by infest

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Storycodes: F/fm; FM; pantyhose; Lycra; nylon; clothing; catsuit; sheath; corsets; hoods; bond; armbinder; bdsm; gag; objectification; toys; cocoon; sex; denial; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

Short description: After a college girl Sarah accidentally sees the private pantyhose encasement video starring her dance instructor Janet, she gets intrigued by the fetish and decides to explore it fully by asking the same instructor for guidance.

Part 1.

“Yes my dears, and to learn the technique properly I’ll give you my private recordings of dance performances when I was your age. Luckily I still kept the footage at the bottom of some old stash. I know that you attend my classes for the fitness aspect, but try to learn some pro moves too.”

The girls thanked dance coach Janet as she gave them a box of DVD’s and they went home, but agreed that they’ll watch it tomorrow at Sarah’s place and try to match their instructor.

The next day, the young women gathered at Sarah’s flat, all ready for dance gymnastics showcase, sporting shiny opaque tan pantyhose and black leotards, just like Janet requires them to wear all the time while at studio, to try to practice to their instructors’ DVD.

“Find something funny!” Lena said while grabbing the popcorn.

Meanwhile, Ashley was browsing through the discs: “Yeah right, she was a pro even back then. I guess there will be only perfect shots from her competitions… I see that the events are named and dated on the DVD’s.”

“Just choose one and put it in player.”

Ashley put the disc in the player and the girls watched a ’98 competition. Janet, in her trademark shiny tan hose and black lycra leotard, was impressing the judges on stage. Sarah, Lena and Ashley grabbed some pillows and sat comfortably on the large sofa. As this show ended, Ashley found another disc to play. It was from a 2000 competition, where Janet won the second place.

“I guess we don’t have to practice to this! It’s just way above our league.”

“Yeah, I like it better here on the sofa with the popcorn in my lap!”

Girls watched the show some more, while Ashley was browsing through the discs.

“Hmm, this looks like a Blu-ray disc... weird…”

“I don’t get it Ashley? What do you mean?”

“I mean this disc in the disc box. This is her old stuff, there was no Blu-ray back then.”

“Is it labeled?”

“It just says ‘private sessions’.”

“I guess those are some of her private practices… maybe we should skip it…”

The girls just gave each other wide-eyed looks.

“This is fresh then. Maybe she recorded us secretly and now had put it in so that we see how much we suck at her classes!” Lena was anxious, but Sarah came to the defense:

“No way, she wouldn’t do that!”

“Put it in, let’s see it already!”

Ashley exchanged the discs, pressed play and joined Sarah and Lena on the sofa.

Instead of a dance studio, a well-lit bedroom was shown, with the large bed in the center of the frame. Suddenly a woman slowly entered the frame and sat on the edge of the bed. The girls’ eyes went wide. The woman was completely encased in shiny suntan pantyhose form head to toe, and had a small black underbust leather corset.  She sat on the bed and started to cares her legs with her pantyhosed fingers. At first it seemed that the hose were very opaque, but upon closer inspection of her torso, several middle pantyhose seams gave away at least three layers of shiny hose on her legs and arms. She passed slowly with her fingers up and down her legs as she shiny fabric made that specific swishing sound. Camera followed up close her naughty fingers as they went up and caressed her corset and bust hidden under pantyhose layers. Her nipples could be seen just as small shiny bumps on the surface which she pinched with her fingers while she squeezed her large breasts. Her head was covered in two layers of nylon. First layer was a leg of the pantyhose that came out of the cut-out crotches of the hose she wore on her torso and arms, leaving no skin exposed. The second layer was a stocking pulled over head with the lace part around her neck. She caressed her cheeks and started to lick her nylon mask, giving the dark shade to the nylon in front of her mouth.

“Errr.. why do we have to watch this video?” Lena asked the girls wondering

“I don’t know. It was between other movies. It’s some kind of weird art performance.”

“Art my ass! This is somebody’s kinky “private” video.”

As the woman was now lying on her back one of her hands found the way to her crotch and started rubbing it, while covering it form view. She looked to the camera and made a “come here” motion with her hand, and continued to lick her nylon mask and caress her shiny breast. A few seconds later a well-built man entered the scene and stood beside Janet. To the girls amazement he was also encased in several layers of shiny beige hose from head to toe, as they could clearly see the waistbands intersecting at his waist. As his pantyhose were of higher den so his face was also unrecognizable. When he turned to face her, his large and hard member already made a tent in the hose. Janet immediately started to caress his cock and balls with her nylon hands.

At first she used slow moves, just outlining the contours of his cock, passing slowly from the tip to the crotch. Slowly she pulled on his pantyhose to release some of the pressure of his “tent” to try to get a hold of his cock through the hose and point it straight at her self. Grabbing it from below with her nylon hands to hold it in place, she started to lick the tip of his shaft through the shiny layers. As he put his hand behind her head to support her as she tried to suck the tip of his cock, but it just went in just barely. To remedy the situation he pushed her away a bit, pinched at his tent and pointed his finger down. She immediately grabbed the waistband of his outer hose and pulled them slowly down to his knees. Beneath he had two layers of beige ph with the front hole just snugly cut out for his cock and balls, and beneath that another hose with a cock and ball nylon sheath that tightly encased his cock. As the sheath was only 10 den it was practically almost transparent, just adding a sleek shine to his member.

“Do I imagine stuff, or is his cock also encased in pantyhose?” Ashley tried to look closer.

“Yeah, something like a tight nylon condom attached to his pantyhose.”

“What they’ll think of… a pantyhose with third leg!”

He started caressing her face and slowly grabbed the stocking on her neck and pulled it to her forehead. As she now had only one 15 denier nylon layer on her face, the girls recognized her through the mask: It was Janet, their instructor! In a kinky private video! She must have misplaced it between her exercise videos.

“Now I think I understand why we always have to wear hose in studio. She’s a fetishist!”

“Maybe, but I don’t mind it. Everybody is free to do as they like. Besides, I know that the boys like the shiny hose. I always catch them looking at my legs when I’m wearing.” Lena was resolute.

“Now when I think of it, she always checks our legs the most when we dance. Maybe she’s into women!”

“I don’t know, but she sure has killer good looks for her late thirties.”

Meanwhile, as the ph leg on her face was oversized, and without the restrictive stocking layer, Janet started to lick the nylon sheathed cock through her mask. Slowly she licked it from the balls all to the tip of his cock and finally, opened her mouth wide so she can take it in. Firmly she grabbed him with her hand and guided into her wet waiting mouth. With each thrust he pushed her nylon mask inside her mouth deeper and deeper with his member. The pantyhose on his cock became wet and dark from her saliva as he pushed it all the way, stretching the pantyhose mask even more into her mouth. As his sheath became wet it became more transparent and the small nylon seam on the tip could be clearly seen on his dick head.

Suddenly they stopped and she lied back on the bed, still rubbing her crotch with her hosed fingers. As she bent her knees and put her legs up and apart, he pulled back the stocking down on her face, while the camera zoomed in so that she was on full display. She removed her hand from her hot pussy to easier support her legs in the air it became obvious that she also had a kinky type of pantyhose. On the first two pantyhose on her legs the cotton crotches were clearly cut out, but the bottom layer hose had a nylon vaginal sheath that lined her pussy with shiny smooth nylon. It was clear that after all the sucking and rubbing she was wet as hell as her pussy contours could be clearly seen trough the fabric.

“Do I see it wrong or she has hose stuffed inside her pussy?” Ashley was wondering.

“Those two do really like their pantyhose, eh? Sarah you’re silent all the time?” Lena asked.

“Uhh… I’m just… shocked!” Sarah murmured while her eyes were fixed on the screen.

As the man kneeled in front of her they could see his pantyhosed face as he slowly used his nylon fingers to caress her pussy. Slowly he made circles from her clit to her ass as she was moaning with pleasure. He put one arm under her and firmly pressed her anus with his finger through her hose to stimulate her. With his other hand he made firm strokes on her nylon clad mound. With time, he moved faster and faster, as she started shaking and moaning even louder.

As he rubbed her pussy as fast as he could, he grabbed the sides of the clit and moved closer to lick it through his pantyhose mask faster and faster until she screamed: “Put it in! Put it in! Fuck it! Fuck my pantyhosed pussy with your encased cock!”.

In that moment he backed to the side not to obstruct the view and also held her legs as she started to shake. With a loud moan she squirted hard in her hose wetting all her hose in the crotch area.

Ashley looked at Sarah in awe.

“She sure isn’t faking it.”

“Guess not… I didn’t know you could squirt so hard. The guy really knows how to rub.”

Without a word he stood up while stroking his rock hard sheathed member and pushed her legs even more back to wide open her pantyhosed pussy. He positioned himself over her and used his hand to guide his encased penis to the entrance of her vaginal sheath.

“No… he ain’t gonna do what I think he’s about to do? He can’t put it in like that.” Lena was frowning at the screen.

With slow thrusts, bit by bit he pushed his cock inside her, while her juices lubed the double nylon layers between her pussy and his cock. After several thrusts her moans became louder and louder as his cock was disappearing inch by inch inside her. Finally as he went in all the way, stretching both their pantyhose sheathes to the max, she grabbed his ass and then the real pounding began.

“Yes! Faster! Give it to me!” Janet was screaming and moaning as the shiny invader was giving all it had, with their bodies tightly encased in the smooth fabric.

“Well I guess he can put it in!”

“And quite well! What do you think Sarah?”

“Well I…. kinky as hell.”

He pulled his wet cock out and laid on his back. Janet hastily positioned herself in a reverse cowgirl position to give a good show to the camera exposing her moist crotch. She guided his pantyhosed member just below her pussy. Slowly she lowered herself with a moan as his cock parted her pantyhosed lips and slid again the whole length inside her. They proceeded to pound hard while she held her tight ass above him. With a loud moan and a scream they halted as they both had a wild nylon orgasm.

Slowly he pulled out his half hard cock out of her sheathed pussy and caressed her, while she slowly kissed him and gently stroked his sheathed member all covered in semen.

A few seconds later the video abruptly stopped while the girls laid there speechless.

“You know that we will see her on Friday, right?” Ashley asked nervously. “What should we do?”

“Well I think that this was here by mistake. I suggest we pretend this never happened. Imagine that she knew that we know. She’d probably freak out.” Lena continued, “And probably kick us out of the classes”

“So we agree on silence?” Ashley asked.

“I do.”


“Like it never happened” Sarah smiled… “but that guy’s ass looked nice in shiny hose!”

And the girls just laughed at Sarah’s joke and returned the disc back, chatted some more and went home.

Part 2.

Tomorrow morning, Sarah was attending lectures in college. The female assistant that was teaching had a shirt with shiny beige hose, and Sarah immediately remembered the private video she watched the night before. It was harder and harder to concentrate on the topic as the images of Janet, encased and moaning, kept popping up.

As she came home, she couldn’t resist it and popped the video back into the player. As the guy was entering Janet with his sheathed cock, Sarah was wondering how would this feel if she could try something like this, and subconsciously she was rubbing her crotch through her panties. When she realized what she is doing she quickly jumped from the sofa and put the disc back in the box.

To clear her mind, she made a light supper and went surfing the net. After checking her emails she decided to order some sport shoes online. In the sporting equipment webshop she saw dance pantyhose and again became restless. She was unsure if she should do it, but slowly she clicked the search box and entered “pantyhose and sex”. A myriad of images and videos sprang up on her screen. Within a thumbnail gallery she saw an image of a couple that was both in pantyhose from head to toe and clicked. “Pantyhose encasement”. That was the word she was searching for. Two hours and one wet panties after, she went to her bedroom to get ready for bed, her head filled with images of men and women dressed in nylon from head to toe.

The next day, Sarah was at her dance session with the other girls. She wanted to provoke Janet a bit, so she was wearing two pairs of her shiniest suntan stw pantyhose, a grey high-cut long-sleeved leotard and trainers. Her perfect ass was squeezed and shaped nicely by the hose, divided only by the thin strap of the leotard. Her legs gave quite a shine under the lights as she stretched, and Janet noticed for sure.

When the session ended, she wasn’t in a hurry, as she wanted to talk to Janet privately. As she was trying to do a split, she noticed Janet standing behind her. Besides black trainers, she was sporting shiny but opaque aerobic pantyhose, black spandex hot pants and blue leotard over it. She was working out only for recreation, but her every curve was nicely defined. The upper part of her leotard was nicely stretched by Janet’s firm breast that Sarah oh so well remembered from the video. Slowly, all the other girls had left, and while Janet was putting all the gear in its place, Sarah was still stretching on her mat.

“Very nice Sarah! Stretch it full and hold it! …nice. You’re making good progress.”

“Thanks Janet!” Sarah stood up and continued: “Hey, I just wanted to return the videos you gave us.”

“Oh, no big deal, I’m glad I’ve helped you. I hope they were informative. Come up with me to my office.”

“Oh, you have no idea!” Sarah was blushing and didn’t know where to look. Quickly she grabbed her bag and went up the stairs.  She gave the box to Janet and watched her shiny legs as she put the box to the shelf. “Uhmm… I like your outfit!”

“Well thank you Sarah. I like yours as well. Are you wearing two layers of pantyhose?”

“I… am. How did you know?”

“Well I have my ways…. Just kidding, I recognized the shine. They look very good on you.”

“Yeah, I like the shine and the feeling that my legs are encased. Regarding that, can I ask you where you buy your pantyhose? Every time I see you, you have a nice pair on.”

“I shop mostly on-line, mostly from specialized dance stores. Let me show you. Come here.” She turned to a closet and took a large black box out and put it beside her desk. “Many are still in packages but let’s take some out.” The box was full of suntan and black dance pantyhose, and Janet was putting them on her desk. Sarah came closer and started to examine the unpacked ones, grabbing a very shiny but completely opaque pantyhose on her hand, pulling them right up to the reinforced toes, then back to the panty area. She stretched it and noticed the silky gusset between the flat seams. The flow of the nylon shine was intoxicating, even more so with the smell of that many new pantyhose.

“Those are one of my favorites. Do you have something special in mind?” Janet’s voice shook Sarah out of trance.

Sarah was blushing red and on the verge to just say goodbye and run away, but she managed to get herself together and suppress the shame: “Well, you know, for special occasions…”

Janet was a bit confused but decided to help: “You mean like…? Aerobics? Or weddings?”

“No... I… meant more like for… intimate moments.” Sarah’s heart was racing in red now.

“Oh my dear...” Janet laughed: “Why didn’t you say. You mean something like Cuban heel and backseam, crotchless or faux suspender? You can get those easily in the naughty shop, or even on-line if you feel uncomfortable to go there. I think they even have some nice bodystockings.”

“I was thinking more like... you know… for the whole body, shiny, and maybe... that they have special parts in the crotch area… like the ones you had when…. oh shi…!” Sarah stopped abruptly as she just realized that Janet doesn’t know that she watched her private video.

“I had what!?” Janet gave Sarah a wide shocked look.

“Uhm… I… saw your…. private video…”

“Wha… what video?”

“The one that’s in the box with the dance videos you gave me.”

Janet quickly grabbed the DVD box from the shelf. Opening it immediately, she found the Blu-ray disc inside and blushed.

“Shit.”   “You… saw that?” Janet felt totally embarrassed and exposed. What will Sarah think of her. To whom has she told it? Or even shown!?!?

“Well… ummm.. I… You know that was just a special wish… it’s…”

“It’s hot as hell! That’s why I’m asking about the hose. I... don’t know how to say this... I... want to experience something like that myself. Can you help me? And don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.” Sarah saw Janet getting a bit relaxed but still worried. “Or we can just forget I saw anything and never spe...”

“So you like encasement games?” Janet abruptly cut off Sarah. “They’re custom made. Hard to obtain. Took me a while.”

“Just name the price. I need to have them.”

“Maybe… but first tell me why you need such pantyhose?”

“I have always worn pantyhose, but when I saw in that video that your whole bodies were covered in nylon, something just sparked within me. I just have to try to feel this for myself. I can’t hold it any more.”

“We’ll see. If you’re really into pantyhose you will have to prove it to me. Come to my house on Friday evening. Here’s the address, and dress nicely. Now go as I have to close this up.” Janet gave Sarah her business card and watched as she left the studio.

“I have to be more careful with my videos, but it seems that this little “accident” could turn out to be a really nice surprise, but we’ll see.”

 Two days later, Sarah was not so sure that this is such a good idea, and that her heart will explode from excitement, that she should just turn around and go home and forget everything. But now she is standing on the front porch of a rather luxurious house. Last sunrays were long gone and the LED pathway lamps have just activated to illuminate the driveway and the porch. She worked up the courage and pushed the doorbell.

“Hi my dear!” Janet opened the door and let Sarah inside. She took off her coat and led her to the lounge room where they sat on a large white sofa near the fireplace.

“I was not sure that you will come. But here you are. Impressive.”

“Well I didn’t either, but you know how they say: no risk, no gain!”

“They also say, be careful of what you wish for, you might get it. You know, once you’re hooked on nylon encasement, there’s no way back to vanilla.”

“I’m bored with vanilla.”

“That’s the spirit my dear. But let me fix you a drink first.”

“A drink would be nice. Something sweet and strong.”

The women walked through the corridor into a large room considering of living room that was separated from the kitchen with a bar. Janet fixed them drinks and they made small talk while sitting on the high stools at the bar. While talking, they admired each other’s outfits, and returned to the large sofa. Sarah was sitting there and playing with her hair while she watched how Janet crossed her legs in her silky nightgown and then proceeded to dangle her mule while talking. She could only see her feet, but noticed that she had shiny almost transparent hose on. The toes weren’t reinforced and the toe seam was just barely visible.

“Why did you come here?” Sarah realized that Janet had caught her staring at her pantyhosed feet. Her eyes were now pointing at her, demanding an answer. She could feel her heartbeat and anxiety rising.

“Why... you.. called...”

“I asked why are you really here?”

“I...” seeing that she had Sarah really on the ropes, Janet decided to ease her: “I invited you here because I find you interesting. Because you saw something and now you want more. There may be some pleasures that we both find very arousing. Or is it not?”


“Maybe I can, let’s say, put you on a right track. But first I need something.”


“Trust.” “We don’t have to be friends, but we need to trust each other. I also need to be sure that anything that we do or say stays private.”

“I understand that. You can count on my discretion.”

“Only time will tell what will be later, but for now you will obey and do as I instruct. Otherwise we will shake hands and part ways, is that understood?”


“Stand up, let me see you.” Sarah stood up on her black pumps, grey skirt and black top. She made a slow turn in front of her mistress. Janet stood up to Sarah, went around her and started to caress her back along the way. “Top off.” Slowly she lifted her top and put it on the sofa. A beige push up bra held her round beast prominently. Just below the breast, the waistband of her pantyhose was in full display, with the front and back flat seam disappearing out of view in her skirt. “Loose the skirt, I want to see your hose.” As she opened the back zipper, the skirt found itself on the floor, now giving full view of Sarah’s STW suntan pantyhose. Janet caressed her hips, sliding slowly her fingers over the nylon encased skin. Front seam went smoothly between her legs splitting itself to form a nice matching gusset that completely covered her shaven pussy to finally coming together to lusciously part her buttocks and end up in the waistband again.

“I see you are not wearing any underwear. A wise decision my dear.” As Janet caressed and admired the hot body in front of her, standing just in pantyhose, bra and pumps, illuminated just by dim lights and fireplace light, Sarah closed her eyes and slowly caressed her breast, while inch by inch lowering her fingers to her crotch.

“I see that you are ready for what I have in mind” Janet grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs into the master bedroom.

 “Now comes the part when we address that issue of trust.” She grabs the corner of the bed cover and takes it off to uncover what she placed before on the bed: nude 15den seamless hose, three pairs of shiny 40 den black stw hose with gussets cut out, leather body harness, four leather straps and a leather head harness.

“As you have seen my video, and don’t tell me you haven’t copied it, and you have seen my pantyhosed pussy, In order for me to trust you it is only fair if I do the same. You will replace your pantyhose with those and I will make a video of you encased and bound on this bed. Only after that can we progress further, and I will give you everything that you lust for.” Janet took off her nightgown to reveal her pantyhosed legs and black spandex long sleeved low cut body. The tight garment made her large breast really noticeable, and while the panty area was very cut it had a two way crotch zipper installed.

Janet was unsure if this is really happening. She saw the pantyhose and the bondage gear she was supposed to wear and the hot mistress who was in command. She wanted to be under her control, she wanted to feel the nylon all over her body and she needed to let Janet to give her pleasure. But in reality she was standing naked in a strange house, letting herself to be helplessly bound by a strange woman, letting herself to be at her mercy... letting herself to her will... letting go to have pleasure... following her curiosity and lust to the end...

Still in her thoughts Sarah had already taken off her pumps and hose, and she was sitting on the edge of the bed rolling up one leg of the seamless hose, aligning the toe seam and pulling the leg up, repeating with the other leg, pushing her body up on her feet and back shoulders to pull up the waistband high to feel the hose on her pussy lips.

“Don’t pull this one up too much, we will need some wiggle room in the crotch part. Let me help you further.” Janet took the back crotchless hose and helped her to put them over the seamless ones, pulling the waistband up to her bust. She took the second large black hose and pulled one leg over Sarah’s head while pulled Sarah’s hands through the holes in the panty area so she could pull down the waistband over the breast. The third pair went over her arms, head through crotch and waistband down over torso.

“How does it feel?”

“It feels.. tight.. arousing. Put more on me!” “All in good time, my dear. Stand up!” Janet started to put the body harness on Sarah. First she fastened the collar and then the straps that tighten the breast. She fastened the belt that covered all the waistbands, so it practically doubled as a corset, and tightened the oval crotch strap so her full pantyhosed lips protruded out nicely. Janet couldn’t resist the urge and brushed her finger over Sarah’s nylon pussy, what resulted in a light moan from under the nylon mask.

“I see it already feels good. Lie on your back. Spread your arms and legs.”

Janet was enjoying her view of a hosed beauty as she prepared the ankle and wrist straps and applied them to her nylon slave. She already had ropes readily attached to bed corners so she had only to attach them to the D rings on the straps and tighten them. Janet took the head harness and secured it tightly on Sarah’s head and connected it with the collar.

“Your harness is not restrictive, for now, but it has many nice attachment points.” At first, she took a blindfold and attached it to the harness so Sarah could not see anything that is in store for her. “A true pantyhose lover girl just loves to pleasure her master’s pantyhosed cock through her nylon mask. Let us get you used to the feel.” She took a flap with attached penis shaped gag and secured one side to the harness. “Open wide. Lick it through your nylon mask.”

Slowly she lowered the tip of the gag as Sarah stretched her mask with her wet tongue. Just to tease, Janet worked short strokes with the gag into her mouth. “Very nice, let’s put it in place.”

Sarah opened her mouth wider and Janet used her fingers to pinch up the nylon mask to get some more fabric so that the gag could go in easier. She watched and pushed carefully as the gag stretched the hose into her mouth. Now with the gag completely in, the pantyhose mask was very tense around her lips and nose, adding to the bondage sensation. Finally, she attached the other side to the harness and tightened everything securely in place.  A few muffled moans confirmed the tightness.

“Too bad the wide gag strap hides your nylon mouth. Maybe next time I’ll use a classic ball gag. You better get used to the feeling.”

While Sarah was so helplessly spread and bound, her captor now produced a tripod and a video camera. She positioned it in front of the bed, so that Sarah’s spread legs were in full view, and started to record. First, she turned her attention to her slave’s breast. The arousal from the gagging procedure resulted in erect nipples that were clearly noticeable under two layers of hose. Janet didn’t lose a second and started to play with them and lick slow circles around them.

“I’ve noticed that when I rub the nylon on them, it makes your nipples very sensitive. We should use that, my dear.”

She opened a drawer and took out two hard leather breast cups and proceeded to attach them to the breast mount points on the harness. The cups had small but thick circular open tips so that just the nylon nipples can poke through, and to make sure they are treated as appropriate – when the outer edge of the hollow tip is turned, the opening narrows and clamps the nipple. The clamping procedure made Sarah a bit jumpy, but her mumblings spoken into the gag though her mask are ignored by her captor.

Now with her securely bound, clamped, corseted, gagged and blindfolded, Janet admired her pantyhose slave girl as she was trying to move her arms and legs, but to no avail. Her tight body was completely encased in black pantyhose and secured with leather straps and harnesses. Tightly confined breast in the bondage cups assured constant arousal and anticipation, but Janet decided to amp it up by caressing her left pantyhosed leg, working slowly her way to her tight pussy, which already made a damp spot on the seamless pantyhose.

“We’re almost there my dear. I see that you are very tense. This will help you let off the built-up tensions.”

Janet took the lubricant gel and applied it abundantly to her hand, and started to rub Sarah’s pussy through the pantyhose and split crotch strap. At first she was going slowly so that Sarah could feel and anticipate every finger and move through the nylon. As she gained speed and thrust, Sarah’s moans became louder and faster. She admired what she had accomplished. She had a beautiful girl completely encased in shiny black pantyhose, bound, gagged and exposed to her will.

Her fingers by now give full attention to Sarah’s clit, playing with it expertly. Janet was thinking that, with time, Sarah might even enjoy the same or even greater love for pantyhose encasement than herself. At this point, tips of her fingers rapidly go in and out of the wet pussy, sliding along inside the well lubricated nylon. She enjoyed the look of how the harness tightly holds her nylon slave bound and starts thinking of all the things she might do to Sarah in the future. But now is not the time, as she sees that her nylon doll is starting to arch her back and spread her toes while moaning so loud as the gag allows. While she could take her to the top, she abruptly stops playing with Sarah’s pussy.

 “Encasement slut doesn’t cum from a hand job, but from a nylon cock, as we shall now simulate. ” She takes a crotch flap with an attached vibrator, and a small nylon footsie. “I will put this footsie on the vibe and lube it up well. You know, my dear, you are wearing queen size seamless pantyhose, so the stretch should be suitable.”

The small shiny nylon sock was the perfect match to encase the vibrator to create the double layer experience. She positioned herself between Sarah’s legs, admiring the shine of the seamless hose and black crotchless hose. The opening of the crotch strap was also completely wet just as the nylon behind it. She positioned the tip of the encased vibrator to her pussy and started with small thrusts so that the seamless hose stretch into her gradually. Janet enjoyed every bit of it, and guessing by the moans, Sarah didn’t mind at all.

The pantyhosed intruder was now completely wet with lube and Sarah’s juices, so it slid into her pantyhosed pussy without much effort. The view of the large seamless hose rubbing Sarah’s clit and lips while stretching into the pussy almost made Janet to take it out, open her crotch zipper and use it on herself, but barely she contained herself, as now she has a task to complete.

“Faummhher... mmmmm.... faaahe!” Only damped sounds came from Sarah as she screamed “faster” into the gag, but Janet intentionally worked the vibe in slowly. “I won’t let you cum just yet, my dear. Patience!”

After a few minutes of thrusting even deeper and deeper, the vibe was almost completely in. The flap was than secured to the crotch strap so that it couldn’t get out of the opening for pussy. When this was done, Janet laid down on bed again and resumed to caress Sarah’s encased body. Just as her moans got quieter and Sarah started to relax , Janet took a remote control and started a preprogrammed sequence for the vibrator that was in Sarah’s encased pussy. Janet caressed the bondage cups and turned the clamp openings even tighter, while the vibe was sending Sarah to pure ecstasy. As the sequence alternated, the pantyhosed intruder was buzzing even more and more vigorously, Sarah pulled on her restraints harder. She wanted to reach down, but all movement was forbidden, her legs held apart, and the buzzing nylon vibrator securely confined deep inside her pussy was working relentlessly. 

The sight of it was too much for Janet as she was already rubbing herself. Hastily she opened the crotch zipper of her black lycra leotard and started to finger work her silk pantyhose gusset while imagining Sarah in her nylon mask licking her clit through the hose. In the moment when the sensations of being encased in pantyhose, the tightness of the straps, the hard vibrations and the feeling of complete surrender to a domina joined together, Sarah finally tensed hard and arched her back.


Feeling that the point of no return was crossed she spread her hosed toes, let out a loud moan and squirted hard in the pantyhose.

“That’s my girl. Surrender to nylon.” Janet saw that the spasms were subsiding, so she used the remote to deactivate the vibe. Slowly she released the vibe flaps and removed it from its nylon prison. The hose on it were completely drenched in juices, as were the seamless hose still deeply stretched inside Sarah’s pussy. Then she turned the tips to release the clamps that held the pantyhosed nipples, but left the bra cups on. Admiring again her slave’s body, she released the mouth gag buckles on the head harness and slowly took out the penis gag from her wet mouth, but left everything else on.

“Do not speak.” She stood up, turned off the camera, admired the bound girl for a minute, turned off the lights and spoke one last time before she left the room:

“You did good. Sleep now.

Big things await tomorrow.”

Part 3.

That feeling. It just... won’t go away. The tension. The anxiety she’s been having all week long. Janet had invited her again to come to her place next Saturday, but Sarah still didn’t process events from last weekend entirely. At the end, Janet, the real Janet, is still a mystery to her. A nylon enthusiast, pantyhose fetishist, BDSM mistress. All that, and maybe even something more. The fear of her is matched only with the lust for more. Her sensual pantyhosed fingers knew every spot they had to caress. Her leather restraints know how to make a slave submissive. Turning back is not an option now, she wants to explore not just the fetish, but herself to the limits.

The week passed like in a haze. College lectures seemed endless, colleagues boring, friends irritating. No dance sessions this week, Janet is away as a judge on some dance gymnastics event, hence she won’t be back before Saturday. She decided to let some steam off when her friends convinced her to go out to hit some clubs on Friday night. The laser lights reflected radiantly off her glossiest tights she wore with her mini-skirt. Sipping her energy drink – vodka mix she started to check out other girls’ pantyhosed legs while she got lost in thoughts.

Last Saturday, when she woke up and slowly opened her eyes, she was in complete darkness. Immediately she felt the tightness around her whole body and face and panic began to set in, when she realized she couldn’t move her arms she was just about to scream when she heard a sound.

“Sssssssshhh. Let me help you, my dear.” She felt fingers touch sides of her head harness and suddenly she saw light as the blindfold was removed. The blurredness of the slightly familiar face she saw reminded her that she was not only wearing pantyhose masks on her head, but was still encased in several layers of shiny nylon fabric. Janet released her ankle and wrist leather restraints and helped her to get on her feet. “Impressive. And hot as fuck.”

Janet pointed to Sarah’s reflection in the big closet mirror. There she was, anonymous under her pantyhose layers, bound tightly in her harness. She could don some thigh high hi-heeled boots and be a nylon mistress. Or the D rings and buckles on her eyes, mouth, breast and crotch area can be used to attach various accessories and restraints to make her a submissive slave. Janet removed her head harness, collar and bondage corset so she was now only in pantyhose. “Now go down the hall, last door to the left is the bathroom. You may shower and change to your regular clothes.” She remembered seeing Janet standing on the doorway giving her a wink when she turned one last time back to the house as she was heading to the street.

And then she saw some glossy pantyhosed toes in open black high heels. “Is my shoe strap broken or something?” The voice of Sarah’s friend Mina kicked her back to reality. Realizing she’s at the club staring at her friend’s feet for god knows how long, she needs an answer, quick!

“I think I’ve drank too much, I’ll be heading to bed. See you on Monday girls!”

“Too small... too black... just...nah...” Sarah was rummaging through her pantyhose drawer after she showered next day after lunch. She knew that Janet will surely take notice of her pantyhose choice, so she was looking for a pair that was just right. The peaveys have that lovely shine, and a fine texture, but what color to choose, suntan or light silver? She chose the suntan shade hose and put them on. Gently with her fingers, she aligned the seams and pulled the waistband high, and admired her ass in the mirror. “I need something extra for tonight... I know!”

Sarah opened a bottom drawer and took out a tight skin toned body with underwired cups. Hastily she pulled it on and adjusted her breasts into the cups.  She completed her look with opaque black glossy wet look tights and a shirt. It was already 5 PM and she didn’t want to be late.

“You got here early!” Janet was smiling to her as she opened the front door. “I’ve just put on coffee, make yourself comfortable, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

“Hi Janet! Well, thank you.” Sarah went to the lounge and sat on the sofa beside a glass coffee table. As Janet came back with the coffee and cups and put them on the table, Sarah noticed that under her silk housecoat she was wearing semi opaque glossy silver pantyhose. More interestingly, she also appeared to have long gloves that were made of the same fabric as her pantyhose. As she poured the coffee, the lovely gloss shifted over her fingers and forearms, while her red nails were visible through the nylon.

“Thank you...for last weekend.”

“Oh don’t mention it, the pleasure was... mutual. It was lovely to have you completely encased and excited.” While she was talking, Janet rubbed her pantyhosed toes across Sarah’s black wet look hosed calf.

“ I love the feeling of tight nylon on my skin, but it is also exciting to see it on a partner as well. Speaking of that, I see you have matched your gloves and silver hose.” Sarah took Janet’s ankle and started to gently massage her foot.

At that moment, Janet gave her a wink and untied her silk housecoat and let it fall to the sides. Her complete body was encased in a silver nylon bodystocking. The sheen from the light gave away her luscious curves. Her every inch was covered perfectly, like it was custom made just for her. It even supported her perky breast nicely, while the opaqueness just gave away her nipples barely. At her cleavage there was some loose part of the garment. Upon closer inspection Sarah realized it was an attached hood that was connected to the back zipper.

“It’s a full custom pantyhose fucksuit. I have those in several shades and deniers. If you will be a good girl today you’ll get your own.” While Sarah was sliding tips of her fingers along Janet’s right leg, Janet was searching with her toes for Sarah’s nipples through the shirt.

“But I am a good girl! How can I prove it?” Sarah was teasing her.

“Stand in front of me.” Janet crossed her legs and observed as Sarah seductively stood up and walked in front of her and stood with legs shoulder wide apart right in front of her. “Loose the shirt. I want to see you better, my dear.”

Sarah removed the shirt and now Janet had a full view of the black hose.

“Are you wearing a spandex leotard? Lower the hose to your thighs.”

Sarah obeyed and put her thumbs inside the opaque black pantyhose, slowly lowering it down. Now the panty part of the body was exposed. Janet just loved how tight it was.

“Do we have a camel toe even with the hose underneath? Must be very tight. I know what will ease that tension. Stay here.” Janet went quickly into another room while Sarah was just standing there, feeling again exposed and at mercy of her mistress. Where has she gone? And why?

Janet returned and walked a circle around Sarah, admiring her body and sliding her fingers over her back. Then she turned to face her but instead sat back on the sofa. She put her hand in her coat pocket and produced a strange looking plastic item.

“Come closer.” She held the bright pink contraption while user her other hand to caress Sarah’s pantyhosed legs, sliding her fingers just under her gusset. Sarah let a small moan when she felt one finger between her gusset and leotard slowly sliding up and down her already wet pussy lips. Janet then pulled the leotard crotch part further down to place the device between the leotard and the pantyhose gusset. It had a strap to it can be secured to panties or like in this case, a leotard.

“There. Black hose, up high with them!” She stood up and helped Sarah to pull the shiny wet look back up, adding another layer to press the pink vibe device even more into her pussy. Reaching again into the pocket, Janet took some extra sheer 10 den queen size pantyhose and stretched them in her hands, like she’s inspecting them for runs.

“We should use those suntan on you.” “Aren’t those too big for me?” Sarah was wondering.

“You’ll see. Hands behind your back. Elbows together!” Janet walked behind her back while rolling up a hose leg. When she got to the toe part, she pulled it on Sarah’s hands, encasing and binding them both at the same time in a pantyhose leg. She continued to pull the hose up to her shoulders and stopped. Carefully she grabbed the other leg and also rolled it up a bit in her hands.

“Tilt your head back!”

Janet expertly pulled the other leg over Sarah’s head. She grabbed the hose at her neck and pulled it some more down, so that she could pull the waistband all the way down to meet the band of black hose on her legs. Using her fingertips she pinched the hose under Sarah’s nose and pulled it towards herself to build up some nylon fabric so that Sarah’s face isn’t distorted from the hose leg. The hose were so sheer that Sarah could almost clearly see through her mask. Janet sat back on the sofa and admired her captive pantyhose slave girl.

“On your knees.” With her hands bound at back, Sarah slowly dropped to her knees in front of Janet’s legs. Janet used her pantyhosed fingers to caress Sarah’s breast and face. She loved the sound her fingers made while sliding up and down the pantyhose. Sensing that Sarah is becoming more and more aroused, she placed the tip of her index finger on Sarah’s lips, sliding on the nylon over it. Her mouth opened slightly and she used her tongue to lick Janet’s fingers through her mask, making the area darker from the wet saliva.

“I’ll be needing some attention. If only there was a good girl to help me...” Janet lowered herself to the edge of the sofa and spread her legs wide apart. Sarah now realized why this is called a “pantyhose fucksuit”. A flat seam marked the oval boundary around Janet’s pussy, but instead a regular nylon gusset, there was a pantyhose sheath already pushed inside her pussy. Sarah’s eyes went wide. She wanted that suit for herself. This is what she saw in the video, but now it’s here, right in front of her. She can smell it... touch it.... She couldn’t finish her thought before Janet’s pantyhosed hand grabbed her and pushed her face right between her mistresses legs.

“Now use that wet tongue of yours, and use it good.”

With her pantyhosed face buried deep, she started to lick her. Her tongue stretched her mask easily, and the sheath gave no resistance at all. She could easy feel the pussy lips beneath two layers of nylon, working the strokes up and down at a steady pace. Hearing her mistress moan harder, she slowly increased the pressure and the tempo of licking, feeling the nylon texture with her tongue.

“Mmmmmhhh.... clit.... suck my clit through the pantyhose you bitch!”

Down on her knees, Sarah was pleasing her mistress expertly only with her lips and tongue, as her hands were bound and helpless. Suddenly Janet became more quiet and focused, and her breath shallower and shallower. While still caressing Sarah’s head, in a few moments she opened her mouth wide, pressed her captors head even harder to her pussy and grabbed a nearby pillow with the other hand. Her legs tensed, she curled her toes, and let out a hard long suppressed scream. At the same time, a small squirt wetted her sheath and suit even more, together with Sarah’s mask. Her mistress was pleased.

As soon as the girls caught some breath, the doorbell rang.

“Get up, let me help you.” As Sarah got up on her feet, still feeling the wetness of the mask on her face, mesmerized by the aroma of her mistress, Janet grabbed the waistband of the hose on her torso and pulled it up and back, releasing her head and arms from the tightness of the pantyhose.

“Get your hair straight, we have guests. I’ll explain on the way.” Janet gave a wink to Sarah and tied back the silk housecoat, covering her nylon encased body, and went to open the door.

“Good evening Ms. Cooper, hope I’m not late” A man in his early thirties was standing on the door.

“You’re just on time, Mike. Please, come in.” Janet moved back to let him come inside. “Just down the corridor, make yourself comfortable.” She watched as he moved along and entered the lounge. Sarah was back on the sofa, noticeably uneasy, because a visitor was the last thing she was expecting at this moment. Yet he was there, in his tank top and black sweatpants. He left the small sports bag down at the table.

“Sarah, this is Mike. Mike, Sarah.” He came to the sofa and shook hands with Sarah. “Nice to meet you Sarah.” He gave a quick glance to her smooth body curves encased in leotard and black hose. “I shall guess that you’re also a dancer?”

“Well...I’m... trying. I have a good teacher.” She gave a wink to Janet.

“Now, Mike” Janet spoke as she sat down beside Sarah, while pouring herself some tea, “last time we talked you mentioned that you seek some... advice.”

“Well, Ma`am, it is more a sort of a... favor.”

“Ahhh, yes. The Grand ballet. You see, Sarah, Mr. Black here is an aspiring dancer looking for the top spot. And you don’t get into Grand without some serious recommendation. Also, it seems no coincidence that he is now here, as I‘m a good old friend with the head talent scout for the Grand.”

“Well Ma`am, you seem to got it all correct. You’ve seen me dance, and I know if you weren’t impressed I wouldn’t even stand here.”

“Quite the confidence in that one, right?” Janet smiled to Sarah. “That may seem true, yet I’m not satisfied, yet. You will have to perform exceptionally tonight.”

“So that’s why you asked that I come in “dance” attire. Well I wouldn’t expect nothing less of you, of course.”

“Show us what you’ve got. Get set.” Janet stood up, and went to the hi-fi console. After a few clicks a classical symphony filled the room. Meanwhile, Mike took off his sneakers and put on his ballet shoes.

The women sat and watched while he showed off his moves in sync to the music. His moves were perfectly fluid and pinpoint accurate.

“What do you think Sarah” Janet whispered in her ear.

“Uhmm, what do you mean?”

“How would you like if we “use” him tonight for our pleasure? I know his performances and talent, but also I know he’ll do anything to get that recommendation.”

“He’s damn well built, but how do we know that he’ll comply?”

“I had the opportunity to pass through the wardrobe during one play. A door was slightly open and I could see that he was alone there in that moment. I would move along but his movement seemed odd so I spied through the crack. I couldn’t believe it, he was looking around and approached a bag that belonged to one of my ballerinas. He dug through it and took out a pair of pantyhose, put them on his face to smell them, and put them his bag as a trophy. He’s our guy.”

“So what is our plan?”

“You just do as I tell you.”

Sarah positioned herself comfortably in the sofa, re-crossed her legs and referred to Mike: “I see that you are trying but I cannot observe you properly without the right attire.”

“What do you mean Ma`am?”

“Loose the sweatpants, dear. We don’t perform on stage like that.”

“No problem Ma`am.” While quite nervous, he pretended to keep his cool as he took off his sweatpants. Anything just to get to his goal. Just before he prepared to continue, Janet interrupted.

“I still don’t like it. You should have some pantyhose on.”

“Sorry Ma`am, I...”


“I... I don’t have any dance tights with me now.”

“That is not a problem. Strip it all down while I get you some.” Janet stood up and went to the other room while Mike just stood there and stared shocked into Sarah’s eyes, looking for help, or even an explanation.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, trainee.“ Janet came back carrying a small box. She sat down and put it in her lap.

“You mean, everything?” Mike was still in shock.

“It seems that maybe you are not the Grand material I thought you to be...”

“No, no! I’m sorry Ma`am! Won’t happen again!” with a few quick moves, he removed all his clothes and shoes and used his hands to cover his cock.

“What should we use for his performance tonight?” Janet shuffled through the box.

“Maybe a good base layer?” Sarah joined the selection. They took out a shiny opaque gray pair. Mike was relieved.

“Nah, too opaque.” They continued to skim through. “What do they mean with too opaque?” thousand thoughts passed through his head.

“Maybe those?” Sarah pulled out some suntan 20 denier sheer to waist hose.

“Those are nice, my dear, but they are too restrictive.” Janet pulled out some shiny 15 den black sheer pantyhose. “Those should fit him properly”.

With a finger gesture she signaled him to come closer and join them on the sofa. Still covering himself, he sat between them. As Janet took the hose by the waistband and let the legs fall down, it became clear to him that he won’t be wearing the regular dance tights but rather some completely transparent sheer black pantyhose. In that moment his eyes caught something peculiar. At the lover section of the panty part of the pantyhose, there was, instead of a regular cotton panel, a sheer small nylon tube, like a third leg. The tip was narrower, while closer to the hose it went wider. It was a nylon sheath for his cock and balls! His eyes went wide. What do they have in store for him?

“I see we got you interested in your new “apparel”. I told you I need you to perform exceptionally today. Are you the man for the job?” She was holding the hose with her nylon encased fingers in front of him while her devious smile reassured him: this one is serious. He outweighed his options and turned to look her in the eyes.

“It would be my pleasure, Ma`am.”

“Splendid! From now on you can call me mistress, and speak only when asked to. Understood?”

“Yes.... mistress.”

“Now put those pantyhose on.” She tossed the hose in his lap.

Slowly he rolled one leg up to the toe part, and put it on his leg. He repeated with the other leg.

“I see we have an expert here in putting on pantyhose. Very well. Proceed.”

As he stood up to pull the waistband up he revealed his now fully erect cock, begging to be encased in tight nylon. Janet got up and stood in front of him. “Let me show you. We don’t want to rip those. I get very angry when somebody rips my pantyhose, understood?”

Slowly she pulled the waistband and pushed her pantyhosed fingers inside the sheath form inside, rolling it up and stretching wide. She pulled everything up and positioned the tip of the sheath on his cockhead. With one swift move she pulled it down to the base of his shaft, encasing it tightly.

“Good, now proceed.”

He grabbed the waistband and pulled it up into right position. The sheath fit tightly and perfectly over his cock and balls. The tightness felt heavenly. It covered every curve and vein like a shiny pantyhose condom. On the underside, there was a thin flat seam that went just below the tip of his cock, over his balls back to the gusset to join with the main hose seams.

“Well what do we have here? What do you make of it, Sarah, is he performing well?”

Sarah already thought of how it would feel to have this sheathed cock inside her and decided to up the ante: “there’s only one way to find out, mistress.”

“You’re right, my dear. Both of you, follow me.”

All three of them went up the wide stairs, and entered a large bedroom. As Janet opened the walk-in closet door, lights inside activated, and she stepped inside. On the back wall, behind of all the racks with clothes, she opened one of the smaller drawers and put her hand inside. Something clicked and a large wall panel slightly opened. Both Mike and Sarah looked each other in half fear half excitement. As Janet went inside and the dim lights turned on, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Part 4.

In the quite large room that they were standing in, everything provoked the same thought: kinky sex games. Blood red floor and walls seemed like covered with smooth satin. Within the black ceiling there were halogen spotlights mounted that casted light and shadows on the various “furniture” that was placed inside. On the left side, there was a bondage cross mounted on the wall. Next to it a bondage gyn chair, all made with shiny stainless steel, black cushions and black leather restraints, just like the luxury bondage bench in the corner. The front wall was a shiny black polished slide door closet filled with god knows what. While the most of the right side was occupied with a large black silky satin sheets covered bondage bed, the center of the room contained two wheeled drawer carts filled to the brim with toys and various pantyhose.

Janet opened the slide closet, revealing a hanger rack on which at least twenty nylon full body suits were hanging. On the right side there were large bins. Janet took a bin out and down from the shelf. It was full of black pantyhose. Sarah’s heart began to beat faster at the sight of all that nylon. It seems that Janet had her pantyhose all sorted by color in the bins.

“Come here Sarah, let’s find something appropriate for our guest.”

Janet glimpsed at the toys in the cart as she made her way to the other end. Among various anal plugs, balls, suction cups, blindfolds and mouth gags there was a variety of vibrators, many inserted and wrapped in pantyhose. She joined Janet at the bin and they both went through the pile and choose several shiny opaque black hose.

“I think those will fit just right!” Janet was laughing as she worked her hosed fingers to check the small elastic crotch opening on one pair.

“These will look really shiny and tight on him!” They picked additional pair just like those and returned to the bed.

Janet put the hose on the bed and turned to Mike: “You should be already putting those on!”

Mike promptly came to bed and started to roll a hose leg after inspecting a pair.

“Let’s get you settled, my dear.” She grabbed Sarah by hand and pulled her to gyn chair. “Come on, you’ll love it!” Sarah was unsure but hopped on the chair and put her legs on the holders. Janet promptly fastened the restraints on her thighs, ankles, upper arms, wrists and waist. She grabbed a sheer suntan pair from the cart and pulled those over her head. She just loved the sight of a nylon leg sliding over her face. As soon as her head was encased, Sarah started to lick her nylon mask.

“I just love to have you masked my dear” Saying that, Janet gave her a kiss on her pantyhosed lips.  To secure that her pantyhose mask couldn’t come off, she used the chair’s leather neck restraint, collaring her tightly. “Now, you are at my mercy and for now... you can only watch.”

Mike was just aligning the waistbands of his new black hose. One pair on arms and torso, and the other on legs. The small crotch opening was just enough for his suntan pantyhose sheathed cock and balls to pass through. He admired his shiny black encased body. Everything almost completely opaque. Janet went to the closet and took out a black spandex mask and gave it to Mike. As he put it on, to his dismay, he found out that it had an integrated blindfold, but at least it had an small mouth opening.

“There, now in the darkness you can concentrate more on your task. Lie down on the bed! Spread!”

As he spread his arms and legs, she used the restraints attached to the bedposts to tie his arms and legs so he couldn’t move. Now completely encased in shiny black opaque pantyhose, his suntan covered rock hard cock was begging to receive some attention, as the first drops of pre-cum formed under the tip of the nylon sheath.

“I want you to be a good boy, but we don’t want you to cum before you prove yourself worthy, now don’t we?” She produced two black cockrings, grabbed his nylon sheathed cock and slid on a ring to the base of his shaft. Promptly she used the slightly smaller second one and placed it just behind his cockhead. Then she just slid her nylon finger up and down the seam on the sheath as the rings made his cock even more swollen and hard.

“This is exactly as we like our pantyhosed cocks, right Sarah?” Janet was smiling at her. “Oh don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you...” she put her hand in her coat pocket, and took out a remote control. As she pushed a button, a buzzing sound came from behind Sarah’s pantyhosed crotch, followed by her loud moan! “There my dear, you enjoy my gift as I take care of the matter at hands.”

She had removed her silk coat to expose her pantyhosed body and climbed on the bed. Her pantyhosed fingers felt awesome as she began to stroke his cock. As she was stroking him, from time to time she licked the tip of his sheathed cock driving him insane, or she would suck just the tip of his cockhead. Abruptly she stopped and pulled up the mask from her suit on her head, zipping it up on the back, so that she was now also completely encased in shiny nylon.

With the same vigor, she resumed to stroke him for a bit, and then sucked hard on his cock through her mask. The silky material of her fucksuit was stretchable, but she managed to get only half of the length inside her mouth. She felt the nylon texture of his cock on her tongue, as well as the tightness of the rings that were keeping him harder. Part because of his pre-cum, part because of her saliva, but both her mask and his sheath were completely wet. If there weren’t for the cockrings, he would shot his load a long time ago deep in her mouth.

As he was blindfolded, he couldn’t admire her shiny ass as she turned around in a 69 position. While she hovered her sheathed pussy just over his mouth she could feel his warm breath. Finally she lowered herself and pressed on his mouth down so he could work his tongue on her pantyhosed pussy lips while she held and licked his shaft from the base to the tip through her mask.

“Come on boy, show me how you like my hosed pussy! Get that wet tongue in! Ooohhh yesss...” She let him continue working his tongue relentlessly between her legs for a few moments while holding tightly on his hard encased cock.

“Good. You perform well. We will advance to the next act.” She stood up from the bed and took a bottle with lubricant gel from the cart. With one hand she grabbed his cock at the base and slowly poured some of the lubricant over his cockhead, letting the gel glide down his sheath and rings.

Quickly she put away the bottle and positioned herself over his cock.

“Now be a good boy. And remember, you are not allowed to cum. Yet.”

With a devilish smile she grabbed his sheathed cock and guided it to the entrance of her pantyhosed pussy. Slowly she starts to lower herself with short motions to allow his cock enter her each time a bit deeper. Deep sensations envelop her body as his engorged cock makes its way into her nylon lined pussy, lubing her up at the same time. As she went down all the way, now with him completely inside, she could feel both of his cockrings inside her. She grabbed one of his waistbands with her pantyhosed hands to secure herself and started to thrust her pelvis to fuck him hard.

As his hosed cock slid in and out her encased pussy, all Sarah could do is helplessly watch. Her vibe could pleasure her only that much. She wanted to push it harder against her pussy but the restraints held her tightly to the chair. Her efforts to free herself were interrupted by a loud moan coming from the bed. Janet was arched to the back riding Mike violently, while simultaneously rubbing her clit with her fingers. Suddenly, after a few tense spasms she stopped and fell down to Mike to catch some breath.

“You’ve got some natural talent, boy. I’ll give you a break and see you in act two.” Smilingly she lifted herself and released his cock from her pantyhosed pussy. The cockrings prevented him to cum so his cock was now even more engorged in its sheath, waiting for the ultimate release.

“I hope you enjoyed the show, my dear.” Janet went over to Sarah and caressed her restrained leg, while using the remote to turn off her vibe. “I know just the thing you need, but first we need to prepare you.”

Sarah untied her restraints and helped her to get down from the bondage chair. She took her hand and took her to the bench in the corner.

“Sit here. Let me find something for you.” As Janet was opening the closet and searched through some bins, Sarah examined the bondage bench. The shiny silver stainless steel frame housed a black leather bench in the middle, with two parallel circular holes on one side and wide leather straps hanging down from the sides in the middle. The frame extended in front and the back of the bench and had multiple leather pads, cushions and restraints on it on various positions and elevations.

“Take off the black hose and body.” Janet commanded while returning with a handful of nude color pantyhose. Sarah sat down on the bench, grabbed her waistband and slowly lowered her black hose. Then she undid her shoulder straps from her bodysuit exposing her perky breast and removed the body completely with the vibe still attached to the panty area of it. Now she was standing on front of Janet only in her suntan hose on her legs and head.

“Let’s get you properly encased in pantyhose my dear. I love your suntan hose, but we can enrich that.” She took another shiny nude pair and gave it to Sarah who promptly put those on her legs.

“Now this pair.” Sarah took another suntan pair and started to roll one leg up to the toes. She put it on her left double pantyhosed leg just above the knee. As she was rolling the other leg up she noticed that instead of regular nylon gusset those had a nylon pussy sheath. Immediately her heart started to beat faster as this is what she was hoping for since that video she saw. Quickly she slid the other leg in as well and pulled the pantyhose with sheath up but immediately realized there is a problem, as she wore two pairs of pantyhose beneath those.

“Let me intervene here, my dear. Lower the sheath hose and pull up the lower two pairs. You always want to feel your gussets on your pussy, not let them to sag.” Sarah obeyed, pulling both her waistbands high so that the crotches sat nicely and tight on her pussy, while the back seams made a lovely split on her shiny tight ass. Janet took small scissors from the cart and came back to Sarah. She got down on one knee in front of her and caressed her thighs. She slid her fingers up her leg to the crotch and pulled it down a bit.

With a few precise cuts along the middle she opened the first gusset. The second one, still wet from her juices, courtesy of the vibe earlier, was also no match for her expert hands. As the tightness of the pantyhose pulled the crotches apart, her wet pussy was now exposed. Janet slid her finger across Sarah’s clit and as she stood up gave her a wink.

“Pull those up.” As Sarah pulled the hose up Janet put her hands behind her head and back and gave her a deep kiss through the mask. As both pantyhose masked women kissed, they caressed each other while their tongues were struggling with the pantyhose fabric.

“You’ve got three layers on your legs, yet only one on your face. I think we should address that.” Janet took one crotchless pair and helped Sarah to put it on her torso. Then she took another two pairs that had a hole on one side at the hip, just between a hose leg and the waistband.

“You put your hand in one leg, head in the other, and the other arm through the hole. That way you can properly encase your head, neck and torso. Repeat with the second pair but start with the other arm so it becomes symmetrical with the added benefit of layering. Let me help you with that.” With a few expert strokes, Janet helped to encase Sarah, which could now breathe harder under three layers, yet alone see anything properly except bright light sources.

“I think now we can proceed. Lie down on the bench as you wild ride a sport bike.” As Sarah couldn’t see properly, Janet guided her in front of the bench.

“On your knees.” As she kneeled down, Janet helped her to put her knees on the leg pads. Now she pushed her to bend forward to lie down on the bench, so that her pantyhosed breasts fit into the holes. She found that she could rest her head on a forehead rest and put her arms on the elbow rests.

“Very good, my dear. Let me secure you.”

All the restraints were fastened securely on the frame, so Janet first fastened those on Sarah’s wrists. Next she did those on her ankles, then thighs and finally upper arms. Then she closed the neck restraint of the bench and at the end the wide center strap at her lower back pressing her firmly to the bench. She paused there for a moment to admire her captive slave girl. Tightly encased in several layers of shiny nude pantyhose, she seemed unreal. Now tightly restrained she was now completely at her disposal. This girl came to her with the wish to experience the true pantyhose encasement sex. And Janet was determined to give her just that. As Sarah’s legs were spread apart, Janet could see the sheath dangling beneath Sarah’s pussy, waiting to be inserted in her hot lips and used. She already lubed a thin vibe with the intention to do just that when she had an idea. She went to the cart and found two toys she wanted to use on Sarah.

“It would be a shame if you don’t feel.... fulfilled, my dear.” Janet said with a devilish tone. The first thing was a small ball shaped mouth gag with a strap. She made a small hose on the first layer of her head mask leaving the two layers beneath intact. To gain some fabric she pulled those away from her mouth and then released. As she pinched Sarah’s nose she couldn’t help but to open her mouth what Janet promptly used to insert the gag in. Quickly she secured the strap at the back of her head to prevent her to get it out.

“Now I’ve got a little surprise for you. Don’t be alarmed.” In front of the gag there was a small cap. She undid the cap to expose a valve. She already got the small black tube with a hand pump nearby so she attached it to the gag.

“Mmhh.....mmmmmmhhhhhh....!” With each squeeze of the pump the inflatable gag expanded in Sarah’s mouth, stretching her pantyhose mask with it. As Janet was satisfied she just let the pump hang down from her gag.

Next, she turned her attention to the other toy: a black rubber butt plug. Slowly she pulled down the waistband of Sarah’s sheath hose to expose the open gussets of her pantyhose below. Sarah tensed as she felt pulling on her hose to position the gussets, and then the coldness of the lubricant being applied to her pussy and ass. There was also a new sensation, as she felt something was pressing on her anal ring, slowly wiggling its way inside.

Janet was pushing the plug gently inside, until it finally went all the way in and snapped into place. Satisfied, Janet readjusted the gussets and pulled back the outer pantyhose up. Finally she took the soaked vibe and used it to guide the nylon sheath bit by bit deep into Sarah’s pussy. After a few good strokes, all the fabric was in and it started to pull on the gusset seams gently encasing her pussy lips. If she had to guess from the muffled sounds from the gag, Sarah was enjoying every bit of it.

She turned her attention to Mike, still restrained to the bed, still sporting a massive hard on. “I haven’t forgotten you, pantyhose slave. It is time for you to perform again.”

Janet undid his restraints and led him to Sarah. When she removed his mask his eyes went wide. He heard sounds but couldn’t imagine the situation Janet put Sarah in. To match his black pantyhose he already had on, Janet produced a black stocking and put it on Mike’s head. He was now again completely encased but this time his vision was only slightly limited.

“Get in position. Now please this pantyhosed pussy.”

Without a word he kneeled behind Sarah. As he aligned his sheathed cock he probed Sarah’s pussy with his fingers. As he was blindfolded before, he didn’t realize that when Janet was riding him her pussy was also sheathed, so he was unsure how it will go when he put the tip of his pantyhosed cock at the crotch oh her hose. Slowly he pushed, but as the sheathes were well lubricated, his cock went in with little resistance. To his amazement, Sarah welcomed the act with a sensual moan.

As he started thrusting he remembered the feeling from before and finally realized why it felt so awesome. The tightness of her pussy combined with the two layers of pantyhose gave him an amazing sensation. As he thrusted deeper his hosed cock into her nylon lined pussy Sarah’s moans became louder and louder. He pushed steadily while his cockrings kept him extremely hard yet unable to cum. A sweet agony, being in a heavenly limbo but knowing that salvation is out of reach.

“Yes, keep going slave, please this nylon bitch!” Janet ordered him to continue. He kept the rhythm, but now each time pushed it in as much as he could.

As the tightness of all of her pantyhose that encased her, the feeling of complete devotion, the tightness of the restraints that held her collided with the sensation that he was now giving to her a wave after wave of pleasure went through her body. She felt the sensation of the rubbing fabric, the sliding of the cockrings, his hands holding her encased breast beneath through the openings. Finally as she felt the hand of her mistress sliding from her temple to her lower back she couldn’t hold it any longer. Letting out a violent moan in the gag she had a deep orgasm for the first time. As he kept going, several aftershock waves went through her for the next few minutes. As her spasms stopped she relaxed completely, only to let a moan one last time as he slowly withdrew his hard cock out of her.

As Sarah’s fantasy was now fulfilled, Janet already knew that Mike can’t hold it for much more. Quickly she unfastened the gag strap behind Sarah’s head. As she pushed the valve button on the hand pump the air was released from the gag. When it shrunk enough, the whole gag just felt out of Sarah’s mouth to the floor. Then she pulled back on the pantyhose leg of Sarah’s mask to pull her head up and she removed the forehead pad pole from the frame. She turned to Mike.

“Come here. Stick that sheathed cock in her pantyhosed mouth!”

With all the obstructions out of the way, he had an easy access to her waiting mouth. As the gag did all the stretching before, he could easily slide more than half of his pantyhosed cock into her mouth. Pressing her lips hard together, she sucked him hard. She wanted badly to grab the base of his cock but she was still restrained tightly. And because of that he was the one that had to do the thrusting.

As she sense that he was near, Janet ordered him to stop. She firmly took his cock in her hands and pulled the first, and then the second cockring off. Finally free, he grabbed the back of Sarah’s head and put it back in. It drove him crazy as she worked her tongue expertly on the seam of his sheath, and he watched with delight how his pantyhosed cock stretches her mask in her mouth and the nylon is sliding over her lips and nose.

When he began to breathe heavily, Janet approached him from behind. She pressed her body close to his and grabbed his cock. Sarah realized what was coming so she opened wide and anticipated the load. Janet started to stroke it faster and faster, until she finally took him over the edge. “Now, slave, show that nylon bitch what you’ve got!”

As he tensed up and arched back, she pulled down hard on his cock stretching his sheath to the limit. After two familiar pulsations she felt in her hand, the third one came with a massive blast. As she was stretching the sheath to make it thinner on the tip, most of his load on the first three shots went right through it and landed on Sarah’s tongue. Janet was delighted with his performance. As he continued to cum, he was filling the tip of his sheath with his milky load while Janet was still holding the base of his cock. For the few last spasms he pushed his cock one last time deep into Sarah’s mouth, smearing his load all over her mask. She quickly licked and sucked most of it out of his sheath.

After he shot out everything he was holding in for the whole evening, he was clearly spent. Janet ordered Mike to release Sarah from the bondage bench and that all three of them should proceed to the bed to recuperate. Still completely encased, while they rested beside each other, Janet slid her nylon fingers over his pantyhosed thigh and cock and whispered to Mike: “You can get my recommendation any time you need. And I also expect you here next week. For... consultation of course.”

At that moment, she felt that he slowly started to become harder and harder again...



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