by Zephyr

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Continues from

Part Six

Tina, my housemate, got a call from her boyfriend. Shack called her up on a Friday a month and a half or so after her week-long trip up there. It was the day before he was supposed to come down and take her on a run to the coast. He apologized and he missed the hell out of her but he had hurt his back the afternoon before and was going to be lying in bed, according to the doctor, for the next week. He had prescriptions for drugs to help him rest and he could just watch TV but it hurt to move if the painkillers weren't on board and it was no fun at all even then. The doctor's orders would not let him get behind a wheel until the next following Monday at best. Short-term comp would cover most of the bills, his emergency fund the rest, but there was no way he could make it down to her. He was sorry, he loved her very, very much and he'd be down there as fast as he could, but not this weekend or next. He understood that she had jobs and couldn't come up to Rapid City, it was ok, he'd recover and not be as stupid next time. And he loved her very much and he'd call her every day so she could see how he was doing. 

I knew Tina well enough to be certain that wouldn’t fly. Sure enough, first Tina was distraught. And then she was pissed that he thought she wouldn't go up there to take care of him. And then she made plane reservations.

She had in fact offered to fly up there several times but had never done it. She said Shack had always insisted the cost was too much trouble and too much expense for just a weekend. He had this little apartment and it wasn't like she'd never been there; he'd taken her up there several times on extended weekends and she’d been up there a whole week once working on Shrewsbury’s taxes. It was just he had always balked at the nearly $900 it would cost for her to fly up and back when he could be down to see her every weekend or two for free.

She fretted a little about the trip. Charlie was due back in four weeks and Tina knew she needed to be out of the house by then. She had planned to use the next week for apartment hunting but figured she’d just manage somehow. It’d all work out. She needed to be in Rapid City; that was all that mattered.

Her flight out wasn't until early the next morning. She contacted both of her employers and made arrangements. What couldn't be handled without her she could take her laptop and do from Rapid City. Both companies were fine with this. She had rarely taken any more than a day or two off with them anyway and they knew about Shack and were willing. Mrs. Teller, the wife of the couple who owned the hardware store was especially happy. Tina had told her tame versions of some of her adventures with Shack and they had even met him a few times.

She needed one other thing before she was set. She ran downtown to a costume shop there and was soon back. She modeled it for me. I told her it was exactly her for the situation. On the tight side, all latex and not a whole lot of it, and with her body in it sexy as hell. Happy with that she prepared to hit the pillow early so she could make her flight out. As she was preparing for bed, I stopped her. I was worried that things might not go well, that she might get another Larry sort of surprise up there. I didn't think so, I definitely had never gotten any bad vibes from Shack, especially after all this time, in fact just the opposite. She smiled and shrugged it off then stood there for a moment. Tina thanked me for my concern, but no, if he had some other outlet, he wouldn't have so much pent-up demand each time he saw her. With a wan smile she assured me that he always had a lot of pent-up demand. And then she went off to bed.

She was gone before I got up the next morning. I didn't hear from her at all except occasional text messages telling me things were going ok up until Saturday morning but I didn’t worry past that since she was due back Sunday. She returned tired, exhausted, incredibly happy, and sporting something for her hands that would clearly restrain her in the future much more thoroughly than a pair of handcuffs. And unlike handcuffs something that she'd be quite happy to wear and show off in public. She told me how the week had gone.

The flight was uneventful. She hadn't talked to Shack since he had told her he had hurt himself and she had made me promise to keep her secret. It wasn’t hard since he didn't call. She got off the plane, got her suitcase and picked up her rental car. She changed into her costume and wore a long jacket over it. It was medium warm that time of year for Rapid City and a long jacket didn't look too horribly out of place. 

Once she got to his apartment complex, she changed into the white stockings that came with the costume but kept the four-inch heels in a coat pocket for the last minute. Leaving her suitcase in the car for later she walked inside and down the hall to his door and took a deep breath. Either this would go really, really well or damn near kill her if I turned out to be right. Tina and Shack had been through so much together she couldn’t imagine that but… Either way it was probably the wildest thing she had done in a long time, maybe ever. Standing outside his door she changed into the high heels, and tottering just a little put on the little hat that came with the costume. She took off her coat and put it around her shoulders but without her arms in the sleeves. With a deep breath she locked one side of a pair of handcuffs around a wrist knowing she could lock the other one in place behind her back when she needed to. She looked herself over and as near as she could tell she was ready. She knocked loudly at the door then held the free cuff at her other wrist behind her back, ready to ratchet it down once she heard him. It took a second round of knocking but after a minute she heard Shack's voice from inside saying to wait a minute, he was coming. 

The handcuff ratcheted down around her waiting wrist and her arms were now pinned behind her. As she heard the locks on the door start to move, she shrugged her shoulders forcefully and the jacket fell to her feet. And then the door opened. Shack was saying as he opened it, "Now just what in hell is th..."

His voice just stopped as he beheld Tina, in a nurse's costume, strapless shoulders with so much cleavage showing she looked like she could pop out of the top just breathing. It was complimented with a very short skirt, white knee stockings with little bows at the top front of them. The heels made her normally impressive legs look overwhelming. "You're, damn, oh wow, what are you doing here?"

She looked around nervously. "I've come to take care of you, silly. Right now, I’m standing outside your door with my hands cuffed behind my back in an outfit that leaves very little to the imagination. Anyone who comes out will see me like this. This is for you; I'd rather your neighbors not see this, especially the handcuffs. Mind if I come in?"

He looked at her strangely for a second and then it hit him. He moved aside as she kicked the jacket inside the door and got inside herself. She was relieved; the only person who had seen her like this was the one it was meant for.

Once inside she found herself plastered up against the entryway wall, Shack smothering her with kisses. She complained that he was hurt and needed to go lay back down, that they had plenty of time for that, her flight for home didn’t take off until next Sunday at 3 but he was having none of it. He told her it was his back that was hurt and his lips were working fine. After a bit of that he discovered the costume's zipper at the side seam and with her hands cuffed behind her, still protesting, she was unable to fight him as the costume was unzipped and joined her coat on the ground. Shack recommenced his attack on her now naked body (except for the stockings and heels) with Tina still helpless in 4-inch heels and her arms pinned behind her.

His hands went everywhere and he enjoyed a few minutes of that. When he started to bend down to try to kiss her nipples he got a creased look on his face, gave out a moan and sank back against the opposite wall.

Tina, despite her heels, dropped to her knees and dug into the jacket pocket. She pulled out the handcuff key and freed herself then stepping out of the heels she helped the dear fool to do what he should have done in the first place: climb back into bed and take a fresh set of pain meds. She settled down beside him. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, saying things like "I can't believe you're here!" and "I love you so much." She held his hand until the drugs kicked back in and he fell back asleep.

He woke up several hours later needing to go to the bathroom and was surprised again to find her there beside him, helping him there and back. He professed he had thought it was just a wonderful dream and if he was still dreaming he hoped he didn't wake up for a week. She teased him that this might not be a good thing since by then the sheets would really, really need changing. 

While he slept she had retrieved her suitcase from the car and changed into shorts and a t-shirt, comfortable clothes. The apartment looked like it needed a little cleaning but it wasn't that bad. Shack was a generally neat person but the place could still use some help; a male lived in it. Maybe later. And yes, Sherri, she thought, it was obvious he lived here alone. She just wanted to lay there beside him and watch the man she loved breathe. A little labored, painful a bit when he tried to move around like sleeping people do but fine. Just fine.

He woke up again needing the facilities. When she got him back into bed, he lay flat on his back like he needed to but he wouldn't let go of her hand. He was unloading boxes out of the trailer and one up high started to tip and fall. He grabbed it to help guide it more gently to the ground, hoping to damage things inside as little as possible but what he expected to be a light box turned out to be significantly heavier than he thought and he had hurt his back. Stupid move, he chided himself, that's what freight insurance was for. But she was here, he would get better, he was happy, and he didn't know how to tell her how grateful he was.

Sunday was more of the same. She made meals and brought them in to him, spent time in the bedroom with him when he was awake and cleaned and caught up on her accounting back home while he slept. 

Monday was equally uneventful up until there came a knock on the door around 5:30 PM. She opened the door to find Julie there, a bucket of fried chicken in her hand. She looked different from when Tina had been there before. Much, much better. Her long hair was feathered away from her face, she had on mascara and make-up. Her clothes were much more form-fitting, especially her blue jeans, and she looked really good. Tina had a flash of worry but kicked it immediately to the curb; Julie had proven that to her when she was up preparing for the audit. Julie still looked country, but it was much more country music star than the laid-back farm girl she knew from a month ago. Come to think of it, Shack had mentioned that one of Julie’s sticks in her college fire might be starting to produce light; Julie had stopped him on his way out of the shop on Wednesday and asked him a question about men that seemed to indicate that to Shack.

“Tina?!” Julie almost squealed, “what are you doing here?”

“Wasn’t busy,” Tina deadpanned as she gestured Julie deeper into the house. “You look incredible! And you’ve brought dinner too. Thank you!”

“Well,” she laughed as she set the chicken and extras down on the kitchen table, “I guess I don’t need to worry about Walt after all. It’s so good you’re here. Thank you for coming up. Mom will be so happy she doesn’t have to worry now either. How’s he doing?”

“Sleeping right now. Recovering nicely. Still on the pain meds, scheduled for another one in about two hours.” 

“Glad to hear it.” Julie gestured at the fried chicken. “I figured I’d drop off enough for about three meals and hopefully he’d keep it in the fridge between them.” 

“Yeah, his appetite is just fine. He’ll be happy to have it.” Tina stopped and looked Julie theatrically up and down. “I see you’ve found your own can of blue spray paint. So who? Inquiring minds, you know…”

Julie smiled and laughed, a merry laugh. “His name is Stan and he’s one of the other students in my Arch 305 class. Brown hair, really cute, we went camping over the weekend. I mean, two archeology majors, we should probably make sure we don’t have any problems there.” Julie gave a laugh that turned into a contented sigh. “He can cook an incredible meal over a campfire and…“ -- another sigh -- “he does know how to keep a girl warm at night.” She smiled. “I had my hair done up Friday before we left. We had a great time and I wanted to look nice when we saw each other in class tonight.” She paused and gave a little laugh. Not that he hasn’t already seen it all, but still…”

“Men tend to have short attention spans,” Tina agreed, “better to be safe.” They both laughed. “But you do look awesome.”

“Thank you.”

“Mister Right?” Tina asked tentatively.

Julie shrugged. “Mister Right Now at the moment. Too early to tell.”

Shack tottered in from the bedroom, moving slowly but determined. “I smelled chicken...” He stopped at the sight of the second female in the room. “Oh, hi Julie. Nice war paint.”

Both women instinctively retorted in unison: “Go back to bed!” Tina and Julie both laughed at their simultaneous answer. Shack just shook his head and muttered something about ‘worst nightmares’ that neither woman caught.

Julie looked him over. “Walt, you know, you need to call in every day or so just to let us know how you’re doing. Tina, if he doesn’t can you dial the phone and put it in his hand?”

“Uh huh. It’s a plan.” Shack grumbled and glared at them both and settled painfully into a chair. But he had a smile in his eyes.

After Julie left for school Tina dished up the food for him and they ate it together. It was a bit of a stretch this early but it was nice to have him up and around and a little more like himself. It looked to Tina like he had pushed it a bit too far but he never gave her any proof of that.

Those few days were rather uneventful and vanilla. While he still wasn't moving fully, she wouldn't let him handcuff or restrain her and it wasn't as if he was going to jump on top of her and go to town. The one time she tried to (gently) get on top of him it worked for about ten strokes and then he had to stop her. So they settled for being next to each other, blow jobs and promises. She kept up with her accounting work while Shack slept, cooked and kept things clean. There really wasn't a lot of cleaning to do but she made meals. Tuesday at lunch he managed to make it back to the kitchen table and for the meals after that. Late Wednesday afternoon they attempted sex in the traditional way and Shack was able to do his part with no problems during or after. Thursday she drove him to his follow-up appointment and met his doctor who proclaimed him recovering well and signed the note releasing him to drive the following Monday. They dropped the paperwork off at the trucking company. Carla was happy that Tina had come and thanked her for taking care of Shack.

He felt fine and wanted out of the house that night but Tina begged and cajoled him into waiting one more day. They could go out to dinner tomorrow night, and maybe for a short walk if he felt up to it. He insisted he did just fine going to the doctor’s and was over it now. He protested that he was fine but gave in for one more night of rest when she pleaded.

Dinner the next night was at a nice Spanish restaurant and Shack wanted the walk afterward. The doc had ok’d a little exercise to help him get his wind back but not too much so Tina agreed. She was still driving since the medical restriction didn’t go away until Monday. She had dressed casually in a dress with a lot of cleavage but of a middle-thigh length and heels. No need to possibly buy trouble when Shack still was recovering and she’d been out with him in what was damn near negligee plenty of other times.

He wanted to go walk around a park in one of the nicer parts of the city. Uh oh, Tina thought. they had been there a couple of times on previous visits. On one Shack had led her to a nice quiet spot he knew and the experience had been a barn burner. It was a relatively large park, mostly heavily wooded but with open areas and meadows along and between the paths. The park was located near Shack’s high school and where he lived as a teen-ager so he was quite familiar with it. 

That time after another wonderful dinner he led her a bit of the way into the park, then off the path down a large meadow. They went around a bend out of sight of the paths, then around yet another bend into a small grassy area that was quite remote. In that spot they were far removed from any accidental discovery but still with a little risk to make it naughty and exciting. With the grass on her back, Shack on top of her and every stitch of her clothing in a small pile beside them it was heaven. She had thoroughly enjoyed it; it was worth every second of the risk.

While they were talking after the meal Shack said he did want to try to do something out there again but Tina refused. She wasn’t quite comfortable that he was ready for the sort of calisthenics he performed the last time. He reminded her of another time she had come out here and she had turned him down. She had given him an IOU that they could do something he wanted and when they did, she’d lose the word “No” from her vocabulary. He wanted to collect on that IOU now.

She looked him over. He had drunk a little alcohol at dinner since she was the driver. Shack really didn’t drink too much; he had said he drank more before he lost his parents but unless there was a social reason he didn’t care to do it anymore. He was a sweetheart when he got buzzed, Tina thought, sort of reverted to his twelve-year-old self. Or maybe more sixteen years old, he had plenty of hormones and wanted to play with the lovely, beautiful toy that was her. Sometimes she’d laugh and think about beating him away with a stick. Sometimes she found it quite fun and rewarding to be his toy and to see where that led.

Thad already done things once and it hadn’t put him back in the hospital. She sighed then smiled over at him. “There’s a word I want to say but I can’t remember what it is at the moment. So let’s do it.” He smiled and kissed her and thanked her. 

The park was deserted as they walked through it. The paths were well-lit and open but deserted. They had only seen one other person, a jogger, who had run past them early on. Shack had brought his brown backpack with him. She wasn’t sure what to read into that but didn’t worry. As well as his bondage equipment it held his gun and they were walking through the park late at night. She wasn’t worried either way.

About halfway through he stopped her. What he wanted to do was another of his fantasies from high school. Would she do it with him? He was so earnest, so hopeful, that she didn’t need her promise to want to agree, even before finding out what she was getting into. She thought about that as soon as she agreed but didn’t worry; she knew what sort of drunk he was and she felt safe. A little less if he wanted to tie her up but still safe.

“Promise me you’ll trust me and let me do whatever I want.” He asked her earnestly. “Until we get back to the car, no matter what, trust me. Please?”

She thought about it for a second. Hell, why not? In for a dime, in for a dollar. Or maybe a hundred bucks. She smiled at him and squeezed his hand. She had long ago understood the value in keeping that sort of fire quenched in her man. “Even if I wanted to disagree, I can’t seem to remember the word to say that. But I don't, so let’s go.” The look of pure joy on Shack’s face was worth whatever was coming.

They walked on. “Shack?” she asked, “what do you have in mind? Tell me what it is.”

He paused for a moment but then answered. “There’s a little maintenance shed on a pad with a chain link fence around it up here in the middle of a clearing. I want to handcuff you to the fence and… play a while.” Shack paused expectantly, wondering if now that it was out in the open if she would shoot it down.

Oh. Tina thought. Wow. She had to give him credit for not being evasive. The fact that he hadn’t and her love for him made her want to say yes to this but she’d have to see. She didn’t say anything but kept walking with him and holding his hand and figured that was sending the right message.

It seemed to be. She thought about it as they walked and continued to talk. Of course she was ok with the thought of making love; orgasms were a wonderful thing and she really wasn’t in the habit of turning down a reasonable offer for one. As she had remarked to Julie and it was true in her own case about male attention spans. Reminders of how good he had it could never be a bad thing.

They walked a little further until he led her through a gap between two wooded areas. She could see from the path a chain-link fence surrounding a small building, probably a storage and equipment room, sitting on a small concrete pad. It was fifty yards away from the path but she would have been happier if it were further. She saw as they walked toward the shed that the meadow was of medium size and appeared self-contained. The problem was that if Shack wanted to handcuff her to the chain link fence surrounding the shed the only side that could really be done was the one facing the path. Yes, the park was deserted but there was no guarantee that would hold true for the entire encounter. She had zero problem with being exposed for Shack, even out here, but a big problem with being seen that way by anyone else. Just for Shack, with a bit of a risk of exposure, like the last time they were here was fun and extra spice. This was quite a bit riskier, and it would be very easy for them to be discovered.

She thought about it as they approached the shed. But if she did let him handcuff her to the fence with her skirt up around her waist and her breasts pulled out of the dress, and they were discovered, would it be the end of the world? Did she trust Shack enough to take this risk? Was he worth it to her? He certainly was. She had about 30 seconds to grind this to a halt if she was going to and every second it went on would make that stopping worse between them. Not that they wouldn’t get over it but it’d be a dark spot in an otherwise spotless and really bright week.

And she sighed and mentally gave a laugh. No, she was not super-happy about this. But also, no, this was far from the most risky-in-public sexual thing she’d ever done in her life. Yes, she had on a few unhappy occasions been seen in less than complete clothing (much less) by people who should not have seen her that way. And she had survived them. Her and James getting caught skinny-dipping at the lake by their friends when she was 17. Getting caught in high school on the rack stark naked and stretched out tight by Mrs. Ranch. All forgotten about, those and the other events until now. She did love and trust Shack. Trusted him to protect her if things went wrong. Hopefully he’d be quick; she’d do what she could to make that true. But yes, she was going to let this happen.

It was indeed where Shack was leading her. He backed her against the fence on the side where she expected. With the extra elevation of the pad, with Shack standing on the ground, she was just a little too high for things to line up but she could just bend her knees when it was needed. Or just stand there with her feet pretty wide apart. He pulled two sets of handcuffs out of his backpack. A quickie she was up for. Pull up her skirt, of course she wasn’t wearing panties, and go for it. It shouldn’t take long. But if he handcuffed her here, she’d be visible and unable to cover herself from anyone on the path that looked in this direction. 

He took one of her wrists and stretched it up and out. Just before he ratcheted it down around her wrist he stopped and looked at her. “If you really don’t want to do this, say so now.” He looked at her with concern and waited for her reply.

She pulled her wrist back down. “If I said I was happy about this I’d be lying but I trust you and I trust you to keep me safe. I’m not saying yes but even if I remembered the other word, I’m still not saying it.” She smiled over at him, wanting to calm her own fears. 

He assured her he would keep her safe and to not worry. As long as they kept quiet, even if someone was on the path there was only a second or two they could look over and see them. She bit her lip and put her wrist back up and a few seconds later both wrists were cuffed high and wide to the fence.

She thought about it. If she had been somewhere she couldn’t be seen from the path she’d be full throttle on this one. The night was warm and it looked like a good healthy screwing was in the offing. Fine with her. The risk of discovery added to it and made her want to hurry. If someone discovered her it’d be bad but she trusted Shack, even in his current state, to protect her.

Besides, with her hand cuffed it was kinda too late.

She noticed herself getting wet at the sound of the handcuff ratcheting down around her wrist. She wondered at herself. Maybe that was why she had her thing for them. In her life that sound was normally followed shortly thereafter by her getting thoroughly fucked to an orgasm so the reaction wasn’t unreasonable. She’d never been arrested but wondered if the sound of handcuffs then would cause the same reaction in her. Probably not. Now with her wrists secured she rotated her wrists as she held the fence to keep the chains tight. No sense in giving them a chance to rattle and possibly draw attention to her predicament that way.

He looked at her again. “How far can I go?”

Her first thought was, with her wrists stretched out like this, why bother asking? Wasn’t it a little late for her to complain? But she shrugged and gave him a brief smile. Although she was pretty sure of the answer she asked: “How long have you wanted to do this to a girl?”

He shrugged back and gave the answer she had expected. “About a decade.” He had said it was another teen-age fantasy of his they were working out. Well, why not? She quietly rattled the chains holding her now helpless wrists. “Anything you want, I guess. It’s not like at this point I can stop you.”

He stopped and looked at her skeptically. They both knew she could just say a single word and all this would end. She smiled which turned into a little laugh. “Hey, look. We’re here now. Do everything you had planned and get it out of your system because you’d have to get me really, really drunk to do something like this again. And probably not even then. So do it all now.” Yeah, Tina thought, this would have been much easier after three Long Island Iced Teas. Pity she was stone cold sober.

Shack caressed her body through her dress, reaching into the top of it to pull out her breasts, running the side of his hand between her legs which despite the situation made her shiver and felt so, so good. And smothering her with kisses which she returned eagerly.

Shack dug back into the backpack and emerged with two short pieces of rope. He pulled her ankles really wide apart, about four feet, then used the ropes to tie them to the fence. It made the hem of her dress ride up to micro-miniskirt length, but oh well. Nothing for that. He took a few minutes to kiss her while his hands roamed all over her unable-to-resist body. It was nice and a distraction, especially when his hands roamed across her clit. The night was warm, she could feel the moisture between her legs evaporating a little in the small breeze. Nobody interrupted them and she saw nobody on the path. So far so good.

You know, it hit her, there’s a potential problem. With her legs spread this wide they were both now at the right height, but to do her Shack would need to go up and down a lot and he was recovering from a lower back injury. She wished she had thought of that earlier. Not that he hadn’t declared himself fully recovered, but still…

He stopped. He grabbed both sides of her dress at her waist and began to lift up. OK, here it goes, Tina thought. Hemline up, breasts out, go to town, go home. But he kept lifting the dress past her waist, pulling it up until her breasts were starting to show. He was pulling the dress off!

She struggled a bit but said nothing; if she wasn’t going to stop him it meant nothing and she didn’t want to risk the noise. Spread-eagled to the fence there was nothing really she could do. First he uncuffed one wrist, then pulled the dress off that wrist and re-cuffed it. Even with her hand loose she couldn’t do a thing about the other wrist without a key or reach her ankles to do anything there. He re-cuffed that wrist and repeated the process with the other side and she was now cuffed naked to the fence. Her dress was on the ground by the backpack. All she had now was her heels but Shack took them off immediately afterward. Because of how her ankles were tied she slid down a little but still had to stand on her toes to touch the concrete. He returned to playing with her now naked and still helpless body. If Shack wasn’t standing in the way and someone saw her from the path, it’d be clear she was naked, even from the path. 

And now, as he stood a handbreadth away from her, down came his pants and out sprang a hard member. It would only be a moment’s effort to get it inside her; she knew he’d be surprised how wet she was. 

He had a bottle of sex lube in his hand. It confused Tina; she was plenty wet and it wasn’t needed. Shack coated his member anyways with it and then jammed it into her. With how wet she already was and the additional lube he easily slid full length into her. It made no sense to Tina but she couldn’t do anything about it. He pulled out, put on more lube, and did it again. Well, Tina thought, whatever. At least things were underway.

But it didn’t last. After about five strokes he stopped, stepped back, then zipped back up. Tina was confused. She expected him to go for about ten minutes and then come and the scene would be over. But he went back to his bag and placed her dress and shoes into it. Uh oh. And came out of the bag with two handkerchiefs. He had used them on rare occasions in the past as both a blindfold and a gag. While he was bent over his bag her entire naked body was visible from the path. He stood up and returned to her.

It took a couple of seconds but Tina figured out what was coming. It was a common enough male fantasy and under safer conditions she would have been fine with it. If she wasn’t naked and visible to the path she would have been fine with it. 

“Shack, let me guess.” She started. “You’re going to blindfold and gag me, then pretend to go away. A few minutes later someone is going to find me and have fun with me and blindfolded I won’t be able to be sure it’s you.”

Shack stopped. “Basically.” He waited, giving her a chance to say no, to stop him. He was a little wary but she knew if she did, he would. “Kiss me first.” was all she said. She wasn’t happy about being chained up in quite this much public, even less happy about being buck naked, and far less happy about the thought of him walking away and leaving her like this. But did she trust him? Yeah. But this was pushing it. Yet as long as everything went ok it’d just be one of her wilder adventures.

She wanted the kiss. Who was she to him right now? A female body to play with or his woman who he loved? You kissed your woman; you didn’t bother when just playing with a female body.

The kiss was warm and engaged and involved. And not quick. Shack’s head was exploding. He couldn’t believe Tina hadn’t said no. Yeah, it was a male fantasy and yeah, he was going to keep her very safe. They had done plenty, plenty of wild things together and he knew how damn lucky he was to have someone who would let him do those things, especially this, to her, with him. Things could go a little wild if a woman was drunk enough and Tina was no exception but Tina hadn’t a sip all week. Letting him do this to her was straight up pure love. No one else in his dreams would be that good to him. She’d uprooted her life for a while to watch over him while he healed. Julie was right; he’d never find anyone better. She was leaving day after tomorrow, so it was time and the time was now. Tomorrow.

He broke the kiss, backed off for a second, giving her one last chance to stop him. She didn’t. He couldn’t believe it. He took the first handkerchief, still knotted from the last time they had used it as a blindfold and slipped it over the top of her head and down to cover her eyes. 

As he looped the other handkerchief around the back of her head, she firmly spoke her last words for a while. “I love you. I trust you!”

She opened her mouth and he tied the double-knot tightly in it. He leaned in close. “Yes, it shows so much right now I just can’t believe it. I love you and you can trust me.”

He spent a few moments kissing her cheek and caressing her body. Rubbing her nipples felt good, running a hand over her clit made her shiver despite herself. The handkerchief was effective as a blindfold; she couldn’t see a thing. The one in her mouth was tight enough that she could only grunt and even that wouldn’t be loud or intelligible. Then he leaned back in. “I’m going to take my backpack back to the car. Be back in a few minutes.” She said nothing; there was nothing to say.

She heard him shoulder his backpack and the faint sounds of footsteps in the grass receding to the path and then were gone. She was alone, helpless, naked, and visible from the path. She wanted to fight, she wanted to scream, get loose, be able to see to know if anyone had seen her but knew she could do none of those things. She worked at getting the handkerchief across her eyes up enough so she could see a little through the bottom but was unable to do even that. She wasn’t going to get out of the handcuffs and while held by them the other things making her helpless could not be fixed. She was helpless and vulnerable. She wondered what she would do if someone other than Shack found her. Get raped, she shrugged. Nothing else she could do. She said she would trust him. So she would trust him.

The wind was gentle as it blew across her naked body. There were little quiet sounds of insects and bugs but nothing near her though. The wind rustled gently through the trees. No other sounds, no human sounds came to her ears. 

And then she heard it. Footsteps on the path. Walking down, stopping where whoever could see her. No doubt spotted her. Quiet then the sound of footsteps approaching her.

It hadn’t been long enough for Shack to get to his truck and back. Shack would have just waited and then done something just like this. Or it might genuinely be someone different and things were about to get ugly. With her vision blocked she had no way of knowing. 

She started to struggle as she heard the footsteps approach her. It only hurt her wrists; she still was securely tied. She started to get a little afraid. She hadn’t thought of it until now but she was helpless. If this wasn’t Shack getting sexually assaulted wasn’t the worst thing this person could do to her. 

The footsteps stopped right in front of her. Looking her over, no doubt. Noticing how securely she was tied to the fence. That she hadn’t freed herself at his, their approach was adequate proof of that. And then hands grabbing, cupping her breasts, squeezing. She struggled but escape was impossible, even moving far enough to dislodge his hands was not going to happen. The hands felt pretty large. Shack-sized hands, but that proved nothing. She froze and let him grope her. She wasn’t getting away or stopping him so struggling was useless.

Then she smelled it and it sent a chill through her down to her bones. A cologne on the man, but not one she had ever smelled on Shack. She started mmphing, talking as best she could through the gag. Asking him to let her go. Begging him not to hurt her. After a couple of seconds she felt a finger pressed vertically against her mount and then a hand around her throat. She was shaking a little as the threat was understood and she lapsed into silence.

Whoever it was stepped back. After a second, she heard a pants zipper go down. She still didn’t know if this was Shack or not. He had ten years to dream this up; things like the cologne could have just been part of his scene. Or it could be someone else. She heard his jeans hit the ground. Somebody was about to enjoy her body. She struggled some more one last desperate time and wished she knew who.

And the lube earlier suddenly made sense. Tina was scared and all her moisture down there was surely gone. Shack had left an adequate amount in her for his or whoever’s use so it didn’t matter. He, whoever he was, plunged into her with a gasp and slid all the way in. No condom. She stopped fighting and struggling, too late now. She just hung there as the person ran in and out of her. It could be Shack or it might not be. She still couldn’t tell. Whoever it was hadn’t bent down to suck on her nipples; that might mean it was Shack or it might mean that whoever was just in a hurry. The person kept thrusting in and out of her. She was too scared to be enjoying it. If she knew for certain It was Shack she could find that but she had no idea who it was. 

And he tensed up. Tina felt him come inside of her. And she got really scared, really quiet. If this wasn’t Shack and he wanted to do something to her to ensure her silence it would happen now. As he pulled out, she found herself holding her breath. She couldn’t even scream properly for help.

All she felt was a single gentle kiss on her cheek. And then a smack on her breast, not hard but enough to make her jump and yelp. Then the sounds of his pants being pulled back on and zipped. Then the welcome sound of footsteps walking away.

And she was alone again chained to the fence. She felt a little of his cum running down her right leg; she could do nothing about it. Again she listened and heard nothing. 

A few minutes passed. She began to worry about Shack. Maybe he had run into some sort of problem. Maybe that hadn’t been Shack all over and all in her body a few minutes ago. She shifted a little. Still secured. It was bad but given long enough someone else could find her. And they too might not be a rescuer.

She continued to wait, hang there against the fence. She could stand on her toes for quite a while but her calves were aching and she was starting to do the up and down dance to keep the cuffs from hurting her wrists. The gentle wind still blew across her body. It was probably only around midnight; if something drastic had happened to Shack, and she hadn’t at any point heard sirens near the park, eventually, after 6 hours here it’d be daylight and somebody would call the police and they’d free her. That would be all sorts of problems but likely nothing compared to whatever kept Shack from coming back. 

And since things were taking this long, she was starting to severely wonder if the person who had taken her earlier was in fact Shack. She shivered even in the warm air. She was far from out of that situation at the moment. If she had been abandoned here, she could easily be found more than once.

She heard footsteps in the grass approaching her. She held her breath but relaxed when she heard Shack’s voice. “Hang on, baby. I’ll have you down in a second.” A hand pulled off her blindfold and she saw Shack in front of her and no one else. He looked fine. He fumbled behind her head and the gag came out. A bottle of water was pushed to her lips and she drank some.

“What kept you?” She asked as her ankles were untied. “You scared me!”

“Sorry. I fell asleep when I got back to the truck. Very, very sorry.”

She gave a start. He wasn’t giving signs or sounding like he was teasing her. Her blood ran cold. No. “Shack! While you were gone and I was cuffed here and blindfolded someone had sex with me. Tell me it was you.”

He still hadn’t started on the handcuffs. She gave a start at the stricken look in his eyes and she started taking deep breaths. She could feel tears coming. Cold flooded her body like an iceberg. Then his face broke and he laughed. “Of course it was me.” He stepped right up next to her. “Take a deep breath.”

She did. It was faint but she smelled the same cologne. She relaxed. He started with the key to get her out of the handcuffs.

“Not funny at all. When I get out of this, I am so going to kick your ass all the way to the Colorado state line!”

One of her hands already free he stopped and looked at her. “There never was a second you were out of my sight. I know I left you there for a while afterward, but damn you look good stretched out like that.” He laughed. “Besides, if you’ll take care of me afterward like you did this week then hell, I’m ready when you are.” The other hand was out of the handcuffs. He handed her back her dress.

She glared at him and flipped him off. Then she broke out in laughter herself. They walked back to his truck hand in hand.


Saturday they went out on a road trip. Almost all the other times she had been up here it had been over a weekend and it had been drop off the rig, maybe have a nice dinner, back to his apartment to sleep, maybe do a little over the weekend but they’d never had a chance to just go explore the surrounding state together.

The biggest place they went was Mount Rushmore which was up in the mountains south of Rapid City. Tina learned a lot of interesting things, how the outcropping to the left of Washington was originally planned to be Jefferson’s face but geologically wasn’t sound enough for it. She also learned there was a tunnel dug into the mountain behind the top of Lincoln’s head that was originally planned to be a safe repository for national documents like the Declaration of Independence. The plans for that had been abandoned but only after the tunnel had been carved. 

They walked the trail up to the closest viewing point to the cliff face. The last little bit was up a few flights of stairs. She worried about Shack but he said he was fine and he really wanted to get her up there. He seemed to be doing ok so Tina just bit her tongue.

There were a few people up there, a small crowd of tourists like them. The faces on the mountain were so close, so huge, it looked bigger than it did in the pictures. Then she turned to Shack and froze solid. It seemed to her that the world has stopped turning. He was on one knee and had a small box in his hand.

She was spellbound. She hadn’t even a clue this was coming. He opened the box and took out what she expected was in it, a gold ring with a huge diamond mounted on it. It sparkled wildly in the sunlight and the crisp mountain air. He took her hand.

“Ever since I met you, I have been the most fortunate man in the world. This last week has shown me that I don’t want to live without you and I don’t want to wait any longer.” The other tourists at the observation point had noticed and were watching silently. “I know I can be very, very happy with you and I pledge to do everything I can to make you very, very happy with me. For the rest of our lives. Christina Sanderson, will you marry me?”

She was in shock. The ring shone in his hand in the fresh air and sunlight, the diamond sparkled in the sun. She was mesmerized by it, in awe. The diamond looked beautiful. She looked up from the ring to Shack’s hopeful face, quiet, waiting. The crowd was absolutely silent around them. And then she remembered her place, what she needed to do. 

With a shaking voice, the world now spinning slowly counterclockwise, she answered: “Yes. I will be very happy to marry you. Yes, yes, yes, YES!”

He took her hand and slid the ring on her finger. It fit perfectly. There was applause from the people around them and then the universe for Tina both went back to normal and for her never would be the same.

They walked hand in hand back to the car. Tina couldn’t stop looking at her hand. “Oh wow” was all she could say with an occasional “I had no idea this was coming” and things like that. They had a marvelous dinner at a very high-end restaurant. They talked about the future. John and Carla had offered to route Shack so that he could be down at her and Sherri’s house with an empty trailer two weekends from now. They could load up all her things and drive them up here if she wanted to. Tina asked how long they had known and Shack confirmed that they had known since he got the ring a month ago. She couldn't live with Sherri much longer, she needed to go somewhere and with the promise she now wore on her hand she’d be happy to move up here. They retired back to Shack’s apartment. The lovemaking was passionate and involved no restraints until they both fell asleep.

Tina woke up the next morning; the sun had just risen and was shining through the window. She remembered, oh God, was that just a dream? She looked at her hand and the ring was there and it was real and it was beautiful. She fell back down into the bed crying tears that she had to explain to Shack were no problem at all.

It didn’t take long to pack for her flight; she was a light traveler. Shack said that John and Carla wanted to see them before she left. She asked him if they knew he was going to propose this weekend and he confirmed they knew that too. They met for a nice meal at a breakfast buffet place. John and Carla congratulated them both and said Julie was very happy for them both and sent her congratulations to Tina. Her message for Shack was “Well, it’s about time!” 

The meal was nice but after it was over John pulled out a folder from beside him on the seat. He handed the papers to Tina. “We’re glad to hear you’re coming up here, and we’d like to extend this offer to you.” It was a job offer to work at Shrewsbury Trucking as their accountant and it was a reasonable offer. Carla added that Tina already knew the books and if she accepted it would allow Carla to concentrate on managing the shop and free Julie up to pursue her Geology degree. Tina thought about it for just a second to make it look good and told them yes, saying the offer was generous and she’d be delighted to accept.

The airport was the hardest part. She and Shack stayed outside of the security checkpoint until she absolutely had to leave. She promised him she’d be all packed and ready to go. And that she loved him and would be very, very happy to be his wife.


It was six months later they held the wedding ceremony. John and Carla stood in for Shack’s parents. Both Julie and Sherri, Sherri Stone by then, were bridesmaids. Shack had met Charlie Stone at his own wedding to Sherri a few months earlier. It took nothing to see what Sherri had seen in him and why she had waited. He was huge and muscled, polite to a fault, and had a coiled spring attitude about him. Charlie was the complete package, Shack thought, he could break you to pieces and then put you back together again. There weren’t many people that could make Shack feel intimidated but Charlie did it. But he was all smiles, happy to see them again, happy to show off his own new bride, and glad to see Tina and Shack again. Shack asked him how he was doing after all that time in theater. He confessed he was sleeping just fine but did still tend to react badly to nearby loud sharp noises. He'd be careful when the Champagne cork went off. They both laughed.

The ceremony was small and beautiful. The pastor’s message was too long, the after-ceremony party at the Shrewsbury’s was excellent. They finally managed to sneak out and were both exhausted. They got in the door to their apartment now and Shack pinned his wife against the wall for a long, drawn out kiss, something they both knew was all that was going to happen tonight. As they parted, he whispered to her: “Mrs. Hartnell, I will, I promise, I swear, I will love you right. On and on and on.”

-- The end --


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