Sensual Submission

by Luv2tie

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© Copyright 2008 - Luv2tie - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; corset; nipple; cross; bdsm; oral; toys; cons; X

This story was originally an entry into the S(A)X Leather 2008 Bondage Stories Contest

The kids were away at the grandparents and we finally had a chance to play, teuful and I. Teuful is the pet name for my partner. It means Devil in German. Teuful knows I like to dress her for our little sessions, sexy and sensual, like a bondage barbie. As she steps in her bath I lay her outfit out across the bed. A deep purple corset of silk, black silk stockings, and leather 6" ankle strap pumps. I enjoy how the pumps make her hips rock when she walks, and she has to take short steps to maintain balance.

Her skin radiates steam as she emerges from her bath. The scent of roses fills the air, and the cool air causes her to have gooseflesh. Kneeling at the doorway to the bedroom I hand her a new leather collar I picked up from SAX leather and instruct her to buckle it around her neck. As teuful does so a chain lead dangles between her ample breasts making her shiver. The cool chain against her warm skin makes an exciting contrast. When she is done I secure the padded blindfold and seal out her vision. I want this event to be a mystery. I tug the leash and she crawls forward on her hands and knees, and I lead her to our bed. Quietly she complies and obediantly follows. Another tug of the leash causes her to heel and kneel. Her hands are on her thighs and her thighs spread wide. The bald delta above her womanhood seemingly calling for attention.

I instructed teuful to stand and place her arms behind her with her wrists crossed. Her breasts now stand proud and unobstructed. Each nipple firm and tight as I roll them in my finger tips. A low moan erupts from her throat, then a gasp as I tighten my caress. The rose scent is now mixing with the musk of her desire in a heady aroma. Encircling her body with my arms I walk behind her and caress her firm bottom, gripping it tightly. Positioning her arms straight out to her sides I wrap the cool silk corset around her warm body and secure the front busk. Firmly I grasp the laces then and reduce her waist to 28". Enough to accentuate her curves but not overly restrict her breathing.

I enjoy gagging my little teuful and my favorite gag is the silicone penis gag from SAX. Tapping the member to her lips she circles the shaft with her tongue then open her mouth to allow its invasion. Her tiny mouth is filled with an unyielding silicone cock. She cannot expel the insatiable invader buckled so securely around her head, though she tries. The gag makes her feel more submissive and self-conscious as a publicly displayed cocksucker. I bind her wrists next with silk rope and secure her elbows as well. She wiggles and tests her bonds, mmpphhing into her gag when she finds no respite from their tight caress. Next I secure her ankles apart to the bedposts in a standing Y. Her musk is more profound and shinny dew coats the petal of her Lilly. Reaching between her legs to feel the moisture, I rest my fingers at the base of her clit. Teuful grinds on my hand and I feel her petals open. Not yet my pet.

SAX had a wonderful Jeweled Butt Plug in purple to match her outfit. Hard, cold steel and of descent weight to make her ever aware of it presence. I touch the plug to her sex and lube it with her own juices. She will be the facilitator of her own impalement! Teuful tries to wiggle and avoid the invader, coating it in ample lube. She pleads through the cock in her mouth before I slowly work it past her rosebud! I watch her flex her behind and work her hips in an effort to rid herself of this weighty companion. With a playful slap to her ass I quell the rebellion. I release her ankles and instruct her to sit on the bed. The little companion making itself more known as she demurely sits in submission.

Silk stockings feel so slight and are very feminine to me. Slowly I begin to roll them up her legs, smoothing them as I go, and secure them to her garters on her corset. Silk gives her legs a marvelous sheen and are so soft to the touch. Next come the pumps. With the straps buckled she cannot kick them off. Bound as she is she has impressive posture. Breasts and ass out for the complete enjoyment of me the viewer! One last item remains of her outfit. I lube the shaft of her latex dildo panties before having her step into them. She has no idea until the solid little dildo parts her sex! With a firm tug of the waist I seat the dildo and smooth out her panties. Triple plugged and helpless. I tug her leash and walk her around the house. The movements of her hips cause the dildo to move about within her. Little moans escape her throat with every step.

The playroom is in our basement and I carefully lead teuful down the steps with the dildo working her the whole way. Her breath is ragged and she wiggles her hips trying to get play on her plugged bottom and sex. She stamps her foot and whimpers when she can secure no relief for her aching sex. Such a petulant little thing! We pass through the door to the playroom, her heels marking a staccato beat on the concrete floor. I lead her to the St. Andrews cross and drop the lead. She stays still as I unfasten her arms and elbows. Softly I rub their lengths to restore bloodflow. I kiss the insides of her wrists and wrap the SAX leather cuffs around her wrists. I secure each arm at its full length to the top of the cross, then secure a cuff to each ankle. I pull down her panties and the cool air on her sex makes her inhale sharply! After composing herself she wiggles her ass and pleads through he gag to have the jewel removed from her ass. I merely chuckle and secure her ankles to the bottom of the cross.

Stepping up behind her I press my hard cock against her behind and she grinds back. My hands are at her breasts, fingers dancing across her nipples. The are pert and hard. A clover from the SAX Tri-clamp bites into each nipple in turn. Teuful intakes breath sharply as both clovers take a seat in her flesh. I feed the chain and third clover through the V at the top of the cross, and down the back to the bottom V. Pressing teuful to the cross firmly with my body I diddle her sex then quickly attach the third clover to her clit. Now my pretty little plaything is thoroughly secured! Her petulance of earlier must be dealt with, and I quickly choose the deerskin flogger. Tri-colored in purple, black and gold to match my ropes and other playtoy's, the flogger has a fragrant aroma that I love. Holding the flogger before teufuls nose so she too can enjoy what is coming to her.

The first swish catches her be surprise square on her clamped sex. Teuful tries to close her legs held helplessly apart by leather and steel. The next twenty strokes mark a figure eight over her bottom and thighs, then back to her sex for three in quick succession. Teuful, fists clenched, pulls at her bonds and writhes on the cross. Her breathing is quick and panting. Each twist pulls at her sex and nipples. I move close and feel the radiant warmth of her scarlet skin. I release my cock and slowly enter her from behind. A squeal and sharp intake of breath rumble from my spent captive on the cross. I work my cock into her with a slow, building rhythm, hands at breasts and sex. Teuful stiffens and puffs through her cock filled mouth. As she crescendos I release the clover on her sex. A violent convulsion overcomes her and she screams in orgasm!

Holding her tight I release her from her current bonds and hold her close. I remove her gag with a flood of drool down her breasts. Her tender lips are soft on mine and I press tight as the clamps are removed from her nipples. Wrapping teuful in a cloak of purple velvet for warmth, she kneels and engulfs my cock with her mouth. Steadily bobbing her head and swirling her tongue. My own orgasm explodes forth with thick pearl essence filling her mouth. She fells asleep with that jewel still in her bottom.