SaM's Place 5: Final Judgement

by The Technician

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*Warning Chapter 13 contains scenes of a stage show involoving animals and sex, if you do not wish to read this then skip to chapter 14, click here

Part Five

Chapter 13: Spring Break

Another jurywoman stood. "For your ninth story, Evelyn, tell us of an experience where you ended up in trouble with the law for what you had done.

Evelyn laughed. "That takes me back to my college days again. I hope you don't think that I am pre-occupied with reliving my college days of glory, but there were some really memorable moments back then. The delta girls and I had so much fun together. But I guess you want to hear the story, not some nostalgic remembrances."

It all started when I got advance copies of a couple of mid-term exams. There was this really sweet computer major who was desperate for money so he could stay in school. It didn't hurt that he also had sort of a crush on me. He said that he could get three or at most four copies off the school network, but it would be impossible to totally erase his tracks and the school IT people would close the loophole as soon as they saw what had been done. He was willing to do it because he said it was possible to make it look as if he had not been successful in his attempt to gain access, so the school would not realize that anything had been compromised, and he could disguise where the hack came from so he wouldn't get caught. A few days later he delivered the copies of the tests and I gave him enough money to keep him around for a few more semesters.

Everything would have been great, except that I was betrayed by three of my own sorority sisters. These three delta girls - Susan, Vicki, and Toni - evidently had the strange idea that having an advanced copy of a test was "unfair" or "cheating." Having files in the sorority of all of the past tests was OK with them, but this was not. So, they told their professors that there were advanced copies of this year's tests being circulated. They even gave them the copies which I had shared with them. All tests were immediately changed and all my hard work was for nothing. I ended up having to have some brainy girl that needed the money take the tests for me. There are some advantages of large, impersonal classes where you are just a number in a seat. Neither the professor or the "grad-ass," actually knew who was supposed to be sitting there.

Of course I found out who had betrayed me and Delta House, and of course they begged to remain in the sorority. I was the head of the discipline committee - that led to some very wonderful nights with a wayward sister bent over a chair in the main room receiving swats on her ass for some violation of house rules, but I digress. Back to the story.

The tests were right before Spring Break. It was a Delta tradition for the entire house to go down to Mexico on Spring Break for a week of sun and fun. I said that we would deal with their behavior after we got back from Mexico. Until then, they had better remain on their best behavior.

While we were down there, I suggested that we really should take one day and go slumming in one of the border towns. I said that I knew where some really interesting entertainment could be found. Mexico was a little safer in those days, but we still took along an entire frat house for protection. After all, anything could happen to a beautiful, young college girl all by herself in such a place.

Actually, I had made arrangements in advance and had spread enough money around to ensure that all of us would be perfectly safe - well, maybe not all of us.

We wandered around the various bars and tourist traps for most of the evening and then started out for the main attraction. We got to the "Cantina Exotica" just before midnight. I am sure the name was just to attract American tourists, but it pretty well described the entertainment inside the place. It was everything that you would expect - dark, smokey, smelly, badly lit, over priced, with loud music blaring from a really bad sound system. But most of all there were naked girls dancing on stage in the only well-lit area of the cantina.

We ordered various local concoctions containing alcohol and settled down to watch the show. There were, of course, strip-teases of various sorts. Fat girls, tall girls, thin girls, athletic girls, young girls and old girls took off their clothing in the same mechanical motions with the same mechanical smile pasted on their faces. After a few hours Vicki leaned over to me and said, "I thought you said they had interesting shows. This is starting to get boring." I replied, "The good show starts in about another hour. Have another drink." And I bought a round for everyone.

Shortly after the drinks arrived, the MC, a rather greasy looking man in a 1950's style tuxedo, walked out into the spotlight and announced, "Ladies and Gentleman. Our main acts are about to begin. I assure you that these activities are illegal, even here in Mexico, so no photography is allowed and no video. Of course, if you want pictures or video of these acts, pictures and video that does not show any customers faces or mine is available at the bar. And now, for your pleasure, we present our Circus of Fornication."

Two performers came out into the spot light. One was a relatively young girl. The other was a rather large Mexican man. They began to move across the stage in a choreographed response to the music. As they danced, the man began to rip various pieces of clothing from the young girl. She was acting like she was afraid and calling out to the audience to save her from this horrible man. Finally she was totally naked. In one sudden movement the man ripped all of his clothing from his body. He was quite a specimen, very athletic, very muscular, and very well hung.

Upon seeing the massive size of his member, the young girl started saying, "No, no, no, no, no, no," but the man reached out and grabbed her by the hips and turned her around so that she was facing away from him. He then pushed on her back to bend her over and suddenly thrust himself into her and began pumping. As he pumped in time to the music, she continued to almost sing, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no," also in time to the music. Soon they were both sweating and gasping, but still pumping and yelling in time to the music. Suddenly she stopped yelling "No" and started yelling, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes," getting louder and shriller with each beat of the music. Finally she screamed a loud, "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss," and slumped forward putting her hands on the floor in front of her. The man was no longer pumping in time to the music, but pumped frantically into her. Finally he stopped, and the music stopped, and the spotlights went out.

After a moment of silence, the cantina erupted in applause and the MC came back onto the stage. "I am glad you enjoyed our the first act of our Circus of Fornication, but keep in mind this is a circus, and so I present to you Chiquita and Lobo."

The lights came up again on stage as a young girl came out on stage carrying something that looked a little like a step stool, only longer. She set in down in the middle of the stage and then whistled. A large dog that looked somewhat like a cross between a German shepherd and wolf came out on stage. It immediately came over to her and began nuzzling at her legs. "Oh, you are anxious, aren't you Lobo?' she said, and then began to remove her clothing. She was dressed in what might have been a school uniform in one of the local schools. The dog became more and more excited as she stripped down to just a pair of plain white underpants. Then turning to the audience she said, "Do you want to see this?" The audience yelled back, "Yes!"

"Lobo eats a lot of dog food and that is very expensive."

Coins began pounding onto the stage from each of the tables. Chiquita looked down at the floor and said, "You can do better than that. How will Lobo keep up his strength." A second rain of coins hit the stage. "Much better," she said, and slipped off her panties and walked over to the strange looking steps. She knelt down and stretched herself over the top step and held on to the single step on the other side. Then she whistled again.

Lobo knew exactly what to do. He came running across the stage and buried his snout in Chiquita's pussy. He began licking furiously as Chiquita began speaking to him in Spanish. Finally she yelled one word and Lobo mounted her and thrust forward trying to enter her. I could then see the purpose of the platform. It put her at exactly the right height, and gave some place for Lobo to place his paws other than Chiquita's back. A dog fucks very rapidly and soon Chiquita was howling like a bitch in heat. Maybe it was just part of the act; maybe it was needed to keep Lobo going; or maybe she was just that turned on by what was occurring. Final he stopped thrusting and hugged tightly to Chiquita's back.

After a minute or two, the announcer came back on stage and said, "As you know, it will take a few minutes for Lobo's knot to go down. So, let's use this opportunity to get some more drinks from the bar and calm ourselves down a little. I don't know about you, but I found Chiquita's act very arousing, didn't you?" The audience replied with resounding applause and cheers.

About ten minutes later, Lobo pulled himself out of Chiquita and walked offstage. She stood up and the walked around the stage picking up the coins. She made sure to squat at each edge of the stage to pick up coins so that the audience could see the dog cum leaking from her swollen pussy. I really wondered how she could possibly do three shows each night.

A few moment later - girl in a peasant dress walked on stage leading a small donkey. "Oh, it is so hot today, my little burrito, she said to the donkey. She took off the heavy poncho-like covering which she had been wearing and draped it over the donkey. There is no one around and I am so sweaty, if it would only rain, I could take off this dress and clean myself in the rain."

She then turned to the audience and said in what sounded like a Brooklyn accent, "In case you don't get it folks, that is your cue to throw coins onto the stage."

The audience responded with laughter and a shower of coins. The girl looked about the stage, "Oh, such a small shower. I was hoping that I could refresh myself, but I guess I will have to wait for another day." She then again began to walk the donkey around the stage. Another shower of coins fell onto the stage. "Oh, such a beautiful rain shower. There is no one around to see me, so I think I will wash myself in the rain."

With that she took off her peasant dress. Like many of the true peasants of the area, there was nothing under the dress but her. She walked around picking up coins from the stage and began to rub them against herself like she was washing with them. "Oh, the rain feels so good against my body," she said. Then she started rubbing the coins between her legs. She turned toward the audience and smiled and said, "I need to be careful washing there. I am so easily turned on. Oh, oh, oh, I knew I should have been more careful. Now I am clean, but all hot and horny and there is no one around but you, my little burrito."

"Would you want to help out your horny mistress, little burrito?" she said as she began to rub the burro's sides. Her hands wandered under the burro's belly and began to rub his sheathed cock. Soon it was beginning to extend out almost to the ground.

"Oh, that is so big. I don't know if I could ever take that inside of me," she said in mock alarm, but at the same time she began to move under the donkey so that she was on her knees beneath him with her body pulled tight like she was going to do a cannon ball into a swimming pool. She then lifted her ass and pushed backwards against the donkey's stiff prick. I don't know how many times she had done this, but she knew what she was doing and so did the burro. He just stood there as she impaled herself on his massive member. Then he began to thrust his whole body forward as she thrust back against him. "Oh, yes. Oh, yes," she continued to cry out until suddenly the burro brayed and jumped slightly forward pushing her slightly across the stage. He then stood still as she pulled herself forward and off of his now limp penis.

"Oh thank you, my little burrito," she said. "You have put out my inner fire." With that she began to walk around the stage picking up coins. Like Chiquita, she made sure to squat in front of each portion of the stage while she was picking up coins so that the audience could see her gaping cunt and the huge quantities of donkey cum pouring out of it.

After she had picked up all the coins, she led the donkey off the stage and the MC came back into the spotlight. "Whoa," he shouted. "Now I think that I could use a little shower myself. But our circus is not over. We are going to have a couple of dancers on stage while we prepare the final act of the circus, so why don't you call your waitresses over and order a few more drinks before we watch Regina Reptilia."

Three strippers came bouncing onto the stage and the music began to bump and grind. I could see in the dim light that several of the boys had their hands under the table and the girls next to them were squirming and wiggling and trying not to cry out. One girl seemed to be missing until I saw her ankles under the table. From the look on her boyfriends face, it was obvious what she was doing. Susan, Vicki, and Toni, however, were just sitting there with rather dazed looks on their faces as if they had way too much to drink. Actually they had been very careful about how much they were drinking. I think they were afraid that we might get them drunk and do something to them to punish them for they betrayal.

They were partially right. We were going to punish them for their betrayal, but we weren't going to get them drunk. Why risk the unpredictable effects of alcohol when the effects of the drugs I had available to me were very predictable. They were going to be more or less in a stupor until exactly when I wanted them to be.

The announcer's voice suddenly cut through the chaos of the club, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Regina Reptilia." With that a glass cage-like platform was rolled onto the stage. It was about 8 feet square and 6 feet high and was filled about two feet deep with snakes of all sizes and descriptions. "Ladies and gentlemen, we do not want to startle the snakes with the sound of coins at this time, so the dancers are going to pass among you with baskets. Remember that the sound of coins might startle the snakes and you will never get to see Regina's act so put folded money in the baskets. Be generous and be quiet and you will see an act that you will talk about for years to come."

With that, scantily clad dancers began to circulate among the tables. On stage the snakes stirred as a hand reached up from under the pile. It was obviously a woman's hand that moved and swayed as if it was a cobra getting ready to strike. The baskets soon filled to overflowing with paper money. After the last of the dancers had retreated from the tables, the announcer said, "Regina, we are ready," and the club was filled with the sound of Egyptian snake charming music.

I have to say, she was good. She literally slithered around the glass enclosure slowly rising to her feet and swaying in time with the music. Then she picked up one of the smaller snakes and swayed with it in her hands as she slowly lowered it and rubbed it against her pussy. I don't know what kind of snake it was, but it must have liked dark, wet places, because as soon as Regina pushed its head inside of her, it slithered inside with no further pushing. Regina swayed and moved as it entered her, its tail hanging down between her legs growing shorter and shorter until it was totally inside of her.

Several girls at the table said "Eeww," but others watched with wide-eyed unbelief as Regina picked up snake after snake and fed them into her love canal. She then picked up one oddly colored snake and began to rub it with some kind of grease. The snake responded by getting stiffer and stiffer until she could hold it out in her had like a wand. She lay back down in the midst of the snakes and lifted her feet and put them against the glass. Then tail first, she began pushing the small snake into her ass. I don't know what kind of snake it was or how she did it, but it was truly impressive. Finally there was nothing but it's head sticking out from between her asscheeks.

Regina stood back up and reached down into the pile of snakes on the floor of the cage. This time she grabbed two of the largest snakes and held them up to her shoulders. They both began to wrap around her body and legs as she swayed and swayed in time with the music.

The music became much softer and the announcer's voice came over the speakers in almost a whisper. "Now ladies and gentlemen, if you want to see the greatest finale to any act of any time or in any place, now is the time to gather together all of the coins that you have at your table. When I say now, throw them so that they hit the glass cage. You will see something that you will never see again.

Considering that I didn't think I would ever see what I just seen ever again, I was intrigued by what might happen. We gathered together all of the coins that we had among us and when the announcer counted down, "Three, two, one, THROW!" we threw them as hard as we could against the glass cage on stage.

The snakes went wild and began thrashing and flailing within the enclosure. The two snakes that were wound around Regina's body began to squeeze and the snake poking his head out of her ass began to thrash and her stomach began to ripple and wave as the snakes within her also went wild. They started coming out of her one after another. The snake in her ass also started to slither its way out of her body and she stopped swaying and suddenly stood rigid with her legs spread wide and her head thrown back in what was obviously a tremendous orgasm. The audience went wild with cheering and applause.

The MC stepped onto the stage as several stage hands ran out and pushed the glass cage back behind the curtains. "We only have a few moments to get those pythons unwound from around Regina or there might not be a two o'clock show," he said. And then he lifted a hand toward the center of the curtains and said, "Put your hands together for the one and only Regina Reptilia!"

Regina came out onto the stage and bowed. Then she, like the other performers, began picking up coins from the stage. Also like the other performers, she would squat at the edge of the stage in all directions so that everyone could see her cunt. The gasps from the tables indicated that as she did so people could see the small snake poking its head through her cunt lips and flickering its tongue at the audience.

The MC came back onto the stage and announced, "Remember, we have one more performance this evening and it will be a special performance for all of you who are here on Spring Break. Come back for the final show or just sit and enjoy our dancers and drinks from the bar. If any of you need someplace to rest and refresh yourselves" - wink, wink, wink, - "there is a nice little hacienda around the corner which rents rooms by the hour with the beds empty or furnished" - wink, wink, wink, - "in whatever style or color you might desire" - wink, wink, wink, wink, wink.

Several of the couples at the table said, "We will be back in an hour or so," and left to go around the corner. One of the frat guys also said, "I think I will check out the local colors and furnishings," and also left. Susan, Vicki, and Toni and I and a few others remained at the table.

I turned to them and said, "Girls, you were wondering what punishment you might receive for betraying delta house. We aren't here by accident tonight. I arranged for this before we ever left the states. You are going to be stars tonight. Susan, you are working with Chiquita and Lobo. Vicki, I think you will work well with little burrito. And Toni, Regina Reptilia has something special in mind for you." Their eyes widen as I spoke to them, but their attempts to get up from the table merely resulted in them sliding back into their chairs. "Looks like the traitorous threesome has had a little too much to drink." The rest of the delta girls just laughed.

At about 1:30 several of the stage hands and a couple of the dancers came over to the table. "Oh, it looks like it is time for you girls to get ready for your acts," I announced. And then I handed a large wad of cash over to the MC. Susan, Vicki, and Toni were taken backstage.

When 2:00 o'clock came, the announcer began his introduction of the main acts. "Ladies and Gentelmen. Tonight, in honor of spring break, we are presenting a special performance of our Circus of Fornication. Normally we do not allow pictures or video of the acts. For this one performance, and for the one performance only you can take all the pictures and video you desire. We begin with Chiquita and Lobo."

There was the customary applause as Chiquita came out on stage. She began her act as usual, but when she got down to just her white panties and had suckered the audience out of two throws of coins, she said, "No, I don't think so. Tonight we are going to let Lobo fuck a real bitch." As she said that a stage hand walked onto the stage with a leash. At the end of the leash, crawling on all fours was Susan. Her body had been painted to look like a dalmatian and there were little dog ears on her head. She looked around like she didn't know where she was. She probably didn't. The stage hand took her over to the fucking steps and set her properly in place. Then he reached into his pocket, took out a syringe and stuck it into her buttocks. The drug he injected would do two things. One it would wake her up from her stupor, and two it would make her so horny that she would fuck a doorknob, or in this case a dog. If you have enough money and the right contacts, yes there is such a thing as "Spanish fly," or at least its modern chemical equivalent.

Chiquita whistled and Lobo paused, confused at first, but man or dog, pussy is pussy and soon he was humping away at Susan. At first her eyes were wide with panic, but very soon they were wide with lust and she pushed back against Lobo's thrusts. Lobo finished and the MC announced the intermission while Lobo's knot went down, but on stage Susan continued to thrust back against the dog topping again and again in orgasm.

Finally Lobo pulled loose and trotted off stage. Chiquita came back on stage totally naked and began to lead Susan around the stage as she picked up the coins. At each edge of the stage, she would squat next to Susan so that everyone could get a picture of her cunt and Susan's face. Then she would make Susan turn around so people could see and photograph Susan's dripping cunt.

I was wondering how the peasant girl was going to work Vicki into her act when she came out on stage. This time she had two ropes in her hand. One led the burro. The other led Vicki who was body was painted like a burro. She had huge, comical ears on her head. The act went as is had before up the point where the peasant girl began to wash with the coins. At that point she turned to the donkey and said, "I am all clean and refreshed and you are not relieved. Maybe this little burrita could help you."

With that she moved Vicki into position under the burro and moved her so that the burro's prick was inside her. Then she injected Vicki with the same drug concoction that had been used on Susan. It took effect almost immediately and Vicki began to buck and push against the donkey's huge prick. I think it startled the donkey because he started to bray and buck. Vicki was moaning and bucking back against him until he reached his peak and began to push her across the stage. Finally the burro pulled out leaving Vicki still pushing and thrusting on the ground.

"Oh, little burrita still isn't satisfied, said the peasant girl, and reached into a bag on the burro's side and pulled out a large cucumber or squash. She thrust it into Vicki and pushed and twisted until Vicki yelled out and fell flat on the floor. She then picked up the leash and led Vicki around the stage, the large vegetable still protruding from her cunt. After stopping to pick up the coins and allow for photos they both left the stage.

The MC now began his spiel about Regina Reptilia. The dancers passed among the tables and collected the baskets full of bills and the music began. Things in the cage didn't look all that different until Regina stood and began to sway. After filling her cunt and ass with the snakes, she reached down into the slithering pile and pulled Toni to her knees. You really couldn't see Toni before that because she was painted like a snake all over her body. Evidently Toni had already been injected with the drug because she was rubbing herself with her hands and sliding the snakes over her breast and cunt.

Regina picked up several of the small snakes and held them up to the audience. Then she began pushing them into Toni's cunt. Handful after handful of snakes were put into Toni. Finally Regina picked up another of the strangely colored snakes and wiped it to make it stiff. Then she thrust it into Toni's puckered ass. After this, Regina pulled Toni to her feet and pulled her face to face against her. Then she reached down and lifted up the two huge pythons and let them begin to curl around both of them. After the snakes were well entwined around the two women, Regina bent forward and gave Toni a very, very deep kiss.

It was at that point that the announcer called for the storm of coins. As the coins hit the glass, the snakes again went wild and so did both of the girls. Snakes were sliding out of both of their cunts and the snake in Regina's ass slithered down her leg. Still entwined and still in a deep kiss, the two were then wheeled back off stage. After a few moments, the MC gestured toward the center of the stage and called out, "Put your hands together for the one and only Regenia Reptilia, and her pet snake for the night, Toni!"

With that, Regina came out onto the stage leading Toni who was crawling along on her belly, almost slithering across the stage. As they got to the edge of the stage, Regina pulled Toni up to her hands and knees. When she turned her around, you could still see the head of a small snake peeking out of not only her cunt, but also her ass. The crowd went wild with applause and many scampered close to the stage to take pictures.

We took the girls back to the motel dressed, or undressed as they were. The drugs had more or less worn off and they were starting to realize what was going on around them, so they were starting to try to cover up or hide behind some of the other girls, but they wouldn't let them. We walked through the lobby of the hotel and got our keys from the night desk clerk, he looked at the three and shook his head. As he handed out our keys, I could hear him muttering, "North Americans."

The next morning, we held a Delta House meeting and told Susan, Toni, and Vicki that they were out. No one who betrays the house can ever be forgiven. They would be allowed to travel back to school with us, but they had to have everything out of the house by nightfall after we got back. All three broke into tears. Toni said that she would have us arrested. She actually tried to press charges with the local police, but the Mexican authorities already had copies of the videos and said that there was nothing that showed that they were not doing all of this on their own. When we got back to the states, Toni tried to bring charges against me, but the police there told her politely that even if there was a crime, it wasn't in their jurisdiction and there was nothing that they could do.

Finally, however, she found someone who would listen to her. Believe it or not, she took a copy of the video to the local PETA chapter who filed charges against me for animal cruelty. They didn't care what had happened to the girls, but that poor dog and that poor burro and those poor snakes were being exploited. Evidently animal cruelty doesn't have the same jurisdictional considerations as human cruelty so I had to appear in court. It took a hefty donation to the local PETA chapter get things straightened out and they finally withdrew their complaint.

I saw Susan and Vicki at some PETA protests a few years later. They looked very good painted up as cows. I wondered if they found any bulls to satisfy them. I wasn't sure what had happened to Toni, but I was told that she now had a pet corn snake that was about 4 feet long and a ball python that was well over six feet long.

Chapter 14: Psycho Bitch

Another jurywoman stood. "Evelyn, it has been said that revenge is a dish best served cold. For you last story, tell us of a time when you waited a long time to put someone in their place."

Evelyn smiled, "Would 20 years be long enough?" She continued, "The insult happened when I was a senior in high school, but my revenge had to wait until our 20th high school reunion a few years ago. Oh dear, I am telling my age, aren't I?"

Pauline and Penelope were co-editors of the high school year book. Most people called them Paula and Penny, but I called them P and P and a lot of other names. They were always looking down on me. They thought I wasn't equal to them and had always tried to turn my friends against me. We spent twelve years in school trading insults and trying to destroy each other. I thought I was ahead until the yearbooks came out.

Because of a delay in printing, the yearbooks arrived late. School was already over and we had already graduated before they arrived. We all had to come back to the high school to pick them up. I found out later, that there had not been a printing delay. Pauline and Penny had somehow convinced the printers to ship them late. They had a way of convincing people to do things that I could never understand. They didn't bribe or threaten, they just persuaded. In any case the yearbooks were late and we all came back to school one Saturday afternoon to pick them up.

There was the typical running around getting all of your friends to sign your book and all of that, but then people started looking at me and giggling. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what it was. I looked through the book very carefully and finally found what P and P had done. On page 57 there was a picture of the school play. It was me in one of my staring scenes. The description of the play beneath it read normally unless you looked at just the first word of each line. I don't know how long it had taken them to come up with the proper wording to create this, but reading downward from the picture it said, "Evelyn the psycho bitch."

I stormed up to the office and demanded that the yearbooks be taken back and reprinted, but the principal said, "I'm sorry Evelyn, it is obviously just an accident of wording and formatting."

P and P had publicly humiliated me, and there was nothing I could do about it.... then.

Paula and Penny both married into other big money families and then moved out of town. I sort of lost track of them, but never forgot what they did to me. I realized that if I was going to show them up in front to our classmates, it had to be done at a class reunion, and it would have to be something big. It took me several reunions to get on the planning committee and then a few more to make sure that I was the MC for the evening. With my prompting we decided to have an old fashioned reunion in the School gym for our 20th reunion - a real trip down memory lane. It took a little money and persuasion, but we even got a liquor license for the evening.

I used some of my contacts in Hollywood to have two very passable stage masks made for me that looked exactly like Paula and Penny. Since we were all about the same height and build, once I was made up in one of those masks, all that would be needed would for me to have the same dress on as either of them and from a distance no one would be able to tell us apart.

Finding out exactly which dress a woman is going to wear to a reunion sounds impossible, but when you know that they are going to try to impress people and you can bribe even high-fashion designers, it can be done. Not only did I know what they were going to be wearing, I had exact duplicates of the dresses. I was ready.

The night of the reunion came and it was time to call upon my friends and their chemical skills. I had two different drugs for the evening. It was just a matter of getting them into the proper drinks. The first drug was for their husbands. It had two actions, first it made you piss like a firehose, and secondly it knocked you off your ass like you were drunk.

I began with Paula's husband. I casually stopped to talk with him and as I spoke, I spiked his drink. I knew I only had about 15 minutes so as soon as I was done, I hurried out to the classroom where the makeup artist was waiting. Ten minutes later I was Penny, waiting outside the men's restroom. It wouldn't really fool someone in bright daylight, but I only had to fool a drunken husband in the dim light of the hallway.

Paula's husband came hurrying out of gym and into the restroom. As he came back out, I grabbed his arm. "Have you ever missed that one chance we had to make love in the hideout under the stage?" I asked. "Now is our one and only chance." He may or may not have ever had the chance to nail Penny under the stage, but the second half of the drug had kicked in and as they say, "A stiff prick has no conscience."

A few minutes later, he and I, or should I say, he and Penny were going at it in the little room under the stage. As soon as we were finished I said, "Let me leave first so no one suspects." He sort of grunted an OK and I left, returned to the makeup room and became me again.

I was back in the gym before he was and when he came in I could tell from the expression on his face that he wasn't sure what had just happened or what, if anything, he would ever tell his wife. It was time to drop the spike on Penny's husband.

Everything worked exactly the same, except when we went into the hideout under the stage, I was Paula.

What neither of them knew was that our secret little trysts were caught on low light video and were at this minute being processed into a very interesting DVD.

Now everything was primed and ready. As a finale to the evening, I was supposed to introduce a memory segment that would show scenes from our high school days leading up to scenes from our lives today. I had very carefully made sure that I had nothing to do with the gathering, editing or creation of these photos and videos. I wanted to be able to claim total innocence when the shit hit the fan. In reality, I had paid off the video company and everything that happened was strictly the way I wanted it to be. They had an "original master" and plenty of original copies to prove that someone had to have substituted everything, so they were in the clear even though it was really them doing all the work.

There was one more thing I had to do before I started the trip down memory lane. I had to spike both Paula's and Penny's drinks. This was an interesting drug which acts on the anger center. Given the proper stimulation, a person under the effect of this drug will totally loose control. Once they start to get angry, they will go out of control into a frenzy of anger. It was sort of like setting a bear trap and then waiting for something to trigger it.

I set the trap, and I had the trigger. I walked up to the microphone. "If everyone will please watch the big screen at the end of the room, the committee has prepared a special memory DVD for our class. There is a copy for each of you on the side table, so please remember to pick one up before you leave this evening."

What was on the table were true copies of what would soon appear on the screen. The labels were done in advance, and high speed duplicators had spit out the necessary number of copies in short order. This was my moment of revenge.

The DVD began playing and at first it was generic images and short videos. People were more or less paying attention when a picture of me appeared on the screen. It was the picture from the yearbook that had originally started all of this. The description wasn't with it, but everyone remembered the infamous words and soon there was a buzz of conversation drowning out the music behind the slides. That buzz dropped quickly to total silence as the next scenes came on the screen. The sweet background music stopped and was replaced by the sounds of sex. The images on the screen were green and a little grainy, but they were obviously Penny, with her designer dress bunched up around her waist, screwing Paula's husband. Paula began to shout something at Penny when the scene changed and now it was Paula, also with her clearly identifiable dress bunched up around her waist, screwing Penny's husband.

Both erupted. Penny was using language that I didn't think she knew and Paula was kicking and screaming and clawing at Penny's face and dress. Someone yelled, "Catfight!" and people began to clear an area around the fighting women.

Why is it that when women fight the first thing they do is try to tear off each other's clothes?

Pretty soon both Paula and Penny were down to their underwear. The bras went shortly thereafter and despite their husbands fumbling attempts to keep them apart, their bottoms shortly followed. Several of the men at the reunion were shouting encouragement or taking pictures. Most of the wives were asking their husbands to try to stop them. Everyone, however, just stood around and watched the two naked women roll on the ground.

A security officer came running into the gym and tried to pull the apart. He managed to get them to their feet, but was shortly decked by Paula, or perhaps it was Penny. He slid away from the women as they rolled back onto the floor pulling hair and screaming at each other. He pulled his radio microphone close to his mouth so that he could be heard over the din and called for help.

A few minutes later several police officers came hurrying into the gym. They grabbed the girls and got them separated, but with the drug roaring through their systems, P and P were far from calmed down. Penny made the mistake of trying to punch one of the officers and then trying to unsnap the holster of his gun. A loud pop followed by a sizzling sound made it clear that one of the other officers had unleashed a tazer. Penny went down and lay on the floor shaking and quivering. It was obvious from the wet spot between her legs that she had pissed herself, but she still tried to get up to attack Paula. More police finally arrived and both girls were eventually subdued. One of the female officers pulled tablecloths from nearby tables and wrapped them around the still cursing women.

I walked up to the microphone and said simply, "Officers, get those psycho bitches out of here."

I still watch that DVD and the video of that fight every so often just for the warm-all-over feeling that it gives me.

Chapter 15: Final Judgement

Sam spoke. "Would the jury please present their verdict."

Evelyn sat smugly in the witness box, sure of what the verdict would be. She sipped at the water glass which Sam had kept refilled for her during her long interview. She glanced at the glass for a moment, unsure of whether the odd taste was the water or the excitement of the moment. The various members of the jury passed small tablets to one of the jurywomen who stood and stepped forward to stand in front of Evelyn.

"Evelyn Fitzpatrick, we of the jury find that you do, indeed, deserve to be a permanent part of SaM's Place."

Evelyn smiled, or at least she tried to; her face would not form the smile.

The jurywoman continued, "As you have so clearly shown by your own statements, all of your attempts to dominate others have been made possible by your daddy's money, and not by any inner strength of your own. Also, although you have crushed many people, you have never broken any of them to serve and obey you. No one has ever looked you in the eye and proclaimed, 'I submit' or 'I am your slave forever.'"

Evelyn suddenly became worried and tried to look over at Sam, but found that she could no longer turn her head.

"We have therefore concluded that you are just a sadistic, power-hungry, bitch who through money, drugs and influence has been able to hide the fact that she is by nature merely the lowliest of slaves."

Evelyn tried to take a sip of water to wet her suddenly dry mouth, but her hands would not move.

"Actually we knew this long before you ever began to speak." With that, the jurywoman took off her mask. It was Linda Martin. The other members of the jury began to take off their masks.

Fear gripped Evelyn as she recognized Stella and Gwen and Paula and Penny and David and Frank and Susan and Vicki and Toni and Diane and Joyce. A small, oriental woman walked in from the darkness. She stood directly in front of Evelyn. "It is pronounced 'Chee-ong'" she said, and then spat in Evelyn's face. As she moved back toward the darkness a young Chinese gentleman joined her and took her arm in his as they walked away together.

Sam got up from his seat at the judge's bench and walked out in front of Evelyn. "I don't think you realize, how fitting it is that you become a permanent part of SaM's place, Evelyn. After all, SaM's place exists because of you."

If her face had been able to move, Evelyn would have shown surprise and puzzlement. She had no idea what Sam was referring to.

He continued, "Long ago I decided to create a club for true masters based on revenge for wrongs done. All of the slaves here were once like you - people who thought themselves powerful just because they had money or position, but in fact they were nothing but sniveling slaves waiting to be put in their place. For a moment, I thought you recognized your old sorority sister - Delia was her name, wasn't it?"
Not all of Evelyn's muscles were paralyzed. She could feel her bladder emptying down her legs as her fear slowly turned to terror.

"All along, I had you in mind when I started this club, but until now, the time wasn't right. I had to build up the club slowly. I cultivated contacts with people who had money and power and, most of all, were in their hearts and minds masters of their lives, not just slaves who had been given power by their daddies or mommies. I helped them feel the satisfaction of a true master's revenge on a slave who does not know his or her place. Since the club has become known - or should I say has become infamous - I have had a few fathers turn in their own sons or daughters when they recognized what they had spawned. I also have had a few wives or husbands turned over to me for similar reasons."

"Originally I was judge and jury, but as I investigated your life, I found those whom you thought you had defeated, but had never conquered. They, too, were waiting for the right time to exact their revenge. They, too, could see the vison of SaM's place."

"Slowly I gathered together this jury. We judged each person carefully and only after much research, but we all knew in our hearts that each time we held court, it was you whom we were judging. It was you whom we were waiting for. It was you who fueled the desire for revenge within the depth of our being. As we waited for the time of revenge that must surely come, each of us put our money and our power and prestige behind the project until now SaM's Place is more powerful than any one person anywhere in the world."

The jury members took off their robes to reveal black leather outfits similar to what had been worn by the masters inside the club. They approached Evelyn and lifted her up from her chair. She tried to resist, but was unable to move.

Sam continued, "Isn't it ironic that you, who so often used drugs to subdue your victims, are yourself subdued by a drug. Actually, it is a rather complex drug made up of many different parts that have to be administered in a specific order. That is why the trial. That is why we kept you talking so that your mouth would dry out and you would keep drinking water. Each time I refilled your water glass, I was giving you a different dose of the drug. There are many effects from these drugs, but the most significant are that you cannot move, but can feel everything; your muscles will remain in any position we pose them, but will respond to pain or electric shock; you will soon be consumed with raging sexual need, but will never be able to climax; and perhaps most importantly, at all times your mind will be totally clear so that you can fully appreciate what is being done to you."

The members of the jury began to cut Evelyn's clothing from her body. Somehow she managed a desolate moan. After she was totally naked, they carried her to the center of the room where a large, strange-looking platform had been wheeled in. There were steel high-heeled shoes on the platform and a long, apparently hollow, pole extending up to slightly higher than Evelyn's waist. The tip of the pole was slightly tapered. One of the jury opened a small tube and began to spread some sort of clear lubrication on the tip of the pole. Then Evelyn was lifted up and impaled on the pole. When finally in place with the pole firmly in her ass, her feet were strapped into the metal shoes.

Next nipple clamps with a series of bells hanging from them were attached to each nipple and several strings of lights were wound around her. One end of each string was connected to something on the platform, the other end was connected to a large metal dildo which was pushed roughly into her cunt. Evelyn's eyes widened in fear as she realized that she was on a platform identical to the ones she had seen at the entrance to the club.

"Before you are set in place," said Sam, "I think there is something you should know. My name isn't Sam. It is Thomas... Thomas Barrington. After you got my dad fired, he began drinking very heavily. One day he couldn't take it any more and shot my mother and himself. I found them when I came home from school. Because of you, I lived through the hell of foster homes and institutions and the only thing that kept me going was the thought of this day of revenge. I have a doctorate in electronic engineering and several patents for some highly useful and lucrative items. That is how I became rich, but you are why I became rich. I became rich because I knew that I needed to be rich and powerful in order to find you and make you pay for every rotten thing that you did in your petty and insignificant life."

"Oh, and Evelyn, in case you think that someone is looking for you, you are not the only one with connections with Hollywood makeup artists. The security tapes of the parking garage will show you driving in and going up in the elevator to the restaurant next to the mall. It is also a rather exclusive club, but is more or less public. There you met a very handsome young man with whom you left a few hours later. In the morning you will call into work and say that you are taking some long-deserved vacation time. You and your new lover will fly first class to the Bahamas and after several marvelous days on the beach in full sight of everyone, you will fly from there to Africa for a safari adventure. Unfortunately, both of you will be killed in a dreadful accident shortly after embarking on your romantic adventure. The bodies will never be found."

Evelyn tried to comprehend what was happening to her and what Sam had just told her. He continued, "From this moment on, Evelyn Fitzpatrick no longer exists. Your slave name is 'Wendy.' Your slave number is '308.'"

He continued, "You may have noticed that we did not blindfold you. You will soon realize that this was not an oversight. We want you to see each person who comes into the club. I want you to look at true masters and learn your place as a true and utter slave. Hopefully someday you will be able to earn you way up to the kitchen or perhaps become a server or performer in the club. Until then...."

Sam pushed the platform into a niche in the wall. One of the jurymen lifted Evelyn's arms and placed them in the manacles which hung from the ceiling of the enclosure. Then Sam closed a glass door and Evelyn felt the platform rising into the darkness.

She tried to move, but could not. She tried to call out, but could not. Finally the platform stopped. All was dark and quiet for a long time when suddenly her body was wracked with pain as the lights began flashing and the bells hanging from her nipples began ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing.

The wall in front of her had become transparent and through the glass she could dimly see a group of people standing at the entrance to the club. One of them was Sam. The members of her jury accompanied him. All were dressed in lavish evening clothes. Linda was holding down the large, white doorbell button. After several minutes, which seemed like hours to slave Wendy, Sam laughed and reached up and gently pulled down Linda's arm. "I think they have heard us." he said. "Shall we go in?"

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