Segufix Surprise

by PVCnLeather

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© Copyright 2018 - PVCnLeather - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; car; M/f; discovery; bond; lingerie; tricked; straps; gag; bedtie; basement; stuck; cons/reluct; X

It was 11:30 on Friday afternoon and I had just finished my lunch at my desk when my phone chimed.

It was a text from Josh. I hadn’t heard from Josh in ages!

“Look out your window”

Excitedly I stood up and looked out the window of my second-floor office.

Street side was Josh, legs crossed, arms folded, head cocked in that smug way only Josh could do, leaning against an electric blue Mercedes AMG GT R!

Only the most beautiful Mercedes on the market and a rare breed at that!

Josh and I had dated for a period of time in college but things didn’t work out and eventually he ended up dating and then eventually marrying my roommate Trish. Josh and I didn’t share the same values but if there was one thing we both did share, it was a passion for fast and exotic cars. Which is why I had always assumed Josh ended up in the exotic car business.

“What’s this?” I quickly texted back.

I could see Josh texting. “Just arrived today. Do you want to take it for a spin” Josh was holding the keys out in his outstretched arm as I read toying with me like he was dangling a string of yarn in front of a kitten.

He didn’t need to ask twice. This cat was out the door and running down the corner stairwell as fast as she could.

If there was one thing I loved most about the company I worked for it was meeting free Fridays. There was an edict from the CEO that no one was allowed to schedule meetings on Friday’s. I had nothing pressing on my schedule for the rest of the day and was thinking about skipping out early anyway to start my weekend.

I met Josh still with the keys in his outstretched arm snatching them from his hand and jumping in the driver’s seat without even a “Hello” or “How are you?”

Josh got in on the passenger side.

“Oh My God! Are you kidding me? Look at this thing!”

“Start her up. Show me you still have it.”

I started the engine and she roared to life.

“Where to?”

“Get on the highway. Southbound.”

I pulled away from the curb and floored the beast leaving a trail of on lookers as I soared down the downtown street.

“Just like I remember.” Josh exclaimed as I barely slowed for the series of turns to get to the highway. “Don’t get between you and your driving.”

I flew down the on-ramp and entered the highway zipping past and in between cars as I quickly jockeyed the Mercedes across four lanes into the carpool lane where I had an open expanse of highway in front of me.

Before we knew it, the City was getting smaller behind us when Josh said “Take the Beacon Hill exit.”

Josh fed me through some twists and bends in the road as he navigated our direction. Finally, we soared up a steep hill into an older neighborhood.

“We need to swing by my house so I can pick up some paperwork if you don’t mind. Plus, I can use a bathroom break after that ride.”

“Sure thing.” I replied. “I can stand to go too.”

“Third driveway on your right after we turn this corner”

When we walked in the front door Josh pointed to his bathroom and let me go first.

When it was Josh’s turn he told me to make myself at home. I walked over to his couch and sat down. I immediately noticed what I quickly recognized as a pair of Segufix cuffs draped over the arm of his couch. I was fascinated by Segufix and for as long as I could remember I have had a burning urge to try it out sometime. I had even listed in my Fetlife profile that I was looking for a complete Segufix experience but had never had anyone inquire about it in the years I have had it up. I scooched over and grabbed one of the cuffs to examine it. My deep-rooted fantasies of being strapped down helpless in Segufix or medical restraints tempted me to wrap it around my wrist.

I couldn’t help myself and saw no harm in it so I carefully wrapped the cuff around my left wrist and pulled the strap through the retainer clip and brought the strap around to the waiting metal post on the other side. I fed the post through one of the grommets in the strap.

“Still kinky huh.” Josh exclaimed more than asked as he entered the room.

I looked up with a little blush and just shrugged my shoulders as to say “yeah, so what”.

Josh chortled and added “That is not how they go though. Here, let me show you” as Josh took my hand in his and pulled the strap back off the post.

“These cuffs are from a Segufix system. Once the strap passes through the retaining clip, instead of continuing around the wrist you need to double it back over the top of the clip like this and pull it back in the opposite direction and then secure it over the post like this. This helps keep the cuff from slipping or turning on your wrist. But there’s more.” Josh reached down to the coffee table and picked up one of two black plastic cylinder shaped locking caps. “Here is the magnetic lock that goes over the post and keeps everything in place.” Josh pushed the cap down onto the post with a ‘click’.

“Here, do the other one now and I’ll watch while you practice.”

I wrapped the second cuff around my right wrist and fed the strap through the retainer clip.

“Now pull it back over. …Good job, and now over the post. …Nice, and now the lock” as Josh placed it in my hand and I pushed it firmly in place onto the post.

“I haven’t actually ever seen or felt Segufix before but I have always been fascinated by it.” I said.

“Oh, so you’ve heard of it then? Well, since you know it and seem to be curious, let me show you something cool.”

Intrigued I answered “OK”

Josh led me to a closed door at the end of the hallway. He opened it to reveal a set of wooden stairs leading down to an underground basement. We descended the stairs and Josh led me across a large cement floored and walled room to another closed door. Josh flipped a light switch on the outside of the doorway and opened the door. My eyes shot wide. There, in the middle of the room, was a bare mattressed metal framed full size bed completely decked out in a complete Segufix system. I was awestruck. Josh, noticing my excitement, stepped aside and I walked in and up to the bed and ran my hand across the straps and smiled. I was shaking with excitement.

“Wow” is all I could muster.

“Do you want to try it out?”

“Of course I do, but you have to get the car back don’t you? Before they think you stole it you know.”

“Yeah, but your giddiness is priceless and you are already partly there. Just for a quick minute, so you can experience it at least.”

“What about Trish? Would she be OK with it?”

“We are still in an open relationship. Nothing has changed.”

“All right then, if you insist” I said coyly and started to get on the bed.

“No. Strip down to your underwear first.”


“It’s more effective if your clothes aren’t fighting with the cuffs, and it feels better anyway. You aren’t afraid of me seeing you in your underwear, are you? As many times as I already have, that’s just stupid talk.”

“Are you sure we have enough time?”

“Sure I’m sure. Now off with your top young lady.”

I quickly stepped out of my shoes and stripped down to my red silk panties and bra.

“Now on your back and line up with the waist strap.”

I scooched onto the bed and lined my hourglass waist up with the wide strap. Josh moved in and started with my ankles expertly securing them spread into the cuffs and attaching them to the bed strap with posts and locking caps.

Next he wrapped the thigh cuffs around my upper thighs and pulled the straps back over the retaining clip like he showed me and pulled the end of the strap back down to the bed and through a strap loop next to my leg and secured the end to the bed strap with another post and locking cap.

Josh then pulled a single long strap up from the side of the bed and fed it under my leg just above my knee. He pulled it back over the top of my leg and secured it with another post and cap tight against the side of my leg. He did the same with the other side. I could not move or lift my legs at all. I was stuck flat against the mattress.

Josh then moved to my waist and took the wide strap and wrapped it around both sides of my waist making sure to pull it tight around the small of my waist. “You like it snug if I remember correctly” he said smiling.

I could tell I was being secured tight against the bed.

Next Josh grabbed two straps above my shoulders and brought them down and crossed them over my chest. These he secured to the waiting posts on either side of the center post on my waist strap. Next came a strap on either side of my rib cage that I could feel a pull at the top of the waist strap underneath me as Josh wrapped them around my sides and up to one of the shoulder straps where he secured them with yet another post and cap.

“Now for the fun part!” he exclaimed. Holding up two more straps for me to see Josh said “These I attach to the top of the bed frame and they keep you from being able to lift your shoulders off of the bed.”

I could feel the straps on my chest pull tighter as Josh secured these new straps to my shoulder straps from the bed frame. As to test it I tried sitting up and could not move at all. Except for my still free arms. But then Josh took my already cuffed wrists one at a time and secured them to the bed strap at hip level. My arms were spread close to the edge of the bed on either side. Too far for me to reach myself.

Until this point I had not felt helpless or in any trouble at all. But as soon as that second wrist was secured down tight against the bed a shot of fear adrenaline ran through my body. I pulled at my wrists and each leg and I realized I was fucked. There was no getting out of this. What an amazing feeling. It was everything I had fantasized …and more.

Josh stepped back. “Well?” he asked.

“Unbelievably comfortable” I replied as I flexed my body. “And incredibly restrictive.”

“Good” Josh stated back. “Just one more restraint, but before that I want you to bite down on this.”

“What is that?” I protested.

“It’s a mouth guard. Like athletes wear. Keeps you from biting your tongue.”

Josh moved the rubberized mouth piece close to my face and I reluctantly opened my mouth only a tiny slit as if to say I wasn’t quite ready for that.

But Josh pushed and twisted the mouth guard between my lips and into my mouth with force anyway.

Josh then proceeded to finalize my Segufix experience by working a head restraint strap I had not even considered or previously seen. He pulled a thick wide strap over the top of my forehead and secured it down tight on either side of my head with two more posts and caps. Then a thick wide strap went down and under my chin holding my chin up and my mouth shut tight on the mouth guard. I grunted in protest.

Josh stepped back to examine his work.

I couldn’t move my head to the side to see but my peripheral vision told me that Josh pulled his phone out of his pocket and started working it. I waited for a minute before I grunted “Hey” as in “I’m still here and you are ignoring me. Time to start undoing the straps.”

Josh walked back over to the bed but instead of reaching to undo a strap he turned his phone around so I could see the screen. On it was me! Me at the current moment strapped to his bed in Segufix and it looked amazing. As Josh leaned in and began to speak I could feel him press a finger against my neck.

Alright ‘Fox trot.” My eyes shifted in confusion. That’s my Fetlife profile name. Nobody knows that. I have never revealed that to anyone. Then my eyes shot wide and my heart raced fast. …he knows.

“There is a camera in the corner of the ceiling and I’ve got you pulled up. Trish is on her way home right now. I am going to go upstairs and meet her in the driveway in passing as I hurry out to return the car and finish my day. I come home for lunch often so she won’t think twice. She also won’t know you are down here and she won’t check.

“No” I murmured and frantically pulled at my restraints.

“I placed a pulse monitor on the side of your neck and my phone vibrates with your active pulse. I will keep you up on video at my desk and if anything unusual should cause alarm I will call Trish and have her run down immediately and I will race home. Otherwise, I will be home sometime after dinner if everything goes all right and I will let you out at that time.”

I began to fight against my restraints. Josh was supposed to let me out. This was only supposed to be for a minute.

“I love to watch you struggle so feel free to keep that up all night.” Josh laughed.

“The car was bait.” Josh said as he stood. “I knew you would take it.”

With this I started pulling and twisting with everything I had to get out of my bonds. There was nothing I could do. My body was secured tight against the mattress. I could not lift any limb, twist any body part or even move my head.

As Josh walked towards the door I was madly struggling with everything I had. Josh closed the door behind him on his way out.

I was screaming “Noooo” with my body pulled tense against my bonds as the room went dark.


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