Sexy Fantasy Football

by Ann Onominos

© Copyright 2018 - Ann Onominos - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; hypno; game; tv; costume; bond; rope; hogtie; gag; bdsm; spank; tease; toys; insert; sex; climax; cons; X

Special thanks go out to Randy and beautiful and sexy Amber from Bondage for the pictures.

Some might call me devious or sneaky, but I prefer to think of myself as a clever girl who is also a creative thinker.

I am not a huge football fan, but I know a little about the game. I know the difference between a touchdown and touchback, or at least that they are not the same thing. I also know that a game usually lasts about three hours and that is also the approximate time I like to spend in one of my bondage ordeals.

My boyfriend likes to watch the games on television. The problem is that when he is watching the game, he is ignoring me. So, I came up with this idea. The idea was to have him tie me up during the game. The more I thought about it, the more it excited me and actually became a fantasy of mine. I dropped several hints, but his interest was always on the game and not me.

This was not a spur of the moment idea. I had been thinking about this for three years or more. Finally, I came up with a brainstorm. This is the devious, or as I prefer to think, creative idea part. I convinced my boyfriend to use hypnosis to quit smoking. We both wanted him to quit so he agreed to try it. While he was under the hypnotic spell, I made sure I added a little something for our mutual benefit. First, I had to come up with a detailed plan of what my fantasy should be because he was just going be following the doctor’s hypnotic suggestions. So, I documented exactly what I wanted to happen during my fantasy.

My Football Fantasy

We would start watching the game on the TV. I would be dressed in the outfit I wanted to be in. It might be a cheerleader, or school girl; it really didn’t matter. At the sound of the National Anthem, he would order me to lie on the floor on a blanket, which I had already laid on the floor in front of the TV. He would give me a vibrating egg and order me to put it inside me and say that he will be in charge of the remote. He would then tie my arms behind my back and blindfold me. As soon as the game started, he would stop tying me and watch the game. He would use the remote to tease and torment me randomly.

At the sound of the first commercial, he would continue tying me up until the commercials end. Then it is back to him watching the game. When the next commercial started, it was back to tying me up. All the while he is tying me, he would taunt me by saying things like “I own you now” and “Your pussy belongs to your Master, Me.” This process would continue until I am hogtied and gagged with a ring gag. He then would cut my clothing off, exposing my bare tush and tits. During each subsequent commercial, he would fondle my breasts and tush. He would use the remote to tease me at random intervals.

I cannot see the TV but I can hear it. Whenever a team scored, he would use a riding crop on my tush, recording each point with a swat from the crop. At halftime he would use a Hitachi Wand to stimulate me. He would put nipple clamps on me at some random time. I don’t want to know when to expect these. At various times I might find his finger touching my lips as well as his penis. Of course I am expected to suck his penis when this happens. When the game is over, he would untie my legs and then retie them to some furniture so they are spread very wide. We would then have intercourse on the floor.

My boyfriend and I scheduled an appointment for him to get hypnotized and after that he would hate cigarettes. I gave this detailed fantasy to the hypnosis doctor and he gave the instructions to my boyfriend. What I really wanted was for my fantasy to become my boyfriend’s fantasy. The doctor told me he would take care of it. So not only would my boyfriend now hate cigarettes, he would have something to do during the football game. All I had to do was give him the command to start his fantasy. The command we came up with was “Do you want chips with your beer?” He would never suspect he was doing anything under a post-hypnotic suggestion.

On the next Sunday, at game time, I dressed in some old clothes I didn’t need anymore and sat on the couch next to my boyfriend. I had spread a down comforter on the floor. He looked at me a bit funny but didn’t say anything. Five minutes before the game was to start, I said, “Do you want chips with your beer?”

He said, “Sure, Hon, how nice of you to ask.” I giggled all the way to the fridge and brought him his beer.

Soon the Star Spangled Banner started and he turned to me and said, “Hon, go get your magic egg and bring it to me.” I went and got the egg and he said, “Put it in and give me the remote. Then lie down on the blanket.”


So far, so good; everything was working perfectly. At the sound of the first commercial, he started to tie me up some more. Everything worked as planned. I spent most of the game hogtied, getting my tush spanked with every score, having a wonderful orgasm courtesy of the Hitachi Wand, and eventually having blissful intercourse with my boyfriend.

I was basking in the afterglow when I heard it…..the National Anthem…..NOOOOOO! I forgot there was another game on. NOOOOOOO! OMG, I thought, there is a third game on now on Sundays, an evening game. Oh no, what have I created?


I survived that Sunday of football and bondage. It was fun, but way too much. My original idea for a three hour session would have been just about right. My boyfriend seemed to enjoy the all day session for some reason.

My boyfriend never mentioned a thing about the marathon bondage session all week, which made me think he didn’t even remember it. He was under a post-hypnotic suggestion after all.

The following Sunday was one of those strange weeks where they played a game in England. That game started at about 9:00AM on Sunday morning. I had no intention of watching that game or watching football all day again, but my boyfriend did. At about 8:45 he turned on the tube and got settled in his recliner. He then yelled to me, “Hon, can you bring me some chips and a beer?”

That had a familiar sound to it. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and a bag of chips. When I walked in the room, he was standing there with my vibrating egg in one hand and a coil of rope in the other. I started to run, but he was too fast for me. Two minutes later he had me tied up from my waist to my neck, welding my arms together behind my back. He then pulled my pants off me and put the egg in me. Then he tied my legs together. That egg was staying put, he made sure of that. He then proceeded to cut most of my clothing off me.


“So Anna, that was the post-hypnotic suggestion? Chips and beer? Did you really think I was under your spell last Sunday? Surprise Anna! There are four games on the TV today. I think my hand might get sore spanking you through four long games so I am going to use a riding crop on your tush to keep score this time.

It’s going to be a long day for Anna.