Slave Wife's La Domaine Experience

by Ben Deets

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© Copyright 2020 - Ben Deets - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; true; party; bond; spreadeagle; rope; trick; auction; sex; toys; cons; X

I finally convinced my wife to book a stay at La Domaine, a BDSM-friendly hotel with all of the necessary equipment and even a training academy. We are long-time kinksters but my wife was adamantly opposed to being naked in front of anyone but me. However, on one particular night of frenzied lust and passion she agreed to go, and not only that, she agreed to be “dressed” in nothing more than her collar and a basic black strapped harness leaving her breasts and pussy fully exposed.

We arrived at La Domaine with no problems and got ready for the big evening. I had made very detailed arrangements with the owner of the establishment, and thus he had invited eight people along with the mistress and resident slaves to attend the dinner party.

My wife put on the harness and a beautiful pink nightgown to cover herself and we walked downstairs into the party room. Her entire body was trembling violently but I put my hand on her back to calm her down and gently took off the nightgown, leaving her fully exposed, and put a leash on her collar to lead her around.

I announced to the group that my slave was the group’s servant for the night and told my wife to start bringing drinks to everyone. She immediately replied, “yes sir,” and went around the room fetching drinks and appetizers; avoiding eye contact as men and women alike eyed her naked quim and nice-sized breasts.

After the happy hour it was time for dinner and, as I had previously arranged, three of the guys helped me pick my wife up by her arms and legs and tied her down tight to the dining table.

The group ate dinner with my beautiful wife spread-eagled for our viewing pleasure, and there was some not-so-innocent groping of her thighs, breasts and pleasure zones. I casually tested her smooth-shaven pussy with my index finger, and she was dripping wet and clearly did not mind the attention.

After dinner, my slave wife went back to her duties of fetching everybody after-dinner drinks until the proprietor announced, “time to auction the slave’s services off for the night!”

I leaned over to my slave wife and said, “don’t worry, slut, I have arranged with everybody so that I will be the winning bidder for your services.” In reality, I had actually arranged a little trick such that my slave wife would actually believe that another man had purchased her for the night.

I passed out some play money to all of the men, and kept the most ($5,000) for myself. The proprietor brought my slave into the middle of the room, tied her hands behind her back and connected them via a chain to her ankles, put the number 24 in black magic marker on her breast, and announced for the bidding to begin.

The bidding was hot and heavy until only two of us were left, and when I bid $5,000 the proprietor/auctioneer said, as previously arranged, “going once, going twice...” when suddenly he was interrupted by the man I had been bidding against. That man shouted “$6,000” and smirked at me.

The auctioneer looked over at me and asked “any counter offer from you, sir?” I replied that all I had was $5,000 and the auctioneer immediately said, “#24 is sold to the gentleman for $6,000!”

The winner immediately took the leash attached to my wife’s collar and led her struggling out of the room with help from two other guys as I shouted, “Stop! Let me go! This isn’t how this is supposed to end!” As my wife disappeared down a hallway, I ran up the stairs to the bedroom and stayed completely quiet as the winning bidder and his helpers dragged my whimpering wife into the bedroom. They tied her wrists to the top of the six-foot tall bed-posts at the foot of the bed such that her ass and pussy were just a few inches above the bed, and then tied her ankles to the bottom of the bedposts so that she was in a standing spread-eagle pose.

This man had a very distinctive voice and stated, “now, I am going to fuck you while my helpers take pictures.” I quietly took my clothes off, lifted the slut up, and slid under my mostly naked wife and inserted my erect cock into her pussy. I then bounced her up and down while fucking her for about ten minutes while holding a Hitachi vibrator against her cunt which made her cum twice before I did.

All of this time my wife thought the winning bidder was the man fucking her hot body and, meanwhile, the helpers took some pictures with my cellphone and left after announcing the other man’s name with a, “man, Mr. Ericsson is really fucking the shit out of that slut!”

After my orgasm, I quietly got dressed and ran back downstairs to the party while the winner with the distinctive voice went back upstairs to collect my slut. He undid her ankles and wrists from the bedpost and again tied her hands behind her back and to her ankles like before. He then led her back to the party and whispered to her, “you are a great fuck. If you tell your husband what happened, I am going to let every man here fuck you tonight and furthermore, I will show the pictures and video to your husband. I doubt he will be happy that you came twice with a stranger.”

As they came back into the dining room to rejoin the party, the man said “Ha! We scared both of you two with our little winning auction bid, didn’t we? We just took your pretty slave to the kitchen and made her clean up some dishes.”

I looked at my slave and asked, “hey, are you okay?”

She replied, “oh yes, I am fine. I just had to load the dishwasher and wash a few dishes while they scared you.” To this day she has never told me that she had been tied up and fucked, and had a couple of orgasms with a ‘stranger’, and that there were pictures floating around out there about her ‘ordeal’. And I have never told her that it was me who did the fucking, or that the pictures and video are on my phone.


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