She Was a Vision

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: F/m; frat party; amazon; capture; breasts; enclosed; stuck; encased; bond; bfold; tease; oral; sex; climax; femdom; cons; X

A large powerful woman rescues a small helpless man – or does she?

She was a vision.

Tall – between six or seven foot at least, her wide hips and large powerful legs were accented well by the tight black padded racing suit. What skin was exposed was the color of rich sensuous chocolate. Such skin included the massive, nah monstrous breasts straining to escape through the hole made when she unzipped the suit just a little. Around her neck was a soft red scarf that flew up like a cape whenever she moved. Her intelligent hazel eyes were framed by round librarian like glasses. Long wavy hair cascaded down her back a brilliant shade of green.

She walked through the party like an animal on the prowl. She sauntered from room to room radiating confidence and pure sexuality. She eyed the men and women in attendance with equal looks of lust. She dismissed them all though. It took someone special to be her prey and she would find them.


Taylor didn’t belong here and he knew it. After all this was the college’s athletic department annual shindig and he was anything but athletic. A small fellow with the body mass of a Chihuahua he was towered over by all these larger muscle bound jocks. When the editor at the paper gave the recent college grad the assignment he thought he had said athletics banquet so he had over dressed in a nice black dress shirt, khaki pants and blue dress shoes. His black bowl cut had been the butt of many jokes this evening.

“Out of the way shrimp,” one of the football players said, shoving him out the way.

“Moron,” Taylor muttered.

“What was that?”

“Oh boy.”


She continued on to the next room and stopped in her tracks. A group of burly oafs were tossing a smaller man back and forth like a football. But it wasn’t this outrageous act of bullying that held her transfixed. No it was their victim. Just seeing his helpless little frame sailing through the air like that excited her on a primal level. She knew by night’s end he would be hers. Acting quickly she shoved one of the jocks to the floor.


His lunch was halfway up his throat on that last pass. He had long since given up on yelling at them to stop. All he could do now was let them bore out. Suddenly he hit something … different. Whatever it was it was large and soft and padded. Then it felt like a pair of pythons ensnared him pulling him further into the softness.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves. Picking on such a helpless little guy, why don’t pick on someone my size?”

The voice was powerful, the voice was authoritative, the voice was … feminine? He had been grabbed by a woman? A very large woman it felt like. Then that meant these soft things he was being held against were … her breasts!

“Now scram before I call the cops.”

The thugs departed with their tails between their legs.

“Thank you,” he told her.

“Don’t mention it.”

“You can put me down now.”

“No chance in hell.”


“It’s not every day I get to rescue a dude in distress. I’m going to enjoy it.”

She carried him through the frat house to one of the less crowded rooms in the back. All the way the strange sight enlisted laughs and catcalls from everyone they passed. Finally finding a room she stopped and sat down on the floor in front of a couch. She sat Taylor on the floor between her legs arms still holding him tight. She then wrapped her legs Indian style sealing him in further.

“It’s kind of hard to talk to you like this.”

“I don’t know about you but I don’t talk with my eyes.”

“Well no but …”

“So just be quiet and talk to me.”

“That doesn’t …”

She placed her gloved hand firmly over his mouth.

“Sh, before you can talk you must listen. My name is Nali.”

She took her hand away cupping both of his with it.

“Just Nali? No other name but that?”

“That’s the only one that matters. How about you?”

“Taylor Hench, reporter.”

“Not a sports reporter I take it.”

“No not really,” he laughed.

“I bet you’re wondering what I do now aren’t you?”

“Kinda, inevitable.”

“Well I don’t think I’m telling you, not tonight anyway. A little mystery goes a long way, don’t you think?”

“I guess so.”

“I will let you know one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Little guys really turn me on.”

To emphasize this she pulled him further into her waiting body. Her hand grabbed ahold of the crotch of his pants and refused to let go. All he could do was gulp.

“In fact I’ve always had this … fantasy about little men. Would you like to hear it?”

All he could do was nod.

“Excellent, it starts with me finding a little man I can’t keep my hands off and getting him alone. And once I have him suitably restrained I’ll open up my top.”

There was a loud zip and he could feel soft firm flesh on the back of his head. Holy shit this wasn’t happening, was it?

“Then I would lift my little man high in the air …”

She then proceeded to do just that.

“… then I would take that sweet little man and put him somewhere where I’d never lose him. Somewhere very close to my heart.”

What she did next was too incredible for words. With great force she shoved him down butt first onto her breasts. The force caused him to sink right into her cleavage! Warm flesh surrounded his body on all sides piling onto him with amazing force. Only his head remained exposed but just barely.

“And then when I had my little man all snug and secure I’d go back and rejoin the party.”


She stood up and headed back to the party.

“No, don’t, those a-holes out there will have a field day with this.”

“Not if they can’t see you.”

“Can’t see me?”

Before he could finish his thought she zipped up her racing suit. This pushed up her boobs even further sealing off his mouth in mounds of warm flesh. Soon all his world was darkness and warmth.


Nali smiled to herself as she felt him try to wiggle around in there. The feeling made her hot. That feeling however paled to what would come next. She strode with the confidence only purpose could give right into the heart of the party. She began to talk to everyone and anyone she met. None of them knew she had Taylor trapped in her tits. That knowledge was the greatest aphrodisiac of all.


It was a strange sensation being stuck between a woman’s breasts. Everything was hard and firm and held in place. Yet at the same time it was soft and squishy and bouncy. There was warmth there, a comforting enveloping warmth. This feeling bothered him more than anything else. He knew nothing of this woman save for her name. Hell he didn’t even know what she looked like. Yet she had him totally at her mercy imprisoned in some of her most personal features. No one knew he was in there and he had no way to tell them.

What was more unsettling was the fact that he had no idea what her intentions were toward him. This had to be some game she played with hapless men like him. It was clear it gave her some kind of thrill. She was probably just gonna walk around for a few hours before dumping him somewhere in the house and moving on.

But what if this were something else? What if she were going to open her shirt and show everyone he was in there? God that would be embarrassing. Was that what this was, some elaborate hazing? If she did that he would have no way to stop her.


It was getting late, Nali noted. The party was winding down and everyone was starting to leave. It was time for Nali to take her leave as well. She grabbed her helmet from the foyer and headed outside to her waiting bike. Without a second thought she started it up and drove right off.


Taylor had started to doze off in the warm soft embrace of this mystery woman’s all-consuming cleavage. Suddenly there was a loud roar jerking him awake. A great force pressed the suit against him. Her breasts started jiggling like crazy. They bounced up and down uncontrollably. Though that did nothing to free him, instead they just took him with them as they went. What was going on out there?


Nali parked her bike in the garage and headed up into the house. She could tell she had worked up a good sweat on that ride. So she went up to the bathroom and started a cool shower running. Slowly, almost sensuously, she stripped away her suit and gave a big stretch. Taylor gasped for breath.

“It wasn’t that bad was it?”

“It was getting hot in there. Where are we?”

“Home of course, where else would I take you, silly?”

He tried to pull himself free but to no avail.

“Stop squirming will ya that tickles.”

“Can you help me out of here? I’m stuck.”

“But I’m not done with you yet.”

While he tried to counter she climbed into the shower.

“Whew that’s cold!” he shouted.

“I know, feels great don’t it?”


Taylor was now totally confused. This woman, Nali, had taken him home and he had no idea where that was. What did she mean she wasn’t done with him yet? Was he about to get lucky? He hardly dared believe it.


Once out of the shower Nali rubbed her self down with a towel then turned it on Taylor’s face.

“There nice and clean, just how I like my men.”



“Why are you doing this?”

“I think I’ve made myself clear. I want you.”

“There’s no way a big, powerful and I’m sure very attractive woman like you could ever want to be with a gangly little runt like me.”

“Oh you poor little guy you really do need to work on your self-esteem. Don’t worry by the time I’m through with you, you’ll know what it feels like to be wholly desired by a woman.”

She walked over to the bed and lied down on her back.


“But tonight we both need a little rest. The problem is you’ve got me all worked up. What to do?”

As Taylor lay there looking at the ceiling Nali suddenly moved forward just a little and her armed started moving. Then she started moaning. Oh my god, she was pleasuring herself! This was insane! He could feel his body reacting to the sounds but he was unable to relieve himself trapped as he was. What made it very hot for him was the fact that he was the thing turning her on.

He lost track of the time listening to her. After a loud climax she passed out on the bed beneath him. He couldn’t sleep though. His mind was reeling no exploding from all the thoughts he had bouncing around in there. Who was Nali? Did she really want him as bad as it seemed? How long was she planning on keeping him trapped like this? What did she look like?


Nali awoke the next morning giving a big cat like stretch. She walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Her little man, Taylor, was still asleep in his hot little perch. God if she didn’t have to work today she’d lay in bed all day and play with him. But alas duty called.

So she walked to a nearby closet pulling out a roll of duct tape which she then proceeded to wrap around Taylor’s mouth several times. She then threw on a fresh bra and panties before going back to her closet.


A groggy Taylor awoke. At first he thought the weird night before had been nothing but a dream. Until he tried to move anyway, then he knew it was all very real. He tried to say something to Nali but found his mouth stuck shut, taped over it felt like.

“Good, you’re awake. Now listen up I’ve got to get to work and it would be very awkward if anyone there heard you.”

She could not be serious. There was no way she was going to work with a man trapped in her cleavage. Surely someone would notice. Slowly she began donning what looked like a uniform of some kind. It took him a minute to realize what he was seeing. She was a cop!


Nali smiled as she caressed her motorcycle officer’s uniform. She loved the way it felt against her skin. She took an extra minute to rub her shirt as it clung to the shape of her breasts. It felt good even with the extra sweater on underneath to conceal Taylor. No one who looked at her would give it a second thought.


They had arrived at the station. He could hear people talking out there. All he had to do was make enough noise and he would be free. The police would get him free and Nali would be arrested. It would all be over. He didn’t want to do that. Nali had been good to him so far and part of him really wanted to see how far his Amazonian abductress would take this.


Today she was stuck manning a speed trap on an old back road barely used. This would have been torture, but today she had someone to talk to.

She pulled into her spot behind an old billboard and got to work. She took off her shirt, cut off the tape and redressed herself.

“How ya doin’ down there handsome?”

“Good, surprisingly, and you?”

“Oh just perfect now that I get to hear your sweet voice.”

With nothing else to do to pass the time they talked. They talked about everything from politics to movies. When it was over Nali knew most of Taylor’s life story. She made sure however not to reveal anything personal about herself. She needed to keep up the mystery for this after all.

With only a few minutes left to the end of her shift Nali began to seal him up again when a red Corvette sped by.

“Hold on Baby, this is gonna be fun.”


Taylor braced himself as the sudden forward motion threw him back against her. Next came an abrupt stop that threw him forward, as much as his fleshy prison would allow anyway.

“Sir, did you know you know why I pulled you over today?”

Holy crap she was giving someone a ticket! And from what little he knew of Nali she was leaning down to talk to this man, her chest at eyelevel. That poor schlep was trying not to look he bet. God if he only knew what was really under this shirt.


She let him go with a ticket and then went back to the office to fill out paperwork. Then it was a quick stop at a local Chinese place before heading home. It took everything she had not to laugh when she took some ‘leftovers’ home for ‘later’. Settling back on the couch she threw off her shirt and bra.


She cut the duct tape free much to Taylor’s relief. She then proceeded to use the chopsticks she got to feed him a warm-ish supper.



“There is something I need to ask you.”

“Go on.”

“Can I use the restroom; my bladder’s been killing me for hours.”

“Well of course all you had to do was ask.”

She led him into the bathroom where she pulled him free and stood him in front of the toilet. His legs felt weak from lack of use.

“Don’t move,” she told him.

She proceeded to pull off all his clothes without letting him turn back to look at her. Using her massive hands she pinned his to the wall.

“There you go.”

After he was done she picked up his naked little body and quickly shoved him back into place before he could even think of escape, which oddly never even crossed his mind. She began running water in the tub and added a generous dose of bubble bath. She slipped out what little clothes she had left and into the warm water.


It was an old sensation, like he was in a tight bouncy inner tube or something. The warm water ran up between her breasts covering his little body in an oddly soothing sensation. He closed his eyes and just let the feelings take him away.

Apparently Nali had the same idea. She scooted down into the water and relaxed. Suddenly Taylor was underwater. He was trapped and unable to breath. Panic sat in and he started trying to thrash about. After about a terrifying minute she lifted herself up just enough for him to breath.

“There you go, big baby.”

She settled back for a relaxing soak. Sometime later she got back out, toweled off and went back into her bedroom not bothering to dress again. She pulled a scarf from her closet and wrapped it tightly over his eyes tying it off in a knot. What was she planning now?

Suddenly he was pulled free from her chest and felt himself go flying through the air. He landed with a great bounce on a large soft surface. Feeling around he assumed it to be her bed. Something big, powerful and wonderfully soft landed on top of him, Nali. She roughly tightened something around his waist pinning his arms to his side. Next she did the same to his ankles.


Nali smiled down at Taylor with a predatory smile. The naked little man looked good with her scarf around his eyes and her belts holding him still. She didn’t really need the belts but it felt good to remind him she was in control. She climbed over him and began.


I lay there just trying to figure out what she was planning next when it happened. Something warm and wet covered his shaft which had been erect, it seemed, nonstop since Nali first held him. He let out a small gasp. The sound of something large and heavy hitting the bed above him confirmed what he already knew. He was about to have the best night of his life.

She went down slowly onto him taking his length with her. Then slowly, agonizingly slowly, she played with her toy. She took her time and made sure they both enjoyed the sensations she was causing. Taylor had never felt anything like this before. Somehow the loss of control: no movement, no sight, made everything better, more electric. He wanted more, needed more but she wouldn’t give it to him.

When the scarf finally came off he got a look at the clock. Three hours had passed but her slow torture ended before he could feel relief. It was maddening. What was worse, or better – he couldn’t tell anymore, was that she kept the scarf on until he was back in her boobs unable to see her yet again.

He had spent almost twenty four hours with this woman yet he could tell you virtually nothing about this woman not even a basic description. Despite all that he had never felt closer to any other person in his entire life. She had kidnapped him and tortured him for what seemed to be nothing more than her own personal enjoyment. He loved every moment of it. He enjoyed having someone else make all the decisions so he could just enjoy what happened. A day was the total time he’d spent imprisoned between her boobs but it already felt like home.

He had no idea where these thoughts were going. It was if his mind was trying to make sense of something far too big for him to understand. Nali gave a contented sigh. That was it! He was happy, far happier than he could ever remember being in fact. He was happy as Nali’s prisoner. This realization should have scared him but instead the opposite was true. That knowledge comforted him.


Inside Nali was screaming. Stopping before either of them has cum was an agonizing practice in restraint. She didn’t want to be restrained she wanted to attack that sexy little body of his and fuck every last drop out of him. But she knew if her plan was to work she’d have to wait one more night. The problem was tonight. She was far too wound up to sleep. She walked into her living room and approached a bar built into the top of one of the door frames.


Taylor didn’t realize what Nali was doing until he was suddenly air borne. As she did her pull ups her breasts sloshed up and down like a large wonderful water bed. He was thrown up and down with them enjoying every sensation it caused. The exercise bike ride was a bit rougher and the pushups left him tasting carpet but beyond that he loved it.


Finally exhausted Nali dragged herself to bed and fell right to sleep. The next morning she jumped up ready to go. This was it. The day she’d been looking forward to. It was her day off and she was gonna make the most of it. She washed off and put on her cycling suit and headed out to her bike. She loved to spend her mornings off on long lazy rides.


As Nali zipped up her suit covering him in darkness once more Taylor felt a weight drop in his stomach. She was dressed the same way she had when they first met. Was she taking him back to the frat house so he could get his car? Was this … whatever this was … over already. He was enjoying himself too much for it to end now. He wanted it to last longer. But with his mouth covered in tit flesh he couldn’t tell her.

Soon the familiar sensations of riding on her motorcycle returned. It felt longer than last time but honestly he wouldn’t know any different. Soon she stopped and went inside. She unzipped her suit and he could see … her place?

“We’re back?”

“Where else would we be?”

“I was afraid you were letting me go.”

“Well don’t worry about that, I’m far from done with you.”

That made his heart and member swell.


Nali loved to cook, few things in the world made her happier. She really loved cooking for someone else. Starving she ran to the kitchen and cooked away fixing a nice big lunch which she lovingly feed to Taylor. God she loved feeding him like this.

She wanted nothing more right now than to run to her bedroom and do him. But she knew she needed a few more hours.

“Taylor baby, what do you do on your day off?”

“Some of the guys from the paper and I play poker.”

“Ooh, now that’s an idea.”

She grabbed some cards from a drawer and started shuffling.

“It’s gonna be hard to play poker like this.”

“You’re right, blackjack it is.”

“We playing for anything?”

“I would suggest strip but we’re both naked already.”

“Alright then how about if I win you have to tell me something about yourself.”

“No can do little man.”

“Oh come on.”

“I already know all I need to know about you. So there’s no quid pro quo. No, here’s the stakes if you win more than half the hands I won’t blindfold you when I screw your brains out tonight.”

He gulped, and then answered “Deal.”


Nali set out four cards. After looking at hers she let Taylor see his. He had a 5 and a 7.



She drew a card.

“Bust, that’s one you need ten more.”

The turns went by until only one remained. He and Nali had tied, though he suspected she had allowed this. His cards were 8, 2 & 10. He was going to win. Nali had too many cards for him not to. He began thinking about the night that lay ahead. He was gonna have a wonderful erotic time. This time they would go all the way. This time there’d be no blinders. This time he would get to see his goddess.

“Hit! Bust.”

“Ooh we’re gonna have so much fun.”


Nali virtually ran to her room. No more waiting no more planning. This was it. She couldn’t wait another second and she didn’t have to.


Taylor smiled as his bound and blindfolded body bounced off the bed. He felt her massive body land on the bed above him. His private stood at attention. Every nerve on his body was on fire. His lack of sight made the experience far more visceral. Her tongue forced its way into his mouth probing and attacking like a lustful animal. With a passion he had never felt before he returned her advances.

Suddenly her mouth left his. Before he could complain however it returned – further south. He gasped as she seemed to devour his manhood. Fireworks were starting to go off behind his eyes as his already overtaxed nerves began to explode. Just when he thought he was going to cum she stopped.

“Come here.”

She drug down him the bed by his feet. She lowered herself onto him again. She then began riding him again. She started slowly again but quickly speed up. Taylor was lost in the thrill of her manipulations. Her arms and legs entwined him pulling him deep inside her and his face into the warm flesh of her abdomen.

Lost in a world of lust the two thrust into one another screaming out in ecstasy. Suddenly the flood gates open and he poured everything he had into her. Then she came crushing him into her with a blissful strength he had never known.

He must have blacked out because the next thing he remembered was being washed off in what felt to be a sink.

“You know when I left here Friday I had such a simple plan: kidnap a sexy guy, keep him blindfolded and under my control for three days and see if that made for great sex. Then I was gonna dump him back where I found him. He would never see me again – or ever actually.”


It was all he could think to say. It couldn’t end, not after that.

“Then I found you and knew you’d be perfect. Problem is you’re too perfect. You’re just the right size, you’re a great guy I could talk to forever and now I find out you’re the best lover I’ve ever had. You have a life you need to get back to which means I need to let you go. But for the life of me I can’t. I can’t bear the thought of going back to my life before I took you. But I don’t want you to hate me either.”

“Nali, I could never hate you, and I can’t imagine going back to my old life either.”

“Before you say anything be warned if you agree there’s no going back. I told you I can’t stand the idea of letting you go. You will spend the rest of your life in my breasts or in my bed. You will have no contact with your old life. You will be mine and mine alone. What do you say?”


“Then there’s only one thing left to do.”

He felt himself tucked back into his new home.

“I think you deserve to see what you chose.”

The scarf came off and he saw himself in the large mirror on her closet door. Then he saw her for the first time. It only confirmed what Taylor knew about his love from the moment he met her:

She was a vision.

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