by Thom Butler

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© Copyright 2013 - Thom Butler - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; bond; rope; gag; bfold; strapaddo; nipple; torment; discovery; strapon; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Part I

Lily didn’t wake up from her alarm, so she knew it must be the weekend (she treated her writing very much like a 9 to 5 job, and always woke promptly at 8 on weekdays). She did, however, come awake from the dull ache protruding from her nipples.

It must still be nighttime, she thought as she opened her eyes and was only greeted by pitch black. I just need to stretch my arms and fall back asleep.

As she tried to unravel the muscles in her arms, Lily realized her arms were already extended behind her. In fact, she couldn’t bring them to her sides at all, and to raise them only caused strain on her shoulders.

What’s… she thought and began to turn into a voice when what followed was, “—hng—“

It was then she tested her legs and realized something was keeping her legs spread apart, yet frustratingly together in a manner she couldn’t move them inward.

Suddenly, everything hit Lily at once; she realized she was kidnapped in her sleep: her arms were bound behind her, raised in level with her head; she was blindfolded and gagged mercilessly; her legs were spread in a terribly vulnerable position. Lily shook her torso in a meaningless attempt at escape until she yelped behind her gag at the tug and pain at her nipples.

Why do they sting so much? she thought. She honestly didn’t know. She had no idea a clamp was attached to each of her erect nipples, and that in the middle of the chain connecting each toothed clamp were three Master padlocks. She only felt the weight of the three locks swinging and pulling, and she decided she didn’t so much care as to why they were stinging, but rather not allowing them to sting so much again. So she remained completely still except for her fingers reaching behind her and feeling her wrists, finding the unyielding steel of handcuffs and the unknotted rope in the middle of the short chain connecting the cuffs.

Who the fuck did this and where the fuck is the key?! I’m in pain, goddammit!

Yet the question Lily failed to ask herself was, Where am I? The answer, of which she would never have believed until somebody would finally lift her blindfold so she could see herself, was her own bedroom.

Lily did her best writing in her bedroom, whether in her apartment when she’d lived in New York City or the three-story house she bought a month ago in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Lily, at 27 years of age, had always lived alone, and she wouldn’t have it anyway; besides, she believed, the best stories spill from the lonesome (and often drunk) mouth.

Yet there she was, unknowingly in her house and her own bedroom, bound hand and foot in front of her open window facing the street and the sidewalk three feet in front of her house. The only thing she didn’t feel before her panic would take hold was the dull feeling of lipstick written everywhere along her body…

Emily, “Em” to her very few friends, first met Lily when Em moved with her parents from California to Colorado ten years ago. She was a 17-year-old junior in an unfamiliar high school, and the popular girls preyed upon her immediately. Even back then, Em wasn’t ugly; she wasn’t as head-turning gorgeous as today by any standards, anyway. Yet, when you’re a new girl and your breasts haven’t yet sprouted to the perfect fullness they are now, the predators seem to make it their natural duty to seek you out.

The passing sneers and “Hey, dyke” in the hallways were bad, but nothing was as traumatic as the display of her small training bras for all of the locker room to see at the end of gym class. “Don’t you know guys prefer it shaved?” and “Those mosquito bites are fierce; were you camping this weekend?” were common questions. And, of course, the cheerleading captain was at the forefront of every prank and mockery. She was, after all, the most popular girl in school and could get away with murder at the bat of her lashes. This girl, the one Em had hated most of all back then, was Lily Parker.

Em, in her detestable yet jealous pursuit of Lily’s afterlife (read: post-graduation), had followed each hometown newspaper article printed about her. Homecoming Queen Lily Parker Gets Full Scholarship to Pursue Her Dreams of Authorship (Em found eight grammatical mistakes in that article). Five years later, a year after Em had walked down her own graduation steps with a major in Psychology, she picked up a newspaper that had the headline: Boulder Queen Publishes First Novel, Critics Rave. Em had indeed read Lillian Parker’s first novel, Alter Ego, and had found it trite and over-praised; after all, how overdone is a story of one person being two?

Yet her books continued to find themselves on the New Releases shelves and Em continued to buy them. Surely there must be a trace of Lily Parker within these. How can so many readers and critics find her so readable…and so likeable?

The last headline about Lily she could remember appeared on the local paper just four weeks ago. It read: Local Best-selling Author Comes Back Home. While Em’s psychology practice was by no means slow (people born and raised in small towns seem to hold the biggest secrets), an instant pang of jealousy arose in her. Sure I wasn’t born here, Em thought, the paper clutched in her hands, but I made my career here first! Why can’t you just stay gone?!

So, when Em saw Lily for the first time since the novelist had moved back to Boulder, Em could hardly believe her eyes, had even pinched herself to make sure her greatest dream wasn’t, in fact, a dream after all.

Em had just taken a Vicodin and was walking in her headphone-fueled daze (“Pale Blue Eyes” added wonderfully to her trance), when she looked to her right into the undraped window of the expansive house’s ground-floor bedroom suite. There, seemingly unknowing to her exposure to the outside world, was Queen Bitch herself, Lillian Parker. Her arms were raised behind her to an anchor in the ceiling Em couldn’t quite make out; a steel bar, at least three feet long, spread her legs; she was wearing a hood on her face that served as both a gag and a blindfold; the clamps on her nipples were begging to be toyed with. But the only two things Em really couldn’t take her eyes from were Lily’s completely exposed sex and the words written both across her breasts and her forehead: FUCK ME.

Em needed no more coaxing than what was written on Lily’s body and the memory of her two years in the same high school. Em walked to the side door, found it, unsurprisingly, unlocked, and walked inside, locking the door behind her.

Through the closed bedroom door, Lily never heard the click of Em closing the door behind her. Lily did, however, feel the draft against her naked body of the bedroom door swinging open, and she heard the soft gasp behind her. Lily tried once again to pull against the cuffs on her wrists for any leeway, but nothing gave. She was stuck, and the uninvited guest at her bedroom door was able to do whatever he wanted. She wriggled her body back and forth before realizing past the tug on her poor nipples that she was probably leading this burglar on and stayed still. How did he even get inside? she thought.

Em took one look at the eyehook in the ceiling and the eyehook in the floor and immediately saw Lily was a victim of her own stupid hands. A rope ran from the center of her handcuff chain, through the hook, and to the thick metal bar holding her collection of dresses in the closet. The hook in the ground attached the D-ring in the middle of the spread-bar to the floor by a small length of white rope.

Em had had her practice of self-bondage (especially when her roommate was visiting her boyfriend or was at home for the holidays), but she was never in the position she found herself in now. Here was a sexy woman, one she had grown to hate years ago, totally helpless in front of her. From what she could tell, Lily had left no escape plan. Figures, Em thought, the bitch may be worth thousands if not millions, but she isn’t smart enough to leave a key to her cuffs within re—

It was then Em saw the strap-on dangling from Lily’s bedpost. On instinct, even before she walked toward the dildo, Em hurried to the window facing the street and closed the blinds. Then, walking very slowly, still believing at any second she’d wake up with this same moisture between her legs, she approached the piece hanging from Lily’s bedpost.

Em picked it up from the thin black strap and examined it close to her face. It had to be at least two inches thick and nine inches long. It was black and shined like new, as Em assumed it probably was. She didn’t have to think twice; Em stepped into the harness so one thin strap ran under her skirt against her vagina with just her thin cotton panties as a barrier, and buckled the remaining straps behind her waist.

Lily’s pussy was just so… it was just so open. And with a good look, Em really saw everything Lily’s lipstick had done: FUCK ME was written across her buttocks and just above and below her pussy; it ran up her back (How had she done that? Em thought briefly); it read up and down her legs and from elbow to wrist of each raised arm.

She wants it… My God, this girl is a fuckin’ pervert!

Slowly, as if in a trance, Em proceeded toward Lily’s protruding behind…

Lily jumped and the Master locks responded against her nipples as a hand fell upon each side of her hips. She could feel the long nails from each finger dig into her skin and knew immediately, and gratefully, that it was a woman that discovered her in her terrible state and not a man after all. She almost cried in delight that this woman would surely undo her bonds. Then, that muffled cry quickly became a muted shriek as the plastic tip of the strap-on pressed against Lily’s pussy-lips.

Em came to discover Lily was completely dry, She’d need some prodding. So Em dropped to her knees just under Lily’s perfect goose-bumped buttocks and licked her pussy from top to bottom. She repeated this movement with her tongue until she heard the soft “ummng” behind whatever type of gag was actually filling Lily’s mouth under the leather of her harness. Em then flicked the glistening wet tip of her tongue against Lily’s clit four times before dipping her tongue between the lips and tasting the juices she knew would be there. Lily was, after all, she thought, expecting such a treatment.

As the juice finally began to slip past her tongue and against her chin, Em decided it was time enough.

She stood up behind Lily and once again held her hips in place as she positioned her conveniently provided strap-on just in place. Her first slow thrust slipped in easily, and the quiet “mmph” of surprise from her captive was well acted.

Em quickly began to pick up speed, and as the padlocks continued to swing forward and back from Lily’s body, her moans became more and more audible. In and out… in and out… in and out… the rhythm continued to pick up pace the longer it went on. Lily’s protests were well practiced, but Em could tell she loved every centimeter of the dildo going in… out… in… out.

The “mmn”s became louder and louder as Em pushed harder and harder, her hipbones massaging against Lily’s bubbly cheeks. Em slipped a finger to Lily’s front and began massaging her clit as her strokes gained rapidity. Lily moaned louder and her wrists continued to jerk a couple of inches up, then down… By her own hands, she was going nowhere, and Em swore to ensure she enjoyed every second of it. After all, she wouldn’t have written FUCK ME all over her body if she didn’t want it to happen…

Em lifted her right hand from Lily’s hip to her hair and pulled it, relishing the power she had over her once nemesis as well as the surprised and pained “unk!” from the beautiful nine inches of cock in front of her… now half an inch!

A minute later, Em could see Lily’s cheeks clench and her back arch as much as her shoulders allowed her as she screamed into her gag (“unnnhhh…”). Em pulsed the dildo inside her slowly just five more times or so as Lily rode the last of her orgasmic wave before slipping it out of her.

Lily stood before her, her chest heaving heavenly in and out, her magnificent breasts growing, then sinking, growing…

Em touched herself under the front strap she had used against Lily. She would have to wait until she got home. She had yet to speak, and giving away her voice would only limit possibilities as to who made Lily’s dream come true. She would always have to remain a surprise; she would always have to—

A key, Em thought. It’s that simple. Get a house key made. She made the mistake(?) of leaving her door unlocked once, but maybe that was a stunt. But what if… If I had a key, I could get in any time she tied herself up! I could use her anyway I wanted! I just need a key…

Em patted Lily’s ass respectfully as Lily finally started coming down from her orgasm and began fiddling with her bonds once again. Totally helpless…, Em thought, a giant grin stretching her face.

She traced the path of the rope from Lily’s cuffs to the closet. Then, she undid the knot around the closet bar and pulled it tighter, lifting Lily’s wrists higher up, causing her head to steadily decline toward the floor. Lily whispered a cry against this as Em retied the knot around the bar between two elegant and expensive-looking dresses. Next, Em found an unused length of rope under Lily’s bed and tied one end to the D-ring built into the gag harness at the top of Lily’s head. Then Em ran the rope down and under the spread-bar between the ankles, pulling hard enough to bend Lily’s head down, before running the rope back up to Lily’s chest. There, Em tied the free end of the rope to the center of the chain connecting each nipple clamp.

As soon as Em released the pressure from holding the rope and breathed a deep sigh of completion, Lily tried to raise her head. Her attempt to bring her head to its normal level lasted about two seconds before she realized she was pulling on her sore nipples even more and lowered her chin to her chest. Em smiled.

In the kitchen after closing the bedroom door behind her, Em experimented with Lily’s key ring before finding the one that fit inside the door she’d entered and undid it from the ring. She had a trip to make to a hardware store.

Em walked outside to the pre-noon sun and locked the door with Lily’s key.

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