by RG Bargy

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Storycodes: M/f; strip; naked; bond; rope; gag; tease; oral; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

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I had known Elspeth for several years as a work colleague and friend. We rarely associated with each other socially, although we kept each other company at office do’s and the like. She was neither staggeringly beautiful or grossly unattractive, with long straight blond hair and a slightly too well proportioned figure. I knew she kept fit by going swimming several times a week. As far as I knew she had a steady boyfriend and I am similarly attached, but nothing permanent as yet. She was moving house and finding it a bit of a strain.

“My mother is helping me, “ she told me, “and there are things I don’t want her to see.”

I was intrigued. What on earth would you want to hide from your mother?

“I’ve had to leave a couple of boxes in the boot of the car,” She confided.

“So you had to hide the handcuffs,” I quipped.

Did her face change for a second. Her response was a little too quick.

“I’ll forget I heard that,” she answered.

Now I do have a pair of handcuffs, innocently displayed with a truncheon. They are completely functional and the key is kept safely away. Elspeth has never been to my home so she would not know this of course. Both my mother and my partner both know that I have them. My partner has even tried them, but it was not to her tastes. I wondered whether Elspeth would be more amenable? But how to find out?

To my surprise and pleasure I was invited to Elspeth’s housewarming party, where I met her boyfriend for the first time. I must admit I was surprised even more by his appearance. To call him a wimp would be cruel, but he was both shorter and slighter than Elspeth. It occurred to me that she might the dominant rather than submissive in this relationship, or maybe I was assuming too much? I may have interests in bondage but to my knowledge this is a minority interest. Chances are there was nothing of this nature going on at all. I was determined to find out one way or the other. If she was some sort of Dominatrix I was out of here. On the other hand, if she was a frustrated submissive................. The question remained: how to be sure?

“You must come round to my place sometime,” I told her as the party dissipated. “Bring Stuart and we can have a dinner party for four.”

I should explain. I am very fond of my partner Helen and we will probably get married one day, but sex is not a major factor in our relationship. Don’t get me wrong, Helen is loving and attentive and we share much in common, but sex is pure vanilla and always will be. I am looking for a playmate not a replacement, and I knew Helen would be more than happy for me to find someone to take her place in my bondage activities. She might even encourage it, of course Stuart might not be so liberated. We would have to tread carefully.

It was several months before the dinner party happened. I had been watching Elspeth closely at work. It’s amazing what you do or don’t see unless you are looking. Elspeth is assertive with women and offhanded with men. She hides any aggression or insecurities under a heady mix of giggles and barbed wit. We are of equal status at work so there is little cause for competition but if push came to shove Elspeth would back down if a little ungraciously. I was convinced that she was no dominatrix, but neither was she truly submissive.

I had also been surfing the Internet and found some genuine antique Police issue leg irons and cuffs to add to my display. I also got a locking cabinet for authenticity. My original, modern handcuffs were secreted into a drawer. My trap was set. Would Elspeth fall into it?

On arrival Elspeth’s eyes surveyed the room. She could not help but see my display but there was barely a glimmer from her. It fell to Stuart to bring the subject up.

“Wow are these genuine?”

“Of course,” I answered

“Where did you find them?”

“I picked up the truncheon at a boot sale,” I answered truthfully, “It just spiralled from there.”

“Have you tried them?”

“No, they are just for display.” I paused. It was now or never. “Why are you into such things?”

Stuart flushed, “never tried it, I don’t think I would.....” His voice tailed off.

“Sorry to embarrass you,” I jumped in quickly, “Lets go and find Helen, she’s been slaving over a hot stove for all of us.”

My choice of phrase was spontaneous, but I got a strange look from Elspeth.

The evening passed quietly. The food was great but the conversation was a bit stilted. We ended up watching a Sci-fi DVD.

“So you are a kinky Bastard.”

I was expecting some sort of comment when we next met.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” I answered innocently.

“Just because Helen allows you to chain her up, what makes you think I would be interested?”

“Whoa, slow down. What makes you think I chain Helen up, I never said any such thing.”

“You said she was your slave.”

“I did not.”

“You said she’d been slaving over a hot stove.”

I burst out laughing.

“For goodness sake Elspeth that was a turn of phrase you don’t think...... You do think...... I think you’re the kinky one to come up with this idea.” I concluded.

Elspeth looked embarrassed. To be truthful she had gone a very bright shade of red. I thought she would pass out.

“What’s going on here?” I accused quietly. “Is there something you’re not telling me? Something between you and Stuart maybe?”

“Keep Stuart out of this! He’s got nothing to do with it. He’s as innocent as a new-born child. He’s..........”

The tirade finished abruptly as Elspeth realized she had said too much already. I just hoped that no one nearby had been listening.

“Look we can’t talk here,” I said quietly, “I’ll walk you to the bus stop. If you think you can tell me what’s really bothering you. If not. “ I left it hanging. I did not want to ruin a good friendship.

“If I have upset you somehow I’m sorry,” I told her. And I did really mean it.

I kept my distance for the rest of the day. Elspeth was obviously troubled; I could not tell if our workmates were aware of anything. As knocking off time arrived she sought me out. I was both relieved and nervous. As we walked I decided to jump in first.

“Look I haven’t been 100% honest with you,” I admitted. I did not wait for a response. “I have more than a collectors interest in handcuffs and the like, although the ones on display are just that, for display. The business ones are in a drawer. Helen has both tried them and rejected them. She is not interested, but I thought that you might be. If I am wrong I am truly sorry.

“Your not wrong.”

Her voice was quiet, almost inaudible. My heart jumped. I sensed a ‘but’ coming.

“But......... We can’t......”

“Nothing is impossible,” I ventured, “it depends on what you think you might like and whether it will upset anyone else. Helen would quite like me to find someone else to play with so to speak.”

“I don’t think Stuart would understand,” she sighed loudly.

“Is he really that naive?”

“Probably, he also has some high and noble ideas about sex and marriage. He seems to think that I am still a virgin.”

I tried hard not to guffaw. This was really none of my business. I hadn’t considered Elspeth as being promiscuous, but then again we had not had that sort of relationship.

“I haven’t had sex in over a year!” Her voice had reached a loud whisper. She was showing signs of stress and discomfort. I was feeling equally uncomfortable with the revelations I was hearing. It was clear that Elspeth’s mind was on sex, but she did not want to upset Stuart.

“I suppose you don’t have to tell him?”

“I have been dreading the day he finds out any way. He’s been so nice to me. I do love him really, its just........”

I was lost for words. This was not exactly the conversation I had expected or wanted. I was just looking for a bit of fun.

“What makes you think I want to have sex with you?” I asked innocently, “I might just want to beat you over the head with my truncheon.”

“You said that was just for display, besides isn’t that what all men want?”

“Obviously not Stuart,” I retorted, then regretted it immediately. “Sorry that was thoughtless,” I added quickly.

“You were thinking of sexual gratification weren’t you?” She accused.

“Maybe,” I answered guardedly, “but it doesn’t have to be full intercourse. Bill Clinton seemed to think that sucking a dick wasn’t sex.”

“What makes you think I will suck your dick?”

“That’s the idea of the handcuffs.”

To my surprise, and pleasure there was no quick retort. In fact she went very quiet.

“I can also give you pleasure without having full intercourse,” I ventured, “and it might be more fun than doing it yourself.”

Still no answer. We had already walked past two bus stops and she showed no sign of stopping.

“I’ll think about it.” She murmured quietly.

We walked on for what seemed like an age. I have no idea where Elspeth actually lives, but it was completely in the opposite direction to where I would normally be going.


I stopped walking. I must have looked a little dazed.

“Yes,” she repeated, “We will do it, but at my place not yours.”

“All right,” I said slowly, “how far do you want to go?”

“What do you mean?”

“One pair of handcuffs or the whole caboodle?”

“Have you got a ball gag?”

“No,“ I answered truthfully.

“Then get one. I want to be completely helpless.”

It occurred to me that a ball gag might make sucking my dick more difficult, but I was suddenly very excited. I was right, Elspeth must have been dreaming of this for some time. So had I, but this was turning out to be better than I had hoped for.

“And rope,” she said suddenly. “I want you to run a rope up my pussy. I read about such things, and I want to see if it is as good as it sounds. When can you be ready?”

“Give me a day or two to get organized. Saturday night?”

“Better make it Sunday; I’m going out to the flicks with Stuart Saturday.”

“Sunday night then, see you tomorrow.”

I turned round and walked away without turning back. I did not want her to change her mind, although she might still do just that. My mind was in a whirl. I needed to get on the Internet, and quickly. It then occurred to me that I still did not know where Elspeth lived?

I grabbed something to eat on the way home and rushed to the computer. The first stop was a sex shop. I did not really know what I was looking for so I ordered a simple ball gag. I then found a micro vibrator that might prove entertaining

My next task was to suss out how to tie a crupper. I hadn’t the foggiest idea, even though I too had both read and even seen pictures of such things. It seemed straight forward enough. I purchased some rope and tried it on myself tying at the front instead of the back. It was very uncomfortable, I hoped Elspeth would like it better. I also realized that I would need much more rope if I wanted to try and tie up her breasts. She had not mentioned such things but it was part of my fantasies.

Elspeth seemed to think that I was experienced and knew what I was doing. Truth is when I first produced the handcuffs Helen nearly freaked out. Since then she had allowed me to use them a couple of times but only her hands while she performed oral sex. I had never tied anyone up properly and had no real idea what to do with them even if I succeeded.

The week passed uneventfully, with Elspeth showing no obvious signs that anything was different. We waived goodbye on Friday with a casual ‘See you on Sunday’. It was almost surreal. Then she slipped a piece of paper into my hand and turned and left. I think she was shaking.

The address was a flat on the other side of town. I felt very self conscious lugging a shoulder bag full of ropes, the handcuffs of course, gag and vibrator. What if someone stopped me?

No one cared, I suppose no one knew. It’s just that when you are involved in something unusual you feel like everyone is watching you, criticizing or judging. I arrived at the door and pressed the bell. There was a satisfying click from the lock and I was inside. It seemed to take an age to climb the 4 sets of stairs only to be confronted by another door. This one was opened manually, but only after I glimpsed an eyeball sizing me up through the spy glass.

I almost dropped the bag once inside. I’m sure my mouth dropped open and stayed like it for too long. The flat was normal enough, very neat, nothing out of place, but it was not the flat I was looking at. Elspeth was wearing a full length kaftan, but she might as well have been naked. I glimpsed her nipples standing firmly out and a shadow where her pubic hair would be. She wore no knickers or bra, her feet were bare. I did not know where to look.

“Welcome to my humble abode, Master.”

This was going too fast. I was expecting a drink and small talk but instead she just knelt down with her head bowed.

“I am yours to command.”

This was obviously some head game of hers. Her fantasies were way ahead of mine

“Then loose the kaftan” I commanded.

She did not hesitate. I was dumbfounded.

I don’t know how long I took to compose myself. I fumbled with the bag and rummaged for the handcuffs. There was no point in discussing anything; she had made her thought perfectly clear. I was in charge and that was that. She offered me her wrists in front. I snapped a cuff on one and encouraged her to place them behind her back.

“Oh God,” I heard her murmur.

She was shaking like a leaf. Whether it was excitement or fear I have no idea. I decided to test my theory and pulled out the gag. She accepted it willingly.

I stood back a moment to collect my thoughts. Elspeth did not move save for a few uncontrollable twitches as her wrists tested their restrictions.

I took out my longest length and doubled it as I had seen on the Net. I wound it under her breasts, threaded it through and pulled back squeezing her arms to her sides. I worked slowly and methodically, following the movements I had rehearsed over and over in my mind. I could not believe I was actually doing it. After several loops over and under her breasts I split the ropes and started to cinch everything into place. Every now and then there was a slight moan, but she did not fight me or struggle. I encouraged her to stand and set about fixing the crupper, after all that had been her instructions. She was slimmer than me so it took less rope than I had allowed but that left me enough to catch the handcuffs and pull her wrists even closer together.

I encouraged her to kneel again and then pushed her down on the floor. I busied myself tying her surprising slim ankles and then her knees.

I stood back to admire my handiwork. She was just as I had imagined. Her breasts were bunched nicely. She had no movement available to her arms or hands an her legs were tightly together.

“Now what to do with you?” I mused out loud.

She moaned, but I did not think it was fear. Her eyes were wide, following my every movement. She was squirming now, getting used to her restrictions.

“I will just fix myself a drink if you don’t mind,” I told her. “I assume the kitchen is out here?”

It is amazing how long it seems a kettle takes to boil when you have nothing else to do but wait for it. I was also shaking like a leaf. I had a woman in my power and I really did not know what to do next. I rummaged around and found the coffee, and the milk in the fridge. It was an old fashioned one with an ice box. And ice box? Sure enough there was the mandatory ice cube maker. I eased a couple out into a glass, noting how they stuck to my fingers. I would need to let them melt slightly I guessed.

I returned to my captive carrying both the coffee and the glass. Her eyes were closed but they shot open on my arrival.

“Are we comfortable?” I asked.

I got a grunt. Well she could hardly give me a detailed response and I could guess it was not that comfortable anyway.

“You realize I could just leave you like that and no one would be any the wiser?”

That got a slightly more desperate mew.

“Don’t worry my intentions are completely dishonorable,” I assured her.

I sipped my coffee and watched her. Her nipples stood very proud and firm, not like Helen’s at all. I have to work hard to get any sort of swelling out of Helen. Elspeth’s nipples were like little bullets; a piercer’s dream. I am not a fan of such things but I was quite keen on giving these nipples a closer inspection and I was confident that Elspeth would not be able to stop me.

Her eyes opened wide as I approached with purpose. Maybe her fantasies had not reached this point? I gave her nipples a great deal of attention, pulling, flicking, even sucking them. She bucked and moaned and even tried to say something but I could not understand it. I ignored her complaints and just enjoyed myself at her expense. I then remembered the ice cubes.

When Elspeth realized what I had she started struggling with gusto. It was pointless of course. Even if my rope work failed the handcuffs were never going to give way.

I think she shrieked when I first touched her, it’s hard to decipher with a good ball gag. She shuddered and shivered, but this time I think it was cold. When I was finished she was wet from both water and sweat. She looked a little bedraggled.

“Now I have here a nice little vibrator,” I told her, “which I think you might like. But first there is the matter of sucking my dick.”

For the first time she showed real dissension. The shaking of her head was very clear. I did not need to know what she said. The question was: was this part of the game? Or did she really not want to do it?

“As you wish,” I said offhandedly.

If she thought that she was off the hook she had another thing coming. I was going to get my jollies from her one way or the other. The only option available to me was her mouth, or possibly her ass. I have never tried that, then again...... Maybe that would change her mind?

“I will just have to shove it up your backside.”

She looked at me blankly. I don’t think she understood.

I stripped ready for action. Her eyes watched me. It was not a strip show, I just removed everything as quickly and simply as possible. I manhandled her over to the coffee table and lashed her body to the top. She could not prevent it although now she was trying to. I then untied her legs and proceeded to secure her ankles to the table legs raising her bottom as I did so. She was struggling hard now. I disappeared into the bathroom and found some KY Jelly. I did not try and hide it form her. I think there was disbelief in her eyes which were growing wider by the second.

Once behind her I was out of her line of vision although she tried desperately to crane her neck round. Her bottom quivered as I applied the jelly. It was difficult with the crupper in place but I was still hoping not to have to go through with it. I explored her anus with my finger and that was enough. Even with the gag in place she made it perfectly clear I had to stop.

“Have you changed your mind? I asked.”

There was a glimmer of a shake.

“Shall I continue then?”

This time the shake was more pronounced.

“Make up your mind,” I told her, “because if my dick enters your backside you aren’t going to want it in your mouth. To make things easier I will take the gag out of your mouth, but remember,” I cautioned her, “the gag was your idea. Secondly your mouth will be filled again soon one way or the other so choose your words carefully.”

I expected a tirade of abuse but once again Elspeth surprised me.

“Damn you,” she moaned, “I was always going to suck your dick, I just wanted persuading. I never thought you’d try and fuck my ass. You pervert.”

“You left me no choice.”

“You could have always tried tickling me.”

“Now there’s a thought.”

“Maybe next time, I’ve given in now.”

It took a second or two to digest this piece of information. That there might be a next time was the best news I had had in ages

“Now can you get on with it before I change my mind. That vibrator had better be worth it,” she added gravely.

It took a few minutes to free Elspeth from the table. If I said she was eager to satisfy me I might be exaggerating, but she was more than competent. To quote a Sci TV series ‘resistance was futile’ and I spurted much too quickly for my ego, if not my pleasure. To her credit she swallowed most of it.

“Now where is this vibrator?” She said quietly, licking her lips.

I produced the thin metallic bullet. I had made sure it had batteries. There was a three foot length of wire to the hand held controller. Elspeth spread her legs expectantly. It went in easily and it was very apparent that Elspeth was ready for it. I picked up some rope and she looked at me quizzically.

“What’s that for?”

“To tie your legs back up,” I answered. She seemed to be backing away.

“Surely there’s no need.....”

“Maybe not,” I agreed, “but. I want to.”

She could not prevent it despite trying to tuck her legs under herself. I was not rough, but I was firm. I pulled her legs up to her back securing them to the waist tie. It was not a conventional hog-tie but it was certainly restricting.

“I’ll never cum like this!” She moaned.

“We’ll see,” I purred and started playing with those wonderful nipples again. Before she could complain I gave her something else to think about and turned the remote on.

“Oh my God,” she said for the second time that evening. I really must have a word with her about blasphemy.

Despite her protests she came quite quickly. I have never seen such a strong reaction to an orgasm. It was as if her whole body went into convulsions. She took a couple more before yelling, “Switch it off! I can’t take any more, switch it off!”

I reluctantly obliged.

She rolled about for several minutes before I could get her to stay still and let me untie her. Last came the handcuffs. She rubbed her wrists gingerly.

“Perhaps you could just use rope next time?”

“You want to do it again?”

“Not immediately, but yes. It was fantastic. Just what I imagined, better even. I even didn’t mind you sticking your finger up my ass, though I draw the line at sticking your prick up there.”

“I was not going to go through with it,” I admitted, “but you weren’t to know that.”

Elspeth just shrugged. It had all been part of the game.

“We had better put some clothes on and clear this lot up,” She sighed

“Why are you expecting your mother?”

“That was what started all this wasn’t it?” Elspeth laughed, “my bondage magazines. Do you want to see them?”

“No need,” I answered wistfully, “I can have the real thing now.”



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