A Walk in the Park

by Sensual Erotic

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Storycodes: F/m; heels; stockings; mast; tease; denial; cuffs; bond; enema; milking; cons; X

This is a prequel to A Walk in the Park. You should read that story first, then this prequel. If readers want to know exactly what the character Victoria looks like and dresses like you must Google ‘Chris of England fetish art’, where you will find many examples of Victoria's style and her exact look.


Part 1

Like most young men who have just reached puberty, Kenneth was becoming obsessed with his new found sexual interests. In looking through many men's magazines he was captivated by women dressed in lingerie and provocative clothing.

He obsessed about the women depicted in the fetish drawings of Chris of England and how they were dressed: Bras, stockings, strict foundation wear, shapewear, garter straps and stockings. And high heels. Always high heels. The higher the better in his opinion.

The Frederick's of Hollywood ads depicting bullet bras, push up bras, girdles and long flowing sheer robes were images he fantasized about. Girls his age rarely if ever wore lingerie like that, it was the older more mature woman who understood the erotic appeal of such garments that Kenneth noticed.

His ears were tuned to the sound a pair of women's shoes would make on the floor. A dull thud would indicate a short, clunky heel. A sharper sound meant a smaller diameter heel maybe 2” or 3” high, and a sharp staccato high pitch click meant a pencil thin stiletto heel, usually 5” or more in height.

The sharp staccato sound would make him quickly turn and look to identify the wearer, hoping it would be someone sexy and dressed in a provocative manner. That is exactly what happened to Kenneth that day, long ago while at work in his family's shoe store.

He heard the tell tale sharp click of a high stiletto heel, turned and looked and his jaw dropped. Her breasts were being pushed up and out by her bra, held up as if they were being displayed on a shelf. She had an impossibly small waist that had to be restricted by a corset, encircled by a thin patent leather belt keeping her blouse tight against her small waistline, a tight skirt, short wrist length gloves, black stockings, a pair of 6½” platform strappy high heels and walked with an air of authority.

This mature woman was the exact image of the drawings he was so enamored with, and she was coming into his store!

“Hello young man, can you help me with a pair of the platform pumps displayed in your window?”

“Whaa, why y- yes I can” he managed to stammer out. Please sit down and put your foot up here on the stool Ma'am.”

[If you remember these footstools from shoe stores long ago, they were a chrome stool with a sloped black rubber pad for the customer to rest their foot on, and the salesman sat on a padded square at the far end of the stool and actually straddled the foot of the customer.]

Victoria seated herself in the chair, reached down and unbuckled the strap around her ankle and pulled off her shoe and placed her foot on the rubber pad. Kenneth looked down and almost fainted. He was looking at a stocking clad foot with a reinforced heel and toe which could only mean one thing. This lady was wearing seamed fully fashioned stockings. Kenneth had never seen a woman in person wearing such stockings. He had only seen them in magazine pictures. He had never seen her from the back so was unaware of any seam when she sat down.

Now his eyes went to work. A gold anklet was dangling from her shapely ankle and was worn on the outside of her stocking. It had a charm which read “ BOSS” dangling from it.

Hmm, I wonder if she owns her own company, he pondered.

Through her tight skirt he could make out the bulge of multiple garter straps attached to her stocking tops. Her low cut top was showing plenty of cleavage while her breasts appeared to be pushed up and together, as if sitting on a shelf. She was wearing a black suede choker around her neck. Red lipstick, dark black hair and high arched eyebrows accented with long lush false eyelashes like the Las Vegas showgirls wore gave her a look of authority as well. And her perfume! It was intoxicating and lingered long after she left the store.

“The black pumps, in size 7, young man.” He was back with them in a split second. Opening the box he removed the pump and held it on the sloped part of the stool while she wiggled her toes and slid her foot in.

“How does that feel ma'am?”

She looked down and noticed the toe of the pump was between his legs and almost in his crotch. And a very visible bulge showing through his tight slacks.

“A perfect fit. I will take these and a pair in white as well.”

“I'm sorry but we are out of the white in your size, but they will be in next week.”

“Would you do me a favor, and personally deliver them to my home when they come in? I can't make it back here right away.”

“Yes, I would be happy to. Just leave your address and phone number.”

And with that, Kenneth watched here walk out of the store. He was right! She was wearing seamed stockings. Her waist was shaped into an hourglass figure by a strict crushing corset and her short stride controlled by a tight knee length skirt and towering high heels.

Kenneth couldn't believe his luck. He was actually going to go to this ladies house and would be able to see her again. He masturbated furiously all week to images similar to her.

Now he was standing on the porch of her estate, package in hand, ringing her doorbell. His trained ear could hear the sharp click of a stiletto heel approaching from the other side of the front door getting louder and louder the closer it came. He was almost shaking with anticipation and had developed a noticeable ever hardening bulge in his pants.

“Come in, and thank you for delivering my package.”

“My name is Kenneth, ma'am.”

“I am Victoria, but you can call me ma'am, it sounds so nice the way that you say it. You are very good at your job Kenneth, so please follow me to my changing room and you can help me try them on just like you did in the store.”

Kenneth was hypnotized following behind her, watching her hips sway and admiring her skill of walking so gracefully in impossibly high heels.

Her changing room was rather large and decorated just like a boudoir in days of old. Velvet wallpaper, low lighting and red carpet. She had a stool for trying on shoes, just like the one in the store.

Kenneth helped her again and it was a perfect fit.

“Kenneth, I had another reason for you to come by today. My previous valet left, and I need another. I need help dressing in the morning and undressing to retire for the evening. I need help in getting into my foundation wear and corsets. The corset lacing machine is not capable of tightening the laces as tight as I require. I also need assistance in lacing up my knee length boots.

“You were very attentive when I was in your store and I think you are perfect for the job. You could come by before work and after work at your shoe store and I would pay you generously.”

Of course he didn't hesitate to say yes.

“OK. I will explain what everything is and where it is kept.” Victoria showed him racks and racks of her high heel shoes. Non platform soles, wedge heels and platform sole shoes. Pumps, pumps with ankle straps, strappy sandal styles with 1” platforms and 7” heels. Oxford style lace ups with and without platforms like he had seen in Fetish magazines. Even metal stiletto heels. And many pairs of platform sole boots with 7” heels, that laced up to the knee.

Kenneth picked up a pair and marveled at the fact there was on about 2” between the tip of the heel and the platform sole due to Victoria's small foot size and the steep angle of the instep corresponding with the heel height.

Drawers full of real nylon stockings. Fully fashioned seamed RHT, real nylon stockings without seams. Satin garter belts, waist cinchers and heavily boned waist crushing corsets and some long line corsets that flared dramatically over the wearer's hips. Rubbery open and closed bottom girdles too. One thing that they all had in common was 7 garter straps per leg.

There were bras of every description: push up bras, ½ cup bras that lifted her breasts and pushed them up and out exposing her long nipples. Bullet bras too. Pointy cone shaped cups generously stitched in a circular pattern that helped to keep the proper shape.

And just when Kenneth thought he could see nothing more that would excite him, Victoria showed him her bullet bras with the open tip cups. He could just imagine erect sensitive nipples exposed by the open tip, throbbing and eager to be stimulated.

“You seem impressed by my bra collection. It is hard to find these in my large E-cup size. You need to be very careful with these.”

“Yes ma'am.”

There was a display of anklets on her dresser; satin gloves of every length in a drawer; a stand for her many wide brimmed hats. Many wide and narrow belts were hanging in the closet. Her make up counter had many bottles of exotic perfume on display, as well as trays of false eyelashes, similar to what showgirls would wear.

Kenneth excused himself to use the restroom. This was too much for a young man infatuated with lingerie. In the bathroom Victoria's stockings and a girdle were hanging on the drying rack situated in the tub. He reached out and felt the slickness of the real nylon stocking. It even had a distinct odor to the nylon. He felt the texture of the rubbery open bottom girdle on the rack.

Poor Kenneth's penis was hard and throbbing and his head was spinning. Without thinking he lowered his pants to expose a throbbing erection. He took one of the stockings off the rack and slid the slick nylon material over his erection. He gasped as it was a feeling like he had never experienced before.

He was slowly stroking himself lost in thought when a knock on the door quickly brought him back to the present. And that knock allowed the door open in. Had he not closed the door fully in his haste?

There stood Victoria, who did not seem surprised to catch him in this compromising position. “You were in here so long I thought I would check up on you. You didn't close the door all of the way.”

Kenneth had turned bright red in embarrassment. “No need to be embarrassed, young man. Put the stocking down, leave your pants where they are and follow me into my dressing room.”

Oh my god, he thought, she caught me masturbating! Am I going to lose my job as her valet before it started?

Victoria sat down on a velvet covered ottoman stool. 'Stand in front of me young man. Now! Put your hands to your sides,” she said, as he tried to cover his obvious erection. “I am not upset with you. I understand what young men such as yourself are going through at your age. Your hormones are raging. You think sexual thoughts constantly. It is not your fault.

“But if you are to work for me there will be no masturbating in my house. I will take over those duties to ensure that you develop slowly and correctly as a young man should. I can introduce you to things only a mature woman can. A woman's place is to be in charge, as we are of a superior gender.”

Victoria then pulled up her skirt exposing her stocking tops and multiple garter straps and spread her thighs apart, “Lie over my lap, face down, young man. Put your erection down between my thighs and hold still.”

Kenneth quickly did as he was told. His erection slid down between her nylon clad thighs. Victoria quickly and forcefully squeezed her thighs together, trapping his penis as he gasped from the sudden pressure.

Whack! She administered a bare bottom spanking to poor Kenneth, who did not know what to think. Between the brisk spanking and the feeling of the smooth nylon material squeezing his penis he quickly ejaculated in spurts on her stockings. He was spent, and quickly apologized for his accident.

“No need to apologize Kenneth; as I told you, I understand your latent sexual arousal at this vulnerable age. You have no control over your sexual feelings and frequent arousal. I will teach you how to control yourself and understand your sexual feelings properly. You are very well developed for a boy your age Kenneth. Your penis is long and thick. You hardly have any hair on your body whatsoever, but you must shave your genitals every morning before you arrive. That way your penis can be displayed properly and be ready for use.”

As she took the metal garter clasp between her fingers, sliding the round rubber tab up and out, she said, “I will instruct you in the proper way to unclasp a garter clip. As my new Valet you will remove these stockings you have soiled, wash them and hang them on the drying rack; then return here tomorrow at 8 am.”

“Yes ma'am,” he replied, as he unclasped the 13 remaining garter tabs.

Young Kenneth soon learned the proper way to lace a corset. While Victoria grasped the overhead lacing bar, he pulled, cinched and pulled some more slowly closing the gap. He put his knee into her back to get the last inch of this severe waist training closed busk to busk.

It had a dramatic flair over her hips while crushing her waist into a perfect hourglass shape. That was what she demanded. All of her corsets were of the under bust variety as she could choose which bra she wanted to pair with it.

He learned the proper way to help her with her stockings so as not to cause a run, by either wearing white cotton gloves like a silversmith uses for polishing or by applying lotion to his hands first.

He also learned to apply lotion to her legs first, which helped to keep her stockings from bunching and keep the seams straight.

Victoria looked after his sexual development just like she said she would. Once upon arriving and once upon leaving for the day, he would drop his trousers in front of her and she would milk his penis until he ejaculated into a sample cup. It was quite a shock to his senses the first time.

“Kenneth, drop your pants and stand in front of me. Leave your hands to your sides dear, there is no need to be embarrassed.” She reached out with a practiced hand and slowly began stroking his shaft. She increased the speed and let the top of her fingers touch the underside of his sensitive glans.

Victoria sensed an increase in his breathing and he was becoming flushed. She slowed down and used her fore finger to gently rub his frenulum underneath the swollen head. His hips started to move with her hand.

'Kenneth you must tell me when you are getting ready to ejaculate.”

“Yes ma'am,” he replied.

“Why are you so infatuated with women's lingerie, and especially high heels?”

His erection was rock hard and every nerve ending was being stimulated as she worked her hand up and down his veiny shaft. His breath was coming fast and ragged.

“When I first discovered girls, I looked at pictures from my dad's men's magazines and ads from Frederick's of Hollywood. All of the models were dressed in push up bras, bullet bras or half bras. They all wore stockings and towering high heels. They wore black see through robes and shiny satin gowns with cleavage showing. And satin gloves. I love that look and seeing the female form naked is just boring to me. The accessories ad to the sensuality and erotic appeal for me.”

She slowed down again and using her forefinger and thumb she held them together in a circle around his swollen shaft and under his glans. She then rotated her hand as one would do twisting a door knob and made light contact on the underside of his corona.

“Ahh! Ohhh... Ahh...”

He was now breathing through gritted teeth as she slowed the twisting motion even more.

“You just described exactly the way that I dress, Kenneth. This must be very exciting for you, to see a woman who always wears the lingerie and outfits you fantasize about daily during your masturbation sessions.”

“Yes ma'am! Ma'am, Miss Victoria, I'm ready, I can't hold back any longer!”

Victoria held the sample cup up to the head of his penis and kept the motion going. “You may ejaculate now Kenneth. Be a good boy and give me some big spurts. That's it. Good job. That's a good boy. Very nice. You seem very healthy and are developing well. I will see you tonight.”

That evening he helped her out of her corset and daily wear. He washed her lingerie and stockings and hung them up to dry.

“Wait for me in the front room, while I change into my evening wear, dear.” He did as he was told.

When Victoria entered the room his eyes took her in. She was wearing a sheer black floor length long sleeved robe. Underneath she was wearing the bullet bra with the open exposed tips. He spied erect blood engorged nipples rubbing up against the sheer fabric of the robe.

Every time she moves or turns the slick material of her sheer robe must be sliding across her nipples providing endless stimulation, he thought.

The large elongated cups of her bra were pushing the sheer fabric of her robe far out and away from her chest. Pulled up high on her waist was a white open bottom girdle with multiple garter straps pulled taught and attached to black stockings. She had slipped into a pair of black satin mules sporting 5” high heels. Her makeup was still flawless from earlier today with black high arched eyebrows giving her a commanding look. Something he had not seen in her daytime wear, she had outlined her red lipstick with a black pencil. Long thick eyelashes added to her look.

“Kenneth, your interest and sexual arousal you experience from women's lingerie is normal for a young man. I choose to wear these items for the pleasure they give, but also as part of my everyday wardrobe as a celebration of my femininity and womanhood. I have always favored strict foundation wear and heavily reinforced brassieres. The only way you can understand how a woman feels when she is wearing foundation wear is for you to wear some of these same garments. For your continued education and development I bought you a closed bottom panty girdle.”

He was apprehensive but excited at the same time.

Part 2

“Do you see the convenience hole in the front of the girdle? Open it with your fingers and insert yourself through the opening.”

He struggled to pull the tight fitting girdle up his legs and torso but finally wiggled into it. He noticed he really had to pull hard against the fabric to open the hole wide enough to insert himself through it. Doing as he was instructed and pushing his genitals through the hole he gasped as the strong elastic fabric quickly closed extremely tight around the base of his shaft and behind his testicles. This added pressure made his penis a bright pink color, thick and throbbing with bulging veins. Every nerve ending was now more sensitive due to the extra blood trapped by the unforgiving elastic opening. In fact it was so hard that it actually hurt.

“That looks very nice dear. Look how big you have become. Walk over to the coffee table, dear.” He made his way over as his giant erection bobbed up and down with every step he took. “Now get up on the table on your hands and knees.”

She was treated to an almost obscene sight of a white girdle stretched tight around young Kenneth's bottom and a swollen circumcised penis pointing straight down towards the table. His testicles appeared firm and full.

Once he was in position Victoria moved up behind him. Using her right hand she grasped the top of his shaft and slowly worked it down it's length, stopping when it touched the underside of his corona. She then did the same with her left hand, establishing a slow rhythm.

Using this overhand method she sped up then slowed down many times. With the practiced eye of a masturbatrix she saw his scrotum tighten and draw his testicles up tightly to his body. Sensing he was close she moved the sample cup underneath and encouraged him to ejaculate.

“That's it Kenneth, feel my hands working you. Feel the elastic squeezing you tightly. Give me some big spurts Kenneth. Big spurts.”

He was gritting his teeth as he let out a loud moan, “Agghhh!”

“Good boy Kenneth. Those were nice healthy spurts."

The daily milking sessions and dressing for pleasure went on for months and soon turned into a year of Kenneth living out his fantasy: being a valet for a mature woman who only dressed in strict foundation garments underneath her outer wear and wore impossibly high heels everywhere she went. Seeing her blouse pulled tight around her corset compressed waist by a slim belt always satisfied his lust.

When it came time for him to move out of his parent's house, he moved in with Victoria to serve her full time. Besides his valet duties he also cooked and cleaned, all while wearing nothing but a girdle with his genitals exposed. If his penis started to deflate, all it took was the sound of her high heels clicking on the floor, or the sight of Victoria's huge bust being restrained by her brassiere and he would quickly become erect again.

She continued to oversee his sexual development resulting in powerful orgasms and strong spurts filling many a sample cup. He continued to enjoy wearing the tight fitting girdle. He enjoyed the firm pressure it provided along with the convenience hole displaying his genitals. It was like being dressed but with his sex organs exposed at the same time.

He eagerly awaited each and every milking session anticipating the warm touch of Victoria's hand, or the feeling of slick shiny and smooth satin gloves.

Months later she added a playroom to the house.

“Kenneth, come with me to the playroom, I have something new to show you.”

His gaze fell upon a wooden stand that looked like stocks from the olden days, but this device had but 1 hole.

“I have one more piece of equipment you will like, but you will have to earn the use of that. I will keep it under wraps for now.” She took hold of him and guided his genitals through the hole and lowered the top piece behind his testicles, making it impossible for him to extract himself from the device.

“We are moving to the next level, Kenneth, and this edging stand will help with that. Your development has come a long way. Your erections and ejaculations are right on track for a young man your age. I will be applying a special lotion to your penis. It will promote enhanced sensitivity, more semen with each ejaculation and enable you to climax many more times each day. It must be vigorously applied for 5 minutes at a time 5 times a day for 1 month to achieve the full effects. It is very important that you do not ejaculate during these applications. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma'am.”

Victoria applied the special lotion into the palm of her hand and began working it into his shaft. She worked the whole length from top to bottom slowly then picked up speed. Switching to an overhand grip she rotated each hand clockwise, then counterclockwise, up and down his shaft, making sure it was absorbed fully.

By now poor Kenneth was panting heavily, his heart rate increasing with each practiced stroke. When he closed his eyes she stopped and moved behind him. He felt her cups of her heavy reinforced bra make contact with his bare back. She nuzzled his neck, as her perfume was making his head spin. She reached around him and cupped his testicles with her left hand working in the lotion while stroking his swollen member with her right.

“Aghh!” He was gasping. “Aghh!”

She stopped, then started again seconds later.

“Okay Kenneth, that is your first application. We will do it again 4 more times today.”

“But I didn't cum! I need to spurt!” he whined.

“Oh dear. You thought that you would be able to orgasm at the end of each application? Oh no. You must not experience an orgasm for one month! It is very important for your development, and for this special lotion to have it's desired effects.”

His erection was hard and throbbing as he continued to whine.

After the next application of the special lotion he was once again begging to ejaculate, but he knew Victoria would not give in. This was more than any young man could stand!

As he was coming down from the intense stimulation of the fifth and final application of the day Victoria once again moved behind him, but this time pulled his hands behind his back and snapped on a pair of handcuffs.

Kenneth's eyes shot open.

“This will help you to behave yourself. With all of that begging you will surely not be able to control yourself, and may try to masturbate. This will make sure this treatment will be completed properly so you can achieve the full effect.”

With the hope of an orgasm in the next four weeks fading, his member remained hard, throbbing and jutting straight up. It became extremely sensitive and tingled all of the time due to the increase in blood flow. With every nerve ending aflame, Victoria's lightest touch felt electric and left him gasping out loud. His poor tortured penis continuously leaked pre cum.

On the last day of his treatment he could take no more. With his hands cuffed securely behind his back Kenneth was rubbing his erection on the arm of the couch, desperate for any kind of relief when Victoria spied him.

“KENNETH! Stop that instantly. Sit down and wait for me and don't move a muscle young man.”

She was gone for quite awhile when he heard the clicking of heels on the wooden floor. He knew the sound of those heels. Those were Victoria's knee length platform boots with the 7” high heel.

As she turned the corner his eyes got wide as he took her in. With her hair pulled back in a tight strict ponytail, sporting a pair of long thick eyelashes and her eyebrows darkened and arched higher than usual she had a strict menacing look Kenneth was not used to. Huge elongated cone shaped bra cups were straining against a white satin blouse. A short black cup less corset was worn over the blouse and ended at the bottom of her bra. At the top of the corset were two shoulder straps attached to the rear, coming over the top of each shoulder and buckling in front. These forced her enormous breasts together making for an almost obscene but erotic look. She was poured into a pair of tight jodhpurs which were tucked into the knee length boots he had heard approaching. Her outfit was finished off with a pair of black satin elbow length gloves. Over the gloves she wore silver shimmery rhinestone bracelets on each wrist and a silver ring on each thumb and forefinger.

Poor Kenneth was speechless as she ordered him to stand. Without hesitation Victoria snapped a leather band tightly around his shaft and behind his testicles, followed by another band in front. Then a short strap connecting the two underneath his sack separating his testicles and making them bulge grotesquely.

She then attached a leather leash to the strap and gave it a sharp tug as she led him into the playroom. “Remember I told you that you would have to earn the use of the new piece of equipment? Well young man, you just did.”

His eyes fell upon a padded table with a round hole in the middle. There were 2 wide leather straps attached to one side. Leaving the straps around his genitalia Victoria un-clipped the leash and ordered him to lie flat on the table while inserting himself through the hole. She quickly buckled one strap over his back and one strap over his upper thighs pinning him to the table.

“This is a milking table but it can be used for other things too, as you will soon see.” He heard her heels walking away, then returning, followed by a squeaking sound. He could raise his head enough to see her boots coming closer and a chrome stand on wheels being pushed in front of her. Lifting his eyes up further he saw a red rubber bag bulging with liquid attached to a hose that ended in a large inflatable plug.

“I told you no orgasms during your treatment and you defied me. Now you will learn the meaning of a punishment enema. You will be required to retain the warm water and soap solution until I feel you have learned your lesson.”

She inserted the plug, inflated it to its maximum size and released the hose clip, starting the flow of the soapy solution. “This was your last day of treatments. Now we will see the results."

She quickly and vigorously began stroking his erection. The slick satin material of her gloves on his now super sensitive skin sent waves of pleasure through him. She slid a stainless steel bowl underneath him as a sample cup could not contain all of his months worth of pent up semen.

In no time, his first orgasm in over a month racked his body. He bucked and jerked against the stout leather straps holding him in place. Thick jets of semen erupted from his penis as he cried out in pleasure. Victoria didn't stop her milking session, she continued stroking until his second orgasm hit with the same powerful streams of semen being deposited into the bowl. Still she continued.

The special treatment was a success as Kenneth had never felt anything like this. His penis was a dark red from the strong flow of blood made possible by the special lotion. Every nerve ending was firing, every vein was throbbing yet he was now capable of even more orgasms. He moaned aloud through gritted teeth as he experienced his fourth, fifth and sixth powerful orgasm, his penis convulsing and jerking in her hand.

He was panting for breath when the first cramps from the soapy solution hit his bowels. Slowly they became more severe. He was sweating profusely and in obvious agony now but his erection was still so hard that it hurt!

“Please, please ma'am, I have learned my lesson. I will do whatever you say from now on. I will be trustworthy, I promise.”

Victoria released his erection from her gloved grip and released the straps. “March yourself to the bathroom, empty your enema, shower and report back here.”

Soon, he was back standing in front of her, but now was experiencing a light airy feeling. He had his insides cleaned out completely and he had never felt so relaxed and at ease. He would quickly become addicted to that feeling.

“I think you have learned your lesson Kenneth. And the treatment worked perfectly. The effects are permanent. You are now capable of multiple orgasms and producing large amounts of semen and you are still at a young age. You are the perfect lover.”

Victoria wrapped her hands around his still throbbing erection and pulled him closer. As Kenneth looked down he saw her red lips with the black pencil outline open and swallow his penis all the way to the base. She expertly worked it with her mouth and tongue slowly, then quickly while cupping his testicles with her hands. She worked the head and the corona, then his frenulum with her tongue.

“Ma'am, Miss Victoria, I am going to cum again!” Upon hearing that she began sucking harder and faster until he ejaculated for the seventh time in a row. But this time there was no need for a depository as Victoria swallowed every spurt.

Kenneth learned to love the relaxed afterglow of weekly enemas, administered by the mature woman who was in charge of his sexual development.

The milking table quickly became his favorite. The helpless feeling of being restrained by the wide leather belts, with his penis jutting down underneath the table, vulnerable and presented for use at the hands of a strong strict woman gave him immense pleasure.

They soon fell in love and were married. Kenneth could not believe that he was married to a woman who looked and dressed just like a woman depicted in a Chris of England drawing.

He spent his days polishing her platform boots and arranging her collection of high heels. Washing her lingerie and hanging it to dry on the same rack in the same bathroom that started his adventure. This was a fantasy come true.

One day a delivery man showed up at their house and put a large purchase of Victoria's in their playroom.

“Kenneth, come and see your surprise.” He stopped mid stride as he entered the room, for there sat a large baby carriage.

“Honey, are you pregnant?”

“Oh no, dear. I want you to go to my shoe rack and pick out your favorite pair of high heels. Bring them back here and I will show you how this baby carriage works. For the man with the world's largest high heel fetish, you are going to love this.”


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