Secretary's Sessions

by Gravip14

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© Copyright 2002 - Gravip14 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; gag; bdsm; sex; office; reluct/cons; XX

This story in purely fictional. No character in it relates to any real person. If you are disturbed by bondage please do not read on.


Part I

The rapid clicking of 5" heeled black pumps on tile announced Donna's arrival. The clock on the wall reading 9:20 betrayed the reason for her undignified rush. Yet again she was late. Hurriedly she dumped her black leather handbag and sat at her desk. Pausing only to swipe a stray lock of jet-black hair from her face she set about organizing the papers in front of her. As she looked at her computer, a penned note caught her eye.
'Please be so kind as to join me in my office, if and when you deign to join us today.'

Like any secretary, she knew her bosses script at a glance. She also knew that her days as his secretary were numbered. While she was very efficient when working her poor punctuality proved a constant problem, and was now about to lose herself a job she badly needed. Work was scarce these days and rent was going up every 6 months. 

Quickly scurrying to the door of his office she knocked twice. Mr. Johnson was not a man to be barged in on unannounced. "Enter." Called a deep bass voice. Turning the handle she meekly entered. "You wished to see me Mr. Johnson." He continued to study the documents on his desk. Two minutes passed slowly, he sat there paying her no heed. Donna, uncertain how to react, stood anxiously by the door trying not to fidget. 

"You don't mind my leaving you waiting, do you?" He started, "After all you seem to have no compunction in leaving others to wait upon you." He spoke matter-of-factly as if discussing the weather, his deep voice rumbled easily through her slim frame.

"I'm so sorry I was late…" She blurted.

"On which particular occasion do you feel this most profound of regrets for." He interrupted. 

"Please, Mr. Johnson. Just one more chance. I won't…"

"You won't have the chance to be late again. Please clear out your desk."

Donna stood there, her elegant 5' 6" figure permeated despair and desperation. She wore a red two-piece ladies suit with a knee length skirt over her black stockings. A close fitting black top under her jacket hugged her large breasts. Her shoulders framed by her unbound hair. With porcelain skin and deep blue eyes, Donna was well aware of her beauty. Donna decided to use the last weapon at her disposal. Gathering herself, she took slow mincing steps toward her would be former boss. Her hip swaying in a way she knew caught men eyes. She looked up at him, her face the image of pure innocence, lips pouting and eyes wide. Her hand gently brushed his. In a pitiful, but sultry voice she pleaded, "Isn't there anything I can do to change your mind?" The word anything being strongly emphasized. 

"You're trying to seduce me now." A condescending edge entered his voice. "Young lady. I doubt you conceive what 'anything' encompasses. Now be so kind as to leave"

Surprised and angered now by the mocking look in his eyes. This was not what she'd expected at all. But desperation of her situation pressed her on. Again she gathered herself and with all the conviction she could she said, "I will do anything I can for you if you'll let me keep my job."

He stared down at her in a confident, yet unsettling way. "Very well then. I expect to see you in my office at half five this evening"

Barely hiding her relief Donna replied, "Thank you sir. You won't regret it."

The last added with a mischievous little smile. She walked sensually to the door. "And Donna. Don't be late."

Part II

Work finished at five and people started heading home. Donna made her excuses to the security man, saying she had to finish off a few things. She helped herself to some coffee and freshened up. Just before half-five she was waiting outside Mr. Johnson's office. She knocked on the door. After a pause she heard "Enter". 

Inside the office Mr. Johnson was as usual seated behind his desk. "On time I see. Good. Now come over here."

Donna walked up to the desk.

"So you'll do anything to keep your job."

"Oh yes Mr. Johnson. Annnything."

"Then this will be the first of our 'sessions'. Additional sessions will be given if you're late or I find any other area of your work unsatisfactory. Now the principle rule of these sessions is simple. You do whatever I say, no question nor hesitation. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"See that you do. Your job depends on it. Now strip to your underwear, stocking and shoes."

Slowly Donna stepped back from the desk, giving Mr. Johnson a better view her whole body, while she removed her suits jacket. Turning her back to him she undid her skirt and lower it gently to the floor, revealing black panties framed around two perfectly formed ass cheeks. As she rose she took off her black top. Turning to face him, her large breasts held by a black bra. 

Mr. Johnson opened his top drawer and removed a length of white rope. Donna stared wide-eyed at it. Her confidence shaken, a cold fear settling in her.

"So you'll do anything, will you?" Their eyes met. Something in his gaze seemed to ease her fear. There seemed to be no threat. But did he mean to tie her up? "Now is your last chance to simply walk away, but be sure your desk is tidied out if you do. Otherwise you won't be able to leave until I let you. And have no fear, I will not harm you."

"You want to tie me up?"

"Yes. Now stay or leave, which is it?"

"Aaah. I'll stay."

He moved around to her. "Bend over the table. Put your hands behind your back" Donna obeyed. She felt her arm crossed behind her back, the rope being deftly wrapped around her wrists. As he stood back and walked around to the front of the desk she tested her bonds and found her hands were tied firmly together. 

"Spread your legs." He ordered as her returned to stand behind her. Numbly she responded, knowing that it was too late for her to turn back now. She was helpless before him. He commenced tying her right leg to the leg of the desk, then her left to another table leg. He moved to the front of the desk. As she felt something wrapped around her neck she jumped. Realising after a moment he had put some type of collar on her. A leather lead from the collar at her throat was quickly tied to some point at the front of the desk. A rope was used to link her bound wrists to the neck of her collar, forcing her hands higher up her back.

He watched her test her bonds. She writhed beautifully, her ass dancing about as she became acquainted with her position. "Each session you will receive 10 lashes. If you fail me in anyway you will receive an additional 2 lashes."

"You can't whip me!" She squealed.

"You do not question me, that's 12 lashes now." Seeing that arguing was pointless she braced herself for the first lash.

Swoosh…whack! She grunted and then moaned quietly feeling the burning, sting pain on her bottom. Swoosh…whack! This time striking across the last one, leaving a reddening X on her bum. Her grunt was louder. Her eyes closed tightly. Swoosh…whack, Swoosh-whack, Swoosh-whack! Donna screamed. The pain of the 3 lashes was too much for her. Tears flowed freely form her eyes.

"I can't have you making such noise. You have a minute to calm down. Or do you wish to leave and find new a new job?"

"N-no-oo." She managed through her sobs. After a minute she calmed down.

"We'll have to keep you quieter then that." He said as he removed a red ball attached to two leather straps.

"What's that?" asked Donna her moist eyes fixed on the strange object. 

"A ball gag. It will keep you quiet while we finish the session. Open your mouth wide."

As Donna obeyed the red ball was placed in her mouth and secured by the straps tied behind her head. "Mmmmmffffhhh.Mmm." The gag felt strange in her mouth. Hard and immovable, forcing her mouth open and muffling any noise she made.

Swoosh-whack! Her scream muffled by the gag as her punishment continued and yet only half way through.



Each strike accompanied by cried of pain from Donna. Tears flowing freely down her face, spittle starting to dribble down her chin. Her whole body jumping with each lash and convulsing in between, with her sobs.

Swoosh-whack, Swoosh-whack, Swoosh-whack!
The final three blows landed in quick succession. Donnas screech hardly seemed quieted by the gag. Her body pulling hard at the leash on her collar. Then she collapsed onto the table.

"You have done well. Now the second part of our session."
Donna lay there unable to listen to him. Feeling only the hot pain of her ass, the ache in her jaw as the gag continued to hold it open and how completely helpless and humiliated she was. She could not however fail to notice strong hands moving her black panties aside, setting afire her tender behind. Nor the large cock, which entered her sex and then began slowly, pumping inside her. She struggled weakly against her bonds. 

Soon her womanhood began to react to the stimulation. Donna liked cocks and this one was big, hard and slowly working inside her. Her prone position left her sensitive g-spot on offer and her piteous moans of discomfort turned to those of building lust. Her whole predicament took on a new meaning to her. She was bound, humiliated and open to this man who now controlled her body and professional career. The reddening pains of her bottom a counterpoint to the pleasure his flesh pumping in her as he began to push harder and faster. Her powerlessness served to excite her further. The gag muffling only sounds of sexual pleasure, drool flowing unheeded from it. The table began a slow move across the carpet as the lust reached fever pitch level. 

Donna felt a climax build inside her. Her body straining at her restraints. Then she erupted in fits and a loud moan as an orgasm hit her. She shuddered in her ecstasy. But Mr. Johnson had not finished. He continued to take her and again lust began to take hold of her. She was unable to consider her condition any longer. His dick was all that existed in her world. After minutes she again felt the climax upon her. A great mountain of pleasure building. Painful almost. She yearned for it desperately to be release inside her, but it continued to grow. Then wave after wave of orgasm hit her.

Absorbed by her own pleasures, Donna was unaware of Mr. Johnson having cum and removing his cock. Or that he had left her alone in the room. She lay there shivering in the warm office. Still bound and gagged. Her body soaked with perspiration. Her mind floating in a timeless pleasure. The aches of her body from being bound this long and under such strain as their sex had caused, her reddened bottom and aching jaw seemed not to bother her.

Mr. Johnson returned. He untied her legs and the leash allowing her to stand. She was lead on unsteady feet, her hand still bound behind her to the collar, to a chair and sat down when prompted. A gasp stifled by the gag escaped her as her bum protested. She shuffled on the chair to try to minimize the discomfort, but was otherwise quiet while Mr. Johnson sat at his desk, appearing oblivious to her.

About ten minutes later he looked up at her, a faint smile betrayed how proud he was of her quiet submissiveness. He saw her sitting there, eyes lowered; drool spilling down her large breasts. He walked over to her and ran his hair through her long hair.

"You've saved your job, young lady. But remember that if your late again, you'll be in my office late again for another session, or out on the street."

As he used the lead to stand her and removed her gag and binds Donna realised she was going to have more of these sessions with Mr. Johnson. She felt a need for his discipline as well as his sex. Mr. Johnson knew this too. Soon, he knew that these sessions would run regardless of her performance at work. He would have a good secretary and a submissive slave. He watched her dress and leave.