by Mikel

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Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; cuffs; spreadeagle; harness; gag; bfold; toys; tease; nipple; torment; ice; denial; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Sweat drips from her forehead onto the bed as her head turns from side to side desperately trying to see a way to continue her stimulation or get herself free. She continues to try and see even though the thick rubber of the blind fold I had pulled over her eyes prevents her from seeing anything. I knew she would struggle so I had intentionally over tightened the straps for the head harness gag she was wearing over the blindfold.

The gag had kept her curses and whining to a minimum and I can still see the outlines of her lips in the leather panel around the large bung I had stuffed into her mouth almost two hours ago. The wide leather cuffs anchored firmly to the bed holding each of her wrists away from her body leaving her hands twisting inside them as she struggles to find a weakness. Her sweat covered legs were held spread wide by more leather cuffs, these cuffs match the ones on her wrists except for the small stirrup running under the heel of the pumps I had asked her to wear.

I found out long ago most women cannot achieve orgasm in the amount of time a man can “keep it up”. I have prided myself at being very attentive at foreplay, paying close attention to my partners breathing, body movements and any “noises” she might make before any penetration happens. I also have found that a woman that says “I have a hard time achieving an orgasm” means she will really enjoy herself when she does. When I get a woman that says she has trouble with orgasm’s and says she’s a screamer that means she has to be thoroughly gagged before we start just to make sure the authorities are not called.   

Jane had stated she was a screamer and had told me not to be upset if she didn’t climax when we made love the first time because she had difficulty climaxing. I think the reason she agreed to being in the situation she was currently in was mostly because I had been able to make her scream every time we have had sex following my previously stated procedure. When I promised her a bigger and longer orgasm she agreed quickly very excited.

Jane had dabbled in bondage but was still cautious when approaching the subject but she hoped I could live up to my promises of a longer stronger orgasm. I had explained what was going to happen and that I would be adding “things” as we went. Jane reluctantly agreed as she bit her lower lip and looked at her feet. We had set the day for this Saturday night with plans on her staying the night if desired or needed, I hoped she wouldn’t be able to go home and I suspect she was too.

I had given her directions on her personal hygiene and asked her to shave herself completely, Jane stood in front of me completely naked except for the higher than normal pumps she had worn just for me. Her wonderful body was completely hairless leaving her glistening pussy available for my attention. Jane had beautiful breasts with large nipples that clearly showed her arousal as they became fully erect very easily standing proudly from the firm C cup globes standing pertly on her chest.

I remained fully dressed as I inspected her, touching her lightly as I walked around her taking in every inch of her perfect skin. I had already adjusted the lights and even lit a couple of candles trying to make her feel more comfortable. I guided Jane to the bed asking her to sit, talking softly to her as I wrapped the leather cuffs around her ankles making sure the stirrups were under her heels and locked them on tightly. Jane was starting to get excited, her breathing becoming quicker and shallower as my hands wandered up her legs touching them lightly.

I took her hand and wrapped more leather around her thin wrist pulling the strap tight before slipping another small lock through the buckle. As each lock snicked closed I could feel her jump slightly like it surprised her and could hear her breath quicken, she was really enjoying herself. I had already told her about wanting to gag her but didn’t want to show her the extent of my intentions until she couldn’t back out so I eased her to the bed gently kissing her neck and shoulders.

I moved her to the center of the bed and quickly stretched out her right arm and closed the hook screwed into the bed frame around the attached d-ring of her right cuff. While she looked at and pulled on the cuff I worked her left arm up towards the opposite hook pulling on her arm stretching her as I slipped the d-ring into the waiting hook and closed it. Jane turned her head quickly as she realized she was now helpless to free her taunt arms and watched me intently as I slowly slid towards the foot of the bed. I ran my hands down her body following her leg as I pulled her ankle to the first hook and clipped it in place stretching her further and making her gasp slightly. My hands worked their way back up to her waist before following her other leg down to the cuff. I pulled slowly and gently stretching her tense body making her whimper lightly as I continued pulling until the d-ring fell into the waiting hook snapping closed.

Jane whined again as she pulled and twisted as her body adjusted to the new tension I had put on it. Smiling weakly Jane uttered       “It feels awfully tight?” I smiled at her while I stroked her legs and said “You’ll get used to it”. Jane continued to twist and pull on the leather while I got ready to begin. Jane was still concentrating on the cuffs as I began to message her breasts and kissing her arms making her groan and giggle as I tickled her under arm and stopped messaging her breasts and started pinching her nipples.

Jane was wiggling and squealing as I gripped her nipples harder and watched her fight the leather. I watched her hands and feet twisting and flailing desperately as she tried to get away from my fingers. After a few minutes I stopped pinching her and sat back on her spread legs and let her calm some before taking the gag out from under the pillow. Jane’s eyes got big as she saw the size of the gag and accompanying harness. I eased the harness over her head then fed the extra large leather phallus into her mouth. Jane struggled some as I pushed more firmly finally accepting the phallus. I pulled the strap through the buckle and worked it tight being careful not to trap any of her lovely strawberry blonde hair under it. Once the strap was tight and the phallus was seated as deep as it could be in her mouth I told her to close her lips around the phallus and folded the leather panel over her gapping mouth.

The panel had five small buckles on each side and I tightened each very tight making her squirm and try to twist her head away from me. When I had finished I sat back and watched her flexing her head and whining, the tight panel showing the outlines of her lips now tightly sealed around the leather filling her mouth and the wide straps leading out from the corners of them. I let her struggle for a minute before easing back up to tighten the remaining straps of the harness. I carefully worked her hair out from under the harness straps and slipped the blindfold under the one that ran between her eyes leaving it sitting on her forehead for later use. The last strap was the one that crossed under her chin and would force her to bite harder on the leather bung filling her mouth. Jane fought me as I tried to tighten the straps but it was no use and I quickly had her mouth forced closed by the tight straps.

I climbed off the bed and went and sat in the large chair next to the bed and watched her struggle and try to shake the harness off her head. When she had calmed and lay panting through her flared nostrils I moved back to the bed and began stroking her sweat covered body kissing and sucking on her most intimate areas. I could tell by her breathing she was getting excited again and continued rubbing and kissing everywhere I could until she was struggling again and whining softly. I slid off the bed and walked into the kitchen listening to her grunting and thrashing as she fought the restraints while I got a bowl of ice cubes and drank some water.

I continued this cycle of teasing and denial for about a half an hour. Jane was thoroughly frustrated by my teasing and was giving me go to hell looks every time I returned to the bed. The last two sessions I had “cooled” her down with the ice cubes making her squeal and twist violently, entertaining me greatly. I seated myself on her stomach and showed her two innocent looking cups, she looked confused but when I started rubbing her nipples with alcohol wipes the tingling sensation made her twist under me and squeal as I blew on each sensitive bud to aid in the drying process and watching intently in utter amazement as they both firmed up instantly.

When I was sure they were dry I placed a cup over each nipple and squeezed the small bulbs on top of each, these vacuum cups were not very strong but since I wasn’t going for any kind of pain, yet, they were perfect. The goal was to make her already sensitive nipples even more so. As I watched her nipples stretch slightly into the cups Jane let out a low moan as the strange sensations in her nipples increased. I left the cups on her nipples and began stroking and kissing her very slowly all over making her whimper into the gag as she raised her hips and twisted under my special attentions.

Getting Jane thoroughly aroused again I inserted a small vibrator this time making her moan and twist for another fifteen minutes as the vibrations and my hands and mouth teased her more. Paying close attention to her body language I stopped the vibrations and gave her a quick pinch on the side of her ass to bring her out of it which she did with a loud squeal. There was more whining as I stepped away from the bed leaving her to thrash and fight the leather cuffs out of her intense sexual frustration.    

I climbed on top of her again this time holding up the tweezer style nipple clamps, I knew she was familiar with clamps but almost laughed when her eyes got very large and she started shaking her head no. I had chosen the tweezers because I didn’t want to overwhelm her….this time. I started to remove the vacuum cups and replace them with the clamps, twisting and pulling on the cups until they lost their seal and popped off. Jane’s nipples were still engorged and noticeably larger as I held each and closed the clamps around their bases. Jane was whining and twisting again as I eased the adjustment collars of the clamps up making each tighter until I heard her whines become one lone whine and stopped. I sat on her stomach rubbing and squeezing her clamped breasts watching her throw her head back and close her eyes tightly while she began moaning. Her arms were now constantly pulling on the cuffs as her hands continued flexing with her fingers trying to reach anything that might give her freedom.

Jane knew the rules , at any time she could stop what was happening by a simple hum, and during each session I asked if she was ok to continue multiple times waiting for her answer before continuing. During the entire time she was tied firmly to the bed she never once hummed anything and agreed she was ok to continue each time she had been asked. I was getting more confident she was truly enjoying herself and decided it was time to remove her ability to see what was happening or what was going to happen.

I began to work the blindfold down over her eyes and as soon as she felt me messing with her face she opened her eyes and I watched her beautiful blue eyes widen just before she was forced to close them as the rubber slid down over them. Jane quieted significantly when her eye sight was taken away but soon she was moaning and thrashing again as I stroked her body and turned the vibrator back on. I continued stroking and kissing her while I maneuvered the vibrator around inside her and tugged gently on the chain now connecting her nipples. Each tug getting a loud moan or quick whimper from the highly aroused captive.

Leaving the vibrator running I adjusted the clamps tighter, seeing or hearing no reaction I adjusted them again making them as tight as they could be. Jane started bucking and thrashing as the increased pain from the clamps sunk in giving me an opportunity to strip my clothes off and slide the silicone cock ring/vibrator on my erect cock. I had been aroused myself for the last hour and a half and knew my time was very limited. Climbing on top of Jane’s writhing body I continued my assault on it with my tongue and hands until I felt her begin to stiffen and her noises diminish considerably.

Jane felt the vibrations stop and waited for a firm pinch or more ice but instead found her damp pussy suddenly filled with my shaft. I started pumping slowly as I played with her breasts and kissed her everywhere I could turning the vibrator mounted to my dick on. Jane was suddenly very vocal again as she fought her restraints mightily and began moaning loudly making me think that the gag I had used would not be as efficient a noise suppressor as I had hoped. I managed to maintain my erection for about fifteen minutes, I had already felt Jane orgasm beneath me once and had turned up the vibrations and increased my thrusting power and speed. Jane’s body and voice acted as I had hoped, her body was shuddering under me and the muffled scream was long and loud as I continued increasing the pulses from the vibrator making it almost uncomfortable for me and delaying the inevitable.

During the last five minutes or so of my thrusting Jane’s screams and convulsions never ceased and her whole body seemed to tense and pull at her restraints. As I finished relieving my own tension I felt her body relax some and her screams had turned into a low whining sound. I stayed inside her with the vibrator still running but at a slower pace until the small shudders I was feeling coming from her pussy subsided then turned the vibrator off and eased carefully out of her. I lay next to her easing the collar to the clamps down slightly as I ran my hands over her soaking wet body and watched her breasts heave as she gasped for air through her nose. Jane lay whimpering as her body relaxed twitching a few times before she was quiet. I slid the collars down a little further and asked if she was ok? Jane moaned and shook her head she was as she started giggling and rubbed her head against mine.

Jane declined to be released for another thirty minutes, we laid next to each other, our sweaty bodies pressed tightly together as my hand slowly stroked hers and her purring as she relished in the afterglow of what she told me later was her best orgasms ever. Another hour passed before she flexed her hands spurring me to ask her again if she wanted to be freed, this time she nodded yes so I reached up and unclipped her hands from the bed.

After releasing her ankles and lying beside her to unbuckle the harness she rolled over on top of me and hugged me, diverting my hands away from the head harness as she started stroking my cock. After a few minutes of having a beautiful woman with her mouth sealed under multiple leather straps and the chain dangling from her nipples stroking me my cock was erect again and she quickly straddled me. She rode me blindly while I took in the incredible sight of her in the leather gear she still wore and reached up and tightened the clamps. Jane thrust and pounded my cock and I turned on the vibrator until she was screaming again making me explode inside her for a second time. 

Shortly after the second round we were lying naked next to each other again, I had removed the head harness but she still wore the cuffs and shoes. Before falling asleep we talked about what had happened and both thanked each other and Jane admitted she loved being restrained and was willing to let me “Have my way with her” anytime. We spent many a night and weekend repeating and improving on this first experience neither of us having felt that way with anyone else.       


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