Separate Vacation

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2008 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; bond; rope; gag; hotel; oral; sex; toys; cons; X

Maxine's libido was crammed into full gear as she pulled her rental car into the parking lot of the Tranquility Bay Motor Lodge. It resembled the seemingly hundreds of hotels along Myrtle Beach, with it's white and turquoise paint scheme and it's neon name embraced by a crashing wave. It wasn't the Hilton but it was where Dan was staying.

She had met Dan online a few month's ago in a chat room. It was a BDSM room and there were lots of subs and doms flirting, telling jokes and making their connections. Maxine had been lurking there for a few weeks and finally got up nerve to add her own comments. Dan responded and soon they were sending each other private messages. The relationship blossomed to e-mails and instant message sessions and finally to meeting each other for a bondage tryst.

Myrtle Beach was a perfect place to meet. While Maxine's husband played golf, she could sneak away for her own very special separate vacation with Dan. He had planned to stay there for the week so this would be the first of several meetings planned between her and Dan.

Dan's instructions were very clear about their first meeting. Maxine would be wearing only her dark red bikini and a pair of stiletto pumps. Everything else she needed would be in her purse, including any sex toys she wished to bring along.

As soon as her husband left that morning, Maxine quickly got ready. At forty-one, she still had a wonderful figure that attracted many eyes of the opposite sex. Her chocolate brown hair had been cut short for the summer and her brown eyes seemed elfish and mischievous. Though not large on top, she still filled her swimsuit very well, a fact to her weekly workouts at the gym. Her light tan finished the package.

Maxine stepped out of the car and looked at her note again: A single room number; 228. She had memorized it hours ago but still looking at it made it more concrete to her. She put on her visor and sunglasses and walked along the sidewalk outside the hotel rooms to get an idea of how they were numbered. Dan's room was on the second floor towards the end of the building.

God, she felt sexy. She hadn't felt this way in awhile, like a school girl meeting her prom date knowing they would end up in the back of his car.

"This is it," she whispered to herself as she arrived at his door and gave a light knock.

Maxine heard the locks being pulled back and soon Dan opened the door smiling.

"Why hello, gorgeous," he said, stepping back and waving her in.

Dan was a little shorter than the brunette had imagined and Maxine could have sworn that he said that he had blue eyes instead of hazel ones, but that could just be her misremembering.

"Hi Dan," she smiled.

"Instead of just standing there, why don't you come in," he said.

The hotel room was a typical one with two queen-sized beds, a table and two chairs, a bureau/desk resplendent with a ceramic conch shell lamp, a wall-mounted television, and pastel prints of seashore themes. On one of those beds was an open suitcase spilling over with rope and leather and a few things that Maxine didn't immediately recognize.

"Well, we finally meet," Dan said, "and I have to say your are much prettier than the photo you sent me."

Maxine blushed a bit, "and you aren't bad looking yourself."

Dan was about 5'7" inches with a head of curly black hair with a hint of gray. His hazel eyes gleamed when he grinned his toothy grin. He had a bushy black mustache that seemed to dominate his face and an easy laugh. He was dressed in a neon orange Hawaiian shirt and khaki Dockers and Maxine could tell he worked out.

"So how has your vacation been so far?" Dan asked.

"Very typical," she replied.

"I guess we are going to change all that, huh. So, let's go over what limits we've set and safe words and safe hums."

When Maxine and Dan discussed their plans, he had mentioned safe hums and she wasn't sure what that was. Dan explained that it is very hard to say safe words when gagged, so humming an agreed upon tune would signal to Dan to stop playing and find out what was going on.

"I think we agreed upon the stoplight set of safe words," Maxine said, "'Red' means stop, 'green' means go and 'yellow' means something needs to be changed and then we go on."

"Yep, that we did."

"And I think my safe hum will be 'Somewhere over the rainbow', you know, the song in the Wizard of Oz," Maxine continued.


"I trust you with the limits, just no marks, please," Maxine said, "So how do you want me?"

"Just the way you are, just slip your arms out of the straps. I want to be able to undress you myself."

Maxine had been tied a few times before by a couple of different lovers so the awkwardness of first meeting someone that you knew you were going to have sex with was familiar territory. In her fantasies, all this was never an issue. The kidnappings and rapes and interrogations all happened without prelude and she was always was tied so she couldn't get away. She hoped after this first session, that Dan could kidnap her and interrogate her without all of the preliminaries. For today, however, she was just happy to be tied.

The brunette did as she was told, easing the straps of her bikini over her shoulders and over her arms. She then felt him guide her arms in back of her and a warm, erotic feeling began to glow inside her.

Without a word, Dan draped a doubled-up length of rope over the back of her neck, taking both ends and easing them each under each arm. Maxine felt him tie the ends tightly before leaving the rest of the rope to dangle loosely behind her.

Taking a hold of Maxine's slender wrists, he eased them up and crossed them just below her shoulder blades. Dan then wound another piece of rope around her wrists, binding them together tightly without being too uncomfortable. The loose ends of her rope harness were then tied to her wrists so there was no way she could twist out of it.

Gently, Dan turned her back around and took from his suitcase a limp, pear-shaped gag with a blood-pressure ball pump attached to it. Maxine had heard about pump gags before but had never really saw one let alone experience used on herself.

"Open wide," Dan smiled.

Again, Maxine did as she was told and he pushed the deflated gag into her mouth. Quickly, he buckled the straps around the back of her head tightly as he could as well as one under her chin. Checking the straps, Dan made sure that she couldn't peel the gag off no matter how hard she tried.

Then Dan began to pump, looking into Maxine's eyes.

The rubber-tasting gag began to inflate in her mouth, filling it. With each pump, it began pushing her tongue down and forcing her mouth wider until it was getting almost painful. He stopped when Maxine began to squirm.

"Scream", he commanded.

Maxine tried to scream as loud as she possible could, but all that came out was muted mewl.

Satisfied that Maxine was silenced, he quickly tied her ankles together with some more rope and then her knees. The brunette was now completely helpless. She tried struggling with the bindings around her wrists, but found she could get little slack. She was not going to escape from his binding no matter how hard she tried and it gave her goosebumps.

With both hands, Dan cradled her head and looked directly into her brown eyes. He lingered there, staring at her. He then kissed her lightly on her forehead. Maxine closed her eyes as his kisses trailed down her face between the leather straps with his warm tongue occasionally licking here and there.

His kisses began to get more forceful as nibbled at her neck. Maxine could tell that he was being careful not to bite her, even though she really longed for him to do so. As he continued to kiss her, his rough hands began to explore the curves of her back and waist, dipping down to squeeze her butt now and again as they roamed her body.

As Dan's kisses trailed down her chest, she felt his fingers gently pinching her stiffened nipples through the material of her swimsuit. Harshly, he pulled her top down and took one of her nips into his mouth, suckling it and kneading it with his teeth.

Hot, erotic ripples washed through Maxine as Dan switched from one breast to the other, causing her to moan through her gag almost continuously. It was beginning to get hard for her to concentrate on balancing as he continued southward with affections: over the flat of her stomach, around her navel and to the hem of her bikini bottom.

With both hands, he pulled her swimsuit down to her bound knees, exposing her neatly trimmed puss. His fingers gently parted her slick, puffed lips and he began to tease her clit.

The tide of pleasure was rising within her with each of his touches sending another crushing wave of fiery bliss through her. Maxine was a noisy lover and the gag allowed her to be as vocal as she wanted and now was no different. She squirmed and moaned and tried not to topple over.

Maxine screamed into her gag as Dan suddenly scooped her up and threw the bound woman onto the bed.

Straddling Maxine, Dan untied her knees and pulled both her top and bottom down to her bound ankles. Then, after untying her ankles, he pulled the swimsuit off and threw it onto the ground. Bending her one leg, Dan tightly bound the brunette's ankle to her thigh with a piece of rope, repeating the process with her other leg. He grabbed another long piece of rope and threaded one end behind her knee and tied it off very tightly. Dan crawled off the bed and passed the rest of the rope underneath the bed; bringing the other end up and binding her other knee so that her legs were forced wide open.

Maxine watched as Dan stepped back and admired his work. She imagined what she must have looked like and she writhed to entice him back, moaning into her gag and thrusting her hips towards him imploringly.

The phone rang.

The bound woman protested as Dan picked up the phone instead of ignoring it. The muted conversation only lasted a minute or two, for which Maxine thanked God. But that thanks was to be short lived.

"Maxine, I have to go to the front desk. They just got a package for me and it's really important. I'll be right back. Don't go away," and with that, he dashed out the door.

A few minutes passed and Maxine was getting more and more frustrated. She was hornier than hell and her 'tormentor' was out doing errands. The brunette kept glancing at the digital clock on the nightstand and watching the minutes flick by. . .5, 6, 7. Finally, 18 minutes after he had left her, she heard the door being unlocked.

"Well, looks like ol' Danny Boy decided to have himself some fun," a deep voice said as the stranger came around the corner into the room.

The man was dressed in an unbuttoned dark gray suit and matching tie. He was tall and built like a bouncer. Like Dan, he had curly black hair and his intense blue eyes scanned over Maxine with seeming indifference of a shark glancing at his next snack.

"I am going to ask you a simple question, young lady, and your answer will make it a lot easier on you. Where are the diamonds?"

The bound woman shook her head. Dan had never made mention of any diamonds. What the hell was this man talking about. Maxine tried to say something through the gag to get him to remove it, but he ignored her mewls.

The man shook his head and walked over to Maxine's purse, pouring its contents, including her favorite 'butterfly' vibrator and a ring gag she had made herself out of a ring she found at a hardware store and a few bits of cloth. He fished around, opening all of the zippered pockets.

"Are they in here, ah. . .Maxine?" he asked as he looked at her driver's license, "After all, diamonds are supposed to be your best friend."

Maxine barely shook her head. Screaming into her gag.

"Well, I am going to take a look around, Maxy-girl, so don't mind me."

Maxine watched helplessly as he slowly tore the room apart, dumping Dan's suitcase out and examining everything bit by bit. . .vibrators, leather cuffs, harnesses, coils of rope, a couple of different gags and several digital cameras; including a digital camcorder.

"Danny boy was always into making movies," the stranger said, "It was his specialty, really. Quite good at making them and blackmailing the principle actress. That thing never really floated my boat but he makes a good living at it. . .or should I say made. I hope you weren't expecting him back soon because it's going to be a long wait while my friends have a little chat him. He should have never branched out into other things. . .like trying to con people like me."

Maxine stared at the man, horrified. She was now beginning to be genuinely afraid.

The man started to search again. Maxine wriggled and squirmed, but Dan was too good at his knots and she couldn't make any sort of headway. The man stood there a bit, pondering and looking at his bound captive.

Then he drew his gun.

"So, Maxy, where are they?"

With the tip of the gun barrel, the man began touching her sex, easing it between her sex-swollen lips.

The bound woman shook her head.

Slowly he began to caress her, it's cold steel hot against her swollen clit. Despite what was happening, Maxine was getting horny and she moaned into her gag.

"Tou like this, huh?" the man grinned.

Maxine hesitantly nodded.

The man continued to rub the cool tip of the gun up and down the bound woman's slit. Maxine continued to moan despite her fears. . .or maybe because of them.

"I can't do this all day." The man said, "I think you want to have a little different company while I look around. What do you think, maxy-girl?"

Maxine nodded.

"I think Danny-boy brought something that could help with that."

Reaching into the pile on the bed, the stranger pulled a slender chrome vibe with the dial on the end. He sat himself down between Maxine's bound legs and traced the vibrator's tip over her moistened lips.

"Hungry for this," he asked looking into her eyes, "Don't be shy. You didn't get tied up like this for nothing."

Even with the vibrator off, his caressing of her sex sent little ripples of pleasure through her. Despite her fears she found herself still very horny and she began rocking her hips slowly as he touched her.

Gently he eased the vibe into her, pushing it all the way in before withdrawing it. Maxine closed her eyes as he slowly fucked her with it, moaning into her gag as she felt a larger wave of bliss swallowing her.

Maxine gasped as he pushed the vibe into her as far as it would go. She felt him turn it on but it did not start it's humming. She could feel him fiddle with it while it was inside of her, trying to get the phallus to start, but it would.

A smile crossed the strangers face and he pulled the vibe from inside Maxine. Quickly he unscrewed it and poured the glittering diamonds out from the battery compartment.

"So how did it feel to be fucked by three million dollars," the stranger grinned a piranha's grin, "I think we should celebrate seeing that your already here and I have nothing better to do. I am sure ol' Danny boy will mind too much if I warm you up"

Maxine watched as he slowly undressed. Her animal desires over-shadowed any fears. This was her fantasy but not the way she intended and like it or not, he was going to have his way with her so she might as well enjoy it and possibly afterward he would let her go.

Underneath his suit was a sturdy, well built man. He had the body of a well-toned professional wrestler with a nice amount of body hair to make him attractive. Maxine was glad to see that his size matched many of her larger vibrators and the sack beneath was large as well. The stranger climbed into her bed and straddled her.

The man's rough hands began to knead her breasts roughly, pinching her nipples hard and making her scream into her gag.

"I hope you like it rough, Maxy-girl, because that's the way I like it."

He continued to harshly fondle the bound brunette, occasionally slapping her breasts before leaning over to take one into his mouth. His tongue licked around her pleasure-stiffened nipple before sucking it roughly between his teeth. Crashing waves of pure bliss engulfed Maxine as she squirmed beneath him, wanting the man to take her.

Maxine felt the man climb off her to the foot of the bed. Grabbing her bound legs, he pulled her to the edge of the bed until her ass was nearly hanging off. The ropes holding her legs open cruelly bit into Maxine as he positioned himself and violently thrust himself into her.

The stranger's attack was relentless, pounding in and out of her in an intoxicating frenzy. Wave after white-hot wave surged through Maxine as she met his attacks, grinding herself onto him until she was fully engulfed in pure ecstasy.

Maxine heard the man grunt and he pulled himself from her, spraying his hot cum over the flat of her stomach to her breasts. He pumped out three or four more spurts, drizzling her in his semen. Finally he stopped and sat down in one chairs.

"Damn, Maxy-girl, your one hot fuck."

The bound woman smiled around her gag, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. It was by far the most delicious orgasm she had ever experienced. She had been bound several times and role-played through many scenarios, but nothing ever came close to this.

"Well, Maxy-girl, it's been fun," the stranger said. He had already pulled up his pants and was pulling his shirt on.

"No need to worry, Maxy-girl, I'm not going to kill you. I got what I came for and a little bit extra. But I am going to have to leave you here like this until a maid finds you or something. I can't have you calling the cops before I can split this town."

The stranger pulled her cell phone from her purse pile and opened it up. HE pointed the lens towards her and took a few pictures.

"To remember me by," he smiled as he threw the cell phone next to Maxine.

And with that, the stranger left.

Maxine just lay there, still panting a bit from her efforts. As she did, a story she had read online came to mind, about a maid finding a tied-up woman while cleaning a room. She knew that she would be discovered but when was the issue and it would involve the police and, horrifically, her husband.

The minutes passed. Maxine kept looking at the red LED readout from the alarm clock. The rope biting into her knees was becoming uncomfortable and the stranger's semen had started to dry on her or run trails off her body.

Then she heard a key in the lock.

Maxine stared in disbelief as both the stranger and Dan walked into the room.

"I hope you didn't mind," the stranger said, "But I took some liberties to make your fantasy become a reality. Maxine, this is my brother Si. I am the real Dan."

Maxine just stared.

"You see, you told me your fantasy and there was no way for me to make it 'real' without you knowing it was just a scene. . .no matter how hard I would try. Then I came up with this and asked my brother to play me. He agreed. I hope you enjoyed it."

Maxine slowly nodded as both of the brothers slowly untied her. It was going to be even better vacation than she had hoped.

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