by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; public; display; tease; oral; climax; cons; X

Kate was considering how she came to be almost naked, completely immobile and in full view of several hundred people. No one was going to come to her rescue. She was the ‘Damsel in Distress', waiting to be drenched in cold water when someone hit the target. She was tied to a post dressed only in a flimsy nightdress and protected from the balls by a sheet of clear perspex, angled to deflect any wayward throws. So far no one had been successful, but she knew that when the water came, the material would go almost transparent, revealing how little she had on underneath.

It would be supposed that the ropes were only for show, and that she could free herself at any time she chose. This was not the case. Her hands were bound tightly behind her and she could not move them let alone reach the knots. The carefully positioned ropes that crisscrossed her front not only held her in place, but caressed her breasts in a most erotic manner. There was an unseen rope around her waist hidden beneath the nightdress and from it there ran an even tighter rope splitting her in two with a cruelly placed knot pushing her flimsy panties right inside her. Her legs were lashed tightly together at the ankles, knees and thighs, putting more pressure on this hidden torment. She could not even cry out because the delicate handkerchief over her mouth covered a more fierce gag that prevented all but the softest of whimpers. All this would be lost to the happy visitors to the University Medieval Fayre.

There was a cheer, followed instantly by the feeling of being drenched by a bucket of water. She could not avoid it. She could not stop it. The gag made breathing difficult. Her hair whipped over her eyes and she shook from head to toe. For a moment all eyes were on her as the water rained down, but then it was on to the next throw. There was no thought for her or how she must feel. She felt the material of her nightdress clinging to her, hugging her curves and revealing the black half cup bra that she wore. She had no shoes on, the damsel was barefoot, and she now stood in a puddle. She shook her head like a dog shakes its body and little droplets flew everywhere. The gag stayed firm. No sound was heard, and she was left to drip dry and wait for the next soaking. It was a warm sunny summer’s day so she would not freeze and getting wet was all part of the fun. How had she got into this?

It had all started so innocently at the planning meeting. The theme of Medieval had been decided upon, and ideas for side shows and games had come tumbling forth. They had decided that stocks would be too difficult to make look authentic so how about a “Damsel in Distress” tied to a pole? It seemed like a good idea and she had even volunteered to be the victim. Why? Well, it was a way of getting involved without too much effort. The idea of the odd soaking did not bother her, especially in the middle of summer, and it was all in the name of harmless fun. It was Rag week and she hated all the pranks that went on. By putting herself forward as the Damsel she had hoped to avoid some of the more outrageous stunts. It had worked too. They had targeted people who had not got involved in anything.

The day had arrived and she had watched the build up for the Fayre. Various side shows had been assembled including skittles, rings, and hit the rat. She had seen the pole put into position, and had been surprised at the thoroughness of their securing it. The mechanism for the water had been tried and tested, the last time with water, and she had felt a touch of excitement. It was only make believe but she had always fancied being a damsel in distress and she could now fulfil that fantasy.

She had arrived just before the grand opening. Everyone was milling about making last minute preparations. She knew the two boys who were running the “Drench the Maiden” stand. They were in her year and one had shown some interest in her, but she had not thought it serious. He seemed nice enough but she was not looking for romantic involvement, just to finish her degree. She had placed her hands in the loops behind her and to her surprise they had been quickly tightened. Before she knew what was happening she had been set upon. She had emitted a surprised squeak and her mouth had been filled with something, which she now knew to be a leather gag. Despite all the people milling about she had been securely tied to the pole. At one point they had lifted her nightdress to wrap the rope around her waist and she had tried to protest, but it had been impossible. When they had finished tying her one of them had whispered in her ear.

“Enjoy yourself Katie, because I intend to when the show is over.”

Her heart had missed a beat at this. How could he know? How could he possibly know that this was her ultimate fantasy? She had told no one of her dreams of being held captive. There was no diary, no secret writing. She had no books or videos or anything that would indicate that she wanted this.

Another cheer and her reverie was disturbed by a second soaking. She dimly wondered how many times some one would succeed. The water was reset and immediately knocked over again. Someone had their eye in and was obviously going to hit every time. Within minutes she was standing ankle deep in water and completely bedraggled. The nightdress was almost transparent yet the tie around her waist would still look like part of her panties. One of the boys made a show of adjusting the handkerchief over her mouth.

“Will no one save her?” He cried dramatically. There was a general response of


“Still another couple of hours,” he whispered in her ear.

What could they do? Even when the crowds had dispersed she was still in the middle of the playing fields, in full view of at least three dormitories, and the main Administration building. What could they possibly do?

It was a very warm day and she soon dried out again. The sun hurt her eyes a bit but she could do little except close them. She was basically ignored. There were several events throughout the afternoon and the side shows went quiet. During the jousting match, (there were no horses just people running with long poles) she was left alone with her two captors, Mick and Danny she now recalled. Mick was the obvious leader. Danny seemed a little nervous of being found out.

“Don't worry it’s Rag week. We are supposed to misbehave,” Mick assured him. “It's all just good fun. Isn’t it Kate?”

She glared at him, which was about all she could do. He reached down and tugged at the rope between her legs, grasping though her nightdress with an audacity that made Danny wince. It made Kate wince too, but for a completely different reason. She was actually getting very turned on by events, despite the outrageous situation. Her mind had accepted it and welcomed it as a fulfilment of her secret desires. She was horny as hell, and Mick seemed to sense it.

“You really do like this don’t you?” He challenged.

Kate shook her head but her body was letting her down.

Then she remembered. It had been early on in the first term. One night after having a little too much to drink, she and Mick had been talking about their loves and hates, dreams and nightmares. She must have let it slip about her kidnap fantasy. She now recalled that Mick had been the one to suggest the Maiden idea, and she had jumped in with both feet. He had planned this all along! This probably meant that he had a plan of how to get her into his room afterwards. This thought made her start to struggle against the ropes that held her. She felt him come close again.

“Now, now,” he chided, “let’s not get too excited. There will be plenty of time for that later. Just be a good damsel and take your soakings. I promise you will not be disappointed.”

She shook her head and she pleaded with him to let her go, but nothing came out. The gag was very effective.

“Perhaps I should tell Danny of your little fantasy? He might like to join in,” Mick suggested.

Kate stopped struggling. Danny did not know! He must have thought it was just part of the Rag like every one else. Her secret was almost safe, but she would have to go along with Mick’s plans. She shook her head slowly and deliberately this time.

“There’s a good little captive,” he said quietly.

She stood resolutely for the rest of the proceedings. Her eyes showed no hint of a problem and her head movements were those of someone keeping to the spirit of things. A few brief words as the event was winding down ensured her complicity.

“I can leave the gag in place, but it would simpler if you came without it,” he said conspiratorially.

She agreed. Anything to be rid of the taste and feel of leather. He fashioned a rope collar with a rope to lead her by and untied her hands to release her from the pole. He quickly re-tied them in front of her for effect. She was being lead way and it all seemed part of the show. She was almost free of all other restrictions, but the crotch rope was still in place and it rubbed her very intimately as she walked meekly behind him. Once in his room he pulled up a chair for her to sit. The door was shut and they were alone.

“How am I doing?” he asked. His voice was sounding less confident, even concerned.

“I’m a bit fuzzy from here on," he continued, "I can release you completely and nothing more will be said, or we can take it to what ever climax you want.”

His choice of word 'climax' was not lost on her. She was in a turmoil. The past hours had wound her up, but the moment had almost gone.

“I am your captive, do as you want,” she said simply. “You started this. You finish it.” She knew that she was now commited to whatever Mick had planned. Her stomach did another lurch but she was outwardly composed.

While they talked he produced a hair dryer and dried off her hair. Her nightdress was basically dry except for where her hair had touched it. He was very gentle, caressing her hair as he worked on it.

“What about Oral?” he asked tentatively.

“I have no objection, but I do not promise to swallow.” She heard a tremble in her voice and wondered whether he had noticed it too.

“Fair enough. What about your clothes?”

“What do you mean?”

“It is all very well wandering around like that during the fayre, but it will look a bit strange later in the evening. Where are your keys?”

“I left them with Margaret across the hall from me.”

“I know her, and she saw we were together this afternoon, so she should accept me getting you a change of clothes. First, I think we shall set the mood for the evening.”

“Are you going to leave me tied up in your room?” This was not what she had expected and it frightened her.

“It will be locked, and no one else has a key," he expalined calmly,"go on, let your imagination run riot. You are my captive and I intend to have my wicked way with you.”

Kate involuntarily shivered. She was not cold, but she was excited. She had made a decision to trust him, and the sooner things started the better. He made her stand and unceremoniously cut the nightdress from her body leaving her in bra and panties, barefoot and shaking with anticipation. Her breathing was coming in little short breaths. He brought her hands over and behind her head and tied a rope from them to the loops still around her waist. By pulling she would make the crotch rope rub inside her. It also made her chest push forward. It felt strange and nothing like she had ever imagined. She watched his hands approach her breasts. She was already defenceless. Her hands were held firm and her straining was making weird sensations between her legs. His touch was gentle but her reaction was like a jolt of electricity. She had never been this turned on. This was unbelievable. He pulled her bra down leaving it like a band under her breasts. The shoulder straps lifted her breasts to his attention.

“No need to remove this,” he twanged the bra against her chest, “it will serve just as well as it is.” He grinned, and she could see the excitement in his eyes. He pulled his thumbs across her already swelling nipples. She gasped and closed her eyes to try and understand this sensation. She had never actually been so helpless, unable to stop someone from touching or caressing her.

“Patience Kate, we have the whole evening ahead of us," he crooned. "This is just the hor’s dourves,” he added wickedly.

He released the crotch rope at the front, taking the tension out of her arms as the waist rope rode up under her rib cage.

“We can’t have you getting too excited while you are all alone can we?" he explained. "Besides,” his hands grabbed her panties, “we need to remove these.”

A sharp tug downwards and she was naked. Her panties fell to the floor and he patted her pubic mound appreciatively. He turned her round and gave her bottom an encouraging tap.

“Over to the bed now, let’s get you settled for a while.”

He helped her onto the bed then gently pushed her over. He was gaining in confidence, manipulating her to his wishes. He crossed her ankles and tied them, then moved the tether attached to her hands from her waist to her ankles. As he tightened the connection pulling her hands towards her ankles, her legs were opened leaving her in the most vacant position she had ever been in her life. She could hardly move yet her breasts jutted forward and her legs were wide open. She could barely roll left or right, and because the bed was only three feet wide there was little space to manoeuvre.

“That should give you something to think about,” he said standing up and admiring his handiwork. “I trust you will not cry out," he instreucted, "I would not want to leave you unattended with a gag in place.”

“I would have difficulty explaining how I allowed you to do this to me,” she panted, trying to get some relief from the awkward position she was in. "I can assure you that I will not broadcasting my predicament throughout the campus."

“You might also present a temptation that was irrefusable,” he agreed.

Kate struggled dramatically.

“You must have done this before,” she gasped. “How many other girls have you tied up on your bed?”

“I’m flattered, but you are the first,” he assured her. “I have dreamed of this since I first had sexual desires,” he said wistfully. “You are not the only one to have fantasies you know.”

“It seems we have more in common than we previously thought,” she said her body straining within it’s confines. “Now hurry up. I don’t know how long I can stand this.”

“You’ll stand it for as long as it takes,” he said masterfully.

Kate suddenly realised that he was serious. She was his now, at his mercy and under his control. She must accept whatever he did, and endure whatever he pleased. She had given him her permission and there was no turning back. She would now see whether fantasy could become reality or whether it would turn into a nightmare. A finger probed her most private area disturbing her thoughts.

“You are wet,” he chided “and after I took such trouble to dry you off.”

Kate grunted. What did he expect? The whole idea was to turn her on, and he was doing a pretty good job of it too.

He now left quickly leaving Kate to face up to her situation. She was desperate for relief. Her pussy was sore from the rubbing it had received during the day, and it had left an itch that, bound as she was, she could not scratch. She was naked, exposed, and helpless, in a comparative stranger’s bedroom. This was unreal. Surely she would wake up in a minute. As her legs and back started to ache due to the position she was in and she knew it was no dream. She could not even see the door. When a key turned in the lock she caught her breath. It was as if the whole world stood still.

“I see you are still here.” The now familiar voice of her captor let her breathe again.

“Where else would I be?” she grunted.

“Well, I was right. You do look irrisistable.”

She blushed and closed her eyes to avoid his. She was facing him now, on her side, as far as she could, her hips and breasts pushed towards him. She looked up and saw lust on his face with his mouth almost drooling.

“Come and get me,” she challenged. “I’m all yours.”

She was not prepared for what happened next. He took up her challenge and descended on her helpless body. It was as if he was an octopus with three heads and eight arms, his hands and mouth seemed to be everywhere. She could not avoid him, or control where he went. Her tits were squeezed and her nipples pulled and sucked. He explored every part of her that was available to him. Even her lips were not left unkissed. The feelings were intense, but there was no satisfaction or relief to the itch that was now almost unbearable. She felt his head between her legs and an exploratory tongue danced in. She would have come in a moment but he sensed it and withdrew. It took all her self control not to scream in frustration. He retreated from her looking flushed and flurried.

“That was naughty of you,” he panted. “You nearly made me make you come before me. I can see I will have to be more careful. I now understand what they mean when they say that it is the submissive who is really in control.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” she groaned. He was obviously more versed in this type of activity than he would have her believe. “I would not know who they are, let alone what they say or do.”

He was calming down. She was amazed at the effect she was having on him.

“I think it’s time for a review.” He said slowly.

“I would appreciate a change of position." she said, her voice straining. "This is getting to be uncomfortable to say the least.”

“You are also not able to service me as you are,” he agreed. “A change will be necessary.”

She had half hoped he had forgotten the idea of sucking him off. It was not something she relished, having tried it once and almost choked. He released the tie between her hands and feet and she stretched out gratefully.

“Roll onto your front,” he ordered. “Let me retie your hands behind your back.”

Once again, she allowed him to untie and retie her hands. There was no point in fighting him. If she wanted relief, and there was no doubt about that, she would have to comply with his demands. He bound her hands expertly behind her lashing them to the ropes that still hugged her waist. She assumed that would be it, but he took more rope and bound her arms. He sat her up and tied up her breasts winding in and out of her bra and over the nipples encasing them in a cage of rope that pinched and rubbed her. The ropes were permanently stimulating her and yet irritating at the same time. Finally he untied her ankles only to retie them together with another at her knees.

“Are you sure you have used enough rope?” she said accusingly.

“Might as well enjoy it while I can,” he countered, “I like to see you squirm.”

She obliged him squirming as best she could, but he had left her with little possible movement .

“So when do I get to see the merchandise?” she demanded.

“All in good time,” he assured her. “It is still quite early. I fancy something to eat. Do you want anything?”

“I’m a bit tied up at the moment!” she said dryly, but allowed herself to grin.

“Very amusing! I will make you pay for that remark later.”

Actually, she was ravenous. She had not eaten since lunch and the afternoon had been quite a strain both mentally and suprisingly, physically. He produced a meat pie and started to consume it. It looked delicious.

“I suppose I have to beg for it?” she said meekly.

“No, just ask nicely. There is plenty here if you don’t mind being fed.”

“I don’t seem to have much choice. Yes, I would appreciate some pie, and a sandwich or two if there’s some going.”

It was quite embarrassing being fed like a child. She could not even wipe her own mouth or brush away the inevitable crumbs. He was attentive and considerate, but he did not untie her.

“So how long have you had these kidnap fantasies?” he asked when they had finished the meal.

Kate was reluctant to discuss such matters but it was clear that Mick was in no hurry to bring proceedings to a conclusion. She squirmed uncomfortably. Still perched on the edge of the bed she had nothing to lean on.

“If we are not going to do anything physical for a while could I change my position?" she asked trying to distract him. "I have been sitting like this for nearly an hour,” she explained.

“Oh I’m sorry," he said looking embarrassed, "I’m still new at this captive game. Now, let me see.”

She could almost see his mind whirling as he contemplated his next move. His plans had obviously not progressed this far. He approached her and placed one arm behind her and the other under her legs. She felt his muscles tense and to her amazement found herself lifted into mid air. He was stronger than he looked! A gasp escaped her lips. He carried her over towards the chair and slowly let her stand just in front of it. She stood up straight and allowed the kinks to come out of her back. She had been unconsciously leaning forward to keep her balance on the edge of the bed and despite being encased in ropes it was quite a relief to be able to stretch her back.

He seemed to sense her need for a moment’s rest. She would not be able to stand for long without being able to open her legs for balance, but he let her teeter while she flexed what muscles were available to her. He guided her onto the seat. She watched him remove a belt from his dressing gown and pulled her waist against the back of the seat with it. He then untied her legs and lashed each one to the front legs of the chair.

“How's that?” he asked.

She could not resist, “not out.”

“Oh a cricket lover are we?” he smiled.

“I’m not a fanatic but I do watch the Test matches if I can,” she confessed.

“Now where were we. Oh yes you were going to tell me about your fantasies. This time we are both sober.”

Kate squirmed as much as this new position would let her.

“Actually, I was trying not to,” she said honestly.

“So lets see if you are ticklish,” he suggested and lightly rubbed either side of her waist. She jumped within her confines and he looked for a more sensitive area. He ran his nails lightly up the inside of her thigh and she struggled wildly unable to avoid this new attack to her helpless body.

“Ahh, “he said softly.

He tickled her mercilessly util she went red in the face. This was an activity she had not thought of. She was completely defenceless to his dancing fingers and was soon bucking and laughing uncontrollably. He let her rest.

“You were saying?” he purred.

“No, I won’t,” she answered petulantly.

He started again. She was very ticklish. He played with her and she resisted until he lifted under her foot.

“No!” she almost screamed, “I give in. Stop!”

He relented. She was hot again now, her ribs ached from laughing and straining and she was exhausted. She was also defeated. He would get his answer now.

“I used to read Nancy Drew mysteries," she explained, " Nancy was always getting tied up somewhere. It seemed quite exciting. Then when ever I saw someone being tied up on television I found myself getting horny. It’s not that there was any sex in it, but my mind seemed to freak out at the thought of being tied up. I have not persued the idea and never considered getting into any sort of bondage relationship. Never the less I get recurring dreams and on at least one occasion, I think, I even came in my sleep.”

She stopped abruptly having revealed slightly more than she intended. This being tied up and tickled had put a completely different perspective on things. She was opening up to this man much more than she had ever done to anyone else. It was as if he really had captured her.

He approached her again and she tensed, expecting more tickles but this time he planted a kiss on her lips. He stood back and reached to unbutton his shirt. He was obviously very self conscious at stripping in front of her. She watched with a growing sense of excitement as he slowly peeled off his clothes. She would have run her hands over the naked flesh that swayed tantalisingly before her, but she was still held firm by his bondage.

When he stood before her completely naked she had a unique view of him. She was sitting level with his belly button and his cock was standing firmly in front of her. He came towards her and she could smell his excitement. He rubbed himself on her and she drank him in, surprised at her own enthusiasm. She was very restricted, tied firmly to the chair. He bent down and released her legs and removed the belt from around her waist. Her upper body was still encased in ropes but she was now free to move off the chair. He encouraged her to kneel and she leant toward his manhood, but he stopped her. She was puzzled. He helped her to her feet and then sat on the chair she had been tied to. He pulled her towards him and she felt him cradle her like a baby. They kissed passionately. He allowed her to kneel in front of him and encouraged her to kiss his chest, even his nipples. She sucked one and was pleased with his response. He guided her back to his straining cock.

Despite her previous reservations she took to her task with gusto. She licked up and down and was surprised that the taste did not seem unpleasant. His dome was protruding from his foreskin, loaded and waiting. She encased it in her mouth and sucked gently. She felt his hands on her head encouraging more movement and was soon bobbing up and down to his rhythm.

The first spurt hit the back of her throat like a hot poker and she almost gagged. He did not hold her in place but she stayed anyway. It was salty, it was warm and she drank it like nectar. There was a groan of satisfaction and he pushed her away. She knelt back on her heels and looked at him spent and relaxed, his eyes half closed obviously revelling the sensations. Her mouth burned but there was also a feeling lower down that burned even more. It was clear that he would not be able to service her with his cock, at least not in the foreseeable future. It had shrivelled to a little mound and looked quite pathetic, she decided.

He stirred from his reverie and came crouching towards her. He bowled her onto the floor hard on her hands but there was no time to consider any discomfort. He was all over her again with mouth and hands. This time he was not going to stop. She felt herself pulling at the rope that still held her hands as he needed and sucked each breast. The ropes on her were pulled and moved to allow him access to her flesh, the tugging and pinching just adding to her sensations making it feel like his hands were everywhere. With her legs free she was laying on her back open to him and he buried his mouth in her pussy. She had never been stimulated this way before and his dancing tongue was too light to send her into orgasm. He then started sucking and the sensation blew her mind. The first climax was big but he did not stop and she could not stop him. She spread her legs wide welcoming the next orgasm as he sucked with gusto. She lost count of her climaxes and had to shout for him to stop. He pulled away and she slammed her legs shut rolling back and forth trying to control the feelings that overwhelmed her.

When she finally came back to her senses she found she was still tied tight on his floor. He was perched on the edge of the bed staring at her with a look that she could only describe as wonder and adoration. She was starting to stiffen from all her exertions but it did not seem to matter.

“Where do we go from here?” she asked quietly.

“First, we have to get you out of those ropes,” he said, getting up

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” she chided, backing away slightly.

He slumped back and she looked at him with new eyes. His strength and bravado were gone. He looked almost petrified at the thought of what he had done.

“That was amazing,” she said encouragingly, “I have never had sex like it. Thank you.”

He looked surprised.

“Thank me? After all I have done to you,” he gasped.

“It was my ultimate fantasy and you made it happen,” she said assuringly.

“You weren’t so bad yourself.”

“So where do we go from here?”

“You told me that you were not looking for a relationship.”

“I might have changed my mind.”

“Go back to your room and sleep on it,” he suggested, “if you can face me in the morning, maybe we have got a future. If not, well it was fun”

He untied her completely. She took a few minutes to gain her strength before dressing. There were marks all over her body where the ropes had been. It was just as well it was now dark, she might not have to explain to any one where they came from. She hoped so any way.

Back in her room she played the day back in her mind. It had been a shock, an endurance, and a revelation; but she dropped of to sleep with a smile on her face.