An Unlikely Dance Partner

by Bucky Goldstein

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© Copyright 2019 - Bucky Goldstein - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; cons; X; rom; bond; toys; tease; denial; rope

When he had read the email Bucky had almost laughed out loud:

How are you doing? I have been thinking about you. Ihave been so stressed all day and so worried Babe.I have issues here. It is hard to speak out and right now.. I'm Kind of in a financial bind at the moment. My arts and antiques been finally signed and approved for shipment by the Customs. It's good news for me but I am really worried. I am so cash trapped and I just don't know what to do now Babe. I will be very grateful for your kind assistance so i can clear the customs. I'm in dire of $850 to balance up charges. Soon as I can get the customs cleared, I will be returning to the States and I can't wait to meet you and share sweet memories. I'm very sorry for bringing my burden on you. I'm just in dire need. I will appreciate your kind help towards this as I'm so worried right now. I don't want to stay longer here. I can't wait to meet you soon. Lots of Hugs and Kisses x

They had started communicating on an internet website for “connecting” with those who had possibly the same kink. In this particular case “Karen” had claimed to have a spanking fetish that from her description appeared to be more of a need than a desire. She claimed to be able to orgasm while being spanked. She preferred an over the knee position, and to be spanked with an open hand. Her emails had tweaked his interest immensely. She had also claimed to be an art dealer, currently in India on a buying trip of Indian rugs and art work.

What had been laughable was that this email was so blatantly a scam that he just couldn’t resist replying:

One of my responsibilities in my work is dealing with internet fraud, and this email stinks of it. I wish you the best, but please be aware that I am on the defensive until we meet. Money is off the table.

He had not heard anything since sending this reply over a week before, although he thought he had left the door open at the end should this actually be valid (which he very much doubted). He no longer expected a reply.

It had all started when he had seen her photo on a list of website members online looking for others interested in finding others who they might share their kink(s). In her case she posted that she was looking to explore her kinks for the first time. Her post listed that she was a 37 year old woman from the south central U.S.. She appeared to be quite pretty.

He had sent her a message through the website that she should check out his newly listed story on Gromets Plaza in the bondage section.

A few hours later she had replied with an email address.

He had looked at the email address, and remembered it, but had not sent an email.

The next morning he checked out her message again, only to see her profile had been deleted.

He thought to himself, ‘why not’ – and sent an email anyway.

I see your account has been deactivated. Do you still want to be contacted?

I am xx yrs. old, today is my birthday, as mentioned in my profile. Note - you are the very first person I am contacting "offsite," a gift to myself.

What would you like to know? I will always answer truthfully (but maybe not completely). :-)


A Reply had followed about 8 hours later:

Happy Birthday Bucky! This is my first trial meeting someone online. I’m pretty new to this. Can you tell me more about you? When was your last relationship? Do you have Kids? Live alone? What do you do for a living? Actually, I have never tried much of the lifestyle except vanilla, I just want a bit kinky lifestyle in a long term and happy relationship. I love exploring and trying new things. I like spanking, blind folding, I love oral and i love to give and make my partner happy. I don't do piss, scat or blood. I believe a slave must be willing to relocate, a slave should feel appreciated, protected, cared for and owned! No unwanted abuse or unpleasant surprises. I believe sexual fetishes (if any) will be respected and encouraged without judgement or negative condemnation! Slaves limits (if any) will always be respected. Sometimes, I believe that the slave can go a little further but parameters of limits and taboos are always taken into account and should be respected. I like bowling,fishing,camping,cooking and I love arts and antiques.I like the outdoors, I do not smoke, I seldom drink maybe a few Tequila shots. I love walking hand in hand. I'm a self employed dealer in arts and antiques. Antiques are a passion with me and I go to different sales looking for ancient arts/antiques. I have a big collection of native Indian art. Do you like arts? Can you email some pictures? I believe age is just a number and what matters is the feelings we share and have for each other. I like playing piano, I adored Barry Manilow, Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney. I love listening to his songs. My favorite song artist is Dave Gilmour. I like all types of music, oldies, smooth jazz, classical, some opera,soul music. I live in . Presently, I'm at the arts exhibition ground in Bangalore, India to see some arts collection, I will be returning to the States soon. This Is my first time in India. I would rather we do emails for now because our time zones are different if that's okay. I really hope for the best of a happy relationship. I'm looking for a sincere, loving and happy relationship with a loving and caring man for me, someone we can spend the rest of our lives happily as one. Hope we end up being a great match!

In addition to the message were two photo’s of the same woman in different black dresses, she was quite pretty. Thus began a exchange of information about each other that mentioned nothing about sex for the first three days. On the third day he posed a question to her, “Did you by any chance see “Dior” at the Louvre last year (2017)? To which she replied that she had (the exhibit had run for about 5 months).

On day four he had received an email that it had been her birthday, and had he forgotten (she had never told him her birthdate), her profile online no longer existed for him to check what it was. He had replied from his work on the phone quickly that he was at work, and short and to the point “HAPPY BIRTHDAY." Later that day as a birthday present he had sent her a copy of a still unpublished chapter that had been submitted to Gromets Plaza, as a Word attachment to an email. The next day she claimed not to have been able to open the chapter, and that her computer she was traveling with was bad. He sent the entire chapter in the body of an email.

The next day he finally decided to break the ice:

Sex - here we go.

I was surprised how repressed the Indians are, considering they wrote the Kama Sutra, and the temple in Kjajuharo.

You are into spanking. There is a young woman on online who is seriously into spanking. She claims to be able to orgasm just by being spanked. Are you so fortunate, or is spanking just foreplay for you?

Do you use Ben-wa balls? If not, why not? :-)

Are you noisy during foreplay and orgasms? If you are, how do you feel about gags? If not, how do you feel about gags? :-)

Are your orgasms vaginal, clitoral or both?

Have you ever had an orgasm while restrained?

And thus they began an exchange of particulars about her sexual responses to stimuli, and desires. She had a serious spanking need, and a blindfold desire, while he has primary desires to restrain, female edging/orgasm denial, followed by forced orgasms. He had already begun to map out their first meeting, which would start with a lunch of Indian cuisine where they could talk about India and art. After a good long chat they would retire to a place where he would put her over his knee and spank her to orgasm, from there they could slowly begin to explore their different fantasies, the thoughts were getting vivid in his mind.

Then came the request for money, and he knew immediately that had all been a set up for a scam. It had taken 6 days to get to the request for money – he had thought this was going to come earlier, but was not surprised when it came.

Three weeks later an email arrived around 12:30 AM on a Saturday with, “are you Bucky Goldstein?” in the subject area. In the body of the email was one simple question, “did you really see the Dior exhibit at the Louvre?” He didn’t see the email until the following morning.

Bucky was intrigued, there was only one person he had told he was both Bucky and had been to see Dior. He sent a short reply, “I am. Where do you live? How did you get this information?”

The reply came the next day:

I live in San Francisco.

A friend had received the “third chapter” you wrote from a friend, and then showed it to me. I forwarded it on to my email, and have read it over and over again starting three nights ago. The email I received included previous correspondence between you and someone named “Karen." Everything you wrote appealed to me; you appear to be a thoughtful partner. I think I want to get to know you, would that be okay?

I am looking at pictures of the Dior exhibit. It looks to have been beautiful.

Things had just gotten interesting, she knows enough about me that she knows Bucky has kinks, and that his idea of “play” was much different from those portrayed in film or in magazines. She knew he was interested in at most a play partner, not a slave. He was already intrigued.

Bucky sent an email later that same day late afternoon.

Do you live in San Francisco, on the peninsula, in Marin or in the East Bay?

I can assure you that “Dior” in photos does not even come close to having seen it in person. There were things in that exhibit you had to experience on site.

Just to make sure, you have read the email where I state that I am happily married, and will not do anything to threaten my marriage.

The reply came back 30 minutes later:

Yes, I live in the city.

I am so jealous, that looks to have been quite an exhibit. I would like to talk to you about it someday.

Yes, I read about your marriage in the other exchange. It was one of the things that drew me to you; you appear to have a happy successful marriage. I will do nothing to hurt that. I am assuming this means we will not have sex – also very comforting to have that dynamic removed.

Bucky was now playing for keeps; he sent a one sentence reply:

Do you own a black ball gag?

The reply came back 5 minutes later:

I do not.

Bucky smiled to himself, as he wrote his reply:

You know a great deal about me, I know nothing about you. It is time to even the playing field. Go buy a black ball gag, there are plenty of places in the city you could buy one. You have 2 hours to email me that you have one. If you do not write back that you have one within 2 hours this conversation will be over. I will block your email at 2 hours.

The reply came back at about one hour fifteen minutes from when he sent the email;

I have a black silicone ball gag.

Bucky smiled mischievously - thinking to himself, ‘this is going to be fun!” He sent a reply:

Take a picture of where you are right now, and send it to me.

A picture of what appeared to a park near downtown arrived.

Very good, now send me a selfie with the same view holding up the gag beside your head. You have two minutes to reply.

A picture arrived 95 seconds later with a young Asian woman holding up a black ball gag beside her head with the view of the previous photo in the background. He replied again;

Very nice. Now put the gag in your mouth, let the straps hang, and send me another. You have two minutes.

He had learned his lesson, he wasn’t going to give her time to Photoshop what he was asking for. Another picture of the same young woman with the gag in her mouth arrived, the straps hanging down from the gag, it arrived in less than a minute. He already had his reply ready to go:

Very good. Just two questions and your day with me will be over. What is your name? How old are you?

This time the reply came back in about two minutes:

Emma I am 23 years old.

Bucky closed down his computer, smiling to himself. If he left his computer on, he would have to fight the urge to continue emailing. It had been a good first introduction, now he would let her mind play with what she had just done.

Emma was freaking out, what the hell had she done!!!!

She had sent a photo to a complete stranger of herself with a BALL GAG in her mouth! She didn’t do things like that. She was a good woman, with a good job, who was going to start an MBA next year, she had already been accepted. She couldn’t believe what she had done! What if those photos got out? Damn these Ben-wa balls, she had been wearing them on her trip to get the ball gag and they were making her “hot."

She had spent that night tossing and turning. She was alternating between trying to sleep with the lights out, and re-reading both the email exchange and story she had sent to herself from her friends computer, and the email exchange she had with a person she had never met looking for any sign he was a fake. She was swinging between terror and lust, she wasn’t sure which was winning.

The email had come to a friend of hers from another friend who was in a computer security course at an Ivy League school. The class had been discussing how easy it was to “hijack” a person’s photos, create an online profile, and convince someone to send money using “canned responses." A study group she was in decided to run an experiment, to see how easy it would be to get someone to send the money for themselves. It had started out as a laughable experiment, and then one email arrived that changed everything. Emma had read the email, forwarded it to herself when her friend was in the bathroom, and deleted all traces she had forwarded the email from her friends computer.

She had heard from her friend that 95 percent of the message board responses had been basically, “show me your tits," “show me your pussy (or other less delicate words), or “send me nude photos," some even sent one sentence fantasies of various sex acts they would like to perform on/in her - pigs. They had responded to many of these with canned responses, and even gotten a few hooks where guys were indicating they were willing to send the money. Then just after they had closed down the profile they had created came the email to their alias email address from “Bucky Goldstein."

The email had been completely different from anything they had received. First of all the guy could write; complete sentences, and paragraphs that stayed on subject. Even more out of the norm this guy appeared to be genuinely interesting. He travelled; he liked all kinds of music, and didn’t immediately change the subject to “fucking." She had read the exchange between the modified “canned responses” and Bucky, the guy was multidimensional, and when it later came to sex, appeared to be genuinely interested in getting as much information about “Karen” as he could, to help satisfy her kink. Then he sent the “Chapter Three” email, reading it she had thought he had written it just for her. Upon finishing it the first time she read it she had immediately went to “Gromet’s Plaza” and read the first two chapters. She couldn’t believe what she was reading, the guy was playing on fantasies she had had for years. It was like he was reading her mind - with embellishments she knew she would love to try.

Bucky’s next email had arrived while she was in the middle of rereading Bucky’s story online. As she read the new email she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Damned if this guy wasn’t anticipating her thought process! Even worse, she loved a good challenge, and this looked like one she could really enjoy! ‘Oh Gran, what am I getting myself into’ she thought to herself as she started writing.

For years Bucky had rarely slept no more than six hours in a night, this night was no exception. At 3:15 in the morning he started his computer to look at the photos she had sent.

What he saw in her first photo was a relatively pretty Asian young woman, what he saw in the second photo was a slight wariness mixed with a tinge of lust in her eyes.

Hello Emma,

Did you get any sleep?

Fear not, your photos stop here.

It is a pleasure to meet you. Before we go further I would like to know more about you. Tell me about yourself. What music do you listen to? What are your favorite books? What kind of food do you like? What are your favorite ways to exercise? What is your ideal evening out? Did you go to college? If so, what subjects did you enjoy? What was your major? Do you plan to continue your education? The challenge will be in writing this in a way to give me lots of information, but at the same time not giving away anything that could easily identify yourself. Please take this challenge to heart.

I assume you have read my other two chapters, what did you think?

Note – I love chicken feet.

Looking forward to your reply.



Bucky received Emma’s reply in the middle of the evening of that same day. He was reading in bed at the time the email came in. He opened it as soon as he saw who it was from. The email was beyond his expectations, she knew how to write! And write she did, there was a lot to read, yet she was giving nothing that would identify who she was.

There appeared to be about 3 pages she had written. She was a college graduate. She had not gone to college within California. She had enjoyed much of her studies. She was working. She had been accepted for postgraduate studies. She lived at home, mostly because San Francisco was too damned expensive. She enjoyed eating many kinds of cuisine, and appeared to have a diverse pallet. She was surprised that he liked Chicken Feet (so did she). Her favorite composer was Mozart. She played piano and violin, but not well. Her sports were volleyball and tennis, in the winter she liked to snowboard. She enjoyed spending Saturday mornings at a local coffee shop having her favorite coffee and a scone, while trading messages from her college friends now living around the planet. She had just finished her first year out of college, and was looking forward to her first travelling vacation as a working adult with a couple of her girl friends (she had her own money!). She did not have a boyfriend at the moment. She stated she wasn’t a virgin, but that her experience was strictly “vanilla." She had a deep desire to experience what she had read in his stories, it appealed to her in ways she said she could not describe. As a note at the end she included that she had recently bought, and was using, Ben-wa balls, followed by a smiley face. Thus began a daily correspondence that would eventually lead to their first meeting.

A few days into their email exchanges Bucky raised and answered the question of emotional involvement.

Hi Emma,

A subject I need you to consider, emotional involvement. Regardless of what you may think we are each beginning to form bonds to each other. I want to be sure they are ones that won’t hurt either of us.

This is actually best described by my wife. She has a good friend from her time before me who she loves to dance with (which is surprising, because I can’t dance with her), and more so - he loves to dance with her. The two together have one hell of a lot of fun on the dance floor.

They were at a wedding before I met my wife, he with his current girlfriend, my wife alone. When the music started they both started dancing, and they both got into a “groove” that just kept going, one song after another. Later in the evening my wife was cornered in the bathroom by the girlfriend who accused her of trying to steal her “guy." My wife tried to explain how she was only dancing with him, the relationship was going no further. The other woman didn’t understand that this was one thing they both shared with each other and had for years, but it was the only thing.

This is how I envision our relationship. Yes, we know and respect each other in other ways, but what we are really going to do (hopefully well) is “dance” for an afternoon or evening.

Does that make sense to you? You will be/are a respected dance partner, but the relationship will not progress further as an emotional bonding. Whether you tell your friends about this is up to you. This is not something I will ever discuss with anyone else, they would not understand the dynamic, they only see/hear the word “sex” - and their minds are made up.

Emma suggested it first. At the end of a long email about bondage Emma had added a single sentence paragraph. “Do you think we could meet?”

Bucky had smiled upon reading that. He had wanted her to suggest meeting, as he knew she may feel more comfortable having made the overture.

Bucky sent her back a simple reply. “Lunch and an orgasm (or 5)? :-) Do you know a noodle shop named in the Avenues on Judeah?”

Emma’s reply had come a few minutes later, ‘Yes! I love that place! Could we meet about 11:30 on Saturday?’

Bucky’s eyebrows shot up, Saturday was only a couple of days away (he had thought she would say a few weeks out). Not a lot of time to prepare, he would have to get the needed items together quickly, including a space for some privacy – he thought he had just the space. Bucky replied a little while later, ‘short notice, but somehow I think I could make that work. Emma, do yourself a favor, wear a swimsuit under your clothing, I don’t care if it is a bikini or a one piece. Bring your ball gag. Be using your balls! :-)’

Her reply had come a short while later, ‘I will see you then. :-)’

Bucky had arrived about 10 minutes early, he looked around the restaurant, and didn’t see Emma. He got a table for two and waited. He saw Emma approaching the front door a few minutes after being seated. She was wearing a loose fitting sweater and an almost floor length skirt, she looked quite pretty, or at least she did to him. As she walked in she smiled seeing him waving at her. As she approached the table he said , “Hi Emma," she continued walking up to him smiling, saying “Hi Uncle Bucky!” and she gave him a hug. As she hugged him she whispered in his ear, “these balls are driving me crazy."

Bucky quickly whispered back, “good girl." They seated themselves, and ordered a bowl each of Seafood Ramen when the waitress came. Emma looked into his eyes and said, “So, tell me about Dior at the Louvre” (she is testing me, he thought). Thus began a conversation that lasted them through the entire meal. It turned out that Emma had been to the Louvre, but was not aware of the “Musee des Arts Decrotifs” attached to the Louvre. Bucky explained how his wife was a huge fan of this museum, and how they had visited it probably a half dozen times over the years before seeing Dior. When they weren’t eating they were talking about art, and the Dior exhibit.

They finished eating about 12:30. The restaurant was busy, Bucky could tell the restaurant staff wanted the seats they were in for another seating of patrons. Bucky put down enough money to cover the two meals and a nice tip for the waitress. They both got up to leave at the same time.

When they got outside Bucky said, “I have a Studio space in SoMa, would you like to see it?”

This was decision time for Emma. She thought for a moment, smiled up at him and replied, “Are we going to dance?”

Bucky smiled warmly, “Yes, I would love to dance with you”," with this he led Emma to his car.

Once Emma was seated in his car with her seat belt on, she pulled her skirt up above her knees, reached under and fiddled with her underwear. A moment later her hand came out with a pair of very moist steel balls, “I believe you wanted me to hand these to you," she smiled placing them in his hand.

Bucky’s eyebrows rose as he took them, “curiouser and curiouser” he mumbled.

They had arrived to an area of South of Market (SoMa) that was one of the more remote sections to downtown and other surrounding desirable neighborhoods to the SoMa area. He had gone to the back of his car, opened it, and grabbed a black backpack - she smiled when she saw the pack. He opened the door to a stairwell entrance, they went up three stories to the top floor of what was obviously an industrial building. There was a central hallway they walked down, and stopped at the second to last door on the left. He opened the door, and as she crossed the threshold her breath caught. What had been an industrial building outside this door was a beautiful one bedroom apartment on the inside.

“At one time this was home. This is mine, for the most part it just sits empty. We moved out of the city over 2 decades ago. I keep it for friends visiting the city and those days when problems happen with BART going home. There is a bathroom to your left, and the bedroom at the front of that same side. We’ll stay out here.” He turned to her, “Do you have your ball gag?”

She opened her purse and pulled out the gag.

“Very good, buckle it around your neck, just let it hang.’ She put the gag around her neck buckling it in front, then moved the buckle to behind her neck, the ball resting just below her neck. He had opened his backpack and had pulled out two pairs of leather cuffs.

“We are only going to start with wrist cuffs, would you like me to put these on?”

She smiled, “yes, please," and walked over to him extending out her right arm. He carefully attached each cuff, being sure the cuffs were tight, but not so tight as to cut off circulation.

“Ok. Let’s sit and talk about what we are about to do.” They sat down across from each other in the living room section of the apartment. “First off, we are going to start off simply today, you need to get used to restraint slowly, I am not a believer of throwing someone into the “deep end” hoping they can swim. Today is going to be much like the chapter one that you read, with a couple of variations I’m hoping you will enjoy.”

“To reiterate no piss, scat or blood. I am not into “marking," I will not do it. As this is your first time being restrained we will keep this simple, for the most part that gag around your neck will stay right where it is, unless you ask for it. If you are ever gagged your safe sound is three grunts succession. If I hear that, or “red," all play immediately stops - and we get you freed up as quickly as possible. If you need to slow down, or catch your breath you may say “yellow” at any time.”

“Do you by any chance know what your preferred post sex requirements are? A drink, food, to be hugged and held, or possibly to be left alone?”

Emma thought for a moment, then replied, “I don’t know."

“Okay, we will play that by ear. Maybe we can figure that out together.” He smiled, “are you ready to get started?”

“Yes, please," Emma smiled and stood up. She reached for the hem of her sweater and quickly pulled it over her head.. She was wearing a one piece swimsuit underneath.

“Before we get you restrained, do you need to use the restroom?”

She thought for a moment, “yes, please." ‘So very polite,’ he thought to himself.

He pointed to the bathroom door, she walked into the bathroom, turned on the light, and partially closed the door. “I can retain some sense of modesty for the time being. I have a feeling that by the end of the day you will probably know me more intimately than anyone ever has in my entire life.”

When she came out she had removed the skirt as well, which she carried in her hand. She had a nice body, her breasts were normal sized breasts, not too big - a handful. She had a nice butt.

“Okay, climb up on the table and kneel, sitting on your feet.

The table was covered with a cloth; she could tell climbing on it that there was padding beneath the cloth covering it. When she was seated on the table he went behind her, “both wrists behind your back."

When both wrists were behind her back he clipped them together with a double ended clip. He then walked around back in front of her.

“May I touch you?”

She laughed, “yes," thinking to herself ‘what an odd question considering what he is about to do to me’..

He reached for her knees, and spread them apart about 8 to 10 inches. “Are you comfortable?”


He walked over to his backpack, opened it and retrieved a large rechargeable wand. He walked over to her, and positioned it between her legs so it was firmly touching her crotch. He turned it on to its lowest level.

“I am going to start turning the intensity up. Tell me when you like it.” Every 4 seconds her pushed the button to increase the intensity. On the 4th click she sighed with a “hmmmmm” sound, “one more please." He clicked again. “That’s good,” she said.

“Your first orgasm whenever we meet is free, that will give your body a reset. After that you do not orgasm without my approval, do you understand? She looked at him with a happy light in her eyes, “Yes, I understand."

“Is that vibe level good for you, or would you like another click?”

“I think I am okay.” She closed her eyes. Her breathing was getting deeper, her hips were beginning to move to find an ideal position against the vibrator. Her nipples had become erect under her swimsuit, he reached up and rubber them for a moment. She made a “mmmmmmm” sound and smiled as he did. He took note of her hip movements and where she ended up against the vibrator.

It took a bit over three minutes when she had her first orgasm. She gasped as it hit her, then moaned deeply. Her hips were rocking and her body started quivering. “Oh my god” she moaned happily. He waited 30 seconds more, then turned off the wand.

He let her catch her breath. She eventually smiled, and opened her eyes. “I have never felt an orgasm like that before.” He moved directly in front of her, and looked her in the eyes. “Do you want to continue?”

“Oh, yes! Please!”

He walked behind her, and unclipped her wrists. “Okay, take a break, and stretch. Get some water, there are some snacks in the fridge, if you want a hug I am here.” She walked over to him, put her arms around his waist and held him. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and responded in kind, he just simply held her using about the same amount of force she was using. When she was ready she looked up at him, kissed his cheek and broke apart.

“I think I am good."

“Okay. Time for the ankle cuffs.” He kneeled down and put a cuff on each ankle, they were equally as tight as the ones on her wrists. As he was putting on the cuffs he told her to drop the top of her swimsuit. She shrugged out of the suits shoulder straps and pulled the suit down to her waist. When he finished the ankle cuffs he sat back and looked at her, she had beautiful breasts. He instructed her to put her hands behind her back again, reaching around he clipped her wrists together again.

He reached up to her waist on either side and took a firm grasp of each side of her swimsuit. He looked into her eyes, “what is your safe word?”

She smiled warmly, “Red”

“And what if you want me to slow down?”

She giggled, “you know I have imagined you asking that since I first read chapter 1. Yellow."

He started pulling down on her swimsuit, it came down easily. He smiled at her, and she right back at him.

When the suit hit the floor she stepped out of it.

“Okay, back up on the table sitting on your feet in a kneeling position.”

She climbed back up on the table and sat on her feet in a kneeling position. He unclipped her wrists, and attached them to each sides corresponding ankle cuff. She tested her bonds and smiled, “this is just as I imagined it would be."

He reached for her nipples, and started squeezing, “let me know when it starts to hurt." It took about 15 seconds before she gasped, she appeared to have an average pain threshold.

”Do you want the nipple suckers?”

“Yes, please. I want to know if reality is as good as my imagination.”

He opened up a zippered pocket of the pack, and pulled out two suckers. He held one to her lips for her to moisten it, and then attached it. Then he did the same with the other one. When he was finished, he stepped back. She looked down at them, and then wriggled her upper body appreciating them just being there. She looked up at him, and smiled happily. “They feel nice, a bit tingly."

She was expecting him to start playing with her breasts, but instead he walked to his backpack and pulled out a box and a clear plastic package with what appeared to be a colorful dildo with a few large ridges on it.

As he was doing this he asked her, “I have to know, what made you send me that first email?” He opened both packages, the other had a glass dildo as well. He then walked over to the sink in the kitchen and started cleaning them.

“I guess I would have to blame it on my grandmother."

“Okay… That needs some explaining”

“Just before my grandmother died she said to me one afternoon, “there are going to be rare times in your life when an opportunity will present itself to you that everything you know and have been taught says loudly ‘NO!’ yet something in your very core says even louder ‘YES!’ In those rare times, know that if you pick yes that I will be cheering for you, and watching with a big smile on my face hoping it turns out at least as well as you hoped.”

When I read your chapter, and saw your email address in your correspondence I knew this was what she had been talking about. This is the first time I have experienced what she spoke of. Everything I know tells me I shouldn’t have sent that email, but in my core I knew I wanted to so very badly.”

“She sounds like she was quite a lady."

“She was, and if I may,” she gazed up, looking through the ceiling, “Thank you Gran, you were right!”

“What was her birthday, do you know?”

“I don’t, but I can easily find out.”

“Do, we could celebrate her birthday with a dinner, to show respect for her. I am very big on celebrating the memories of those who have significantly affected us.”

“I think she would like that.”

When he was done washing he came back to the table where she was, and placed the dildos down beside her. He then went back to the pack, and pulled out a couple of long artists paint brushes, a bottle of lubricant and a smaller bottle of clitoral stimulant, and a pair of black nitrile gloves. As he put the gloves on she said happily, “oh good, its play time!”

“Torture comes in many forms, this afternoon we are going to play with pleasure as a torment.” He walked back to her and removed each nipple sucker, and lightly brushed each nipple in succession. She was surprised how sensitive they had become. For the next few minutes he lightly stroked the underside of her breasts and her nipples. Her breathing deepened as he played.

He then raise both hands up to just above her breasts and started pushing, she knew she was going to end up on her back and didn’t fight it. Once she was laying on the table her grabbed her waist and positioned her on the table so her butt was near the edge. He looked between her legs and smiled, raising his eyes up to hers.

“So you want me to shave you, do you?”

“I have fantasized of this since I read your story, yes please, with the landing strip."

He went into the bathroom and got a towel, then walked back to her and placed it spread out under her butt. He reached into his backpack and pulled out his electric razor, and in short order she was hairless- except for a half inch wide landing strip above the pussy. He lifted the towel being careful not to spill any hair, and carried it back to the bathroom It wasn’t very long before she heard the toilet flush.

He walked back into the room with the towel, and placed it beneath her butt, then grabbed the clitoral stimulant, and placed a drop on his middle finger. He then moved that finger to her clit, and slowly rubbed the liquid into her clit for the next minute.

“You get to be a test subject today. I have never used this clit stimulant before, how does it feel?”

“I can feel it tingling."

He turned around, grabbed a chair, pulled it to just in front of her, sat down and then reached over to one of the brushes. He poured some lubricant on the brush. He then slowly began to stroke her pussy with the brush. As time went along he concentrated more and more on her now engorged clit. 10 minutes later she asked to cum, he stood up, smiled at her and said “no." He then started playing with her nipples, pulling them, lightly pinching them, and occasionally sucking them.

To Emma it seemed like forever, yet it had only been a half hour when he picked up the thinner of the two dildos. He first inserted his middle finger into her vagina, and felt for the rough area on the roof of her vagina for her g-spot. Once he found it, he pulled his finger out and inserted the bulbous end of the dildo just far enough that the bulb end would be in direct contact with her g-spot area.

“Okay, we are now going to try playing with your g-spot. I need you to tell me if this hits a really sensitive spot as I move this around.”

“I’m not sure if my g-spot is sensitive, but yes.”

He then slowly started pumping the dildo just a little in and out as he tried to touch different areas of her vagina with the dildos head. It was about a minute and a half later when she suddenly gasped, “right there." He smiled mischievously and started concentrating the bulb on that spot. A minute later she asked to cum, “no” he replied, and pulled the dildo out. Now he knew another trigger spot to torment. She rested her head back on the table, closed her eyes and growled. She wanted to cum so badly, he was beginning to play her body like a violin.

45 minutes later she was sweating up a storm, she still hadn’t cum, and she was now at the point of begging for an orgasm.

“You really want to cum?” He smiled, a grin so evil she should have taken note.

“YES! I really want, I NEED to cum.”

“Okay, prepare yourself”, he reached for the unused large ribbed dildo, put a few drops of lubricant on its head, and inserted it all of the way in. As he did so her eyes flew open, “oh my god, that thing is amazing." He then started pumping it in and out, adjusting the dildos ribs to contact her g-spot. He then reached for the wand with the other hand, applying it to her clit, and turned it on. A moment later she was arching her back off the table. When she asked to cum a moment later he firmly said “no!" 10 seconds later she asked again desperately, he still replied “no!" 15 seconds later he said “cum." She thought she was going to pass out, she had never had an orgasm like this one.

As she started to come down from the orgasm, he pulled out the ribbed dildo, and exchanged it for the bulbous one. “We are going for another orgasm, let’s see if you can multiple orgasm,” with that he inserted the bulbous head to the point where he knew her g-spot was, and then rested the still vibrating wand head against the dildo’s end in his hand, and turned up the wand intensity two clicks. Emma thought she was going to explode, the vibrations were transferring directly to her g-spot. She had never felt anything like it. 30 seconds later she had the beginnings of her first multiple orgasm, it was equally as strong as the one a moment before, a third orgasm quickly followed the second.

At the end of the third orgasm he pulled out the dildo, placing it and the wand down next to Emma, and quickly moved to released both of the clips holding her wrists to her ankles. She slowly started stretching her legs out, and raising her arms above her head.

“Do you need a hug?”

She moaned as taught muscles stretched, then opened her eyes, smiled, and said “yes."

She got up onto her feet slowly and then flowed into his open arms. They held each other for a couple of minutes. Eventually she relaxed her hug and leaned back, she again kissed his cheek and said warmly, “Thank you, that was truly eye opening."

“So you might like to try exploring further, another time? I can say that you are a marvelous dance partner. I would enjoy dancing with you again”

She smiled up at him, “let’s just say my favorite chapter was not the first. I will leave it at that.”

“There is a shower in the bathroom.” She collected her skirt and sweater and headed for the bathroom. She left the door open as she showered. When she came out she was wearing the sweater and the skirt. She walked over to the table and grabbed the swimsuit and put it in her purse. He raised his eyebrows, knowing she only had the sweater and skirt on, she was going commando.

“Is there anywhere I can drop you?”

She replied a corner out near Golden Gate Park. She gathered up her purse and ball gag, and then asked for the balls back, she put them in her purse with the gag. “I would wear these, but I think I need to give my pussy a break for the rest of the day."

Emma was out to dinner with some of her friends that evening. At one point she excused herself to go to the restroom, a good friend got up with her. When they got in the bathroom her friend commented. “Emma you’ve had a huge grin on your face all evening. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have said you’ve gotten yourself laid.”

Emma laughed, “Kristina, you have no idea”, and grinned from ear to ear.

It was six weeks later, and the end of their third meeting, that he gave her a key to the apartment. “It would probably be best if you let could yourself in, rather than waiting out on the street for me to arrive. I’d feel better knowing you weren’t waiting for me to arrive on the street in what is kind of a questionable part of town. Think of this place as a refuge, if you need to be by yourself you are welcome to use it. You have my phone number, text me if you are going to come here, just in case a neighbor calls me.”

He got her first text message that she would like to use the apartment four weeks later.

He replied – You okay?

Kind of. Just a crappy day.

You want some company?

No, just need to be by myself.

Okay. If you need anything you know how to find me.

Thank you.

She sent him a text later that evening

Do you have anything planned for tomorrow evening?

No, you want to have dinner?

How about dinner and dancing?

I’ll meet you there. You working tomorrow?

Yes, but I may leave work early. Could we do chapter 2? I think I need something really intense to clear my mind.

Your wish is my command. Use the balls starting just before you leave work.

I’ve already started. :-)

He arrived at the apartment first, Emma arrived a short while later. He had already started preparing when he heard her putting the key in the lock. She opened the door and smiled when she realized he was already there. There were cuffs, rope, dildos, the wand, string, and a blindfold on the table.

She hurriedly walked over to him and hugged him, “thank you the use of the apartment, it meant a lot yesterday."

“It’s why you have a key. You okay?”

“Yeah. All is good now, just something at work, I needed some alone time to think. The problem got resolved today.” She broke the embrace, and looked at the table, “preparing to dance I can see. “Do you want to eat first?”

“Actually I was thinking we could try a little rope bondage before dinner, you interested?”

She smiled, “I’ll try anything once.”

“Okay, get yourself naked."

Emma started disrobing right where she was standing, folding her clothing and placing it on the back of the sofa separating the kitchen from the living room.

When she was naked he told her to turn around and touch hands to elbows behind her back. He grabbed a large coil of rope, uncoiled it, found the middle of the strand and started very loosely circling her arms twice with the doubled up rope, then tied the rope off.

Emma laughed, “is this supposed to hold me?”

Bucky chuckled, “Oh yee of little faith,” as he brought the remaining rope from her wrists up and did a double rope wrap above her breasts, he brought the rope under the rope coming up from her wrists and reversed direction. As he tightened the rope her lower arms were lifted a bit. He circled her chest above the breasts again, and quickly tied the rope off. With still more remaining rope he did the same immediately below her breasts.

“I have never seen this discussed, but I am a firm believer that Japanese rope masters intentionally tied the first coils around the lower arms as a method of calming there “victims”, they think this will be easy to escape from initially because their arms are tied so loosely, but by the time the coils of rope have circled their bodies above and below their breasts they realize they are trapped. The wraps of rope around their chest prevent them from getting their arms out of the loose bond holding the lower arms, quite ingenious. ”

He moved in front of her and then ran a finger under the coils above her breasts, then the coils below to make sure everything was looking proper, no ropes resting above each other. He then grabbed another coil of rope and tied it again in the middle of her back then threaded it between her torso and her right arm coming out the front between the coils above and below her breasts, once the rope came out the front he pulled it all the way through then down and back to the middle of her back and tightened it.

Emma felt the lower rope beneath her breasts tighten both across her chest and around her arm, he did the same on the other side. Emma quickly realized she was now completely trapped. She couldn’t move her upper arms, which prevented her from escaping the loose ropes holding her lower arms in place. A minute before she had felt confident she could escape, now she realized the restraint was already complete.

He then brought a doubled up rope over her shoulder, down between her breasts, and fed the rope under the lower coils surrounding her chest. He brought the rope up, circled the same rope, then brought the rope up over the opposite shoulder. He came around in front of her and grabbed the second rope going back over her shoulder and started lifting/tightening it, making sure the lower ropes going under her breasts didn’t start bunching. When he was satisfied with the “squeeze” he had created on her breasts was good he tied that rope off behind her back.

“The Japanese are very big on aesthetics, not only should ropes bind and torment – they should look pretty at the same time. How does that feel? Anything tingling?”

“No, it feels really good. I can’t move my arms at all.”

He grabbed yet another rope, and this time circled her waist with the rope again doubled up, he fed the rope through the folded up loop in front and pulled it tight. He brought the rope down, giving the rope a couple of sharp tugs, then brought the rope against her lower belly, grabbed the rope immediately above her clit. Lifting the rope away, he tied a figure 8 knot in that spot. He then brought the rope down between her legs, and back up to the rope circling her waist in back. He then adjusted and tightened the rope so the rope was going through her pussy lips, the knot firmly resting directly on her clit.

“The Japanese are rather sneaky about this. The idea is that over time, as you get more and more sensitized to the ropes, you’ll get more and more “hot and bothered." What I like is there will be nothing you can do about it,” he smiled evilly. “Now, about food, what would you like for dinner?”

An hour later they were sitting on stools in the kitchen, she still tied. He was feeding them both sushi that had been delivered a few minutes before. He had prepared soy sauce and wasabi separately for her and him, and was alternating feeding themselves using only chopsticks. She had said she was impressed with his abilities to use them. He had replied that after many years of eating Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai it would be more of a surprise if he didn’t. He was enjoying feeding her, they were making a playful game of it. She was both hungry, and really wanted to cum – he was right these ropes were a delicious form of torture.

An hour later she was in wrist and ankle cuffs tied securely in place on the table. Her elbows resting on the table with her arms extending forward. Her knees also on the table, her lower legs extending back. There were taught strings tied to each nipple extending front and back to each sides corresponding cuff’s securing ring. She had a blindfold on, he had said it would heighten her other senses. Her nipples were throbbing. He had slowly but firmly spanked her when she was first restrained in this position, each swat causing her to move forward away from the impact, which had caused the strings to tug mercilessly at her nipples and breasts. He had given her 10 swats. He had since been “working” her with a dildo and massaging her clit with his finger while she moved back forward and back trying to masturbate herself on the dildo.

She really wanted to cum, he had not said “cum” yet, she was getting to the point of begging for an orgasm. He had just said “no” again, and had pulled out the dildo as he said it.

He had promised to give her an “intense” experience, this was beyond her expectations. She was now expecting him to start playing with her nipples again, but this time she heard him move around the table in front of her. She heard a zipper working, then a moment later felt something at her lips. She immediately opened her mouth to try to capture the penis at her lips, it pulled away. A moment later it was back, she again opened her mouth and tried again to get it in, it pulled away again. The next time she felt it against her lips she pulled her head back a bit – the penis followed her, then she quickly opened her mouth - the head well past her lips before she realize it wasn’t a penis attached to a human being. A moment later she felt leather straps wrapping around her head, “a penis gag!!!!" The straps tightened quickly to hold the penis in her mouth in place. She moaned deeply and happily, hearing him chuckle as she did. They had talked about gags weeks before. He had explained that the tongue is so strong that even a very tightly fitted ball gag by itself can be pushed out by someone really wanting to get it out. This one was completely different, this wasn’t going to be pushed out by her tongue.

“Yellow,” he said, “how are you doing Emma? Everything okay?”

She nodded her head, yes, and made the uh-ha sound which sounded to her the same even with the gag in place.

“Ok, now grunt three times”

She did.

“That is the sound you need to make if you are gagged, and need to say “red." A single grunt is “yes." Do you understand?”

She grunted once.

“Good girl, Your nipples look fine, no change in color, so I’m going to leave them tied up. We are back in play. Make yourself comfortable, we are just getting started." She moaned long and deeply into the gag.

She heard him move around behind her, heard a chair being moved to just behind her, and then the sound of him sitting down. She knew her face was turning red, he was looking directly at her now dripping pussy right there at eye level. She could feel moisture rolling down her thigh, and knew it was right there in plain sight for him to see. Then she felt something brush her clit, she quickly realized he had pulled out one of the paint brushes. A moment later she screamed long and hard into the gag shaking her head “NO!” She had developed a love/hate relationship with those damned paint brushes. The brushes teased her like nothing else, he was also learning her responses well enough to know when she was getting close to an orgasm - so he could back off just enough to keep her from cumming. He could keep her “on edge” for what would seem like forever, she just had to keep in mind that the forced orgasms at the end were going to be incredible – if she could.

“When I built this space I made sure to insulate the walls for sound transmission, I didn’t want to be kept up at night listening to someone else’s music through the walls. You can scream as loudly as you like, no one will hear you.” She felt the brush touching her clit again, “my, you sure are wet," he said with a laugh, she felt her face getting redder.

It was more than a year later, in late October, when he received Emma’s email.

Hi Bucky,

The semester is going really well. It is getting cold out here, a reminder that winter is coming.

I will be coming home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would really love to have dinner and dancing while I am in town during both trips, will you be around? I would really like to find a dance partner my own age, but you know how difficult it is to find someone you can really trust and mesh with. I fear you may be the only real dance partner I will ever have.

What is the old saying, “it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all." The same could apply to dance partners.

Anyway, I really hope you are around; I really would like to dance with someone who knows what he is doing on the dance floor (table?)!



P.S. I know this may be getting old for you, I really would love to do Chapter 2 again. I will never forget the first time we did it (THANK YOU!!!), regardless of how many times we do it, it never gets old.

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