by Cropsncuffs

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Storycodes: F+/m; bond; scarves; force; sex; tease; incest; lingerie; cage; collar; cons; X

“Oh come on, what more could you want?”

“Mum, this isn’t what I had in mind, not that I’m not grateful, but he’s yours, are you sure you want to share?”

I am in this conversation, but my participation is limited. Well, strictly speaking I am part of this conversation rather than actually taking part in it. You see I am down here in the bed. Well, once again strictly speaking, on the bed.

The bed has a lovely steelwork frame top and bottom, and I am tied to it. Spread-eagled tightly with wickedly knotted silk scarves that hold me tightly, securely but oh so softly spread. Silk is lovely. It leaves no marks, is completely comfortable but once tied there is no way to get loose without outside help. Did I mention that I am naked? No, probably not, I imagine you had guessed that part. And that I am horny as hell, my generously sized erection bobbing up and down as if it were on a string.

I would like to take part in this conversation but I appear to have a large ball gag strapped in my mouth that is reducing my input to incoherent sounds as I tug futilely at my bonds.

On my right is my lover. She has a wild mass of long iron grey hair and pale grey eyes that have to be seen to be believed. Despite her age she has retained a wickedly beautiful figure with gorgeous breasts and milky white skin that belies her age.

Right now she has tucked her curves into a tight black basque that has nipped her waist in in the most enticing manner imaginable and anchored matching black stockings. She has completed the look with spiky heeled knee boots that make the most incredible noises on the hard floor as she moves about.

On the left stands her daughter. She is wearing a mask across her eyes but I know it is her. She shares her mother’s eyes and hair, only her hair is still dark. She has chosen a silken black romper for her clothing, with light lacy trim and matching black stockings.

She stands shorter than her mother but has inherited the same figure. Tall heeled patent shoes add to her height but her mother still stands above her by a handful of inches.

They are holding their conversation over my pinned body as if I am not present. Mother reached out almost absently what I know to be wickedly skilled fingers and caressed my twitching manhood, thumb and forefinger giving me two quick strokes before dancing away leaving me squealing and writhing in frustration.

“Go on,” encouraged my lover, “Climb on and ride yourself stupid. Look at the size of him, you know you want to.”

I swung my gaze to the daughter and watched her lick her lips, her breasts heaving beneath the thin silk, nipples erect and her eyes slowly dilating.

The next thing I knew she was on me, her moist softness swallowing me whole as she sank down on me. I wailed at the sudden intimate embrace and I could hear mother and lover clapping her hands and laughing in joy as her daughter clamped her thighs about me and started to ride my raging manhood.

She was horny as only a girl in her early twenties can be, frantic and wild as she took her pleasure from me. She rode me hard, with no thought to my pleasure, bucking wildly, her hair flying and her eyes closed. She threw back her head, growling then letting out a howl as she came long and hard.

As her movements slowed, her head fell forward, hair dancing across her face as she looked down at me, sweat shining on every visible inch of her pale flesh as she fixed me with those pale grey eyes she had inherited from her mother and snarled gently.

Satiated she rolled off me and lay panting on the bed beside me. She pulled the curtain of hair back from her face and looked up at her smiling mother.

“You are right,” she purred, “bigger is better.”

Her mother threw back her head and laughed out loud, a wild cackling laugh I knew so well. It meant she was not finished with me yet, she was still horny and looking for pleasure.

“Is your sister downstairs?” she asked. “Shall we make it a family evening?”

I felt my poor manhood twitching back into life at the thought of the second daughter. An altogether more fleshy and enticing prospect that excited me terribly, in a way I dared not admit to my lover.

The daughter shook her head and her mother said something about it being a shame, after all the effort she had put in to make me available.

“Still,” said my lover, “I suppose I had better finish the job for you, if that other silly daughter of mine has gone out. And I thought her arse would look so glorious, on your face.”

Daughter rolled off the bed and watched keenly as my lover, her mother reached into the bedside table and pulled out something blue and flaccid. I dragged my exhausted head around to look and my manhood bounced back up to full attention.

“Ah, so predictable is the male,” she purred, as she snapped on the blue plastic medical glove. “Learn something daughter,” she purred, “if you can find what drives your lover to distraction, he is yours forever.”

She leant on the bed and I could feel the warmth radiating from her horny body, as she reached out and gently stroked my manhood. The wicked friction of the plastic glove made me wail as it dragged along my already painfully tender cock.

“Watch and learn,” she whispered, suddenly taking a firm grip and pumping her hand fast up and down my manhood. I screamed through my gag, thrashing against my tight bonds as the horrific mixture of pleasure and pain coursed through me. Then, as quickly as the grip had arrived it was gone and I was twitching in the air in a haze of frustration.

As my vision cleared I could hear her daughter snapping on a glove of her own and felt the bed dip as she leant opposite her mother; I could feel two horny warmths against my poor bound flesh.

This time the hand came from the left and took a not so firm grasp on my cock but the up and down motion was as perfect as could be imagined. I let out a scream and the hand darted away from me, and moments later her mother’s hand came from the other side and squeezed me tight while the first hand caressed my balls with her plastic covered fingertips.

I tried to keep still, really I did, but as those evil hands had their way with me I thrashed about in my bonds like a thing possessed and I could hear them both laughing as I lost all control of my body.

Part of me watched as the daughter leant over me and let the very tip of her tongue dance over the very tip of my manhood; that was the final touch that sent me absolutely over the edge. My manhood exploded and my whole body screamed as I came like a human volcano. I could hear the mother, my lover, laughing herself silly and clapping her hands. As the daughter's face rose back into my vision her face and hair was thickly covered in spurts from my tortured body.

Between snorts of laughter I heard her mother say, “When you get to my age you will move fast enough to avoid that love, unless you enjoy it of course.”

I lay still on the bed between them, soaked in sweat and spent. I felt the ballgag being slipped from my mouth, and as I opened my eyes I saw mother moving down towards me to kiss me tenderly, her tongue dancing passionately in my mouth. As she withdrew with a warm look on her face her daughter’s face swept in and kissed me the same way. Then as she withdrew I found both oh so similar faces moving down towards me and for a glorious few moments there were two tongues writhing in my mouth, and deep down I felt my poor abused manhood twitching back into life.

The daughter noticed first and nodded towards it.

“God, mum,” she said, “what does it take to wear him out?”

“Oh, more than you expect,” said my lover, “that’s why I wanted your sister to be in. I am sure he could have coped with us all.”

I was feeling a terrible lust rise in my again as I gazed left and right at the two pale skinned beauties seated either side of my bound body. Their matching flesh wrapped in their black lingerie. I could feel the warmth of them radiating into me and their breasts heaving enticing beneath their tight yet revealing wrappings.

“Sis will be back in a couple of hours mum, why don’t we keep him here for her?”

Mother smiled and reached out with her hand that caressed my cheek while smiling down at me. I opened my mouth to speak but she placed two fingers on my lips and made a ‘shhhh’ shape with her mouth. Unbidden I parted my lips and my tongue flickered out and caressed her fingertips. She smiled a secret little smile and slipped her fingers into my mouth and gently thrust them in and out while my tongue worshiped them.

Lost in a tiny world that centered around those two fingers and my working tongue I realised my body was suddenly coming alive with a wild fire I knew only too well. I glanced down my body and saw my lover’s fingers were again about my manhood. Thumb and forefinger had made their loose loop that had lassoed my softness and were moving slowly up and down the shaft. As her fingers thrust deeper into my mouth I felt my manhood hardening quickly in her grasp until I was whimpering with lust.

“I know,” cried out daughter, “we’ve still got it in the shed.”

Mother did not pause in her assault on my senses while glancing a question at her daughter.

“Down in the shed,” she said again, “you remember Boxer.” Somewhere in my mind I recalled photos of a big brown dog but my mind was elsewhere and accelerating fast. I felt the fingers of her mother, my lover, slow in their caress as my orgasm approached. “We still have his cage folded up in the shed. We could keep him in the cage until Sis gets home.”

My treacherous cock twitched at the thought and the mother my lover snatched her fingers away leaving me twitching helplessly in the fresh air and tugging frantically at my bonds.

“What a splendid idea,” she cried, “the fit will be almost perfect. Go and get it.”

A blindfold descended over my eyes and I lay there helpless and horny as I heard sounds happening around me. Strange sounds of rubbing metal and twanging springs. When the blindfold was whipped away a large cage stood in the corner of the room. My lover, the mother, had been right. It was just the right size.

“Now my love,” she said, “are you going to give us any problems?” She held up a thick black leather collar we had played games with before. “Because if you do, I shall be forced to use this leash.” She held up a slippery chrome creation that it took me a few moments to identify as a choke chain.

I made no comment but flinched as she handed it to her daughter. Without complaint I allowed her to fit the snug warmth of the black collar about my throat and I purred as unfamiliar fingers buckled firmly into place and snapped on the leash.

My bonds undone, I slowly sat up and felt my manhood bobbing as I rolled onto all fours, my eyes travelling up the leash to the hands of the daughter who held it. My lover knows that once my collar is in place I am cowed and will not rise up, such is my submissive fantasy and perverted nature. The fact it was in the hands of her daughter only added to my lusty feelings.

Daughter gave it a tug, and I meekly climbed off the bed and came to heel at her side pressing against the soft warmth of her thigh. The look on her face was a picture. Her mother pointed sternly at the open door on the cage and I walked slowly towards it, daughter keeping just enough tension on the leash to make me forever aware of her presence. I had to turn and reverse into the cage's confines, the thin bars pressing against my flesh when I made the slightest move as the door was snapped closed in my face.

Here I wait still, awaiting the daughter who will again set ablaze my raging lust. Who am I kidding? I am a submissive, I am wearing a thick black leather collar and I am locked in a cage with a kinky mother and daughter sitting outside wearing sexy lingerie teasing me relentlessly. Any more lust and I will burst. And loving every minute of it.


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