by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2004 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bondage; cons; X

by Lobo De la Sombra
Saturnalia by Lobo De la Sombra

“You called, Mistress?”

Relaxing in her chaise lounge, Donna glanced up at the sound of her slave’s voice.  As was proper, James knelt at her feet, eyes downcast, awaiting her command.  For a long moment, she let her eyes feast on his naked form, lingering briefly here and there.  Then she leaned forward and patted the lounge beside her feet.

“Sit,” she commanded softly.

Eyes widening slightly at this unexpected command, James scrambled up to perch nervously on the edge of the lounge.  Never, in his months of service, had he been allowed to take such a liberty in this, his Mistress’ place of relaxation.

“Very good,” Donna said softly, smiling at his confusion.  Priding herself on being a strict, but fair, Mistress, one of the first things her slave had learned was that furniture was for Mistress, while the floor was for Her slave.  Now, to increase his confusion.

“Tell me,” she said, “have you ever heard of Saturnalia?”

Puzzled, James replied slowly.  “Yes, Mistress.”

“And what do you know of it?”

“Not much, Mistress.  It was a festival celebrated by the Romans, wasn’t it?”

“It was that, my pet,” Donna smiled.  “But it was oh, so much more.”


“Saturnalia, my pet, was, and is, a celebration of life.  A celebration that I, and some of my friend, still practice.  It is a month of feasting and fun.  And it ends with a very special tradition.”

Falling silent, Donna examined her slave.  James had only been hers for five months.  Willful at first, he had settled down nicely under her firm hand, and now it was time for him to receive his yearly reward.

“During the final week of the festival,” she explained, “the normal order of things is reversed.”

“Reversed, Mistress?”

“Yes, my pet.  For the final week, you will be Master, and I shall serve you.”  Donna frowned.  “Consider it your reward for proper service, but remember, it’s only for one week.  Afterwards, you will be rewarded, or punished, for your behavior during that week.  So I suggest you think carefully before you act during that week.  Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Mistress, very clear.”

Donna smiled.  “Very good.  Now.  The festival opens Friday night with a party here.  Most of my friends will be attending, and I expect this house to be spotless.  And if not, I’ll know the reason why.  Now go.”  Donna’s smile lingered as James scurried from the room.  By the time the final week arrived, the poor boy would be too worn out to enjoy his week in the sun.  And if not, she’d thoroughly enjoy the weeks of punishment to follow.  Stretching languorously, Donna relaxed and pictured the pleasures of the month to come.

Day One

“Good morning, Master.”  Donna smiled at the look of confusion on James’ face as he awoke on his pallet to find her standing over him.  At first, he moved to kneel, then, remembering, rose slowly to his feet.

“Good morning,” he replied, still not quite sure of himself.

Donna’s smile widened.  This was going to be the easiest reversal week she’d ever endured.  “As Master knows, for this week, i am at his service.  How does Master wish to be served?”

For a long moment, James remained silent, then a slow smile appeared, a smile that sent a shiver down Donna’s spine.

“A question,” he said.

“Yes, Master?” Donna replied, suddenly nervous.

“Except for the role reversal, all other rules remain, right?”

“Yes, Master.”  Now she was wondering where this was going.  “All established household rules remain in force.”

“All rules?”

“Yes, Master, all rules.”

Now his eyes dropped slightly.  Following his gaze, Donna was puzzled for a moment, then realized he was staring at the teddie she loved to tease him with.  Her face flushed as she realized what he meant.  In this house, slaves were not allowed clothing.

“Oh,” she said softly.  “Please excuse me, Master, it won’t happen again.”  With fingers suddenly trembling, she quickly removed the teddie and dropped it at his feet.  Now naked, she knelt before him.

“Much better, he said, smiling as he gazed down on her.  “Now, I believe I still have clothing here.  Fetch me something to wear.”

“Yes, Master.”  Rising, Donna hurried from the room to where she kept his clothing securely locked away.  As she moved, the thought came to her that this was going to be a long week.

With a soft sigh, Donna gazed around her.  In keeping with the theme of Saturnalia, James had invited her group over for a party, and it had been up to her to ensure that the large ballroom was ready.  Unused to such labor, it had taken her most of the day, though the room actually needed very little attention.  Part of the reason, she knew, was the rope.

As Mistress, Donna had always enjoyed watching her slaves doing their chores in some sort of bondage.  Now James had turned those tables, as well.  Cuffing her hands in front of her, he had then securely knotted a length of rope around her waist, with the knot at the small of her back.  From the knot, the rope ran between her legs, then up and behind the rope in front, forming a snug crotch rope, then on to be tied to the chain of her cuffs.  Any attempt to raise her hands above breast level caused the crotch rope to dig in between her thighs.  This caused no end of distraction, not to mention having to stop often in order to let herself calm down.  Slaves were not allowed to cum without permission, a fact that James had pointed out to her as he’d tied the final knot.

This was not how things were supposed to work out, she thought as she gave the room a final inspection.  All her previous slaves had been too thoroughly awed by her, not to mention too worried about future punishment, to require more than token service from her.  James, though, seemed to be relishing his dominance of her.  Even, she thought with a wry smile, to following her practice of keeping a slave needing.  A horny slave, she’d always believed, remained more willing to serve, in the hopes of being rewarded by being allowed to cum.

“Well,” she said softly to herself, “I guess I’m going to find out for myself how well that works.”  Not even a whole day yet, and already the need to cum was becoming the focus of her thoughts.

“Very good.”  James’ words snapped her out of her reverie.  Moving quickly, she knelt in front of him as he examined the results of her efforts.  With a smile, he gestured her to rise, then removed her cuffs.

“I’d say you’ve done well,” he said.  “Now, remove your rope and get yourself ready.  Our guests will be here shortly.”

“Yes, Master.”  Relieved to be free of the rope, yet almost missing the feel of it, Donna headed for the shower, wondering as she went what the evening would bring.

Watching the party swirl around her, Donna wondered if she would ever live down her shame.  All her friends were here, as usual.  Dressed in skimpy, revealing outfits, they play-acted at being slaves, while their supposed owners for the week tried very hard not to require anything from them.  Donna could feel all eyes on her as she moved about the large room.  Glancing down, she could see why.

In contrast to the costumes of her friends, Donna wore only her bonds.  Light cuffs on her ankles limited her to very short steps, effectively hobbling her.  From a belt around her waist, a light chain ran to the cuffs on her wrists, preventing her from raising her hands above her midriff.  Carrying a tray loaded with drinks, she had to be very careful not to let her hands drop too much, thanks to the light cord running from the outer edge of the tray to the clamps on her nipples.  Altogether, she presented the very image of a properly attired serving slave.

“Oh, dear.”  Turning, Donna saw her friend Linda approaching her.  Dressed in a sheer, shimmering gown, her “Master” quietly trailing her, Linda moved to face her.  Feeling Linda’s eyes slowly roaming her exposed body, Donna’s face flushed.

“Yes, Ma’am?” 

“Ma’am?  Oh, that is precious.  It seems your slave is really taking this to heart.  I can’t wait to see what you do to him afterwards.”


“His punishment, of course.”  Linda laughed softly.  “I mean, it’s one thing to play at this, but for a slave to actually command?”  She shook her head.  “I must admit, though, your James does have nerve.  I’m just surprised you’re actually going along with it.”

“I have no choice, Ma’am,” Donna replied softly.  For a second, she raised her eyes to meet those of her friend, then dropped them again.  “I set out the rules for this week, and I will not go back on my word.  I may punish him later for his actions, but for now, I keep my word, and obey him.”  Again her eyes lifted.  “As you would, my friend.  I know you that well.”

Linda began a reply, then broke off suddenly.  Glancing over her shoulder, Donna saw James moving towards her.  Realizing she’d been neglecting her duties, she began to move away, but stopped at his gesture.

“I was wondering why our guests weren’t receiving fresh drinks,” he said softly.  “Are you here to serve, or to talk?”

Donna’s eyes dropped.  “To serve, Master,” she replied softly.

“As it should be,” James said, drawing his hand from behind him.  At the sight of the ball gag he held, Donna’s eyes widened.  For several seconds, she simply stared, then closed her eyes and parted her lips.  As the gag was securely buckled into place, Donna glared at James, her anger at this treatment clearly visible in her eyes.  James simply smiled, then sent her back to her duties with a firm swat on the ass.  As she continued to serve, Donna contemplated the punishments James would endure for this.  At the same time, though, she wondered if the sting in her ass had anything to do with the dampness between her thighs.

“Master, the dishes are washed and put away.”  Despite her submissive tone, Donna could not hide the anger in her eyes as she watched James sitting in her chair, drinking her wine.  How many times had he knelt by her feet as she enjoyed that final draught of the day?  And now it was she who knelt, and he who enjoyed the fine flavor.  In her mind, his punishments continued to build.

“Very good,” James replied, draining his glass.  “Now, before we call it a night, I want you to tell me something.”

“Yes, Master?”

“How would you rate your behavior tonight?”

“Master?”  Puzzled, Donna gazed up at him.

“If I had behaved at a party the way you have tonight, what would you consider to be an appropriate response from you?”

Donna’s eyes widened as she considered the implications of his question.  Visiting with a guest instead of serving, hesitating to obey when he gagged her, glaring her anger at him with every glance.  From start to finish, her behavior had been that of a willful, disrespectful slave, something she would never let go unpunished.  Her head dropped as she slowly replied.

“Master, my behavior tonight was unacceptable in every way.”

James nodded.  “And what is the proper response for such behavior?”

Damn him, he was going to make her say it!  “Master, such behavior cannot be tolerated.  For behaving in the manner I have, I should be punished.”

“And so you shall.”  Rising, James drew her to her feet and led her from the room.  Donna followed reluctantly, sure now that this was going to be a very long week.