The Severe Consequences of a Missed Gym Workout

by Kristjan

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© Copyright 2018 - Kristjan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; punish; naked; tease; gag; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

You have been to the fitness club twice now and the first few times are always the hardest.

"It would be really nice if I could keep this up for a few months", you contemplate after the latest workout.

"Well, I'll help if I can. Tell you what, every time you work out I'll reward you with sex afterwards."

"What!? How is that a reward!? You're the one getting some."

"Great, thanks, I didn't know sex with me is such a terrible fate." 

You put on your most shit-eating grin and I think for a moment.

"Ok, how about this, each time you chicken out of going, your punishment will be sex with me..." 

"Sounds horrible, but I wouldn't exactly call it a punishment."

"...but you will be tied up."

"Phhbt, dream on."

"I just care about you reaching your goals, love."


"Besides, it won't matter, will it, because you will go to your workouts dutifully each and every time."

"You just watch me."

"Excellent, then it is settled."

You grab a magazine and throw it after me while I stroll out of the room with a big shit-eating grin of my own.

A couple of weeks later you really do skip a workout. I meet you at home when you were supposed to be at the gym. Busted. You even have the audacity to carry around a cup of ben & jerry’s with you.

I shake my head in sadness but I can't quite hide my excitement.

"So sad, I really thought you had it in you." I say mockingly, while I take the ice cream from you.

"Oh, come on, I had a really bad day."

"You'll get it back after your punishment."

"What!? We are not really doing that...", you protest half-heartedly. In fact, it has been a while and you seem not a hundred percent opposed to some action. Kissing, we stumble into the bedroom and take each other’s clothes off.

You keep kissing me passionately and drag me to the bed. I see what you are doing. Trying to make me forget our arrangement. To your misfortune I have waited too long for this. I hold you at arm's length.

"We are doing this." 

You roll your eyes. 

"Sit on the bed."

I show you the ropes. "Put your hands together."

You look me in the eyes and sigh. "Ugh, fine."

I bind your hands together and then drag them up and behind your head.

"Wow, this is a bit extreme, don't you think."

"Not at all", I ensure you. "I won't hurt you, but it is not really a punishment if it is not even a tiny bit uncomfortable, wouldn't you agree."

You snort, but you also relax a little and watch me wind the rope around your body tightly and tie it off in the back. Quite effective: You are already completely helpless and the ropes nicely frame your breasts. You look down at your chest. "You practised this, huh?!"

"I did." I use the opportunity to grope your breasts freely.

"You are really enjoying this, aren't you, you bastard."

"Yes, my dear, I do." And to prove my point my hand slides between your legs. 

"You are such an ass", you mumble with closed eyes. 

"I can tell you are excited, but the constant commenting is not really helping your situation, darling."

I withdraw my hand. "Fortunately, I have just the thing. Open your mouth, please."

"Why?" you ask suspiciously.

I bring forth the ball gag. Eyes wide, you exclaim, "You have got to be kidding."

"Baby, I just want to help you internalize the severe consequences of a missed gym workout. And having fun while doing it. Unless you want to quit?"

You are annoyed, but to my surprise you allow me to fit the ball gag in your mouth. Well, this is going rather well, I was sure you would choose to quit. I close the strap around your head. I have been aroused since the moment I found you at home but from the sight of your bound and gagged body I might just explode into my pants. But we are not quite finished yet.

I have you lie back on the bed and tie your ankles to your thighs and your thighs to the rope around your breasts. I roll you on your stomach and loop a rope through your legs and pull it tight across your behind, thereby spreading your legs. Then I roll you back. I step back for a moment to savour the sight. The way you lie there squirming, legs spread wide, tied like a nice little package turns me on even more. I finally drop my pants and plunge into you. You moan into the gag when our loins clash and after a few strokes I finish all too quickly.

Afterwards, I leave you tied up on the bed while I get the ice cream.

"What happens the next time I miss my gym class?" you ask between scoops of ice cream.

I get myself a spoon full while I make up my mind. "I'll tie you up again and make you blow me while I spank your bottom."

You smirk. "How kinky.", but I can see that it is an unnerving thought. I stroke you lightly between your legs and you wriggle to get your hips closer to my hand. "What if miss two in row!?"

"You don't want to find out."

"Come on, tell me." You twist towards me and nudge me with your tied leg which is kind of cute. The view of your bound body really does it for me and I put away the ice cream.

I pull you into a sitting position and get in front of you. "No", I say while I slip into your mouth. "You will find out if you dare to miss more workouts."

I let you suck me until I am ready again. 

I pull you further forward until your head is on the mattress and your butt points up. Then I take you from behind. The second time is taking me considerable longer and you scream so loudly that I pause to put the gag back in place. When we finally come, it is at the same time and it is glorious. When I slip out of you I smack your backside and say "Hope you have learned your lesson!" which makes you laugh.

Later, after I have untied you, we cuddle and you sigh "Well, I might just need a refresher, if it is more of this."

I smile. It won't be.

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