by Lee

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I like to cross-dress it’s as simple as that. When I cross-dress up I can pass for a respectable woman. I even get compliments and whistles when I go all out. I own several custom corsets made by meschantes. Two are their sweetheart models one is Red Rose Brocade and one is Turquoise Rose Brocade, Fancy for Blue. The other corset is their Long Line Under breast. It’s Fuchsia Cherry Blossom Silk. They all are gorgeous. They fit like a glove. I dearly love to tight lace and wear them whenever I can. A good corset will make anyone look sexy.

Meschantes are a great bunch of people. They were very helpful with recommendations since I was a first time corset user. They have a great site with many different styles and fabrics. I’m already thinking about their long line. They have a great site at

I wear a bra with the corset. It is used to hold the two breast enhancers I use on each side. The corset pushes up and if I don’t have something to hold them in place I have to fidget with them all the time. The corset will force them out without the bra.

Today I wanted to do some shopping but was going to the club after so I dressed up nice. I picked out the Red Rose corset and a brown Bali bra. I use false tits that are thick fluid filled. They move like the real thing. Next came my Peavey tights. Then I selected a pair of support high cut briefs. With them on you can’t see a bulge at all. They hold up the tights too. I set everything else where I can reach it and now comes the corset.

Lacing the corset was hard at first. I was determined to have the laces in back though. I still use a mirror as I lace. As the gap closes with the laces it bunches up the privacy panel. I take a yardstick and push the privacy panel straight. As I get more limber it is easier. I can now reach up and touch between my shoulder blades now so I can pull the top as tight as I want. I tighten the laces up a little then move around some then tighten them again. When I tie it off I’m in tight lace heaven. It’s hard to breath but my body gets use to it quickly once it settles to the corset.

I selected a pair of black high heel pumps. They have 4’ heels. I set down to do my makeup and select a black layered wig that falls just below my shoulders. Once I finish I decided to wear a black velvet dress with long sleeves and a small purse to match. Now off to the mall.

I’m in Macy’s looking through the bras and noticed a ravishing chick watching me from over the racks of clothes. I turned back to the bras and suddenly she was standing beside me. “Can I help you” I turned toward her and had to catch my breath. She was what had to be the most beautiful creature I had seen in years. She was a sales person. Cheri was on her nametag; she stood about 5’ 8” tall. Flowing thick ash blond hair that came to the bottom of her shoulder blades.

She tilted her head and her hair swooped towards that side. To my surprise she reached out and touched my chest. She smiled and put both her hands on her hips. “I’m 38 c-cup, mine are real. I have 30” hips, and a 26” waist.” I looked at her and thought that waist had to be no more than 22”. She must have read my mind because she said, “I tight lace too.”  With that comment. I did notice the line of a corset under her blue silk blouse. She was wearing a short pleated skirt with what had to be peavey tights on her long legs. The pumps she was wearing had at least 4” heels.

I like to have fell out when she said, “ Men that cross dress turn me on and right now thinking what you might have on has me hot.” She watched for my reaction then said.  “Wait right here.” She turned to go back to the register, pulled a small gym bag out and walked back towards me. As she reached me she took my arm. “Shall we?” she said as she took me by the hand and led me back into the changing room. We went all the way to the back and entered a door marked 'personnel only'. It was actually a large changing stall. She locked the door and turned toward me. “Strip” was the only thing she said. It was like a command but not mean.

I looked at her for a second and proceeded to take off my clothes. When I reached the point that I had nothing on but my corset, bra and tights she said “That’s enough, lets have a look at you.” She paused. “Put your shoes back on.” I stepped back in to my spiked heel pumps. The heels raised me back up till I was looking right in her eyes.

Did I tell you her name was Cheri.  God I was in a daze. Cheri looked me over while she was taking inventory. Bali bra, Corset, support briefs, Peavey tights, and to top it off 4” spiked pumps. “Turn around.” She said with a little more authority this time. “Now stand still.” I could see her in the mirrors. Every wall had them. She reached into her bag and brought out a ball gag that had to be 2 1/2”. “Open if you want to.” Was her comment as she looked at me in the mirror. “I’ll stop any time you want me to. Just shake your head 5 or 6 times.”

I didn’t know where this trip was going to take me but I’ll be damn if I wasn’t going to take it. I opened my mouth and Cheri pulled the ball deep into my mouth and buckled it tight. Pulling the strap around my hair. I’ve had large gags before but this is the biggest I’ve ever taken. She reached back in her bag. I heard a lock click and saw a small brass lock in the mirror. Next came a set of handcuffs. She turned me around put the cuffs on and lifted my hands up to a clothes hook. Only this hook was at least 7’ up the wall. She put the chain over the hook. Now I couldn’t go anywhere.

She pulled out a dildo. It wasn’t small but it wasn’t huge either. She looked at me holding it in her hand. “Do you want to go all the way? I’m sure you have used these before.” I nodded yes and she reached for a bottle of personal lube she had set on a shelf. She turned me around to face the wall and pulled my panties and tights down. Two fingers with lube on them found my hole and pushed their way in. It surprised me and I gasped.  She worked her fingers around spreading my hole open.

Then I felt the tip of the dildo press on the lips of my ass hole. She worked it back and forth while she pressed harder and harder. She wasn’t violent about it. She took her time. Even with that when it popped past my rose bud I screamed into the gag. She paused a moment then slowly pushed it all the way in. As it reached the base of the dildo she stopped a second. “This might hurt a little.” She whispered. I felt her pressing harder on the dildo. “There is a ring near the base of the dildo that is almost twice the diameter.” She added.

When that passed my rosebud I let out a scream. Nothing but grunts came out. Now I know why the gag was so big. The dildo had a slim base on it that disappeared up the crack of my ass. You couldn’t see it was in there. Mirrors everywhere. She took a moist towel she had and cleaned me up. “We won’t need these.” She said as she slid my panties down. “Step out.” She laid them with my dress on a shelf then she reached in to the bag and came out with a remote control she put on the shelf.

When she turned me around my dick was huge and pulsing trying to get out of the tights.  The tights had a cross seam in the front and she reached in and pulled it out. “That’s nice, did you have them custom altered?” she asked talking about the fly in the tights. I shook my head yes. “Keeps from tearing up expensive stockings.” She was saying while she stroked my dick slowly. When a drop of cum came out, she let go and said “Not yet missy. I have plans for you, and she left me hanging with my dick pulsing up and down.

She pulled a tie down strap out that had climbing snaffles on the ends, and tossed it up over a large sprinkler pipe. She let the ends hang in the middle of the room. She took out a set of wrist and ankle straps. She put the ankle straps on. She reached up and released my hands taking off the handcuffs. “Step to the center of the room and put your hands behind your back.” She said. As I did she walked behind me and put the straps on my wrist. I heard a snaffle click on the d-rings and what had to be locks clicking shut. She tightened the straps on my ankles and put locks on them as well.

The next thing out of the bag was two aluminum poles. One had hooks on each end and a socket in the middle. The other one had threads on both ends. She threaded the one in to the socket of the other. “Spread your legs.” Was the next command. She attached the pole to each ankle strap. Both of the poles were like the canes that collapse. She pushed a button and stretched the pole and my legs out about 3’ apart. She swung the pole in the center up and I felt her screwing it into a socket in the dildo. She pushed up a little and I had to straighten up my legs as the dildo buried itself deeper into me. I heard a click then saw her put two locks on the poles. I wasn’t going anywhere and was not getting out of this without her say so.

My dick pulsed and a little cream came out. Cheri knelt down and licked the cream off my dick. She took the end of my dick in her mouth and slid my swollen dick slowly into her mouth. All the way to my balls then slowly she slid herself off my pulsing member. She had my balls in her hand playing with them the whole time.

AAAAAaahhhhhhh I almost blew it right there. “Hold on missy, there is more to come.” She said standing up and wrapping two fingers around my dick at the base of the shaft. She held them there till the pulsing stopped. Cheri stepped behind me and unclipped the snaffle on the d-rings. She had another one of the aluminum poles in her hand. Bringing my hands around to the front she clipped each hand to the end of the pole and adjusted it out till it was the same length as the one on my ankles. As she let go I noticed the pole was thick metal and had rings on the opposite sides at each end.

Cheri took the snaps on the ends of the straps hanging from the ceiling and clipped them to the hooks on either end of the pole. She grabbed the loose end of the strap and pulled down. My hands went up in the air with the pole. Reaching up she pulled down one more time and the strap stopped when all the slack was taken out. She folded the loose strap and clipped it up out of the way. She took the ratchet in her hand and started to tighten up the strap. I started to stretch until the tips of my pumps were just touching the floor. I was now hanging spread eagle with my toes barely dragging the floor.

Cheri took the remote control and pressed a couple of buttons. The dildo came alive and started to vibrate the tip. The ring moved up and down stretching my rosebud as it passed. I lost it. I screamed and every muscle in my body convulsed. The dildo stopped all action. “That’s called a Little Devil. There are two types. One for the Ass which you just got introduced to and one for the pussy.” Damn her voice was sexy. I thought. “They are remote controlled and you can download programs into their memory for long term use. Yours has a ring at the bottom that moves up and down bumping past your rosebud every time, it has a bump that falls right on your prostrate that can inflate and vibrate to stimulate it. It can move up and down like it is fucking you all the while playing with your rosebud and prostate with the bump and ring.”

“In the automatic mode it monitors your pulse, bp, temp and can do a blood analysis with a laser built in. It has pads in the skin that can deliver shocks. It even squirts like it is cuming. The program can determine how close you are to cuming and adjust the program to let you or tease you crazy.”

“It can be charged with a little paddle that you can sit on or just hold it up close to your butt.” Cheri set the remote down, turned and left the room. I heard a lock click. I was hanging there and realized I could hear someone in one of the rooms trying on clothes. God that turned me on. We could get caught anytime. My mind ran. Here I was hanging helpless totally at the mercy of a ravishing kinky girl that I just met. I was in a dream.

I was startled as the lock on the door opened and Cheri came in. Right behind her came another beautiful girl. She looked just like Cheri. Shit twins. I shook in my bonds trying to get loose. I had no idea what I had gotten my self into and started to panic. They both came in and locked the door behind them. When they saw me struggling they both walked over to me. Cheri knelt down and started to lick my dick. She took the end of it in her mouth and slid her lips back and forth reaching back stroking my ass and legs.

The second “Cheri” was stroking my arms and chest. She started to kiss me on my chest.  She kissed me all over my chest and neck. She went behind me and pulled my head back by my hair. She licked me around the edge of my ear blowing softly into it. She ran her tongue in and out of my ear fast like she was fucking it. The Dildo had started to vibrate. Slowly almost softly. I let my self-go. Oh God I was in heaven. I was just about to cum when Cheri and her twin just stopped cold. 'Shit oh please don’t stop' came out as a series of grunts around the ball gag. Which had a little spit starting to leak out and down my chest. The other Cheri stepped over and lick the stream off my chest ending with nipping my chest just above my fake tits. My head went back and I moaned into the gag. My fist clinched and I tried to lift my legs. Well you what that got me. I drove the dildo deep into me. It seems when she screwed the pole in the bar was taken off. OOhhh That made me shudder and I started to swing back and forth a little.

“This is my twin sister Cindy. Cindy meet...” She stopped and held her hand up to her mouth. “Wow I don’t even know your name.” she said giggling. “Do you mind?"  She said as she pointed to my purse. “Lee, Cindy this is Lee.” She said putting my license back. “Sorry about that.” Cindy and I have been searching for someone like you. Cindy and I are into bondage in a big way. Cindy and I both have hung exactly where you are. But we would have a double set of devils. We would be here the whole day and sometimes the night. We would have the Little Devils to keep us on the ragged edge. Then the other would come in to finish.”

I guess she saw my eyes get wide. “Oh no don’t get the wrong idea. Cindy show him what we mean by touture.” I looked at Cindy and she was standing there strip naked. My pulse suddenly got faster. Cindy reached into the bag and came out with a cat of nine tails. She walked over to me and flicked the leather onto my leg at the waist. The leather wrapped around me stinging a little as it hit. The tips of several of the strips just struck my dick and balls. I shuddered at the impact. “Are you ready?” She said. She never gave me a chance to answer.

She stepped back and swung hard. This time right across my ass. As the leather wrapped around me harder this time I lunged into my bonds. Thrusting out till I reached the end of my restraints. My feet stopped dead. My eyes caught Cheri, she had clipped each end of the bar on my feet eyehooks in the floor. UUUUgggghhhhh I screamed into the gag. The Little Devil came to life. Cindy swung the leather again and it kissed my body. It was harder than the last time. The Devil was vibrating a little faster. I saw Cheri. She was naked and had the remote in her hand playing with the buttons. OOOhhhhhh God. I screamed again. And the leather swung again. Stop, Stop I screamed. My eyes wide. AAAAaaaaahhhhhhhh Then when I thought she had stopped I yelled NO NO don’t stop. And the leather came again. They couldn’t understand me so I was totally at their mercy.

Faster she swung the leather. It hurt, she was swinging it hard. Did I want it? OOOOHHHH SSSshhit. My body threw itself against the restraints. Cheri knelt down and took my dick into her mouth. Cindy was swinging hard and fast now. Swish I heard the nine tails as it swung through the air. It wrapped around me like a violent lover. Cheri was sliding her mouth up and down my dick. Letting me fuck her mouth but she was doing all the work. OH GOD I have never felt anything like this. The Devil was running faster now. I could feel the ring running in and out of my ass. I was sweating. Swish and the leather struck again and again. My balls were hitting Cheri on her chin. She reached up grabbed them and squeezed. SSSSsshhhhhhhhiiiiiiittttttttt.

A trembling started deep in me. It swept through my body like a wave. Never, Never UUUUUgggggggg Shit, Shit. Swish the leather came again. I was leaning into it. Wanting it. Harder Cindy, Harder. As if she heard me the leather came harder. Cheri grabbed my ass and was face fucking me violently. GOD UUUUHHHHHhhhhhgggggggg. I exploded with what had to be the most massive and intense orgasm I have ever had. I strained violently against the restraints. Cheri was still fucking me deep. Not a drop of cum was coming out. I must have been cuming straight down her throat. Cindy had stopped swinging the leather and was stroking my body. Kissing me all over. Cheri had my dick in her mouth so far my balls were in her mouth like a gag.

Cheri pulled back and was licking my dick clean. Cindy was kissing my neck and shoulders. I was exhausted. You could hear me trying to catch my breath through my nostrils. Shit what a ride. I was dizzy. I just hung there swinging as much as my bonds would let me. I felt my body shake and a little cum ran out of my dick. Cheri leaned over and wrapped her lips around the tip of my dick; she wrapped her hand around my dick and milked me sucking it like a lollypop. My body shook again. My head was lying on my chest.

Suddenly Cheri and Cindy were standing in front of me. I swung slowly back and forth. I looked up at these two girls and thought this is a dream. This could never happen to me. I am going to wake up and be lying on the couch with comrades on the TV. Suddenly a shock came from the Little Devil. The ring moved one more time over my rose bud and I shuddered. One of them unlocked the ball gag and removed it. I was still breathing hard. I worked my jaw a few times. Suddenly Cindy had her lips on mine kissing me softly, deeply. What seemed like an eternity she stopped and Cheri started. They were twins but their kiss was entirely different.

As she finally stopped I looked at the two of them. They were both grinning. Cheri looked at Cindy and asked “You think he’s had enough?” I had to laugh at that one. “OK a few questions.” Cheri said. “Do you like to cross dress all the time?” As much as possible was my response. “Do you want to become a woman or are you happy with just cross dressing?” Asked Cindy.

“I have thought of becoming a woman for a long time. I just don’t have the money. But if I did I would be a lesbian and would want to keep my dick. Be a transvestite”.

“Well you have the body for it. We think you would make a beautiful woman.” Said Cheri.  “And we would not mind that.” They both said at once.

“The money is not an issue. We won the lottery last week.” Cindy said, “Cheri was going to quit today when she called me and told me about you being here.”

Cheri added “I’ve seen you in here several times. And I checked up on you with an old boyfriend that’s a cop.”

“We both date. We like women more than men.” Cindy said.  “But we enjoy the feel of a nice thick dick.” They both said at once followed by more laughing as they looked at each other.

“Would you mind being taken care of by a couple of kinky chicks?” Was the next question.

“Will you respect me in the morning?” I asked. They both broke up laughing.

“Do you have problems with being in your current situation?”

“Well, lets see, I am hanging in a dressing room, in a public place with two ravishing naked women that just gave me the sexual experience of a lifetime and have offered me a fantasy life. This actually has been a dream of mine by the way”. More Laughing.

“No we wanted to know do you need to be let down.”

“No”. I said. “I’ve hung for a lot longer in a more uncomfortable situation”.

“Those are special hang straps with gel inserts.” Cindy said.

“Ok let me explain what we want to offer you. We want you. We don’t want to have a long time relationship with men. You will come live with us. You won’t be a slave you will be a room mate. A love room mate.” Said Cindy.

“A bondage love room mate.” Was Cheri’s comment.

“But at times you will be treated like a slave.” Cindy said. “At times you can treat us as slaves. We might bring in a partner from time to time. It might be a man, it might be a woman. But we will know them, trust them, and you will always have the option to say no. We want you as a live in bondage lover.” My mind was racing. Is this for real? I thought.

“OK, Now, this is it. Do you want us to let you down so you can leave or do we consider your answer yes and continue with our torture. Oh one more thing. We do nothing that will be dangerous or that will not heal.”

“Yea we are not sadistic.” Cheri said. “A little pain is sexy though. Don’t you think Lee.” Just thinking of the whipping she gave me made my dick start to get hard again. I didn’t even have to think about it. This was a dream come true.

I looked at them both and said. “You better put the ball gag back in before we continue”. They both smiled. As Cindy pushed the ball back in my mouth and pulled the strap tight, Cheri was lubing up my dick that had come to attention again. “I want him first” Chimed Cindy as she positioned herself to be impaled on my pulsing dick.

Wow I thought. Is this really what I want? Cindy guided me into her and started to push herself back slowly. Cheri had turned on the Little Devil and it was getting into the action. Cheri was behind me pressing her body up against mine. As Cindy started to fuck me faster I started to pump into Cindy as much as I could. Cheri reached around and grabbed both my fake breasts and started to play with them. “Think what this is going to feel like when they’re real.” She whispered into my ear. I almost came right there.


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