Abused in a Penthouse

by Kei9

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© Copyright 2020 - Kei9 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; sex; bond; hum; gag; collar; cuffs; hotel; sex; oral; whip; cons; XX

You arrive at the hotel I have arranged for you. After parking the car, you take the small suitcase out of the trunk and enter the establishment.

At the reception desk you give your name and the receptionist answers: "Welcome to our hotel Mrs. Silva. Here is your key and an envelope that your partner left for you. Enjoy your stay, we hope you appreciate our services."

Your name is on the envelope and right below it in smaller letters it says:

Open it as soon as you enter the room.

You wait anxiously for the elevator to arrive. Finally the elevator door opens and you go up to the penthouse. You open the door, put your bag on the floor, sit down on a sofa, open the envelope with shaking hands and start reading.

My slutty slave, welcome to the room where you will be at my disposal and mercy for the next few hours. Read these instructions completely and then execute them exactly as written:

You follow the instructions strictly. You turn the sound on, Joe Cocker starts to sing, "Keep your hat on", and you strip dancing to the music.

Actually the mirror is the kind used in witness recognition scenes by cops. I am on the other side of the mirror looking and enjoying every moment, especially when you are offering your tits to an imaginary audience.

You're already naked and follow the additional instructions.

I am looking at you tying yourself up for me. In the last act you have to force standing on your toes to get the bracelets onto the hook. I keep quiet in my corner admiring my slave all tied up, waiting for me to put my hands on you. I finally get out of my hiding place and go into the bathroom.

When you see me coming in, I can see from your face that you too are loving the situation. You know you're radiant in this stretched position with your semi-transparent nightshirt only hiding a little part of your sensual body. You know you're pleasing your Master. 

I approach, kneel down and remove your high heels. Now the chain is pulling extra on your arms and you have to stand on your toes in order to reduce the tension. Your body is nicely stretched, and that's exactly what I wanted.

I remove your gag. Then I come very close and look you in the eyes. You stay quiet but your eyes are asking for action. We stay a minute like this, desire and tension increasing. Then I kiss you on the mouth, our tongues immediately intertwining, anxious to catch up. My hands smoothing your ass, first on top of your nightshirt but then moving underneath it and touching your naked buttocks. 

My hands continue on your buttocks, altering between caressing, squeezing and pinching while our mouths continue in hot kissing. My hands move up your back, scratching your skin with my nails. Surely you're thinking/desiring that my hands will find their way to your tits. But it's too early for that. My hands go down again and when they get on your ass again I press my body harder against yours so you can clearly feel my hard cock against your body. A little more caressing your hot ass and then I catch you by surprise with a nice slap on one of your buttocks.

You try to complain, but my tongue is stuck into your mouth blocking any word of protest. And then there's more spanking, alternating between the two buttocks. I'm loving it and getting more excited - I think you too. The closeness of our bodies, our burning kiss and the sound of my hand spanking your ass is a delicious combination for me.

I interrupt our kiss and walk away, but not before feeling your wet pussy.

"You little slutty bitch! Your pussy is already wet and dripping! And without my permission!"

"Sorry, Master."

"I don't want to hear explanations."

I put your gag back on and this time I tighten it well. When you had put it on yourself, it was a little loose.

"Now I'm going to do something with you I've been dreaming about for a long time. I'm just wondering about the temperature…"

I am delighted to see in your eyes that you have guessed what is going to happen. You try to resist, pulling on the chain, trying to move but the extension bar on your feet does not allow it. This useless resistance of yours further increases my pleasure.

I pull the shower hose close by, open the tap a bit and put the nozzle right on top of your gag.

The water - still cold - drips deliciously on your chin, sliding down your neck to your breasts, now looking for a path in the middle of your tits under the fabric of your shirt. But little by little, the top of your shirt gets wet too and makes the fabric stick to your skin. Your nipples react to cold water, and although they will never stand upright the way I would like them to, they stick to the fabric and I can see them clearly through the thin fabric of the nightshirt, giving a very sensual touch to the scene.

The bottom of the nightshirt is getting a little wet too, but of course I will help. Now the water's warmer, I point the nozzle directly to your tits. After some time I move the hose down, open the tap a bit more and point the hose at your pubis. Hot water jets are now punishing your pussy.

You're protesting into your gag, but I don't care.

I switch the shower position so now water is coming down onto your head from the overhead shower. Water is running full speed down your shirt and down your back. You try to say something, but I don't understand. I wonder if you don't like the water coming down on you and want the Master to continue with the jet on your tits or pussy. Or is it something else?

Well, regardless of that I continue with your shower and let the water run for minutes until you are completely soaked.

I close the tap. Time for another treatment.

I place my mouth on your gag and lick your lips around the ball, leaving you certainly frustrated that you can't participate actively. My hands are on the V of your nightshirt and with a sudden movement I rip the front of the shirt. Ripping of a slave´s clothes is an act of violence, but an elegant one and always very pleasant for the Master and the submissive. And I see in your eyes that you also love this part.

Although with the wet shirt you were already practically naked in front of me, now with the nightshirt ripped open at the front you are, offering direct access to your tits, nipples and pussy, all of them very shiny with the thin film of water on top.

I decide to take the gag off and allow our mouths to meet again, while my hands are on your ass again. You indulge in the tongue kiss while you certainly think about what else is coming next.

After a few minutes I interrupt our kissing session. I take a pair of scissors and cut the straps off your nightshirt leaving you completely naked in front of me. I tear part of the nightshirt into several strips and see in your eyes that you are wondering why I am doing this, as you are already tied up helpless anyway. But when I start to put together several strips and tie them together at one end and at the other ends make knots, I see that you understand. I left a few strips aside and now apply one of these to your mouth as a gag and another to your eyes as a blindfold.

"That's the way I want my slave now, speechless and sightless while I take care of these delicious tits, to start with!"

With these words I start whipping your tits with the improvised flogger made of your own nightshirt strips. The fact that the strips are still wet improves the effect on your skin. The sound is music for my ears. 

I don't limit myself to your tits; your back, buttocks and pussy get their fair share of the flogger. You try to anticipate the lashes and move your body away from the ends of the whip to reduce impact, but with your arms well stretched upwards and the extension bar obstructing the movement of your feet, you can't really do much.

After a few minutes, I stop the whipping session. I come closer and put my hands on your tits. You already know what's going to happen; I see it in your eyes. I'm groping and squeezing your tits, interspersed with a few slaps now and then. While I'm doing that, I'm calling you a bitch, a slut, a whore and any other name I can imagine that serves you well. I know you get off on verbal assault too.

When you least expect it, my mouth is licking and sucking one of your nipples and pinching the other one. You protest into your gag, but I know that you are loving every minute. My mouth is now sucking the second nipple while my hand is moving towards your pussy. One of my fingers penetrates your pussy, looking for the right spot. It doesn't take long and my finger is furiously fucking your pussy and clit.

You start moaning harder, I speed up the penetration movement even more and get you to the point of no return and start shaking with the intensity of the orgasm.

The orgasm over, I let you hang in there and recover during a few minutes. Then I release your hands from the hook on the chain and remove the bracelets. I then tie your hands at your back with a leftover strip and press myself against your back.

"Now it's your turn to work and please your master a little. Start rubbing my cock!"

I don't have to say that twice. Your hands are already rubbing my dick with all dedication and even though it's on top my pants, it's making me very excited. My hands are touching your tits again. I know you want to touch my dick for real and I open the zipper of my pants. Your skillful hands quickly enter the opening, lower my boxer shorts a little and your fingers find my dick. I let you go on a little bit, but I don't want to come yet and move away. I disconnect the extension bar from your feet, remove the anklets and also the gag.

"Now on your knees bitch!" You obey and once kneeled you open your mouth. "I didn't tell you to open your filthy mouth, slave! You're behaving like a real whore and slut today!"

I tie your feet together with another strip of cloth from your nightshirt and then connect your feet to your tied hands with more strips, completing a light hogtie, while kneeling.

"Now open your fucking mouth!" I put a truffle in your mouth and see you smile when you taste the chocolate. I caress your chin and then your hair. "I'll take off your blindfold but keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open it!" 

I'll distance myself from you and turn on the CD player again. "Now you can open your eyes and watch your Master."

I start taking off my clothes. Of course, nothing like your striptease earlier.

First I take off my shirt, and then remove the belt from my trousers suggesting using it for something else. I don't need to describe it because you've seen this scene recorded in your head from previous sessions we had. But today is not a belt day.

Finally totally naked and with my dick already very erect, I sit on a stool and say, "Now come over here, fucking bitch, and give your master what he deserves!" 

You move in my direction. Of course, with the restraints it's not so easy, you can only move one knee a few inches at a time. But little by little you're moving forward.

When you're finally close, I say, "Now you lick and kiss. Nothing else until I give the go-ahead!"

You're in charge of the command and you know you're good at it. I'm enjoying your licking and kissing my balls and shaft until I think the time has come.

"Okay slut, now fucking complete the job."

I don't have to say that twice. You're sucking my dick like a pro. I'm helping by putting my hands on your head and forcing the move in and out. It doesn’t take long until I shoot my cum in your mouth.

I insert my dick fully in your mouth and force it inside there for a while. When I finally get my dick out of your mouth a little semen runs in the corners of your mouth and you immediately lick it.

"Now stay down on your knees while I go shower."

In a few minutes I am back, dressed in a bathrobe and picking up my clothes. You look at me with that look I know so well.

"I know slave, you want more, huh?" You nod. "You have to be quick, because we're already late for our appointment."

I open my robe and in no time your skillful tongue and mouth have already made my cock stand upright again, and soon after I ejaculate into your mouth for the second time. Only this time I take my cock out early and spurt my semen in your face and onto your tits. 

I remove your ties and tell you to stand up. You have that other look in your eyes and I know.

"Turn around and bend over."

With a swift movement I put my dick into your pussy taking you from behind. With my hands firmly on your tits I keep fucking your pussy. It takes only a few minutes of banging and we both get again to a climax.

"Now go shower and come back like a decent Mrs. Silva!"

Of course, you as a woman take longer than my shower, but when you get back you're stunning and ready to go to the party we have on our schedule. We go down to the reception to check out and while I am paying the check the receptionist asks, "and Madam, did you enjoy the treatment at our hotel?"

You answer, with a naughty smile and looking at me, "I liked it very much."

Little does the receptionist know, that underneath this elegant lady's clothing is a body marked by whipping, spanking and biting, and that the lady's answer certainly does not refer to hotel services.


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