Slave to my Writing

by Techster

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© Copyright 2008 - Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; chast; slave; collar; toys; anal; cons; X

Over the last 30 years I have written a weekly newspaper column and several books one of the books was a sea saga that was 895 pages long.

Unfortunately when it came time for the final edit prior to presentation for publication it was about 10 years after finishing this work. The old word processing unit that I had used to write the book had long since died and there was no way to convert the series of 10 inch floppy discs to a currently used format. Fortunately I had two hard copies of the work. Short of sitting down with the computer and transcribing the original hard copy to the “Word” program I had no choice.

I started the formidable task the week that I retired. I would lock myself up in my room and work in the nude, with a window open, but the blinds closed so I did not have to run the noisy air conditioning.

On one particular day I spotted several changes that had to be made. After 7 hours of rewriting a chapter I was tired and annoyed.

During the last month I had only transcribed 40 pages. I could tell that my wife was getting tired of hearing me gripe about the transcription process but we did not have enough money to afford a professional typist.

On the evening when I got frustrated I poured myself a half dozen or so strong drinks and fell asleep on the sofa in my study.

When I awoke I went to stand and discovered that I was now locked into leg irons, handcuffs with a long chain and another chain that coupled the two together. The length of the connecting chain was such that I could not reach above my chest when standing, but if I sat I could eat, drink and operate the computer. My neck was also locked into a heavy steel collar which had a long chromed steel leash locked to it.

The most amazing thing of all was that my penis was locked away in a CB3000 male chastity device.

I shouted loudly to my wife, “What did you do to me?”

“You wanted incentive to finish that work; now you have it. You will stay locked until it is done. I have locked you so you cannot put on any clothing, reach the liquor or have any sex until the job is done.” She said as she finished off her statement with an evil chuckle.

For the last two months my life is that of a slave; I get up, shower, eat, work and live in the nude. I cannot dress, or go outdoors. I do cheat from time to time and will go for a walk in our back yard late at night in warm weather with the security lights turned off...

Techie caught me out doors once last week so she locked the leash that is attached to my collar to a tree branch. I was forced to stand chained helplessly until she released me just before dawn.

Once a week I am released for cleaning. Before the release I have to kneel. She then unlocks the collar, massages and puts lotion on my neck before she clamps my neck in stocks. Then my wrist and ankle restraints are released, those areas are washed, massaged with lotion and I am placed in captivity once again. Finally she removes the chastity device and washes my penis and balls. Then I am rubbed down with baby oil. If I get an erection, which I usually do, she packs me in ice to make the hard-on go away. Then my penis is caged again and I must endure another week of frustration.

With the CB3000 locked around my cock and balls she literally has me by the balls. I cannot masturbate, have a full erection, any kind of sexual relief or just plain have sex.

If I perform up to the quota of pages she has decreed that every Sunday my chastity device and my wrist and ankle cuffs shall be released and we will make love. Of course my collar is still on and the leash is locked to the bed. When we make love first I must bring her to near orgasm then my chastity device is removed and we cuddle and make love in a very vanilla manner.

Worse yet, if I don’t make the quota I am locked into the stocks, she puts on a strap-on dildo, lubes my arse and we are both done. The dildo is a double-ended replica of my cock. One end goes into her the other end is my torment. I know she enjoys this as I can feel her pick up speed and power as she nears orgasm.

I can only wonder if she will ever release me and my captive sex. She has said when the first book is published I will lose my slave status. I am almost finished with the book and now I am praying that I will find a good literary agent and a prompt sale of the book.

Anyone out there know any good literary agents?