Sharon's Tale

by The Weatherman

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© Copyright 2001 - The Weatherman - Used by permission

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Sharon closed her car door and walked along the stone walk-way to her front door.  Already the work week was fading.  It was Friday, and all that lay ahead of her now was a weekend of rest.  She certainly would've preferred it if Mark hadn't run off golfing for the entire weekend without her, but she didn't want to think about that now.  Sharon stopped thinking about Mark and looked down by the front door.  On the porch lay a small package about the size of a shoe box.  It was wrapped in plain brown paper and had been hand delivered, for there was no address on the package, only a note that was taped to the outside.  She picked up the package and went inside, reading the note as she walked. 

"Dearest Sharon, 
I've just found the most wonderful store. I went crazy. 
I got these for you.  Mark will love them.  Call me. Vanessa."

How strange.  She hadn't talked to Vanessa for ages.  It was as if her best friend had walked off the face of the earth.  For two months, Sharon couldn't find her, then suddenly, out of the blue, this.  Sharon ripped open the package to reveal a shoe box.  Thinking that Vanessa packed something else in the shoe box, Sharon was surprised to find an incredibly beautiful pair of black stiletto pumps inside.  She had never received a pair of shoes as a gift from a girlfriend before.  Well, certainly not like these, anyway. Vanessa took one of the shoes out of the box and examined it.  It was her size - 6b.  It was imported from Italy and made of patent leather.  The tapered heel was very thin, and had to be more than 5 inches high.  Connected to the top of each shoe were thin ankle straps.  These shoes must have cost a fortune, she thought, as she sat down on the sofa and kicked off her work shoes, eager to try them on.

She slid the shoes on her stockinged feet and found that they did, indeed, fit perfectly.  She took a quick look at the ankle straps.  They didn't buckle together as she first thought.  The end of one strap clipped into a receptacle at the end of the other strap.  Strange, she thought, as she attached the straps together with a barely discernible click.  She admired the shoes for a short time, and then carefully stood up and walked over to the full length mirror to get a better look.  Wow!  she said aloud, as she lifted her skirt and looked at the line of her leg.  She bent over, and slid her hands up her soft stockings, admiring the way the high heels made her legs look longer.  Sharon knew she had great legs, but these shoes made them look even better.  Maybe if I wore something like this, Mark wouldn't be so eager to run off with his buddies, she thought.  How dreary this house was without him.  The golf trip had been planned for weeks, but Mark knew Sharon was unhappy with him.  She would have much preferred it if he had stayed home and made passionate love to her all weekend, like he used to do.

Sharon began to wonder if the spark had gone out of their marriage.  The second she thought it, she wished she hadn't, and tried to put it out of her mind; but it was too late, it had already depressed her.  She walked back over to the sofa and sat down.  She bent over to take off the shoes and stopped.  She couldn't find a release for the ankle strap.  She felt around the closure for a release, but there was none.  Frustrated, she lifted her foot and looked at the closure.  On the side of the closure was a tiny keyhole.  She grabbed the shoe box and looked inside.  No key. She tried pulling on the straps to see if they would just release, but they were solidly attached to one another.  How am I going to get these shoes off without ruining them? she thought, already picking up the phone to call Vanessa.

"Vanessa, its Sharon.  I got the shoes."
"Aren't they great?!" Vanessa said.
"They're beautiful..." Sharon said, feeling a little silly. "but... well... I tried them on, and now I can't take them off... They're kind of locked on.  I think they need a key and it isn't in the box.  Please tell me you have it."
"Hold on," Vanessa said, putting down the phone. "It's here.  I'm so sorry.  Somehow the key didn't get in the box. Hey, isn't Jack golfing this weekend?"
"Yes.  How did you know?"
"Well, Jim's out of town for the weekend too.  Why don't you drive down here for dinner tonight. I know it's a long way, but you can stay the night if you like.  We'll have time to talk.  There are so many things that have happened to me over the last few months.  I must see you.  I might even consider releasing you from your shoes, if you ask me nicely."  It didn't take Sharon long to decide,
"That sounds great.  let's do it.  I've jut got to pack a few things and I'll be there... Bye."

Sharon put down the phone and walked into the bedroom.  She hadn't wanted to stay in the house tonight by herself anyway.  She stepped out of her dress, being very careful not to rip it with her stiletto shoes, and hung it up in the closet.  Because she couldn't take her incredibly sexy shoes off, she decided she would go all out and wear her black mini outfit.  She grabbed it and put it on.  The dress barely covered the dark tops of her black stockings.
"Mark, you don't know what your missing," she said aloud, as she quickly packed some clothes in overnight bag and left. 

Traffic was good, and it only took an hour and a half to drive the ninety-five miles to Woodcrest. Vanessa lived in a large house, on a fairly good sized lot.  It was quiet and secluded.  Just the type of weekend I needed, she thought as she drove up the long driveway to the house.  She climbed out of her car, grabbed her bag and walked up to the door.  It opened before she got there.  Sharon stopped dead in her tracks.

In the doorway, Vanessa stood in one of the most erotic outfits Sharon had ever seen.  Vanessa was wearing a black and red turtle-neck teddy, that was cut high on the hips to accentuate Vanessa's beautiful legs.  The teddy was made out of some kind of patent material, that was so tight and shiny, that it looked like someone had just poured it on her body, and it was still wet.
To complement her teddy, she had put on a pair of long, jet-black stockings and a pair of black patent leather ankle boots with 5 inch stiletto heels. The tops of the boots weren't tight around her legs; they flared out a bit, intensifying the line of her slender ankles.   Sharon didn't move.  She just stood there staring.  "Isn't it great?!" Vanessa said beaming.
"Impressive, "Sharon said, collecting herself.  "Where on earth did you pick up that?"
"On my trip to Europe.  There was this great shop called 'Dress for Duress'. I couldn't believe it.  I bought a ton of stuff. Come on in."

"What brought this on?"  Sharon asked completely dumbfounded.  "It's Jim's fault, really.  It started innocently enough.  Sit down... Would you like some wine?"
"Sure.  What started innocently?"  Sharon said, watching Vanessa as she strutted to the bar.  Sharon was completely overwhelmed.  She couldn't take her eyes off of Vanessa's incredibly sexy body as her friend poured two glasses of wine and brought them back to the couch.   "Here," Vanessa said, handing Sharon a glass of wine.  "I don't know where to begin.  I guess at the beginning.  One day, I was innocently cleaning one of Jim's cabinets, when I found a bondage magazine."
"Bondage?!  What?  like, whips and chains?"
"No, not exactly.  Just women dressed in all kinds of bizarre outfits, tied up in these amazingly intricate positions.  It was actually incredibly erotic.Well anyway, when he got home, I confronted him and he came clean.  He said he had been into bondage his whole life.  I asked him if he had tied up his other girlfriends and he said he had.  Then I asked why he hadn't asked to tie me up.  He said that he was scared that I wouldn't understand.  He said that I was very special to him and that he didn't want to lose me.  He had been waiting for the right time to bring it up, but it just had never seemed like the right time."

"Anyway, to make a long story short, we had a long talk about it that night.  Then one thing led to another and there I was - tied spread-eagle on the bed."
"Wow.  How was it?"  Sharon was genuinely intrigued.
"I was a little scared at first, but he was very gentle and soon I was totally into it.  It was incredible.  He started kissing me all over my body.  I was totally turned on.  Not being able to get free released my inhibitions and intensified my senses.  I was writhing around and making a lot of noise.  He grabbed a scarf and gagged me with it, explaining that if I needed to get free, I need only hum a song and he would release me."
"He gagged you?  How was that?"
"It was weird, but the gag made me feel even more excited.  He took out a vibrator and began to play with me.  He was very clever with it. It wasn't more than a couple of minutes before I came.  It was the most incredible orgasm I've ever had.  After it was over I relaxed, exhausted on the bed, and waiting for him to untie me, but he didn't.  He told me that I was going to come five times before he would let me go."
"FIVE more times?"
"Yes, It was unbelievable.  He had me tied up for over three hours. He had incredible patience.  Each orgasm was it's own unique act.  It was amazing."
"What happened then?"
"After my fifth orgasm, he untied me and I fell into his arms.  It was weird.  I had never felt so loved in all my life.  Ever since then, things have kind of evolved."
"Evolved?" Sharon asked, unable to hide the fact that she was hanging on every word.
"Come on, follow me and I'll show you."  Sharon noticed that her panties were wet.  She was completely turned on.  She gulped down the rest of her wine and followed Vanessa into one of the bedrooms.

On the bed was a vast selection of erotic lingerie, all of which tended towards the kinky side.  There were various pairs of shoes and boots, all with incredible high heels.  Beside the clothing, there was a bunch of rope, handcuffs, and various bondage paraphernalia.  She couldn't begin to understand how some of them might be used.  "Oh my God - this is incredible!"  Sharon exclaimed.
"This is only a sample.  Care to try something on?"  She should have seen it coming, but Sharon was completely unprepared for the question.  She turned, looked at Vanessa, started to say something and then stopped.  She waited for Vanessa to say something else, but her friend let the question stand.  She thought about it for a minute.
"That's a loaded question," Sharon finally replied.  "Did you mean try on one of the outfits, or try out the bondage stuff?"
"Both," Vanessa said, smiling.  Then something strange happened.  Even though it was contrary to how she thought she might reply, Sharon heard herself say, "Okay."

She wasn't sure why.  Something in Vanessa's quiet confidence had taken Sharon completely by surprise.  Maybe it was because she was still angry over Mark going off and leaving her.  Or maybe she was just totally intrigued by the whole thing.  All she really knew was that her best friend, another woman, had asked her if she wanted to try out a little bondage and she had agreed.
"Great!  First, we have to pick out an outfit for you.  Bondage just isn't bondage without the right packaging," said Vanessa as she grabbed a jet black body stocking from the bed and gave it to Sharon.  "Here put this on to start with."
"I need the key," Sharon said, looking down at her feet, which were still locked in her shoes.
"Oh sorry, I forgot.  Allow me."  Vanessa pulled out the key from a drawer and unlocked the straps around Sharon's ankles.  Sharon was grateful and Vanessa removed the shoes from her feet. They had been locked in those shoes for hours, and her feet were sore.

Sharon shed her clothes and slid on the long body stocking.  It was made of an incredibly soft sheer nylon, and covered her entire body; all the way from her neck to her feet.  Vanessa helped her by zipping up the small zipper in the back.  Sharon turned and faced Vanessa.
"That looks great on you," Vanessa said. "Turn around."  Vanessa proceeded to lace her into a shiny black corset that went from the bottom of her breasts to her hips.  It was heavily boned and as Vanessa pulled the laces taut, it pushed in on her, making her waist at least three inches smaller.
"God, this is tight.  I can barely breath," Sharon complained.
"It's suppose to be - here."  Vanessa gave Sharon a pair of long black PVC gloves.  Sliding her arms into them, Sharon discovered that the gloves fit like a second skin, and went way up past her elbows.  "Now some shoes.  These will do.  Put them on." Vanessa handed Sharon a pair of 5 inch, black stiletto pumps.  They were very similar to the pair that she had been imprisoned in, but without the straps.  "Oh...Do I have to?  I just got those other shoes off my feet," complained Sharon.
Vanessa just stared at her and it became clear that the shoes were required. Sharon obediently sat down and put the shoes on.  Then she carefully stood up and walked over to the mirror.

She looked unbelievable.  She turned around and looked at herself.  She felt powerful and feminine all at the same time.  She thought about her husband. If Mark saw her like this, he would be putty in her hands.  "You look stunning!"  Vanessa said walking up from behind.  "Just one final touch." She brushed Sharon's shoulder length blond hair and tied it up with a black ribbon, making a big, black bow on the back of Sharon's head. "Perfect, Gwendolyn would have been proud."
"Gwendolyn who?"  Sharon asked.
"I'll explain later.  Come with me." Sharon did as she was told, and followed Vanessa over to the bed.
"Turn around, and put your hands behind your back."  Sharon turned around and slowly did as she was bid.  Now that the moment of truth was here, she was a little scared.  Even though she trusted Vanessa, she wasn't sure what she was getting into.
"Okay, before we begin, I just want you to know that we can stop anytime you want.  Just hum a tune, any tune, and I'll untie you immediately.  Okay?  Do you want to continue?"
"Yes," Sharon replied, acknowledging within herself that she did.  She was already incredibly turned on.  This was all so new and exciting.  She didn't want to stop now.

"Okay, put your hands together, palm to palm," Vanessa directed.  Sharon obeyed, and Vanessa took a length of rope and wrapped it around her friend's gloved wrists.  She wrapped loosely at first, but then as she cinched the ropes between the wrists, it tightened evenly, securely binding Sharon's hands.  Then, Vanessa took another length of rope and began to wrap it around Sharon's upper arms, just above the elbows.  As she tightened the ropes, it pulled Sharon's elbows back until they were nearly touching behind her. Vanessa expertly cinched and tied off the ropes.
"I knew you were limber," Vanessa said.
"Is it really necessary for it to be this tight?"  Sharon asked, struggling experimentally.
"Absolutely.  I can't have you getting free on me, can I?"  Sharon continued to test her bonds.  After a short time, it was obvious that there was indeed no way she was going to get free without Vanessa's help.
"How do you feel?"  Vanessa asked.
"Very restrained.  I can't possibly get free... You can do anything you want to me." 
"I know," Vanessa said as she doubled a length of rope and looped it around Sharon's corseted waist a few times.  Sharon wondered what she was doing, until Vanessa fed the ends of the rope through the loop and pulled it between her legs.

"What are you doing to me?"  Sharon murmured as Vanessa carefully placed the crotchrope, centering and adjusting the rope before she pulled it taut.
"This is called a crotchrope," Vanessa said, yanking on the rope.  "Delicious isn't it?"
"Oooo..."  Vanessa attached the rope to Sharon's waist ropes, making sure that the crotchrope was tight against Sharon's flesh.  Tying the crotchrope to her hands allowed Sharon a little fun.  She soon found that every time she moved her hands the rope between her legs would tighten, sending waves of pleasure through her body.
"That's right. Struggle," Vanessa said quietly as she reached around and cupped Sharon's breasts in her hands.  "Struggle all you want, you can't get free.  You're mine now."
"Oh yes.." Sharon whispered as Vanessa's hand slid down her body and between her legs.  Vanessa slowly caressed Sharon's sex with one hand while the other grabbed the crotchrope and pulled it tighter, forcing it and the nylon body stocking even further inside Sharon's body. Vanessa continued to play with Sharon, expertly alternating between soft and rough caresses, until she had brought Sharon to the very brink of orgasm. Then she stopped.
"Oh, please don't stop... Please?"  cried Sharon.

"I think it's time for some more ropes," said Vanessa, in response to Sharon's impassioned plea.
"No, please, don't stop... Not now,"  Sharon whimpered.
"I think it's also time for you to be quiet," Vanessa said as she grabbed a red ball gag.
"Remember, if something isn't right, or you really feel the need to get free, just hum a tune, any tune.  Okay?"
"Now, open your mouth.  Wider." Vanessa slowly worked the ballgag into Sharon's mouth, until Sharon felt the red orb pop in behind her teeth.  The gag filled her mouth and tasted strange.  Vanessa buckled it tightly behind her head, turned and began to remove all the extra stuff from the bed.  Meanwhile, Sharon tested the efficiency of the ballgag.  She tried unsuccessfully to push it out of her mouth with her tongue, but it was inside her mouth to stay.  With the gag so firmly strapped in place, Sharon felt even more attracted now to the concept that she couldn't stop Vanessa from whatever she might do.

Vanessa returned and led Sharon to the bed, but instead of having her lie down, she had her kneel on it, facing the foot of the bed. Vanessa took a black bar about one and a half feet in length and tied Sharon's knees to both ends of it.  Then she crossed Sharon's ankles behind her and tied them together.  Another rope was added attaching her ankles to the head of the bed.  Then Vanessa took a long length of rope, attached it to Sharon's elbow ropes, and looped it tightly around her torso, above and below her breasts, tying it off behind the back.  Next, she took a piece of rope, attached one end to Sharon's elbow rope and the other end to the head board, pulling it tight.  Three more ropes were added; one was attached from Sharon's waist rope to the foot of the bed in front of her, and two other on either side of her.  As Vanessa tightened the rope in front, Sharon's body was pulled forward until she was unable to sit down on her feet.  The ropes on either side made it impossible to fall sideways.

Vanessa stepped back and admired her handiwork.  Sharon was admiring it as well.  Not only could she barely move - Vanessa had made it impossible for her to sit down.  The ropes held her firmly upright.  All she could do was slowly squirm in place.
"Oh, you look superb.  Let me show you," cooed Vanessa and she positioned some small spot lights around Sharon and then turned off all the other lights in the room.  She went away, and then quickly came back with a set of large mirrors, which she proceeded to set up around the bed.  When she was finished, Sharon had no choice but to look at herself from every angle.  She couldn't believe how sexy she looked.  There were ropes everywhere.  She watched herself as she slowly struggled against them. Various fantasies crept into her mind.  She was a damsel in distress, awaiting some cruel fate, or on the auction block.  The list was endless.

Vanessa had disappeared and left Sharon alone to struggle and contemplate her bondage.  The loneliness intensified the experience even more.  She watched herself intently.  Focusing on her body and the flex of the rope as she continued to struggle, she knew that escape was impossible.  After a few minutes, Vanessa returned from the dark portion of the room.  She had been watching Sharon's excitement build and she felt it was time.  She had removed most of her outfit (except for her stockings) and had put on some long black satin gloves.
"How's my beauty?"  Vanessa asked, as she climbed on the bed. Her gloved hands slowly moved over her friend's writhing body, until she reached Sharon's crotch.  "Oh, you're so wet.  Look how wet your sex is."
"Mmmm," Sharon moaned into her gag, trying to twist away, unable to resist.

Vanessa stopped her caresses and went around behind Sharon.  She took off Sharon's shoes and placed them on the floor.
"Isn't that better?"  she asked, as she began to rub and massage Sharon's stockinged feet.  She bent over and began to suck Sharon's stockinged toes, kissing and licking the soles and heels of Sharon's feet, moving slowly up the stocking-covered legs, and on up to her friend's torso and breasts.  Vanessa paused at Sharon's neck and ears, then went down her friend's body again, always passing by the one area that Sharon longed for her to kiss.  Vanessa repeated this innumerable times, taking particular pleasure in the tension that she was building in Sharon's bound body.  After she felt that Sharon had had enough, she finally relented and concentrated on Sharon's aching nether region.

Sharon soon discovered that Vanessa had an expert tongue, and seemed to know instinctively just when to kiss or tickle, and suck or bite.  Soon, Sharon was writhing around in utter ecstasy; straining at the bonds that held her firmly in place.  When Vanessa felt Sharon was ready, she pulled out a small vibrator, and began to massage Sharon's crotch through the crotchrope. This made Sharon go crazy, moaning and struggling, not to get free, but to reach climax.  Vanessa concentrated on Sharon's reactions.  She watched the tension build.  Her friend's hands gripped the crotchrope, stockinged feet arching, eyes shut tight.  Sharon was straining for release.  Vanessa waited patiently until Sharon was just about to come, then pulled the vibrator away, leaving it just a half inch away from her friend's crotch.

Sharon opened her eyes and looked down at Vanessa, who was smiling broadly and slowly moving the head of the vibrator back and forth, teasingly.  She tried to lower herself down on the vibrator, but found (to her dismay) that the ropes prevented her from touching it.  She struggled harder, trying in vain to reach the vibrator, so she could relieve the incredible longing that Vanessa had built up inside her.
"Struggle for me Sharon.  That's right.  Do you want it?"  Vanessa asked, lightly touching Sharon's sex with the vibrator, then pulling it away again.
"Mmmph..." Sharon whimpered through her gag as she continued to struggle against the cunning ropes in order to lower herself onto the vibrator.
"Oooo, you do want it, don't you?" teased Vanessa, again lightly touching Sharon's crotch and again, immediately taking it away.

"MMMPH!" Sharon screamed into her gag in frustration.
"Okay, you deserve it," Vanessa said as she pushed the head of the vibrator hard against the ropes that shielded Sharon's intimate treasures.  Almost immediately, Sharon came.  She shuddered as waves of pleasure washed over her, again and again. She came longer than she ever had before, and then collapsed, the ropes still holding her limp body firmly upright.  Vanessa removed the vibrator and kissed Sharon's gagged lips.  Sharon looked into Vanessa's eyes, silently wondering if she was going to be released.  Vanessa seemed to read her thoughts.
"Oh no, my sweet playmate, this was just an overture to your evening of pleasure!"

With that, Vanessa got out a blindfold and put it over Sharon's eyes. Sharon couldn't believe it.  Vanessa was going to do all of that to her again?!  Sharon waited in anticipation for the pleasure to begin again, but instead she heard Vanessa's stockinged legs rustle on the bedspread as she slid off the bed and slipped away.  All was darkness.  She was alone.
Thoughts raced through Sharon's mind about what Vanessa might be doing.  What Vanessa had planned next.  She strained to listen for her friend's return.
Nothing... Then footsteps! DIFFERENT footsteps!
"Hello, Sharon."
" Sharon shouted into her gag as she realized it was Mark.
"Yes, it's me.  I have been watching for over an hour.  Vanessa set this whole thing up for us," Mark said, as he unbuckled the strap from behind Sharon's head, and pulled the ballgag from her lips.  "I'm here for the entire weekend.  Just for you," he said.
"Oh, Mark.  Kiss me..."