed with joy, smiled and freed her wrists. By sheer fluke she’d discovered how to do it ok with both sets on.

Now for the next stage in her orgasm plan. Sophia moved the blankets apart so there was a space right under where the belt would be. Thus, using a couple of snaplocks she could put a chain under the frame and attached the two ends to the little d’rings on either side of her belt. It took a lot of measuring to get right. If she were able to take the belt off anyway it’d be simple. But Ian, damn him had not given her the right equipment!

On the third go she go it right. Lying there with both sides held firm. She tried wriggling, not an inch. The belt hard against her midriff. As there was still a bit of play in the wrist cuffs Sophia also moved it all down the bed a bit. Thus her feet actually went through the larger bars at the base. While her hands were just short of the ones at the top. Ideal and she grinned.

A long drink later, munch and use of the bucket Sophia Rohannson was getting ready. Feet first, then the belt next before lying back, making sure the damn collar chain didn’t get in the way. Wrists done from the sides then shake her arms so they slid up a bit, shame the dress sleeves made it harder. Finally she paused then eased both into the second set of cuffs, then forced down on the buttons.


She smiled and closed her eyes, her heart pounding as she tried tugging at the chains. There was still that damn give in the ones from the side. How could she solve this?

Free minutes later and looking at the chains. If she wound the side cuffs round the bar once they’d not come down the bed at all. So what she did was to lay them open just above instead of below the wrist-to-wrist ones. A check with the belt and ankles free proved it’d work. She could push the wrist one on the bar, free those then reach up and do the others too. Result!

Another sip of water then Sophia decided it was time to really challenge herself. Put the penis gag and blindfold on as well. That should get her going! They were applied, the mask just on her forehead as she did the ankles then lay back and attached the snaplocks to her belt, having to shuffle down a bit to get them on. Well pinned down now, she thought with a gagged grin as she lowered the blindfold.

The wrist stuff was harder to get right. Twice Sophia tried to reach the cuffs, her knuckles almost setting one off. She really had to strain against the belt as it dug into her pelvic bone. Deciding to lurch up the bed with her body and slap them in instead. A deep breath then…GO!

A chorus of SNAPSNAPSNAPSNAP greeted Sophia as all the four manacle buttons worked, first time. Squealing with joy she relaxed and humped down the bed to stop the belt hurting so much. This pulled the cuffs tighter and she tried moving her arms in any direction…nothing. Not an inch of give and she sighed. Knowing now she was safely locked down. Four manacles on her legs, four on the wrists, a belt plus the gag and blindfold.

Sophia Rohannson drifted off into happy zone. Pretending Ian was there about to ravish her. She didn’t want him to so tugged on the bonds, trying to struggle as the metal held firm. Her torso bouncing by a fraction as the cruel belt stopped any chance of freedom. Her tummy was going haywire now as she went on and on for ages. Chains rattling, squeals from her throat. Everything bubbling nicely then she finally detected the first twinges. Screaming into the gag for anyone to save her from this bad bad man.

Suddenly when she was tiring and thought it impossible to go any further it arrived. The wave crashing over into her head. The surge in her pussy, flowing out and it felt BLOODY WONDERFUL…until it faded away at last. A exhausted but relieved Sophia thrilled it’d worked out fine. Get herself free and have a clean up, then rest before doing it again later. Ian had packed several changes of knickers in the box. He must have guessed I’d do this she smiled behind the gag.

Now she wanted to change her underwear, feeling discharge oozing from her pussy and Sophia didn’t want it to mark the petticoats inside her dresses. She pushed the wrist manacles to open them but was shocked when it was the fingers that hit the bars instead. Sophia touched them again and slowly took stock at what she felt. Her cuffs were at least six inches AWAY from the bars. How had this happened, she’d measured it fine, only wriggled back an inch as that was all the belt had given her! That lurch up the bed when getting the cuffs on hadn’t been that far, had it?

The awful realisation now hit Sophia. Maybe she’d misjudged this after all, and now she was stuck.

Her eyes blurred with tears as she tried moving her arms…nothing. Just as she’d so wanted then.


She wept properly now. Knowing that it had only been lunchtime when she’d done this. How could she last another SEVEN hours like this?

Then her phone bleeped.

Mmmmppphhh! She screamed into the gag. Her fingers banging the bars. Body trying to free itself from the grip of the snaplocks. But it was no good and she sank into sobs again.

Then she heard voices outside…and none of them was Ian’s…these unknowns were Americans!

Sophia Rohannson nearly died on the spot. This was worse than she’d done at Rannoch Moor. These people, she’d heard at least three different accents out there. Speaking the way Yanks do. Loudly, the brash tones of New York being one, a quieter drawl that was unplacable, then the last was real Texan.

All she could think of was thank goodness Ian had blocked the door up so well. The Yanks circled at least three times round the building as she listened to their chatter. Then she heard one, "Clint, watcha doin’ buddy? Leave them bricks ‘lone. This place ain’t been used for years. Look I’ll give ya a bunk up. Peek through the gap instead. If nuthin’ there we’ll quit. Thought it was a forlorn chance anyway coming here."

The girl was quietly crying now. If he looked inside and saw her lying there helpless… A blindfolded and gagged female chained to a bed then anything could happen.

Her phone bleeped again just as she heard scrabbling up the walls.

"Strewth Mitch, can’t yer turn the damn ‘cellphone off at all buster, even on vacation?" came the other voice as the noise stopped. There was a pause, as the guy must have checked his phone. "Shit, missed that coming through. Though I can’t figure this. It says I got the message a while ago. But you just heard the bleeping. Oh I don’t know ‘bout these Limey networks. Anyway, the walls’ too thick unless I climb right in or we take out the bricks. Don’t think it’s worth it. C’mon back to the boat fellas,’ lets go in case the owner turns up. We don’t want no fuss."

Sophia sobbed in relief as the voices faded. Thanking her lucky stars for the phone reception out here. But it still didn’t hide the fact that Miss Rohannson was stuck. She tugged pathetically on her bonds now. Really tired, her arms two rods of pain, legs aching as the cuffs dug in. The belt too was doing its captive no favours. She lost it now, thrashing against the restraints, screaming like a banshee, ignoring the pain now, even the Americans coming back would be better than this torment. Then the second orgasm struck, totally out of the blue, a really big one too and Sophia passed out as the euphoria swept the girl away.

Coming to sometime later Sophia pulled again on her wrists, then was amazed to realise one of the cuffs was open. Her fingers touched the bars but almost in the palm of her hands now. Though the strain of the belt on her waist was hurting her bad, same way the ankles were so painful. She must have somehow got up the bed and bashed a button purely by luck.

It was one of the side ones too so she could reach the other wrist. She tried to push, squealing with joy as the cuff popped open and she could lower her arms, wriggle back down to relieve the strain then undo the wrist-to-wrist ones. A few moments later Sophia was free, sitting on the bed in thankfulness, feeling a little stupid, rather sticky too and thirsty to boot. Rubbing the marks on her limbs. Relieved that the ankle cuffs had not wrecked her stockings, as there were no spares provided.

Now she had to see what those texts were. A look at her phone and she sighed, the first was today’s football draw, the second, more important one was also from Ian asking was she enjoying herself?

"Hmmm, not so sure love" she thought about sending back. But that might concern him so she just said yes and left it at that.

Sophia went back to her chair, and had another read for an hour or maybe more, of course she cuffed herself first! Sitting there smiling, trying to part her arms and legs before the metal prevented it. But she couldn’t sit for that long because she kept staring at the bed and thinking. After another reststop Miss Rohannson was back on it. Ankles, waist already done, the gag and blindfold soon joining it before she lurched up and banged her wrists down.

SNAPSNAPSNAPSNAP, she heard and her heart surged. "Bloody hell," she wailed into the gag as she tugged on the bonds and felt nothing moving. The struggle began again and it took much less time, the orgasms even better and Sophia passed out, her screams degenerating into silence.

Coming to a long time later a tired and aching Miss Rohannson began the frustrating attempts to free her wrists. Twice she hit the bars with her left but the button didn’t work for some reason. She was a little worried when the same happened to her right and she began tugging, before the bloody orgasm sent Sophia away with the fairies again!

It wasn’t fair, she thought coming to, feeling really stupid now. Everything still firmly locked. She was in tears and lost it. Wailing and screaming into the gag, really shaking everything in a right old panic, then just as the third orgasm struck she felt one of the left cuffs pop off and the girl faded out with a relieved smile. Freeing herself a long while later, her arms on fire, marks on her legs and for the first time Sophia Rohannson realised she was addicted to this and didn’t care. She’d endured more orgasms in the last two days than most of last year.

A look on her phone, another message from Ian. Saying he was on his way back with George and would she be ready as before. That gave her about an hour to get cleaned up, have some tea then pack everything away. Then be sitting demurely and cuffed in her chair the way he’d left her this morning. Sophia had a stretch, then wondered whether to do the bed thing again and let him find her like that. He might be angry…or he might hoik her dresses up and give her the satisfaction of a damn good shag!

Hmmm, what a decision for the girl to make!

She was still debating this when another message came through.

‘Sophia. Ignore the silence rules and please answer when I ring. Important’

Seconds later the phone trilled. Sophia checked the display, of course it would be Ian, but when she answered cheerily her heart chilled at the voice as he asked her to pipe down and listen carefully. He didn’t sound at all pleased.

"Listen Sophia honey, we’ve got a huge problem," he began and her heart missed a beat…or three when he said that ‘the bloody boat had been cast adrift and its’ now in the middle of the loch!’

Thankfully she didn’t burst into tears, but told him she knew something about this. Explaining about the unplanned visit by the Yanks, but after a brief rant from her man assured him that they had no idea she was inside the building and was still safe. "You did a great job on the door. When you sent one of the messages it got them distracted and they left. I guess they bottled it, brought the boat back to your jetty and forgot to secure it" He listened as she said that, knowing the girl did have a calm head on her shoulders after all.

"OK, but listen, the boat is slowly heading your way on the wind. Free yourself and see if you can find a rope or something to hook it in…"

"Ian love," she interrupted, her voice not so calm now, but hardly surprising really. "In case you’ve forgotten, my neck’s in a collar, my waist is clamped in a belt, the bloody door is blocked up by two tons of bricks. Now how the hell do you expect me to even reach the entrance?" she snapped, a little scared now, but was amazed when she heard the amusement in his reply having got that off her chest.

"Sophia, dear Sophia. I guess you were so excited by the manacles…I bet you’ve been playing all day with them. Come on, admit it" And despite this problem, she agreed, smiling now. To prove it she clicked the cuffs over her wrists so he could hear. "Very good. But it proved one thing, that you’re a true sub… because…in that small box you obviously hadn’t checked o’ bondage addict…" and he paused to heighten the drama.

"…are the keys to your belt and collar!"

She squealed and dashed to the box grabbing the small container now and opening it. Her heart leaping as she saw the two keys, even marked as to which did what. Quickly she unlocked the collar, stripped off the belt…and burst into tears. Ian let her cry it off then told Sophia she was allowed to undress now and do her best to grab the boat if it came close enough. "I can swim…" she began but was told not to try. The water was cold here and she’d probably suffer exhaustion on the way. "Don’t you dare love. I cannot lose you Sophia, please, just wait" he pleaded, and she loved him even more now.

"OK, my brother was good with a lasso. I’ll try to see what I can do. Just keep an eye on the boat while I get the bricks out. I’ll save the battery now. Bye love," she blew a kiss then began to undress.

Fifty yards. It missed Sophia by fifty yards. The blanket shrouded girl watching helplessly as the boat came closer then almost as if it knew, eased to the left a bit then carried on. Ian, on the darkening shore saw her look of despair as she realised. The girl turning away and going back up to the croft, doing something with her phone, though MacKay was slightly amused to see she still had her shoes on. Then realised the ground there wasn’t exactly smooth. Even as a kid when visiting his parents he’d always worn something. Sophia, in her city soft feet had no chance.

He was tapping out a message when his phoned bleeped and he read...

‘Ian, I’ve got plenty of food and water left. Blankets for warmth…and things to do. Take George home and we’ll try tomorrow morning. In this wind the boat looks like it’ll go all the way to the far side. I really hope your walking boots are broken in buster, coz you are off for a tramp round the edge.

Love Sophia xxx.

Now he really knew she’d cope. He rang back, telling her to return to the croft and block the door again to stop the draft. Also he was proud of her and he’d make it up tomorrow. Signing off, telling Sophia he’d be back lochside at first light. Switch off the phone to save the battery.

She smiled and he saw her come out of the building and wave to him, though his eyes did bug out at the fact she was naked now! A broad smile on her face as she strutted along the pier then eased both hands over her breasts and rubbed them, then stood legs apart and did the same down there! Her hair wafting in the breeze and if it wasn’t so far he wanted to jump into the loch to go and shag her!

‘You bloody tease love’ he grinned, looking through powerful binoculars and waited till she stopped laughing and hurried back again. He saw her vanish, then her hands reappeared and started laying out the lines of brick. Impressed at her stamina as it only took her about fifteen minutes to do the doorway right up.

Inside the building a very tired Sophia got dressed again as the blankets were not enough to keep warm overnight. She’d have killed for a bowl of soup right now, but two energy bars, leaving her enough for Sunday and a slug of water would have to do. ‘If I lose any more weight then the old corsets will also be made redundant’ she grinned. Almost out of habit she put the waist belt back on, but left the collar.

If she was lying down and chained then she might roll over and choke on the stuff. Next thing she did was set her alarm for 7am then shut the phone off. The timer still worked even if the thing was powered down. Lying there under the blankets she tossed and turned for a while then got up, grabbed the ankle cuffs and secured them together, sorted the coverings again then doing the blindfold before clipping her wrists into the cuffs. Promptly dozing off seemingly minutes later with a satisfied smile on her face!

The trilling of the alarm woke her up and Sophia was pleased, feeling quite warm under the dress and blankets. She freed her body then switched on the phone and almost immediately Ian’s message got through.

‘Sophia love. GOT THE BOAT! It’s on the far side and looks well wedged. The breeze should keep it there so I’m walking around the edge and over halfway. Leave the door bricked up to save warmth. See you in two hours or less, proud of you hon. Have a surprise for me. Love Ian’

She smiled, wondering what surprise he wanted. Reading it twice to make sure it wasn’t him surprising her. Checking the time of the message and seeing it’d been sent thirty minutes ago. "So less than ninety minutes…I can last that long. Ian honey, you’ll get your surprise all right!" she acknowledged it. Got the reply back that now he was there. The boat was fine but the row from this side would take an hour because it was against the wind. Also he had flasks of hot coffee and soup, plus food and proper warm clothing for her.

He read ‘Thanks, S xxx’ and smiled as he finally got the damn thing free and set off. Rowing hard into the wind, wow, this might take longer than he thought. But she’d be fine.

Sophia thought the same as she prepared her surprise. When the last one was done she wondered just how proud he be of her.

Ian was amazed when he didn’t hear Sophia’s voice calling him as he started unbricking the door. Finally getting inside, having jumped over the last four feet he walked into the most incredible scene and he came close and stared. ‘Surprised all right’ he murmured, seeing she’d not be able to hear.

His lovely Sophia lying in a Y’shape on the bed. Her legs out to the corners with two cuffs on each ankle and her dresses all hoiked up and bunched under her ass. The belt clamped round her waist and somehow also chained at the sides. Her wrists high above her head, also in two sets of cuffs and he saw she’d not be able to free herself like that. The fingers would be too far to reach any button, or bang them into a bar, because they were down the bed by at least six inches. Lastly she was blindfolded and gagged, with stuffed tissues in both ears blocking her hearing. ‘No collar…tut tut’ he whispered.

He grinned, looking down and took a series of photos on his phone. Then he reached in and gently placed a fingertip just on the edge of her exposed pussy lips. The buck and squeal made him jump as much as her and it made him grin even more as Ian began to tease his beloved Sophia.

She was in heaven lying there waiting for her man. She’d decided that once he was on the way it’d be safe to bind herself with no chance of escape. Taking a few moments to rework her position. Further down the bed and she’d sighed with happiness as the cuffs had snapped perfectly round her wrists to finish off the job. She’d probably smell his aftershave first before he touched her. So the sudden arrival of a warm finger on her privates startled Sophia intensely but she was relieved it would soon be over. Or so she thought, realising he was teasing as he began to work over her body.

The next hour he time and again brought her to the edge. Her face glowing… he grinned knowing she was warm now! Her sexy gagged moans begging him to shag her, getting louder and he decided it was time. Sophia squealed with joy as she felt him mounting her, and what followed was just as good.

Later she sat there exhausted but smiling as Ian said how happy he was to see her. Showing the girl the photos he’d taken. "Wow, don’t ever lose your phone Ian" she laughed, getting a kiss for that. They had breakfast of soup and filled rolls, she was thankful for that. The dress looked rather crumpled now, stockings with holes in and he said not to worry, unpacking modern trousers, jacket, a jumper and sneakers he’d guessed she’d want.

A little surprised when she frowned, then she smiled as he produced fresh stockings and knickers. "That’s more like it love. I’ll wear the jumper because it’s brown and the jacket for warmth, but no more" she grinned as he went off to finish unbricking the door.

It took them a while to pack up. Sophia did the restraints and carried the boxes to the boat while Ian removed the collar chain from the wall. By now the sun was out and she decided the jacket wasn’t needed, telling Ian this and he nodded, loading the last stuff into the craft. She was however a little concerned about being seen. "Should have worn the modern stuff," he replied. "Not a chance. I love these, and only when you eventually take me out for dinner somewhere will I change" He agreed if that was what she wanted then fine. These dresses and all the apparel, plus several others she didn’t know about had actually cost him about forty thousand pounds to have made!

"Right, I’ll hide you under the blankets. Lay one under the bench seat then crawl down there and lie on it love" he said. Sophia did so face down and for a reason she didn’t understand put both wrists in the small of her back. Ian MacKay grinned and quickly grabbed the cuffs and secured them before she could change her mind. Ankles got the same and he heard the loud sigh of happiness. Any chance of a second noise was cut off as the penis gag being applied, and she smiled as the blindfold joined it.

All the way back she could hear the swish as water flowed past the wooden hull just inches from her head. Quite how he’d free her quickly he didn’t want to think about. Mainly because the bugger put TWO sets of wrist cuffs on to prevent her twisting her arms and pressing the buttons. The second blanket covered her up and the journey continued.

Sophia breathed a tired but happy sigh as Ian opened the door on her carriage once the faithful George had been sorted out. She stepped from the thing, MacKay surprised she hadn’t bound herself to the walls. Staring at her but she shrugged then winked. "Sorry, I forgot. Will I be punished?" she said, her eyes twinkling as if she was challenging him.

He grinned then they had a snog. "Maybe, but its’ Sunday, I’ll think about it this afternoon. Please shower then change into nightwear and be down by 1pm." She nodded and left while he unpacked the boxes.

Miss Rohannson had a long doze that afternoon, having been ordered to get some proper rest. Though Monday was a Bank Holiday there were things to be done and she was to assist. "Besides. I recorded all the rugby last night. Guess you’ll be joining me for the re-runs after supper?" She did so and spent a pleasant evening being fondled and groped by her man as she saw him. That night they slept together and though all she got was a kiss and cuddle it was enough to satisfy her.

Monday dawned and after breakfast Sophia came down, clad in the black punishment dress as he’d ordered, wrists clamped into the belt. She did look amazing, trying to maintain her balance in those five-inch spikes and he saw a look of relief as she got to the last steps and tottered over. Bowing politely, wondering what he planned. The Bank Holiday meant no work today, even the Far East exchanges were shut. MTL was having a rare weekday off.

"Now then Miss Rohannson," he said, trying not to smile, knowing she was probably more excited inside than he was. "You were very naughty over the weekend, weren’t you?" She nodded, her eyes giving it away, hoping for a challenge…wanting to prove herself again.

She’d get one today that’s for sure!

"I think you…need a really good…session" and he smiled at her now. Her heart leaping as… he took her into the office, bringing Sophia to the pole and soon she was secured to it. Because her heels were two inches higher he could still get the waistband locked under her own before doing the rest. Though the collar and rear cuffs were adjustable anyway they were just as tight and she wondered what was coming next. No sign of a vibrator or chastity belt, she thought looking round while he went to his desk and fired up the computer.

The big screen above his head flickered into life and an amazed Sophia saw what appeared to be the inside of the croft! Showing a view from somewhere near the door towards the chair and bed. But there was a figure sitting in the chair…it was HER! Dressed in the brown frock and he zoomed in, the girl seeing a phone in her hands. She saw herself jump when the thing beeped, holding the phone up to it’s blindfolded face then start removing the mask before getting up and look around her. "I told you I’d know if you waited" he quipped. The image changed to another, this one facing down on the bed from above. Herself lying there attaching manacles to her limbs and so on. She gasped on realising that somehow he’d hidden cameras in the walls and had been watching her every move all bloody day!

She couldn’t admit however the pride she felt watching how she’d worked out the bondage, the lassie starting to get wet watching her body snapping its arms into the manacles then start writhing on the screen. "What a clever but very naughty girl we were," he smiled. His voice admiring what she’d done.

He’d been watching this live too, and at first had been a little concerned she’d get stuck. When she’d freed herself after the first session that was when he’d sent the message. Maybe hoping Sophia might realise he knew what was going on. She’d stopped for a while, having a read but then went back to it. "I nearly missed my lunch watching you do this" he said, the girl believing he HAD been watching all the time. But strangely she felt comforted. If he’d seen she really couldn’t get out, he might have come back earlier.

"Tut tut tut," Ian chuckled as he saw her frantic struggling after the second set of orgasms. "Yes, two solar powered cameras and lots of time to watch. You so nearly got stuck then didn’t you Sophia?" and her face flushed as the figure carried on trying to free herself. The sound wasn’t that good but she could hear the rattle of chains, the muffled screams and Ian, sitting looking at the pole saw Sophia’s chest moving a little faster than before.

Lastly she saw herself talking on the phone, freeing the collar and other vanilla stuff, coming in naked and laughing before bricking up the door then retiring for the night as the evening faded. The screen flickered as the light changed and got much brighter again to show Sophia this morning’s little display. Ian arriving and examining her there. She twitched now, and sighed against the pole seeing MacKay reach down and touched her pussy lips. Then the memorable shagging session that had followed was displayed and by now she was halfway to getting excited. Her fingers in the cuffs now wriggling like little worms.

She was so engrossed in the screen she hadn’t seen Ian move away and sit at her feet. Then she realised a pair of hands was sliding up her calves. ‘Ohhh’ she murmured then froze, remembering the rules and heard him tut again as the fingers passed her knees. They almost got to the top but Ian was frustrated by the amount of material in her dresses. Oh well, he’d do the other thing instead. She sighed again as he tidied up the layers and came out. The movie finished and she wondered what he’d do next.

Ian freed Sophia from the pole, cuffing both wrists to the front then leading her out to the hallway. He released one arm, told her to she had five minutes to use the bathroom then return. The girl nodded and hurried off. He did look pleased when she came down, seeing Sophia had locked her wrist back into the manacle before attempting the stairs. He looked at her and she tried so hard not to smile. "Its a shame I couldn’t film what you did out on the jetty, Sophia’s a wicked girl," and she flushed at that. Smiling as he put on a cloth cap then stood in front.

"…Sophia Rohannson. This Kangaroo Court find you guilty as charged of being a bloody prick-tease," and she giggled at his silly impression of a Judge. "Your sentence…is…" as Ian brought a set of keys out of his pocket and unlocked the one door she’d never seen open yet.

"…To spend eight hours locked in your new punishment cell! Take her down Mr MacKay…"

He led Sophia downstairs along the corridor. Jangling keys like a jailer then undid the two locks, slid the heavy bolts aside then just before opening the door told her to close both eyes tight. "No peeking!"

Her heels clicked as he guided her inside. Stopping to slam the door behind, making her jump. A very thick collar, much heavier than she’d ever worn was closed round her neck, Sophia having to raise her chin up. She even realised he had to turn the keys twice, the second click tightening the device and she trembled as a chain was attached. His hands freed her wrists then removed the belt and she wondered why this was.

"Open your eyes Miss Rohannson…and pray," he ordered.

She did so, and Ian saw them bulging at what awaited her over the next few hours… "Bondage heaven," she whispered, flagrantly and probably a deliberate breach of the rules and he grinned…

"Right, shall we lock you into this lovely device first then…?" he said, leading her closer and undoing the various locks and bolts. She looked down into the thing. Wondering how on earth she’d fit inside it, but knowing Ian had her exact measurements…

Sophia Rohannson began to smile…and nod as she was ordered to strip naked. This new life she’d chosen was going to be so much fun.

The end!


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