Sleep Sack

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; leather; corset; sleepsack; chastity; collar; toys; buttplug; spreader; hood; gag; mittens; cuffs; permanent; cons; XX

Olivia got a phone call to schedule the next fitting for the sleep sack she and Brian had ordered. Brian had found the craftsman on line and placed an order for her first leather skirt three years ago. The skirt had been made to his specifications meaning it was very long, very tight and could be locked like everything she wore.

Olivia had hated the skirt at first, the high reinforced waist made it hard for her to breathe and the long hem that was almost too tight around her ankles. The tight hem made it hard to walk in and it was so tight she felt like her thighs were welded together. Gradually she had learned to love it, having since then ordered all her leather clothes and equipment from Jim. When Brian got her the first of many ‘real’ corsets she had to go in for multiple fittings but when Jim was finished it made the time being almost naked in his shop worth it.

The last corset she had actually designed herself, it turned out to be amazing not only in its craftsmanship and fit but how well he understood what she had wanted. She had wanted a corset that held her entire upper body utterly rigid from crotch to neck and that fit her body perfectly, crushing her waist when it was desired supporting her breasts while keeping her neck and back straight. When she first saw the corset, she was amazed at all the details he had carved into the thick leather and how firm it was as it sat up all by itself on the shelf from all the steel stays he had put in it.

The corset would seal off her pussy and ass with the rigid formed cups would hold her breasts firmly not crushing them while still compressing her chest. The high collar had multiple stays that once it was laced closed allowed no movement from her neck at all making it impossible for her to turn her head or look down. It had taken four months to create, having up to four layers of leather in some places.

He had created it to look like it was made from one piece from her crotch to where it went over her shoulders and enclosed her neck. Brian would close the corset to sixteen inches making Olivia gasp for air. She could never stay at that size as long as he had wanted, begging him to open it to the eighteen inches she had grown accustomed to but loving how the tight corset made her look.

The corset had turned into her favorite accessory and she wore it almost twenty four seven. Since Brian had started supporting her she could stay laced tightly and covered in leather as much as they wanted which turned out to be always. Olivia had several outfits in rubber but both of them preferred her in tight well fitted leather so Brian had made sure her leather collection was constantly growing.

For their last fetish weekend together, Olivia was laced into the corset after Brian had installed her plugs, the plugs were now a common accessory installed by her and worn almost as much as the corset. After the larger plugs had been forced into her Brian pulled the corset to where it was squeezing Olivia’s waist down to almost fifteen inches. Olivia stood wrists locked to a steel spreader bar with the large gag filling her mouth unable to stop Brian from crushing her waist secretly loving having no choice in the matter.

When he was finished, he slipped her feet into her new toe boots and laced them up. The new boots were beautiful holding her small feet en-pointe and covering her shapely legs from toe to crotch. Olivia was shocked by the surprise of the new boots having wanted a pair since she had learned to walk in toe boots and purred behind the gag as she admired her new foot wear in the mirror. Brian smiled as he told her to wait until she sees her next present and pulled out the leather hobble dress he had commissioned Jim to make for her.

The dress was one piece of smooth leather and would cover her from her ankles up to her lower face with attached gloves that looked like normal gloves but were really reinforced mittens. Olivia squealed behind the gag as she shimmied into the dress, Brian had a real struggle to get her hips to settle into the leather but finally was able to. Brian helped her get her hands into the gloves before pulling the dress up and over her shoulders.

Brian started lacing the small opening in the back closed, stretching the leather over her corseted body while Olivia figured out she would not be able to use her hands for much tonight. Brian finished lacing the dress and started on the collar/half hood pulling the laces until her lower head and neck were covered in leather. Olivia could feel the extra pressure on the collar of the corset from the added leather that ran from just below her nose around her head. It had small cutouts to go under her ears holding her head so she could not move it at all.

The large gag was completely covered and she thought, I guess I won’t be eating or drinking tonight either. Brian had to adjust the collar several times but was finally able to close the zipper over the laces and she could hear it snap into its lock. Brian pulled the zippers closed at her wrists locking each before he let her look at herself in the long mirror.

Olivia was stunned by her new look; the tight hem and collar made her look very tall and extremely thin with only her pointed toes poking out from the bottom. Brian removed the hair clip she had placed to keep her long red hair out of the way letting it fall around her face and shoulders completing the look and said, “Ok now you’re ready to win.” Olivia looked at him puzzled, letting him explain she was to be presented in the fashion show this evening, “Everybody we know will be there,” he finished.

Olivia wasn’t sure she wanted to be in the fashion show, even though she was beautiful and frequently let Brian discipline her at different events she had always felt shy about being the center of attention. She could only make herself perform before if she thought it was clear he was “making” her do it. Tonight, she would be walking across the stage and posing all by herself almost begging for attention. Brian knew she didn’t like performing for others and told her she would be great and as she stood staring at herself, she decided he might be right and motioned she would do it.

Brian added her polished steel wrist cuffs and matching collar and the two headed for the door. Olivia learned her limitations quickly learning how to walk in the new boots with the limited stride the dress allowed as she shimmied to the elevator. The fashion show wasn’t for several more hours so the duo walked around the show floor. They were admiring the other equipment and clothes while everyone who saw Olivia in her perfect dress stopped them complimenting her and her dress.

Brian had found a booth that sold complete sets of wrist and ankle restraints, even offering waist belts and collars custom made and started chatting to them about Olivia’s sizes. Olivia was struggling to catch her breath but didn’t want to disappoint Brian so she kept struggling with the tight corset and dress until the show started. She had no idea she would be required to stand on stage for almost two hours while all the other contestants were seen and judged. But when she walked across the stage the crowd went nuts cheering and yelling for her making her feel incredible and giving her the strength to be able to maintain for the entire show.

Olivia sat rubbing the steel around her throat staring at the trophy she had won for Brian so long ago thinking about how proud he was of her for handling the extra tight corset for him. The steel cuffs around her ankles and wrists had not been removed since they had been locked on almost two years ago. The collar and waist belt only came off when she needed to change her corset and she hadn’t been able to remove any of them since he had died two months ago.

Olivia didn’t know if she would ever be able to remove them again since he had been the only one with the keys and had no idea where he kept them. She hoped they were in the large safe she was having opened next week but didn’t know if they would be there or not. The current corset was unable to be removed due to the steel belt so she had only been able to take sponge baths but it was the confinement of her favorite corset she craved.

Arriving at Jim’s shop she strutted in on her pointed toes unable to force herself to wear any other shoes since Brian loved the toe boots so much and because anything else she wore hurt her legs and feet now. Jim hugged her, commenting “The old skirt still looks good after all these years.” Jim noticed she was wearing the first skirt he had made for her.

She smiled at him and said, “I wear it all the time, it was his favorite.”

Jim consoled her for a moment then said, “Let’s get you fitted for his last creation.”

Olivia looked down, saying, “I don’t know why; I’ll never be able to use it or even want to.”

Jim replied, “Well he ordered it and it’s paid for so I’m going to finish it, out of respect, besides you never know you may love it so much you may not want out.”

Olivia gave him a weak smile and began to get undressed, slipping out of her top then letting Jim open her skirt and stepping out of it leaving her in only her corset and knee-high boots. Jim was surprised, she normally wore a swimsuit for her fittings and stood admiring her firm body and small waist for a moment then said.

“What about the corset and cuffs?”

Olivia almost started crying as she said, “Brain has the keys to them.”

Jim smiled, hugged her again and said, “That’s ok you’ll be fine with them on.”

Olivia slipped into the sleep sack feeling how thick and soft the leather was pushing her feet all the way to the end before lying back and letting Jim pull the leather up over her head. Olivia had never been restrained by anyone other than Brian and for the first time in years felt the butterflies in her stomach as Jim rolled her over and began working on the laces running up her back.

Olivia lay quietly while Jim laced the sack closed, the laces ran from the back of her ankles to the top of the hood making the sack fit like a second skin. It felt wonderful to Olivia to be under someone’s control again as she panted for air through the nose holes in the hood. Jim wrestled with the laces for almost an hour before rolling her onto her back and asking how she was doing?

The hood fit perfectly and once it was laced Olivia could not open her mouth to speak so she grunted once for “OK”. Jim told her it would be only a few more minutes and she felt him moving around her encased body, pinching it here and pulling it there for almost another hour before he said, “Ready to come out?”

Olivia had been lost in her special place during the entire fitting, never complaining about how difficult it was to breathe or when he would accidently pinch her skin in the leather and wasn’t ready to be released just yet so she grunted once for “NO”.

Jim smiled and said, “Just let me know when you are ready.” walking away leaving the encased woman alone on the table.

Olivia spent the rest of the day sealed inside the thick leather cocoon no longer thinking about losing her soul mate, her sadness or the lost keys. She just laid there concentrating on her breathing and how comfortable she was wrapped up tight in the leather. It was almost eight hours later when Jim told Olivia it was time to close up and rolled her onto her stomach. The zipper next to the laces made quick work of releasing her and she thanked Jim for allowing her some quiet time as she got dressed and headed home.

Jim had known the couple for many years and felt sorry for the lost woman who now had no one to serve and no one to care for her. Brian had left her financially set but Jim knew without someone to care for and control Olivia she would eventually fade away or worse fall into a relationship with a cruel master. Jim started asking around about someone to take care of Olivia being very careful not to let anyone know who he was asking for or letting Olivia know he was looking.

Olivia had found the keys and all the insurance paperwork in the safe and even though she was able to remove everything she insisted on wearing the bodysuit corset with all the steel locked on over the leather. She had even laced her thigh high boots on and locked cuffs not only around her ankles but around her thighs as well locking the boots onto herself. The corset had been fitted with small holes years ago to allow her to flush herself when needed so long-term wear was not a problem. With the thicker corset she had to lace herself below the sixteen-inch mark to lock the steel around her waist making her gasp for air and struggle to keep from blacking out.

Jim called her for several more fittings just as an excuse to see her trying to keep tabs on her progress but when she handed him a small metal box and asked him to keep it safe for her he knew he had to do something. Each visit to the sleep sack had ended up with her encased longer each time until finally she had asked if she could stay enclosed until the next morning. Jim was reluctant but couldn’t help himself when he looked into her sad green eyes as she told him this was the only place she had been able to find peace.

Jim laced the leather covered figure as tightly as he could into the sleep sac, even he admired his work as he stroked her encased body feeling how smooth the leather was and well it hugged her every curve. He left her encased overnight asking her in the morning if she was ready to emerge from her cocoon getting one grunt from her. Jim moved her into his office lying her on the floor so he could use his work bench. Jim left her another full day while he worked in the shop leaving her helpless and happy in the office.

Olivia had asked if he could come by the house to seal her in the bag when it was finished but he said he wasn’t comfortable doing that. Olivia started visiting his shop every few days begging him to seal her in the sack and leave her for longer and longer periods. One day she came in wearing her leather catsuit under a long coat, in her arms she had the long leather dress she had won the show in and asked if Jim would lace her in it before sealing her in the sleep sac.

Her coming to the shop had become so frequent Jim no longer made her beg to be encased and agreed mostly because he had never seen her in the dress. The dress was much tighter with the thick corset and catsuit on under it almost making it impossible for Olivia to move. The large gag had been strapped tightly into her mouth before the half hood was laced sealing her mouth around the gag.

Jim helped her into the sack pulling and tugging the tight leather up her body until he reached her head finding the face of the hood wouldn’t slip over her open mouth and half hood. Jim really needed her to be laced tightly today so he pushed her mouth closed further while pulling the hood over her head, getting it to barely slip over her chin.

Olivia was surprised how hard Jim worked to get her into the sleep sac, she had feared he might have made her take off the dress before lacing her in and now could feel the added pressure of all the leather she was encased in. Jim laced the sack pulling it extremely tight before tying off the laces and rolling her onto her back. With all the extra leather Olivia found she couldn’t move any part of her body and lay quietly panting from the tension through her nose.

Jim moved her rigid leather body into his office again this time leaving her on her pointed toes leaning against the wall and continued to work in the shop. Before leaving for the night Olivia felt herself being lowered to the floor thankful Jim had returned and waited for him to ask her if she wanted out. The increased compression of the added layers had not only made it difficult for her to breathe, it had made her sweat profusely and she wanted to be released.

This time Jim had not asked and after what seemed like hours Olivia figured she was stuck for the night chuckling to herself about how the one time she wanted out she was forced to remain bound. Being on the floor was more comfortable and soon Olivia had drifted off to her special place and no longer cared if she was ever released or not. Olivia spent the next day and night sealed in the sleep sack unaware it had been three days but was becoming considerably more uncomfortable.

She was struggling often inside the tight cocoon as her need for water and food made her think something was wrong. She had heard people moving around her and even felt someone trip over her once but no one made any efforts to talk to her or free her. The third evening of her encapsulation Olivia was growing desperate struggling violently eventually being able to roll herself on to her side. She felt someone nudge her onto her face closing her nose off then retighten the laces pulling the sack much tighter around her. Panicking Olivia began grunting and moaning until she felt her body being picked up and carried out of the office.

She knew right away something was different as she was carried out the front door of the shop and she could smell she was outside. Her leather cocoon was roughly laid on the floor of the van causing her to struggle inside it then she heard the car start. Olivia lay gasping when she heard Jim tell her,

“I have found someone to take care of you, he’s a lot like Brian and I think he’ll be good for you.”

The door was slammed shut and she could feel the van driving off with her cocooned body bound tightly in the back. As the van drove on Olivia began to wonder what had Jim done and would she ever be released again or did she want to be released again or not. With those thoughts in her mind Olivia smiled under the hood and settled down for the long ride to her new owner the hope of happiness maybe being possible again calming her and letting her go back to her special place.


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