Sandra's Long Weekend

by Paultt

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Authors note: I wrote this quickly the other week for someone who helped me overcome a problem in a story I was writing. So Sandra this is for you... And I think I know who you are.. lol
If anyone wants me to carry it on please let me know.

The small KLM Jet turned over the top of the city of Hull and as she looked out of the small window Sandra Smit was impressed by the size of the Humber Estuary, the sun was setting behind the Large Bridge and she thought how lovely it was. A bong on the intercom and the plane started to do the little auto corrects that the plane did as it honed in on the sensors at the end of runway made her tummy jump. It was already nervous due to the unusual situation she had placed herself in. Three quick bumps and they were down, the plane braking hard due to the shortness of the runway. This didn’t ease the slightly sick feeling in her tummy.

Looking out of the window she was surprised by how small the airport was. Its tiny compared to the one she had just flown from. Just getting here had been a logistical nightmare. Train from Hanover to Amsterdam. The business meeting she had to attend there had over run and she had only just made the flight. Her boss was travelling back that night on the ICE, but Sandra had told her that she was going to do some sightseeing. A lie but a necessary one. Wise or not she was ready for this weekend. Its planning and preparation was she hoped, going to give her some amazing memories to save.

The plane bumped across the concrete joint strips. Standing she unfurled her long legs and straightening her tall frame from under the lockers she walked down the aisle carrying her small wheeled suitcase. Walking across the pad to the door for customs and immigration checks she felt the cold. Winter was coming and she felt a shiver run through her. England smelt different to Holland. Cleaner less fumes she thought as she walked across the concrete to the open doorway.

Five minutes later she was in and out of passport and customs, she noticed the glances she got and was used to them. Aged 40 and tall without her work heels she knew she cut a picture. Large breasted and slim. With short brown hair she had turned heads from a fairly early age. Now it was just another day in her life, well not really she grinned at her image of herself in the glass wall.

Striding out into the small arrivals hall she looked round and saw what she was looking for. He was smaller than she hoped he would be. But it was him. The sign with her name on it gave her a big clue. The other was the way a woman waiting to the left side of him kept looking at him. A mixture of longing and a sadness, maybe pity on her face.

The man in front of her was muscular, thin and good looking from the side Sandra was approaching him from but then he turned. His left side of his face was marred by a scar that ran from his mouth up and in to his hairline it was a mean and nasty scar. The rest of his face was lovely she thought smiling at him. She held out her hand and she noticed his cold blue eyes. When he smiled they sparkled. When he didn’t the look was cool.

The woman alongside him smiled at her as if to say good luck be gentle with him. A weird thing was she knew the woman didn’t know him. Was it pity or that womanly thing about looking after someone hurt.

"Hi I'm Tom." His hand was warm, strong and calloused, his smile lit up the side of his face that moved.

"Sandra, so pleased to meet you." She knew her German accent made her voice either sexy or just German.

He swept his arm to the door everyone else was walking out of and he let her lead the way following her out. He hadn’t offered to carry her bag. But that didn’t bother her much as she had very little in it. The car park was a fairly short walk from the door and she waited patiently as he paid the car park ticket in a machine. He didn’t try to make conversation.

The new looking transit van was parked at the back of the car park its nearside looking out onto the airfield. Tom moved the side door and slid it open. A bench seat was set behind the front seat and Tom indicated for her to sit in the left-hand side of the seat. Sandra climbed up and eased herself into the comfortable seat. He picked up the bag she had left on the floor and placed it on the front seat.

"Take you shoes off and place them in the box." His voice cool and expectant.

She looked at him thought about her response and bending her leg took her left one off. She almost sighed with relief as it had been a long day in them. Her right one followed into the stacker box in the foot well on the other side of the van. His hand ran up the top of her skirt and found the top of her stocking on her right leg.

Looking at her face he ordered "Take your panties off" no please or thank you she noted.

Sandra shuffled her bum up and eased her pants down and handed them to him, Her mind was racing. "Mein Gott I have only just met him!" she thought noticing her arousal as she eased them down and throwing them into the box.

She watched him as she reached past her ankles and she heard the rustling of chain and she jumped as she felt a cold half circle touch the back of her ankle. The clicking of the ratchet on the cuff didn’t surprise her, the tightness did. No mercy had been asked for in their correspondence. The other ankle soon followed. Trying to part them she realised it was one link between the two cuffs. She looked out of the open door. Fields. No one to see. The other door of the vans window was dark, she should be ok no one would see. Her tummy was doing twists.

"Was she mad?" her mother would be screaming at her get out get out. "Too late mum" she thought.

The cuffs on her ankles seem to be attached to something at the back of the cabin.

"Jacket " he pointed at the box. She pulled her arms out of the jacket and folding it dropped it on top of her shoes.

He looked at her and reaching into pocket in the seat back in front of her handed her a wide leather collar.

"Put that on, ring to the back of your neck." He smiled when she unbuttoned her blouse collar and wrapped the stiff leather around her neck. She automatically buckled it tight.

Two buckles had to be tugged on and she breathed in the smell of the leather. She sighed.

"Turn so your back is toward me!" a command not a request. She did so and he placed her wrists close together and she felt the cuffs go on around each wrist.

She knew straight away, these were the solid police type. Sandra knew this was it no going back. Her sick feeling had turned to that feeling of butterfly’s. Giving a little gasp she realised this was more than she had expected. A pair of normal handcuffs pulled her shoulders back as he locked them on above her elbows.

He indicated for her to turn back so she was facing the front of the van. Reaching behind his hand brushed her face and she rubbed her cheek against it. He looked at her "You ok?" she nodded not trusting herself to speak.

There was a click and her collar was locked to the headrest. Pulling out the seat belt Tom pulled it over between her breasts and clicked it in tight against her body. He rolled her skirt up to mid thigh and she watched as he forced her knees apart. She was powerless to stop him and watched as he pulled out a plastic bag and took out a egg vibrator. Flicked the switch and pushed it against the opening to her vagina. She felt a flicker of shame as she opened her thighs, even with the pain from her ankles biting into her libido she felt it slip easily into her. Tom pulled her knees together and passing a Velcro strap round them bound them tight.

Sandra was shocked and so turned on.

Tom kissed her forehead and the world went dark. He had pulled a bag over her head. She gasped as she heard the loud bang of the door sliding shut and then the van dipped and the other door banged. The engine starts and she is aware of the movement, her body tense in the straps.

What if anyone sees them? the van stops and she hears Tom put the ticket in. a faint whir and a grunt. The sound of the ticket being spat back out again is followed by a grunt. And a whispered "oh you stupid bastard"

The van throws her forwards as it reverses. And swerves left.

"Back in a minute slave" Tom says and she feels him jump out of the van.

She giggles to herself. The ticket must only let you have so much time to get out. Then a thought 'Shit he has left the engine running and the doors unlocked. Oh fuck.'

Her heart beats faster but so do her feelings of helplessness and the eggs not helping. Her stomach grips with a clench of excitement as the egg steps up a speed. Shit is it on a remote?

The door opens and someone gets in and she hears a seat belt click 'oh god let it be Tom' she thinks as the van stops.

The ticket barrier goes up and the van drives off. Her hearts is pumping. And to be truthful her libido is pounding. She is scared but so turned on. its been a long day and she should be tired but she isn’t wondering what is to come. Up to now she is enjoying the whole experience.

She thinks back to all the emails they had sent and the conversation they had over the three months this weekend had taken to set up. She had found him charming, But even now she was a little nervous. She had sort of expected a little bit more time to get to know him. But she also been one for just go for it. Now though, the best way she thought is just to go for it.

The van swayed a little and bounced. I wonder what would happen if the police stopped us now. She thought as the van gathered speed. A left and a right and a long drive of about an hour all the while on the point of orgasm. That bloody egg she thinks as he altered the speed of it as he drove. The van slowed and vibrated as it went over a cattle grid. A gentle brake to a halt and she hears a sound of a roller shutter rattling away as it opens. The van moves and stops and the rattling sound again.

The side door of the van slides open and she smells a garage odder of oil and grease. A warm hand on her thigh top as it unfastens the strap round her knees and the hand goes up and rubs at her engorged clitoris. With a huge gasp she shudders and orgasms. Sandra groans as he unlocks her seat belt and her ankles from the rear of the seat. Her neck is unlocked and he swivels her and helps her to the floor. The smooth stone cobbles under her stockinged feet are cool.

Holding her arm like a cop escorting a prisoner he moves her, guiding her movements with a firm precision. A click and her collar is attached to something, a rattle of chain and her neck is pulled slightly upwards holding her firmly upright. Tom unlocks her elbow cuffs and then the wrist ones. He eases her arms to the front rubbing her wrists for her, "Take it steady" he whispers in her ear as she tries to rub her wrists feeling the indentations from the harsh steel.

The ache in her arms ease. He undoes the bag and eases it off her sweating face. She is in a brick building. It looks like a old pig sty or stable she thinks. Warm though. Which is a good job as it felt cold outside as he brought her in. .

She looks at his face as he circles her. "Strip" one word but his way of putting it is strict. She shudders. This is what she wants. Needs.

Her fingers go to her blouse buttons and she undoes them quickly. Pulling it off her shoulders. Reaching round she unfastens her bra and sees his eyes glisten as her large breasts are exposed. Her hands drop to her skirt button and she lets it drop to the floor. She is aware of his stare. she knows most bondage photos and videos are of young twenty somethings with tight bodies and perfect tits. Hers is not too shabby she knows. Gym and dancing classes and running 6kms a day help. But she is pleased by his smile well half smile she thinks.

She is reaching for her garter belt when he says "No leave them on!"

Again she smiles he likes them and it pleases her. "odd"

She is still a little confused how fast this is going. They had "met" on line. She had read a story he had wrote. Found it scary if horny. And had contacted him. It had gone from there, but she had to admit now even as he turned up the egg inside her and she felt herself go weak at the knees which she quickly realised was not so good on her neck. She might of liked a little time to get to know him. They had discussed what she liked and fantasied about. This was one of them. She would ride the wave. I have too I might not get another chance if I don’t like this. The tension in the air was making her more horny. He moved round her looking at each curve and contour of her body.

"Open" he held a black rubber wedge in front of her mouth. She opens wide and she almost gags as it goes deep into her mouth. He waits as she adjusts to it and then smooths the rubber strip that covers her mouth and cheeks. This is pulled tight to her cheeks as the leather strap attached to the ends of it is buckled tight behind her head again there is no mercy, no going easy.

Her hands go up to it and touch the indentations in her cheeks.

'Gags I asked to be gagged' she thought, 'oh god what else did I ask for?'

Tom looks in her eyes as if checking she is ok. 'He’s not a total bastard then'. She thinks.

She is curious as he picks up what looks like one leg of a pair of thick tights and a belt. Her arms are taken behind her and a belt is pulled tight up until its nearly touching her at the top of her arms and its buckled tight. He works her arms closer and closer re-buckling each time, with each hole it hurts her shoulders a bit. His warm hands turn her wrists so they touch and she feels a leg of a stocking being drawn up her arms to the top just below the belt. Taking great care he smooths it upwards.

She hears the ripping sound of gaffer tape and her wrists are tightly wrapped and then a tug as he snaps the tape. More goes round her elbows making them touch. Then starting at the top just below the belt he tightly wraps her arms from top to bottom. No gaps are left so you can see the stocking. Sandra is glad he put the stocking on, the gaffer tape would bloody hurt coming off if he hadn’t. Though the strain on her arms and shoulders is increasing and she hopes this won't be be a long session.

She feels a tap at her left ankle and she widens her stance. A clicking sound and she feels the tight bite of a handcuff at her tendons. He taps her other leg and it is repeated. She knows it’s a spreader bar but she still tries to close her legs. A tug at her wrists and then another. He has tied something to them.

The neck collar is tight as there wasn’t any slack before he lowered her a bit by widening her stance, he walks round to her front and kisses her nose. And wipes some of the snot off her gag. That startled her. Affection? Weird really.

Tom walks to the table and comes back with some thin hemp, two coils of it and he undoes one with a flick and as she watches doubles it up making a loop and feeding the ends though it. Sandra watches as his warm hands ease the loop around the base of her left breast and gently take the slack out of it. Sliding the slipknot round so as it bit into her soft flesh so the top of the loop stayed at the top of her breast.

She moaned a little at the tightness of it. There was a lot of the hemp left and she watched as it was wrapped around and around always heading back to her chest forcing her boob to press outwards. Then a tug and it was knotted off at the top. Her breast ached and she could feel each beat of her heart as it pumped blood into the round tight ball it had become.

His hands worked their magic of her right one and soon it was looking and feeling the same.

Tom stood in front of her and looks into her eyes again. "Okay?" she gives a slight nod.

This was so intense. Her pussy was dripping her internal muscles gripping and releasing against the egg that still rumbled away.

Then she realised where this might be going. "Oh shit" she thought….

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