Sibling Rivalry

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2010 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; F/f; bond; capture; rope; cable; latex; encase; insert; reluct/nc; X

They called themselves Beta and Theta. What their real names were, nobody knew. What was known, however, was that they were the hottest crime fighting pair in the city. Beta had the ability to move any object with her mind, providing she could see it. Theta could change any substance into any other substance, again, providing she could see it.

Another well-known fact, obvious to any who saw them, was that Beta and Theta were twins. With their large breasts and otherwise very dangerous curves, the two blondes were identical in every way. Only their unique powers differentiated them one from the other.

Now, they prepared to combine their talents once again. Their target today was Titan, a huge man with superhuman strength. The pair had tracked him to an old warehouse, where he now, apparently, had them trapped.

As Titan advanced toward them, Theta’s eyes fell on a stack of steel beams nearby. Under her gaze, the end of a top beam shimmered slightly, becoming the end of a thick steel cable. The change moved slowly along the beam, as cable began to coil onto the floor.

Sensing her twin’s idea, Beta used her power to grasp the end of the cable, slowly drawing it into a coil as it grew longer. The two ignored Titan’s ponderous approach as the focused on their tasks.

Ignoring the changing beams, Titan passed the pile to halt before the two blondes. “I have you now,” he gloated. “There’s nowhere left to run.”

As he spoke, the last of the beams vanished, leaving a huge coil of cable on the floor. Her part finished, Theta grinned at Titan.

“It looks like you’re right,” she said. “So why don’t you surrender now and save yourself the embarrassment?”

“Me? I’m not the one who’s going to be…….what the….?” Distracted by Theta’s words, Titan hadn’t noticed the coil of cable as Beta brought it behind him. What silenced him was feeling the end of the cable encircle his ankles. Even as he glanced down, the huge coil spun around him, pinning his legs together with several turns of the heavy steel. Before he could move, more turns pinned his arms to his sides.

Cursing, Titan struggled, but even his strength was no match for the thick cables. These reached his shoulders, then quickly worked their way back down his body until the ends touched. Under Theta’s gaze, the ends melded together, forming one continuous cable the nearly cocooned Titan, rendering his might useless. In the end, all his struggles accomplished was to make him lose his balance, so that he fell heavily to the floor.

“That’s another one,” Beta said with satisfaction. “Damn, but I’m good.”

“You?” Theta demanded. “What about me? I provided the cable you caught him with.”

Beta shrugged. “True,” she said, “but I could have stopped him by myself. Perhaps by planting those beams around him as a cage. I just let you help so you’d feel useful.”

“I’ll show you useful!” Under Theta’s glare, Beta’s slacks changed to shiny black latex, the legs merging to pin Beta’s legs together.

“So that’s how it is?” Beta’s eyes fell on a crate filled with scraps of rope and cloth. Under her power, sections of the rope knotted themselves together, then wrapped around Theta’s ankles, pinning them together and rapping around her legs up to her thighs, where they tied themselves off.

Glaring, the twins faced each other, one’s legs bound in latex, the other in rope. Each ignored her own situation, assuming that, once she’d defeated her sister, she could free herself.

Beta’s shirt now changed, the material of the sleeves merging with the main portion, latex flowing down over her hands to pin her arms at her sides. At the same time, more knotted rope flew around Theta until her arms and hands were also pinned at her sides.

Suddenly, Theta grinned, and Beta felt a coolness around her nipples. Glancing down, she saw that the latex holding her had developed two holes, allowing her now bare breasts to hang free. Theta’s grin froze as her top suddenly ripped and pulled apart, allowing her breasts to protrude between the ropes that parted to let them through.

“Why you little bmmmmmffff!” Theta’s words were suddenly muffled as a wad of cloth stuffed itself into her mouth, a length of rope encircling her head and knotting to hold it in place. As if in reply, the material of Beta’s latex prison suddenly expanded, moving up her throat and over her chin to cover her mouth, turning her sudden curses into muffled humming.

For a moment, each girl struggled against her bonds. Then, Theta lowered her gaze slightly. Beta squealed through her sealed lips as the latex at her crotch seemed to press inward. Desperately, she squeezed with all her might, but couldn’t eject the large dildo that had formed within her.

Theta’s triumph lasted only a moment, until a knotted rope attached itself to the wrappings around her waist, the end threading between her thighs to draw tight, pulling the cloth of her slacks deep within her most sensitive flesh, before knotting itself at her back, holding itself cruelly tight.

Suddenly, a patch of cloth wrapped itself over Theta’s eyes, knotting at the back of her head, blinding her. At the same time, the material of Beta’s prison leaped upward to cover the rest of her head, blinding her as well. Deprived of their power along with their sight, neither girl could now act to free herself. The two stood struggling in their bonds until, one after the other, they lost their balance and fell to the floor. As they continued to struggle helplessly, each girl found herself hoping the other had alerted the authorities before chasing Titan here. Otherwise, they were going to be here for a very long time.