Self Sacrifice

by Philber

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© Copyright 2013 - Philber - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; F/m; strip; cage; cuffs; bond; nipple; toys; gag; analhook; D/s; tease; cons; X

Tess was in tears. Her lover, Richard, had texted her that their affair was over. How could it have come to that? They loved each other, and had planned to marry, so...?

But in fact she knew only too well. She and Richard shared a taste for bondage, and both had owned up to being switches. How often do you meet a guy who, besides being your soulmate, also happens to share your kink? Richard was a one-in-a-million, the find of a lifetime, and now she'd lost him.

It had started up perfectly. Richard, ever the gentleman, had agreed to sub in their sessions, with the understanding that they would soon switch roles. But Tess enjoyed being in control too much, instead of agreeing to the promised role reversal, she pushed Richard further and deeper into their common kink. She teased him, spanked him, frustrated him, clamped his nipples, cut off his air supply. But mostly, she let him know who was boss. Each time he managed to plead with her, she not only ignored him, but actually scaled up the intensity of her play.

And when she thought about role reversal, which he always requested, the memory of all she'd inflicted upon him made her shiver at the thought of turnabout and payback, and she refused. So, gradually, play, which had been a huge turn-on for both of them, and sex as well, became scarce and a source of sourness and frustration, until the fateful text message she'd just received.

She couldn't believe she'd lost Richard, and by her own fault. She had to get him back. But how? Oh she knew what she'd done wrong, it was so clear. She'd turned a balanced relationship into a selfish one-way street.

There was a obvious way: to let him know without a doubt that she realized her mistake, and was ready to atone for her sins, and get their relationship back on track. But how to do it? He'd just broken up with her, there was no way he'd be in a mood for games, let alone sex.

So she had to make it happen in a way that would prove irresistible to him. There was just one way: she had to make it very clear that she'd learned her lesson, and was willing to live up to their original pact. After domming 100% of the time, she had to offer herself to him as a sub. The problem was not that she disliked the prospect, it was the baggage that would come with it. After so much anger and frustration on his side, and so much greed and pride on her side, how could she trust him not to “go too far”? In effect, how could she trust him not to misbehave just as she herself had misbehaved towards him?

That was the core of the issue. Did she trust him, or not? If she did, she could willingly sub, and enjoy it. But who would she be subbing to, the Richard of their joyful beginnings, or the bitter Richard of today? Well, she had no choice, either she wanted to try and get him back, or not. Trying would involve some risk, and maybe more. But Richard was worth it, wasn't he? She remembered the time before him, the unsatisfactory self-bondage, how her vanilla relationships had been boring, how the BDSM websites had failed to produce the man whom she would love, and be kinky as well.

So, what should she do? Apologize? No, that wouldn't do. She had to do more. Let him know in no uncertain terms that she had a change of heart, and was willing to take whatever he would dish out. Including punishment for bad behavior. There was only one way to do it: deeds, not words. Richard's text message indicated he'd be around to collect his things. He had to find her inescapably tied up and ready for him, and hope that this peace offering that he had wanted for so long would prove irresistible even at this late hour.

That meant self-bondage. Her first idea was: “easy, I'll just spread-eagle myself standing up in our playroom, which I can do with leather cuffs and chains on my ankles, and handcuffs on my wrists. Then he can tickle me, spank me, whip me, and screw me, to his liking. That must be the epitome of helplessness, especially if I add a good gag!”.

But then she thought again. That presented a problem. That position was how they had some of their best play, and setting herself up like that might send the wrong message, and indicate that she was after having a good time, not after forgiveness.

No, she had to find another way. What she had to do was submit to what he had really disliked, in fact utterly hated. That would send the right message. So what had he hated most? She instantly had the answer. A number of times, she had put him in bondage, and then, once he was helpless, “informed” him that she would leave him there to rot, so to speak, while she tended to other, more pressing activities, like going to the spa and talking to her friends. Or whatever, because he had no way of knowing what she was doing once she'd left him alone in the house.

Thinking back, what had he hated the absolute most.? Had it been when she'd suspended him, well tied of course, in the Fetters mail sack? Or when she left him caged, naked and miserable?

It had to have been the latter. They owned a so-called puppy cage with a fixed collar for the neck and holes for wrists, which left the prisoner inside with his head and arms firmly positioned. She'd caged him up in it naked, promising to play with him because his whole body was accessible, and instead had gone to the hairdresser. That may actually well have been the day when it had been too much for Richard. Switch, yes, but not slave to be mercilessly humiliated.

So she would set herself up the same way, naked in the cage, so that he would understand her penance and plea for forgiveness. Everything he would have disliked inside that cage. Display her total helplessness and submission, and trust.

Now for some planning. Knowing Richard, and his long workdays, he wouldn't come to collect his stuff before the week-end. He would definitely do it on Friday early evening. So she would come back from work early, and get herself ready. Now should she set up an appointment for Friday evening? Or send him a message that in some way acknowledged his own break-up text message?

But there was also a more material problem. Their puppy cage was not designed for self-bondage; The neck collar was at one end, and the door at the other. There was no way that, with her head in the collar her hands, themselves fixed to the cage alongside her neck, as in stocks, she could reach the back and place a lock on the door, which had no automatic latch. And, if she entered the cage the wrong way in, in order to padlock the door, it was too narrow for her to turn around and place her neck and wrists in the stocks. So, what to do?

The answer was: Sophie! Sophie was her best friend, and lived fairly close by. There were very few secrets that Tess had not shared with Sophie, and vice versa, and bondage was not one of them. Sophie knew about Richard's and Tess' kinky games, and about the growing tension between them; Tess was certain that, once asked, Sophie would come over and help. After all, all she needed to do was close the cage once Tess was inside, put a lock on the door, and put the key on the table, with Sophie's note to Richard, and let herself out before he came in. And Sophie could act as her safety person, should Tess's expectations as to Richard's plans fail to materialize.

She called her friend, and, to her relief, got an immediate “yes!” Sophie thought this was a great idea, daring and exciting, one that Richard, whom she knew quite well, would find irresistible. They agreed to meet at Tess' on Friday at 3pm, which would give them quite some time before Richard showed up.

“So”, Sophie said, “what exactly do you want me to do?” Tess explained again that she wanted to be locked up in the cage for Richard to “get the message”, and that she couldn't do it alone. In detail, it meant helping her get into the cage, lock her neck and arms into the stocks, and then lock the cage door behind her. Then place the keys on the table, and Sophie's note of apology to Richard, and let herself out, closing the door behind her, so that Richard wouldn't suspect anything.

Sophie understood, it wasn't that complicated after all. Tess got herself naked, a bit self-conscious in front of Sophie. They were best friends, but not physically intimate. Simply, there was no other way if her plan to re-conquer Richard was going to work. She led Sophie to where the cage awaited her prey, ominously empty and with door open.

Getting down on all fours, she entered the cage head first, and crawled into it, until she placed her neck into the beckoning open collar. Then she raised her arms and placed her hands into their open holders. Just doing that made her realize that the position would be no piece of cake, because her hands were no longer available to support her torso, and resting her head on her neck would cut off her air supply. So she brought her legs under her to support her weight, but that not only pressed on her knees, but also forced her to curl up in a tight ball. Richard, a larger frame than she, had complained about this every time she had locked him up in this way, but she had disregarded it as a proper top should of a sub's opinion.

Sophie crouched facing Tess, and asked: “Are you sure about this? You really want to do it? Is Richard worth it?” And, when Tess had indicated a determined “yes”, she lowered the metal parts that now held her by the neck and the wrists, then grabbed three locks and, three clicks later, was done. Only one more lock and click, and Tess would be locked up. She could no longer turn her head back to follow what Sophie was doing, but the metal-on-metal clang and the click she heard were enough to tell her that everything had gone as she had planned it.

Sophie returned to where Tess could see her. “So, Tess, are you really powerless now? Helpless? What would happen to you if the house were on fire or burglarized?”

“Yes, I am totally helpless. There is no way I can pull my head out of the collar, and, though neither it nor the wrist stocks look very tight, I don't think I could pull my hands out either; And, even if I did, I would still be stuck in this steel cage, much too strong for anyone to break out of. Being truly helpless is what this is about, isn't it, so that Richard sees I am honestly sorry and ready to change. Now that does indeed involve some risk. This is why I asked you, my best friend, to help me, and not some person I could find on Craigslist”

“Really, who would a person like that be, and what would he do?”

“Oh, I would look for a dominatrix, a woman, rather than a man. What would she do? I guess she would start by tightening my wrist shackles to make sure I absolutely couldn't pull them out, tie my feet to the cage, and then proceed to make my life very uncomfortable, with things like nipple clamps, maybe clamps on my cunt lips, maybe even weighted down, the hard use of a crop or a whip, raping my asshole, that sort of thing.”

“But she would be a paid professional, right? So why wouldn't she do exactly as you had contracted for her to do?”

“Well, most dommes enjoy dominating their subs, and the spanking or whipping would be free of charge so to speak, as long as I am there and available, and just to show me who's boss. She might even do worse, after all, I would be totally helpless to stop her from robbing me for example, even more so if she gagged me, and that is why I much preferred to ask you, with whom I feel safe”

“But, does this really turn you on?”

“Yes, it does, but only as long as I feel this is play, no matter how realistic, but not raw aggression, or course”

“Ok, fine, then let's see how realistic I can make this for you and Richard!”

With these words, Sophie took hold of the shackles that kept Tess' wrists imprisoned, and keyed one open, only to make it tighter before replacing the lock. She quickly did the same with the other one, and both locks had been clicked shut before Tess could understand and argue.

“So, Tess, you feel safe because you didn't let in a domme who enjoys subs' sufferings. Now, what did you say a domme would have done? Ah, yes, the nipple clamps. Where are your nipple clamps dear? No, don't bother, I will find them myself.”

And before a totally confused Tess, Sophie fetched nipple clamps that she apparently knew very well where to find, and applied them tightly, one after the other, to the defenseless nipples.

“Sophie, what are you doing? This hurts! Take them off!”

“I thought you said that, as long as this wasn't raw aggression, you enjoyed it? I just want you to have some fun ahead of your meeting with Richard. To put you “in the mood”, so to speak. So, what did you say the next step would have been? Ah, yes, the weighted clamps on your cunt lips!”

It was the first time Tess experienced the clamps on her tender lips, and they hurt badly. She couldn't believe Sophie was doing this to her. “Hey, take them off! They hurt, and Richard might not be there for another hour!”

“Relax, Tess, didn't you say you enjoyed this? Besides, my advice is: if you really want to get Richard back, don't go for half measures. Full on is what I say. And, right now, what I say goes, because my darling Tess, whom I love very very much has gotten herself quite helpless! Now, the next step according to you is that I tie your feet. Let's see, how can I do that? Aha, here is a way!”

Sophie grabbed a pair of steel legcuffs, and promptly put one on Tess' left ankle. Then, before the embattled girl, who couldn't turn her head to see what her “friend” was doing, understood what was happening, Sophie wrapped the steel chain around the cage bar, and put the second cuff on the same ankle. Much as Tess tried, her ankle was now chained to the cage, and she knew there was no longer anything she could do about it.

But at least, she knew what Sophie intended to do about her other ankle, and wasn't about to let it happen. She pulled her foot as far inside the cage as her position let her. But Sophie as having none of it, and promptly grabbed one of Tess' nipples and twisted hard. She got the message, and meekly offered her foot to be cuffed and chained to the cage like the first one.

“Sophie, please stop! Why are you doing this to me? This is not funny! I have no idea how angry Richard is, and, if I am really this helpless, I could get hurt!”

“Tess, you told me you enjoy helplessness and subbing, so I know you are actually enjoying this, and your protests are just for show. Quite convincing, I might add. Now the last bit you mentioned was raping your ass. I remember your telling me about this new fucking machine you got, but you would enjoy yourself too much. Which is also why I am not stuffing your cunt with a large dildo. So let's use that ass hook instead! Yes, I know what an ass hook is, and where to find yours, too. Ah, there it is! A bit of lube on it, and on your hole, and we are in business. I advise you not to resist, Tess, you are helpless, so it wouldn't help, and I would have to force you, which might be painful. There's a good girl! Let's tie it tightly to the cage, so that it can't slip out. Actually, I would have loved to connect it to your head, pulling it back, but as it is already in stocks, it wouldn't have worked. It will have to wait for another time, I guess...”

“Now for the final touch. You always told me how total helplessness is not achieved without a blindfold and a good gag. Your wish is my command!”

“Sophie, for God's sake stop! I don't want to be gagged, I need to talk to Richard. What the hell do you think you are you doing? Whyggggfffffffff”

Taking advantage of Tess opening her mouth to shout at her to stop, Sophie had inserted a large dildo gag, and was busy strapping it tightly behind the hapless girl's neck. Who was resisting as much as she could, which means hardly at all, with her neck held fast in the metal stocks. But what noises she was making left no doubt about her deep, deep disagreement with what was happening. And she could do nothing more to prevent a thick blindfold from being similarly applied and tightened. She was now blind and mute, utterly confused over what could have triggered such a behavior from her friend, and totally clueless over what was about to happen. Still, she huffed and puffed as best she could, shouted in her gag and shook the cage in which and to which she was chained in order for Sophie to stop what had to be some kind of joke.

“Master Richard? This is your slave. I have carried out your orders, Master. She is in the cage, tightly immobilized, gagged, blindfolded, and with clamps and an ass hook to keep her company. No, I have not touched her or played with her in any way, Master. No, she was quite willing, actually it was she who called me to get some help. Yes, I have the part when she asks me to cage her, and I do so with her help, all on video, so that she can't go to the police, and we can use that against her if needed. And, by the time she tried to protest, it was too late. I don't think she understands yet, though, with this conversation, the penny will probably drop any second. Now we have ourselves a helpless slave to play with all week-end. Oh, we are going someplace else? Yes, Master, of course, Master, as you say, Master. In any case, she can't very well object. She will just have to wait, I guess. Or do you want me to hang an “open day” sign on the gate, for tomorrow maybe, Master? Or an ad on Craigslist? For Sunday? Both? Yes, Master, I have the keys with me, Master and there are no copies in the house. Yes, I have also changed the note she intended for you to a sign that says “open and available”. Your wish is my command, Master! ”


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