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Part 2 - The Dinner Date

We settled in for a nice Italian dinner. It could easily turn out to be more that Sheila had bargained for.

I thought back to how Sheila and I had gotten here. We were both college students, her a Psych major, me in CIS. She had this body that men jack off over when they weren't drooling and she got off on making them drool now and most likely run home to do the other. She was about 5-10, and had long straight blonde hair that ran down to her waist. She kept all of the unneeded fat off of her bones, except for her 40D bust which was quite up and firm at 20. She loved to wear short skirts and outfits that showed off her large chest and long tan legs.

We met in a programming class; she needed some help learning the PCs and I was more than happy to help her. It wasn't that she was a "dumb blonde", in fact she was just the opposite. She was overloaded in her classes and needed some help. I was just the lucky male in the right place at the right time and got to admire her tanned thighs and cleavage while I helped her get up to speed. And she knew I was admiring and would tease me on. I spent quite a few nights in my room whacking off to the thoughts of how good it would be to sink my cock deep inside her cunt. I already knew for a fact it was blonde. Late one Friday, just before the lab closed, she asked me to come over to where she sat and help her with a word processor question. As I leaned over her, I realized her silk skirt had ridden all the way up to her hips in front. She had a very neat trimmed blonde bush and it was fully visible but only if you were right next to her or above her. When she knew I had seen it she just looked at me, slowly and sensuously licking her ruby-red lips with a big smile on her face and her eyes locked in mine. For about ten seconds she held me locked in her gaze as if I had grabbed a high-power electric line, still smiling. Then she pretended to get self-conscious. 

"I'm sorry," she said, eyes to the ground as she grabbed her hem and slid it back down, "all my skirts are really short; I guess this one is way too short."

I smiled back. She had worn this skirt several times before and she had shown quite a lot of leg when she was in it but it had never done this. "Accidents happen." I agreed. "But the lab is about to close. Why don't you put that on a thumb drive and come with me to my apartment and we can finish it up there."

She looked coy, then smiled at me. "Sure, why not. I'll be just a minute." Then under her breath but loud enough for me to hear, she added "I thought you'd never ask!"

I closed down the lab and we were off. We both downed a few brews while we finished off her paper. By then we were relaxed and we both knew what we wanted. Clothes fell off and we retired to the bedroom.

She was incredible, a tigress in bed, always moving, gasping as I thrust into her, coming with incredible thrashing and almost a scream. We made love three more times that night and were steady partners from there on out. And I found out afterward she had a computer in her apartment as well and she was quite proficient with it.

After a while I noticed something was missing. After the thrill of the conquest wore off for her, she got rather subdued in bed. I could tell she wanted something more but she would never ask. She was beautiful and took good care of me in bed but I wasn't pleasing her as much as I could.

One weekend we were at her place. We had finished a bottle of wine and had retired to her bed. I could feel her naked body trembling under mine, waiting for my hard cock to start to run her up the hill to her orgasm but I could also feel that something that was missing. Maybe she was wanting someone else now.

I confronted her on it. She looked at me, scared and debating. I worried that I had pushed too hard and I might lose her. Then again, all the signs were that I was losing her now. But she looked up at me, closed her eyes for a second, then started talking.

"I swore that I would never tell a soul this until I was married, but I think I need to break that promise. I like being in danger, sexually, at risk, like being tied up or something. And I need someone to take advantage of me when I'm in that state."

I thought for a second, then answered. "I'm not averse to tying a woman up. I've tried it a few times, liked the control aspect of it, but I can take it or leave it."

"It's not just that. I have some pretty wild fantasies, too."

I stopped for a second. "As long as they don't involve anyone getting killed or mutilated or animals or children it's fine with me. Anything goes between two consenting adults. I'll help you carry out a few if you want."

She took a deep, throaty breath. She was trembling. "You can't be real," she accused me.

"Why shouldn't I?" I challenged. "You need something that I should provide for you. I'm incredibly happy with you. More than anything else I want you happy with me. Try me."

She looked at me for a hard second then leaned over and reached underneath her bed into a drawer. She emerged with two pairs of handcuffs. "Prove it. Handcuff me to this bed and rape me."

Whatever, I thought. Maybe this would give me back my tigress in bed. I found, to my surprise, eyelets in the edges of the headboard. I locked one side of each of the cuffs to an eyelet, then reached for her wrists. She willingly supplied them to me and I ratcheted down the cuffs on her wrists.

Something changed in her when I did that; something deep down inside of her became alive again. She lay still on the bed, breathing heavily for no physical reason, twitching her hips. I dug down into her drawer and found some 3/8 nylon rope and tied her legs to the foot of the bed at which her breathing became even heavier. I found a roll of duct tape, which I waved under her nose and threatened to use across her mouth if she got too loud. She just struggled a bit and moved her hips more than was called for.

The sex was incredible, just like when we first met. I came twice in the next several hours before I let her loose. She came somewhere between three and four times to my two. Afterwards, she clung to me all night, alternately crying with happiness and kissing me fervently.

The next morning, Saturday morning, we talked about it. She had always been fascinated by movies and TV episodes where the heroine was tied up or in some other way a prisoner, especially when the woman was sexually vulnerable or when she was flimsily clothed or somehow controlled either willingly or through unwilling means by someone else. Even more when the person controlling her was not friendly to the heroine. She told me about her first real brush with this sort of thing which had come at fourteen.

"I and my friends were playing capture the flag and the teams had separated into girls against boys. We were playing on one boy's ranch property so there was a lot of room. His parents were gone for the weekend so we were the only people on the property and it was more than a mile in any direction to find anyone else.

"I had worn a loose half-shirt and denim cutoffs that day. The shirt was really loose and didn't cover halfway to my navel. I wasn't wearing a bra under it; I was only a 34B at that age. I had gotten cornered and captured early in the game, running a diversion while Jackie and Charlene escaped. The three boys tied my hands together in front of me and led me off to their headquarters: the tack room on the ranch.

"I felt a warm flush in my pussy when they tied my hands together, but I would have died if they ever found that out. I had played with myself before and knew what the feeling meant but had never had an orgasm until that day.

"They pushed me into the tack room. They gagged me and forced me to sit on a chair on the far side of the room. The boys, ranging from 13 to 17, discussed tying me to the chair and my heart skipped a beat. They soon dismissed it as going too far. Four of them went out to try to catch more of the girls and four decided to hide in the immediate vicinity of the tack room to foil for a rescue attempt. That left one in the tack room to guard me.

"Chuck was 16, tall, muscular, worldly to a 14-year old naive girl. He sat across from me and watched me for a few minutes. My horniness was starting to get to me and I flexed my hips trying to get my cutoffs to rub and stimulate me. Chuck watched me with puzzlement for a few minutes then realized what I was doing and why. With a wicked and lecherous grin, he grabbed a length of rope and tied it around the loop securing my hands in front of me. The other end he ran through a hook that was mounted in the ceiling, probably to hold some reins or something. Pulling it tight, he pulled me into a standing position with my arms stretched high above my head. Chuck tied the rope in place, and forced me to stand with my legs to either side of the chair I had been sitting in. This spread my ankles out and left me unable to close my legs should he decide to touch me between them.

"Chuck couldn't know but I was loving every minute of it. My arms stretching above my head raised the bottom of my shirt to where the undersides of my bare breasts were visible and my lack of a bra was obvious.

"Chuck looked at me and slowly started walking toward me. I was both terrified and hornier than I had ever been in my life. He moved up next to me then placed his fingertips inside the bottom of my shirt as if to grab my breasts but far enough away he wasn’t touching me. He pulled my shirt away from me, not exposing me, but putting his hands inside my shirt about four inches from my naked breasts. I closed my eyes. I was shaking so hard and I wasn't sure if it was because I was scared or turned on.

"Suddenly he reached forward and grasped my breasts. And in reaction I suddenly discovered the world of orgasmic ecstasy. I think I shook and sank off my feet which left me hanging by my wrists. Chuck thought I was freaking out and in panic, untied me from the rafter and sat me back down in the chair and did not touch me the remainder of the round. But I had found something new and wonderful, something that I wanted to feel all the time now."

She hadn't really told her boyfriends about her liking to be tied up, she went on, too afraid that they might laugh or leave her or expose her kinkiness to others. She developed some wild fantasies, most of which involved her naked or exposed, tied up, and at the mercy of a male who was sometimes merciful and sometimes quite sadistic to her.

She had one boyfriend when she was 16 and they had a crazy year where they had done mind-blowing things and she had learned a lot and developed her tastes. But his family moved away and she lost him. She finally got the nerve up to ask her next boyfriend to tie her up and make love to her. He did and she had a mind-numbing orgasm but the next day one of her best girlfriends pulled her aside and told her that her boyfriend had been bragging "about how hard Sheila would come when she was tied up." It was the last that boy ever saw of her. It took months and months of steadfast denial of the rumors and she swore to never again reveal this side of her to another male until she was married. Until last night in her room when she decided to take a chance on me.

We had a wild three months after that. We tried some of her fantasies and they were quite erotic and serious. She made me promise that when she was acting out a fantasy that I was to never let her out of her situation early or out of pity. If I came up with some embellishment, I could do with her as I pleased as long as it just involved the two of us. We had a wild one of hers to work out tomorrow but tonight she wanted to be mine to do with as I wished with me in control and her not. My boy-toy for the night. And the way my plans were laid tonight a cock-aching toy she would be.

Which brought us back to dinner. She wanted to act out a fantasy at the beach, out where a former boyfriend would bring her when he went surfing and she'd go tanning. We were about 200 miles away from our college in a large seaside city. Nobody knew us here but maybe some of them would remember us after tonight. She was wearing a denim vest, matching skirt, 3-inch heels, and nothing else. The vest buttoned in front, as did the skirt, a mini. She turned plenty of heads as we walked to our table.

She wore two chain bracelets, one on each wrist, and an ankle chain on each leg. The ankle chains looked normal, but in fact they were made of a cloth material strong enough to hold her legs tied if someone used them that way. They were double-wrapped, there was an inner wrap tied around the ankle and another loop that if you untied it could be tied to something else to anchor her. The bracelets she wore looked like medium chain, but they had no clasps; they were on her wrists until somebody with a pair of pliers removed them. They were strong enough to work as handcuffs if something were used to hold them together. And I had a pair of small key locks in my pocket, just the thing. And she knew I had them. She had on enough equipment that she could be bound to just about anything, and it all looked normal, like jewelry.

We ordered and continued our drinks, her a Mai Tai, myself a soda. The salads came right away but we knew the dinner would be quite a while since the restaurant was about at capacity.

After the salad was done, I slid beside her and told her to scoot forward and cross her wrists behind her. She was seated so the table was between her and the aisle so nobody really noticed. She obediently did as requested, but in such a way that it didn't look too obvious. The lock snapped around her bracelets, and she settled back in her seat, trying to look as normal as possible as one could with their hands locked behind them.

"Please don't take my vest off." she requested. She knew I could unbutton her vest and slide it off her shoulders, making her topless and she knew beyond a doubt that the thought had occurred to me.

I just smiled at her and reached for her skirt. She gasped as I started but five quick buttons later it was open and laying at her sides. She was completely exposed from the waist down and her bush was visible if you could see it under the table. The restaurant was medium lit, not bright but not nearly dark enough for her now. There were high dividers behind and on either side, but someone across from us or walking by might have a favorable angle. She tried to shift a little to hide but moving from the straight- seated position might show someone that her wrists were bound behind her. She was in a dilemma but I could see from the flush on her neck that she was enjoying the situation.

Until I reached for the bottom button on her vest. She turned white and whispered a loud "No!" at me, of which I was having none. In a few seconds her vest was open, held in place only by the weight of the denim, with about two inches of skin showing between the halves of the vest all the way down. "Jack, button it up, now!" In response, I tugged at her skirt beside her, indicating that I wanted to pull it out from under her. She looked at me. "Button up the vest first."

"I could always reach over and open it further."

"You wouldn't." But she didn't know for sure.

I reached over for her vest, and she hiked up off the skirt in a hurry. I slid it out from underneath her in a second, and placed it on the seat on the far side of me.

"Now will you please button up the vest?" She pleaded.

I just smiled a wicked smile. "No." I nodded at her skirt. "I'm going to take this to the car now."

"What?!" But I was already up and moving.

I arrived back at the table just in front of dinner, carrying a small bag. The waiter looked a little strange at Sheila when she did not reach her hands up to start eating as he served her and had her vest completely unbuttoned and open. He took his time admiring the sideboob the vest was providing. He did his job albeit a little slowly and left. I quickly removed the lock holding her wrist together and she brought her hands up to the table, rubbing her wrists.

"Where is my skirt?" She pleaded. "In the bag?"

"Later." I told her. "After the meal. You stay just like this for now."

She glared at me, but did not resist or argue. "May I button up my vest?"

I nodded. She was getting a little irate and I had already had my fun with her open vest when the meal was served. She wanted tomorrow at the beach too bad to mess things up tonight, but I knew I was pushing it.

Dinner went quickly, we were done. It was about 10 or 10:30. The dishes were cleared and I handed her the bag. She looked at me puzzled when she realized that it wasn't her denim mini in the bag. It was another one of her skirts, a light blue crepe skirt. She looked at me and took a playfully exasperated sigh. "You know that you need underwear or a slip with this, don't you...?" I just smiled wickedly. She looked in the bag but it was now empty. She knew me well enough to know this was deliberate. She slipped the skirt on and said "Well, let's go make some balls blue."

It was floor length, but it was so gauzy that her buns were clearly and easily visible through it and in enough light you could see her pussy patch as well. She waited as I left the bill and a tip at the table. I stepped out from the table and she stepped out after me and it seemed like the room around us got a little quieter. We strode straight out of the room, aware of the few dropped jaws around us. Sheila giggled when one guy got whapped by his date as we passed. The winner of the "best-shocked-expression-on-a-face award" was the man who had seated us. He had taken good note of Sheila's short skirt when she came in, and he could see her blonde cunt as she walked by him and no doubt had a marvelous view of her backside after we passed. When we got out the door she started giggling uncontrollably. As we got to the car, she stopped against the side of it and pulled me to her, sandwiching herself between me and the car and drawing me into a deep, sensual kiss. "Thank you." She whispered between kisses. "I never, ever would have done that willingly but it was a blast."

Once we got back in the car Sheila retrieved her denim mini and changed back into it, right there in the car sitting in the parking lot. We drove to a pool hall that we had found out about earlier. It was in a good part of town so we felt it was safe to have Sheila there in the state of dress (or undress) we had planned.

Sheila and I sometimes spent the evening in the Student U on campus. She and I were pretty evenly matched but she had been drinking and I as the driver had not. We had agreed on a wager per game: one button of her clothing per game. If she won, she could button one up but if she lost, she had to unbutton one of her choice. Sort of strip pool as it were. If she opened all of her buttons on a piece of clothing, I could ask for it at any time and make her play without it, even playing nude if she lost all the buttons and I wanted her to. This really only applied to the vest; if the skirt was fully unbuttoned it would not stay on. 

When we walked in there were about a dozen people in the hall. I paid to rent out a table for the rest of the night. One couple left soon after we arrived which made the room all male except for Sheila. The rest continued to play but I could see out of the corner of my eye that everyone was keeping an eye on Sheila.

The first game went somewhat quickly. She was competition, but with the alcohol not quite enough. The first button was the one at the bottom of her skirt. After unbuttoning it she went to the bar and got a beer while I racked up for the next game.

The next two buttons were the second and third from the bottom of her skirt. This opened up a lot of leg but still left her modesty intact. But the next button on the skirt would begin to do damage.

The bartender had guessed our game plan as well as two guys that were playing at a nearby table. They watched, not obviously, when each game ended to see where Sheila was going to surrender next.

The next game cost her the top button of her vest. She was in no danger of popping out but this made her very deep cleavage very visible and made it plain that she had no bra. This was pretty obvious when you looked at her from the side anyway.

The next game she won; nothing fell right for me that game. The top vest button went back on. She defiantly walked over and got her fourth beer, strutting with a smile past the two men still in the bar to the manager to order the brew.

But from there out it went pretty straight downhill for her. She started feeling the alcohol and becoming a little less aware of her surroundings. The next game cost her the top vest button then the next game lost her the button below it. When she leaned over the table her vest hung down far enough for her full and firm breasts to be visible inside it. The manager and the other two men, all that were left in the bar by then, were watching intently while pretending not to. By the time the next button fell, she had been well enough exposed to the men in the bar to not care any longer. One shot she had to lean over the table to make which was quite an exciting position for us males around her. They couldn't see her pussy; that side of her was to the table and she had her legs together, but her skirt rode halfway up her tanned and shapely buns, in the direction of the three other men in the bar. It was real clear now that she was commando under the miniskirt and they didn't miss a second of it. I didn't know if this was her exhibitionist streak or the alcohol getting to her and she wasn't aware of the show she was presenting or a combination of them. She didn't even acknowledge she had almost caused heart attacks after she had made the shot and straightened out.

The game ended as most of the others had and her vest now hung completely open. It was close to 1 AM by now, and she was right on the edge of being fuzzy from the alcohol. The next game cost her the second button on her skirt leaving only the top button buttoned. As she walked over to the bar to get a brew the vest swung open, not exposing her nipples as she walked, but not missing it by much. As she walked her legs opened her skirt to the point that the men could probably see her pubic hair as she walked by and stood at the bar. She strode back from the bar not acknowledging the men at the table but once she was past them and only I could see, her face she broke into a broad smile. She was very flushed and getting horny. She knew just what she was doing to all four of us, we all had hard-ons that threatened to tear our shorts off.

The next game was long but the outcome was easily guessed. As I sunk the eight ball, she came up to me. "I guess this is the point I strip down to my high heels." She admitted, not enthusiastically. "Could I interest you in a double or nothing: If I win, I button back up but If you win, I give everybody in the room a blow job in the nude."

I thought about it for a minute. Easy money I thought, but I had no intention of sharing Sheila with anybody. "You're on."

The game came and went relatively quickly. Sheila wasn't too steady on her heels any more. The last ball went down and she looked at me with a little wicked smile. "Who do you want me to do first?"

"I don't," I answered, “I want you to hand me your clothes, kiss me deeply for about 15 seconds, then we head for the back door and the car. Turn around at the door and wave goodbye and then we run like hell."

That's exactly what we did. Not a sound could be heard as she took off the vest, unsnapped the last button on her skirt, then laid them both on our pool table. She stood naked before me and three other men except for her heels, her bracelets, and her anklets. She locked her arms around me and gave me a deep soulful kiss, then I gathered her clothes and we headed for the exit. By design she had kept her back to the other three the whole time.

At the door, she took a deep breath, and turned around and waved, giving the three a full-frontal view of her from about thirty feet away. "Good night!" She called out as she waved with one hand, the other hand in mine. Not a sound could be heard except the hum of the machines and the low chatter of the television. We turned and went out the door and walked the few steps to my car. It was dark and we saw nobody around us. We were in the car in a second. The engine roared to life and we were on the street and moving.

She breathed heavily, still nude, now more openly drunk. "Did you see the look on their faces? I wish I had a camera!"

I laughed a little with her. She grasped my hand and looked up into my eyes. "Is it back to the hotel, or do you have more plans for your toy this morning?"

We turned on to the expressway and started back toward our college town. She looked at me puzzled but did not ask where we were going. After a second, she asked if she should get dressed. I told her either way was fine with me. She put the vest and skirt back on.

About five miles out of town there was a construction zone on the freeway. The freeway went over a road and they were now completing the road underneath it. Nobody was there this time of night; it was completely deserted. I pulled the car down the offramp, past the barricades, and parked it out of sight under the northbound lanes of the freeway. Sheila and I stepped out; she had begun to recover from the drinks she had downed.

The night air was cool and still with no wind. It was quiet except for the muffled sounds of the occasional car on the freeway thirty feet above us. I took her to an area underneath the other lanes where there was a ten-foot long section of chain link fence standing to protect a construction area. The fence was about eight feet high but stopped about two feet from the ground in the middle because of the nature of the construction. It wasn't mounted to the ground, it was eight-foot lengths of fence arranged side by side with two-by-fours at intervals. I walked up to the fence and stopped. Sheila was right behind me.

"Take off your clothes." I ordered her. The vest and skirt hit the dirt. "Now kneel with your back to the fence and your feet underneath it." She knelt then worked her legs back underneath the fence until her bare back was flat against it.

I grabbed one of her wrists and pulled it up and away from her. I passed one of the locks in my pocket through her bracelet and then locked her wrist to the fence fully off to her side, then did the same to her other wrist. She was kneeling nude at this fence, arms stretched straight out and above her and chained to the fence.

"Here's the rules." I said as I moved right in front of her and unzipped my shorts. "I have the bluest pair of balls in town after tonight. You don't get loose until you've fixed that problem. If you haven't made me come in five minutes, I'll find someone who will. I'll leave you here stark naked and chained for the construction crews to find Monday morning." The finding by someone else part of it was a bluff and we both knew it but everything else was at least a possibility including me leaving her here all night. I could tell from her breathing that she was getting hot at her predicament.

She leaned forward and began slurping on my cock, eager to please and a little scared at the thought. It felt so good, like velvet fire, her tongue running up and down my shaft and balls. I felt my heat rising so I grabbed handfuls of her hair and made her stay on me. She was not really a fan of sucking cock but learned how to do it really well when she was younger so she could take care of her boyfriends without having to risk intercourse.

After everything else it didn't take me too very long. I swelled up, involuntarily pulled her hair toward me to make sure she couldn't move her head away, which she had no intention of doing anyways.

I held her for a few minutes as my aching balls blasted into her willing mouth. Once I was done and recovered, I backed away and zipped back up. I bent down and gave her a deep kiss then told her good night.

"Good night?" she gasped. "You can't leave me here! Nobody is going to come by here until Monday. What about tomorrow?"

"I'll be back after I wake up. We'll still make our beach date but you may be kind of tired unless you can sleep on your knees." I caressed her nipples and ran a finger deep into her cunt then stood up. I reached into my pocket. "Oh, I nearly forgot." I pulled out a strip of cloth which I tied into a gag in her mouth. "Just in case you decide to try to scream for help." A second strip of cloth worked as a blindfold. "I want you to feel maximum helpless and vulnerable." And with that I walked back to the car, started the engine, and roared onto the freeway. I knew she was listening with near panic as the sound of the engine faded into the night.

I drove down to the first corner market I could find and bought a soda. I figured I needed to give her about twenty minutes so she got the full effect. The store had a pinball game, so I played a few rounds, then took my soda and headed back toward Sheila.

I went past the offramp to the next open exit, then pulled off the freeway from the opposite direction as before. My headlights played across Sheila as I turned. She had stood up, which put her wrists at about waist level and still wide apart. The gag and the blindfold were still in place and she jerked as the light touched her naked form. She jerked even more when I swung the car back again and let the headlights wash over her body for a good fifteen or twenty seconds. I pulled up near to her then opened my door. I opened and closed the passenger door so she would think two people got out of the car then stepped out of the door and walked over to her.

She looked scared. When she heard my footsteps approach her, she began making pleading noises through the gag. Her chest was flushed which was a sure sign she was turned on. She was clearly turned on but she was also clearly scared. She was naked and chained up in the middle of nowhere with unknown strangers who now had nearly complete access to her naked body. Her feet were free but to strike out was to only invite painful retaliation which she could not with her wrists bound, defend against.

She continued to make pleading noises. It sounded like she was begging for this person to let her go and not to hurt her and begging me to identify myself as Jack. I reached out wordlessly and grabbed her nipples with my hands and at once both crushed them and pulled them. She screamed, which did not make much noise through the gag and began to thrash about strongly. She tried to kick out at me, but I expected it and dodged then twisted her nipples in my hands and really pulled. She screamed and struggled a bit harder but did not kick at me again.

I walked away from her. She stopped making noises until she realized I was going and pulling the boards that held up the fence. I knocked them both over, then gently lowered the top of the fence to the ground, leaving her on her back. I grabbed her left ankle and pulled it open wide. She began thrashing wildly, and yelling through the gag thinking she was about to be raped. I pulled her ankle wide out and used the anklet to tie her foot to the fence. It was hard to catch the other foot but I finally did. Through her desperate, violent thrashing I drug it open wide on the other side, then sat on her calf while I tied her other foot spread about four-foot-wide on the chain link.

She kept struggling and thrashing, rolling her hips and throwing her breasts around enticingly. She didn't seem to realize that if I had been a stranger all this would be doing is feeding the fire. Then for a second, she froze. I wondered what was going through her mind. Then she started thrashing and struggling but was no longer yelling or making noise through the gag.

I wondered at the change but down came my shorts and I dived into her pussy with my cock. It was fast and furious, me screwing her hard while she struggled what little she could. I came, seizing up on her, driving deep and squirting my cum into her. She just laid still and felt me spurting and twitching inside her.

After I was done, I reached back and untied her gag before the blindfold. "Did you like it, Jack?" She asked. She wasn't questioning who I was.

"How'd you know it was me?" I asked as I undid her blindfold.

"I didn't at first. I figured two guys had discovered me and I was about to be raped a few times. The two doors got me at first. But it suddenly hit me: the person tying me up used my anklets. You and I are the only people who would know about them and assume that they were strong enough to hold me. You didn't check them out, you just used them."

She continued as I untied those anklets from the fence. "The more I thought about it, the clearer it became. If there were two people here, they would have grabbed and tied both my ankles at the same time. You couldn't; there was only one of you. That told me the trick with the two car doors was a fake and the only person who would do that is you." She sat up as I released her wrists, rubbed them with her freed hands. "I just kept up the struggling so you would still have your fun with me. I wasn't worried."

I hugged her and we walked back to the car. Once in the car she donned the skirt and vest. We rolled down the window, started the engine and turned to head back for the city and our hotel room.

As we moved toward the on-ramp, a large pickup truck came down the same offramp that I used the second time, its headlights moving over the area where Sheila had been standing twenty minutes ago, chained to the fence, blindfolded, gagged, and utterly naked. Loud country music blasted through the truck's rolled down windows and as the truck turned, the passenger threw a beer bottle out his window which sailed through the air and shattered in the shadow of the overpass. As we passed them, the passenger looked down into our car, saw Sheila with her long blonde hair, vest, and micro-mini skirt and let out a long, loud, drunken wolf call. But we were already on our way to the on-ramp and speeding away.

Sheila looked a little shaken. "I'm so glad you didn't have car trouble."


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