The 72 Hour Birthday Gift

by Luckygirl

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© Copyright 2010 - Luckygirl - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; bond; leather; gagged; naked; bdsm; cbt; clothespins; cons; X

It was my birthday and I was so depressed. I was out with the girls putting on a happy face but I knew that they were not buying it. I had signed the papers divorcing my cheating husband 48 hours ago and I knew I should be feeling better but I wasn't. Turning 35 was no big deal but turning 35 alone and with no prospects left me feeling old. I kept myself in shape with regular visits to the gym and I had a great job that kept me financially secure but I still couldn't shake the loneliness I felt that night.

At about 11:00pm my best friend, Marie, took me aside and asked how I was doing. "Pretty good" I lied as I took a sip of my third cosmo.

"That bad huh?" she asked as she finished off her appletini. "Well I have just the birthday present to cheer you up!" she said as she threw money on the bar and pulled me out of my chair. "See you girls tomorrow!" She said to the others as she lead me to the door of the club. "What gift?" I asked as she retrieved her car from the valet and I climbed in the passenger seat.

"It's a secret but guaranteed to cheer you up!" she said as she started the car and pulled out of the club parking lot.

We drove in silence, listening to Sinatra on the radio. I was a little drunk and it took me a couple of minutes to realize that we were approaching Marie's house in an upscale neighborhood east of town. Marie was a stunningly beautiful brunet who had what I considered the perfect life. She was a Ob/Gyn doctor whose practice was all consultative - no deliveries and no late hours. She was married to Tim, a gorgeous hunk who happened to be the nicest person I have ever met and was a successful writer to boot. They had three kids in college, a beautiful home, and what appeared to be a perfect marriage. You never saw them fighting, they always appeared happy, and the sexual chemistry they extruded was palpable.

I once made a drunken pass at Tim at one of their parties. Tim looked me in the eyes, smiled, and said something that I can't remember but it made me feel really good and I went home happy. I don't think he ever told Marie about that incident, that was the kind of guy he was. I envied Marie her life and wished that I had chosen better when I got married.

We pulled into her garage and she lead me into her kitchen. I sat on a stool at her counter as she opened and poured white wine in two glasses. I took a sip and asked "so what is this big surprise gift?"

Marie smiled as she sipped her wine and walked over to the door to her basement. "Come on down and find out" she said as she opened the door and began descending the stairs. I picked up my wine and followed her down the stairs into her finished basement. She turned on the lights and I saw the familiar large open area furnished with couches, entertainment centers, and a pool table. I didn't see anything that could be a gift and was about to ask Marie again what the big secret was but she had proceeded across the open floor and was opening a door on the opposite wall.

This lead into an unfinished part of the basement that I had never seen before and the first thing I noticed as she turned on the lights was that it was unfinished but not 'unfurnished.' The floor was cement, the ceiling was exposed beams, and scattered about the room were steel columns that supported the ceiling. There were also some wooden cabinets against the back wall and some odd pieces of furniture arranged around the room.

But what caught my eye almost immediately was the figure kneeing with his back to one of the columns in the middle of the room. I say 'he' because the figure was most certainly male. He was naked except for a leather g-string and the bulge between his legs left no doubt as to his gender. His arms and legs were behind the steel column and as I walked around him I saw that they were held there by leather cuffs attached by sturdy looking padlocks. A short length of chain attached his wrist cuffs to his ankle cuffs, keeping him in a kneeling position.

As I walked back around the column I could see that he wore a leather collar with a leather leash attached that extended from the collar to a hook welded to the steel column about eight feet off the cement floor. A large red ball was held firmly in his mouth by a thick leather strap that encircled his head and he wore a thick leather blindfold. When we entered his head had been slumped forward on his chest but as he detected our presence he quickly lifted his head, straightened his stance as best he could, and spread his knees as wide as he could, bound the way he was.

"Happy birthday!" Marie said as she walked over to the kneeing form and lifted his head even higher with a hand under his chin. "I have to go out of town for the long weekend and I needed someone to look after my little slave here and I thought you would be the perfect person" she said with a twinkle in her eye.

My eyes widened as I realized three things; 1) This naked, bound man before me was Marie's husband Tim, 2) Marie had done the tying here and she seemed to be very good at it, and 3) She was offering her husband, naked, tied, and helpless, to me for the next three days as a birthday present!

"And I am not going to take no for an answer!" she said with a mock stern look on her face as she let Tim's head go and walked over to the cabinets on the far wall. "He is your sex slave to do with as you please for the next 72 hours" she said as she opened the far left cabinet. "Feel free to use any of our equipment as well."

I gazed into the cabinet with wide eyes as I saw displayed before me an assortment of leather restraints, riding crops, leashes, handcuffs, metal shackles, and other items I couldn't immediately identify.

"I've written down some answers to questions I'm sure you already have and ones you will likely think of over the next few hours" she said as she handed me a small notebook. "Feel free to use my suggestions or go ahead and make up your own answers if you want, you are the owner and he is the property so don't worry about getting anything wrong"

As she walked over to the door I followed her and stammered "But, but...". She turned and put a finger to my lips and said "shhhh, you deserve some fun."

And with that she turned and left the room. I could hear her climbing the stairs, opening the garage door, getting into her car, backing out of the driveway, and the garage door shutting. I turned to face the naked, kneeling man in the center of the room. "Naked, kneeling SLAVE" I corrected myself as I walked across the room.

"Tim, are you ok with this?" I asked as I squatted down in front of him. He nodded his head and attempted to spread his knees even wider as he continued to kneel at attention. I stood back up and looked down at my birthday gift. I hadn't had sex in over six months and I could already feel a wetness forming between my legs as I stood there. I had confessed to Marie once that I had tried bondage games in a past relationship and I told her I really liked the idea of being in control sexually - probably why she thought this would be an appropriate and welcome birthday gift!

But could I go through with this? I thought as gazed at the almost-naked body of my best friend's husband. I would either have to accept this gift or let him go right now. I also knew that if I didn't go through with it I would probably regret passing up an opportunity like this for the rest of my life. What finally convinced me was a wave of lust that suddenly swept over me as I pondered the possibilities, likely a combination of pent up sexual tension and a little too much alcohol. What the heck I said to myself as I walked over to the open cabinet on the back wall. Marie and Tim were my friends and they were offering me a very precious gift.

I sipped my wine and rubbed my breasts through my silk top as I examined the items in the cabinet. I unbuttoned my top, unsnapped my bra's front hook, and stroked my breasts as I searched for the items I wanted. I finally spied a set of keys hanging on a hook - three keys to be exact. One was obviously a handcuff key and the other two looked like padlock keys, one smaller than the other. I walked over to my new toy and unlocked the chain attaching his wrist cuffs to this ankle cuffs and unlocked the padlock attaching his ankle cuffs together. I told him to stand and he struggled stiffly to his feet.

All of a sudden I realized that Marie must have chained him down here at least 5 hours ago, before she left to meet us at the club! He had been waiting on his knees, naked except for a skimpy leather g-string, gagged, blindfolded, and leashed in the dark on the hard concrete for at least five hours!

As he stood I was able to admire his almost-naked body. He was in very good shape with six-pack abs, a strong chest, and a cyclist's legs. He was six feet tall and the top of my head just reached the level of his gagged mouth. His arms were still pinned behind the column but his legs were free. I walked over to the open cabinet and selected a two-foot long bar with O-rings on the ends and brought it back to the standing slave.

"Spread your legs slave" I said as I knelt down and locked the bar to his ankles cuffs, forcing him to stand with this legs spread apart. I brought a stool over and stood on it to unhook the end of the leash attached above his head.

"On your toes slave!" I ordered and as he lifted up on the tips of his toes I pulled the leash tighter and secured it in place. This left him balancing on his toes, rigidly erect. I climbed down off the stool and walked around to stand in front of my new toy. Marie was right, I did need some fun and to have this hunk of a man bound helplessly in front of me was definitely fun.

"Last chance slave" I said as I stroked his rigid abdomen and ran my hand down the outside of his thigh. "You sure you want to do this?" He nodded again, much harder to do in his present position, and stood a little higher on his toes. "Ok, you are now mine, and I intend to use you for my pleasure, not yours, do you understand slave?" He nodded again.

I stepped back and admired my toy. I had been hot for Tim ever since I met him and I had imagined what his cock would look like sometimes as I masturbated. Well, I didn't have to imagine anymore, I told myself as I toyed with the leather strings holding the g-string together at his left hip. I tugged the leather to undo the bow and the left side of the g-string fell forward. I moved to the other hip and pulled the string there and the g-string fell to the floor, landing on the spreader bar holding my toy's ankles apart. His cock was already swollen and quickly expanded to stick out at a slightly upward angle. It was a magnificent cock and the wetness between my thighs increased as I reached out to touch my bound plaything.

As I stroked him I saw that Marie had taken care of binding his cock and balls as well. A thick leather harness encircled his cock behind his balls and a similar strap was tightly buckled around his balls as well. A thinner strap ran from the lower base of this cock to the ball strap, separating his balls to either side. "My but my toy has a big cock!" I said as I stroked his bound member. He moaned as I teased him with my nails. I noticed a small D-ring on the strap separating his balls and gave it a little tug. He jumped a little and a wicked little smile grew on my face.

I walked back to the open cabinet, my heels click-clicking on the cement floor, and rummaged around until I found what I was looking for. I returned to the bound slave with some new items and began stroking his bound cock once again. "I have a present for you" I said as I attached a five pound, cigar-shaped, lead weight to the D-ring on the cock and ball harness by a chain extending from one end of the weight. He winced as the full weight hung from the harness, pulling his rigid cock down horizontal to the floor. His cock was throbbing a little and the veins were very prominent along the shaft.

I next placed a series of five clothes pins along his shaft, finishing with three more along the edge of the head of his cock. He was circumcised and this made attaching the clothes pins on the head a little difficult. He moaned as each pin clamped down on his swollen member and when I was done the throbbing of his bound cock was much more pronounced. I stood back to admire my toy once again.

The cabinet that I had been taking objects from was only one of three in the room and I still had Marie's notebook full of suggestions to go over. "Stay right there Slave, I'll be back in a while to see how you're doing!"

He moaned again and shifted his weight slightly as he realized that I was going to leave him in his current predicament for a while. His small movements caused the five pound weight attached to his bound cock and balls to bounce and swing, eliciting a second moan as the clothes pins wiggled on his throbbing cock.

I walked out of the room with Marie's notebook in hand and closed the door, leaving the light on for now. As I ascended the stairs back into the kitchen I finished off the wine in my glass and poured myself more from the bottle still sitting on the counter where Marie had left it. I sat on a stool at the counter, re-snapped by bra shut and buttoned my top, and opened the notebook. It was written in Marie's neat, feminine script and the first page was a sort of title page that read "Tormenting Your New Toy" by Mistress Marie. The second page of the notebook had a short table of contents that outlined chapters with titles such as "Riding Crops, Quirts, and Paddles," "Keeping him Aroused for Hours and Not Letting him Cum," and "Why Butt plugs are so Fun." I smiled as I sipped my wine and began to peruse the first few pages of the notebook.

"This is turning out to be a pretty good birthday after all" I said to myself as I began to take notes on a small pad I found on the counter.

(To Be Continued)