Something Sweet

by Raye De Lobos

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© Copyright 2007 - Raye De Lobos - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bond; encase, chocolate; statue; reluct; X

from the 2007 Halloween special


The coffee was good ! and the little desert cake She had chosen was absolutely first rate, but then She had expected as much from such an old established bakery here in Warsaw. M took it all back,- not a bakery- their first order of business was chocolate. M didn't eat as much chocolate as She craved. . after all a moment on the lips and eternity of work in the gym to burn it off . Now a days She would have a bit at certain times of the month just to make herself feel pampered but mostly it was on the "NO" list.

What brought Her here was business, The bakery called Her in to ask advise in a labor  matter. All strictly confidential of course and so, for her reasonable consulting fee, She came. But the pastry and coffee were added compensation for waiting. The business manager She was meeting, was running late on Her appointments. Finally She was ushered in to the small office to start. It went well enough. A seemingly complex labor matter for her new client, but for M's firm it was old hat. No assurance on the time table though, things worked slowly. Thats why She was approached, mostly to be the administrator for the company's interests, freeing up the rest of the bakeries personnel for business as usual.

Afterwards She was invited to take a tour of the chocolate factory. She hadn't been on one of those tours since She was a little girl of 12. It made quite an impression on her then, and M welcomed the chance to compare her memory with what was now being shown on tour, best of all as a private tour, She had the benefit of asking questions, not possible on that first tour long ago. 

"More Modern," that was her first thought "And Bigger machines too!!".

After all the business had expanded into a global concern and more product was being turned out to meet demand. . White chocolate, dark, semisweet, with fruits and nuts, liquors. . Each particular line had its own methods. Chocolates for pleasure, chocolates for Diplomatic good-will. .wait a minute could that be right? She asked her host.

"Yes well certain heads of state, or their significant others, are what the Americans refer to as "chocoholics"  Her tour guide said.

M walked further down the factory floor marvelling at the smells and the seemingly rich smoothness of the chocolate  pouring from various pots into molds or watched the bars themselves being wrapped. Finally; the set of rooms, called the "History of chocolate display". She said she remembered the rooms so many years ago explaining the school tours.

"Yes I remember my school tours too," said her tour guide. "Come here let me show you two fascinating displays, one you weren't allowed to see on those school tours and one that you were able to see ". The tour guide lifted a tapestry curtain that hid a doorway and ushered a now surprised and curious M thru. "Chocolate has been used for beauty, and sensual pleasure for as long as it has been made".  The tour guide pointed out phallus shaped chocolate figures and there was a standing display of a woman's ample bust  in chocolate. M imagined the secret pleasures of "nibbling" on a chocolate phallus especially at certain times of the month, A sort of "payback" for those masculine virtues that leave a man free of certain discomforts.

"Did you notice the black and white photos of the woman allowing her bust to be molded?" The tour guide pointed out a series of large portraits.  Even without the benefit of color, the 60's era photos were erotic, the silken, milky smoothness of fresh skin and chocolate in a lovers tryst. M felt her own nipples stir under the gaze of that photo image. She realized a curious fact and felt compelled to ask, "Wait! how did these things survive ? Warsaw hasn't had airconditioning common since the 1980's ".

"And yet here they are!" replied the tourguide, "let me show you the second surprise. It should answer the question."

The Tour guide led M to a smaller display in the main hall. The tapestry once again hiding the "adults only" displays. Here was an otherwise boring history of THE FACTORY'S competition with an American concern over the development of "Tropical" chocolate. Of course in the high heat of jungles and deserts, chocolate went as soft as warmed butter and could not easily be eaten, or stored. Confectioners developed products to stiffen chocolate up in higher heat. Both the americans, and eastern europeans  mixed edible wax into the product.  A relatively inert natural compound added to an extremely rich chocolate base,at the last moment of baking, while cooling . The display went on to list specifications of temperature tolerance and amazingly this firms  product could stay rigid at 45 degrees centigrade.

"You know I have never seen it sold here in the city" M said.

"Thats because of a product liability problem!" her tourguide laughed, "you see at 8mm thickness and our usual temperatures, the stuff can break teeth while being eaten, most people aren't patient enough to let licking it be enough, they need to bite. Big insurance liability. At 10 mm its so tough that it can't be cut with conventional kitchen knives. At 22 degrees c it is as tough as some plasters or concretes". Her tourguide had an amused look in her eyes as She spoke. 

M stopped for a long moment with a thought that struck her so hard it left her in shock," you didn't show me these two particular displays without a reason" She finally said. 

"Yes well. . I've seen you before. I mean, never been introduced, but  you and I do belong to certain 'same clubs'!" the tour guide said, with a glint in her eye. 

"Ah  now I understand," M said, whispering "We both have secrets" .

The Tour guide showed her to the Exit. Before leaving, She passed M a business card. M walked off a bit, and called her taxi., lost in thought.

The light was blinking on the answering machine when She reached her apartment after the day. She didnt have to guess who it was. Ever since Her first "man handling" of him Antonio had become a " great fan " of hers. Again the petulant pleading of a man who needed her attentions.  She shook her head laughing at his transparent plots to get her to Do things with, OR do things to, Antonio. Still He was the perfect foil  for her needs,  Her "Darker side". Ever since she had become aware of the difference between sexes, She had developed a cruel part to her character . Getting men to do things for her, Or doing things to them was an absolute turn-on . But now along with the gaining of experience  She had with these maniplative trysts, She longed for a perfect partner or rather victim, and doubted he existed. At least not of this time, Michalangelo's "David" came close  but whoever  the model was, He was centuries dead. 

Her eyes strayed to her computer screen saver. 360 degree views of that perfect masculine form standing pedestaled. His white stone surface bathed in light and shadow from the spotlights  around that museum hall. Smooth skin, as smooth as the flowing chocolate She had seen earlier that day. "White chocolate!" She sat bolt upright her mind swimming at the image that phrase brought to her mind. Antonio was pretty near perfect except for his lesser stature and mass, still fairly toned. He wouldnt be the problem, but She would need some inside information on the chosen material and time! This wouldnt be an  easy "scene" to set up.

The business card "tourguide" had slipped her had a pencilled E-mail address. A few tentative strokes at the keyboard, "Are you there? We need to discuss something."

No immediate reply, She goes out for a quick bite, too distracted to cook, waiting on a reply. She didn't wait long, a quick Panini with Chicken and lettuce, another small coffee and Her Blackberry chimed to let her know an incoming E-mail from "Swotka Barbara" was waiting.  She made it home and her own privacy before answering. "Can White Chocolate, be made tropical?? "

A few minutes and reply, "Yes. Why? or i think I know the reason why :)"

M suggests  "after dinner drinks to discuss. ." and invites "Barbara" to a bar in her neighborhood, tomorrow. 

White wine and feminine discussion. At least it seemed to be, to the waiter serving the two well turned out ladies in the darker corner.  He stopped by to ask if there was anything more could be served to them and noticed a half eaten bar of white chocolate. The two were in animated but hushed discussion. "Man troubles and whats to be done about  ""HIM"" The waiter thinks .

"Thats the American version of tropical," Barbara says, "They combine 20% hard  food wax with the product. The genius is that the grain structure of the chocolate and wax are so compatible that the mix becomes harder than if the two ingredients were separate. The temperature tolerance to liquid state changes too." 

For her part M agrees it doesn't taste too bad .

"So who's the happy victim and what do you need from me?" Barbara waiting.

The news doesn't shock her, indeed a mischievous growl  emanates from her throat . "Gee I would love to do more than just supply you with the goods", Barbara says,." I haven't gotten near Antonio yet and I would really like to."

M welcomes the help. They plan out a bit and list supplies needed. M has a space available. A portable airconditioner, small enough to trundle down basement stairs can be rented from equipment suppliers. Duties are split  between them; M bankrolls the project - "B" Supplies the chocolate- and prepares "David"   in the space that M supplies - M alone torments Antonio after "b" finishes her artwork -  Two weeks to prepare. M thinks She is the only one who knows the reason why. 

The basement  in Michaelin is plenty deep enough with lots of space.  One corner wall has two  windows in it and a temporary wall is put in place. While the rest of the basement will be cooled by the rental air conditioner, that windowed part will have plenty of ventilation for the bottled gas heater and double boiler that "B" somehow scrounges for the chocolate mix. Sugar, lots of it, white Chocolate extract, hard food grade wax. "B" spends some time working up a strange  drum with a grateing on top of it. It is  about a half meter high off the ground. The drum is too small for a body to fit into, and with all the busy chores that they are carrying out, M never gets the chance to ask B about its purpose. 

Meanwhile the airconditioner hums along. It is built for the emergency cooling of larger computer main frame rooms when the regular airconditioning goes out . During the teams first setup visit to Michaelin, they could see the humid basement air turn to snow and watched the walls setup with a frosty surface. It took some time to regulate the temperature to just around 17 c . M's part of the basement was a bit less clinical . A comfortable but sturdy bed and because Antonio wouldnt be able to help himself, a small block and tackle, pirated off a sail boat, was there on the basement beams to lift him as needed. 

It didnt take a lot of effort to convince Antonio to have dinner on Friday evening with M and her new friend. He came prepared, that means He came without anything but a lot of time to kill. He did remember Barbara from the club so they weren't strangers.   M. wasnt sure about how this part would play out, or rather how Antonio would play into their hands "Barbara" however had thought this out rather well. A small amount of Rohyptinol, in his red wine, towards the end of a light meal, did the  trick. The ride out to the country was with a very agreeable, though forgetful for Antonio.  M left it at that. Dropping both Barbara and  Antonio off at Michaelina, as planned . There would be a bit of time before the chocolate was prepared and her "David" was ready. So M would return later. 

Four hours later, M is standing in the middle of her section of the Michaelin basement and staring at a perfect copy of Michaelangelos masterpiece. So perfect She wouldnt know it was Antonio at all except for a slight whistle as he breathes and the smell hanging around of baking chocolate. Antonio must have been aware of what was going on, certainly not panicking . In any case judgeing by the extra mass on  his body, the rather thick tropical mix wasnt going to let him do anything for himself . Which was a pity because his obviously massive erection, also covered with chocolate, certainly needed some attention.  A television and VCR  appeared in the room.  M hadn't put them there, but the screen was on "pause for play" So M decided that would be the first thing to watch. 

Antonio is standing naked on a grate over a drum  and swaying just a bit, not too far. Barbara is walking around him. He watches but doesn't comprehend as Barbara uses plastic cable ties to secure his large and small toes, on each foot, to the grating. His arms are held away from his side, ropes leading off to the ceiling . He smells something like chocolate and hears hissing somewhere. Barbara talks gently to him . "I've always wanted a scene with you "Sugar". Something like this but a bit more private,  Pity I have to share you."

Standing close to his male-ness with a razor and shaving cream . Antonio is aware that He is more sensitive of the hot air and breezes blowing around his newly shaven parts . He is growing an erection, a fact not unnoticed by Barbara who teasingly blows on it, Her mouth getting too close for comfort. "Now to really stiffen some things up". Barbara presses a button on the remote control at her belt . No need in M seeing this part on the video. Barbara  invades Antonio with her fingers . He is thrashing around from the discomfort but isn't getting anywhere. The stretching  causes  his penis to grow larger still. A cooling Gel, that Barbara leaves behind from her intrusion will aid his arousal  Barbara  at once places an elastic band sized to a tight fit around the base of his penis. Trapping the flow of blood away from his engorged shaft . Even when spent He will remain hard.  

From the corner of the room, She produces a 17 mm thick by 100 cm   length rod  . Which she places into  the expanded Antonio, and braces against the grate at his feet. She sucks hard at his member, repeatedly . Fighting against his weakened knees in order to save himself from being further impaled . His Balls are aching from being repeatedly discharged . The Rohyptinol is wearing off now,  the slow realization of his circumstances brings no panic, He is a pain slut after all. 

Barbara grabs a pressure nozzle and  warm liquid  white chocolate starts flowing over Antonios feet and legs She stops a moment and opens the barrier between Hot and cold rooms. The drop in temperature starts stiffening the chocolate. The heated  drum under his feet rewarms the chocolate and it is returned to the double boiler only to be loaded thru the pump and the spray nozzle again. Legs and ass coated now. Barbara stops spraying and removes the rod, His asshole now has a permanent wideness to it, his rump a meaty curviness to it, just as David in the museum. Then Barbara  turns on the video recorder.

" White warm chocolate " Barbara says in a rehearsed line. The coating continues on tape, from Antonios ladder abs on up . On the video M can see the glossy liquid turn semiglossy in solidifying. Clay sculpting knives and tools, work on the form. Finally the finished product emerges on tape and is  wheeled to M's side of the cellar. M sits through the video on the edge of the bed. She feels a certain power over Antonio, watching him being prepared for her attentions . The video documentary skipped a few "feet and ankles" and M was amazed to hear only a brief dialog from Barbara, "Now to stiffen things up"  as Antonio responds with the beginnings of an Erection, and "White warm Chocolate. ." as Barbara continues to coat a by now extremely aroused appearing Antonio.

Still here He is now and ready to be exploited, tortured/teased, by M., who is feeling a bit crampy and in need of something sweet .   She walks over to her "David" and pulls at a string around his erect Penis  the white chocolate phallus is removed from an otherwise unnaturally stiff penis.   His brown/amber eyes can see her face and She makes a teasing play at biting and licking His masculine form in white chocolate as he watches. A mirror on the other side of the cellar show his circumstance in reflection. 

She leans in close and whispers, He can hear through his coated ears .  "Sugar, Honey, Honey. Ive got you for a long while. It's only Saturday morning . You are going to stay my stiff chocolate toy til I see fit to release you". 

The block and tackle whirs as the rope pulls " David" up and trundles him over to the bed . M stops to admire the perfect reproduction of Davids Ass as it sways on the tackle . She then notices the escape passage built between his cheeks.  Laying Antonio/David on his back on the bed. . M is warming and melting the chocolate from his mouth with the heat of her crotch and thighs while her lips are attacking his penis . Which so far isn't responding as planned She wants Him spent  and sore before using him . 

"Well thats Ok". . She has plenty of time, still perhaps He needs a bit of persuasion"  She reaches for that White chocolate penis and rolls her "David" on his belly. There are lots of ways to get his attention and She has all weekend long to explore fine art and chocolates.