Sarah & Lisa

by gravip14

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© Copyright 2002 - gravip14 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; gag; hogtie; chair; nipple; cons; X

This story in purely fictional. No character in it relates to any real person. If you are disturbed by bondage please do not read on. I did not profit from this story neither should you. It is merely for the pleasure of those who share my bondage fetish. Thank you.

Part I

Sarah and Lisa had been friends for life. Growing up together on the same street, they were as close as friends could get. That is until they moved in together. Now at 18 and 19 respectively, they both started university at the same time and since this meant that they both needed to rent an apartment, it seemed a great idea to move in together. For the first month they were so excited over leaving home for the first time and starting university that living together was fine. As the initial excitement wore away and college became a routine, problems set in. For the first time in their lives there was no `Mom’ to do all their washing and pretty soon the apartment was becoming a mess. The girls were lazy, but neither could stand to live in a pigsty. They agreed on who’d do which chores and arranged to take turns. 

This went well for about a week, but one or the other would forget her duty and have to be reminded. A tension built up between them, which turned into bouts of arguments and eventually they were all but at each other’s throats. One day after a particularly loud argument over Lisa forgetting again to wash the dishes, Lisa burst into tears. Sarah’s anger subsided seeing her longtime friend so upset. After soothing Lisa down, they began to discuss what to do. Living together was proving a nightmare, but they still had 3 more months of college and couldn’t move out. Their pride wouldn’t allow them to take their parents telling them that they knew the girls would never make it together, something of which they’d laughed at when it was suggested. They were stuck together, but it just couldn’t go on this way. They needed an answer soon.

After talking for an hour Sarah, a law student, made an idle comment about punishment for the next time one of them did something wrong would be better than another argument. “……at least then we wouldn’t angry with each other afterward.” Sarah murmured.

“What?” Lisa asked.

Sarah blinked, as if just brought back to earth. “Um? Oh nothing. Just thinking out loud. Sorry.”

“You said something about punishment for the offence. You mean like prison or something.” Lisa pressed.

“Oh that was just on my mind after one of my lectures. Not exactly a solution we can use, or do you know a handy prison cell we could use? Anyway I’ve too much study and work to do to serve a prison sentence, pass my exams and work to pay my half of the rent.”

Lisa giggled, “I can just imaging you arresting me on the charge of not washing the dishes, reading me my rights as you frisk me down and handcuff me.”

Sarah burst out laughing. “Don’t tempt me.” She eventually managed to say when she calmed down.

“Pity we can’t. It might sort out our problems. I don’t want to lose a friend over a dirty toilet.”

“Why can’t we?” Sarah erupted. Lisa gave her a questioning look. “Not prison Lisa! But I bet an hour or so in those handcuffs might be punishment enough.”

Lisa was wide eyed. “But we don’t have handcuffs.” She exclaimed.

“I thought you medical students were supposed to be smart. We don’t need handcuffs. We could tie up whoever doesn’t do her share of the work or breaks any other rules”. Sarah calmly explained. “I know it’d be enough to make me remember not to do something wrong again.”

Lisa was gaping at Sarah, trying to decide if her friend was joking or had she gone mad. She said as much. Sarah shrugged her shoulders. “It was just an idea. We seem to need a good one soon.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes. Eventually Lisa said. “Okay, we can try it.” “But not until the next time someone doesn‘t do her share.” She added hastily. 

Part II

Sarah and Lisa agreed on a system of punishment. For every minor chore not done a mark was set against that girl. Some things could result in 2 or even 3 marks taken. For every 3 marks a punishment session was given, to take place on a prearranged day of the following week. The punishment was to be bound naked and helpless for 3 hours. 

A week went by without even a mark being given. The pair seemed happy at how it deterred any arguments over work not being done. One evening Sarah got a phone call after dinner. She spent near an hour chatting before hanging up. It was her night to do the dishes. Lisa, who had been studying in her room, was outraged the moment she saw the filthy kitchen and her having cooked the dinner. Those pots would take forever to clean now that the food had hardened in. She went straight into Sarah’s room and told her she just lost 3 marks. Sarah was about to argue her defense, but she realized she didn’t have one. She agreed to have her punishment that night, after she cleaned the kitchen.

Sarah was 5’ 9” tall, slim with “natural” blond hair, blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. She was averagely endowed, but well toned being an active member of the college swimming club. She had just finished the kitchen and went to tell Lisa she was ready for her sentence. In a quivering voice she said, “I… I’m ready Lisa.”

Lisa empathized with her, but they agreed it had to be done or they’d never be able to live together. Taking a deep breath before she coldly responded “Go into your room. Take of you clothes. I’ll see you in a moment.”

Sarah nodded to her red haired friend before meekly leaving. Lisa, at 5’ 6” was, had pale white skin and deep blue eyes. Never much for swimming she preferred basketball to keep her in shape. While she hadn’t Sarah’s height, she more than made up for it in bra size. Shortly after deciding to do these punishments they considered the problem of how to tie each other up if they ever needed to. They considered using scarf’s, but neither was willing to have hers used in such a way. Lisa remarked that she’d seen some stuff in a sex shop she gone into once. That got a look from the more innocent and less curious Sarah, but they took a trip to a nearby one the next day. They bought a pair of handcuffs and leg irons, some rope and after some discussion a red ballgag. The lasts purpose required an explanation from a shop assistant. 

Sarah waited naked sitting on her bed, when Lisa entered with the bag of restraints. Lisa took the pair of handcuffs out. The chrome-plated bracelets dangling on their chain shone brightly as the caught the light. “Come here.” She ordered. Sarah obeyed slowly and meekly. Lisa turned her around. She offered no resistance. Gently Lisa pulled her arms behind her. Sarah’s breath caught as Lisa slid the first cuff around her wrist. The cold, metal loop that would not leave her until Lisa removed it. Her free arm was brought closer and Lisa closed the second cuff on her other wrist with a loud `click’ of finality. As Lisa returned to the bag Sarah couldn’t help but test her bonds. She wriggled her wrists about and tried to bring her arms around to the front, first one side and then the other. 

Lisa removed a length of rope from the bag. Guiding Sarah to the bed, she sat her down. Lisa then proceeded to wrap the rope around Sarah’s ankles and then in between her ankles to cinch it. As she fetched another length of rope from the bag, Sarah tried to move her feet. “It feel so strange being tied up like this. Not what I expected it to feel like.”

Lisa returned and moved Sarah to lie on her belly. “You didn’t think I was finished, did you? You were the one who insisted it had to be done properly or not at all.”

“I’m tied up. I’m naked and helpless. What more is there?” Sarah protested.

Lisa was meanwhile tying the rope to the bonds at Sarah’s ankles. “Bend your knees.” She ordered.

When Sarah bent her knees Lisa tied the other end of the rope to the handcuffs, leaving Sarah in a hogtie. As Lisa stood Sarah began to roll about on the bed, testing her bounds. “Your not leaving me like this for 3 hours Lisa?”

“One more thing” Lisa replied as she took the bright red ball gag out of the bag.

Sarah’s eyes went wide. “No, please Lisa.”

“I have study to do and I can’t have you calling me. Now open wide.”

“Lisa! Don’t. Please, I’ll be qui….efff….mmmmhhh!”

Lisa left the alarm set to go off in 3 hours as agreed and went to her room. Sarah was trashing on the bed, howling her rage as best she could.

Sarah felt miserable. Her arms bound behind her, her legs tied tight. The gag was like nothing she had ever imagined. The strain on her jaw was mild, but constant. She was naked, totally helpless and completely aware of it. It wasn’t long before she settled down her struggles and accepted her condition. She had after all agreed to this and earned it, if not how she imagined it might feel. It would certainly teach her a lesson. Soon she felt saliva running down her chin. She tried to tilt her head back and swallow, but it was difficult with the gag in place and she couldn’t stop the eventual stream of spittle coming from her mouth. She never felt so humiliated. Occasionally she moved about the bed in awkward shuffles and wriggles to relieve the pressure from some part of her body or to get out of drool soaked patch of bedding. 

After what seemed like an eternity the alarm rang and was shortly followed by Lisa. She removed the ball gag. “Are you okay?”

Sarah worked her jaw for a moment, while nodding, she muttered “H-nyea.”. Lisa started to undo the rope binding her legs to the handcuffs. Sarah eventually managed a horse, “Yes.” Lisa untied her ankles and unlocked her handcuffs. Sarah lay there motionless for a moment while Lisa watched her with concern. Then Sarah rose slowly and hugged Lisa tightly. Lisa returned it. 

“I’ll never forget to wash up after dinner again.” Was all she could say.

Part III

All went quietly for the next two weeks. Their new deterrent seemed to be saving their friendship and making life livable in the flat once again. All was clean and orderly. 

One Wednesday morning Lisa woke up. Sarah had early lectures that day and was gone hours ago. Lisa wasn’t due in until 12:00 noon, so she had a little extra rest. But she had a little too much extra rest. Seeing the time she was out of bed with a loud “Shit!”. Quickly she showered and dressed, no time for breakfast, and was out the door.

Sarah and Lisa both finished college for the day at six that evening and met up before leaving for their flat. Upon arrival Sarah did the honours of opening the apartment door, only to find it unlocked. She looked at the medical student and quickly rushed in to see if anything had been stolen. The place was untouched fortunately, but Sarah, while relieved, was unimpressed. Lisa said, “I must have forgotten to lock it as I rushed out the door.”

“I can’t believe you left unlocked! You know how bad crime is in the city.”

“I sorry…. I guess that’s my 3 points… ”

“You’d better believe it! When are you going to take it?”

“I’m too busy with assignments now. It’ll have to be Monday”

“Fine.” Replied Sarah. “Monday it is.”

Monday came by slowly. Lisa spent much of her free time anxious about her upcoming detainment. After returning from college the girls ate. Lisa’s appetite was poor. She had a quick shower and as she left the bathroom in a towel Sarah intercepted her. “Its time. I’ll get the stuff while you go to your room.”

Lisa only nodded slightly and walked slowly to her room. Sarah followed with their bag of restraints. She moved Lisa’s study desk chair into the centre of the room and motioned her friend to sit. Lisa found the wooden back of the chair cold against her bare back. Sarah removed a pair of handcuffs from the bag. She locked Lisa’s right wrist then move it behind her and pushed the empty around one of the bars at the back of the chair. Then taking the left wrist she locked it in place. Lisa was now locked naked to the chair with her hand helplessly behind her, her large breasts jutting out. Sarah took out two lengths of rope and set about binding Lisa’s ankles to the chair legs. Lisa just looked on quietly, accepting her punishment and trying to come to terms with three hours of this predicament. She felt no surprise when her flat mate removed the red ball gag from the bag.

“I thought you’d want to use that.”

“If dirty dishes warrant it then leaving the place unlocked deserves double!” she said as she placed the gag in Lisa’s reluctantly willing mouth. “Mmfh mmm aoofhh”

“Nearly finished now.”


“You think you get off so nicely in a chair when you hogtied me?”

Lisa was confused and worried. What else could Sarah possibly do to add to her restraints? Sarah placed a blindfold over her captive’s eyes to Lisa’s mild relief. It was an irritation, but not so bad. There was a rustle from the bag. She heard Sarah approach her. The something cold, metallic at her left breast, then, “Mmmmuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!”

Lisa trashed in the chair, the unexpected pain on her nipples was a complete shock to her. The second clamp on her right nipple was no less effective. Quickly she realized he struggling only increased the discomfort to her nipples and that she could shake these things off. She noticed a chain seemed to hang from them and rested coldly on her flat belly.

“This should make your punishment more fitting. I bought them over the weekend. They’re called nipple clamps. I’ll be back in 3 hours for you.” Setting the alarm Sarah left Lisa to moan helplessly, the first beads of spittle gathering on her lower lip.

Lisa couldn’t believe the situation. Tied helplessly to a chair, naked. Forced to sit as still as possible to ease her sore nipples. Her jaw ached slightly, making her understand Sarah’s dislike of the gag. This was made worse as her drool started to run down her chin, a slowly moving stream flowing down her bare chest. The blindfold prevented her seeing the clock on her wall. Time seemed to stretch out, leaving her no idea how long she’d been there or how long until her alarm would go off.

Eventually the alarm rang. Sarah came into the room. She removed the blindfold. Lisa blinked into the dim light as it dazzled eyes not yet adapted to it. Sarah took off the ball gag. It came out with drool still clinging to it. Lisa worked her jaw a moment. “Are you alright?” Sarah enquired.

“Fine.” Croaked Lisa snappishly. “Get these damn things off my breasts.” She demanded slightly more clearly.

Sarah understood her friends mood and quietly removed the nipple clamps and then proceeded to untie Lisa’s legs from the chair. Lastly she removed the handcuffs. Lisa massaged her wrists, getting the blood to flow more freely, then did the same to her ankles. Sarah left her room without a word and put the restraints away. Lisa went to bed exhausted, slightly upset, but relieved her punishment was over.

The following day went on normally for the two girls. They knew how much they needed their system in order to live together peacefully.

And having both served their time a certain new understanding was established.