by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2009 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; webcam; M/f; bond; gag; ribbon; rope; tease; hum; toys; climax; cons/reluct; X

Stepping from the shower, Kris dried herself, then moved to her wardrobe to select an outfit. Tonight’s show was going to be special, and she wanted to look as sexy as possible. After some thought, she selected her black bikini, then moved to stand in front of her full length mirror. Pausing, she eyed herself critically. She was a slender girl, with a firm ass, slim waist, and firm, medium sized breasts. A perfect handful, her boyfriend often told her. Smiling at the thought, she donned her bikini and moved to her studio.

At age 25, Kris was an internet “star”. For the past two years, she’d run her own cam site. Called the most beautiful woman on the net by some, the biggest tease online by others, she’d learned early on to love flaunting her looks in front of her cam. And it had worked. No matter what anyone said, she never lacked when it came to paying members.

Russ, her boyfriend, had never really liked her cam career. For some reason, the thought of dating “the biggest tease online” seemed to bother him. Still, he accepted her choice, though he refused to watch even the free portions of her shows. It had surprised her when he’d agreed to help her set tonight’s show up.

Tonight’s show was going to be something different. For the past two years, Kris had been modeling an increasingly daring variety of clothing and lingerie. The problem was, it had all begun to feel the same. Then one night, searching the internet for ideas, she’d stumbled onto a bondage site. Looking at the images of women bound in provocative poses, she’d decided to do a “damsel in distress” special show.

Now, firing up her computers, Kris wondered. Not only had Russ agreed to help with this show, he’d even offered to see to all the prep work. The whole thing made her curious. Did he enjoy the thought of making her look helpless? Shrugging the thoughts away, she got her computers ready.

For her shows, Kris ran two computers. One was linked directly to her cam, letting her see exactly what her customers saw. On the second, she could check how many were watching her, chat with her fans, or maybe check her email if the show got too boring. She could also control her cam from the second computer, allowing her to zoom in for close-ups, as well as open and close her cam link to the site. That little option had saved her one night, when a slinky chemise had stubbornly refused to remain in place over her nipples. Even so, there were persistent rumors of a “nipple slip” clip floating around.

Her computers ready, Kris stretched out on her bed, thinking. How does one look helpless, she wondered. Curious, she practiced a few poses. Hands behind her, legs held together, she rolled back and forth on the bed, watching to make sure she never moved out of range of the cam. It was doable, she decided, if she was careful.

A short time later, Russ arrived, carrying a plastic sack. Props, he told her, something to make the show more believable. Carrying the sack, he followed her to her studio, then set the sack down and reached inside. The first thing he pulled out looked like a lollipop. At his request, she opened her mouth wide, holding still as he worked the large ball past her teeth. Once he had it settled, he had her close her mouth. Next, he took a wide strip of clear tape and, after making a hole for the stick, smoothed the tape over her closed lips.

As he stepped back, Kris examined her situation. The ball of the lollipop was wood, filling her mouth and pinning her tongue down. Also, it seemed to have been soaked in something, as it tasted strongly of cherry. With the tape sealing her lips, there was no way she could push the ball out of her mouth, even if she could work it past her teeth.

“Isn’t this a bit extreme?” she asked, startled when only muffled sounds emerged. Glancing at her computer, she couldn’t see the tape at all. It simply looked as if she had a sucker in her mouth. Puzzled, she glanced toward Russ.

“Just part of the show,” he said, smiling.

Reassured, Kris stretched out face down on her bed, watching on the computer as Russ drew her hands together behind her. Pressing her hands palm to palm, he reached into the sack again, this time withdrawing a long ribbon. As she watched, still puzzled, he wrapped the ribbon around her pinkie fingers, pulling them together, then the next pair, until all four sets of fingers were drawn together. With the remaining ribbon, he wrapped her hands twice, then wrapped her thumbs together, finally wrapping once around her wrists and tying the ends off.

Curious, Kris tugged at her hands. The tie reminded her of a Chinese finger trap. Though slender, the ribbon effectively imprisoned her hands, not even allowing her to wiggle her fingers.

As Russ reached once more into the sack, Kris grew increasingly nervous. She was supposed to look helpless, not actually be helpless! She tried asking Russ what he had in mind, but the ball in her mouth once more turned her words into unintelligible gibberish.

The next item to emerge from the bag was a length of rope. Crossing her ankles, Russ wrapped the rope snugly in both directions before tying off the ends. Glancing at the computer, Kris realized that this tie prevented her from fully straightening her legs. Worse, it held her knees spread wide. Now she couldn’t even roll over without help.

Glancing at the clock, Russ moved to the computer. “Are we ready?” he asked, smiling. Ignoring her muffled protests, he opened the link.

“Showtime,” he said.

Furious, Kris struggled against her bonds. With muffled grunts emerging from her sealed lips, she fought to free herself, writhing on her bed. Russ watched her struggles, then glanced at the computer.

“My, my,” he said, “it looks like you’re very popular tonight.”

Kris froze, eyeing the screen. She’d only been on a few minutes, but she already had more viewers than ever before. On her cam screen, she saw herself lying helpless. Instead of her standard logo in the corner, though, she something different, stretched across the bottom of the screen:

Kissable Kris
As You’ve Always Wanted To See Her

Stunned, Kris watched as Russ drew on a leather hood, hiding his features. When had he changed her site? Why hadn’t she noticed it? When Russ moved onto the bed behind her, she was too shocked to resist as he raised her to a kneeling position. With her bonds now invisible to her viewers, it looked as if she were simply kneeling on her bed, legs spread, with a lollipop in her mouth. Nobody who came on now would see how truly helpless she was.

As she stared at herself on the screen, she felt Russ’ lips brush her ear. “And just so you know, babe, the mic is all the way up. They’ll be able to hear every sound you make.” With that, he reached up and untied her bikini top, stripping it from her.

As her breasts fell free, Kris instinctively moved to cover them. The ribbon kept her hands pinned behind her, however, and her struggles only served to make her breasts bounce and sway freely. Seeing this on the screen, she stopped.

Now Russ’ hands slipped around her, cupping her breasts. Again she struggled, and again her bonds defeated her. She could only watch as, on live cam, her boyfriend fondled her bare breasts. Exactly as her viewers were watching. But they were only watching it. She was feeling it! And it was beginning to feel good!

When his fingers moved to her nipples, gently pinching and kneading the hard buds, her eyes closed, soft moans beginning to emerge from her sealed lips. Her pleasure growing, she barely noticed when her bottom was removed, baring her totally before the camera. When a hand slipped between her spread thighs and began stroking her, her only reaction was to try to spread her thighs wider.

Slowly, one hand on her nipple, the other between her thighs, Russ began stoking the fires within her. As he did, her world began to fade. No longer caring about the camera, not caring what her viewers saw, Kris gave herself completely to the pleasure growing within her. When Russ removed his hand from between her thighs, she moaned her frustration as loudly as her gag allowed, her moan turning to a gasp as something began vibrating against the lips of her pussy, causing her to thrust her hips forward, pressing herself against this new source of pleasure.

Slowly, tortuously, the vibration worked its way along her lips, driving her steadily deeper into her need. Russ’ other hand left her nipple, but that no longer mattered. All that mattered was the vibration that was surely going to drive her insane. Now she felt the slightest pressure, the vibration slowly working its way inside her. With something approaching desperation, she tried to thrust forward, only to realize that Russ had wrapped his other arm around her waist, holding her gently but firmly in place. She could only kneel in helpless need as the vibration slowly, too slowly, penetrated her.

For what felt like an eternity to the helpless woman, the vibration advanced, bringing with it a sense of being filled, along with steadily increasing need. As the feeling neared her clit, she stiffened, her pleading moans filling the room. For long, interminable moments, the vibration seemed to hesitate, as if to wring every last morsel of need from her straining body. Then, with surprising suddenness, the vibration pressed itself firmly against her clit, and she exploded.

So great was the force of her orgasm, her body seemed to fly apart. Nothing was real, nothing mattered, only the wave after wave of pleasure that fragmented her body, her mind, each part separate, distinct, joined only by the power of her orgasm, power that flashed like lightning across and through her. And with each flash, she seemed to be drawn toward a darkness that grew around her. With a final, all-consuming flash of pleasure, the darkness consumed her.

When Kris returned to herself, she found her bonds gone. For long moments, she struggled with muscles that felt like limp rubber bands. Slowly, her strength returned, allowing her to sit up on her bed. The cam screen, she realized, was dark, indicating that the show was over. Glancing at the other screen, she froze. According to the numbers, there had been over a hundred people watching her when her show ended. Over a hundred people had watched her bound and driven to the most powerful orgasm of her life!

When she was finally able to drag her eyes from the screen, Kris realized that she was alone. Fighting the weakness of her body, she rose and moved slowly from the room. She found Russ in the living room, sitting tensely on the couch. Carefully, she lowered herself onto the chair facing him. For long moments, they simply looked at each other. Finally, Kris broke the silence.


“Do you know,” he replied, “how it feels to love the web’s biggest tease? Have you ever seen the blogs about you?” Kris shook her head; she’d never bothered to look. “Well, I have. They call you a slut, Kris. A cyber whore who sells herself online, but never gives people what they pay for. They don’t care about you. All they want is someone to jack off to.”

“So you decided to tie me up, strip me, and make me cum in front of the camera.” Kris’ eyes flashed with her anger. “What, exactly, did you hope to accomplish with this stunt?”

Russ shook his head. “I really don’t know,” he said softly. “At first, I think I hoped it would make you give up your site. You spend so much time on it, there never seems to be enough time for us any more. Sometimes, it seems like the only reason I’m here is to provide you with sex between your shows.”

Kris’ anger, while not cooling, slowly began to refocus. He was, she knew, right. Over the past two years, her show had grown to occupy much of her time. From a cherished companion, Russ had somehow become a way to escape from the show that had somehow come to encompass her life. Silently, she cursed herself for allowing it to come to this.

“You said at first,” she said, her anger now directed more toward herself than him. “What about after?”

Russ looked away, as if unable to meet her gaze. “You looked so sexy,” he said softly, “all tied up like that. And so horny. You were enjoying it so much, all I wanted to do was make it last as long as I could.” Turning back, he met her eyes. “I knew you’d leave me because of this. There’s no way you could forgive me.” He shrugged. “So I decided, if it was going to be our last time together, I wanted to make it as good for you as I could.”

Slowly, he rose. “I’ll leave now,” he said. “If I have anything here, I’d appreciate it if you’d box it up and leave it over at Tim’s house. I’ll pick it up there so you won’t have to see me again.” Slowly, he turned away.

Watching him walk away, Kris struggled with her feelings. There was anger, yes, anger at herself for neglecting him. Anger at him, also, for what he’d done to her. Mixed in with the anger, however, was the memory of how it all had felt. Slowly, the memory rose over the anger.

“Wait.” Russ stopped, turning to look at her curiously. Suddenly nervous, Kris licked her lips before saying, “What you did was wrong, you know that, right?” At his nod, she continued. “Tying me up, I can understand. I did ask you to. But the rest of it was different. That was the worst thing you could have done to me.” She paused. “And the best.” At his stunned look, she managed a small smile.

“I intend to keep my cam, I want you to know that up front. I’ve worked on it too long to give it up. From now on, though, I expect you to take an active part.”

“Kris, I…..”

“No argument,” she said sternly, cutting off his protest. “You started this, now you’re going to see it through. You will help with the shows, and you will appear on cam with me. But first, you’re going to make some changes to the site.”

“What changes?” he asked. Realizing he wasn’t going to fight her on this, Kris smiled.

“You love me enough to give me up over this,” she said softly. “Do you love me enough to stay?” At his slow nod, her smile widened.

“Good. Then we need to get busy. By the next show, I want the site changed. Kissable Kris is gone. Next week, we debut Kinky Kris, Bondage Babe. And I expect you to come up with a lot of different ways to tie me up. Think you can handle it?”

For a long moment, Russ simply stared at her, then a smile began tugging at the corners of his mouth. “We’ll need lots of batteries for the vibrator,” he said.

“Oh, no,” she replied, walking up to him, reaching down and stroking him through his jeans. “From now on, I get the real thing. Now let’s go eat before we get started. Is that little place over on 10th still open. We haven’t gone there in forever.”

As she moved to get dressed, Kris smiled to herself. Maybe Russ had been wrong in what he’d done. Maybe she should hate him for it. But maybe, just maybe, he’d opened the door to a whole new world for both of them. A world she was now eager to explore, as long as it was with him. Dressed, she rejoined him in the living room. As they left the house, she glanced back, savoring the things she’d so recently felt, looking forward to feeling the same things again.

Let the show go on.