A Sandy Walk on Sanday

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2019 - Wingco - Used by permission

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It was going to be the longest mile of Sally's life yet she'd wanted to do it this way to prove devotion to her lover. A walk along a deserted beach dressed in a flowing white nightdress...

...while restrained at the wrists in broad daylight!

"You've gotta be joking!" she'd exclaimed when Judith Curran, her partner had told the girl about it earlier in the ferry queue. They'd had a marvellous time up in Orkney. Nobody seemed to care a jot at seeing two lovely girls holding hands. Possibly assuming they were sisters despite the fact Jude was six years older than Sally Marlow. Neither cared a jot what people might say and certainly they'd not been troubled while touring around.

At least nobody knew about the box of bondage restraints that was sitting in the boot of Judith's motorhome as she bounced it off the ferry at Loth, the southern most point on the island of Sanday. Both girls surprised at how many people were here as the boat was full up. A question to a 'hunk' in a tearoom at the Social Center and nearby school provided the answer. 

It was the Island's Fair today so the Mayor was undergoing the Ice Bucket Challenge, and nearly everybody had turned up to witness this and attend the biggest event in the social calender. Also as it was a former popular singer who'd retired here then a few people wanted his autograph too. "There's probably nobody left beyond Skeelbay ladies," he said when Sally asked him was this all the population.

The girls smiled at each other, nodded then bought another couple of food items to take north. Returning to the van, this time Sally was to be driving as she grabbed the keys off her buddy. "Guess I can trust you on roads this quiet!" Judith chuckled as they left the port behind them. 

It took ten minutes before they saw another car, this also heading for Loth and by the time Sally passed Northskaill the vehicle count was down to zero except a tractor. The place was indeed deserted and arriving at Whitemill Bay, an hour from the port she sighed with pleasure as the engine was switched off and the diesel rattle faded. A check of the map and they found another carpark at the far end. "That'll be quieter even than this one. More sheltered too so I'll go there" Sally said firing the wagon up again. A few bumpy minutes along the clifftop track they arrived back at sea level and now she knew it'd be safe here.

Only the call of a few gulls broke the silence, a faint swish as waves broke across the deserted golden sand. But Sally knew this was only postponing her walk.

"Right missy... time to get changed, girlie," Judith said with a glint in her eyes and Sally Marlow grinned and nodded. Standing by the side of the van she still looked round before undressing! Her tanned skin glowing in the afternoon sunshine, blonde hair doing the same as she finished up and finally stood naked, hands almost shyly covering her midriff and breasts. Judith opened the case containing the frock then carefully handed the underwear over then the diaphanous gown last. The fact she'd made Sally change outside was just another cruel thing that would need to be avenged!

Laughing at how quickly Sally got into it as the garments were whipped away in turn! Barely two minutes later she watched those burnished cheeks blushing with relief that nobody except Judith had seen her naked. The older girl reached behind Sally's back and slooowly drew up the zip then secured it into the slot. "Thanks," Sal murmured as they came for a kiss, Judith's fingers stroking hips through the flimsy material. Under the sun you could clearly see her lacy bra and briefs but at least it 'felt' covered as she buttoned up the sleeve cuffs by her wrists. "You do look stunning wearing that honey," Judith said and Sal blushed.

This was her special dress, normally worn for their anniversary nights or birthdays, the first time it'd been used in a bondage scenario and she hoped it wouldn't get damaged. Judith had bought it for her and given it to the lass on the celebration of their first year as a couple.

"Box... now," Judith ordered and Sally shuddered as she fetched the key from her handbag, surrendering it with another sigh as the container was positioned where it could be unpacked. Tomorrow this would be reversed when Miss Curran would take her turn in bondage again.

The lock was undone and opened, the glint of steel shining as both girls looked down into it. Judith Curran smiled at her friend... and having remembered being forced yesterday to run naked round the moonlit Ring of Brodger this was payback time...

"One of everything today..." she said and Sally's heart froze as she knew this was in the rules. Whatever the 'dom' handed over, was to be worn, so this afternoon it appeared that she was to be bound...

By a collar.

By a belt.

Her wrists cuffed together.

Her ankles cuffed together and attached by a chain to the belt.



'Well at least I'm gonna be barefoot, cannot walk in heels on sand,' Sally thought as Judith lifted the belt out. Both girls had the same waist size and used their bondage equipement as slimming devices. If the belt seemed tight it was time to hit the gym harder!

A quiet groan as Judith applied it, the click of the lock audible to both girls and they were smiling as the leg cuffs were undone. Sally felt those slid round her ankles, a finger stroking her leg as it traced northwards... but she was still smiling as they were secured. Jude putting the thin chain on the loop at the rear. Next it was the cuffs and she asked Sally did she want her bound arms free or these also connected to the belt by a snaplock.

Sally grinned and nodded that yes she'd like them attached, but careful not to use one of her ten-word allowance while wearing restraints. Another of the conditions each had agreed since starting their relationship three years ago.

Judith did her bidding, applied the collar and got the tiara and veils ready to adorn her head, as the penis gag would be the final piece of the bondage. 

Soon Sally stood trembling as Jude worked to weave the tiara into her long blonde locks. Leaving the veils up at the moment so she could apply the gag. Stepping back at the end she fetched the device from the box and returned to her bound lover. "OK sweetheart? Time to speak...if you want to."

Sally Marlow had thought and counted her words and got it right. Knowing that Judith would be impressed at her with this one. As she'd normally been a bit shy doing outdoor bondage it'd taken a while for her to get used to it. But today, with nobody except Miss Curran within miles... it'd be OK, wouldn't it?

"Judith, would you relock my wrists behind my back... please," she said slowly. Counting each one and smiling at her partners' surprised expression as she digested it. She too had silently totted up the number and knew Sally would not be able to say stop now.

"Wow Sal. I am impressed love," she said at last. Their fingers entwining as they had a long smooch. Breaking off Judith took the keys off Sally's collar and unlocked her wrists again. This time an embrace followed, hands rubbing the others' butts and the older girl could feel her lover shaking, possibly with nerves, or maybe excitement perhaps as those captivating eyes looked at her.

"OK, as you wish, wrists behind you, now please," Judith ordered and Sally froze, then slowly placed them at the small of her back. Jumping as the first was enclosed by steel, then repeated for the second and now she really was trembling. The keys were hung by a snaplock on Sal's collar, another tease for the captive, as it'd mean she'd have to be careful. Snaplocks were designed to be safe but naturally with freedom... and one set of keys then no chances could be taken.

But still she was determined to go through with this so obeyed the order to open up. Judith sliding the gag inside then buckling the straps around her head. Lastly the two veils were lowered and the outer one pinned into place both front and behind. This was enough that Sal could not turn her head or she'd rip the pins out. The inner silky layer was to flutter in the breeze against her nose to torment her. But a slightly surprised Sally saw how little vision she had. No wonder brides get escorted up the aisle! She thought as Judith closed the lid of the box. She grabbed the binoculars and checked the beach was still empty then returned.

"Right sweetheart, there is no time limit and the tide is still going out. All you have to do is walk, from here to the other carpark where we were earlier, OK? I'll be there waiting for you. I promise."

With that she led Sally onto the sand, patted her ass, pointed in the right direction then walked away leaving her lover bound and gagged... and loving the feeling of helplessness. This growing as Judith soon drove off and the gulls returned to squawking at each other rather than the van engine. Sal stood there sighing then turned to her left and began. Pacing slowly across the golden sand, her dress flicking round both legs, the clink of chain hiding the rustle of silk while the keyring jingled from the collar and Sally was smiling nervously. Already planning tomorrow's session where Judith would be tied up naked somewhere and exposed to the elements!

However Sally was still scared of being seen like this, surely there was... No. It was impossible she thought and wondered whether to bottle out. But she couldn't lose face so a frustrated groan and carried on walking. The sand lovely and warm on her bare feet with no crabs or rocks to injure her toes. No bloody shelter either and before long Sally Marlow was heading for the cliff edge where the sand stopped. This meant if she saw someone coming the other way, it might be possible to find a cave and take cover.

Trouble being it also meant Sally had to walk a lot further too. Whitemill Bay was on a curve and by hugging the cliffs rather than cutting directly across open sand it easily doubled the distance and surely Judith knew that... then realised of course she had, so that made it worse then! 'I'm gonna make you squeal' she muttered behind the gag...

The distance seemed more than a mile and Sally mentally 'ticked off' the craggy outcrops as she passed each in turn. No sign of the carpark yet, the sunshine now straight into her face making the veils almost opaque now and bloody hard to see through! 

Daydreaming she paced onwards, a real large rockfall to her right and nervously Sally headed away from the cliff and got round it then headed back into shel... and she stopped dead.

There was a TENT in there barely fifty feet away! A single bloody tent and a horrified Sally saw a shadowy figure standing nearby. Though it appeared from his stance he was looking up the cliff face rather than out to sea. She dithered and was stepping backwards when she trod on a half-buried seashell... and the stumble made her fall over.

She squealed in pain and despite the gag he must have heard. Sally nearly burst into tears as he came and stood over her prone body. Of course her bindings prevented any chance of running away and she lay there waiting...

"What the hell..." he said trying to discerne what lay at his feet. A pretty girl all chained up... and crying now as the emotion got too much for her. He paused then lifted the struggling lass to her feet and stared into her face as she wept. Discovering to his amazement that she had something stuffed into her mouth as well!

Now Wally Slimmon might be one of Scotlands leading geologists but he did have a normal if rather monastic lifestyle these days. Too much fieldwork and weeks away had led to divorce but at 46 he still cut a rakish figure. So now... no, but of course he was fascinated at what had stumbled into his camp.

Sally stayed still as this guy stared at her, then flinched as his hands reached for the pins on her veil. "It's alright missy, I'm not going to harm you. Just curious as to what you are doing here like this," he said. A rich but oh so musical timbre in his voice and Sal was impressed. Miss Marlow worked in a theatre so was used to people with resonance in their speech and this man was the same.

He freed her from the veils, lifting them carefully over to the back then reached for the gag, tapping the keys at the same time as he realised what they were for. "Oh, I see you're one of that sort," and now Wally was smiling as the girl blushed. "I've read a bit about... ladies who do self-bondage, never thought I'd see an example in real life and certainly never out here." 

The gag slid out and Sally coughed and spluttered her thanks, asking for a drink if he had any spare. Wally surprised she wasn't begging to be freed. She drank half the glass and said that was fine. "Guess I'd better explain then," she grinned and sat down on a stool having been invited to rest her feet. The lass not minding as his hands had helped her down, both just brushing her breasts and it was his turn to glow as he apologised.

"Yeah right," she chuckled, "but you're not the first either," and then Sally told all. That she was in a happy lesbian relationship with Judith, though both girls were allowed 'to have some of the other' as long as they confessed to the partner. Admitting that on at least one occasion they'd had the guy at the same time!

"Really, I bet he thought all his luck had come at once!" Wally grinned and now Sally was comfortable enough to laugh as well. Pleased that he hadn't come out with a 'such a waste' comment like so many others when telling someone that they 'batted for the other side. The guy still amazed she was happy to be cuffed like this. Saying that Judith was the one who'd put her into this and that she would be waiting to free her once the walk was done. "She'll be wondering where I am. But could you do me a favour... I'm busting for the loo..." Sally said jangling her wrists and looking pleadingly at him.

Wally laughed and took the keys off her collar and went behind, unlocking Sally's wrists and the girl groaned as she flexed both shoulders. Taking the keys back then reaching down and removing the leg restraints with the belt last. "Thanks, now where do I... go," she asked, the guy saying that partway down the rockface was a portaloo that his team had dropped off for him two days ago. He was to be here a fortnight and "Hardly got time to walk a mile down to your car-park each time."

Such a blessing and it was a smiling Sally Marlow who returned minutes later saying what a relief and that she should have gone before starting the walk. Seeing Wally giving her the once over and she couldn't help an extra sway, allowing her dress to ebb and flow. They had a chat about his work and though the finds here in the fall were disappointing so far he was determined to check what he could.

"I get paid for working like this, you two have to spend money to come here... playing bondage games, yes?" Wally grinned, saying she was wearing a nice outfit, despite the current usage. "Yeah, does feel good," she replied, running both hands over her hips again to tease him. The guy grinning at her starting to blush when he said, "Shame I cannot check for myself eh?"

Sally did smile a little more warmly now as she relaxed, then amazed herself by saying he could! She was that thankful for him not attacking her when she'd been restrained that maybe she owed him.

He paused as she stood there, the girl nodding then slowly reached for her as Sally walked forward. Those hands gently touching her waist then sliding round onto her butt and tenderly rubbing all over. She closed her eyes and puckered up to hopef... and almost swooned as their lips met. "It's been a long while since I did anything like that," he murmured while taking a breather moments later. She nodded and said the same. "Judith's lovely and I couldn't be without her, but there's something a guy has... and I know she wouldn't mind..." she began, then paused...

"Be gentle with me... but I need... all of you... now," she whispered.

Sally's heart was pounding as he removed her headdress then lowered the zip on her. The girl stepping elegantly out of it then coming closer to allow him to finish undressing her. The lacy bra freeing two lovely breasts then his hands went below and soon a naked girl was being led to his tent. "Sand gets everywhere and a blanket'll be a damn sight more comfortable." He stripped off and... wow... was all she could think of.

It was a special as she'd hoped as Wally took her that afternoon. Though out of practice he made her feel special and the squeals proved it. "Not too loud or you'll bring more rocks down," he chuckled as she gasped and groaned away. A shriek of laughter at that and he commented that maybe she should have worn her gag. Sally grinned and once they'd finished with a sensual shared shower under the waterfall streaming from the cliff asked what the time was.

Slightly concerned that she'd been here an hour! "Judith will squeal even louder," Sally joked as she tossed over the towel used to dry her hair. Working the tiara and veils back onto her head then doing her underwear before applying the dress. Like a true gent he zipped her up, then turned Sally round for another rub and kiss.

"Time to chain up I guess," she said and did the belt and leg cuffs herself leaving the guy to do her wrists. "Feels OK?" he asked once they were secured and she blushed and nodded yes then allowed him to gag her. Once she was safely restrained he kissed her, then pinned the veils into the right place before telling Sally something...

She stared at him for ages then nodded, turning away and shuffling off, being stopped and sent the right way as she'd started to head for the wrong carpark!

Judith Curran was concerned as surely Sally should be in sight by now? A bright sunny afternoon and a white-clad lass... you can see miles here but the horizon was clear as she leaned over the railing to look down to the left... and finally smiled.

"You little chicken..." she exclaimed, seeing her lover shuffling alongside the cliff face, dodging out of sight now and again and Jude realised what she was doing. Keeping close to cover and only exposing herself as briefly as possible. Least it explained why she'd been so long as the girl drew closer.

Judith looked around and was pleased the carpark was still deserted, even the gulls had cleared off now. With Sally probably within earshot she called out, seeing her jump at first, pause then start to hurry... well with only a few inches of chain it was a fast shuffle and soon the girls were together. Jude hugging her tight and saying well done. She'd tease her later about not going straight across. A last check and she led the tired lass up to the carpark and safely into the motorhome. 

Sally was exhausted at her endevours and pleased to be inside. Judith unpinning the veils then reaching for...

"Sal dear... where are your keys honey...?" she said at last, shocked that somehow the snaplock had failed. Then having seen Sally wasn't concerned... the faintest of grins there... "OK Missy, what are you up to? How the... oh, better get the gag out and you'll need a bloody good explanation young lady!"

So Sally, refreshed after a drink told her lover that halfway back, she'd met a hunky geologist who waylaid her, let the lass use his toilet then given her one! Now he was waiting for the so-called friend who'd done this, to come and rescue her keys in person! 

Only problem being was that Judith was to walk there NAKED and bound! 

It was her turn to squeal "You've gotta be joking!" But the grin on Sally's face meant that she wasn't. "Yes, he's promised that if you go tonight, as it'll be dark in three hours anyway, then he'll return them to you. Plus he'll make sure you get back here safely. And Jude, he IS a bit dishy too..." Sally laughed, seeing Judith's expression of... lust perhaps starting to emerge? 

She sighed, staring fondly at Sally, then nodded her consent. "OK, thought it was my turn tomorrow, not today?" a slight grumble but maybe the idea of a real shag... yeah. 

Time ticked slowly for both girls as the sun set. Judith went outside and took some wonderful photos, still amazed that nobody else had turned up to walk dogs or children. But the idea of going naked and bound across the sand was getting her worried, and she'd dare not tell Sal that she was a little wet too!

As it got to 10pm she couldn't put it off and returned to the motorhome and after helping Sal use the comode in the back stripped naked. Grabbing a set of belt cuffs and chains. "Quite how I'm gonna lock my wrists behind... did he say in front would be OK?"

Cruelly Sally Marlow said no. "Exactly like me pet. With the keys on your collar too." A look of dismay from the older girl then she put the rest of the metalwork on. Cuffs rubbing her butt cheeks as the belt was locked. Now she briefed Sally as when to turn the keys of the manacles as naturally neither could see what they were doing. A 'nnn' or 'uuu' meant left and right respectively and a 'nee-naw' police siren would indicate success.

It took a few minutes but finally Sally was able to turn round and see Judith was safely bound. The keys hanging from her collar and Miss Curran changed angles and showed her wrists were properly done. It was a hell of a risk what they were doing, neither of the girls suspected they'd both be restrained at the same time yet now they were committed and Jude hoped like hell this Wally chap would honour his promise.

They sat back to back and clasped fingers then Sally turned and gave Judith a kiss on the forehead. The naked lass shuffled for the door, thankfully it was ajar and she paused then sighed and pushed it open. Easing herself out and praying nobody was watching.

Her prayers were answered, the place was still deserted and after headbutting the door closed to protect her Sally quickly Judith Curran was down on the sand. Doing the same as Sal and keeping to the shadows of the cliffs that now almost reached the waters' edge. The tide marks were still far down the beach and Jude knew that they'd be able to get back tonight. Her shackles clinked SO loudly as she upped the pace. Darkness seemed to be quickening now and she was worried she may miss the campsite.

Wally grinned as he heard someone rattling along and guessed it would be the blonde lass' companion. He switched on a torch and stepped closer to the rockfall. "Jude, this way," he called. Seeing the... yes she was indeed. Naked and chained as requested and as she came into the full light hanging from the tentpole the guy saw she was as good a looker as her pal. Imagining the two of them writhing around, remembering what Sal had said this afternoon... nice dream perhaps?

Judith was relieved to find him. No way would she have spotted the site without that torch and she stepped up and allowed him to take the keys off her collar. "Well done my dear," he said. "Would you like a drink?" to which she nodded so Wally removed her gag. The lass spluttering for a moment as she exercised her tongue. A croaky 'thanks' as the glass came closer and tipped up, allowing her to sink it in one!

A burp as she finished made him grin and she apologised. Wondering when he'd jump her, assuming that was the idea of his scheme. But Wally was a gent and after kissing Jude gently on a cheek 'assisted' her to sit down... and like Sally his hands touched both breasts as the fingers slid off her midriff. Though she did wonder why he hadn't freed her yet. "Oops. Did that already once today," he grinned and jokingly apologised. Seeing her colour going up even in the pale light of the gas lantern. Sal was right, he WAS dishy...

"So tell me about yourself," he asked and Judith did so, saying what she and 'my dear... bitch... sorry lovely Sally' got up to on their adventures and yes, this was the first time they'd ever been caught out. "I think I was more in shock than Sally was when she stumbled into here," he laughed. Then admitted what he'd done, but as Sally had allowed him then he hoped Judith didn't mind. "Not much option really," she joked in reply but thanked him for not attacking her friend. "Never even thought about it. I'll free you now as I promised her I would, return Sal's keys and walk you back unharmed..."

Judith was amazed and secretly delighted, nodding and he indicated for her to stand up. Coming close he was about to start unlocking her...

"Wally, stop. Please kiss me again, while I'm helpless like this..." she murmured. His eyes bulged a bit then he did. Running his fingers all over Judith's body, feeling her shuddering as one brushed a hardening nipple as he encircled it. Reaching down and gently touching her there... "Yeah... lovely, take me... like you did for my Sally," she sighed and he kissed her deeper this time. Tongue and all and felt the lass almost swooning in his arms! 

A minute later she was freed from her bonds and being led into Wally's tent and...

Walking back two hours later Judith was smiling as Wally paced alongside as her escort. Least she didn't have leg cuffs on this time, nor a gag... but she HAD asked to be belted and her wrists cuffed behind her back. Both sets of keys hanging from her collar but no jangling now as she was wearing a jacket because of the wind. As Sally would not know otherwise it didn't matter. "No cops out here or you'd have some explaining to do," he murmured to this lovely brunette. She grinned and barged him slightly, his arm wrapping round her shoulder as they began mounting the steps. The motorhome dark and silent as expected. 

Standing outside they shared a kiss then Wally freed Judith's wrists. Giving her both sets of keys and allowing the lass to finish unlocking herself and remove the jacket. She retrieved the spare key from under the wheel arch and opened the door then peeked in, seeing Sally upright in her chair, dozy eyes glinting in the moonlight coming from the windscreen before she winked at her lover. "Everything alright?" he asked as Judith came back out. "Yeah, she's still safe... and thanks."

Wally kissed Judith one more time then she got into the motorhome and shut the door, reaching for the keys and freeing Sally who groaned in pain having now been restrained for the best part of six hours. Soon the girls were in bed and by the time Wal was back at his tent they were asleep in the others arms.

* * *

They had another wonderful day touring about on Sanday after the night before. Photographing otters, seals and other wildlife. Walks around various heritage sites, other people ignoring two pretty girls laughing and joking together. A lady in the café thinking they were sisters as lunch was dispatched. Occasionally holding hands and a few kisses when they knew nobody was in view. So after the sun had dropped below the horizon with stunning clouds that too had been caught on camera the pair was back at the carpark in the van reaffirming their commitment to one another.

Judith looked down at Sally after they'd towelled each other dry, that impish smile on her face as she tweaked a nipple, making the motorhome rock as Sal wriggled again. The younger girl getting up and sitting on Jude's lap so they faced each other. Breasts slowly being stroked as they stared deeply into the others eyes and another kiss.

"Nearly dark. Time to get ready sweetie..." Judith whispered and Sally nodded.

With each lock of a key they shared a kiss. Collar, belt and legs cuffs were applied then a final check by Jude that the carpark was empty. "Yep, lets do it," and another snog before each helped the other with their gags. Judith raising an eyebrow when they were ready and the clicking of the straps securing them into place was simultaneous. By arrangement Sally's wrists were locked first, as she'd done Jude's 'blind' last time and could understand the various sounds but finally both girls were bound. Grins crinkling their faces as they rubbed heads before Judith gestured to the door.

Minutes later two shadowy figures strode across the sand. Smiling at each other around their gags. The other girls' keys jangling on their collars as they paced side by side...

Heading for what might be the most interesting geology lessons of their lives... 

Wally Slimmon was writing his report when his ears pricked up. "Surely not..." he murmured as he'd heard that clinking sound before. His face broke into a grin and he grabbed a torch and rushed out. Shining it across the beach and saw...

"Over here ladies," he called. Making both jump as they were almost passed the camp. "Lucky I heard you or you'd have gone miles beyond." A wry smile from Judith as Sally bumped her arm. He hugged both to him, feeling two trembling bodies and their heads rubbed together. A grin at them then he removed their keys, kissed both sets then pointedly stuck them in his jacket. 

"They for me? Good girls, we won't be needing them for a looong long while... will we?"

A gagged squawk from Sally and her widening eyes made him pause and he apologised, asking both did they want the toilet before settling down for the night? Both nodded eagerly so he unlocked their wrists, being buried in hugs and kisses once the pair had taken off their gags. Noticing he pocketed the keys before the belt and leg restraints were removed but neither said a word. Accepting drinks once they were offered.

They had a bit of a chat too, Wally saying they'd only be here for tomorrow as the pair was due to leave Sanday on the Tuesday afternoon boat to go home. Sally assured him the van was secure but if he wanted to go and check, the spare key still hung from under the right side wheel-arch. "I'll do that, and as you 'forgot' to bring any clothes I'll grab a few bits and return if that's alright?" Both agreed and shared another round of hugs.

"Right, bedtime," he said looking at his watch and saw both girls stare at each other then smile. Probably wondering who is getting laid first! he thought to himself. "Now listen you two. Thanks for coming back... the cumming will be tomorrow." And that got them giggling. "But please folks, I can see the way you love each other and I don't want to spoil this, so no pouting if the other goes first, do you understand?" again the two looked at the other and this time they smiled and held hands, agreeing they'd be patient. "Good girls, now lets get inside."

Sally went first, Jude second and Wally brought up the rear. Stroking Judith's butt as he shoved her through the flap. They remembered he only had one large campbed plus a bigger space on the floor opposite the central poles of the tent. Wally unpacked a couple of blankets and laid them on the ground. To their surprise he also had spare sleeping bags and pillows, saying that originally the plan was to have more people coming, but the lack of finds had seen that part postponed. 

"Just as well, my boss would be amazed if he could see what was happening here tonight!" Everyone laughed at that as he unrolled the first and invited Sally to step in. "Bit hard with these on," she replied pointing to her leg cuffs and he grinned. Telling her to stop complaining and try. She did, managing by holding Jude's arm then reached down to lift it up..." But Wally stopped her. "Oops, I forgot, do you want to be front or behind?" he asked and she looked quizzically at him as he pointed to the floor. 

"Oh back please, further away in case you snore," she replied, wondering why he winked at Judith after saying that. She grinned back but said nothing as she guessed what Sally had unknowingly asked for. Wally nodded and soon Jude was standing in her bag too. "Right, no complaints but I still think you ought to be gagged... maybe blindfolded too if you want, yes?"

The girls looked at each other, realising that Wally was more experienced in bondage than they thought! But having already put themselves at his mercy... "Yeah, ok but not too tight Wal, please..." Sally said, a faintly nervous tone in her voice and he agreed. Grabbing their gags and gently inserting them, having allowed the pair one last hug and kiss, sharing it too as he promised they'd be looked after. Two clicks later they were silenced. "If you get distressed and want to stop this, try and make a nee-naw sound like the cop sirens do, practice it now, go on."

Both complied and he said fine, the next time he heard that it'd be for real and they'd both get freed without delay. Another session of hugs as they appreciated his kindness. He took some cloth and wadded it up, approaching Sally first, mainly because she was closest. The girl smiled behind the gag then nodded, Wally feeling her shudder as the material was wrapped around her head and tied off. "Good girl," he whispered, kissing at the base of her neck.

Judith managed not to glare as he returned to her and soon she too was being blindfolded. Earning her a kiss too as he murmured that she was so brave to do this. Stroking her torso and breasts, making her shudder, also happier because Sally had not got this extra attention before he'd let go. The lass scolding herself for wanting more of him despite what he'd said. She was going to need to be careful.

"Nearly done Sally, now you did ask for back didn't you love?" he asked, returning to the youngster and Judith heard her muffled 'uh-huh' so was waiting for... "Right... so place your wrists behind your back please..." he said and Sal squealed, "That's not fair," as Jude smiled to herself but she DIDN'T make the distressed sound... 

Wally grinned and gently drew her left arm back, the girl not resisting as it was placed in the cuff and enclosed with the little snap. That clicking making her tremble as the key turned. "Now the other one Sally... you know you want this... don't you sweetheart? And keep quiet coz Jude's gonna get done the same way." he said quietly into her ear.

Sally Marlow did, allowing him to ease her other arm back and lock it, this earning her another kiss and rub. "Good girl, you're safely bound now and will stay that way til tomorrow morning. It's why you came back, isn't it honey?" he murmured and she nodded. 

The muffled 'yes it was, and thanks Wally I'm fine with this,' audible and he looked over and saw Judith's mouth smiling behind the gag. He reached down and Sally felt the bag being lifted up and enveloping her. The toggle coming up as the top closed, him doing something with the string then he said it was tied to the collar ring so it would not choke if she rolled over during the night. A brief kiss on the nose and she smiled again as it was nice and snuggly warm now out of the draft.

He took hold and laid her down, telling the girl to wriggle until she was comfortable. 'As if that's possible bound like this' she muttered inaudibly to anyone. But soon she was still and he shoved the pillow underneath. Another murmured 'thanks' from below as he began work on Judith. She was expecting the same question and planned to say front...

"Well Jude, Sally's chosen... so it's wrists behind for you too..." 

She too squealed, ignoring a muffled snigger but did nothing else... smiling wryly and placed her arms correctly. Soon they were secured and she too acknowledged that she was happy to be bound this way. Also pleased Wally quietly reassured her that Sally was alright with what was happening. It seemed so good that he cared about both of them equally. Her bag was finished and the pair soon lay alongside the other as they listened to Wally settling down on his bloody comfortable campbed!

"Oh by the way you two, my little sister is coming up tomorrow morning to help me with... and I know she is well experienced in... all sorts of things and she'll sure like meeting you. She enjoys female company so... I'll just text her and let Marcie know I've... found a couple of gems..."

He glanced down and thankfully saw two lovely gagged smiles looking up in return...

The End.

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