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Storycodes: Solo-M; party; texts; stalker; F/m; break-in; capture; breathplay; kidnap; femdom; enslave; cons/nc; X

It started with a party.

That’s how it always starts isn't it? A party, a party he never even wanted to go to. Matthew was a quiet lad, barely ever leaving the safety of his home. If there was ever a word to describe him it would be average. He was average in height, average in build, and all around average in the looks department. No one ever paid him any real mind. For the most part that’s how he liked it. Now don’t get him wrong it wasn't that he liked being alone. It was more … he had gotten used to it.

So he was less than thrilled when his friends showed up and practically drug him out to their car.

“Oh come on guys, you know I don’t like this.”

“That’s why you've got to go,” his friend laughed.

The party in question was being thrown by one of the players on the college’s football team. That meant a lot of people – a lot of people Matthew didn't know. Everywhere he turned there were people crowded together, drinking, dancing, making out and god only knows what else. Less than a minute after they drug him through the doors his friends were gone, off doing their own thing.

Matthew stood alone most the night just feeling really uncomfortable. God, he hated these things. He went to check the time on his phone for the umpteenth time only to find it gone.

“Oh come on.”

He retraced his steps through the crowded mess. He flinched inwardly as they all bumped into him, knocking him around, just making a god awful fuss. Things would be so much simpler if he didn't have to deal with so many people.

“There it is!”

How did it get clear on the other side of the house?

It was nearly two in the morning when his friends finally had enough and went home. Matthew couldn't have been happier. The next day he got a text. He didn't recognize the number and the message … well it disturbed him to say the least.

'I have powerful arms and legs. I have large, soft, strong hands. I have big, firm breasts. I have soft, full lips. I will take you, I will have you, and I will keep you. Soon, I will claim you. You cannot escape, no one will hear anything. You will not even be able to beg me to let you go. Soon my darling. Soon.'

He had to laugh. Clearly she was talking to someone else, no one wanted him like that. He decided to tell her so.

'I’m sorry Miss but I’m afraid you have the wrong number.'

'No, I don’t.'

'Then who do you think this is?'

'Matthew Weller.'

Crap, she was talking to him. If it even was a her. That was it, wasn't it?

'Tim? That you?'

'No Sweetie, just me.'

'Very funny.'

'You’ll believe me soon enough.'

“Idiots,” he muttered.

When he asked his friends about it they pretended not to know anything about it. He thought nothing off it for a few days. Then he received another text from the same number. This time there were no words just a single picture. And what a picture it was.

The woman pictured was the same age he was as far as he could tell. That was where the similarities stopped. She was gorgeous. Clearly tall she had long wavy black hair framing a strikingly beautiful face. She was dressed only in the skimpiest laciest black bra and panties. This helped to accentuate her long legs and massive drool enduing cleavage. But that was not what drew his eye first. No it was her muscles. They weren't the outrageously huge kind found on weightlifters. These were the natural features of a lifelong athlete. Maybe rowing or volleyball who knows but whatever sport she played kept her tight.

“Wow,” was all he could say.

Then a second text came in.


This prank was elaborate he’d give them that. Then everything changed.

He came home from work to find his front door open. That was strange, he never left his door open. Slowly he walked inside. Nothing seemed out of place. If it had been a robbery they didn't take much. He checked over the entire apartment but the only thing missing was … his underwear? Every single pair had been taken. Great, some kind of pervert had gotten in. Then he saw it: a note laying on his pillow. On it was only one word: 'Soon'.

Matthew found it hard to sleep that night. His friends were idiots who loved to pull stupid pranks but they were quick to tire. No, this was not their style. That could only mean the woman who was real. That knowledge both terrified … and excited him. The next day he changed all his locks and prayed for the best.

A week later he returned home to find the doorknob had been ripped out and left on his kitchen counter. On his living room wall she had painted a message in giant black letters:

'You can not fight what is coming. You are mine and mine alone. This day next month I will take you and there is nothing you can do about it. See you soon.'

For the next week he was nothing more than a paranoid mess. Any sound he heard, any movement he saw or thought he saw he attributed to her. It was maddening. Then she text-ed him again.

'I’m coming for you, lover. In three weeks I’m gonna climb through your bathroom window in the middle of the night, choke you till you pass out and then I’m gonna throw you over my shoulder and carry you home where you belong. There is no escaping it. We’ll be together … soon'.

The next day he boarded up his bathroom window. There was no way she was getting in here. Another text.

'This will do you no good. I know where you live remember? I am going to take you … soon'.

She was right. He had to get away. He knew just where to go too. His friend had a vacation home by the lake. He could hide out there for a few days.

The cabin was a small peaceful space. It set nestled along the north side of the lake a handful of other cabins which were all about a mile away from each other. Two days of quiet reflection in its sheltered embrace drove all but the most fleeting thoughts of her from his mind. The third night, as he slept, there was a loud crash.

Frightened he ran out of the bedroom and saw a large, feminine form climbing into the cabin – through the bathroom window! It was her; it had to be, but how? How could she know? He didn't have time to think about it though. The figure saw him and ran with surprising and frightening speed. His immobilized brain had only gotten him to run a few steps before he felt her arm around his neck.

A great pressure, like a vise, began to engulf him making it harder and harder to breath.

“Hello Lover.”

The voice was deep and rich like honey, powerful, mysterious and alluring.

“I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Ever since I first saw you at the party your friend threw her a few months back. I saw you, all shy and timid, being forced out to socialize for a bit. At that moment I knew, I knew I had to have you.”

“Your friend had drunkenly bragged about his life in the city over and over again so finding you was never a problem. Neither was getting your phone away from you at the other party so I could find your number. I learned all about you Matthew, I knew if I scared you enough you’d come running out here. You see I live just one cabin over so I've had plenty of time to study this place and get my plan just right.”

He was finding it harder and harder to focus. He also found his captor was making his penis grow harder and harder as well. Dots played before his eyes and he began to slip into forceful sleep. She stopped just short of a total knockout however.

“I need you awake for this,” she told him, “So you can see there’s no escape.”

His whole body had gone limp turning him into nothing more than a doll in her arms. Without any real effort at all she flung him over her shoulder and walked out the front door. Down the old dirt road she went as he watched the cabin and his freedom slip away.

“Don’t worry lover, we’ll be home … soon.”

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