Sheathing that Desire

by Iron Rodd

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© Copyright 2012 - Iron Rodd - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; FF; FF/m; hotel; corset; lingerie; bond; cuffs; leather; chairtie; tease; oral; denial; climax; cons; X

Susan and I have a great marriage: fun, friendship, and the sex is fantastic.

But sometimes, fantasy demands a little bit more. That’s why we’re lucky to have Janie.

Janie’s been a good friend of Susan’s since before I met them, and she’s our travelling companion when we go to science fiction conventions. Last weekend, for example, was a really good convention# SYMBOL \f "Symbol"188 and a really great time in private.

Friday night, after a full day of work and then the hassle of getting to the convention hotel, I spent probably too long hanging out and reconnecting with friends. It was late when I got back to the room, and I tried to be quiet, thinking Susan and Janie might already be asleep. When I got out of the shower, I knew something was up.

The room was dark, except for the light right in front of the bathroom door. And Janie stood there, framed in the spotlight, in her black boots, black corset, black thong, and not much else (mind you, Janie doesn’t need the corset—she’s five feet tall with a perfect sexual fantasy of a body, milky white skin, straight black hair, firm tits with always erect nipples, and a cute little ass—the corset is just an accessory).

In her best bitch-goddess voice, she said “Drop the towel.”

Well, who was I to disobey this tiny goddess (I’m six foot two, but what the heck). I dropped the towel, and let her spin me around. That’s when I felt the cuffs locked around my wrists, keeping my hands behind my back. “Okay,” I thought, “let’s see where this goes.”

Janie spun me back around to face her, and then showed me a piece of leather with laces hanging from it. I wasn’t sure what it was until she bent down and put it around my rapidly growing cock and balls. It was a cock sheath that held my balls snugly and made sure my cock knew it was there. She laced it up tight, and then attached a leash to the ring at the end, and started to tug.          I was trapped, and followed my cock everywhere Janie wanted me to go.

She turned on the lights, and I saw Susan sitting on the wing chair, legs spread and arms at her sides. She was smiling at my predicament. Then I looked closer, and saw that Susan’s arms were actually tied to the arms of the chair, and her feet were tied to the chair’s legs.

“You haven’t been paying enough attention to us,” Janie said sternly, “so I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. As you can see, I have complete control of your body through this little leash and that tiny piece of leather,” and she pulled to show me just what she meant. “So I think it’s time you apologized properly.”

She led me over to the chair, forced my down to my knees (on a pillow she’d thoughtfully put on the floor), and then tied my cock leash to the crosspiece on the bottom of the wing chair. When she was done, she stood up, and I realized I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Now,” Janie said, still with the commanding voice, “you’re going to show Susan just how much you appreciate her,” and I realized that, though I couldn’t move, there was moist, fragrant pussy right in front of my face, just waiting for me to adore it with my lips and tongue.

Susan is usually a little self-conscious about receiving oral sex, but tied to the chair, all she could do was enjoy it, and I think she did. I went at her with gusto, licking, slurping, using my tongue like a little cock. And Susan responded: moaning, writhing, and cumming very quickly. But she didn’t seem to want to stop, so I didn’t, licking her lips, sucking her clit into my mouth, and darting my tongue in and out and around, over and over. I took a quick glance up, and realized Janie was fondling and licking her tits. She came again, more slowly and longer.

Finally, Susan opened her eyes, and mumbled “Wow, that was good!” Janie bent down and kissed her. “Your turn,” Susan said.

Janie untied my beautiful bride from the chair, then slipped off her own fragrant thong and climbed onto the chair, placing her pussy where Susan’s had been only moments before.

I knew what to do, and went at it.

Janie wasn’t tied to the chair like Susan had been, so she grabbed my head and used my face as her own sex toy, pointing my lips and tongue where she wanted them. I knew she’d want it a little rougher, and nibbled on her lips a bit, holding her clit in my teeth for a moment when she came the first time. She wrapped her legs around my head, moaning loudly. She came long and hard, and I realized Susan was kissing her when her voice got muffled.

Eventually, she relaxed her hold on my head, looked down at me, and said, “That was pretty good.”

Then she got up from the chair, took Susan’s hand, and the two of them fell onto the bed together, kissing and holding each other. I gave them a couple minutes, and then said “Hey, what about me?” My cock was hard, not only from the leather sheath, but from a very strong desire for some reciprocation.

They ignored me for another few minutes, and then I heard them whispering. Finally, Janie looked at me and said, “We’ll untie your cock, but your hands stay where they are, okay?”

I readily agreed. Janie untied my leash, walked me around the room a couple of times, and then brought me to the bed, where she pushed me down on my back. Then Susan and Janie slowly untied the sheath, and suddenly my cock felt like nine inches of tempered steel. They proceeded to give me the most incredible two-way blowjob ever: four hands, two tongues, and four lips drove me absolutely insane. I passed out when I came.

I woke up a couple hours later, with my hands untied, and a cuddly body on each side of me, my arms around them. I went back to sleep, thinking of ways to get even with the girls Saturday night.