Sleep Sack Blue Balls

by pierced_m AKA rob

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© Copyright 2003 - pierced_m AKA rob - Used by permission

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Sleep Sack Blue Balls
by pierced_m AKA- rob
Sleep Sack Blue Balls By pierced_m AKA- rob

My Mistress/Wife "Denise" felt it was time for me to relate another story to you, and as W/we just finished, a session involving a sleep sack She instructed me to tell you about the first time W/we used the sleep sack.

(W/we live the life of Mistress and bondage slave 24/7 and have converted a spare bedroom into a dungeon. Denise works as a Corrections Officer in a California State Prison and I have a medical retirement, which allows me to stay home.)

First I have to tell you how She has left me at the computer. I am seated in a standard high back wooden chair in front of the keyboard with my ankles in leather cuff's attached to a spreader bar, which is pulled back and tied to the back legs of the chair. My balls are circled by a 2" leather stretcher and my Prince Albert ring is tied to a bottom bar on the chair, pulling my penis towards the front edge of the chair. A 4" leather strap is buckled around my waist holding me against the back of the chair, with another strap around my chest making me sit up straight. Nipple clamps are attached to my nipples behind the ..00 gauge barbell and clamped as tight as they go. (As the clamps are attached behind the barbells my nipples would pull off before the clamps give) A one pound weight is then hung on the chain between the clamps. A leather hood is laced onto my head, which is skin tight and the 3" locking collar is locked in place around my neck. A pump gag is inserted into my mouth and inflated to the point that I can just breathe. Finally, my hands are cuffed together with metal cuff's and thumb cuff's are also closed tightly around my thumbs. (The thumb cuff's make it very difficult to type)

Denise then informs me that She will return every half an hour to see if I am finished. Each time that She returns and the story is not finished She will insert a .23 gauge needle into each of my balls.


The door bell rang and Denise, my (Mistress/Wife) advised that She would answer the door. I could see that it was UPS as Denise signed for the rather large box. Denise called me to the front door and unlocked my ball stretcher and collar, then instructed me to take the box to the dungeon, strip and wait for Her.

About 30 minutes later Denise entered the room handed me a knife and told me to open the box. I cut the top open and folded back the lid. Denise uncovered and removed a shiny black leather sleep sack. I had been fitted for this about 5 months ago and had forgotten about it until now. This also answered the question in my mind as to why Denise had only allowed me to have soup the day before and why I had gotten the enema this morning.

(Oh shit here comes Denise. She kneels down between my legs and I can feel the pain/pressure of a needle being inserted into my left nut. Then the same to my right nut. Denise stands up and says "Better hurry up" and leaves the room.)

Denise ordered me to stand then spins me around and quickly closed handcuffs around my wrists. She turns me facing Her and pulls a zip-tie closed tightly around my left nipple, She then does the same to my right nipple.

My nipples have been stretched over the years so that when a zip-tie is applied there is about 1" of skin from the zip-tie to the tip of my nipple. Plus the zip-tie is behind the barbell piercing through my nipple and could never slip off)

Denise then bends me over lubes up my backside and inserts a large electric butt plug into my ass. She attaches electro leads to the butt plug and also to my nipples, and then plugs them into a PEZ control box, which She sets to turn on every 10 minutes with a 2 minute burst. She opens the closet and removes the most severe leather discipline helmet (Fetters calls it the "SCI-FI") that W/we have and throws it onto the sleep sack. She then has me stand in front of Her and She attaches a 2" leather ball stretcher with center spreader strap to my balls. She tells me to go to the bathroom room, drink the glass of water on the sink and piss if I have to.

Upon returning I can see that the sleep sack is spread out open on the floor and Denise is holding the helmet. I kneel on the floor and Denise moves behind me and pulls the helmet over my head, She begins pulling the lacing tighter and tighter until the helmet moulds to my head. She then begins buckling the heavy straps closed and then locking the 3" collar around my neck. The helmet is now locked on until Denise wants to let me out.

Denise walked around in front of me and saw that my cock was rock hard. This happened as soon as Denise touched the helmet to my head. She put Her index finger through my .00 Gauge Prince Albert ring and began tugging on the ring, with Her other hand She grabbed my shaft squeezing hard and stroking at the same time. She suddenly released my cock however continued to pull and twist my Prince Albert ring, while rubbing the head of my cock with Her thumb. Now with Her free hand She began flicking my tightly bound balls with Her finger and in-between flicking my balls She would turn on the PEZ box giving my ass and nipples short bursts of juice. I could feel myself building towards a climax and began pumping trying to get my cock to contact Denise's hand. Denise released my Prince Albert ring and gave my cock a hard slap with Her hand and left me pumping air.

Denise cuffed my toes together using a set of thumb cuffs and removed the handcuffs from my wrists, the handcuffs were replaced with leather mittens which keep your hands closed in a fist and lock on at the wrist. She then hoisted my hands above my head and attached the "D" rings at the end of the mittens to a spreader bar which hung from the ceiling. She then left the room with me still pumping air trying to get my cock in contact with anything.

Thirty minutes or so later I heard voices coming up the stairs. As Denise had not buckled the blind fold onto my helmet I could still see. (The SCI-FI helmet has soft leather covering the eye openings with small hold punched into the leather. This allows you to see out a little when the blindfold is not buckled in place.) I saw Denise at the top of the stairs carrying a bag with Her friend Linda following. (Linda is also a Corrections Officer and joined in our play about 2 years ago.) They both went into the master bedroom and closed the door.

15 or 20 minutes later the master bedroom opened and I turned to see Linda coming out the door. She was dressed in a black spandex body suit which was crotch-less and had openings for Her breasts. She had leather knee high boots with at least a 5" heel. A small silver chain connected Her nipple rings and a second chain ran from the center of the first chain down to Her Pussy and connected to Her clit piercing. My cock went from semi-hard to rock hard and began throbbing. Linda entered the dungeon and began rubbing Her body against mine and would just brush against my cock. After a few minutes of this Linda knelt in front of me as if She were going to begin sucking my cock. Only instead of a nice warm mouth on my cock Linda reached down and turned on the PEZ box. She began turning the power knob back and fourth from low to high. Suddenly a hand grabbed my cock and I saw Denise standing off to my side.

Denise was dressed in a white leather Victorian style waist corset, with a silver chain also running between Her nipple rings, a studded white leather collar, thigh high white leather high heel boots, and a strap on dildo harness with a 6" rubber dildo bouncing around on the front.

Denise released the bondage mittens from the spreader bar and still holding my cock forced me to my knees on the floor, all the while Linda continued to play with the power knob of the PEZ unit. Denise stood in front of me and un-zipped the mouth of the helmet and pushed the dildo through the mouth of the helmet and into my mouth. She began fucking my mouth and Linda began stroking my cock. Suddenly both Denise and Linda stopped. Denise pulled the dildo out of my mouth and zipped the mouth of the helmet closed and locked it shut with a small padlock. A few seconds after Linda stopped stroking my cock I felt intense pain on my cock. I looked down and saw a large spring clamp closed onto the head. Linda looked up at me and said, "This is my version of the squeeze technique".

They both pulled me over to the sleep sack and laid me down on the open sack. With one on each side they pushed my arms into the arm sleeves inside the sack. Denise then started at the bottom and began to zip the sack closed, as Linda removed the clamp from my cock. With each click of the zipper the leather closed tighter around my body until it was at the bottom of my neck. Denise had to unlock the helmet collar, finished zipping up the sleep sack and tucked the sack collar under the helmet collar, pull the wires to the PEZ box out and re-lock the helmet collar. Linda took a piece of rope and using the "D" rings on the front of the sleep sack laced the sack up to my shoulders like a shoe making the sack constrict even tighter around my body.

The Ladies then dragged me to the center of the room so my face was just under the electric hoist mounted in the ceiling. Denise lowered the hoist and attached a spreader bar to the hook. She then attached 2 pieces of chain to the ends of the bar and the other ends to "D" rings on top of the shoulders of the sleep sack. She hoisted me up so that my feet were a few inches off the floor. The sleep sack zipper is made so that it can be opened any where along the zipper track to allow assess to the body. Linda opened the sack at my crotch and pulled my rock hard cock out and then zipped the sack closed around it. As Linda messed with my cock Denise tightened the lacing and straps of the SCI-FI helmet and finished by attaching the blindfold. They then tied a rope onto my Prince Albert ring and by my cock pulled the sack towards the wall. The rope was then tied off to an eye hook in the wall. The PEZ unit was some how hooked onto the front of the sack and turned on. 10 minutes from now the unit would start for 2 minutes and everything would start again. The Ladies then left the dungeon leaving me hung like a piece of meat. (The dungeon is set up with video so that Denise can watch me on the television as well as watch a movie of cable and still have the dungeon on picture in picture.) After the PEZ unit going off about 12 - 14 times I lost track of time.

I felt someone touching the side of the helmet, and at the same time the pressure was taken off my cock. As Denise removed the blindfold I could see Linda in the mirror removing the rope from my piercing ring.

They then stepped in front of me and embraced in a long kiss, which made my cock stand at attention. Linda began kissing Denise's cheek and neck and down to Her titty. She circled Denise's nipple with Her tong and tugged on the chain between the 2 rings. Denise looking down at Linda and began to moan slightly. Seeing this caused my cock to begin to throb and I wished I could touch myself or them or anything. Linda slowly kissed Her was down to Denise's crotch and began stroking and sucking the rubber dildo like it was a real cock. When Linda pulled on the rubber cock I could now see that there was also a dildo on the inside of the belt which was inside Denise. If only something could stimulate my cock I would be in heaven, being in bondage as I was and watching Denise and Linda, when that dam PEZ unit came alive again, jolting my mind back from that wonderful place.

When I looked back at the Ladies, Linda had turned around, bent over and was holding Her ankles, as Denise was about to enter Her from behind. I was now glad for the PEZ unit as even though it was painful it was still some stimulation, when suddenly it stopped. Denise was now pounding the rubber cock hard into Linda's pussy, which was making Her moan and let out a little squeal each time the rubber cock was rammed home. Denise began slowing down and reached around the front of Linda and grabbed the chain between Her clit and ring chain. Denise continued to slowly pump away and tug on the chain. Linda’s breathing became very heavy and Her moans grew into loud screams and She reached down and began rubbing Her clit and pussy.

With Her free hand She began to squeeze Her nipple very hard and pulling it back and fourth. Denise and Linda had never done anything like this before and seeing it made me want to pump, but all I came up with was air, and then the PEZ unit again. As the Pez unit turned off Linda came, and She came louder and harder than I have ever seen.

As Denise pulled the rubber cock out of Her, Linda turned around and they again began deep kissing. They slowly inched their way towards me until Linda’s back came in contact with my cock. I began pumping and bucking trying to rub my cock against Linda’s back. Linda turned around said "Stop that" and turned on the PEZ unit cranking up the juice. As my ass and nipples turned to fire I immediately stopped pumping and Linda turned the unit back down to where it had been. Linda turned back around and began licking and sucking Denise's nipples.

Denise reached over and took the hoist controller in Her hand. She lowered me so my cock was level with Linda’s ass, which She started rubbing against my cock. I could feel my cock touching the spandex and then the wetness of Her pussy, back and fourth. Linda then reached under and inserted my cock into Her very wet pussy, and then just stood still. After a minute of just being inside Her I was just about to cum and She pulled away leaving my cock bobbing in the wind. Just then the Pez unit came on and thinking it might send me over the top, and Her thinking was probably correct Denise turned off the unit. The blindfold was put back in place, the hoist raised me off the floor and I could feel the rope again being tied to my Prince Albert ring. I was again being pulled towards the wall by the rope on my cock and I heard Linda say, "You better not cum" as the rope was secured to the eyebolt.

For several minutes I heard sucking sounds and low moans and then I felt someone touching the PEZ box on the front of the sleep sack. Denise then told me that She had set the unit to go off every hour for 5 minutes. Then both of them said have a good nights sleep and then there was only silence.

The 8 or 10 hour night seemed like 50. Every time I would dose off that dam PEZ unit would kick in, and the sleep sack was hot real hot. Finally the morning came as I was able to hear Denise moving around. Just as the PEZ unit was starting I felt the rope on my Prince Albert ring being released, and I could feel myself swinging back and fourth. Denise began to remove my Prince Albert Ring, my Frenum barbell, and the Apadravya barbell. (The Frenum is a .00 gauge. The Apadravya is a .02 gauge piercing) After the 3 items of jewelry were removed I could feel a pressure on my cock and something was sliding into my urethra. Damn, I knew what it was....a catheter. After a minute or so I could hear the urine running into a bucket. In a way it felt good because I really had to pee.
Denise then unlocked the zipper over my mouth and opened the zipper. I felt a straw being pushed into my mouth and I quickly drank down a glass of orange juice. She removed the blindfold and opened the sleep sack exposing my cock and balls. She began squeezing my balls saying "Lets get a little blood flowing in these". my cock jumped right to attention becoming rock hard which was very painful with that tube jammed into it. After 10 -12 good squeezes She released my balls and almost right away my cock went limp. I saw Denise open a drawer and remove my chastity tube (Made of white gold, 4" long, and 15/16" in diameter. It is held in place by my frenum piercing.) and place a small amount of lube on the inside. Denise worked the chastity tube over my cock and matched the holes to my piercing and slid the barbell through locking the chastity tube in place. She left the Prince Albert and apadravya jewelry out as the catheter was still in place. She gave me another glass of orange juice which I took my time drinking.

Denise began licking and sucking the head of my cock which made it come alive as much as it could in the chastity tube. She continued the licking and sucking and at the same time turned on the PEZ box to a nice low setting, giving my ass and nipples a present tickle, which made my cock throb against its metal confine. She then slowly began removing the catheter and as it popped out of my cock She stopped everything, leaving my cock throbbing and bobbing up and down in the wind. She pushed my cock and balls back inside the sack, replaced the blindfold and left the room.

15 - 20 minutes later Denise and Linda returned and removed the collar and helmet and then lowered me to the floor so that I was flat on my back. Linda un-zipped the sack exposing my cock which She began to play with. As my cock attempted to get hard Linda slipped a hollow rubber 6" dildo over my chastity tube. Linda straddled me and began rubbing Her pussy back and fourth on the rubber dildo. I began thrusting my hips upward to meet Her strokes however I could not feel anything through the dildo. Linda reached down and guided the dildo into Her wet pussy and began pumping slowly up and down, back and fourth.  I still couldn't feel anything but a pressure on my cock and groin area. Linda began going faster and with Her hands began pulling and twisting Her nipple rings. This made Her moan, which made Her go faster and harder. Suddenly She stopped and slid forward covering my mouth and face with Her pussy. I could feel Her juices running down my cheeks as I inserted my tongue into Her hot pussy. As She ground Her pussy into my face I could feel Her beginning to quiver and shake, and with an "OH MY GOD" She came pushing down hard on my face. After a few minutes passed She rolled off my face and left the room.

A little later both Denise and Linda returned and began releasing me from the sack. After removing everything but the chastity tube and replacing my other jewelry, Denise said "We decided to call this the blue ball sack" because every time your in it you will end up with blue balls.

I have to say that even though I didn't get to cum and was brought to the brink several times I really love in that leather sleep sack.

                    The End & The Beginning

While writing this story Denise was true to Her word and I ended up with 6 needles in each nut. By the way you can check out the SCI-FI helmet and Sleep Sack at it is a really good site with lots of great bondage equipment.