by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2009 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; bond; latex; tease; sex; reluct; X

It was with something just short of a sigh that Sara rose from her chair.  No emails, no messages, nothing.  For three days now, there had been no word from him, and she was beginning to worry.  They had never gone this long without talking.

With another almost sigh, she turned from the computer.  The kids were in school, and it was time for her to get busy.  Her home needed tending to, and staring at her screen would accomplish nothing.

Moving across the living room, she considered the things to be done today.  Laundry, dishes, her room needed attention, and why hadn’t she heard from him?  Three days ago, he’d told her he had an idea.  Since then, nothing.  And no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t help wondering.

Laundry first.  Lifting a heavy basket of clothes, she headed into the laundry room.  With the automatic motions of a too familiar chore, she loaded the clothes into the washer, then stretched toward the overhead cabinet for the softener ball.

Suddenly, something pressed against her from behind, pinning her to the washer.  At the same time, some kind of cloth was pressed over her mouth and nose.  Startled, she gasped, inhaling deeply of a strange, sweetish scent.  Her senses whirled, sucking her into darkness.

Sara awoke with a headache.  Nothing major, just one of those insistent little throbs that refuses to go away.  With a grimace, she opened her eyes.

And saw nothing.  It was almost as if the darkness that had swallowed her had moved outside her, surrounding her with it’s inky darkness.  Even as the thought came to her, though, she recognized the feel of cloth over her eyes.  Blindfolded, not blind, and the realization did nothing to quell the fear rising within her.

Slowly, other details came to her attention.  Her mouth was sealed shut, and she recognized the sticky cling of duct tape.  Her body lay helpless in a tight but not painful spread eagle.  A slight breath of air informed her that her summer dress was gone, leaving her naked before whoever had put her here.

With a muffled grunt, Sara tugged at her bonds, but it soon became apparent that whoever tied her knew what they were doing.  The knots holding her arms over her head were at the backs of her wrists, impossible to reach.  And the tie, while not painful, allowed her practically no movement whatsoever.  With a sigh, she accepted the fact that she was here until someone else saw fit to release her.

As she lay helpless, Sara became aware of her own heartbeat.  It was, she discovered, the only thing she could hear.  Something had been placed in both ears, muffling all sound.  In her mind, she gave her captor marks for thoroughness.  Should she ever have the chance, she would never be able to identify anyone, by sight or sound.

Suddenly, something touched her.  Sara stiffened as a single point of contact traced its way up her stomach.  It reached her chest, and she felt one breast enfolded.  It felt like a hand, but the texture was wrong.  It was softer, slicker, and she quickly realized that hand was wearing a latex glove.  Even as her mind reached this conclusion, her nipple responded to the latex touch, quickly growing hard.  A soft pinch, and she moaned through the tape sealing her lips.  Why did they have to use latex?  She had always loved the feeling of latex, and now her body was responding to it, regardless of her fear.

Slowly, gently, the hand explored her breast, creating sensations that grew suddenly when her other breast began receiving equal attention.  In spite of her situation, Sara felt her body responding.  Her nipples quickly hardened, her breathing quickened, and she could feel the warmth grow between her thighs.  She was going to be raped, she knew now, and cursed the fact that her body was beginning to want it.  Desperately, she pulled at her bonds, muffled, unintelligible pleas coming from behind sealed lips as the hands left her breasts, slowly trailing their way down her body.

At the first light touch between her thighs, her body stiffened, then tried to move away.  Her bonds defeated her efforts, as a finger lightly stroked her most sensitive place.  Gradually, the strokes increased in pressure, until the finger slipped inside her.  At the sensation of penetration, her pleas became moans, her body accepting, even welcoming the intrusion.  In her mind, she continued to struggle, but her body had surrendered.

Slowly, gently, the finger probed within her, fueling the fire that had begun within her.  Soon, the second hand reappeared, capturing one breast, pinching and teasing the nipple to even greater hardness.  Somewhere during this gentle assault, Sara’s mind gave up the struggle, as she found herself wanting more, needing more.  Once more her body struggled, but now the struggle was not for freedom, but for release of a different sort.

When the hands left her, Sara moaned her disappointment, the sound cut off as she sensed a presence hovering over her.  A gentle nudge, no finger this time, and she cursed herself again as her hips moved, trying to push up against that nudge, welcoming the intruder that slowly pushed inside her, filling her with slow, steady thrusts.

Her resistance now totally ended, Sara felt herself rise, each thrust pushing her higher, closer to the peak she found herself almost desperately wanting to reach.  Beyond caring, she sought only the orgasm she could feel fast approaching.

Suddenly, her world exploded into light as the blindfold was removed.  Blinking rapidly, she struggled to focus her eyes, feeling the plugs being removed from her ears.  Her own moans filled her ears now as her vision cleared, allowing her to look up.

At him.  It had been him the whole time.  As her mind struggled to comprehend, his lips brushed her ear, whispering, “Cum for me.”  And her body exploded.

Sara tensed in her bonds as the waves blasted through her.  Over and over, the waves engulfed her, shattering her with their intensity.  When they finally faded, she lay limp in her bonds, occasional spasms racing through her from the intensity of her orgasm.

A slight tug on her face focused her attention as the tape was peeled from her mouth.  For a moment, she lay silent, then, licking her lips, found her voice.

“Damn you.”

“For what?” he asked, smiling down at her.  “You always said you wanted to try this.”

“I never thought you’d actually do it,” she replied.  “You don’t like using force on me.”

“No, I don’t,” he said softly.  “But I do like making you happy, and I do try to give you what you want.”

For a moment, she was silent, thinking of all the things they’d tried, all the fantasies he had made reality.  She knew, had always known, what she meant to him, knew how hard he tried to keep her from any harm.  This hadn’t been easy for him to do, she knew that.  And yet he had, because she had said she wanted to know what it felt like to be forced.

“Was it what you expected?” he asked.

Sara thought about it., the fear, the uncertainty, the total helplessness, and the feelings those things had created within her.  Weighing everything in her mind, she gave the only answer she could.

:”It was better.”

His smile widened, seemed more relaxed, and she began to realize that he, too, had been afraid.  Afraid of what this might do to her.

‘If you ever do this again,” she said sternly, then smiled as she watched his body tense, “make it last longer.”

Again he relaxed slightly.  “I’ll do my best,” he replied.  Shifting slightly, he reached for her wrist, halting as she shook her head.

“Not yet,” she whispered.  At his questioning gaze, she smiled and tried to explain.  “When I’m like this, when I wear your bonds, I’m yours in a way I can never be any other time.  You own my heart, my soul, and now you own my body.  Let me be yours for just a little longer, please?”

For a moment, he gazed down at her, and she feared he would refuse.  Then, with a smile, he stretched himself alongside her, resting his head on her breast.

“What time do the kids get home?’ he asked

“Too soon,” was her only reply, as she closed her eyes and sank into the sensations of belonging to this man who gave her so much, even if it meant taking it from her.  She smiled at the irony as she drifted off to sleep, safely held by the arms and the ropes of the man she loved.