Slave Loses His Cherry

by herlittlelezpet

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© Copyright 2020 - herlittlelezpet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; bond; collar; straps; hood; latex; sendep; playroom; bench; crop; tease; pegging; oral; cons; XX

Mistress has decided that today is the day Her slave will lose his virginity. It is time to pop that cherry. In honor of the occasion She has invited Her best domme friend over to participate in her slave's deflowering. I will be a night of erotic pleasure for everyone involved, well maybe not everyone, that is yet to be seen.

Her slave is in his usual home attire, collar, arm, and leg cuffs and of course chastity as he answers the door and lets Mistress's friend in. He has now idea what is in store for him as Mistress only mentioned that She would have a guest for dinner. He is at a loss why Mistress has tied a red bow around his neck.

Her slave has prepared a wonderful dinner of ribeyes, twice baked potato, and a delicious mixed green salad and a bottle of red wine to go with dinner. After his Mistress and friend have had some time chatting and catching up with a glass of wine, dinner is served. Mistress's slave sits at Her feet while they eat and continue to enjoy an early evening of conversation. Slave had been allowed to eat earlier, which was the same dinner as Mistress. She was very loving and enjoyed Her slave immensely and wanted him to have a good meal before the main event.

As his Mistress and Her friend chat he soon realizes what is in store for him as he hears them discussing the play plans for tonight. He is to lose his virginity, a scary yet erotic thought. He has known since the beginning of his slavery that Mistress was going to take it as she had mentioned it many times. Tonight was finally the night.

After the dinner slave was ordered to clean up and do dinner dishes, he would be in no condition to do this task later. Afterward a leash was attached to his collar and with big smiles on Mistress's face and Her friend's face he was led downstairs to the playroom. Anticipation was growing within slave and he could feel his asshole tighten. Not too sure if it was a good or bad feeling.

Mistress puts Her month close to her slave’s ears and speaks softly, “I am going to take away your sense of sight and sound. The only sense I want you to have is the sense of touch and I am going to touch you hard, slave.” Mistress then gives Her slave a long passionate kiss, Her tongue intertwining with his. She softly nibbles on his wet full lips.

Mistress puts a ring gag in Her slave's mouth and straps it tightly, locking it on. Mistress then lightly kisses each eye and then tapes pads over them. She adds earplugs and wax to her slave’s ears. Next, She gently sensually kisses each cheek before pulling a tight latex hood with only a mouth opening, and finally a posture collar is locked on. Her slave is now blind and deaf with only his mouth accessible. Mistress locks Her slave to the spanking bench arms and legs securely fastened with his legs spread. Mistress and her friend leave the playroom for a while and She lets Her slave wait, in anticipation as to what will happen next and when. Mistress just loves the waiting game. As She is thinking of what is coming next, she is getting wet and so is Her friend.

Mistress and Her friend both put on their harnesses and with dildos. Mistress is going to be kind to Her slave as it is the first time. She wants Her slave to enjoy this moment as it is the beginning of more sessions like these to come and being gentle is not always Her way. Mistress starts with a little impact play, as Her slave has been alone and deprived of some major senses it comes as a shock with the first flick of the riding crop on his butt. Two at once, as Mistress has taken one cheek and Her friend the other. In rhythm they make his entire ass red and as Mistress has predicted with sight and sound gone Her slave has nothing to concentrate on but the smacking of his ass. They work down his thighs and finally to the bottom of his feet, always in tandem. Her slave is moaning into his gag, nowhere to go.

They stop and Mistress’s friend moves to the front of the bench and pulls slaves head up as Mistress positions Herself at the back. She spreads Her slave ass cheeks apart and pulls out the butt plug that She always requires Her slave wear. She did this to loosen up that tight little hole. She adds some lube around his tight little bud and then lubes Her dick and slowly teases Her slave’s butt hole. Her friend has pulled up slave’s head and has slowly inched Her dick into slave’s month. Mistress and her friend are coordinating the penetration from both ends. Starting with just little thrusts. Soon slave feels his Mistress's dick slowly penetrate till it is buried all the way to Her balls, in his ass. He feels the dick in his mouth slowly extend deeper and deeper wondering when She will stop. Mistress has told Her friend that She does not want her to penetrate so deeply as to make him gag. Not this time at least. He is just to have his face fucked. She wants all his concentration on Her taking his ass and not to worry about choking.

Slowly Mistress pulls out just to the tip. Slave’s tight hole almost closes but Mistress has left enough in to keep it open, even if just a little. Then slowly Mistress pushes Her dick back into Her slave’s ass then back out. She slowly starts to increase her rhythm and every so often slaps her slave butt which is starting to redden. She can hear slave moan through the dick in his mouth. Her friend pulls out and just watches as Mistress starts to really get into fucking Her slave. Her slave is starting to moan more and more and Mistress rams deeper and harder, deeper, and harder. Mistress is really getting into it now and Her slave is just emitting a constant moan of ecstasy or pain. She knows not what, nor cares. The dick Mistress in wearing has been rubbing Her clit with every thrust and She is reaching a climax of Her own. Finally Mistress give Her slave a finale deep hard thrust and he lets out and incredible moan and Mistress lets out a moan of Her own, as the excitement of fucking Her slave for the first time plus the rubbing on Her clit, She has orgasmed Herself. Her friend has also gotten very wet just watching the action. She takes off Her dildo and pulls slave into her pussy where he services Her to an orgasm. Mistress takes off Her dildo and walks to Her hooded slave and pulls his mouth into Her which instinctively he services Her.

Both Mistresses leave the playroom, with slave still strapped down. He is exhausted, and with no sight or sound can just feel what has been done to his body and ass. He is no longer a virgin, his mind is reeling at that thought. He knows that he will be fucked over and over in the days to come, he is now his Mistress's little fuck toy, He wonders with all the is happening to him what other lessons he will learn, as he knows, as his Mistress's property, he does not have a say as to what will be done to him or with him...


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