A Week Away

by Hopeful

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© Copyright 2023 - Hopeful - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf+; bond; rope; collar; electro; gag; oral; cage; hogtie; cons; X

I stood ready to perform my duties. The five women were seated around the dining room table. I was naked except for a thick leather dog collar locked around my neck and a chastity cage which included an electronic shock ring around my cock and balls. I also wore a penis gag.

Kate dealt a playing card, face down, to each of the other four women. One by one they turned their cards over to reveal the value. Sherri had the lowest card and slowly stood up from her chair, an air of resignation on her face. The other four laughed and expressed mock sympathy for her as she shrugged and slowly removed her clothes. My role had been explained to me earlier and quickly I picked up her discarded clothes and took them away to a cupboard in the corner. I returned with two lengths of rope and a ball gag. Sherri meekly put her hands behind her back for me to tie them together.

The card game was to determine a pecking order for the girls for the week ahead. The first one eliminated would be at the bottom and would be at the mercy of the other four. The process continued until one girl was left and she would be in charge for the week. I took Sherri’s hands and tied them securely at the wrists. With the other piece I tightly secured her elbows. Finally I applied the ball gag that she seemed happy to accept. She was the tallest of the girls, with long legs and a great arse. Her small breasts were pushed forward when I tied her elbows and her nipples pointed upwards and outwards. I was enjoying my task and the chastity cage was getting uncomfortably tight. As I applied the gag from behind, she turned her head toward me and, winking at me, reached back with her tied hands and managed to grab my balls. I jumped and Sherri winked again. She seemed to be quite happy with her fate as the first girl eliminated.

I felt a slight shock to my balls and my attention returned to the other girls. I don’t know who had shocked me as all five had a remote control for my shocker.

I stood at attention again quickly as this time Tammy dealt a card to each girl. Slowly, starting with Kate the cards were revealed. Kate had a 10 of Hearts, Sharon a 7 of Spades and Elsa 5 of diamonds. Tammy smirked and said “Might be bad news for you Elsa” and turned her card to reveal an 8 of spades. There was more giggling and derision as Elsa stood and slowly removed her shirt, shorts and underwear. Soon she too was naked and I had moved her clothes to the cupboard. Returning with more rope and another gag, I could see that Elsa was a lot less comfortable with being eliminated than was Sherri. Elsa was a bit shorter than Sherri with a nice round arse and lovely average sized breasts. They were firm and stood out beautifully with her elbows tied. She seemed quite worried as I secured her arms and elbows and finally applied her gag. I wondered why.

Not wanting another shock, I quickly stood back at attention as this time Sharon dealt the cards. Tammy was first to turn her card and showed a 4 of clubs. She looked angry and I noticed that Sherri and Elsa seemed a little more relaxed. I took this to mean that they were happy with the idea of Tammy being eliminated. Kate was next to turn her card and revealed a King of spades. This seemed to make the two tied girls even happier. Tammy was even angrier. Finally Sharon turned her card and to the obvious angst of Sherri and Elsa, a 2 of hearts was displayed. Tammy was ecstatic and clapped her hands loudly. 

Sharon was slow to accept her fate. She stood and removed her clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor. I again removed them to the cupboard and came back with ropes and a gag. Sharon slowly put her hands behind her back and soon I had her tied as were the others. I leaned in to apply the gag and my chastity cage pressed against her lower back. I was becoming very uncomfortable in it as I looked at the three lovely naked and bound girls. Sharon was the shortest of the three tied girls and had a nice rounded arse. Her best features though were her great tits. They were large and had lovely high nipples which now pointed almost straight up with her arms restrained.

All attention was now back on the two remaining girls at the table. Kate said “to make this fair I suggest we get the boy to deal the cards”. Boy was how the girls had been referring to me. Nervously I pushed past the naked and tied girls and leaned in to get the deck of cards. As I did so Tammy put her hand between my legs from behind and grabbed my balls tightly. I froze. “Make mine a good one boy” she said and laughed. I shuffled the cards and dealt one each to Kate and Tammy. Tammy was eager to show her card and turned it to reveal a Jack of diamonds. The three tied girls groaned and Tammy looked very pleased with herself. Slowly Kate turned her card and to the obvious relief of Sharon, Elsa and Sherri, it was a king of clubs.

Tammy looked as though she couldn’t believe it and remained seated at the table, a scowl on her face. Kate cleared her throat and looked questioningly at Tammy. She eventually stood and very slowly removed her clothes. I picked them up and took them away. Tammy was looking daggers at the other four when I returned with ropes and a gag. Tammy was nearly as tall as Sherri and had great legs. She had the best arse by a long way and had a lovely all over tan. Her tits were not the biggest of the girls but were perfectly shaped. I stood behind her waiting for her to present her hands for tying. She didn’t move so I reached over and lightly took hold of her left arm. Angrily she pulled it back and glared at me. “Tammy”? asked Kate quietly and Tammy reluctantly placed her hands behind her back. I enjoyed tying Tammy and I could tell the first three losers were also happy about it. I looped the rope around her elbows and, giving it a hard yank, tied them together a bit more severely than the others. She winced and turned to abuse me but I was ready and shoved the gag into her mouth. I did the strap up a little more tightly as well. She was not happy.

I should probably explain how I had come to be where I was. All of the girls were close friends and worked in the same company as me. I had been taking Sharon out for about two months and had spent some time with the other girls in a social capacity as well. She had told me about the girls’ trips away together and the things they got up to. All of them were into bondage and usually spent one week-end per month where they got up to their fun and games.

Sharon and I had a week off work to go away for a break. I had arrived at her house on Saturday morning to take her away. Inside her house, she greeted me and said there was a change of plans. I asked what she meant but all she said was to “trust her”. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. She repeated again “just trust me” and began to remove my clothes. I was up for a little bit of fun and soon had a raging boner. Sharon moved away from me and I went to pull her back to me. She shrugged away and said “stay there”. I did as I was told.

Soon she was behind me and was pulling my arms behind my back. With a piece of rope she soon had my wrists tightly tied. We had played a few bondage games and she had become expert at tying me up. The way she had cinched the ropes was very secure and I had no hope of escape. I was really turned on now and my cock was well and truly at attention. She next produced a penis gag that I usually made her wear. After a bit of persuasion and ball squeezing, she had secured the gag. I was not a fan of it, I must say. Finally a sack of some sort was pulled over my head and I felt a drawstring tightened under my chin. It was thick and I couldn’t see a thing. She put her arms around me from behind and grabbed my balls in one hand and my dick in the other. I felt her breath on my neck as she whispered in my ear “now, about the change of plans. We’re still going away for the week but not by ourselves.” I was intrigued and a little nervous. “Girls”, she called out and I heard a bedroom door open behind me and excited chatter and laughter.

“Well done Sharon,” said a female voice that I recognised as Kate.

“Yeah, that was easy,” said another I recognised as Sherri. Apparently all four of Sharon’s friends were hiding in the bedroom until I had been trapped. They were all talking at once and I was a little panicked. I felt hands on my arse, dick and balls as they all seemed to be taking the opportunity to take advantage of my helplessness.

“Maybe we should explain our plans and get going,” said one I thought was Kate.

“Sharon has kindly offered your services for the week. We thought it would be a bit of fun to add a male slave to the mix” said Tammy, “so you are going to be very busy this week. You’ll probably need another week off” she giggled and they all laughed.

They told me that Kate had an Uncle and Aunt who lived on a remote property about two hours out of town. They were interstate and had told Kate that she was welcome to stay there. The excitement of being tied by Sharon had gone and I was now quite worried. My dick had also gone down dramatically.

“OK, let’s get him ready,” said Kate. Suddenly hands were at my dick and balls and I felt something being attached. I heard a small padlock click shut. They had put me in a chastity cage! Now I was really worried.

“I guess you know what that is,” said Tammy. I nodded.

“It’s a special cock cage with a built-in behaviour modifier,” said Sharon. “If you don’t obey our instructions, we can give you a little prompt. Girls, you each have a remote unit. Try it out to make sure it works. There are five buttons from 1 to 5. Only press 1 to test it as it will give quite a jolt. 5 is the most severe. Elsa, test yours.” Suddenly there was a shock to my balls and I grunted and jumped on the spot.

“My turn” said Sherri and again my balls copped a charge. It was very uncomfortable. “See how mine works,” said Sharon and again I groaned as the shock hit me. Giggles all round as I danced on the spot to each shock.

“Here goes,” said Kate and a fourth zap hit me in the groin. While each was just tolerable on their own, four in quick succession had been hard to take.

“You’re last Tammy,” said Sharon and suddenly my knees went from under me. I collapsed on the floor groaning over the penis gag.

“Oops,” said Tammy “I think I hit 3 by mistake.” A couple of giggles were heard as I writhed on the floor.

“Really Tammy?” asked Kate disgustedly. “Let’s get going. Help him up” said Sharon. I was soon on my feet. I was guided by the arms by two of the girls into the garage and told to stay still.

“I’ll get the truck from down the street,” said Kate.

“Are we all going to fit?” I heard Elsa ask. It turned out that Kate had borrowed her brother’s work truck for the week. It was a dual cab with a luggage area in the back.

“It’s a five seater,” said Sharon, “so we girls will be OK. There is special accommodation in the back for our boy.” I heard a large vehicle pull up outside and the garage door went up. I hoped nobody could see me. I felt the cool air rush in.

“The boy is going in the dog cage. It’s plenty big enough,” said Kate. I had seen the work truck before. Kate’s brother had a sturdy cage built behind the back window across the width of the truck. He locked equipment in it and it was very secure. A door about 3 feet square was at one end. Suddenly the girls picked me up and placed me on the back of the truck. One of them jumped up as well, helped me to my feet and guided me onto my knees and into the cage. I was pushed onto my stomach and my arms pulled away from my body and stretched up to the roof of the cage and tied off. I was helpless. Whoever had done it gave me a gentle pat on the arse before I heard the gate close and a padlock click shut.

“Tie down the tarp. We don’t want anyone seeing him,” said Sharon and I heard the rustle of a canvas tarp being applied. After about ten minutes the girls had packed all their bags and provisions for the week and I heard the doors shut and the car start. Without warning another jolt hit my balls and I’m sure I could hear more giggles from the cab as we rolled out of the driveway.

It was uncomfortable in the cage, tied as I was. I was unable to roll onto my side as my wrists were pulled up behind me and stretched up to the top of the cage. The device around my cock and balls was pressed into the floor of the truck and was getting pretty uncomfortable as well. After what seemed like hours, the truck slowed and I could tell it had left the bitumen and turned onto a dirt road. It was rough and I was bounced around a little, adding to my discomfort. The truck came to a stop and I heard a door open. There was the noise of a squeaky gate opening and the truck moved forward a little. The gate closed again and soon the truck continued on down the dirt road.

After a few more minutes the truck came to a stop and the engine was turned off. I heard the doors opening and closing and soon the padlock to my cage was being unlocked. “I’m going to untie you boy” said Kate and I felt my wrists being released from the top of the cage. She was able to reach into the cage and untie my wrists as well. “Crawl out” she said and I managed to make my way out of the cage on my knees. She gave me a shock to hurry me up. She removed the hood and told me to stop and stay on my knees, head down. I obeyed, not wanting another zap. She soon had a thick leather dog collar around my neck and padlocked. I was told to get down from the truck and take all the baggage into the house.

I looked around and saw that it was very remote. There was no sign of any other properties in any direction. After a couple of trips I had taken all of the baggage into the house. I was painfully aware of my naked state as I toiled away. “Okay girls,” said Kate. “Let’s get the formalities out of the way” and they all filed down the hallway of the house into a large dining room with a huge table and chairs. I was told to follow.

Once in the room, the girls took a seat at the table whilst I was left standing in the background. One of them had brought a canvas bag into the room and the contents were emptied onto a cupboard in the corner. There were numerous coils of rope of all sizes and about half a dozen ball gags. I was given my instructions and the deck of cards was produced.

So here we were. The elimination process was complete and Kate was the last girl standing. The other four, I had bound and gagged as instructed. Kate was to be ruler of our little empire for the week. I, as the token boy, was last on the pecking order and at the mercy of all five. Kate slowly walked around the four bound and gagged girls, inspecting their bondage.

“On the floor, on your stomachs,” she said and all four groaned over their gags as they managed to obey.

“Hogtie them, boy,” Kate said and there were more protesting groans. I fetched more rope and soon had all of their ankles tied and bound to their wrists. “Nice and tight, boy,” was the command and I tightened each, to more groans.

As I finished the last hogtie I stood and noticed that Kate had a few coils of rope in one hand and the remote for my ball shocker in the other. She held up the shocker menacingly and told me to turn around. She soon had my wrists and elbows strictly tied as I had done to the others. She turned and beckoned me to follow her down the hall and into the master bedroom. I quickly obeyed. “On to the bed, face down,” she said and I managed to do as I was old. She took another piece of rope and soon I was hogtied on the bed. I heard her moving around behind me and suddenly she appeared in view, completely naked. She got onto the bed and positioned herself so that her pussy was right in front of my face. She unbuckled the gag and pulled it out, much to my relief.

“Sharon says your tongue is better than average. Let’s find out.” With that she moved closer and my mouth was buried in her pussy. “Get busy boy and don't forget the behaviour modifier,” she said as she reached for the remote to my ball shocker and a tingle went through my balls. I grunted but kept at my task. She leaned back and smiled as she said, “I’m certainly glad we brought you along.” Soon she was moaning softly and stroking my hair as I worked away.


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