Shovel the Snow - or Else!

by Tiffini

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© Copyright 2014 - Tiffini - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; outdoors; cd; swimwear; heels; gag; vetwrap; cuffs; legirons; collar; snow; machine; punish; cons/reluct; X

“He’s pissed me off one too many times the last few weeks”, I tell myself one day… “If he won’t shovel the *&@#in driveway next time it snows, he’ll pay for it!”

There’s been a tonne of snow this year – and we’ve got a long driveway. At one end he’s put a post up to help light the driveway at night. We’ve kept the driveway fairly clear, but there’s no more room for the snow.

One evening there’s about 6” of snow on the driveway – it’s nice, light, fluffy stuff – the stuff that ya, we could just drive over, but I like a clean driveway. He just wants to go to bed… I decide that he’ll pay for making me shovel the driveway!

I start acting all sweet and stuff, and about 10pm I pull out his girly clothes. And the chains... the chains will be my best friend tonight.

I get him naked, and then have him put on my least favourite bathing suit. (I’m so glad we got one in his size).. it’s a one piece, but it shows most of the tummy. I put a pair of dirty panties in his mouth, and using vet-wrap wrap it around his head. Then I put a blindfold on him.

The cuffs go on his wrists, pulling his hands behind his back, and the leg irons around his ankles. I put his high heels on him (about a 4-5” heel) and a collar around his neck. Attaching a leash, I lead him outside, through the open garage door. He knows not to fight me while he’s chained up..

I lead him outside, and to the post. I take another pair of leg irons, and lock one around his right elbow, around the post, and then to his left, securing him to the pole.

“Wanna know something honey?” I say to him “I don’t think I should be cleaning the driveway... I think that’s your job. Let me know when you agree with me!”

I go in the garage, and start the snowblower. I do a good chunk of the driveway, watching him freeze, and try to get away from the pole. I turn the blades off, and push it up to him – he doesn’t know it, but the chute is so close to his “manland” as he calls it, and there’s a tonne of snow waiting to be thrown.

“Do you agree yet?” I yell over the motor noise. I wait a few seconds, “Sorry, can’t hear you”, and turn the blades on. I’ve never seen him jump so high, as he did when the snow hit him downstairs.

I finish the section of driveway, and he’s been almost covered in snow. I put the snowblower away, and then walk up to him. “So, will I have to shovel again?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” he said, shaking his head no.

“Right answer hun” I say, as I brush the snow off of him using a car brush, before releasing the leg cuffs from his elbows, and lead him inside.

I turn him loose just outside the bathroom, and after a long hot shower, he comes up to me and apologizes.

I haven’t had to shovel snow ever again.

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