Shock Collar

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; collar; shock; chast; denial; toys; insert; cuffs; latex; hobble; submissive; enslave; catsuit; sex; anal; climax; cons; X

At twenty eight Justine had already been in a long term relationship with Tim for six years. They were in love and both shared a passion for bondage, he as her dom and she as his sub. Justine was a beautiful red head, flawless pale skin covered her small frame and her body was perfectly proportioned and she kept it very fit. Tim was always stunned by her beauty and being a jealous type watched over her closely. Justine had always liked his constant attention and even though she had never done anything to make him jealous she knew he could become overly protective of her if he even saw another man do more than look at her.

She stroked the steel collar she had let Tim lock around her throat four years ago smiling when her fingers felt his name that was deeply engraved in it, Justine liked being his and didn’t mind everyone knowing it. The collar had been something she had wanted and even though it had never been discussed she had never asked to have it removed. She sat thinking of him wondering if he would remove it if she asked and what that would mean to him if she did and shivered at the thought of him removing it and releasing her from his life. Justine didn’t know if that would happen or if he would simply hand her the key and let her remove it but she liked wearing it and didn’t want to take the chance.

The chastity belt had been her idea too at first she only wore it when she wanted to or if he was going out of town. Each time he locked it tightly around her she secretly wondered and half hoped that he would keep her sealed in it forever only removing it when he wanted to use her. Justine sat working at their desk on her newest idea having been locked in the belt six days ago when he left for work using her frustration energy to disassemble the shock collar they had been using on her to see how it worked. The collar had been well used by the two to keep her in line and out of certain areas of the house. Tim had even used it and its sound sensing ability to keep her quiet at times adding to her frustrations when they would go out essentially electronically gagging her for the night.

The last time they had used it her pussy and ass had been filled with inert plugs and the belt locked over them making removal impossible for the two days leading up to the event. She had been allowed to perform enemas, the only time the belt and plug were removed but the constant stimulation and lack of access had her in a very aroused state. Before the gala was to begin he had locked two steel collars around her thighs linking them together forcing her to be unable to separate them. The six inch heels she would be wearing for the night were strapped on with the wide cuffs and locked. The dress she was to be wearing fit her petite body perfectly and the material was thick enough to hide her steel restraints under it. Justine loved tight clothing and even tighter restraints especially in public and had been looking forward to a night spent hobbling around in her high heels and steel.

Tim had added the shock collar under her everyday steel collar, only the small box protruded but it was well hidden under her long red hair. The sound sensing had been set to a very high sensitivity making it begin its shocks at the slightest murmur or grunt. The collar gave her two warnings before hitting her hard and she had always been able to control herself while wearing it so she wasn’t worried when he locked it around her throat. The idea of not being able to speak or laugh all evening appealed to her making her even more wet. Justine spent the night being steadily warned by the collar, getting little shocks every time she was near someone who was speaking. Tim spent most of the evening watching her from across the room while he chatted with friends and smiling when he would see her flinch and quickly walk away from whomever it was that was talking.

Near the end of the evening Tim turned off the collar when she had pleaded with her eyes and let her have a few minutes to chat with an old friend. The agreement was for five minutes with no warning when it was turned back on so at the end of five minutes Justine squealed loudly as she got a strong shock and quickly had to cover her mouth and remain silent for the second shock she got for squealing. Tim and Justine spent the next two days with her held silent by the collar while they made love and she served him constantly. Now she wanted to see if her idea would work having opened the small box finding just a small circuit board attached to a capacitor. Justine had already talked with the craftsman that had built many of her restraints about building her a new steel collar that had the shock system built into it.

Justine knew the new collar would be much wider and thicker having to be snug around her throat, but the idea of being locked in the shock collar indefinitely excited her so she was willing to bear the new discomfort. As Justine talked with the builder she had no idea that Tim had already commissioned him to build a new chastity suit that also included the shock system and planned on not only keeping her silent but completely locked up and obedient to his every wish. The suit was lying on the table across from Justine but she was too interested in what the man was telling her about increasing the power of the collar and the sensitivity of the microphone getting her pussy wetter as she got excited about being forced to remain utterly silent or be punished severely.

Justine had strapped the old collar on locking it under the steel one she wore also locking her chastity bra on herself and linking her thigh cuffs directly together. She wanted to show her submissiveness to Jim when he arrived home sending him a text that she would not be able to speak until he allows it letting him know what she had done. Jim smiled at her dedication to him knowing he still had three days before he would return and how much she disliked the steel bra. Justine spent the next three days chastised and silent working at their desk rubbing her steel covered tits wishing they had found a better fitting bra and since she had set the microphone to its highest sensitivity so she couldn’t even listen to the radio or TV. She knew if he hadn’t locked up her pussy and ass she would have been too aroused to stop herself from masturbating and would have been punished, even now her hand was stroking the belt searching instinctively for a way to get under it.

Tim arrived home to a silent Justine waiting on her knees near the front door, she was wearing his favorite latex dress with the large o-ring gag strapped tightly into her mouth. When she was told to she rose to her high heels taking his bags and carrying them to their room. Tim smiled as she wiggled off noticing the steel belt around her waist and across her back. Tim went to the living room and sat down waiting for her to return putting his feet up indicating to her he wanted his shoes removed which she quickly knelt next to him unlacing his shoes and removing them and giving his feet a quick massage. After the massage she picked up his shoes and wiggled back to the bedroom putting them away and returning to kneel next to him waiting for him to order her to do whatever he wanted her to do next. Tim stroked her lowered head while he watched the news asking for a beer and listening to the rubber creak as she shuffled to the refrigerator then pouring the drink in a cold mug and shuffle back handing it to him and kneeling in her place again.

This is what Tim wanted full time obedience, but he knows she loses patience and breaks her training to get his attention and now he hopes the new suit will fix that. Justine knelt silently as Tim drank his beer dreaming of being forced to serve him obediently forever knowing without control she can’t continue without screwing up. After his beer he lowered his zipper signaling Justine what he wanted and watched her wiggle in the tight rubber until she was between his legs pulling his stiffened cock from his pants and taking it into her mouth. Justine loved his cock and loved when she felt him stiffen before he came knowing she had pleased him. After Tim climaxed she sucked his cock dry then wiped it down before carefully slipping back into his pants and zipping him back up.

Tim asked for dinner continuing to watch TV while she prepared dinner in her latex and steel unable to speak wondering when he might free her pussy and maybe allow her to speak. Justine fixed dinner watching him eat then cleaned the kitchen while he relaxed in front of the TV again. Justine was left locked in the steel, latex, gag and high heels for two days forced to stay quiet serving her master in between working from her small desk until he finally told her to remove the gag and rubber and wait for him in the bedroom. Justine waited silently on her knees now wearing her metal wrist shackles with her head down and her hands behind her back. Tim told her to lie down and watched her move confidently to the center of the bed lying with her arms and legs spread out toward the corners of the bed. Tim pulled her wrists tightly to the corners of the bed before moving to her ankles and repeating the procedure on them pulling her taunt. Justine wanted to moan but stifled it watching Tim go into the closet returning a short while later wearing his latex cat suit with attached hood and penis sheath.

Tim enjoyed wearing latex as well and Justine knew when he wore the sheath she would be in for a long night of being bound and fucked. Justine was not wrong, with the sheath numbing his cock it took Tim much longer to cum and in between he would change her position exciting himself again making him ready to perform again. Justine was forced to keep as quiet as she could be only letting her voice slip a few times receiving powerful shocks making her squeal each time doubling her punishment. During one session Tim had stuffed her mouth with a pump gag pumping it until she thought her jaw would break turning her over and tying her with her arms in a reverse prayer high up her back and her legs so she was forced to kneel with her gagged face pressed into the mattress. Tim fucked her in her damp pussy first then switched to her tight ass. Justine could no longer hold her tongue and wanted to feel the pain so she yelled into the gag screaming each time she was shocked until she climaxed violently making her scream even louder.

Tim climaxed again feeling spent he slid off the used woman under him clamping the belt back around her twisted body before untying her legs and retreating to the bathroom. Justine rolled onto her cramping arms desperately trying not to moan and giggle from her massive orgasm and lay completely content waiting for Tim to return. Tim showered and cleaned his rubber taking over an hour before he returned to Justine who had fallen asleep still suckling on the rubber bladder filling her mouth while her hands twitched slightly between her shoulder blades. Tim smiled and lay down behind her falling asleep quickly happy she had not broken her training by asking to be released. The two slept until late the next morning when Justine was awakened by Tim locking her ankles back together again and closing the thigh bands around her thighs. She looked at him sleepily trying to smile around the huge gag before he turned and walked off leaving her with her arms still bound firmly high up her back and choking on the rubber bladder in her mouth.

Justine struggled with her bondage and the idea she had been left in such an uncomfortable predicament and fought her way to her feet. Justine went to find Tim stumbling around the house to find she had been left alone still bound with it getting painful fast and screamed into the gag getting another shock and dropping to her knees weeping from being left alone. Justine worked her way back to the bedroom and tried to lie down finding there was no comfortable way to lie down so she just knelt next to the bed with her head hung down and waited for him to return beginning to think she was living her dream after all.

Tim returned an hour later with the food he had purchased for them setting it out before looking for Justine and finding her still kneeling by the bed. Tim let the pressure out of her gag pulling it from her mouth then turned off the shock collar telling her to be quiet. Justine was so happy he had come back she nodded her head obediently standing up and rubbing her body on his. He led her into the dining room sitting her down and began feeding her explaining how proud he was of her and that he had a new gift being built for her. Justine ate the food he gave her waiting to speak until she was told she could and finally telling him of the new shock collar she was having made and asked if she could wear it permanently for him.

Tim asked if she understood that if she wore it like that then she would be unable to speak permanently. She nodded then said. “Unless you allow it”. “Correct, are you willing to give yourself to me permanently?” he asked. Justine said she was and asked if he was willing to have her and train her to be what he wanted her to be. When he said he was she burst into tears thanking him for wanting to make her into what would please him and that she hoped she would not disappoint him. Tim smiled as he held her close watching her hands twitching near her neck thinking about the new training suit knowing that with the collar first and then the suit he could control her utterly and could possibly mold her into a perfect slave. A month later the collar arrived and Tim squeezed it slowly around her neck while Justine sat gasping as it tightened making her think it was going to be too tight when it clicked closed. Justine tried to sit calmly as the feeling of the tall collar choking her overwhelmed her and she began struggling, twisting and whining in her restraints wanting Tim to unlock it.

Tim did not remove the collar sitting back watching her struggles enjoying watching her try to free herself as she slowly acclimated to the tight collar. Justine whined loudly behind the gag as she pulled on the steel holding her wrists high up her back, the reverse prayer position now being his favorite having kept her arms tied or chained in the position since the first night only releasing them so she could serve him. Justine fought the choking sensation for over an hour before she calmed herself and sat calmly panting before looking up at him and smiling weakly. Once Justine had calmed Tim began experimenting with the settings of the new collar having her grunt as he increased the sensitivity both of them learning about the new collars capabilities Justine being stunned at its strength almost becoming scared at how well it worked. Tim left the settings so any sound she made would get one warning then the next would be a severe shock forcing Justine to remain completely silent.

Justine had survived having been kept bound and gagged for the entire month never being fully unfettered being tested each day by Tim and the new collar. Justine had quit her job having only been able to work a day or two a week anyway. She closed her bank account and broke off any contact with the few friends she had. Tim had maintained her silence with not only the new collar but with mouth filling gags as well mostly because he enjoyed seeing her face when her mouth was filled and Justine was already showing signs of accepting her new position in his life having not broken training but once in the last month. Justine was feeling frustrated but happy, she had not been allowed to climax for the entire month knowing he was testing her she fought to maintain her training for him. She had begun to think she had finally found someone to help her find her place in the world and tried very hard every day to please him no matter how uncomfortable he made her often hoping he would make her more uncomfortable.

Tim had changed the settings on the collar increasing the power of the shocks and removing the warnings so anytime she wanted a little more reinforcement she would clear her throat and let the collar shock her making her whine getting another shock before she could stop herself and would stand smiling around whatever gag he had filled her mouth with. Tim was out of town when the new suit was delivered and even though she couldn’t speak Tim had left her only chained hand and foot so she was able to move and perform her daily tasks so she was able to open the door when the man brought it by. He smiled as he inspected the collar teasing her as he tried to get her to speak wanting to see the results of his work, leaving the suit on the table in plain view so she would be forced to stare at it until Tim returned. Justine studied the suit noticing the multiple probes and strange looking patches on the inside of the thick steel also studying the wide thigh cuffs and the short bars attaching them to the crotch of the suit. Justine was unable to locate any key holes wondering how the suit was to be removed wondering if he was intending on ever releasing her becoming worried and hopeful she might finally be allowed to live her dreams of total servitude forced to wait until Tim returned to find out.

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