Side by Side

by XVX

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Storycodes: MF/mf; capture; tazer; drug; strip; gag; hood; collar; bagged; straps; shock; toys; insert; bdsm; pain; reluct/nc; X

Vicki looked at the clock.

Eight minutes to go. If she could stop time she would have. What would it be? The pleasure or the pain?

Straining to look to her right. Her husband must be facing the same quandary. Left or right. If she tried to say anything she would be shocked. The collar had a acceptable sound levels set. It also detected the vibration of vocal cords. Not only would it hurt her but him as well. She loved him too much to hurt him and he to her.

The day started simple enough. Vicki had just dropped of the kids at band camp. Kyle was going to try to come home from work early and they where going to have a nice quiet weekend together. The children where going to be gone for two weeks.

Wondering what Kyle had in mind was on the fore front of her mind as she walked into the door of their home when two assailants grappled her and stunned her with a tazer. Then a prick of a needle in the butt. Her whole body went numb and limp. She could see and feel everything but the rest of her body was paralyzed.

A man and a woman started working on her. They stripped her down. Removing her clothes. Her assailant wore leather masks and gloves and body suits. They did not say a word to each other. Once naked. They rubbed an oil all over her body. Then a harness fitted to her. Then the collar and hood. Things placed inside her. Then on her. Wires connected to those intruders.

Then a bag was rolled out, Each arm was placed in a sleeve and zipped up tight. Her numb fingers could feel some sort of button at each hand, the bag itself was zipped closed from toe to neck. Straps tighten around her. Lacing down the side. Held in securely. She felt like a leather mummy.

Then they dragged her to the bedroom where it seemed they had already prepared it. Straps lay across it. The buckled her down to the bed. Then some thing was being done at the base of her feet. She could not see and the stiffness of the leather made any movement a chore.

Feeling was slowly coming back to her. They buckled a gag across her mouth then forcing a tube down her throat through the gag.

Then they left her alone.

Was this what Kyle had in mind. No, She did not think so. Her never said or even mentioned bondage in their ten years of marriage. She tried to scream and that when she got a nasty shock that hurt like hell and numbed her vocal cords.

Lesson learned she wondered what they wanted. This was so bizarre. Rape was out. Robbery was out. This was planned. Kyle was an accountant. One of many. Did he stumble across something. What would it have been. Someone was going to a awful lot of trouble. But who and why? They did not have any enemies.

At about four she heard the front door open she was hesitant to shout a warning. That hesitation was followed by a brief scuffle and silence.

They got him. Nearly an hour passed when Kyle was dragged in and buckled down next to her. He was like her. A leather wrapped mummy. Now what?

“Pardon us.” spoke the man. “We need to borrow you for the weekend. To keep you out of the way and occupied. Every hour you must press a button. You have two. One on your right hand and another on your left hand. If you both hit the same button. Nothing will happen. The left will bring pain to yourself and vibrate and excite your partner. The right will pleasure you and pain will be done on your partner. Every six hours that will change. Hitting the same button will either bring pain or pleasure. You won't know which. The next forty eight hours will be something. You might fall into sync. After twelve hours there will be a six hour rest and it starts all over again.”

The woman of the team held up a I-phone. “We will be monitoring you while we are away.”

Then they pushed a tube into their gag that had some liquid that would dispense when they bite down on the gag.

Then they left.

That was over four hours ago. Trying to keep silent was hard when getting shocked or turned on.

Three minutes. Oh god this was hour five. Then seven more before an six hour rest. So far she had been shocked twice. Kyle got off twice and she once. Kyle shocked once. So the only way to keep one or the other from getting the bad end of the deal is for both of them to push the same button.

Hour five. She got shocked. Hour six. Nothing. Hour seven nothing.

Nothing happening was a good thing. That mean they where pressing the same button. He was pressing right and so was she. But it was getting harder to be alert when the time came.

But then after their rest. The programming was to be random. How would they cope. She chewed on the gag and liquid squirted in. She might have peed once or twice but did not feel wet. Diaper maybe?

Dick and Jane she had dubbed their captors had long left. They said they needed to borrow them. Why? What was the purpose?

It had to be something in person. Something that needed two adults with a background that could be checked. Some kind of spy thing. Or terrorist. They could be setting them up to take a fall. They said they would be back. How would it sound to anyone that you where kidnapped in your own home. Bound in a leather cocoon and forced into the either ecstasy or pain for the entire weekend. Even she would find it hard to believe. They where at their mercy.

The Wilson next door where gone for the next two months. The other house to their right was for sale.

Wait. What if it was not them? What if they need them out of the way to use the house next door. What if the ‘neighbors’. Kyle and Vicki. Just happened to drop by. What was the set up? Who was the mark?

Vicki could not get a grasp on what all this was for and it did entertain her for awhile. Kyle was holding his own. But she could tell he was fading. Kyle was always such a practical man. Simple and straightforward. He did not keep secrets from her. Well he did but they where the good kind.

Although he had been working late an awful lot.

Hour eight was coming. She wiggle and squirmed as best she could hoping to let Kyle know the hour was coming. She could not make a peep.

The hour was up and she and him both got shocked. Her body was on fire. Tears dripped from her eyes, Kyle must have not pressed the right button. She thought she did. Or was he asleep. And did not press it in time. What if they did not press it at all.

Hour nine and they both got zapped again. Hour ten she had dozed off and nothing happened. Was making no choice the right choice, Hour eleven they both got a dose of the happy stick.

Vicki was trying to make sense of some thing that did not make sense. Why them?

They made it to hour twelve. Six hours later. They where at it again. Yet some how they seemed to be in sync. Like some sort of Vulcan mind meld. She seemed to know what Kyle was thinking. They avoided any pain for the next twelve hours. Something told her which button to push and when.

Then Dick and Jane returned. Spiked their life giving fluid and she and Kyle went into a deep sleep.

In that moment. She was closer to him than ever. They became one.

When they woke up. They where in bed. Naked. No sign or any evidence that they had be tortured. If you could call it that. A quick check of the house found nothing missing or left. No sign of anything amiss in either of their neighbors house.

Why had this happened. In a way it was a good thing. She and Kyle could almost read each others minds. Their bodies knew what the other wanted and they had the remaining two weeks to explore their ‘new’ world.

Down the street in a simple plain used car that would not be hardly noticed. Two people. A man in a woman watched.

“You think it worked?” Asked the girl. “Will they stay together?”

“It better. Our lives depend on it. Grandpa was thinking of divorcing Grandma at this time. He then got caught in that scandal at work and took the fall for the company. The woman was setting him up and the captain suspected that this was a critical point in their lives where history changed for the worse. You and I know the Reds may have had something to do with this.”

Gramps company was the only company willing to take a risk in funding for the time skiff program. We need to ensure the event that happened. Happened. With out it this even never happened. They said something special happened at this date. I think we succeed. ”

“Grandpa and grandma must never know it was us. We better get moving.”

The man looked at his chronograph. “Your right. The next time skiff is twenty miles from here. We need to get going.”

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