The Party

by Phileas

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© Copyright 2005 - Phileas - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; M/f; bond; cons; X

The Party by Phileas

The message came in when I was preparing to leave the office. I checked out the e-mail just out of curiosity, as I prepared myself to turn off the laptop.

“Sorry dear, I’ll reach you at the party. I made arrangements at home. Follow the orders, and do not be late.”

I was sort of excited from the change of plans. He said he had a surprise set up for me, just for tonight.

I was forgetting: my name is Janet, a 37 year old executive in a law firm and the message was from Todd, my husband, who owns a building company, a government contractor, he travels the world a lot. We both are bondage enthusiast, and tonight we’ll both attend to a fetish party in a big house in the countryside near the city limits.

We had planned that we should meet at home when I came back from work and we should take the time to prepare for the evening. Since I suspect that the preparations could have comprehend me being bound in some sort of way, the fact that I had to get by myself to the party, left me sort of puzzled. I was thinking about that while driving home in my car.

We live in a big flat in the center of the town, in a lobby. We are very well done, understand, and we collect a lot of things for our hobby, so to speak. In our apartment we have a room devoted to that, with racks of bondage equipment, a lot of latex clothing, curious devices. I remember last year when he decided that I should wear a straightjacket….. for a week continuosly.

He got the latest from maxcita, the one with the internal sleeve for the arms. I made it from Friday to Friday. He cleaned me, he helped me, he cooked for me, he even invited me to the theatre, damn him.

That was the best week in my life, I was always on the brink of orgasm but I could not relieve myself because I could not even touch myself. Towards the end I was living in a haze sort of out of myself.

Let’s return to the business at hand. I was wondering what would be the surprise he had planned for me as I drove the car in the garage. We had a direct lift to our house, I had only to punch a security code in a little keyboard and the doors would open as soon as the lift reached the right floor. I entered the flat and I was greeted by a plain brown cardboard box that was waiting for me on the table in the dining room.

There were two sheets of paper on it.

Let’s say that I was curious as hell, but I restrained myself. First I began to undress, leaving the coat on the rack, and starting to open my gray business suit, the kind I use to wear when at work, you know, in a law firm you have to dress formal.

I stripped up to my underwear, a plain black set of brief and bra.

I have to say that I am in a pretty good shape, I run a lot in the gym and I try to stick to a low fat diet. And yes, I do a lot of sex!

It’s time for the instructions.

I grab the paper and start to read.

“First I want you to shave your sex, your armpit and your head.”

Ok! It’s something that Todd asked sometimes, two or three times a year. Usually I have my blond hair cut short, to the neck, and when he asked me to shave my head bald I have a wig to wear in the time my hairs grow back.

So, it’s the time.

I go to the bathroom, start the hot water in the shower, I discard my underwear and I am naked, then from a drawer I start to pick all the things I’m gonna need for the task, a scissor, a razor, an hair cutting machine, soap.  I jump under the shower, soaping myself, caressing my body, every curve. Oh god, I have to stop it! I wash myself, the hot water dripping on me was carrying away my fatigue from the day at work. After what seemed to be a long time, I came out from the shower and started to toweling myself.

When I started to cut my hair, I was in front of the mirror, scissor in hand watching as blond locks of my hair falled in the drain. I made them short, then even shorter with the machine. I have not a large head but bald it seems sort of larger, perhaps it is only perspective. Last stage was the razor and after that I could caress my own head without feeling hairs under my fingers. Then I proceed to my armpits, the procedure just the same. It was not a long job since I do that a lot. Last but not the least I had to shave my crotch, hard task, I don’t like that, but there are orders.

After that I grab a towel and I dress myself in it, it’s time to move on.

Once in the dining room, pick up the papers and read another sentence.

“Now pick up your knee length boots and the black woolen mantlepiece and keep them at hand.”

A trip to the wardrobe later, I was reading again.

“You may open the box. Everything you need is inside.”

I was even more excited, I was in my dining room, nude, shaved and bald, tearing with my finger at the tape on a cardboard box. As the flaps swung open I could see that inside there were some other little boxes, and there were goodies too! The first thing that I saw was a latex brief, I inspected it, there were a dildo and a butt plug on the inside. Oh boy, they are huge.

There was also some jelly, very thoughtful!

“As you might have guess, you are to wear the panties!”

Damn bastard! Proceding as told I started to lubricate the two “things” and then I started to lubricate myself passing the petroleum jelly with my finger on my labia and on the anus. After that I put my feet in the latex panties and started to climb up. I arrived at the thigh and started to work the butt plug in its receptacle. It takes time, I seem to not be able to relax myself to the point where it can slid in. I breath slowly trying to unclench, then I decide to proceed with the dildo, a much easier task, then I take the panties all the way up, gasping in the process. I feel the pressure of the butt plug halfway in and halfway out.

“Now you have to wear the gag.”

Gag, what gag? I look in the box and there it is. It’s a ballgag, sorta trainer, it got a strip that goes under the chin and another one that pass on the top of the head. It’s not so big, but I know it will bigger as the time goes by. I grab the black rubber ball with my teeth and I proceed to tie the strips, first the one behind the neck, then the one over the head , then the one under the chin. Then I make them one notch tighter each. At the end the rubber ball is lodged in my mouth. I try to talk but all I can produce are muffled sounds.

“You have to wear the boots.”

I pick up the boots, they are tight fitting and go all the way to the knee, also the have an 10 centimeter heel. I have to kneel to put my feet properly in the boot. As I kneel I feel suddenly the butt plug lodging itself all the way into my ass. If not for the gag I would have screamed. I was nearly falling on the floor, but somehow I regained my composture trying to focus on the job at hand.

Panting I managed to close the zipper of the first boot then the other one. Then I inspected the panties, the butt plug has lodged itself very good, it seems that I would have to work a lot to get it out of there!

“Ok, and now for the hood.”

In the box I found a latex hood, it covered everything except for hole for the nose and for the eyes. It had a zipper on the rear. It was quite form fitting, I closed it effectively trapping the ballgag under it.

“And for the gloves.”

Gloves, latex also, they go over the elbow very form fitting.

“First box, the one with “A” on it.”

Another card board box. I open it there are two set of manacles. And a note.

“One set on the ankles one above the knees, the locks should be on the outside.”

I watch closely the cuffs, neoprene lined, I recognized them from the web site, they are the Neosteel ones. These ones were fitted to be closed with a lock but there was also an attach point for the new snap on system they made. I closed the smaller two around the ankles the other on the legs above the knees, in the box there were four locks and I proceeded to close them all. Then I put the four keys on the table, waiting for further use.

Another sentence, now I was awfully curious.

“Little box “B”, go on. The lock must be behind.”

Another piece from Neosteel, it is a collar, 3 centimeter wide, neoprene lined, on it there are a lock and three snap on point. I put it around my neck, it feels quite tight, not enough to strangle, but enough to block the zipper of the hood. So the lock closes both. Click, another key is on the table.

“Another box, the one with the “C” on it. Two pairs, the smallest one on the wrist, the other over the elbow. Still the locks on the outside.”

I opened it and I saw them, still Neosteel. I put them on my wrist and I put them on my arms above my elbows. Needless to say that with them I could not remove the gloves. My hands were already sweating a lot and this made me clumsy. I had to control the nerves. Another four keys were on the table.

I was wondering about fumbling with the keys and set myself free to get myself the orgasm that was already growing in me. I started to breath heavy through the gag. I had to calm down, really fast. I sat on the couch, the butt plug and the dildo shifting in me. Damned bastard, I felt horny like hell. Ok, another phrase.

“Box “D”, I think the measure is right. Enjoy”

The fourth box was heavier and larger than the others, I opened it up. Wow! It was a chastity belt, Neosteel too, still I recognised it from the website. I realized at once what was the aim of it. With that contraption locked on me, the butt plug and the dildo would be stuck in me until I got the key. I rolled my eyes, deciding what to do. By then my time was nearly up, whatever arrangement was made by Todd should wait for me.

So little time, so big decision.

Damn, here we go.

I step into the waist band of the belt, it fit quite snug on me. Then I take the crotch shield, picking it up I have to push it in the receptacle on the waistband. It fit even more tight sending the two intruder even more deep in their holes. With trembling hands I pick up the lock. Click, that is done.

Another key on the table.

“Ok, now pick up the key and put them on the cabinet with the glasses over the TV set in the dining room.”

That is not so high that I can’t reach it, it is a furniture were we stash the glasses, it’s at face level, no sweat.

“Now in the box there should be three chains and two stoppers. And a leash, pick them out.”

Three chains with snap lock, on either side, one with the snap lock and an handle with a clip on the other side.

“Call this number at the phone wait until they answer. Then go on reading.”

Now I was worried. I dutifully picked up the phone and dialled the number. A tone, another one, then a click and a male voice takes the line.

“On my way.”

Oh, god! A male voice! I have to calm down myself. I breath forcing the air throught the gag.

Ok, go on, don’t chicken out. You are curious, damn you.

“Now take one of the chains and tie your ankles with it.”

Click, click, done.

“Take the second clip it on the left side of the belt and on the right side of the collar, do the same with the other.”

The two chains crossed themselves between my breasts, and forced up the belt adding feeling to my full ass.

“Wear the woolen mantle, then pick up the rest of the equipment and go to the lift.”

I pick up the mantle, quite hot, it is quite long, the hem covers my boots at the calf. The ankle chain is long enough to allow me to walk with ease. I take the paper with me, I have only a few lines to go.

“First link the handle of the leash at the horizontal bar of the lift.”

Click, done.

“Connect the snap lock with the center of your collar.”

I thrust forward to make them meet and click.

“Pick up the stoppers. Use them to lock your wrists to the sides of your belt. Then wait. Bye.”

They are little cilinders of steel with a snap lock on each side. I push them first on the left, then on the right wrist. Too late for anything else, without even a second thought, I snap my wrist to the belt.

They are five centimeter long, and make my hands protruding in front of me. I test my confinement. The contraption is quite severe. I try to budge, but they are very rigid, I’m not able anymore to touch anything.

Devious, very devious.

I’m still inclined forward for the leash and I realize that I’m not able to stand upright.

“…Then wait. Bye.”

Wait, for how long? I have a glimpse at myself in the mirror, I’m stunned at the vision of a woman completely covered by the mantle except for the face, where only the eyes are visible. Wow!

I’m still adjusting to my situation as the lift start to move.

Immediately I go for the STOP button.

But my hands are secured to the belt and they are locked downward!

I scream in the gag, the same one that minutes before I’ve tightened a notch, remember. I calm down once again and pray with all my heart that the lift will not open in the lobby of the building. I’m looking down, forced by the collar so I cannot see the number of the floor where the lift is stopping.

I’m startled when it came to a stop. The doors start to open and I feel the urge to scream. I calm myself down, first because screaming with a gag this big lodged in my mouth won’t do any good, and second because if it’s a plan devised by Todd, I trust him with all my life, and I will be safe every single moment.
You know, that’s the kind of relationship we have. He knows what I like, he knows my limits, we have explored them together.

Still I’m excited as hell, should someone see me it will be at least embarassing to explain to the neighbours. All of a sudden I feel a presence in the lift. Behind me. It’s a man, he turns around me, and start to check my restraint, I try to move away from him, as he open the mantle, but the leash doesn’t give me much freedom of movement.

I see his hands as he takes the leash from the bar in the lift, and I am able to stand up again. He is a black man, very well built, his shoulders seem to explode from the formal suit he is wearing. As I stand I look at him in the face, he is calm, sort of restrained. 

“I’m Jeff, I’m your arrangement, follow me without struggling or else I will make you do it just the same.”

The tone of his voice was very calm, emotionless, but still very convincing. It made me believe he would do just as he said. Then with the leash in his hand he turned and exited from the lift dragging me along. I was forced to follow him in the garage. I looked around worrying if someone was out looking at me trussed like that. He conducted me to a black car, a Merc or something like that, opened the rear door and helped me to sit on the couch. Then he closed the safety belt around me.

While he was circling around the car to reach the driver seat, I struggled to test my restraint, but since my hands were still locked to the waist of the chastity belt, and also with the safety belt pinning down my arms, my freedom of movement was near nothing. Every time I shifted on the seat I could feel the movement of the two intruder that were locked in me. I was wondering if the glasses were darkened enough so that no one could see me.

We left the building and the car slid into the traffic. The drive was quite uneventful, I felt quite distracted, just feeling the restriction of my bondage. My hearing was dampened from the hood, and the tightness of the collar made difficult turning my face to the side to look outside the window. Not bad, I already knew the landscape, and I instantly recognized the wall of the mansion we were to attend at the party.

The gates opened and the car took the paved road to the building. There were flames along the road, just for the atmosphere.

We reached the entrance of the mansion the car stopped, and Jeff turned around the car, then came to my door and opened. The party was just starting. There were cars that just stopped to the entrance to the main building, and from my seat I could see people exiting from them, someone was leading a leash, attached to someone, of course.

There were valet attending to the cars, so when it came our turn Jeff stopped the car and came to my side, opened the door and disengaged the safety belt. Finally he took held of the leash still linked to my collar and carried me out of the car. It was fairly difficult for me to move, because my ankles were linked as well. As the valet took care of the car, Jeff took care of me pulling my leash to make me enter the house.

Just as I entered the Jeff paused just a minute to take off my mantlepiece. Look I’m not that self conscious, but instantly I realized how much naked I was. My breast were well away from my blocked hands yet they were for everyone to see, grab and suck. My journey continued towards the main hall of the house.
Then Jeff says something in my left ear.

“Mister Todd asked me to announce to you that you were chosen to be a piece of furniture for tonight. I am to place you, then sometime tonight he will come to pick you up.”

Intriguing as it was, this left me worrying about my present and future whereabouts. I was conducted in the centre of the room where there was a sort of a platform. There was a pole protruding from that. Jeff helped me climb up the platform then he directed me just over the pole. Grabbing me by the hips he gesture to sit on the pole. I am uncertain but his grip is unwielding, I lower down until I hear a click.

I found out that I could not stand anymore. The pole connected with the chastity belt. I was stuck and I was not going anywhere. While I was thinking about my predicament Jeff picked up another pole, and he connected it to the first one at the height on my ankles. He then unlocked the chain between my feet and proceeded to link them to the ends of the pole.

Click, click.

Then just then he stood up in front of me and looked at me straight in the eyes. With an hand he produces a blindfold and put it on my hood, effectively closing my sight. Last words I heard from him were whispered in my right ear:

“Miss, I have to go. The party is just starting. It’s been a pleasure.”

Then, just then, I was starting to have an orgasm.

This is gonna be a long night!