by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2004 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; drug; leather; latex; bond; corset; hood; petgirl; bdsm; boots; tail; insert; nc; XX



That was as close as I could get. I was trying to put a name to the sound my pet Sandi was making as she ate her lunch. I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my own lunch and she was on the floor beside me with her mouth wrapped around the feeding station. 

The station was clamped to the edge of the table and consisted of a container that narrowed down into an oblong tube at a 45 degree downward angle ending in an opening about 1 ½” across and ½” high. 

I had poured a good helping of thick oatmeal into the container. It was well sweetened with honey since I had no reason to make her eat anything unpalatable. Every once in a while I added some milk to make it flow better. Of course that meant she had to work harder to swallow quickly so none of her lunch escaped and hit the floor. That would result in a very severe punishment. 

As lunchtime had approached I changed the bit gag for a control bit. This was a thinner stainless bar that had a rubber coating only at the points where it crossed her teeth but otherwise was easily cleaned after use. The “snuffle” noise came from the fact that she was eating lunch with the bit in her mouth and was working to get her tongue around it at the food and swallow at the same time as she was trying to breathe through her nose. 

After I finished my own meal I pushed back from the table and studied Sandi. She looked one hell of a lot different from the beautiful 5’ 6” brunette housemate I used to have. 

We had been living together in my house for just over a year and then two things happened almost simultaneously. First, I received a call from a lawyer asking me to attend their office, which I did and left it a reasonably rich woman thanks to a half remembered relative on my father’s side. Both my parents were dead and, apparently, I was the sole family member remaining as an heir. Secondly, before I could tell Sandi about my good fortune (literally), she informed me she had just lost her job. Well that started the wheels turning in my mind and I didn’t tell her my news. Over the next few days I thoroughly confirmed what I already knew about her. She was alone in the world and her “home town” was on the other side of the country. The reason she lost her job was because the company went bankrupt so there was no possibility of anyone contacting her to come back to work. There certainly weren’t any boyfriends. 

In other words, if she dropped off the edge of the world, nobody would miss her. 

Since she moved in with me we had had some fun times. We both had a leather fetish. We both had no interest in the male side of humanity. We both were able to go Dom or Sub and we both enjoyed mild bondage. As two girls with good 9 to 5 jobs we were comfortable with our friendship and our lifestyle. Now, however, I had every resource I needed to adjust our living arrangements. 

She had lost her job on a Friday and planned to be out first thing Monday morning looking for another one. I moved quickly and on Sunday evening I spiked her after dinner coffee then used some of our bondage equipment to immobilize her on her bed so that she woke up Monday spread-eagled with a large ball gag installed in her mouth. She looked questioningly at me as I came into her room pulling on and belting my leather coat to go shopping and I told her to get used to the idea that from now on I was the Dom and she was the Sub – permanently. 

I spent the rest of the week, after quitting my own job, spending money. It was a marvellous feeling not having to worry about a budget or how much an item cost. I spent almost as much time in the hardware store as I did in shops updating my leather wardrobe. Several of the cities’ fetish stores were also very pleased with my unlimited credit card. 

Sandi spent the same week in relatively mild bondage; I never gave her a chance to escape or go against my decision. She was fed regularly. She relieved herself with her arms bound behind her and her feet tied to the base of the toilet, she spent her days tied securely in a chair in front of the TV and her nights stretched out on her bed. Except at mealtime she was gagged. For the moment her life was, well, let’s say not too strenuous.

That was soon to change! 

A couple of days ago I had added a couple of knockout drops to her meal; that gave me a solid six hours or so to change her position in the household. 

I worked up a sweat getting a fast asleep Sandi over the toilet so I could clean her out with enemas, do a douche, shave her entire body from the hairline down and lay her out on the couch in the living room. After I had cleaned up myself and dressed in a smart silk blouse, tight leather slacks and knee boots with 4” heels, I went to work – on Sandi! 

I cut her fingernails back flush with her fingertips, pulled on tight latex gloves to her elbows and then folded her thumbs across her palms and taped the fingers into fists. I taped a thick piece of rubber across her knuckles and then pulled tight leather mitts over the hands and laced them tightly up her forearms. Boned leather sleeves laced on each arm from wrist to armpit. The heaviest boning was at the elbows and her arms were locked straight. 

Now, the legs! As with the fingers I cut back her toenails. I moved her face down on the carpet and worked a pair of tight, crotch-less leather pants up her legs. Then it was time for the thigh high leather ballet boots; they took time to get on because the first thing I had to do was force her feet into the heelless shoes. The insteps were braced with hard plastic strips under the leather and once the boots were on, and laced, her toes were locked in the ballet en point position. 

Now I fitted her torso in to a long waisted boned leather corset. This laced down the back from neck to hipbones and was a fair amount smaller than she would normally wear; cutouts allowed her breasts to bulge through. I had prepared for the fact that I would not be able to get the edges to meet by soaking rawhide thongs overnight and I used these to lace the corset except for the few inches close to her neck, for that part I used regular laces so as not to constrict her throat too much. 

I made myself a coffee and sat beside her on the floor to drink it while aiming a hairdryer at the rawhide. Moving it along the seams I congratulated myself while they slowly and evenly moved together as the rawhide dried. Rolling her over I added more rawhide around the edges of the breast cutouts and dried those too. 

The corset had short leather sleeves that laced to the top of the arm sheaths. With Sandi back on her stomach I fitted her with a pair of kneepads like those carpet layers use, then strapped her ankles to her thighs. Tight leather sheaths laced over each bent leg; there was a reinforced D ring at the front of each leg just above the knee. Lifting her onto her knees I draped her over the coffee table so she rested on her stomach with her bound legs spread wide. 

I lubricated a large butt plug and worked it into her rosebud. It was loaded with brand new batteries but for the time being I didn’t flip the switch at the base that would turn it into a vibrator. The dildo was also quite large and once I had that in place I buckled a crotch strap from the front of the corset to the back. The strap had splits in it, one at her vagina to allow a short external extension of the dildo to protrude and the other at the base of the butt plug. These openings in the strap did not stop it from very effectively preventing any possibility of the inserts being expelled. 

Now I threaded a strong leather cord through the toe rings of the ballet boots and pulled on it until her feet twisted inwards over her buttocks. Moving to the other side of the table I went to work on Sandi’s head. I pulled her long black hair into a tight ponytail at the crown of her head and laced on a 4” leather sleeve. The black leather discipline helmet laced down the back of her head with more of the rawhide but had openings for her eyes, under her nostrils, mouth and the ponytail. When the laces were dry the stretched kid leather fitted over her face and head like a second skin. A sharp knife was the only way the laces would be loosened and the helmet and corset removed. 

The gag was a two-parter. The bit was 5” long and 1” diameter solid rubber, rings at each end held straps that I buckled firmly at the back of her head. From the center of the bit a stiff black rubber plate extended down to fit inside the arc of her bottom teeth trapping her tongue underneath it. 

She was showing signs of waking up so I moved quickly to pull her off the coffee table and lay her on her side. A 2” diameter steel ring was the center of an X with four leather straps attached to it. One strap went to a cuff around her right wrist, another to the left wrist and the last two attached to the D rings on the leg sheaths. 

At this point I had made myself a drink and settled on the couch to watch her recover her senses. After she opened her eyes I could see her testing each limb to discover what had been done to them and then realizing that she was completely helpless, she looked at me and made some mewling sounds around the gag as the tears started. 



When Sandi was fully awake, and still crying, I moved over to her and warned her to co-operate and do the best she could with the next step or she would regret it. I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her to her knees and then told her to put her knuckles on the floor. When I let go she stayed put with her knees and arms spread apart as much as the straps from the center ring let them. 

I clipped a pair of reins to the rings on the gag bit and slowly backed away from her while pulling on them. The first few times she tried to move towards me and relieve the pressure on the bit, she fell over on her side. Gradually she got the hang of walking on her knees and knuckles, helped I must say by the riding crop I used freely. Right arm and left knee, then left arm and right knee; I kept her practicing around the living room until she had her balance and each “step” was as long as the straps would allow. 

Because her arms were locked straight by the sheaths they were longer than her bound legs from knee to thigh and this meant her back sloped down. I laughed at the thought that she resembled some sort of hybrid hyena. 

As she “stood” trembling in the middle of the room I added the final touches. The nipple clamps had fine chains that were just long enough to clip their other ends to the center ring. Another chain went from the ring to the external protrusion on the dildo. I tied the reins off at the waist of the corset so that her head was held facing straight ahead. 

Through the opening in the crotch strap I screwed a plumed “tail” into a socket on the butt plug and then flipped the switch to activate the plug and ordered her to do a circuit of the room. 

Well – it was hilarious! 

Not only was the butt plug vibrating in her ass but every movement of her arms and legs to take a “step” pulled on the chains to her nipples and the one to the dildo. This caused the dildo to move inside her. After three or four turns around the room she suddenly stopped and let out a groan as she fell on her side. It didn’t take a genius to guess she had orgasmed. I let her rest for a while before we started again. Once she tried to sit back on her haunches but changed her mind as soon as her “tail” met the floor. 

That was forty-eight hours ago and I have been experimenting with Sandi since then. 

The bondage has stayed in place except to occasionally release the crotch strap and let her relieve herself before I clean her up and re-install everything. I've had her follow me all around the house and each evening I’ve pulled her in front of me as I sit on the couch with my legs spread. The gag bit got changed to a ring gag and Sandi’s head was at just the right height for her to satisfy me with her tongue.

She sleeps on her side on a blanket beside my bed. I feed a very short chain through the center ring and padlock it around the leg of the bed to prevent any movement. 

Right now, as I watched and relished the way she looked, my pet was finishing her lunch. The container was nearly empty when she sneezed and the last blob of oatmeal landed on the floor between her “front legs". It was going to be a long and painful afternoon!