Slave to the Master

by XVX

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© Copyright 2013 - XVX - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; slave; bond; boots; maid; corset; armbinder; bdsm; cond; stocks; cons; X

Allow me to tell you of your station slave.

You have no will. Your only thoughts is to serve me in any way I wish. My will is your will.

Any other thoughts to the contrary will be dealt with. Harshly in a manor I choose.

Your day begins at six am. I will release you from your stocks. Not a day or moment will go by with out some form of restraint placed upon your body.

Then it is exercise time. From seven to eight. You will wear what I say. Be it ballet boots or pony hooves. You will be on a treadmill. Any punishment can be administered to you at this time.

At nine you will be bathed and fed.

At ten you will be dressed for house work. Your slave maid attire will be high heels. Hobble skirt. Corset on both neck and waist. And a arm binder.

How are you to clean with arms so restricted? That is not my problem. A slave is to do the task that are asked of her with out complaint. I could bind your legs and make the task harder still. To see you bouncing around I might enjoy.

At noon I will be fed. Still in you house keeper attire. You may be fed as well. I will do the cooking. You must some how use the dishwasher or become one by licking the plates clean.

At one it is back to the treadmill. I will have a fit slave. Further more I will be assigning you a book to read. You will be tested on comprehension. I will exercise your mind and body. Wrong answers will be punishable.

You will learn the five laws. They are as follows.

“Law 1: A Slave may not injure her masters and trainers or, through inaction allow a master or trainers come to any harm.

“Law 2: A Slave must obey orders given to it by its master or trainer except where orders would come in conflict with the first law.”

“Law 3: A Slave must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first and second law.”

“Law 4: A Slave only desire is to please her masters and trainers unless such pleasure conflicts with the first three laws.”

“Law 5: The Slave is to speak when spoken to unless it comes in conflict with the first three laws.

At three. Walkies. That is right. I will take you some where and display you. The Mall. The Park. Or just walking down the street or my private drive to get the mail. Attire will be tasteful but sexy. No one will see your naked body but me. You are mine.

At five. Nap time. At six. We will have dinner. Rather I will. What you eat and when is controlled by me. At seven it is cleaning up from diner. At eight it is back to exercising again. This time light weight training. You must exceed the goals I set forth upon you in a timed manner.

At nine it is play time. Here is where I will indulge my fantasies. I will deny you sex if I so desire.

You may noticed there is no TV or radio time. Those are for my enjoyment. What you see and hear. Will be under my control.

At midnight you will be put to bed. Your feet placed in stocks. Rest well. It begins again in six hours.

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