Safe Haven

by Lewd Lloyd

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© Copyright 2004 - Lewd Lloyd - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; enclosed; cons; X

Safe Haven
by Lewd Lloyd
Safe Haven by Lewd Lloyd

"Kera, can you step in here for a minute to take a letter?"  It was the familiar voice of Kera's boss Harry on the intercom.

"Be right there," she replied, picking up her steno pad.

Kera was the quintessential pretty secretary - gorgeous, in fact - even into her late thirties, and her stylish wardrobe was an asset to any office decor.

With her customary single knock, she entered Harry's office and seated herself in the large leather guest chair.

Harry got straight to business.  "This'll be to Smith and Dearborn..."  He was interrupted as the telephone rang.  "Just a minute."

Kera settled back in the chair and crossed her long slender legs.  While Harry was busy on the phone, she allowed her gaze to wander about the luxurious office.  Harry was president of the company, and every stick of furniture was a classic, made either of mahogany or cherry wood.

As usual, her attention was ultimately drawn to the wide open door of the vault in Harry's office.  This safe was not sophisticated enough for time locks, but the steel door was a good six inches thick, and totally soundproof.  Heavy steel bars protruded from the sides of the door, to be received into matching holes in the wall when closed.  Although intended to be a walk-in, the many floor-to-ceiling file cabinets left little room.

"Could a person fit in the remaining space?" Kera wondered for the millionth time.  She had developed a morbid fascination with the question.  Her best guess was that a person could indeed stand in the vault with the door closed, but that possibility raised a specter that she found deeply troubling.

"How terrible it would be to be locked in that safe!" she thought.  The smooth, featureless interior face of the door would offer not the slightest hope of escape to the hapless victim trapped inside.  Too horrible to contemplate, she pushed the thought from her mind.

Harry finished his call, and dictated the letter.  Before Kera could get up, Harry smiled and asked, "Do you think you could stop by after five today?"  Kera smiled back.

After hours, the appointment was never for business.  Harry and Kera had been enjoying clandestine trysts for several weeks.  It was a strange affair, having taken place entirely within the confines of Harry's private office.  But Harry was very nice, and quite good looking for fifty.  Kera knew he was married, but his relationship with his wife was minimal.  Kera assumed he stayed with her only for business appearances.  Kera wasn't looking for any big commitment, and Harry's expensive gifts had been nice.

"Sure!" she said.  "Sounds great!"

"Wear the new shoes then," Harry requested.  Her latest present had been a pair of very high heels, patent leather with ankle straps.  Kera nodded and returned to her desk.

That night, Harry was eagerly awaiting Kera's single knock.  "Should I lock the door?" she asked.

"Definitely," responded Harry with uncustomary enthusiasm.

Kera sat down in the same leather chair.  "If it's okay with you, I'd like to try something a little different tonight," Harry propositioned.  A curious look was Kera's only response.  Harry pulled a paper bag out of a drawer and placed it on the desk.

"What's that?" Kera asked.

"Oh just a few little things," replied Harry sheepishly.  "Bear with me.  First, I think you're a bit overdressed."  Kera smiled, stood up, and removed her shirt, bra, and skirt.  She was surprised when Harry stopped her at that point, leaving her in panties, pantyhose, and the new high heels.

"See if this is worth the money," Harry said as he removed a vibrator from the bag and handed it to her.  With an involuntary giggle, she carefully placed the device beneath her panties.

"How do you turn it on?" she asked.

"Never mind that for now," he replied.  "Would you step over here?"  A she moved toward him, he withdrew a set of handcuffs from the bag.

"Really?" she asked.

"Sure.  It'll be okay," Harry reassured her.  "Just put your hands behind your back."  She cautiously moved her arms behind her, and Harry applied the cuffs with exactly the right snugness.  He then produced a length of chain from the bag and placed it around her waist, locking it in front with a small padlock.

"How do you feel so far?" Harry asked.

Kera rotated her wrists against the unyielding steel of the handcuffs.  "A little nervous," she replied, "but very turned on!"

"Good!" said Harry as he produced another length of chain.  After attaching one end to the front of her waist chain, he pulled it between her legs and up to the center link of the handcuffs.  Applying a good degree of tension, he connected the chain with another small padlock.

"Oh wow," said Kera, feeling the sensation between her legs.

"A crotch strap," Harry explained.  "Some women like it a lot.  Can you tell why?"  Kera just smiled and gave a slight tug.  Harry glanced down at her panties.  "It's also good at holding 'other things' in place."

Kera glanced over at the door.  Although she trusted Harry completely, she realized it would take him some time to get her out of all this equipment.  "Does anyone else have a key to this office?" she asked.

"No.  Well, my wife does, but she never comes in to the office.  Certainly not after hours."

Kera's mind again returned to the safe.  "Does she have the combination to the vault, too?"

"No no, just me.  I have to have some secrets, don't I?

Harry turned his attention back to his biggest secret - Kera.  He produced the last item from the bag - a ball gag.  He held it up to her.  "It's up to you.  Do you want to go for the full effect?"

After only a moment's hesitation, her answer was a whispered but definite "Yes!"  He pushed the gag into her waiting mouth, and buckled it tightly behind her head.

Harry stepped back.  "You look absolutely fabulous!" he exclaimed.  By the way, take your shoes off for a minute."  Kera looked down at the black straps buckled around her ankles, then back up at the smiling Harry.  "Now you know why I picked that style."

"Do me a favor," he said.  "Walk around the room."  Harry watched intently as his tall, statuesque, half-naked, bound, gagged secretary made a proud circuit around the office.  When she returned, Harry knelt before her.  "Now let's try it this way."  His fingers found the vibrator's switch through her underwear, and turned it on.

"Mmmmmm," she purred.

"Go ahead," Harry coaxed.  "Do another walk-around."  Her gait on this second trip was much less steady, and the reason was obvious.

Just as she was returning, a voice called from the reception room!  "Harry!  Are you in your office?"

Harry's face looked as if he'd seen a ghost.  "It's my wife!" he screamed in a whisper.  He grabbed Kera's purse and her discarded clothing, rushed into the vault, and stashed them in a file cabinet.  "Quick!  Hide in here!  It's the only place!"  Kera froze, her mind unable to accept the scene unfolding before her.  The doorknob turned slightly.  "Hurry!  She has a key!  She'll be in here in seconds!"

Summoning all the force of her will, Kera stepped into the vault, and turned to face outward.  Harry reached his arm into the vault, and flipped a couple of switches.  The overhead light came on, and the faint whir of the emergency ventilating fan became audible.

"There, you've got light and air.  That's all I can do."  With that, Harry's face disappeared behind the door.  Kera's eyes bulged wide as the heavy door began moving toward her.  The hideous fate that she wouldn't wish on anyone in the world was actually happening - to her!  The door steadily approached her staring eyes until, with a resounding thud, it closed.  Waves of panic and excitement moved through the core of her being as she heard the guttural scraping of the huge steel bars of the vault door sliding into place.  The final faint whir of the tumblers sent Kera over the top.

She could scarcely comprehend the exquisite inescapability of her situation.  Harry was now the only person on earth who could rescue her from her steel tomb.  And for two reasons: he was the only person who knew she was there, and only he knew the combination.

She threw her head back and screamed into her gag as a massive orgasm shot through her like lightning.  She found that the cold steel of the vault door caressed her naked breasts unless she pushed herself back against the file cabinets.

Recovering somewhat, she opened her eyes, but the sight of the immovable steel door only inches in front of her face brought another orgasm surging through her bound body.  Keeping her eyes closed, she became aware that the spiked heels were growing desperately uncomfortable.  She tried bending her legs to relieve the pressure, but before it did any good her nylon-covered knees felt the smooth coolness of the vault door, and her body exploded in yet another piercing orgasm.

Just as Harry dropped into his chair, his wife burst in.  "Why was the door locked?" she demanded.

"You can't be too careful at night around here," he explained.  What brings you here anyway?"

"You do!" she barked.  "For weeks you've been saying you're going to take me out, and by God you're going to do it - right now!"

"Listen, this is a really bad time," Harry pleaded, trying not to look at the vault, "I'm really busy here."

"You're not going to be busy here any more if you don't take me out to dinner!  You may be president, but remember, it's my money and my company!"

Harry knew she was right.  The company and all its funds were in her name, inherited from her father.  That was another reason he couldn't be caught with Kera.  His wife could throw him penniless into the street if she wanted.  With a last wistful glance toward the vault door, Harry reluctantly escorted his demanding wife outside.

Harry sat white as a sheet at the restaurant as his wife ordered course after course.  "What, not hungry?" she interrogated.

For Kera, time had ceased to exist.  The totality of her predicament combined with the fiendish ministrations of the vibrator kept her in a state of almost constant mind-blowing orgasm.  She was no longer aware of her own gagged screams or of the convulsions of her body, witnessed only by the mute walls of the vault.

Harry and his wife finally arrived back at the office.  He was almost afraid to look at the desk clock.  Over three hours!  He gazed at the vault door.  It appeared, of course, exactly as he had left it hours ago.  But he knew that its stony silence belied the desperate passions and raging torrents of emotion behind it.

"Well, you were a big dud as usual tonight," his wife reprimanded.  "I wish I hadn't even come."

"You and me both!" Harry screamed in his mind.  She departed abruptly.  Harry followed to make sure she got on the elevator and descended to the parking level.  He raced back to the vault, dialed the combination, retracted the bars, and slowly pulled the door open.  Kera slumped forward into his arms.

"I'm so sorry," he winced.  "I couldn't get rid of her."  He half-carried Kera to the chair, and quickly removed all of her restraints.

With labored breathing, she slowly opened her eyes.  "Are you all right?" Harry asked desperately.  "It must have been horrible in there!"

Through a semiconscious post-orgasmic haze, Kera smiled up at him and panted, "Not as bad as you'd think."