Safe Space

by earlofnexus

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Storycodes: M/f; FM/f; bond; vault; safe; naked; mast; trolley; catheter; enema; latex; catsuit; gag; hood; straps; sendep; cons; XX

Paul and Jen were a young couple looking for their first home together. They had searched long and hard for the perfect place and had one hard to fulfill requirement.

They were kinky and enjoyed bondage, and they wanted a space in their home that could become somewhere to enjoy themselves away from their vanilla lives, a part of the house if they could find it that was secure. They didn't really know what they wanted, yet they did.

Eventually they stumbled onto a listing for a place that was an old bank, nothing flash, but it had been converted into a home. The details said that it had been lovingly restored into the perfect home, but that the basement still had original features such as a safe and a strong room. They immediately wanted to see it.

When they arrived the property agent shook their hands and invited them in. It was a small property in a village, probably why the bank hadn't survived, and from the outside looked like a fairly normal brick built home.

Inside was a large kitchen, lounge, and upstairs a couple of bedrooms and a study. They asked about the basement, and the agent remarked "Ah yes, that's put a few buyers off, the old bank's safe and strong room are down there, and practically short of demolishing the home, there's no way to clear it out. So the property price had been reduced to reflect that. It would make a good storage space but it's not much use as another room". The couple didn't want to seem keen, Jen saying "Oh it's okay we have a load of junk from our parents homes we'll need to store so that's fine for us. Can we have a look?" The agent nodded and took them through a locked door in the kitchen that had a flight of stairs to the basement. There was a thick heavy door next, likely steel, that another key opened. This just be the strong room. It rattled and squeaked as it opened. Beyond it was total darkness, there were no windows. The agent fumbled for a light switch outside the room and with a click the single light illuminated the room dimly.

The walls were thick looking concrete lined in places with steel shelves. The floor was tiled. The space wasn't huge, you'd maybe fit a couple of cars into it if it were a garage. Then in the distance the safe, which looked to be big enough to walk into. "Does it open?" Paul asked. The agent looked at his hoop of keys and nodded. They walked over to it. The agent said there was a code and a key. He inserted the key and it wouldn't yet turn. He spun a dial on the front and entered a six digit code. Then after the sixth digit there was a clunking sound and he was able to turn the key. Then he grabbed a handle, wrenched it to one side and with a large squeak it opened. As the door swung open you could see it was thick steel, around 30cm thick if the door was any measure. Jen stood in it and grinned "I can keep my piggy bank in here!" Size wise she could stretch her arms fully without touching the sides, and it was tall enough to be stood up in with a little clearance. It was pretty much cube shaped inside. There were a couple of small vents at the back and Jen could feel a slight movement of air from them.

The walls of the safe weren't entirely smooth, with some threaded bolt holes in places, likely for installing shelves.

Jen left the safe and grinned at her partner "Shall we buy it?" and Paul nodded, turning to the agent, "We had an offer in mind…"

Offer accepted and the sale completed a few weeks later, they moved into their new home and got everything set up in their living space. It was a cosy house and with the offer they made they'd save thousands and were able to splash out on their furnishings. This included equipment for their new basement.

The first night they moved in Jen asked Paul a question. "I wonder what it would be like to be locked in the basement…"

Paul knew where this was leading. "Want to try it while I unpack some more?"

Jen beamed. "Yes please…"

They unlocked the basement stairs door and down they went. Paul unlocked the strong room door with a satisfying clunk of a key and Jen stepped in. "This ok for you?" he asked.

"Well, I mean, I'm pretty valuable aren't I… a thief might get into the strong room, but he'd find it harder to crack the safe code too…" She gave Paul those puppy dog eyes he adored so much. Jen had been fantasising about this moment ever since they'd found the property.

"I guess you're right. Can't be too careful now can we?" The safe was still open from their viewing, the agent hadn't locked it again. Paul ushered Jen into the safe.

She thought for a moment and started stripping naked. "I shouldn't need these in here." When she was finished she was completely naked. "Brrr, the metal is cold on my feet!"

"Ready?" he asked, and she nodded. Paul swung the door shut and cranked the handle. The thick bolts of the safe door shot into the walls of the steel safe. It echoed for a few moments inside. Then the clunk of a key turning and that was it. Locked. Paul shouted if she could hear him. Jen didn't hear anything so didn't respond. He assumed she was okay.

Inside Jen was in total darkness. She felt her way around the inside of the steel cube, a sexual shiver running down her spine. It was cool inside and as her skin touched the walls it gave her goosebumps.

There was a very slight draft from the vents at the back. Jen sat on the floor, legs crossed and closed her eyes. She felt so peaceful in here. It was so silent, no sound of passing traffic, no footsteps on the kerb, no birds, literally silence. She laid back and started to finger herself and in next to no time had an amazing orgasm. As the afterglow of it dimmed, she felt utterly helpless and it felt amazing. After a while she fell asleep curled up on the floor.

Paul unlocked the safe a few hours after Jen went in, and the clunky mechanism made her wake with a start. She hopped up and hugged Paul "That was amazing! We need to play some games with that!" He was pleased she liked it.

Life got in the way for a bit as they settled into their new home and eventually talk turned to what to do with their new basement.

Paul began "I was looking at the safe again and I think I can fit some bolts and hooks into the holes. They're standard fittings. We could secure you in there. The ventilation holes at the back seem to lead to the garage above so I'll get some power and stuff rigged up in here too."

They had recently come into some money which had afforded them to buy the house outright. Paul had a good job and Jen wondered about the practicalities of some long term games in the safe. If she didn't have to work, they could really try some hardcore kinky stuff.

"Do you reckon we could… do the long term kinky stuff we talked about? If you get the safe set up right?" Again the cute pleading eyes melted Paul.

"Yes, shouldn't be a problem. But baby steps remember. Or do you want to jump straight to the end as usual?" They laughed and she nodded. She was an impatient person.

A few weeks later Paul had modified the safe and they'd spent thousands on bondage equipment. They were determined to make this the best possible experience for Jen. She'd quit her job and was really excited to live out endless fantasies.

The strong room shelves were fully stocked. Jen walked through picking up and caressing all the items. She caressed the various huge gags that would silence her. She stroked the thick latex hood that would encase her head. She felt the weight of the latex suit that would be her second skin. There were straps, armbinders, steel chains. In some ways overkill given they had the ultimate inescapable safe. But still. There were going to be layers to all of this like an onion. She would be bound, inescapably. Then she would be sealed in the safe, inescapably. Then the strong room locked, inescapably. Then the door at the top of the stairs. Inescapably. Above which life would go on normally and nobody would be any the wiser that her sexy young body was in there. She felt her juices running down her leg.

Paul walked in on her as she stood in the centre of the safe staring into thin air and interrupted her daydream.

Paul and Jen had a best friend, Zoe, who was in on their fantasy and had agreed to help out. Paul worked away sometimes so they needed a failsafe. They were often mistaken for sisters as they were a very similar build, and facially similar too.

"Hey, you want to try some of this stuff tonight? Zoe's coming over shortly to eat with us, we could surprise her and maybe entrust her with some keys?" Jen heated up straight away "You mean trust her with the only single key we have to the safe? With me in it? I'll leave that up to you!" Secretly she loved the idea and Paul knew it.

Paul wheeled over something Jen hadn't seen before. It was a trolley used to restrain and move around mental asylum patients, like a wheelchair but you'd be stood up and strapped onto it. "Looks restrictive!" Jen quipped.

She removed all of her clothes and put them on the shelf. "Shall we go all out and let Zoe do the finishing touches when she arrives?" Paul grinned "She might like that".

He asked Jen how long she expected to be locked up as there were toilet needs to consider. Jen said as long as he and Zoe wanted, so yes they'd best cover that off.

Paul grabbed a catheter off the shelf and snapped on some latex gloves. Asking Jen to lay down he lubricated her urethra with some numbing gel then inserted the catheter, which he'd hooked up to a night bag with a long hose. Moments later she squeaked as it penetrated her bladder sphincter and her bladder emptied into the waiting bag. He inflated a balloon that kept the catheter lodged in her bladder. He tugged a little to make sure it was set in place.

Then her back end… amongst the things he'd set up was an automatic enema machine. It would once a day fill and empty her rectum. He had Jen turn over and again he lubricated the entrance and inserted a double balloon enema tube. This would seal it into her rectum and prevent any leaks. He would hook this up to the machine when she was in the safe.

Jen grabbed the latex suit and squeezed in some lubricant. She then slipped her legs in easily. It was an all in one suit so she had to wiggle her toes into the inbuilt feet. She lifted the suit to her waist and fed the tubes from her catheter and her rectum out through a purpose made hole in the suit. She continued to zip the suit up to her waist. She then fed her arms into the sleeves and wiggled her fingers into the inbuilt gloves. She then arranged the suit over her shoulders and finished zipping it up. She felt sexy standing there in her second skin.

Paul walked behind her and padlocked the zipper so it could not be removed. Jen rubbed her hands over herself but aside from a slight sense of pressure her second skin covering her hands and body gave little feedback.

She went to the trolley and stood in position. Paul strapped each limb in turn stopping at the shoulder strap. Jen wriggled and couldn't move. He wheeled her into the safe and placed her dead centre. Next he chained the trolley to the hooks he'd installed in the safe. There were four points of connection and everything was held taut. She tried to move the trolley but it wouldn’t budge an inch.

Zoe was now due and Paul went upstairs to fetch her. When she arrived her jaw dropped at the sight of Jen bound as she was and in the situation she was in. She hadn't until now realised what was down here. "Hey Zoe, glad you could make it," Jen smiled.

"Well you're in a bind aren't you! And looking at those tubes sticking out of you you're planning on it being for more than a few hours I guess?"

"Well, now I'm not working, I need to fill my time somehow!” Jen replied, “Paul, give Zoe the key…"

Paul wasn't sure, "It's our only one Jen, are you sure?" Zoe wondered what key it was. Jen nodded and Paul proceeded to fish it from his back pocket and handed it to Zoe. "This is the only key to the safe. If you lose it or don't give it back… Jen is stuck in there for a very long time. The safe has a combination but it also needs the key."

Zoe looked at Jen with a cheeky glare. "Mmm I could have fun with this couldn't I!" Zoe placed the key in the back of her jeans, down her arse crack.

Jen smiled and said, "I'll be under your control. Would you like to finish getting me ready?" Zoe nodded. "I still need a gag and a hood. Pick something from the shelves."

Zoe looked along the shelves and found a large ring gag. She dangled it in front of Jen and said, "You never know I might want to explore that mouth of yours at some point or shove something in it!" With that Jen opened her mouth wide and Zoe shoved the ring in and strapped it behind her head. Jen now just drooled and she tried to say thank you and it was more like 'tha oo'. Zoe picked up a heavy thick hood from the shelf. It had cutouts for the eyes, nose and mouth. She put it on Jen face first, then zipped it into place. It was a really tight fit. The hood masked the ring gag and it just looked like Jen's mouth was stuck open. Her eyes were wide watching Zoe.

Finally, Zoe strapped Jen's head to the trolley. She could no longer move her head around, or any part of her body at all.

Paul walked behind Jen and plugged in the enema machine, connecting it to Jen's plug. It was on a timer to run in half an hour's time, and at the same time every day.

Zoe poked her fingers into Jen's mouth, it was very moist. "Hmmm something needs to go in here …" she took the key from her arse crack and ran it around the inside of Jen's mouth. Jen noticed its metallic taste and thinking of where it had just been was turning her on. She put the key down the front of her panties this time. "Even safer, and juicier, here". Zoe was clearly enjoying this.

She selected a penis gag from the shelf. She inserted it through the ring gag and strapped it behind Jen's head. Double gagged. Jen tried to push out the intruder with her tongue and ended up making drooly noises instead. The front of her latex suit was dripping with drool. Her jaw ached already.

Zoe then backed out of the safe. "I won't blindfold you as I want you to see me lock you away. Then it'll be completely dark and as good as being blindfolded."

She was about to close the door when she noticed Jen's clothes on the shelf. "Hmmm I wonder…"

Paul wasn't sure what Zoe was planning here but she stripped completely naked and popped the key in the safe lock ready. Paul hadn't seen her naked before and barely hid his erection. She does look similar to Jen, he told himself.

"It's Friday night now. I could go for faking being you for a while. I've had a shitty week so Paul can maybe treat me to a meal out or something."

She took Jen's thong and slipped it on. "Ooh, been a while since I wore one of these. It's riding high." She put on her socks. Then she pulled Jen's tight yoga pants on. They had a sheen to them. Zoe stretched a bit "Mmm comfy". Then she took Jen's black t-shirt and slipped it over her head. "Mmm smells of your perfume! I'll check out what else you got later". She slipped on her sneakers next. Then finally there was jewellery and hair ties along with Jen's small bag.

"I'll just put your wedding ring on this finger… lovely necklace by the way… and those ear studs look expensive." Taunting her, finally she styled her hair into a ponytail, same as Jen typically wore, and held it in place with the hair ties. She reached into Jen's bag and rooted around finding makeup and a small mirror. She applied eyeliner and bright eye shadow just like Jen wore and after a few minutes Paul had to do a double take, it could have been his wife standing there to the untrained eye.

"There we go. Zoe's gone now. Say hello to Jen! You guys have barely been here a month so nobody will notice. Gives us scope to play more games!"

Lastly Zoe pulled Jen's purse out of her bag. "Driver licence looks like me. Bank card… what's your PIN?" Jen mumbled nonsensically behind the mask. "Oh never mind. I'll get it another time."

Jen watched on, turned on so badly but also wondering how far this game would play. Zoe grabbed the door handle. "Night night Jen. I'll look after your life for you while you're gone!" With that she slammed the safe shut and with the turn of a key that echoed through the safe, she was now alone.

Paul caught Zoe's arm "Wow you've pulled a blinder there. I wasn't expecting that!" Zoe grinned "Well I was half serious, maybe fully serious. I mean we look very similar. I could play at being your wife for a couple of days couldn't I? She'll be safe in there. Maybe feed and water her tomorrow but she's not expending any energy in there." Paul did like the idea and Jen would have no idea what went on the next two days. "Shall we find a restaurant? I fancy a first date," he laughed. They left the strong room locking it behind them, and exited the basement.

Jen meanwhile was in silence and wishing she had placed a vibrator or left a hand free for fingering. She was heating up after the show Zoe just gave, but had no release. It was a no-win scenario. She knew if she came she would want to be out of there so maybe it was best to literally stew in her own juices and enjoy the peace and relaxation the safe brought.

Upstairs Zoe had raided Jen's wardrobe and wore a fetching dress and heels. She attached the safe key to a necklace and it dangled between her breasts where she could keep it safe.

Back in the safe the enema machine kicked in and Jen felt her arse filling up. And up. And up. It was becoming unbearable then it stopped. For what felt like an eternity the machine held her bowels full of water. Then as quickly as it started, she felt the machine suck the water back out, with Jen following each glug with her own diarrhoea. All safely contained by the two balloons filling her arse crack. She felt her bladder convulse at the intruder in there and a trickle could be heard flowing into her large night bag. Then silence again. Minutes turned into hours. She lost all sense of time and fell asleep in fits and starts. Awoken by jaw pain then snoozing off again.

What if they didn't come back…

Zoe had a great meal at the restaurant and they went on to have some drinks. As they arrived home again Zoe planted a huge kiss on Paul which he reciprocated. "She's only a few metres below our feet you know," he said guiltily.

"Yeah and that makes it all the hotter. Let's go to bed, husband!" They fumbled into the front door and went up to bed, making out for a couple of hours, the key round Zoe's neck the whole time. At one point she took it off and fucked herself with it to orgasm. Then when they were finally spent, she tossed the key as hard as she could out the bedroom door and it clattered somewhere downstairs. They fell asleep.

Jen meanwhile was indeed oblivious. Must have been a day in here now. Or is it? Her jaw ached. She'd only had one enema so it couldn't have been 24 hours. She dozed off again aching for orgasm, feeling blessed to be in this position, but growing a little worried at how long she’d been in there.

It was actually morning and Zoe woke up first. She draped herself onto Paul and kissed him. "Morning."

Paul smiled, "Morning Jen." They both smirked.

Zoe felt for the key then remembered she'd tossed it out the door in a fit of passion last night. "Hmm I'd best find the key. I threw it out the bedroom door last night. I'd had the best orgasm ever at my friend's expense and I think I didn't want it to end. Just imagine if the key is now lost…"

Paul looked worried. "Don't joke about that!"

Zoe hopped off the bed and hunted for the key. Half an hour and they couldn't find it. "Let's have breakfast and try again then". A little later the doorbell went, it was Paul's brother. "Hey Paul, we need you at mum’s, small issue to sort." Paul wrote the safe code into a bit of paper and told Zoe to find the key then get Jen out while he was gone. Paul's brother spotted Jen in the kitchen, seemingly oblivious that it was Zoe. She knew this plan was flawless.

Paul went out and Zoe continued to hunt for the key. Another hour passed and eventually she found it behind a plant pot. She headed to the strong room and then on to the safe. Entering the code, she slipped the key in the lock and hesitated, before opening the door.

As the door creaked open she looked at Jen who was just where they’d left her. Her eyes squinted back at the light now pouring into the safe. Zoe walked up to Jen. “Paul’s gone out for a while, so I thought we could have some fun. Y’know, you look sexy when you drool. You look so like me, too, it’s uncanny really. How do you fancy swapping places? Maybe you can fool Paul and tell him you couldn’t find the key I almost lost before he went out…” Jen looked confused. “Oh, I threw your key over my shoulder last night while Paul and I were making love. In the throws of passion, you know.” Jen couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I imagine you might be a little pissed off, but I thought I could maybe let you exact revenge by giving me a turn in here?" Jen thought for a moment and agreed.

Zoe removed the penis gag first, and drool streamed out of Jen’s mouth. Zoe didn’t know why, but she leaned in to Jen’s face and licked up the drool then snogged her through the ring gag. It was a very wet kiss indeed. When she stopped and pulled back, Jen said “Ow coud yew with Pauw?” in a distorted fashion.

Zoe just smiled, “Because I was you for the night!" Jen threw her a stare that said fuck you. “Come on, let me get these straps off you.” A few minutes later, Jen was free and busy removing her rubber suit, whilst Zoe stripped out of Jen’s clothes until she was butt naked.

When Jen was done with her catheter and enema tubes, Zoe inserted them into herself, and also sneaked in a vibrator. When she was done, Jen tossed the suit over to her “There you go. It’s pretty sticky and moist in there already, so you should slide right into it. I still can’t believe you did that with Paul.”

Zoe slid her legs and arms into the suit, sliding them right into place. Jen zipped up her back, and locked the suit onto her. “Okay, I want you on that trolley now”. Zoe hopped on and Jen proceeded to strap every limb to the trolley, following them up with the click of a small padlock each time. She now wasn’t going anywhere and Jen had several small keys in her palm.

She then told Zoe to open her mouth wide, which she did, and Jen placed one of the small keys on her tongue. She told her to swallow it. Zoe grimaced as she followed through with the request feeling the tiny key go down her throat slowly as she did. She then fed the other keys one by one into Zoe's mouth until she had swallowed them all. "Okay, so that means you're sealed in that suit tied to this trolley for the next few days while they pass through you. Your own digestive system can be a timelock for you". Zoe looked a little defeated but equally turned on.

Jen then said, "Once I've locked you in here, I'll swallow the key to this safe, you can rest assured that you won't be seeing anyone for a few days, and the key couldn't possibly be safer than actually inside me." She smiled to herself, pleased with her idea.

Jen went out the main room and grabbed some things off the shelves. “First up, electric dog collar.” She strapped it to Zoe’s neck, and set the sensitivity to high. “Go on, how does that feel?”

“Yeah, it feels OWWWWWWW”, Zoe shuddered with pain. She tried to speak again “What the fuck OWWWWWWWWWWW”. She screamed. Which caused another shock. She remained silent after that.

Jen took the enema machine and hooked it up to the tube in Zoe's butt. She attached a bag to the catheter. Next she blindfolded Zoe and then placed her ring gag in her mouth.

Jen exited the safe, wishing Zoe a peaceful few days, then slammed the safe shut. She turned the key and it was locked. Jen tipped her head back, the key wasn't very small, and gulped it down, nearly gagging. After she regained her composure, her eyes watering a little from chugging down the key, she patted her stomach. Zoe was now stuck.

She dressed in the clothes left by Zoe, locked the strong room and went upstairs to wait for Paul.

Paul returned and asked Jen what her experience was like. "Oh I loved it. Sounds like you and Zoe had fun."

Paul blushed, "A little."

Jen rubbed her stomach and grinned. "She's safely stored away - making up for shagging you. The key is in my stomach."

Paul looked shocked "You didn't?"

Jen nodded, "It'll be a few days until she's out. I've not eaten for 24 hours. Here's hoping the key doesn't end up down the toilet."

Paul took Jen upstairs and they had hot passionate sex, imagining Zoe tied up helpless in their safe, the key to her release swimming around inside her belly. Her stomach gurgled. She imagined her stomach acid trying to digest her friend's freedom. Imagine if the key disintegrated and melted down to nothing inside her, her friend would be trapped forever …

Zoe, locked safely away, meanwhile revelled in being tied in her rubber suit. The power Jen had over her now was intoxicating


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