Slaver Gets Trained

by KnottyNarrator

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© Copyright 2021 - KnottyNarrator - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f+; M/f; bond; training; strapon; anal; slave; kidnap; enslave; chastity; piercing; latex; catsuit; reluct; nc; XX

Chapter 1

“Tell me about the target.” Joel stated indifferently. He already knew all the details; he was just testing to see if she did.

“Her name is Rose; around 5’4”, brown hair. Just got kicked out of school, hasn’t told her parents yet.” Zoey replied mechanically. “She’ll be alone at her apartment most of the day, packing. No athletics outside of cheerleading in high school. Nothing we’ve researched suggests she keeps any weapons in the house, this one should be easy.” Zoey continued, a slight grin creeping across her face as she failed to contain her excitement.

Zoey and Joel worked in the discreet business of acquiring and training slaves before turning them over to be sold. They were slavers, or at least Joel was. Zoey was technically new to the organization, only about six months of experience. The position had a two-year training period, so technically she was more of a paid intern; an apprentice if you will. Joel had been assigned as Zoey’s mentor and so far the two of them had worked well together. Joel was everything Zoey hoped to become in her career – he was ruthless, physically powerful, calculated, and well respected within the organization. Surprisingly chill to hang out with, too. Were it not for the whole slavery occupation, Zoey might even have gone as far to call him a good guy.

Zoey on the other hand was a firebrand. At 26 years old, Zoey was already on her third career path; hopefully this one would stick. Zoey had a passion for fighting and trained in martial arts since she was a child. She’d gone off and joined the Marine Corps after turning 18, but they’d kicked her out two years into her contract due to insubordination. They couldn’t handle her, her intensity, she told herself. Following her discharge from the military Zoey trained to enter law enforcement but was ultimately let go after apparently being too rough with a suspect. The guy had robbed a bank for crying out loud! Who cares if she dislocated his shoulder, or broke his nose? Joel noticed that Zoey, when telling that story, usually failed to mention that the suspect was already compliantly being held in custody when those injuries occurred, a minor detail.

Her eccentricities aside, Joel largely enjoyed working with Zoey. Zoey brought a great energy to the team with her wild and reckless spirit that amused Joel greatly. It wasn’t the only thing about Zoey that amused Joel, either. While Joel was a complete professional on the job, he certainly appreciated having a bit of female eye candy with him throughout the day. Zoey, genetically speaking, was maybe a smidge above average looking at best. Yet, whatever the girl may or may not have lacked in natural good looks however, she more than compensated with her effort. Zoey was a true athlete; she had an incredibly tight and toned physique with thick, powerful legs and glutes, a chiseled core, and well-defined upper body. Zoey would probably have D cup breasts if she had even an ounce of fat on her body, Joel figured, but in the meantime that left her with incredibly perky and firm C-cups that Joel couldn’t help but notice from time to time. Zoey normally wore her shoulder length brown hair up in a tight ponytail and dressed purely with practicality in mind. She wore baggy, unflattering clothes with lots of pockets, although occasionally on a particularly hot day Joel would get to witness her take a layer off and be treated to witnessing her in a tank top. Not that she’d ever catch him looking. Still, there were few things Joel enjoyed watching more than his tight little apprentice dominate one of their targets, mercilessly shoving a ball gag into a victim’s mouth. Unfortunately, Zoey wasn’t always the perfect apprentice she had the potential to be. More than once, Joel had watched her recklessly break protocol in the middle of a capture due to overconfidence.

The two of them pulled up to their destination. They’d arrived at the apartment of their first target of the day, Rose. The plan was simple; Zoey would create a distraction by ringing the doorbell and getting the target to answer the door, holding her attention for as long as possible. In the meantime, Joel would deftly pick the lock on the back door and enter the apartment unnoticed, and at the right time ambush Rose. That was the plan anyway.

Joel and Zoey set their watches and assumed their positions as the plan dictated. Zoey rang the doorbell, and Joel positioned himself behind the building. Unfortunately, the moment Rose opened the door, Zoey was just beside herself. Rose had opened the door wide, exposing herself to attack! This was too easy of an opportunity for Zoey to just pass up. A few moments went by and Joel heard a light commotion from inside and swiftly peaked through a window. The moment the door had opened Zoey had sunk her palm into the girl’s solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her and preventing her from screaming. Joel, gazing into the apartment window, saw Zoey mounted atop the girl executing a clean collar choke to render her unconscious. This bitch, Joel chuckled to himself. He continued with his part of the plan and picked his way through the backdoor, entering the residence. Rose was laying on the ground, unconscious, having not even put up a real fight against Zoey.

“What took you so long?” Zoey teased, a shit-eating grin on her face as she triumphantly sat atop her prey.

“You...” Joel began with a sigh while planting his palm firmly across his forehead. “You’re a fucking idiot. What happened to the plan?!” Joel asked in his best attempt to sound disappointed. He wasn’t really all that upset, but the kid would have to learn her lesson eventually. “What would have happened if our intel had been wrong, and she DID have a weapon? Or someone else turned out to be home? You could have fucked this whole thing up for us, Zoey.” Joel scolded. “Imagine the paperwork I’d have to fill out!” Finally, an authentic concern from Joel’s mouth. Zoey furrowed her brow in frustration.

“I saw an opportunity and I took it! And it all worked out so who cares?!” Zoey half-heartedly pleaded back, knowing Joel wasn’t really upset. They were going through the motions of their weekly argument. Zoey hadn’t let Joel down yet, so she knew she was in the clear.

“One of these days,” Joel began with an unusual amount of sincerity in his tone. “One of these days you’ll end up learning this lesson the hard way, and I just hope it doesn’t cost you everything.” There was a chilling, almost prophetic attribute to Joel’s words that made Zoey actually feel sad that she’d let him down. It was time to change the topic before things got uncomfortable or mushy between them. “Get the target back to the van and prep her for processing.” Joel ordered.

Once Joel finished scrubbing the apartment of evidence, he returned to the van to see how Zoey was doing. Zoey had Rose ready for processing, as requested. The girl was now completely naked and strapped down to a table in the back of the vehicle. Rose had started to rouse back to consciousness, however a timely anesthetic from Zoey bought them all the time they would need. Joel had Zoey get to work. Over the course of the next 45 minutes, Zoey followed the company processing protocol to a T.

Joel had to admit that when she set her mind to it, Zoey was incredibly proficient at her job. First Zoey installed the company piercings on Rose. Tongue, tits, and clit; standard procedure. The piercings were linked to a control device that would allow the wielder – Joel or Zoey, punish or reward the new slave with shocks or vibrations respectively. Next Zoey bound Rose’s arms into an armbinder, securing them behind her back, as well as locking Rose’s legs into leather sleeves, preventing them from being straightened. Zoey methodically removed Rose’s ball gag and sealed her head into a sensory deprivation hood, complete with a 4.5inch cock gag that, when installed into the van’s storage containers, would pump fluids and sustenance into her stomach during transport. Finally, Zoey completed Rose’s initial processing by securing the chastity belt around her waist, complete with two large phallic plugs that served the dual purpose of both training and allowing the slave girl to relieve herself through an interior tube while she was in storage.

“Huh, excellent work, Zoey.” Joel confessed. Zoey’s only reply was another one of her trademark shit-eating grins and a cocky raise of the eyebrow that conveyed that she already knew it was excellent. Eager to move on, Joel completed the processing by hoisting the freshly bound slave girl up with one arm and lowered her into a nondescript storage container along the back wall of the van. “Lunchtime. Then afterwards you can brief me about your plan for the next target.” Joel explained leisurely.

Lunch started off slow. Joel tried to start casual or engaging conversation, but Zoey couldn’t stop talking about how excited she was for their next target. Joel admired the enthusiasm, but he’d been doing this for 15 years and work was just work to him. It took him awhile, but he eventually got Zoey to change the subject. Joel got Zoey to open up about her hobbies, a welcome change of pace. Apparently, Zoey had an actual personality that didn’t include violence or fitness! Joel was surprised to learn that Zoey was an avid gardener, and, after a bit of prodding, she confessed that she used to dance. Zoey spoke about how her parents had forced her into ballet as a child before she’d discovered her love of fighting, and how she begrudgingly enjoyed dancing but told her parents otherwise. How domestic, Joel teased. That ended the moment rather abruptly and Zoey returned to her hardened, alpha-type personality after her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. Back to the grind.

Chapter 2

“So, the next target,” Joel began. “I’m curious to see what kind of plan you come up for this one; give me the details.”

Mistress Scarlet,” Zoey began with a giddy chuckle. “A local dominatrix. 27 Years old. Apparently, she caught the eye of someone with a great deal of money.” Zoey continued to read the dossier file on the target. “Approximately 5’9”, 140lbs. Sources tell us she won’t have any appointments today, but will be present at her place of business, her dungeon.” Zoey couldn’t help but laugh reading this nonsense. Scarlet was just some commercial dominatrix, essentially a novelty escort that desperate people paid to be mean to them, in Zoey’s opinion. Nothing compared to the real thing— her, or her and Joel anyway; they were the real slavers. Zoey continued reading the report. “Anticipated resistance; moderate. The building itself has a commercial security system and it’s not feasible to access discreetly; front door only. Lethal weapons aren’t anticipated; however, the building does contain an extensive amount of fetish equipment that could be used as an improvised weapon.”

“Ah yes... fetish equipment,” Joel chuckled. “Cheap leather and fuzzy handcuffs; very treacherous. So, what’s the plan, rookie? Since you like to take matters into your own hands, you’ll be deciding how we handle this one,” Joel explained disinterestedly. As her mentor, Joel was less concerned with the objective itself but rather how Zoey would tackle it. Joel was skilled enough that he could probably rescue any capture attempt from the clutches of absolute failure, so this was just an opportunity to evaluate and provide feedback to Zoey.

“Easy.” Zoey began confidently. “I go through the front door, and you come in 30 minutes later to help me carry the target to the van.” Zoey brazenly asserted. The absurdity of the proposal piqued Joel’s interest. He raised an eyebrow.

“Us slavers are supposed to work in teams, aren’t we?” Joel coyly questioned.

“We are!” Zoey replied enthusiastically. “I’ll handle all the heavy lifting, and you can handle... well the literal heavy lifting.” Zoey said, pleased with her clever response. Zoey knew she was pushing her luck with Joel, but there was just something so alluring about this particular mission. Scarlett was some wannabe tough girl, but Zoey was the real deal. Zoey desperately, desperately wanted the chance to just do this one alone and savor the personal victory. She silently prayed that Joel would allow it.

“Why 30 minutes?” Joel asked inquisitively. “If you’re so confident, what could possibly take so long?” Joel asked as if issuing a challenge.

“I... I just,” Zoey stuttered. “I just REALLY wanna do this one on my own, Joel. Really savor the victory and prove to you that I can handle everything alone,” Zoey said, off the cuff. Joel was taken back by the sudden sincerity in Zoey’s voice. “I swear I’ll make you proud, Joel.” Zoey promised. Joel felt a little swell of emotion in his chest. Zoey might be rash and a bit naïve, but it felt like she genuinely desired his approval. The two of them were becoming closer, Joel realized. Joel might be a slaver, but he’s still human and Zoey’s innocent request tugged on the strings of his little slaver heart. After a brief moment, he relented.

“Fine! Fine! Go on then. I’ll head in 30 minutes after you walk through the door.” Joel said, looking away to hide the redness of his cheeks. Sensing the emotional sensitivity of the moment, Zoey punched Joel in the arm.

“DOPE! You’re the best Joel, see ya in 30.” Zoey bro-ishly declared as she hopped out of the van and headed towards Mistress Scarlet’s ‘dungeon’. Joel watched her wander off into the building. He took out his phone, set an alarm, and took a nap. Zoey walked through the front door of the building, which was unlocked. The room main featured an excessive amount of black furniture and darkly colored walls, decorated with posters and art pieces featuring explicit erotic acts. In the corner was a short counter, and a woman stood behind it, turning to greet the unexpected guest.

“Good afternoon, welcome to Mistress Scarlet’s dungeon,” the woman said in a sultry voice. “I’m Mistress Scarlet, what brings you to my dungeon today, my little pet?” She continued, turning to face Zoey. Scarlett looked like a fetishist's wet dream; she had medium length curvy black hair with bangs styled to cover over one of her eyes. She wore a strapless latex top that left little to the imagination, essentially being little more than a corset and bra that reached just high enough to hide her nipples. She was wearing latex boots with a tall heel that went up to her mid-thigh and connected to a garter, which served as her only clothing below the waist besides her latex underwear which left nothing to the imagination when it came to the shape of her sex. Scarlet herself had absurd proportions; a tiny waist complemented by wide, wide hips and at least double D breasts. Her skin was pale, and her thick lips were a dark red. Zoey wasn’t even into girls, but she instantly understood why someone would pay so much for someone like Scarlett; she was gorgeous.

“Uhh...” Zoey stuttered, taken back and slightly intimidated by the absurdity of the situation.

“Mmmm.” Scarlett moaned. “It doesn’t look like I have any appointments for today,” She spoke in her sultry voice as she perused her calendar. “But I’m always willing to play with a new toy... for the right price,” Scarlett concluded with a wink. Zoey burst into laughter; she was going to reeaaallly enjoy this.

“Alright. Scarlet. How much would it cost to spend some time alone with you?” Zoey asked condescendingly with her trademark shit-eating grin, unable to contain herself.

“For your first time?” Mistress Scarlett asked rhetorically, as she slowly made her way towards Zoey. “I’ll play with you for $50, for the hour.” She whispered as she approached. “That is, if you can last that long.” Scarlett whispered seductively in Zoey’s ear. Zoey gladly forked over $50 dollars out of her wallet, she’d be taking it back shortly anyway. She couldn’t wait. “Perfect, come with me, my pet,” Scarlett cooed as she took Zoey by the hand and led her downstairs, into the real ‘dungeon’. They entered, and Zoey saw the room was covered wall to wall with every sex toy and piece of fetish gear under the sun. There were numerous racks and contraptions to restrain people in, the whole nine yards, all of the bells and whistles. Zoey was going to have so much fun playing with her food in a place like this, she almost regretted not asking Joel for more time. While she stood in awe of all the equipment, thinking of all of the possibilities of the dungeon, Zoey had gotten distracted. Suddenly something cold cinched around her throat; Scarlett had just fastened a collar on her!

“The fuck? This bitch,” Zoey began. Her sentence was cut short. Suddenly Zoey found herself staring at the wall to her right, as Scarlett brought her palm across Zoey’s left cheek without hesitation for speaking out.

“I don’t appreciate it when my pets lack manners,” Mistress Scarlett declared as a matter of fact. “You’re strong. Sooo strong. But none of that means anything here, my pet.” Mistress Scarlett teased as she ran her fingers along Zoey’s well-defined arms. Zoey was speechless. It was time to end this charade and get to work. It was time to show ‘Mistress’ Scarlett what the real pecking order was around here. Zoey gladly returned the favor and slapped Scarlett across the face, sending her staggering back several steps. Zoey stood tall and defiantly cracked her knuckles, hoping that Scarlett would now understand the situation she was in. Zoey wasn’t trapped in Scarlett’s dungeon; Scarlett was trapped in a dungeon with Zoey.

Scarlett reclaimed her posture and noticed the smallest trickle of blood coming from her lip. “OH! YOU WANT TO PLAY ROUGH, IS THAT IT, BITCH?” Scarlett shouted, throwing her sultry persona to the wind. “I LOVE it when we get a fighter, you’ll be so much fun to break,” Scarlett continued, her words laced with lust and excitement. What the hell, was she enjoying this? Zoey was confused, did Scarlett still think this was part of her silly game? Zoey readied herself to throw another punch to see if Scarlett got the message yet.

Before that punch ever had a chance to come out however, Scarlett suddenly pulled out a remote from her pocket and pushed a button. Suddenly a powerful jolt rocked through Zoey’s body from the collar Scarlett had fastened around her throat moments before, sending her to her knees. Zoey struggled to regain her balance, and by the time she’d made it back onto her feet Scarlett had pulled some sort of pole off the wall. Zoey was a little disoriented from the shock, but she was still 10x the combatant Scarlett would ever be. Scarlett thrusted the object towards Zoey’s center mass, and Zoey effortlessly side stepped it and grabbed the end in one hand, challenging Scarlett’s grip. Zoey grinned triumphantly as a show of confidence, but then so did Scarlett. Scarlett pressed a button on her end of the stick, and another jolt of electricity cascaded through Zoey’s body, this time from the hand she was holding the pole with. Zoey collapsed once more.

“It’s called a cattle prod, BITCH,” Mistress Scarlett triumphantly explained, before activating the remote for Zoey’s shock collar once again and started alternating shocking her with the cattle prod and the collar. Zoey blacked out.

Chapter 3

Joel suddenly jerked awake having heard his alarm go off. He checked his watch.

“Shit!” Joel exclaimed; it had been going off for TWO HOURS. Zoey was probably pissed at him for taking so long. Or maybe not? Joel wondered. It was entirely possible, Joel decided, that Zoey was just having so much fun playing with her food that she completely lost track of time too. Two hours was a long time though, you’d think she’d have come looking for him. Probably didn’t want to leave the target alone. Yeah, that was it. Zoey was definitely going to be pissed at Joel for making her wait so long. Joel jumped out of the van, did a quick morning stretch, and made his way into the building.

The door chimed as Joel passed through. Making his way through the lobby, Joel noticed the place was empty so far. Zoey must have Scarlett down in the dungeon, Joel deduced. After a moment of searching, he found what seemed like a stairway to the basement and made his way down. The door was cracked open. As a man with more restraint than Zoey, he found it prudent to peek into the room before entering.

It was dark, and so Joel’s eyes were still acclimating to the environment, but he saw them. There, across the room were the silhouettes of two female forms. One was folded and bent over a bench of some sort, and the other was fucking the first with an impossibly gargantuan strap-on. That sort of upset Joel; Zoey knew they weren’t supposed to use the merchandise themselves, it reduced their value, especially when being done so roughly. Being the lighthearted prankster that he was though, Joel decided he’d sneak up on the two of them and attempt to startle Zoey first, then he’d chew her ass out for breaking protocol AGAIN. Joel made his way closer, Zoey evidently too caught up in the heat of the moment to even notice his approach. That’s when Joel’s eyes started to adjust and noticed some important details.

The biggest surprise was the realization that Zoey, not Scarlett, was the one getting her brains fucked out. Well, not her brains technically; that gargantuan cock was pile-driving straight into her asshole, to be specific. Evidently things had not gone according to plan, Zoey looked rough. Her arms had been tightly bound in a reverse prayer with copious amounts of rope and her legs had been both tied up AND strapped down to the bench she was on, forcing her to present her ass and pussy while Scarlett pillaged Zoey’s ass, doggy style. That wasn’t even the start of Zoey’s problems. Evidently Scarlett was either particularly offended by whatever had occurred or had found Zoey’s asshole to be especially elastic. This was because not only was Scarlett pounding Zoey’s ass with that cartoonishly large dildo, Zoey also had an anal hook lodged into her ass that was fastened to a tight rope knotted into her ponytail, forcing her head uncomfortably back. Joey couldn’t make out any more details of the situation from where he was standing, and Scarlett seemed too distracted to even notice his presence.

Joel had a lot of emotions bubbling up in his stomach. Was it pity? Sadness? Remorse? No. Disappointment. Zoey had let him down; he had been rooting for her. Maybe this was his fault. As her mentor, Joel had failed to properly convey the importance of playing by the book and he let his own admiration for his young pupil get in the way of his better judgement. Now Zoey was paying the price for his negligence. Not anymore. Joel affirmed to himself that he would be the guiding force she needed him to be from now on. With that resolve in mind, he decided the best move was to wait a moment longer and watch how events would play out...

“Ready to beg for my forgiveness yet, BITCH?!” Scarlett shouted as she brought her hands down across Zoey’s already red bottom. Zoey had a large red ball gag lodged deep into her mouth that had to be over two inches in diameter. Her jaw must be bursting at the seams, Joel thought to himself. Zoey had a thick line of drool connecting all the way to the floor, and Joel could see that she was starting to cry and sob ever so lightly. Scarlett must have been fucking her ass for a while.

“YFFFFSH!” Zoey cried out, apparently giving in. Now that was unacceptable. Joel’s disappointment turned to anger.

“BEG THEN! BEG ME TO FORGIVE YOU FOR BEING SUCH A STUPID BITCH!” Scarlett demanded, getting more and more excited at her impending triumph.

“PLLL FRRGFF MM!” Zoey cried. “AHM DMM BTTHH!” She continued.

“LET ME HEAR YOU SAY IT!” Scarlett demanded, reaching forward and unfastening the gag from Zoey’s mouth. “SAY IT!”

“Please please please PLEASE FORGIVE ME, MISTRESS SCARLETT!” Zoey shouted, tears rolling down her cheeks. “I’M A DUMB BITCH, I’M A DUMB BITCH I’M SO STUPID PLEASE FORGIVE ME!” Zoey pleaded. Relenting, Scarlett withdrew her absurd strap-on from Zoey’s asshole. Next Scarlett replaced Zoey’s freshly removed ball gag with a ring gag and spun the bench around so that Zoey was facing her.

“Clean my cock, whore.” Scarlett demanded. Zoey frantically started running her tongue up and down the dildo that had spent the last hour and a half lodged in her ass, desperate not to upset Mistress Scarlett again. That was when Zoey and Joel locked eyes. Joel could now see some other interesting details of Scarlett’s handiwork; Zoey, in some sort of marker, had “DUMB” Scrawled across her forehead, and “WH-RE” Scrawled across her face so that her mouth formed the “O”. Zoey saw Joel and the brief moment of relief she felt was suddenly overcome with sadness. Zoey immediately broke eye contact with Joel out of shame and embarrassment, while she continued obediently cleaning Mistress Scarlett’s cock. How long had Joel been there, how much had he seen? Zoey couldn’t bear to think about that now.

Seeing that the scene was coming to a close, Joel decided it was time to intervene. He discreetly stepped forward, Scarlett suddenly becoming aware of the third presence in the room at the last second. It didn’t matter, by the time Scarlett had turned to face Joel he’d delivered a swift strike to the back of her neck, knocking her out.

“It was that. Fucking. Easy.” Joel declared in disbelief. He wasn’t looking at Zoey, who still lay helplessly secured to the bench. Joel started checking Scarlett’s pockets and planning how he’d move her to the Van. The only things Scarlett seemed to have with her was a key, a remote, and $50; Joel decided he’d pocket all three.

“Juh..el? Zoey whimpered through her ring gag, trying to get Joel’s attention.

“I haven’t forgotten about you. You’re next after I’m done dealing with Scarlett.” Joel dispassionately stated. Joel tossed Scarlett over his shoulder and left the room for what felt like an eternity. In reality, it had been about 40 minutes while he processed all of the same equipment onto Scarlett as they had done to Rose earlier. Eventually Joel returned and directed his attention to Zoey. She wasn’t sure what she would say to him after he untied her. Zoey respected Joel a lot and she had royally fucked up and let him down. Joel began by undoing the straps that secured her down to the bench. Zoey wished he’d have gotten to the gag first, but she wasn’t really in a position to argue at the moment. Much to Zoey’s confusion though, after Joel freed her from the table, he didn’t start untying anything else; he picked her up! Joel carried Zoey’s naked form, gagged and anal hook and all, all the way upstairs, out of the building into broad daylight and into the back of the van. Joel set her down on the processing table and left, saying he had to clean up the scene to eliminate evidence. Zoey wanted to protest, but if this was his way of punishing her, she deserved it. Zoey figured Joel intended on making her wait until the very last second before untying her. Another 40 minutes went by before Joel returned.

Finally, Joel went to work on her restraints, though she was still bothered that he hadn’t removed her gag. The moment Zoey’s limbs were free however, Joel did something that shocked Zoey; he started securing her to the table.

“Joh-El? Wah ah oo oin?!” Zoey whimpered frantically. Then she saw Joel take out the same anesthetic they use to sedate all of the slave girls, and Zoey’s heart sank. Joel was going to process her as a slave?! But they were friends! “JOH-EL NA! PLE NA-...” Zoey frantically protested before the needle broke skin and she lost consciousness.

Chapter 4

When Zoey awoke, she already knew she was in one of the van’s storage units. Joel had done everything to her; she was in the sensory deprivation hood, she had the chastity belt, and she was pierced! Zoey’s life was over with; Joel was going to sell her as a slave. Zoey had almost zero awareness of her environment, but intuitively put together from experience that they were being moved to one of the training facilities. The trio of girls from that day’s haul were unloaded and processed into their home for the next two weeks, an abandoned warehouse outside of the city. After being placed in full body, latex catsuits that made it impossible to recognize a girl by her appearance, Zoey, Rose, and Scarlett would be harshly trained to submissively perform every sexual act imaginable. The next two weeks proved to be Zoey’s personal hell. Zoey, still dwelling on her failures, lacked the focus she desperately needed to navigate her new position as a slave in training. Zoey’s naturally defiant nature got her into a lot of trouble, earning her nearly three times more punishments than her slave sisters. Often, such punishments included being the other two slave girls' personal bitch; in charge of bringing them to orgasm while she received nothing, something that further degraded Zoey’s self-confidence.

After their introductory two-week slave training crash course, each of the girls would be evaluated for their potential class of slave. Scarlett performed the best on her evaluations, being designated as an A Grade Sex Slave, likely for sale to an upper-class aristocrat type as a personal sex slave. Next highest was Rose, who earned the merits of being a B+ Grade slave; ideal for serving as a maid or in an upscale brothel. Finally Zoey got her evaluation; D+ Grade Slave; fuckmeat. Her rambunctious disposition made her unsuitable for standard slave positions, requiring more extreme training and better only to be used as livestock; producing milk, breeding and probably fucking animals for some sicko’s entertainment. Zoey’s life was over. The day where the three girls would be auctioned off had quickly approached, and the three were processed back into familiar storage crates.

When the van finally came to a stop, Zoey dreaded what horrible fate lay before her. Zoey felt her storage unit open up, and to her surprise someone started to remove her sensory deprivation mask. The mask came off, and Joel was standing above her! Zoey still felt too ashamed to look him in the eye.

“Listen, brat. You’ve got two options.” Joel started to explain. Zoey’s eyes suddenly went wide in anticipation for what Joel was about to tell her. “Option one: I put this mask back on you, bring you into the auction house, and you spend the rest of your likely short life being bred by horses on a farm somewhere.” Zoey’s heart sank hearing what little control she had over her own life. “Option two: You come back to work, with me, again. I’ve negotiated a deal with the organization and they’re willing to release you back under my supervision. There will be some additional conditions, however. First-“ Joel explained before getting cut off by Zoey.

“YES! I-I mean... Option two, please!” Zoey cried out. Joel looked a little irked about being cut-off, but Joel wasn’t all that mad; he never was.

“You cut me off, I said there were other conditions.” Joel began, a familiar smile creeping up on his face.

“I accept.” Zoey declared brazenly, a few tears of joy strolling down her face. Joel missed working with this reckless idiot a bit. She never learned.

Chapter 5

Zoey wasn’t exactly thrilled about her new work conditions. In time she learned the ‘other conditions’ Joel had tried to warn her about. First off, she was on probation for a year. Zoey would have to maintain an exemplary work performance for a whole year. If she succeeded, at the end of the probation Zoey would be accepted back as a full member of the organization as if this entire thing never happened. Next, Joel, as her supervisor, could extend her probation period if he felt additional training was needed. If Joel felt Zoey was at any point a lost cause, her probation could be terminated, and she would be sold at auction. Those were all of the easy parts of her new work conditions.

While Zoey would remain relatively free in her off time, whenever she was at work—12 hours a day, 7 days a week, her ass belonged to Joel. Literally. During work hours Zoey was by all rights Joel’s personal slave, who coincidentally happened to help him with his work. Initially, Zoey had honestly expected things not to be all that different between them. Joel was a chill guy, they were friends, and Zoey had never gotten the impression that Joel had any kind of opinion about the fact that she was a woman. Zoey was wrong. On Zoey’s first day back, Joel had some surprising changes in mind. Zoey showed up to work in her signature cargo pants, baggy hoodie, and combat boots.

“Alright, first things first,” Joel casually began. “New uniform requirements; strip!” Joel said without even the slightest amount of humor in his voice.

“Oh...Kay?” Zoey replied, unsure what this would entail. Zoey mechanically started to remove her clothes. Her tongue, nipples, and clit still had the company piercings in them which embarrassed Zoey greatly, but only Joel was capable of removing them. Within a minute Zoey was down to her underwear— a pair of boy shorts and a sports bra. “Alright, done.” Zoey declared cautiously.

“Underwear too, everything off.” Joel said, gesturing towards her undergarments. Zoey had a mind to complain, but she didn’t feel like getting time added onto her probation on her first day back. Zoey stripped until she stood naked before Joel. Joel collected all of the clothes she’d been wearing, her favorite combat boots included, then tossed them in the trash.

“Hey!—“ Zoey whined. She loved those boots. Joel hung out a bag to Zoey.

“This is your new uniform for the day. It won’t be the same every day, but it will be similar.” Joel explained with a yawn. Zoey opened the bag and examined its contents. Her mouth hung wide open in disbelief.

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” Zoey spat.

“You’ve got five minutes to be in uniform, or you’ll get a month added to your probation.” Joel spat back, his eyebrow raised coyly in anticipation of her response. The two of them had a stare down for a brief moment before Zoey finally relented. She took the contents of the bag and started to get dressed. Joel hadn’t even given her privacy; they were standing in the back of the van. Within a minute Zoey had gotten dressed in what most of what Joel had given her; it wasn’t much, only four items. Zoey now stood before Joel wearing an incredibly tight crop top button down shirt that could barely contain her tits and offered zero support, a pleated micro mini skirt that didn’t even reach the bottom of her ass, and 6 inch fuck-me-pump heels. Zoey’s cheeks were a crimson red, overcome with embarrassment. Zoey had never worn anything like this in her life, let alone in front of a friend and coworker. Zoey dejectedly stared at the final item in the bag, a large jeweled butt plug.

“Is this really necessary, Joel?” Zoey pleaded.

“Three minutes left,” Joel replied, checking his watch.

“There’s not even any FUCKING LUBE in the bag, Joel!” Zoey argued.

“Guess you better figure something out then,” Joel teased. “2 minutes and 50 seconds remaining. I’m interested to see what you come up with.” Zoey was running out of time and humiliatingly started to solve her predicament the only way she could think of. Zoey spit some saliva into her hand and started warming up her asshole with a finger, and in the meantime put the large plug into her mouth to lube it up as best as she could. Joel watched Zoey’s process with great interest, whereas Zoey refused to look at Joel during the whole endeavor. She knew she was running out of time, so after a minute or two of hesitation Zoey just went for it and shoved the metal plug into her asshole. It was uncomfortable, but not nearly as uncomfortable as her previous anal experience with Scarlett, Zoey thought to reassure herself. After one last push Zoey’s sphincter tightly swallowed up the plug down to its base. She was done.

“Great work! Good Girl.” Joel condescendingly coddled her. Zoey hated how he said that, being called a ‘good girl’ made her feel small and vulnerable, which she wasn’t. “One last thing before you’re good to start the workday!” Joel declared with enthusiasm. He pulled something out of his pocket and reached down to Zoey’s feet. Joel strapped leather straps around each of Zoey’s ankles that would prevent her from removing the heels, then padlocked them!

“What the fuck Joel?!” Zoey barked. “How the hell am I supposed to chase or fight our targets in this nonsense?” She argued, cheeks still red with embarrassment.

“Yeah, it’ll be next to impossible to be effective like this, huh?” Joel teased. “I guess you’ll have to rely on me more, and the plan. No way you could ever do the job alone now.” Joel condescendingly explained. So that was his angle, Zoey realized. Joel was still punishing her for her overconfidence.

“Whatever,” Zoey deflected with, “the first target of the day is—“ She began to explain before Joel cut her off.

“Actually, we’re going to change up the briefing format too,” Joel interjected. Zoey was not enthused to hear whatever came next. “Whenever you’re briefing me on a target, you’re going to be in position three, you know the one; you learned it during your slave training.” Joel explained. ‘Position three’ had a slave girl squatted down on her toes so that her ass touched her heels, knees spread wide, with her arms behind her head to ensure her chest stuck out as much as possible. Zoey was already sick of this.

“OH, COME ON, JOEL!” Zoey cried.

“We can add another month onto your probation, I guess. Or we could just terminate the whole thing and sell you...” Joel threatened. Joel wasn’t serious, if only because he knew she’d do what he said.

“Fine,” Zoey said, assuming the position. Zoey’s face was on fire with humiliation. At least during her previous training, she could hide her shame behind the catsuit. The heels made the position fairly easy to maintain, however the shortness of her skirt left her pussy on full display, and thrusting her chest out made her nipples protrude from under her shirt. “The first target of the day is—“ Zoey began again, only to get cut off by Joel for the second time.

“Oh, and when you’re giving the briefing, You’ll need to have my cock in your mouth.” Joel added plainly, as if it were an inconsequential detail. Zoey was done with Joel’s fuckfuck games, he was clearly just trying to push her buttons to see how far he could push this.

“Go fuck yourself Joel, this is all bullshit!” Zoey exclaimed, standing up to regain some of her dignity. “The deal was I come back to work and NOT be sold as a slave. I’m not your stupid fucktoy!” Zoey angrily declared. In the heat of the moment, Zoey’s passions got the better of her and she decided to shove Joel out of the way as she tried to leave the van. That was a mistake.

Joel caught one of Zoey’s arms during the shove and used it to pull her off balance, immediately transitioning his grip to around her throat. Zoey was a little surprised, but she wasn’t any stranger to violence. She’d of course sized up Joel over the last few months and figured she might have a chance in a fair fight if she played her cards right. This wasn’t a fair fight. Zoey lifted a knee attempting to strike Joel in the groin, but he caught it with his other hand. Joel’s large hand could encompass enough of Zoey’s leg to grip it, and he used that grip to yank her off balance and send her crashing into the floor, him landing on top of her. The landing knocked the wind out of Zoey, and Joel easily mounted her, hand still around her throat. He wasn’t crushing her windpipe like he should have, Zoey noted. Instead he was just using his hand to constrict the blood flow in her neck; he was toying with her. Joel released her leg and went for something in his coat pocket. Zoey was about to initiate her counterattack when suddenly a wave of electricity rocked her body, originating from the piercings in her tongue, nipples and clit. She went limp for a brief moment.

“You’re reckless,” Joel began, lowering his mouth next to her ear. “You’re insubordinate. The same thing that cost you your military and police career nearly lost you your freedom.” He continued. “But you have potential, a lot of it.” Joel said, his voice now turning to a whisper in Zoey’s ear. The electricity radiating from her piercings suddenly turned to pleasant vibrations. “You could be so much more, if only you learned how to follow instructions. It was my fault; what happened to you. If I’d been stricter with your training the first time it never would have happened.” Joel erected his posture again, hand still around Zoey’s throat with her helplessly pinned beneath. He pushed another button on the remote, and the plug in Zoey’s ass started to hum to life as well. “I’m adding a month to your probation,” Joel declared. Zoey glared back defiantly under his weight. “But I promise, I’m not going to let you down.” Joel began sincerely. “If learning to follow orders will make you better, then I will teach you that lesson, because I care about you, Kid.” Zoey felt a weird mix of anger and sadness bubbling inside her. Suddenly the vibrations increased.

“Mmmahh,” a moan involuntarily escaped Zoey’s lips as she tried to hide the pleasure building within her. Joel simply stared into her eyes, holding her gaze. He adjusted the settings on the remote once more and the vibrations increased yet again. He was going to make her cum just by choking her and letting the piercings do the rest! Zoey knew what Joel was up to, it was a classic slave training technique; he was rewarding her submissive behaviors. Unfortunately, just because Zoey understood Joel’s plan, it didn’t make it any less effective. As Zoey was nearing the brink of orgasm, Joel released his grip around her throat and sensually ran his thumb across Zoey’s lips. Zoey’s mouth accepted the invitation, her lips enveloping around Joel’s thumb and started sucking hard while the piercings delivered the best orgasm Zoey had in years. The vibrations gradually subsided and the tension in Zoey’s body released, except for her lips.

After a moment of catching her breath Zoey realized she had still been sucking Joel’s thumb. She glanced up in embarrassment and found Joel inquisitively watching her as she instinctively suckled. Joel knew he had her. She’d do whatever he asked, at least for now. Joel withdrew his arm and released her from being pinned to the floor. Zoey stood up and after a moment of internal deliberation and struggle, Zoey defeatedly squatted down and assumed position three in front of Joel. After another moment’s hesitation, her face still bright red, she turned her gaze to meet Joel’s and obediently opened her mouth, tongue hanging out.

Joel had the biggest shit eating grin, clearly pleased with his progress. Joel was happy to oblige his young pupil, and so he took out his cock. Zoey had never seen Joel’s dick before, nor had she thought about it. It was... more impressive than Zoey had hoped. Joel’s cock was thick and probably seven inches long, meaning Zoey would have her work cut out for her. Joel lifted his cock and disrespectfully dropped it across Zoey’s face. Her eyes flashed with anger for the briefest of moments before returning to acceptance. Zoey ran her tongue across Joel’s cock and took it into her mouth.

“Ahh fhh tahghh ah dah deh,” Zoey began her briefing. Like always, Joel already knew all the details, he was just testing her.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch. Both targets were handily captured, and Zoey and Joel would spend the rest of the week training them. Zoey would be free to remove her slutty clothes any time after her shift ended, but Joel had seen to it that she had nothing to change into. Quitting time came and Joel removed the straps forcing Zoey into her stupid pumps, but he replaced them with something else. Joel handed Zoey a chastity belt, complete with a large vaginal plug.

“I thought you said I was free in my time off!” Zoey whined.

“Just another one of the conditions you blindly agreed to, I’m afraid.” Joel explained. “If you tamper with it at all that may be grounds to terminate your probation and sell you at auction.” Joel stated as a matter of fact while he took the time to lock it around Zoey’s waist. She provided little resistance. Joel had gotten his foot in the door for today, Zoey wouldn’t have the energy to say no right now. “Besides, it’s for your own protection.” Joel said with a sinister grin.

“Protection?” Zoey inquired. Zoey lived on the shadier side of town. Joel was driving her home and about a mile from her apartment Joel stopped the van.

“This is where you get out.” Joel teased.

“What? My house is another mile down the road?” Zoey contested.

“Yep! Enjoy your walk home!” And with that Joel reached across the vehicle, opened her door, and shoved her out of the car. Zoey would be walking home in clothes that covered next to nothing and 6-inch heels. The only thing remotely protecting her dignity would be the chastity belt.

Chapter 6

Zoey contemplated what to wear into work the next day, but ultimately just decided to wear the clothes Joel had given her yesterday; she didn’t want him throwing out any more of her actual wardrobe. So there she stood, standing on the corner of her block at 5 in the morning wearing only 6 inch heels, a pleated mini skirt that might as well be a belt considering how little it covered, a low cut crop top shirt that was 3 sizes too small, and her steel chastity belt. She looked and felt like a cheap prostitute. Zoey saw Joel’s van approach to pick her up, on time as usual.

“How much for an hour?” Joel teasingly called from the window. Zoey ignored his crude humor and jumped in the van. The two of them drove in relative silence to the warehouse where they would be starting the slave training for the two girls they had picked up yesterday. They arrived at the warehouse and unloaded the two storage units the girls had been in overnight.

“Soo Joel,” Zoey began. “I probably have a different uniform for today, yeah? This one is dirty, and you said there would be variation each day. Plus, it probably wouldn’t make much sense for me to help train the slaves if I looked like a whore, would it?” Zoey tried to appeal to Joel logically, attempting to hide the overwhelming shame and humiliation she was feeling.

“You’re absolutely right! It wouldn’t make any sense for you to look like that today.” Joel agreed. Zoey was relieved that they were on the same page. Joel walked over, unlocked and removed her chastity belt, then told her to undress again. Zoey complied, already feeling much less weird about the whole thing than yesterday. Joel took the chastity belt and moved it to a shelf, then returned with another bag. “Here you go, this is what you’ll be wearing today.” Joel stated cheerfully. Zoey looked in the bag.

“This doesn’t make any sense, Joel?” Zoey remarked. “There’s barely anything in here.”

“I want to get started in five minutes, so you better be dressed. Zoey removed the contents of the bag; another jeweled metal butt plug and a collar with “CUNT” bedazzled across the front. Zoey reluctantly put them on and asked Joel what was up.

“Right, I figured since you have first-hand experience, we’d conduct the training a little differently from now on.” Joel explained. Zoey didn’t like where this was going. “You’ll be pretending to be a seasoned slave, so that the new girls have a role model to look up to.” He continued. “Oh, and for the rest of the week when we’re in front of the slaves, you’ll have to refer to me as Master, understood?” Zoey laughed in his face. Joel was serious. The awkward silence between them made Zoey’s laughter turn to disbelief. Her mouth hung open, unsure how to respond.

“Yes...Master.” Zoey growled behind gritted teeth, regaining her composure.

“That’s the spirit!” Joel teased triumphantly. “Now let’s get started then.” Joel continued, fastening a leash to Zoey’s collar. “Time to get into character, Zoey.” Joel stated, gesturing to the ground. Zoey didn’t follow. “Crawl. Slaves crawl, Zoey. C’mon, you know this.” Joel explained as he gently tugged on Zoey’s leash, guiding her to her hands and knees. Everything was moving so fast. Zoey was still in disbelief and hadn’t fully processed the situation yet. “Good Girl.” Joel cooed, activating the vibrators in Zoey’s piercings.

“MMahhh” Zoey instinctively moaned, parting her lips in surprise. Joel took advantage of this and deftly fastened a ring gag he’d pulled from his pocket onto Zoey and locked it in place. “Waah” Zoey started to protest sheepishly, drool starting to dribble down her chin and onto the floor.

“Oh and last thing before we head out to where the slaves are,” Joel began. “I’m sure you figured it out from your collar, but your name for the next two weeks is cunt, Cunt.” Joel said mockingly. Zoey’s rebellious spirit returned to her in that moment, roused from the disrespect she was feeling. That same rebellious spirit was swiftly quelled. Joel saw the fire return to his Cunt’s eyes, and quickly plunged his fingers into her sex. Zoey tried to stay strong, but all of her resistance melted away as Joel’s fingers and her vibrating piercings brought her to orgasm. Zoey wanted to be taken seriously, but she struggled to maintain a dominant headspace with her mouth forced open while she eagerly grinded her sex against Joel’s hand. Zoey whimpered in submission; she accepted that she would be Joel’s Cunt and he was her master. Joel led her out to meet the new slave girls.

Zoey’s second round of slave training was an entirely different experience. The first time Zoey went through it she’d hated every second of being trained as a slave because submission went against every fiber of her being. This time was different. Zoey hated this round too, but because she was starting to enjoy it now. She loved how Joel proudly showed her off to the other slaves and coddled her for doing a good job. Zoey was a competitor at heart and being Joel’s best slave made her swell with a pride and fulfillment that she detested. Zoey loathed how excited she felt when Joel ordered her show the other slaves how to properly suck his cock, and she especially hated how happy she felt when he blew his load all over her face and let her wear it as a badge of honor. The old Zoey would have killed Joel for that. Instead the new Zoey, Joel’s Cunt, was excited when she found out Joel would be having her stay overnight in a cage with the other slave girls.

As Zoey kneeled in her cage on all fours that night, drool pouring from her ring gag as she and the other girls moaned desperately as their piercings vibrated to keep them on edge, she thought about her future. Joel had been training her for less than a month and Zoey was already falling for him, she was already craving his attention like some pathetic slave girl. Zoey knew every trick Joel was using but that couldn’t change how it was affecting her. Zoey would have to keep this up for an entire year to make it back to being a regular slaver again? Who would she even be after a year of this? Zoey lost her train of thought as arousal overtook her and she started to think longingly of Joel’s cock.


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