Shoe Store Robbery

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2021 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf+; bond; tape; gag; lactate; nylon; cbt; sex; cuffs; oral; roleplay; reluct; cons; X

The basis for this story is true. A robbery actually did occur at a shoe store where the robber had the customers and store employees strip naked and one of the women was pregnant. After the robber secured his victims, he grabbed the women’s bras and ran into the street yelling yippee! while he swirled the women’s bras over his head like a lasso. The details of what happened to those he bound was not released to the public, but I have added a very vivid fantasy to a real life story.

Clerk Janet May and store manager Jack Offutt had a quiet day at the shoe store. Few customers have been in since opening. The light work day gave these two young employees time to enjoy each other. During lunch break they would lock the door and place a sign, “back in 30 minutes” on the glass and have an enjoyable sexual romp. This would give them enough time to have a “quickie” or a blow job before the store reopened from lunch. Of course, 10 minutes before closing time, two customers decided to shop.

The first person to come in was an expectant mother named Cheryl with a basketball stomach, obviously well into her pregnancy. She was looking at stretch socks and special “milking bras” that the store also stocked. Though primarily a shoe store, for some reason the store also carried women’s undergarments, not only unique bras for expectant mothers, but some rather unique and provocative items as well. Which is why the next customer had stopped by.

Margie Mounds, a forty something divorcee, was into the more erotic side of the store. The interesting lingerie and variety of sex toys caught her fancy. She picked up a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and imagined what it might be like to be bound and gagged. She even imagined herself bound naked, spread eagle on a bed while a mysterious intruder readied her for the fuck of her life. She could actually feel her bush moistening as her thoughts wandered to various forms of the encounter.

Janet May was really getting pissed when another customer came into the store less than two minutes before closing. Just as the only male customer in the store left, another man entered the display area. The man began to act suspiciously when he suddenly rushed to the door and clicked the deadbolt lock into place. Jack Offutt started to go towards the man when he pulled a gun. “Don’t try to be a hero, son. Everybody into the storeroom.” The frightened staff and customers complied, sheepishly walking in a row into a back storage area.

The intruder locked the storeroom door and pulled the blinds as he went back into the display area to turn off the lights and make sure all doors were secure. While the robber was gone, Jack ran to the back of the storeroom to an employee exit only to find the exit had been blocked by a dumpster.

When the intruder returned, they were all shocked at his next demand, “OK, everybody strip!” The young female store clerk and pregnant lady began to whimper as they took off their blouses. “Everything, ladies, and I do mean everything.” The three women got down to bra and panties revealing spectacular cleavage. The colors and types of bras were a rainbow of erotic pleasure. Margie Mounds had a very sexy dominatrix style bra. Janet May wore a skimpy light blue bra that you could almost see through. Cheryl wore a massive bra to support her oversized, fluid-filled breasts. As each woman complied, Jack also stripped and became a bit embarrassed as he began to develop a massive hard on watching three big chested women become naked.

“Well, we certainly have an interesting view. Girls, I must admit, I have never seen three sets of boobs together at one place. And Jack, I see you appreciate this symphony of tits. Since you want to play the hero, I better take you first.” The intruder grabbed Jack’s arms and twisted them behind his back, tying his hands and elbows with nylon stockings he procured from the front of the store. He turned to Janet and Margie and demanded they throw him their panties.

“Well Margie, you must be getting excited about what I may do to you. Your panties are so wet you could wash my car.” With that, the robber stuffed the Margie’s soaked panties deep into Jack’s mouth followed by the panties from Jack’s own private fuck mate, also slightly moistened. With both panties deep in his mouth, the robber wrapped clear strapping tape over Jack’s mouth and around his head several times to assure minimal noise.

Jack was led into the merchandise area where he was tightly tied to a straight back chair. The robber found some duct tape and taped Jack’s legs to each wooden chair leg causing his crotch to be viewed wide open and his erect Atlas missile pointed towards the ceiling. Women’s panty hose were cut in half and tied tightly around his scrotum to assure he would retain his massive erection. The nylon was tied around his body and knotted with his hands so if he tried to loosen his bonds his movements would pull his balls even tighter.

The next person to be led out of the storeroom was Cheryl, the very pregnant customer. The robber secured her hands behind her back with the other piece of pantyhose and marched her into the display room. Hesitant and scared, the robber assured her he would not hurt her or her baby. He stuffed white tube socks into her mouth and sealed her mouth with medical tape he found in a first aid kit. As he tied her to a display pole, her massive milk jugs captivated him. The floating motion of her full tits tempted him.

“I am sorry, but I just have to touch them” he told Cheryl as she tried to lean away from his impending hands. He placed his hands under each breast and gently bounced them. Each time a breast bounced, milk squirted across the room. As the bounces became rhythmic, the scene resembled a Swiss milk maid doing her daily cow milking. She moaned through her gag, but not in protest. The surge of milk leaving her overstuffed mammary actually felt good. The intruder began to fantasize fucking Cheryl, her giant beach balls flailing with each pounding of her pussy shooting a fountain of mother’s milk all over him. He brought himself back to reality and immediately removed his hands. “I am sorry, I won’t touch you again.” It appeared her drooping massive jugs were becoming painful for her. The robber took nylon stockings and separated them into a hammock and placed the nylons under each breast, tying the knot behind her neck to raise each breast to provide support and some comfort. She purred acknowledgement of his effort to give her some relief.

He returned to the store room with two women that still needed to meet their final consequence. Petite, busty Janet May was next to be forced out into the display area. “Don’t worry princess, your Prince Charming awaits you with his sword drawn at attention.” The robber grabbed poor Janet by the arms and quickly bound them together behind her back with duct tape. He found a fresh sponge that he stuffed into her mouth and wrapped duct tape around her head several times. She was shocked to see Jack tightly bound on a chair with a torturous nylon tied around his privates.

The intruder marched Janet over to Jack’s chair and made her stand straddled over his erection. She was scared but getting uncontrollably excited as she suspected she would soon feel him enter her. “OK Missy, easy down, I am sure the both of you will be extremely happy with my method to secure you together.” The intruder guided her as she slowly lowered herself and felt Jack’s gigantic erection begin to enter her. After she was fully positioned, her legs were tied to Jack’s calf with nylon stockings. The intruder then took the other half of the pantyhose and tied her together with Jack so his face was literally forced between her tits. The lovebirds were tied so tight, they could barely move, though they really wanted to have wild sex. “Don’t worry, in due time I will release the tight bindings so you will be able to better enjoy your time together.

The intruder saved the best for last. When he opened the door to the storeroom, Margie Mounds was willing to make a scene. “Fuck you!” she shouted.

“No, lady, I have been waiting for this since I saw you in the adult play toy section trying on the fur lined handcuffs and imagining the large red ball gag in your mouth. Your soaking wet panties tell on you.” It truly was her fantasy to be bound and gagged. And in the excitement of the moment, she was getting even more sexually excited. Her emotions were running wild. She knew she was in danger, but really wanted to be tied, and maybe even fucked.

She struggled when he grabbed her arms. The fur lined handcuffs he placed on her wrists somehow caused her to begin to feel her emotions moving away from danger and become more sexually aroused. As she was pulled into the display area, the robber grabbed the red ball gag off the rack and quickly silenced her. Her earlier fantasy was now a reality. She continued to act scared and struggle as he led her into the room

“OK momma, you’re no novice. So let’s begin with a little lubrication before I take my pleasures. He forced her on her knees and removed the ball gag. “OK bitch, you know what to do next” His massive rod stared at her face. Instead of being more scared, she was getting more excited. She stuck out her tongue and began licking the top, slowly, even sensually, moistening him until his erection was rock hard. She sucked as she was taking him entirely into her mouth.

“Wow, that’s enough for now” and he grabbed the red ball gag and placed it back into her mouth. He moved Margie over two shoe salesman foot stools that were perfectly angled for the next part of his, and her, enjoyment. Her head forward over the stool with the angle creating a perfect target for his missile entry. He tied each of her legs to the bottom of the stool and tied her midsection directly on the top so she wouldn’t slide off.

The intruder approached her rump focused on her pink and dripping wet cavern. Margie felt his enormous size pressing out against her inner skin. She was so wet, his rod slid easily in and out. His rhythmic motions increased until she screamed, muted, into her ball gag. Her entire body vibrated indicating she had climaxed. As Margie was experiencing her fantasy becoming reality, the intruder likewise was enjoying his captured prey. He pounded full and fast. His actions synchronized with Margie’s until they both reached an orgasm together. As his fluid rushed to the bulb head, he lunged forward. Even with her secured to the stool, he nearly pushed Margie over the edge with his explosion into her, his hot semen filling her void.

Margie went limp, her body hot and sweaty. This was more than she could have imagined. The intruder, also steamy, got up and walked over to the two young employees. “Now it’s time for you to really enjoy your time together in bondage.” The intruder released the nylon wrapping around Jack’s scrotum and loosened the nylon stocking so the two young lovers could manipulate while tied together. Once Janet was loosened from the tight bond, she slowly raised and lowered herself on Jack’s rod until the two bondagees began to make their movements together. Janet leaned back as her tits flopped up and down with each motion. Jack kept lurching upward, pushing further and further into Janet’s wet crease. It didn’t take long for Janet to reach a crescendo as Jack moaned with pleasure when his fireworks erupted upward into Janet’s canal.

Everyone had a pleasurable experience except poor Cheryl. Standing naked bound to a display post with her massive boobs becoming very uncomfortable. The intruder walked over to her and removed her gag. She looked at him with loving eyes, “Can we go home now, dear? You’ve had enough enjoyment for one day, we will be able to have sex again soon.” Jack hugged his pregnant wife. Cheryl walked over to Margie, the store owner who was a member of the same bondage club she and Jack belonged to. “Thank you so much, Margie. My husband is used to sex at least two times a day, sometimes more. Since I am almost ready to deliver and can’t have vaginal sex, a blow job and masturbation just doesn’t satisfy him anymore. He has been like a bear with a sore ass. He really needed a real fuck to help keep him from going insane. Honestly, I really enjoyed watching him having sex with another woman while I was tied up. What a thrill, I got so horny and can’t do anything about it. I will be so glad when the baby is delivered.”

Margie was only too happy to be a part of this fantasy. It was the best sexual experience she ever had. She walked over to her two young employees and started to release them. They protested. They were still bound in a loving embrace enjoying every minute. Guess Margie would be able to keep these two employed for a long while.


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